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Friday, February 2, 2007

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Jessi Summers Is Back

She blogs Jan. 31, 2007:


Jessi blogs Dec. 9, 2006:

to my real friends.... i miss you! i wish i could take back the things that have happened between us to tear us apart. i know that i sound like a pussy writing this but i miss you!

i want to say to all my friends in the industry i miss you and please contact me if you get a chance, i feel like such a loser for doing all the things i hhave done but at the same time i don't feel totally bad for everything, you guys fucked up too. and to steve you fucked me over royally! but i let you so i can't really blame you. i love you so much for the short time we were together. and to dave i am sooooooooooooo sorry for everyhting i did to you and i would love to talk to you again and see how you have been. i messed up with you and i am really sorry. i have done a whole lot of nothing for the last six months and i really want to get back into the industry! i miss you all and i miss my job! it was the best and i will do anything to get back into it! i went nuts, that's all i can say. i thought i was in love but i was wrong.

if anyone cares i'm in reno right now at my mom's trying to collect my mind. the last six months have been extremely hard but i guess all i can say is that i have learned from it and i am so much stronger from it. my mom is going through some tough times and if anyone who reads this is religous i will ask you please to pray for her. she is such a sweet lady who is going through so much. to my brother. thank you for getting me out of that apartment and that bad situation, you are awesome!

Shooting Porn In Thailand

John T. Bone blogs:

I have learned a valuable lesson about being too high profile in Thailand and who's word I can trust. But the biggest and dumbest outcome of all of this is the common distrust that US distributors have for Thai ID's. Spooked by the recent FBI incursions they run from anything that could cause them problems, and who can blame them?

John blogs:

I found these secret sites where you can see brand new Hollywood movies for free. Recently I have watched 'The Queen' 'Babel' and 'Casino Royal' these are all movies I would have gone to the cinema and paid to watch so I feel as guilty as all hell. Juxtaposition this guilt with the outrage I feel at seeing my own movies all over the bit torrent sites available for free download and you can understand the torment. Ultimately I feel if we all stop paying to watch movies studios will stop making them, or worse keep reducing the budgets, like we did, untill everything is crap, The Blair Witch Project may be the benchmark of future produtions, which would be a tragedy.

Pole dancing around the issue of arrest

Jim Stingl writes:

Having your arrest show up on the news normally is poison for your career. Unless you're an exotic dancer. It just makes the bad girl badder. "A $10,000 a nite callgirl? That's what I was arrested for. You've seen me on the news, now have your picture taken with me," says the ad for Melissa Wolf at On the Border, the "gentlemen's club" where she'll be posing and performing all this week starting Monday.

Prostitution arrest rekindled her career

George Chidi writes:

Taylor — a former Penthouse Magazine model and exotic dancer better known by her stage name Melissa Wolf — faces up to 37 years in jail on charges of running a call-girl operation from her Sugarloaf Country Club home in Duluth. But the 42-year-old also acknowledged during a news conference Wednesday that the charges have temporarily rekindled her career in adult entertainment.

Kira Kener Bemoans Her Bad Taste In Men

She blogs:

If you're an a$$h#le, have mental issues,loves drama and have a tiny pecker you'll be attracted to me.The worst part to all of this is when I come in contact with someone like this,they hold on for dear life.I can't seem to find a way to make them go away.Trust me when I say I'm open for suggestions.I had a situation with let's call the person "Nutless" or better yet "Bipolar".No matter what is said or done (including forwarding all his calls to a mental hospital) seems to think the more he lies and bugs me the more he'll wear me down to going back to him.Can you say "LOSER"? I guess you'd have to call me a loser too for even going out with the guy.Bipolar seems to think he's God's gift to women.I hate to say but God cut him short down below.The only thing he's good at is lying.For being nutless he sure does have some balls with some of the stories he tells.So back to my story, Bipolar has been bugging me about wanting to help do some hardcore video footage for my new website.Keyword would be "footage".In his case maybe a few inches.I've never been one to cheat on a boyfriend nor help someone cheat on their lover.I bet you know where this is headed.Bipolar like most men in his category think they'll never get caught up in lies because they consider themselves smoothe.Let's just say "BUSTED".He was seeing a girl for awhile now even though he was telling me he was still in love with me.The love part I was past.I just needed someone for the video part.I don't date that often and I'm not in LA. What am I suppose to do take out an ad in the paper?Well everything just got out of control when the truth came to surface.I know guys tend to stick to the golden rule if you're busted deny,deny,deny.That's what he did.I finally got Anger Management out of the picture ...oops...I meant Bipolar.Now the question is how do I find a new stunt man?

What does Marty Singer know that the rest of us don't? Why did he take Kira's case against Vivid? There's no romantic or sexual relationship between Marty and Kira.

Kevin Blatt On Court TV

You'd hate him for being sleazy if he wasn't so funny.

Can you believe this guy has never had an STD?

Summer Cummings - Vet Tech

The owner of a veterinary clinic in L.A. emails me: "Her title at the clinic is veterinary technician (she is not a full registered technician yet, but she is pretty close to getting her full accreditation). And she is very good at her job (my words, not hers)."

John Douglas emails:

You made that bit about Summer seem like some kind of odd Blind Item with some mysterious veterinary clinic owner writing you to reveal that one of his techs was a porn star. I appreciate the annonymity that you give me when I run my mouth and say things in front of you that I probably shouldn't, but in this case I would not have been at all upset if you said that it was me that told you that Summer was working for us (actually, she worked with us at our old clinic that we opened in November 2005 and just sold off in December 2006 - she is on winter break from school for another week and we open our new clinic the week after that and she will be joining us there). If you like, you can come to our Grand Opening and see her in action.

Holland Bans Bestiality

Jack writes:

Today on the television RTL7 in The Netherlands: The goverment of The Netherlands will put a ban on animalsex. This time it is serieus and Paysquare will be forced to stop processing for animalporn. A Dutch porn actress Charisma Gold is behind this and she gets all the help she need from the goverment and the Dutch animalprotection organisations. Seems to be animalporn will be banned from the web there nobody can process anymore or they have to find alternative ways but also to have to produce or to have it on your computers, servers will be forbidden as soon the new law is there. A lot of webmasters have a BV (company) in The Netherlands only for distributing animalporn and to process with PaySquare.

Holly Randall Spills

She posts on XPT Jan. 31, 2007:

I guess I have no choice but to answer this post-- though I can't say I'm thrilled about my personal issues being posted online, it's a little late now and I may as well be honest. Yes, I did go on a bad bender this past weekend and was seriously considering checking into rehab (again-- yes I was there about a year and a half ago). After spending a few days at my parents' sobering up, I'm now considering a less extreme method of outpatient counseling. To have to give up at least a month of my life would be very damaging to my job and my company, and my responsibilites are such that I really need to seek other options that won't interfere with that.

I have been battling alcoholism for quite a few years now, and I'm getting very tired of the fight. Over this last year or so my thinking has really changed, and I have come to realize I must give up booze entirely or watch it slowly destroy my life, my relationships, and those around me who love me.

Don't think it doesn't anger me that there are people dying in Iraq, starving in third world countries, and here I am, a fairly priviledged individual with wonderful friends and family, a great career, and all I can seem to do is flush it down the toilet. It's a bitch of a disease and I'm the last person who can truly explain why I do what I do. I'm hoping that intensive therapy and regular AA meetings will help me sort out my demons and become a constructive force in the lives of those around me, as opposed to a destructive one.

I suppose that if my response touches at least one other person out there who shares my issues, and encourages them to also seek help, it will make the fact that I've just spilled my guts on a porn chatboard worthwhile.

I'm Torn Between Two Cameras

This and this.

I don't know anyone on the web making money off their video news and interviews.

Leslie writes:

Maybe not directly but...remember when I told you you could get videos of those girls singing at the Karaoke thing and to post it at...Youtube? Even thouh that Karaoke thing seems to be dead for you, the fact to post stuff at Youtube (without looking obviously from you, but still with the link to lukeisback in the bottom) would certainly generate tons of new traffic and saying so...more money, right? Another place not to forget is Dailymotion.com which is the European equivalent of Youtube.

Asia Carrera/Tommy Morrison On E!'s Blvd Of Broken Dreams

Asia Carrera has run into personal problems after leaving the adult film world. Former heavyweight champ Tommy Morrison retired from boxing after testing HIV positive.

Nonsense In Variety Article On HD

Variety journalist Diane Garrett accepts the $3.6 billion dollar figure put out by AVN for the size of the DVD industry in 2006 as gospel truth.

Mike South Vs. XBiz

I've been friends with Mike South since 1997 but I am equally tight with Alec Helmy, Gretchen Gallen and other folks at XBiz. I believe I can report this story fairly.

Mike hates .xxx domains. He doesn't want porn segregated.

Mike calls XBiz owner Alec Helmy and much of the XBiz crew "dirtbags" and other nasty names because Mike believes they are pushing .xxx domains.

I had always thought that porn was the last bastion for socratic dialogue.

I've been out of the loop for 24 hours installing my new computer -- HP XW 4400.

Wednesday morning, Jan. 31:

MikeSouth: off the record...doe you get money from xbiz?
Luke: they are an advertiser yes
MikeSouth: k then you probably dont wish to join the committee dedicated to ridding porn of them
Luke: lol, i am happy to report on such committee
MikeSouth: drama all over gfy and my site
Luke: i will check it out
MikeSouth: its gettin nasty Im gettin calls from everywhere
MikeSouth: mostly saying way to go dude
Luke: Has XBiz threatened your life?
MikeSouth: yes
Luke: Gretchen Gallen can be mean
MikeSouth: in that gfy thread
Luke: whoa
MikeSouth: vendzilla...whoever he is pretty much threatened my life
MikeSouth: they posted pics on their board of themselves with guns trying to shut us up

Why is XBiz's Stephen Yagielowicz posing with a gun? Is this a statement to Mike South?

On Jan. 31, Vendzilla posted this picture of himself with a gun on the XBiz board.

Vendzilla (aka Brett Gilliat, a moderator for the XBIZ board and for GFY) writes to tony404: "Your not looking at the car in the background or the size of my hands wraped around that gun, I crack head for fun, I shoot for fun, being tough is pretty easy for me."

On January 27, three days before posting a picture of himself with a gun and boasting about his love for violence, Vendzilla posted on the XBIZ board about his 18-year old daughter graduating bootcamp. He then a picture of her (with her permission).

When Mike South posted on GFY that Vendzilla had a daughter and should back off from making threats, Vendzilla became furious.

I don't know why XBIZ and GFY would employ somebody as a moderator who posts "I crack head for fun."

Tom Hymes, XBiz Publisher, writes to Mike South: "Contrary to your implication that XBIZ supports .XXX, we actually oppose it. However, we do not agree that providing a forum for members of the industry to, as you put it,"find out exactly how ICM Registry and Stuart Lawley plan to fuck us," is a bad thing, or that it implies support in any way. It does not."

Polish Aristocrat posts on GFY: "Don't know who supports what, but looking at that thread there, it's obvious that .xxx is perceived in a better way at the Xbiz board than it is on GFY."

Stephen Yagielowicz posts that .xxx domains are inevitable.

Stephen responds to my questions:

Hi Luke;

* I'm late to your dispute with Mike South. What is going on here?

> *I* am not having a dispute with Mike South. He has taken it upon himself to engage me in personal attacks for his own agenda, due to my relationship with XBIZ. He is "demanding" information from my friend, Alec Helmy, and I tried to shed some light on the facts of the issues, in line with what I could say without directly disclosing information provided to me in confidence by third parties. This has made me a target for his amusement. I've never dealt with him before and don't know why he insists on taking an unprofessional stance in relation to me and my opinions, but personal attacks are to be expected from those with weak arguments.

* Why did you ask him to remove the picture of you with the gun from his website?

> To be honest, I could care less if he had that photo of me (or any other on his website), but when he stoops to attacking me personally and without warrant, the last thing that I'm going to do is let him walk on violating my copyright.

* Why did you pose with the gun?

> That photo was taken several years ago after a trip to the range and has appeared previously on our message board. One of our mods was showing off his "big gun" – I posted a pic showing my "little gun" – if you read the thread where it appears, you'll see that despite Mike's comments on his blog, *I* didn't threaten anyone. I'm a businessman, not a punk, despite his comments about me. I hasten to add that he doesn't know me from a hole in the ground.

* Do you have a position on .xxx domains?

> Absolutely. You can learn all about it later today in my next blog post. It'll be a good read. =) You can see my views on why it's important to have Lawley speak at the XBH show next week.

To be honest, Luke, I've never read any of Mike South's stuff before (although I read your column years ago), but if the inaccuracies he portrays in his comments about me personally and the larger issues at hand are any indication of the quality or verity of his work, then I can't imagine why anyone would take him seriously. There's a lot of blog fodder in this industry to go around, without personal attacks on me.

Alec Helmy posts on the XBiz board:

As far as me somehow facilitating .XXX to get approved - heh, as if I have that kinda power - thanks, I'm flattered. Believe it or not, no one within the adult industry has the power to get .XXX approved.

What XBIZ has done is facilitate an open dialogue with a TLD that may get approved and has the power to impact our industry.

We can either turn a blind eye or instead try to learn about its plans, ask questions and do whatever we can to influence its direction for the best interest of the industry - I along with many others prefer the latter, as is evident in the number of folks attending the event.

I email Alec Helmy: "Do you support .xxx domains and do you have a financial interest in them?"

He responds: "I do not support .XXX because of the various concerns and unknowns already discussed on the boards. Should it get approved, it'll be best to try to influence its direction - and not for financial gains."

Please Pray For Anti-Porn Crusader Shelley Lubben

She sends out a bulletin through her MySpace:

I humbly ask my friends to pray for me as I leave to go to Utah for the screening of the movie "Traffic Control" and also will be meeting with very influential people who I will collaborate with on getting laws changed regarding pornography. Pray for protection for my family please. Today has been a day in hel... I believe it's the devil and he is fighting me tooth and nail. But I'm a warrior and I will continue to fight! The stress and pressure of this type of ministry is intense at times so please pray for the Spirit of Wisdom to come upon me. I NEED WISDOM more than anything. I also need prayer for protection over my sweet family and strength for my husband to take care of my family while I am gone. I need prayer to cover me for the next couple of days as I collaborate with a large organization to fight porn nationally! You'll hear about it in the news soon. America, get ready, you are about to be reformed.

Ashley Blue Marries

Jeff writes: "Ashley Blue's husband/bf, Dave "vivid.alt" Naz, is a heir to the Max Factor fortune. Talk about escape plans from porn!"

King posts on XPT:

While on a winter vacation xpt's own favorite JM contract girl Ashley Blue marries boyfriend Dave Naz. It was a small ceremony and apparently a spur of the moment decision. You crazy kids! I'd like to wish the newlyweds a long and happy marriage.

Bestiality King Hans Burger

A source emails me:

Here are some Nov. 8, 2004 documents about Hans Burger's arrest in Brazil. Doc Doc Doc

He was [charged with] involvement with child porn in Brazil and currently he has a lawsuit there. It is in Portuguese but I guess you can understand the word pedophilia.

Hans is friends with notorious Dutch pornographer Charlie Geerts.

Holly Randall In Rehab?

Holly called me several times over the weekend but I missed her calls.

When I call her back, she never picks up.

She's told people she's going to rehab.

Alcohol is her demon.

"Do you know what's strange?" asks a friend. "Holly Randall called me last night and I didn't pick up the phone. I haven't talked to her in I can't even tell you how long. I call her today and the phone picks up and hangs up. That's kinda rehabish."

DanG posts on XPT:

So classy of Luke to publicise that Holly has (allegedly) entered rehab and specify what the (alleged) problem is as well. I would have thought that such information (if it is indeed even true) should only be divulged by Holly personally and at a time and place of her choosing. Perhaps she would be only too happy to talk about it...on the other hand, perhaps not. Either way, she should at the very least be afforded the choice, but thanks to the actions of Mr. Ford, that choice has been taken away from her. But hey, why let such trifling concerns as courtesy and discretion get in the way of a good story, right?

Mark Spiegler And His Star Sasha Grey Both Sick

Mark's recovering from bronchitis. Porn's leading existentialist is on the injured reserve list. She came down with anal warts (HPV) and requires medical treatment.

Contrary to what I posted earlier, "Sasha has been working and continues to work to this day," says my source. "Furthermore, while the virus that Sasha has is NOT contagious, Sasha is eschewing doing Anal scenes for about a month or so for safety's sake."

She's due to go on the Tyra Banks Show February 8.

Sasha writes up her AEE trip.

Calvin posts on XPT:

Isn't Sasha the one who was recently quoted as saying that getting AIDS would be OK, just a risk of doing business, kind of like a soldier getting killed in Iraq? So where does Anal Warts fit in this comparison? Is that like a soldier accidentally shooting their foot off while they are cleaning their gun?

Katja Kassin emails:

Could you please make people aware that AIM has the new vaccine against HPV infection? I just read on your site that one girl got it and it's a shame... It's new and I don't understand why not every performer gets the shots. It's three shots over a three month (six month?) period, each is about $150 but I think it's worth it... The vaccine, Gardasil, protects against four HPV types, which together cause 70% of cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts...

Chuck Martino Update

He's come into $3 million and is looking to spend a million of it making porn movies.

I catch up with him Monday afternoon. (Audio)

He's producing segments for ESPN radio.

Chuck says he wants to go into business with Rob Spallone.

"David Sturman is my idol," says Chuck. "He would never cheat on his wife. He's a family man. Kevin Beechum is the best guy."

"I want to make David and Kevin proud."

Luke: "Why not make a real movie with your money?"

Chuck: "I want to have fun."

"I'm 43 but I look 23. I don't do drugs or drink. I'll admit now so that kids don't make that mistake."

"I live with a chick (45 yo) who's my best friend. I'm a caretaker. I keep her on the straight and narrow. No sex."

Martino plans to write a book. "But it will be a positive book. Not a Jerry Butler book. I don't need to put down people."

Rob Black's Extreme Associates Bouncing Checks Again

They did a shoot during the second week of December and nobody's been paid.

Various people are after Skye Blue for payment from her ventures prior to the current one with Nick Manning.

Novelty Maker Joydivision Expands its Horizons

AVN.com reports:

HANNOVER, Germany - Founded in 1994, Joydivision has become a leader among European manufacturers of erotic products. As a result of its continual growth, the company is looking to expand its reach into the U.S. market.

A manufacturer committed to social and environmental concerns, Joydivision has been an active member of Greenpeace e.V. and is regarded by leading credit institutes as "solid and financially strong." Joydivision's products now sell in more than 50 countries. With the prospect of an even bigger and better year, says Redschlag, Joydivision is currently seeking agents to represent the company in the U.S. market.

Frank writes: "Joy Division refers to a group of women used as sex slaves in Nazi concentration camps, as depicted in Ka-tzetnik 135633's 1955 novel The House of Dolls."


Van Nuys, CA - January 29, 2007 - TightFit Productions owner and founder Oren Cohen has released the following statement in regards to the release Assraelis, the first Israeli adult film to be distributed in the United States.

"Over the past week our Israeli Erotica title has generated a great amount of controversy. Not since Deep Throat has an adult film garnered such national and international attention. I want to clear the air around this title and the use of the Kosher symbol on it's cover. Throughout history, humor and our ability to laugh have separated the Jewish people from other cultures. In times of adversity, pain and persecution we've triumphed as a people and found great solace in laughter. The defamation of Judaic culture and religion was never our intent when we selected the Kosher symbol. I trust that the Jewish people can discern humor from malice."

Stories have recently run in the New York Times, as well as Yediot and Maariv, the two major daily papers of Israel, where the movie ran as front page stories.

Attorney Michael Fattorosi Vs. Christian

Michael posts on XPT:

I'm sure Christian showed him his AIMs test and asked for his before this encounter. Oh wait, Im sure he will say they used a condom or perhaps this was just hype for an interview. Or perhaps it doesnt matter since he's tested clean afterwards. None-the-less, with this type of behavior he's loading more than 1 bullet into the cylinder for the next performer he works with. I will make sure that I share this thread with every female performer and studio I represent and/or talk to.

Christian responds:

pornlaw, do you mention things to your "clients" during normal business hours, or when you are fucking them later? either way, i would be REALLY interested to see who exactly you do "represent" as "clients". give me a list. please.

Michael responds:

Sorry Christian, although I know the thought of me having sex with my pornstar clients might give you some jerk off material, it just doesnt happen. I'm close in age to most of the girl's dads. Im not really the young stud you appear to be. But Im glad you think my pornstar clients would want to have sex with me - thanks for the compliment. If you know of any that are claiming to have slept with me let me who she is. I want to send her a thank you note.

Michael posts on ADT:

Sorry I've been fighting with ChristianXXX about his right to work with trannies, gays and hetero girls all in the same week...

Cal/OSHA has already determined and stated that ANY performer on an adult set is an EMPLOYEE. It makes no difference what the model release or contract says or whether taxes are taken out. Companies need to realize that it makes no difference what they think the status of a performer is. They are employees and companies need to carry workcomp ins to protect them. I have gotten quotes on workcomp rates for adult performers on set. Ready for how expensive it is -- to insure a typical boy/girl scene with the typical rates - $21.28 -- thats it. Lunch thats all it will cost to protect and insure performer's lives and health.

A.G. writes:

Luke, Don't you think it would be best for Christian and ALL MALE talent at this rate to be tested for Herpes and HPV? Considering if Christian along with I am sure MANY other Male performers and a few Female's working without papers. I've been to a shoot in the past where both male and female did not have up-dated papers and still did the shoot. What is it going to take another HIV break-out for ALL performers to get those damn test/papers? AIM, should TEST all performers for Herpes and do paps on all females to check for to see if dysplaysia is in the cells/HPV. Just my thoughts...Then again, Porn performers are probably a lot safer to screw than the average civillian. Right? No one will ever take any of this STD stuff seriously, until one is hit hard and nothing can take away that STD.

Testa posts:

I've shot Christian a few times and every time he did a great job. I'm not thrilled about the fag/tranny s---, but he still gets to fuck girls (like Sasha Grey) that no one else gets to f---. There are a few adult stars who have gone to Europe to shoot stuff that isn't "kosher" over here. I remember seeing Ron Jeremy in a rape flim when I was in Amsterdam. Not sure if it was real rape, but it's still not stuff that would fly over here.

Skeeter Kerkove Update

Skeeter calls Sunday afternoon. "I still pay Bridgett's bills but I haven't spoken with her since September. She's no longer living with her mother. She's in a two bedroom duplex and is driving a 19-year old minivan that keeps breaking down. She called me twice crying because it had broken down."

Danni Ashe/Leah Manzari

Novello emails: "Hi Luke, Everybody knows by now that she retired, she’s living with her husband in Whitefish, MT. What has it brought her? A family life she hoped for for so long now? She disappeared so suddenly and let her company break down. Must have broken her heart. Danni.com seemed her work of life… Wondering if somebody knows the details of her decision."

Whatever happened to Donita Dunes?

Lee emails: "Luke, I have been a Donita Dunes fan since I was 16 years old. I always try to find new stuff from her, but it seems as if she may have retired. I figured if anybody knew it's be you. Is she still dancing, or doing photo shoots? I found a brief article on the wikipedia, but it is very underinformed."

Brett emails: "She had been dancing at the Deja Vu in North Hollywood up until about two or three years ago, and then moved to the San Diego area with her boyfriend."

The Dan Miller Regime At AVN

Miller has been the Editor of AVN for about a month.

"It's a misnomer to refer to it as a regime," says one pornographer. "Dan Miller is not a totalitarian. He loves to bring journalistic integrity to his subject. He's restrained. You won't get him in a debate online about plagiarism or Christianity. He's not materialistic. He doesn't drive an expensive car."

Dr. X emails: "Hello, just wanted to add my 2 cents regarding Dan Miller at AVN. I think he’s done an amazing job so far, if you pay close enough attention to the web site: www.avn.com you can see his impact very clearly. The news story’s are more informative, {more quote’s, background info, etc.} and it {the web site} is actually going in a direction it should have gone in years ago. Given the fact that he has been there less then 2 months, had the AEE show dropped in his lap so quickly and handled that so smoothly, the only question now is: will Teddy Communications {AVN} leave him alone and allow him to do his thing? If he’s had this much of an impact in 2 months, imagine the long term possibilities…."

'Like Inspecting Your Fire Extinguisher'

That's one pornographer's view of the FBI's 2257 inspections. "It's becoming routine. Trivial. They don't see anything come out of it. They just want to do their job unless you're a flagrant scofflaw like Joe Francis."

Who Is Tom Sherwood?

He owns about 80 porn stores and ADI Distributors. He's based out of Philadelphia.

From 2003: ADI's Sherwood Buys Erostar

Is Rob Black Protected By Organized Crime?

I believe so. That's the reason he still walks.

'Don't Blog About Richard Basciano'

"I doubt there's a story there, but he's the real deal. I don't know if those guys still play rough. He's a guy who will never threaten you. You'll just get hit by a piano one day."

Basciano is old but in terrific shape. He's been sipping protein shakes for decades. He owns substantial property in New York and Philadelphia worth over $100 million. Property that he paid a few hundred thousand dollars for in the 1960s he went on to sell for millions.

Barely Pretty Kittens

Bob Armstrong emails:

The uproar over Hounddog, fed at least in part by tub-thumping fundamentalists, will likely give the film a boost at the box office. In my paranoid moments I sometimes think Hollywood producers hire right wing agitators to rant on about films like Hounddog on FOX News knowing bad publicity is good publicity. Since the film is about a young girl digging Elvis Presley’s music, here’s what I don’t get and I believe this is far more important than the debate over kiddie porn: Why is Elvis’ 1956 classic, Hound Dog, collapsed into one word in the film’s title? I haven’t seen the film yet. Maybe the answer to that comes out in the Dakota rape scene.

Mike South brings up equal protection under the law, saying “if there is a line that gets crossed it must apply equally to everyone.” I think he is saying there is one rule for porn and another for Hollywood. South has a legitimate complaint, but there’s a problem here. Sexual acts on the big silver screen are simulated, whether the girl is under 18 or over the hill. Brown Bunny and In the Realm of the Senses are the only two exceptions I can think of, exceptions that prove the rule.

The porn industry figured out a lucrative way to straddle the line without crossing it—the smashing success of the Barely Legal series and all their spin-offs. Question: Would it be illegal for a minor to be in a porn film if she doesn’t do a sex scene? For example, what if a 16-year-old girl played a cheerleader watching her older barely legal 26-year-old sister sucking off Mike South? Maybe The New York Times would go for that. Title: The Graying of Hound Dog.

I Can't Believe How Much Mileage Kevin Blatt Got From His Latest Scam

I thought Jenna Jameson and Paris Hilton had signed on to this reality TV project, but they've only been "contacted."

Kevin Blatt's movie American Cannibal comes out March 16.

"The media is so easily manipulated and Hollywood is so contrived," says my friend. "If Brandy didn't kill somebody on the 405, I would've gotten more press."

"I did a radio show in Lancing, Michigan this morning and I used you as a reference. They asked me how I was going to verify male virgins. I said we're going to give them lie detector tests. But it is easy to spot a virgin - Star Trek conventions, karaoke bars, if they own a Journey or Air Supply album.

"I was at the AVN show and I could spot virgins from a mile away. They were usually standing in line waiting to get one of their appendages signed by Jenna Jameson. Some of them have tracheotomy tubes hanging out."

Luke: "I can't believe you got this much mileage out of this gag."

KB: "Come on Luke. Who's the best marketing guy you know in this business?"

"I'm worried that I'm going to look sleazy in this American Cannibal movie."

Luke: "You are sleazy."

KB: "No I'm not. I'm not like the people you write about."

Yeah, KB, you are right. You are not sleazy. You're just a marketing genius.

From Dec. 17, 2006:

My friend says: "The best part of the evening for me was when I go in the grotto with the model. I tell her, 'It's customary if you've never been here before to have sex in the grotto.' I get on the cushion with her. We're tucked away in the corner. She's getting ready to blow me. I look over and there's my boss with his wife. He gives me an interesting look and walks out. His $800 shoe goes right in the grotto.

"I have two glasses of champagne. I'm buzzed. I have the chick with me. I'm driving. She's getting drunk and crazy. She talks about how she hasn't voted in her whole life. She's blowing me.

"All of a sudden, she gets off my cock and says, 'I'm not this kind of girl. This is not me. I have a boyfriend. I have a baby.' She starts talking dirty to me. She hits me.

"We go inside her house and she goes crazy. 'Where's my dog? It's gone.' It's 3:30 a.m. She's screaming in this quiet neighborhood. I'm thinking, 'I've got to get laid. Then I've got to get out of here. I must find this stupid dog.'

"After 45 minutes, she says, 'Oh, I just remembered. I left my dog at my mom's house with my kid.'

"I get her to the bedroom. I start ----ing her. Halfway through, she says, 'Ohmigod, where's my passport? I lost my passport.'

"I say, 'What's wrong with you? Are you drunk?' She says, 'I'm bipolar and I'm drunk.'

"She tells me she's a musician and she gives me a CD.

"I should've gone for the two blondes dancing by the pool. They were all over me when I first walked in there. If I would've given them a little more attention... Instead, I end up with a whore. Good party though.

"You attempted to walk home? What's wrong with you? You couldn't get a ride? You just didn't want to ask anybody.

"I was shocked to see you at the party. How did you get invited?"

Holly and Bonnie Moss's company -- Moss Events.

"Steve Lightspeed said to me, 'Why do crazy chicks flock to you?'

"I'm making out with her. I've got my hand down her pants. I look up and who's staring at me shaking their heads?

"These porn chicks are all drama. They're like little Mary Careys. They're all nuts."

Mary Carey

She calls me Thursday afternoon. "At LAX, when I was walking out of the bar, I ran into Joe Rogan from Fear Factor. I'd just met him three days ago at the Comedy Club. We flew together to Fort Lauderdale."

Mary talks about her mom: "They had her in a wheelchair for twelve hours and her butt's sore. I have to yell at them to get her put in bed. Her butt is bony from laying in bed. She has tons of poop all over her butt. She's been sitting in her own poop all day long."

A source says: "That whole business of Mary Carey being intoxicated is just an act? I saw her one night at the Venetian during the AEE and she was intoxicated beyond belief. Her eyes were going in different directions. One eye was rolling back into her head. There was nobody she was acting for. There was a big guy helping her walk. Maybe a bodyguard. It was very sad."

There goes our erstwhile governor.

"If that was an act, she is in the wrong industry. We should be celebrating her achievements next month at the Kodak theater in Hollywood at the Academy Awards. Move over Helen Mirren."

Scorpion emails: "She was definitely drunk at the circle bar. At one point Brett Reisner from Sin City (formerly at Legend) tries to intervene and gives up. As drunk as she was, I've seen far worse at the circle bar during AEE/AVN. At least she didn't pull a Gia Paloma."

Fabulous Life Of: Celebrity Sex

"You will die laughing when you see Steve Hirsch's house," says a friend. "They go to Anh Tranh's and Danny's home as well as Andrew from Adult Friend Finder."

From VH1:

Ever wonder what's going on behind closed doors in Hollywood? Not anymore. We're breaking down the steamy sex lives of your favorite celebrities. From wild nights at high-end strip clubs, to illicit trysts in Hollywood's hottest hotels, to the fortune they're spending on x-rated unmentionables -- we'll show you just how far celebrities will go and just how much they're willing to spend when it comes to getting it on. Life as a celebrity is VIP absolutely everywhere they go-and strip clubs are no exception. Because when you spend $10,000 in one night, like rappers Nelly and Jermaine Dupree did in at one strip club in 2005, people tend to notice. Take New York City's finest strip club, Scores-the jiggle joint of choice for celebs like George Clooney, Christina Aguilera and even Madonna. For bad boy actor Colin Farrell-a night at Scores meant dropping $15,000 to keep the party going `til 6am. And this celebrity hot spot got even hotter in 2005, when Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan stopped by for some late night pole dancing-much to the delight of the other patrons. But why spend so much dough on just one night to remember when you can invest in the gifts that keep on giving. Take Michelle Rodriguez and Jamie Lynn DiScala's favorite new toy, the $500, limited-edition precious-metal vibrator with the word "Trouble" etched into it. But that's a mere plaything compared to the sexy gift David Beckham bestowed upon his posh wife, Victoria. Because nothing says, "I love you" like a $2 million platinum vibrator with a 10-carat diamond encrusted base linked to a 16-carat diamond necklace-one of only 10 in existence in the entire world. Plus we'll show you just how true the saying "sex sells" really is as we break down the mega-fortunes made from selling sex. From Joe Francis' $100 million dollar a year "Girls Gone Wild" empire-- to Steve Hirsch's $100 million dollar pornography conglomerate, Vivid Video -- to Jenna Jameson, whose gone from porn star to business woman with Club Jenna-her $30 million a year earning adult entertainment company. Weaving expert interviews, field segments and candid footage the Fabulous life is going where it's never gone before-this is Fabulous Life of Celebrity Sex.

L.A. Direct Models Vs. Adult Industry Medicine

What's the full story here?

Derek Hay replies to my inquiry: "Me? I think you have the wrong person."

Wouldn't be the first time I got it wrong...

Rabbi Yells "Cut!" Over Porn Flick

Tight Fit Productions of Van Nuys, Calif., the purveyors of "Assraelis," which was shot entirely in Israel with all-local talent, and in Hebrew (with, uh, English subtitles), received a cease-and-desist order letter from a lawyer representing Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum of KOF-K Kosher Certification, a New Jersey company that puts its stamp of approval on Kosher goods. Tight Fit's DVD-cover claim of Israeli authenticity is accompanied by a Hebrew letter normally reserved for rabbi-ordained meats, grains, and other foodstuffs.

ICM to Address .XXX at XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — With the resurgence of the .XXX sTLD, the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Conference has invited ICM President Stuart Lawley to be a seminar panelist for a discussion on how the adult entertainment industry and the domain registrar can work to develop a productive relationship if and when the adult-specific domain becomes a reality.

Rob Spallone Update

At the show in Vegas, Adam (the general manager of XCartel) said that he considered Rob Spallone a friend but that if he, Adam, disappeared tomorrow, Rob wouldn't even notice he was gone.

I call Rob Thursday morning.

Luke: "How's your agency (StarWorldModeling.com) coming along?"

Rob: "I'm doing some stuff with Joel Lawrence. Some girls are straggling in but I'm not ready."

Luke: "Why not?"

Rob: "Because of my website."

"You never wrote about Adam on your site."

Luke: It's a private relationship.

Rob: "We were at lunch yesterday and Adam said, 'I should've bet you. I knew Luke wouldn't write about me.' I said, Luke is not done writing yet. Luke has hours and hours."

"We go to lunch three or four days a week. Yesterday it was me and Leah and [veteran salesman] Marty Turkel and his wife."

Luke: "I thought Marty was dead."

Rob: "That's not nice. He's doing good. He's going back to work. I don't know where."

Dakota Fanning/ Sundance

Christopher L. Gregory emails:

Hey Luke, Just came back from Sundance promoting our latest erotica film Vampire Diaries. It got a good response to the movie. Also promoting my upcoming book "How to break into the porn business". My publisher has been getting calls for me to appear on talk shows once it is released.

Anyway, saw your posts about child porn and had to let you know that while I was at the festival, I took in Hounddog. So here's my point of view from someone who actually watched it.

I have to say that as both an adult filmmaker as well as a mainstream filmmaker, I can't join in on the bandwagon of those that are calling this movie child porn. Yes, it is disturbing, yes it is brutal (violence/rape scene) but in the scene itself, you only see a minor part of the actual scene. Most takes place off camera, but there is a part where she ( dakota) is on her stomach and the guy is on top of her then she is thrown into the dark corner where most of the "sexual" incident takes place. You only "hear" what's going on for the most part, although there is body shadow that shows him forcing himself on her through shadow.

As a filmmaker myself, I know that there is a fine line between fantasy and reality we as directors must face when mixing real life together, but I felt the director did a very good job of showing how child rape/abuse affects children but without actually breaking any laws. This is why art can sometimes force itself on the viewer, to make us aware of what really happens to some in life. This is why those of us that are filmmakers fight tooth and nail for our craft and if it offends some part or all of society - so be it. That's why we do what we do, to show you that life is not always a bed of roses.

Dakota is a brilliant actress who made this scene work and knew how to handle the scene itself. It is my opinion that there was nothing wrong with this film, nor should it ever be clasified as "child porn" as there was no nudity, there was no actual showing of penetration nor was there ever a hint of onscreen sexual enticement for viewers to get remotley turned on. I find it odd that those who are going after the filmmakers can't seem to seperate fact from fiction. Art should never be regulated nor those who make art; in this case a motion picture, be regulated by any government branch or individual. I say lighten up -it's only a movie. And from what I heard while there is that you can expect Dakota getting an Oscar nod for her role in this film.

What's Wrong With Jenna Jameson?

She looked scary skinny at the AEE. Is it drugs? Plastic surgery?

She's certainly had a ton of plastic surgery. She appears to have had her eyes done and cheekbones (implants)...

I sent her an email asking why she was so slender but I did not get a response.

The Pornographic Thrill Of Murder

I call true crime author Aphrodite Jones Jan. 23.

Luke: "We'll never be able to know the appetite that drives people to buy true crime books. I can only speak for myself. The thrill I get from reading a true crime book such as your own or Joe McGinniss or anything I've read in that genre is a similar thrill to what I once got from pornography. It's like I get a fever reading these books. A fever takes over me. If, despite the best of your intentions, the majority of true crime readers do it for the same reason they purchase pornography, how would that make you feel?"

Aphrodite: "I wouldn't write them."

Luke: "Do you have many doubts on this score?"

Aphrodite: "No. Not from the people who write to me.

"There are different levels of true crime. Some true crime books are written like the National Enquirer and some are written like In Cold Blood. You can't lump them all together."

Read On.

Tobi emails: "It is so cool that you spoke with Aphrodite Jones! She wrote one of the best books I've ever read, the "Boys Don't Cry" about Brandon Teena Brandon. I started reading TC books during my custody battle issues back in 90ish, when I first learned my first husband was an actual sociopath. I just wanted to understand the evil human psyche better, so as to learn what I did wrong."

Hepatitis See posts on XPT:

Dr Lechter, in Silence of the Lambs, spoke of the "transformation, a fledgling killer about to be released..." Luke is clearly in the midst of such a transformation. The link between serial killers and Porn is an established fact, and Luke admits to that. Now he is admitting that he gets the same thrill reading about things like Murder. He's already got some of the tools/elements essential to this trade (White Van, Camera to snap trophy pictures, a woman named Holly who is the continued object of his obsession but can no longer have...) Is this a cry for help from Luke, or is he really about to go Berkowitz on us and start showing up at porn sets with a .44 caliber enema for all starlets doing Anal that day?

Fatman posts:

Luke's already started - his attempts at killing off careers with his hideous photography is an example. In the Talmud they that teach that public embarassment of a person is equivalent to their murder. Thus, by this, Luke is a wonton serial killer on the loose.

Are AIM Test Results Enough?

Attorney Michael Fattorosi blogs:

After reading an article on LukeIsBack.com in regards to a male performer that also openly performs in transsexual movies, I decided to repost the following article on SDT Testing and the industry. While there is no substanial medical evidence that I am aware of that transsexual performers are any higher risk than any other adult performers for transmitting disease, it is often a belief in the industry that they are. None the less, vigilance against the transmission of any disease is always the best option for any performer in the adult entertainment business.

Thora Birch And Child Pornography

Tim Case emails:

"Thora Birch is an American-born actress, who had a starring role in the film "Ghost World" and also had a major role in the film "American Beauty". Her parents were both adult film actors -- her mother appears in the xxx classic "Deep Throat"."

A question to the group -- Thora Birch was barely 17 when she acted in a topless scene for the movie "American Beauty". Why is this legal, and not classified as child pornography?

Topless does not equal pornography. There has to be a lascivious display of the genitals.

Gram Ponante emails: "I will admit that I thought she was hot in that scene, but I think the filmmakers could successfully argue that that topless appearance could be construed to not be sexual. It is very similar to Kelly McGillis' topless scene in "Witness". Both say "I am not ashamed.""

I found both scenes arousing. Is that so wrong? If red-blooded heterosexual American men don't find beautiful women disrobing arousing, then something is very wrong with our country. It must be the fluoride in the drinking water.

I get a kick of out Hollywood filmmakers who claim that nude scenes of beautiful women are not sexual. Of course they are.

Tod Hunter emails:

The belief that scenes like Thora Birch at the window in "American Beauty" and Kate Winslet (playing a 17-year-old girl) in the back seat in "Titanic" and something in Volker Schlöndorff's 1979 movie "The Tin Drum" -- I don't remember what right now -- is somehow definable as "child pornography" is what led Bill Lyon and the Free Speech Coalition to chase the "Simulated Child Pornography" law all the way to the Supreme Court.

I believe -- unsubstantiated, nobody ever told me this -- that Bill Lyon thought that the grateful mainstream industry would give millions of thank-you dollars to the FSC for its valiant successful effort that saved millions of copies of "Titanic" from the fate that befell all those Traci Lords movies.

The problem is that the mainstream studios were in no danger whatsoever of getting busted for "child porn," and everybody knew that. Except Bill Lyon, who committed the efforts and finances of the FSC to this ridiculous quest.

There's nothing wrong with your finding Thora Birch attractive. It's those kinds of impulses that have saved the human race from going the way of the dodo.

But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes nudity is just a matter of comfort, or custom. In hot weather, or while swimming, or just relaxing with a beer by the pool on a hot day. Context is important.

Mike South emails: "What about Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby? She was 12."

Yeah, but she was not spreading her vagina aka lascivious display of the genitals.

Mike South replies:

Yeah, but she was not spreading her vagina aka lascivious display of the genitals. so by your reconing Max could make a video of 11 year old girls naked and as long as they dont spread their legs it isnt child porn...come on Luke you know better than that. what if he pees on them? The fact is if there is a line that gets crossed it must apply equally to everyone (that whole equal protection under the law thing).

Porking Kitten Natividad

From the LF Fan Blog:

I could forgive Horrid Boy for porking Kitten Natividad back in 1996; afterall, this was not long after Luke's conversion to Orthodox Judaism and he had only begun his study of the Torah values approach to human sexuality. But the thought of Luke's pudgy fingers groping Maja Lee's sweet, innocent Canadian womanhood filled me with nationalistic rage. I was so furious. I thought after 15 years of being a practising Jew, Mr Ford had made great progress in overcoming his sexual demons. Obviously not.

Mary Carey

Mary calls Tuesday morning. "Do you know what pisses me off? People thought I was on drugs at the AVN show. I wasn't on drugs. I'm naturally hyper-active. I know what I'm doing all the time. I know when I'm being a goofball and when I'm making an ass of myself for PR. You know that I know what I'm doing.

"It's like the people who think you're scary. I pretend to be f---ed up. I pretend to be crazy. There are a lot of things I keep secret. But I know what makes movies sell -- talking to you and telling the truth. As dumb as I sound, I'm smart. But a lot of people just don't get it. But you get me."

At the AEE show, Mary Carey told me that NBA player Dwight Howard said to her "Lose my number!"

Mary says my posting that she kept records of her IM conversations with Dwight caused the end of their relationship.

Carey was mad when Dwight publicly denied dropping his trousers in front of her in a bathroom (at the home of N'Sync musician Chris Kirkpatrick in November 2006) a few hours after an Orlando Magic game. Mary responded to the exposed Dwight that she thought he was really religious. With his weewee hanging out, Dwight giggled that he was not that religious.

Mary: "The guy I'm dating goes by 'Evil Jared.' He's in a group called the Bloodhound Gang. He wrote a song about Chasey Lain a few years ago. He told me they gave her $6,000 to show up to a music video shoot and she didn't show up. He says she was busy chasing someone around for $150.

"I met him on the Howard Stern Show.

"It turns out he's half black. He didn't tell me because he thought I wouldn't boink him. He's 6'5. We get along except he brought me to this NAMM convention for musicians. He had me meet people. I was wasted. I was spitting everywhere.

"I'm not really dating him. I'm f---ing him."

FBI to Address 2257 Inspections at XBIZ Hollywood Conference

LOS ANGELES — The FBI has agreed to send special agent Chuck Joyner to speak on the 2257 seminar panel at the upcoming XBIZ Hollywood Conference, Feb. 7-8, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif. The panel in question will take place Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 10:00 a.m., in the main seminar hall of the venue.

There were three FBI agents on the 2257 beat who wanted to speak at the 2257 panel at the AEE (including the man in charge) but Paul Cambria told them that would not be a good idea.

Christian's latest bareback tranny video

JuanR posts on XPT:

So Im new here and was reading how Christian said he wasnt doing shemale videos anymore and focusing on his mainstream work but I just seen his latest BAREBACK tranny video of him, congrats!!

Congrats you made the cover too dude!

Also as a gay male and loving my drag and shemale friends I seen your latest work while you was in London ,WOOF WOOF on some of those so called transeys. So I guess your trip to London wasnt all vacation you managed to get in some transey and gay male escorting too!

Finally you other latest release this year was pretty good too.

So dude welcome back to the other side not that you ever left.

Christian responds:

lol....here we go again! first of all, obviously i wasnt doing any gay escorting...thats retarded. why would i want to get 300 dollars for each gay escorting when i get 600 per scene and i work every day? thats bad math. second of all, if a scene is non-condom then ALL parties were AIM tested. and thats all anyone can ask of any performer. and lastly, for the last time.....this isnt a big secret, nor am i doing anywhere. juanr/david/cyberstalker/doesnt matter....you can post whatever you want, it doesnt matter to me, i will still work every day with all the girls you jerk off to.

Paris and Jenna to Show Virgins the Ropes?

From TMZ.com:

When you think of Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson, the last thing you probably think is ... virgins. And yet, sources tell TMZ that famed on-camera sexhibitionists Hilton and Jameson have been contacted about "participating" in a reality show currently in production called "Virgin Territory," in which a group of the uninitiated will find their way to the promised land. Ironically, it's being brought to TV by the purveyor of Paris' sex tape, Kevin Blatt, who predicts that even more people will watch "Territory" than "One Night in Paris," Hilton's infamous night-visioned romp. To help stock his TV larder, Blatt will be unveiling giant billboards in Times Square and Los Angeles; soliciting actual, live virgins in those cities. "Finding virgins in NYC or Los Angeles is no easy task," says Blatt.

Is Bud Lee Out At Playboy TV?

Matt Kalinowski from Playboy emails me: "I want to clarify your speculation about Bud Lee, because it’s entirely, well, wrong. Mike Spierer is not replacing Bud in any way, they’re in separate departments – Mike’s position is in the PROGRAMMING Dept., while Bud continues to serve as VP of Spice Digital Networks / Playboy TV PRODUCTION. In other words, Mike is the exec who decides what content goes where on the SDN channels (Club Jenna, Spice:Xcess, Fresh! and shorteez.) while Bud is the guy on set directing the talent and shooting the content. By the way, Bud Lee’s “Fly Spice 2: Pacific Rimmed” streets on DVD 2/22 from Spice Studios…"

Mac emails:

I just thought that Bud was higher up the food chain in development. On the other hand, Playboy did send out a pretty minimal press release….

The way AVN is bringing their new site online is pretty amateurish. When you launch a site you’ve been developing for a year, with a new server cluster, new delivery platform, etc., you want to be able to just flip a switch. If you can’t do that, you at least put up a splash page! The thing they have up now looks like something you run at 3 in the morning for a half-hour of maintenance. It looks like AVN didn’t stress-test its new platform….

It also looks like Paul Fishbein got back from the expo, let his head clear, then looked around for any messes that needed to be cleaned up. He probably demanded to why the new site – after a year in development – isn’t up yet. And told the team to get it up this weekend or else.

Why has AVN.com been down almost all weekend?

January 20, 2007 was the day the music died.

It is a great loss to journalism.

From the same people who brought you the AVN Awards at Mandalay Bay comes an AVN.com redesign (planned meticulously for months).

Who knows what bounties await us after AVN concludes switching servers?

Steve York emails: "I found myself having withdrawls this last weekend worse than any recent drug I've done...the loss of AVN.com for two days was enough to push me to the brink. Especially the journalistic approach and investigation of AVN.com's newest addition "Nelson X"...with a name like that I have to assume he's a visiting space alien or a previously unknown 17th century English king as no normal human could possibly fill the void left by Master Damien."

Mickey G Update

Roxetta posts on ADT:

It's a sad sad story babe. It is too difficult to talk about again. lukeisback.com and adultfyi.com have been keeping stories on the whole mess. He really is a good guy underneath it all, but he had emotional issues and tried to escape with drugs and did something very stupid, while on drugs. He has dedicated 12 years of his life to adult and is an AVN Hall of Famer. He has never had one single problem like this before. I'm just praying people will forgive him like I have and if anyone can spare a buck or two to his comminssary for basic needs, he and I both would thank you so very much!

Michael Edward Wilkins Birthday: 11-09-59 Location: Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Los Angeles

Thats all the information that you need to send a little donation, get well card, or letter to him.

Jeremy Steele emails: "I feel really bad for all that insanity. Has anyone gone to visit him ? It would help I'm sure. Hey Luke, why don't you go visit him and do a Luke Ford exclusive and get his side of things? That would help too."

Bestiality doc premieres at Sundance

PARK CITY, Utah — "Zoo" is a documentary about what director Robinson Devor accurately characterizes as "the last taboo, on the boundary of something comprehensible." But remarkably, an elegant, eerily lyrical film has resulted.

Brian Doherty's Latest - Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement

I interview Brian by phone Friday, Jan. 19, 2007. Audio Audio Audio Audio

Brian: "I've been a libertarian since I was 16. What turned me libertarian was reading the science fiction novel THE ILLUMINATUS! by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. At the University of Florida, I discovered there was a political party and intellectual movement pushing these ideas. As I wanted to learn more, I looked for a book like the one I've written and there just wasn't one.

"My first conscious reading and note-taking for this book began in the Spring of 1994.

"The intent of the book is not to turn people into libertarians. It's a book of history and journalism.

"As a libertarian activist, I believe that this book is important in helping people take libertarian ideas seriously.

"There are dozens of books on communism in the United States... To the extent that libertarianism has been dealt with in intellectual histories of the United States, it has been considered this little pimple on conservatism's left shoulder. That's why I wanted 'Radicals' in the title of the book. I wanted people to understand that libertarianism is not a right-wing philosophy.

"The only book that tries to do what this book does is Bringing the Market Back In: The Political Revitalization of Market Liberalism: The Political Revitalization of Market Liberalism by political science professor John E. Kelley. It tries to tell in one hundred pages what this book tells in 700 pages."

Luke: "Is Stephen Levitt, author of Freakonomics, a libertarian?"

Brian: "I don't know, but there's so much economics at the heart of libertarianism. Four of the five main characters in my book were professionally economists (Milton Friedman, Ludvig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard). Economics is the central science in helping you understand that so much of what the state does is unhelpful. It's the intellectual discipline in which libertarianism is most respectable. Anyone who understands economics is going to have a strong libertarian streak. Government can't do anything without taking things. It's not a wealth-creating institution.

"Milton Friedman's son David is an anarchist. He explains how things like courts, police and national defense could be met in a free market."

Luke: "I didn't realize that libertarianism was like a religion for some people. That there's so much heretic-hunting, just as much as in Orthodox Judaism."

Brian: "Any intellectual movement that works in the shadows... Until the 1980s, most libertarians were thought of as freaks. This schisming provides much of the drama and comedy in the book. If you were going to be a libertarian up until the 1980s, you had to be a cussed and individualistic character... Freud talks about the narcissism of small differences. The heretic drives you crazy because they are so much like you, but they are missing that one thing. Ayn Rand was the queen of this. She ended up kicking out of her life pretty much everybody."

Luke: "It was nuts for libertarianism, as small as it was, to be so eager to kick people out."

"One of the first things people think about libertarianism is sexual freedom. Libertarians believe that prostitution should be legal. Yet you do not discuss this in your book."

Brian: "Because I tried to make it a character-centered story... There hasn't been a big name libertarian who has made that sexual freedom stuff their main focus. We've won most of the battles on the sex thing."

"You're not offending the average person's mores by arguing for getting out of the U.N. or cutting taxes or decreasing business regulation... Sexual stuff is psychologically fraught with danger. Sexual morality affects people on a deeper level than questions of regulatory policy. A lot of libertarian thinkers might think that there's no point in shoving people's face in this aspect..."

Luke: "How is pornography John Stagliano regarded in Cato circles? I know they take his money, but..."

Brian: "I don't know anyone who has a problem with how he makes his living. I know John. He's a generous funder of libertarian causes. At Reason magazine, he's a valued contributor. It's an honor to have his support and to have him around."

"Many libertarians are libertine but many are not. I do approve of the existence of pornography."

"For various sociological reasons, if you are going to be an active libertarian, you have to share the standard [commitment to decriminalizing prostitution and the like]... I don't meet many people who have old fashioned problems with other people's sexual behavior."

Luke: Who are the most famous libertarian apostates?

Brian: I don't know of any. "Libertarianism propagates well to the next generation."

"There's no market for a book by a libertarian turncoat. If you change your mind about libertarianism, nobody cares."

Luke: "Who were you the most excited to meet in the course of your research?"

Brian: "Barbara Branden. She was Ayn Rand's right-hand woman. She was a lot more warm and welcoming a figure than her ex-husband Nathaniel. Rand is such a goddess on the hill to libertarians. To get close to people who were close to her was exciting..."

"Most of my friends are libertarian... I long ago stopped enjoying arguing about politics."

"The kind of stuff that somebody is going to come up with verbally in a social situation is going to be stupid, and that includes me. I am not at my best verbally. When we hang up, I'm going to think of a million ways I could've better expressed things."

Luke: Have there been flourishing libertarian communities?

Brian: "There have been various attempts... Most libertarians want to be fully engaged in the larger market, so segregating yourself based on ideology is going to impoverish you. On a libertarian standard, L.A. is nightmarish with its taxes and regulations, but it's Los Angeles. It's worth it."

Luke: A lot of critics would say that libertarianism does not work because it has never been shown to work for a community. I remember Marxists arguing that marxism had never been tried.

Brian: "It is true that libertarianism has never been tried."

Luke: "A problem with libertarianism is the difficulty of assessing the externalities to a transaction. The costs to a wife and kids of a husband using prostitutes. The damage to the family structure from legalized prostitution."

Brian: "On the whole, the world will be a better place if people are free. The externalities created by government are far worse than the occasional externality produced by the free market."

Luke: "Is there a compelling psychological portrait of the libertarian?"

Brian: "A pre-existing work of literature or art that in my mind provides a full and true account of the libertarian mindset? In some ways, I hope my book provides one, without me trying to judge---I hope the stories of the lives, actions, and ideas I tell about the major libertarian figures of the 20th century--and I hope I show more than tell--provides such a portrait. In literature, I cannot recommend ILLUMINATUS! by Robert anton Wilson and Robert Shea highly enough---it presents compelling libertarian characters, libertarian ideas, and is inherently libertarian in its wild style and refusal to lock the reader into one interpretation of events or ideas imposed by the author."

Luke: "Does your book break new ground?"

Brian: "Most of the material in the book is from original research."

Luke: "What things in your book will surprise an educated libertarian?"

Brian: "My favorite story in the book that almost no libertarians know about is the connection between early libertarian financiers and early psychadelic drug culture."

Ruby Says Porn Is Boring

Ruby emails:

Hi Luke, I'm mourning the death of porn. Porn used to be something you did to raise your middle finger to the status quo, now it is the status quo. I did not even stay for the awards, after doing 11 years of porn I wasn't expecting to be relagated to stadium seats, which my big pregnant ass couldn't even fit into. I left to go have ice cream before anything even started. I'm glad I did movies when it was a big family, before the big corporations ripped the guts out of it. The Oscars aren't open to the public, the AVN's shouldn't be. There are plenty of fan meet and greets. The ED convention has it right, creating a fan fair day in an controled environment. I spent the rest of the night explaining to my husband how cool it used to be with occasional tear filled eyes. I wish it would go back to our big banquet hall. When did porn become so pretentious? An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure. If this is what mainstream societal exceptance has done to porn, I want none of it. With the exception of Evil Angel's stuff, porn is boring now. Rest in Peace.

XFanz Annabel Chong Story

Jeff writes:

Hi Luke, Hey, have you seen the new story at XFANZ about an Annabel Chong – based play in Singapore? The writer gives John T Bone a chance to call Annabel a dummy, and the production a ‘scam’ – but never mentions the fact that Bone didn’t pay Annabel a cent for her performance – because she trusted him with a handshake deal. The real scam was all on Bone’s party; and I guess the dumbest thing Annabel ever did was to think Bone was her friend. Do the guys at XFANZ know anything about the industry?

Robert@xfanz.com emails:

Luke, Hey, this is Bob Preston over at XFANZ. I saw Jeff's response to my Annabel Chong piece.

Luke, thanks as always for posting feedback from across the industry. I wanted to respond to Jeff's critcism.

1. Let's tackle the big one: The money. I simply couldn't confirm that fact. In my article, I presented only what I could confirm: the gangbang itself, the number of men (supposedly) involved. Chong herself is MIA, and while I realize that she told people in the industry that she got cheated out of her money, I found it troubling that in the interviews she did about the documentary of her life, "Sex: The Annabel Chong Story," she neglected to mention $12,000 -- even when directly asked questions about money.

2. I wrote a story about the production in Singapore, not the gangbang.

3. Jeff rightly sounded upset by John T. Bone's insult -- "The writer gives John T Bone a chance to call Annabel a dummy."

Regardless of Chong's intelligence, I immediately followed Bone's insult with the words of the theater director without so much as a carriage return:

As a person, Bone said that Chong wasn't "the brightest penny in the bunch," but 251 director Chen called her "intellectual" whose fame spread all the way back to her native Singapore. "[Chong] is such an urban legend in a way," Chen said. "It seems everybody knows somebody who knew her in school -- like a six degrees of Annabel. I wanted to present a different perspective to what we know of Annabel from that sensational video."

Luke, I'm always glad to see this kind of feedback, because not only does it mean that people are reading, but more important, it means they give a damn about this industry. I'm not so concerned with Jeff's charge that the XFANZ staff doesn't know anything about the industry -- we do and will demonstrate that with our actions -- but I do want to assure Jeff that the XFANZ staff is in the same boat with him. We give a damn.

Thanks for your time, Luke, and please pass on my thanks to Jeff for his passionate and prompt feedback.

David Clark emails:

It's pretty damn easy to confirm that Chong was ripped off by Bone. For one thing, if he had bothered to actually pay attention when watching "Sex," Bone and Zane both admit on screen Chong was never paid by either, & in typical grifter/scam artist fashion blame it on the other. Bone allowed Chong to stay confused & high during this period, using his Fagin-daddy persona to make her think she was being taken care of, dribbling out bits of cash here & there when she came out of her drugged haze long enough to question what was going on. No, she didn't pursue the matter in court, but it certainly wouldn't have mattered, because Bone always had lawyers on retainer, & would soon enough declare bankrputcy to avoid a huge amount of debt, including small business loans from the U.S. government. Instead she took the high road, cleaned up her act, left porn, got a computer-science degree -- a BSA to accompany the BFA she had already earned -- & left the cesspool behind.

There are still a bunch of us out here who have direct knowledge of this incident, & who know both parties involved. The incident has also been documented by such legit old-school porn journalists as Anthony Petkovich, editor of ADAM FILM WORLD and author of THE X-FACTORY. Hell, if he had bothered to talk to you & read your archives, he could have gotten a better picture. "Always glad to see this kind of feedback"? "We give a damn?" blah blah blah. How warm & fuzzy. I am not impressed by the writer's devotion to his journalistic craft.

Bob Preston responds:

Mr. Clark seems confident that the words of two -- by his own description -- "grifter/scam artists" and the fact that Chong didn't pursue this in court are enough to persuade me to get involved in an old grudge while writing a feature story about something else entirely a dozen years later. They aren't. But even though I focused on the production in Singapore, I would like to remind Mr. Clark -- and everyone in the industry -- that if you think we screwed up, we *welcome* direct feedback. Feel free to e-mail us at editors@xfanz.com. We also have a contact form on our site at the bottom of this page: http://xfanz.com/boards/

Escort/Porn Model Kyra Reese Commits Suicide

Her ad read:

I\'m Kyra Reese, a bisexual ex London stripper, now available for your pleasure! I offer a full gfe or can be a raunchy porn-star. Incalls from my luxory 4 bed house right next to Gatwick. Theres not much I don\'t do...I have outfits, toys, domination gear and my own pole! So c\'mon boys...give me a call...i can give you the time of your life! Kyra x P.s Forgot to mention my speciality is \'deepthroat!\'

Count Bartelli posts on punterlink.com:

Kyra Reese,an escort from Crawley,and a hugely popular girl in Sussex has been found dead,having committed suicide following a discovery by her flatmate yesterday.Kyras sister committed suicide three months ago and her father likewise a few years ago.Kyra was stunning in looks but most of all ,she was a lovely young girl who oozed personality and this is very sad news.I used to joke that if i ever remarried,Kyra would always be my chief bridesmaid.

Here's a news report:

A PROSTITUTE was found dead by a friend after hanging herself at the brothel she used to meet clients in. Annalise O'Donnell, 21, was discovered at the West Green flat on Thursday evening. Friends say Miss O'Donnell had been tormented by personal problems and the deaths of two people who are believed to be close relatives. Another friend said: "Annalise was a sweet and pretty girl. She was nice.But she was having a bad time.She was finding it very hard."

Kira Kener

Brett Hampton writes:

Moxie offers an opinion that the damages in Kira Kener's case could not be in the millions of dollars. Moxie needs to read the entire complaint with a better understanding of the applicable California and Federal statutes and case law. There are eleven different causes of action arising from Vivid's alleged violations of employment law, trademark law, the common law right of publicity, and contract law. If she prevails on all causes of action, the case could easily be worth eight figures, particularly in light of Vivid's potential exposure for economic damages (out of pocket expenses incurred by Kira as a result of Vivid's alleged wrongdoing, including lost revenues from working in film/video production, website revenues, monies received by Vivid for the misappropriation of Kira's name and likeness for what may have been unauthorized uses, loss of business revenue by virtue of Vivid's wrongful interference with Kira's business relationships, and so on), non-economic damages (general damages, such as pain and suffering), and punitive damages (awarded to punish Vivid for egregious misconduct to deter the company from engaging in such conduct in the future).

Barely Legal In Beverly Hills

Belle Bond Belle Bond Erica McLean Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Erica McLean, Alexa Von Tess Erica McLean, Alexa Von Tess Erica McLean, Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Justin Magnum and crew Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Erica McLean's maternal bosom, Justin Magnum, Lindsay Lohan Erica McLean, Theresa Flynt Erica McLean, Theresa Flynt

Sexxxytalent.com is Alexa's fourth talent agency (after LA Direct and Goldstar) in as many months.

The problem? She won't have sex with black men on camera and every agent has pushed her to do so.

Until now. She's with Tim at Sexxxytalent.com.

Tim says that all the female talent at Sexxxytalent.com do not have sex with black men on camera.

Tim says he's not a racist. That he doesn't tell the girls not to do black guys. That is their choice

I meet Belle Bond, 21. She's from Vancouver. She came south for the AEE and is staying in L.A. until mid-March.

Belle worked as a stripper for over two years. "I never told my customers that I was working my way through college. I said I was using the money to buy toys and support my family. I bought a nice jeep."

Belle got a breast job last March, moving from a 34A to a 34C. She found that once she got bigger boobs, people were nicer to her and gave her more attention.

During her first week back at work after surgery, she made $1,000 more than normal.

Belle found sexxxytalent.com through sexyjobs.com.

Erica shoots the intro to the scene outdoors.

Justin Magnum drives up.

Alexa, carrying her schoolbooks, walks down the street. "Coach Magnum!"

Justin: "I've decided to take you up on your offer."

Three girls flaked on Erica for this scene before Alexa took the job. One girl claimed to be in the emergency room, another claimed to be torn up, and another claimed to be in a severe car accident.

The photographer tells the crew: "Remember, we're shooting a music video."

Erica: "When I worked for Playboy, we told people that we were shooting a student film."

Erica says her new book about her late husband Clive is called "No Ordinary Love."

"It was the love that helped him last as long as he did," she says.

Erica looks at the love line on my hand. "You have a relationship," she says, "but it is not coming for a while."

As I walk out, the make-up lady says, "Is that it? Have a good day. Recycle. L'Chaim."

Jesse Jane's New Look

Mike South posts: "If that isn't the face of bulemia/anorexia I dont know what is."

Jewel DeNyle posts:

What's going on in the business??? I've never seen these girls look so awful. I remember when curves were sexy not this new trend of the junkie look. The fashion world has even taken a stand against girls being sickly and anorexic we are allowing it to happen in our industry what the hell is going on? That's it I'm putting my foot down when I shoot if you look like you are dieing I'm calling the agent right then and there to express my concern as it's just wrong. Jesse does have a small frame but wow that's just scary.

I'd rather be a little thick then look like I'm sick and tore up. These poor girls what must be going on mentally here to cause such a dramatic change.

Carmen Luvana posts:

For my experience in this business i have to say that the pressure its on, allot of fans may only have opinions but like mike south and jewel say you don't really know the insides of the biz of who is who and who does really what. So many of these girls get like this because people with in the industry tell them they look good like that and looking any heavier wont get them anywhere in their career. witch of course its wrong, for example i have heard it many times my self but i have never let anybody dictate to me how i should look/what i should do and not do the way i see it is..... fuck um...if somebody doesn't like the way i look, i am not about to change because of somebody having a opinion of what they think a woman should look like, but then again you have to have a strong mind to not follow what every idiot in this world thinks you should do. P.S Just to add; problems or not because i certainly dont know if its just dieting/starving/Exercising etc., in a personal leavel jesse is an extreamly nice and caring girl.

Jonno from Fleshbot posts:

So: yeah, this isn't the most flattering photo of Jessie. But having spent a good deal of time around her in Las Vegas last week, I don't think it's neccesarily an accurate depiction of what she looked like, never mind an indiction of any health issues she may or may not be dealing with. I think in this particular instance it has more to due with our photographer Nikola's style: he shoots with a strong flash and doesn't retouch his subjects afterwards, so the end result may not be as pretty as some of the photos you're used to seeing. (Someone once referred to him as the Diane Arbus of NYC nightlife, which gives you a pretty good idea of his style.) And let's remember that Jessie was most definitely mugging for the camera during their shoot, bless her heart.

Adella at Digital Playground posts:

Jonno, Thank you darling. I swear I have seen like NO bad photos of Jesse this year except of course this one and all of a sudden EVERYONE is telling me to FEED JESSE. Everyone else... OMG - PLEASE send her chocolate - you can send it C/O ME... Dark Chocolate w/ Caramel is preferred and also really good red wine. We will also accept food stamps and restaurant gift certificates. I promise to feed her EVERYTHING.

Tim Case writes:

Hey, can we step out of "The Spin Zone" for just a minute, here? The girl is obviously underweight, and has been for some time now. She was featuring in Columbus, Ohio a bit less than a year or so ago and looked like she was dangerously thin then, too. No one is saying what she's going through is anyone's fault, but the girl is obviously having issues with her weight, with food, with her self-image, or some combination of the above. And for anyone to suggest that the problem is just that one photograph is fucking LUDICROUS. Five minutes of searching on Google brought up the three links I present to you here, of three different shots of Jesse which confirm that the beautiful young lady we've all come to love so much is in need of some help. South knows it, Adella knows it, and Rich knows it. If there's something that someone can do to help, then they need to do it. pic pic pic

These porn girls need us to keep them in our prayers. After all they've done for us, it's the least we can do.

Mike South posts:

See when I got into this business I made it OK with myself so long as I treated people right and could look in the mirror and like what I see looking back. If I don't say what I am about to say I wouldn't like myself at all. That Said. You see I didn't start this thread on a whim. I thought it out. I was asked by someone to gather emails from people asking me what the hell is wrong with Jesse. I was asked to gather then and now photos. I was asked because the person wanting this info admitted that she knows that Jesse has a major problem, Rich, her husband knows it, and I know it.

So far as I know only myself and Rich have said anything to her about it. I was hopeful that would change. So I figured I'd post here, get some real emails from people she knows, people who aren't trying to kiss my ass or whatever. A little information from people who cared enough to take a few minutes and giver her the information she needs to confront Jesse and maybe get her some much needed help. Jesse thinks she is hiding her problem, she isn't.

So what happens....The person who asked me for this info comes here and makes a joke about it. A joke at Jesse's expense. You see anorexia/bulemia is a really fucking funny thing. A real funny way to die. Ask Anna Carolina Weston or Karen Carpenter. Yes its a real riot when your brain starts to shrink and you slowly start losing cognitive skills, and its even funnier when your heart shrinks and your at rest pulse falls below 45 beats per second. Jesse doesn't know she is sick, I do, so does Adella and so does Rich. I think we all love her and want help for her. It isn't a laughing matter to me.

There comes a time when "spin" isnt as important as intervening to save someones life, DP didn't do this to Jesse, Adella didn't do this to Jesse, maybe in some way porn had something to do with it but blame isn't going to save this little girls life. It's time to do what's right. Adella may lobby to have this removed, and if that's the case you will find this post on the top of my site for the next week. I welcome anyone's comments or suggestions and if there is anything I can do to help...count me in. Ok now I can look at myself and feel human again.

Jack writes:

The strident denials by the companies & handlers profiting from Naomi and Jesse Jane about these women's obvious physical conditions recall the wall of denial and silence by her record company, family and handlers that led to Karen Carpenter's death when she became so obsessed with how she looked in magazines, on album covers, in concerts that she got it in her head she could never be too thin. And just like it's never the producers or companies' fault when porn performers contract HIV on a set, it won't be their fault when some girl drops dead of anorexia/bulima. There will be momentary tsk-tsking, followed by everyone getting back to figuring out how make money on the internet since they can't do it on DVDs anymore.

Chris writes:

Its my view that the focal length of camera's used on catwalks started this. The fashion photographers used long focal length lens which flattens and makes women look bigger than they are. As far as I know photographers in porn use a slightly wide focal length to deal with the problem of depth of field. Im pretty sure Nikola Tamindzic uses a wide lens on his 5D, he has to at least with the party stuff, so it is going to excerbate skinny looks. The lighting is not the issue with regards anorexia/bulemia. He uses two flash units, one on the camera, one hand held with bounce defuser and he is expert with this technique in fast moving party situations using the flash at the end of the exposure. Visually his technique maybe the future for porn type images, but those's doing it will have to be gifted photographers. The other issue with regards bulemia is rough oral sex, doing that will make women use to making themselves sick and who is to blame? porn industry !