Part Two

I call her 11/19/04 in San Francisco where she's dancing.

Mary: "I'm good. It's been six weeks since we filed for divorce [from Eric]. We should be getting a settlement agreement. He was trying to get spousal support.

"I'm in line to be on The Surreal Life fifth season, the show Ron Jeremy did. My mainstream PR person wants me to go meet them. They want to see if I'm fun. The producer of the show did the game show Who Wants To Be Governor Of California? I won the $21,000 on that. They know that I'm fun and crazy. Now that I'm single, I can have sex with anyone, everyone in the house.

"We're starting our third season of Totally Busted on Playboy TV in January. Hannah Harper and I are doing our first duo-act dancing in the clubs in January after the AVN show. We'll call it either Illegally Blonde or Double-O-Blonde. Our first appearance is at the Spearmint Rhino in Oxnard.

"I got a mainstream PR lady in LA. For a while, if you went to DailyCeleb.com, you would see me. I was going to mainstream red carpet parties. It sucks to miss all these red carpet things. I want to do all the mainstream I can because it will help my web site make more money.

"I snuck into this party. I got on to the red carpet. People are looking at me. All the photographers are screaming, "Mary! Mary! Mary!" PR are going, oh no, Mary Carey is at our event. That's horrible. I got more press than any of the people there.

"I did my first boy-girl movie in about a year a few weeks ago. It was a virtual sex movie. I worked with Julian. He's hot. It comes out in February. Every one I've had since Julian has been horrible because he is so amazing."

Would you rather date someone inside or outside of the industry?

"That's a close call. I don't think I could date a porn guy because I'd get jealous that they're having sex with all other girls. At the same time, I get mad when guys get jealous of me. I'm a hypocrite. Dating someone inside the industry understands the industry. Dating guys outside the industry don't understand the industry. They try to give me advice and make comments. They don't know anything about the industry. I hate constantly having to explain to the guys. They constantly want to know what is this like, who is this like, how do you do this? I hate dealing with people who don't know anything about the business constantly making comments on it. I don't want to talk about [porn] all the time. I get tired of explaining how the industry works.

"At the same time, dating someone in porn is hard too because they are doing the same thing I do.

"I get tired of answering -- how many votes did you get?"

Have you been dating any celebrities?

"Not really. After I hung out with Eminem, we stopped talking. I started dating the A&R [what does this stand for? Albums and Records?] guy for Shady Records. Eminem's manager. Kid Rock's DJ out of Detroit. Lately, I've been on the road too much. I've been talking to my ex-boyfriend since I was 19 yo. It's hard because he doesn't understand anything.

"Hannah Harper is the nicest girl in porn. I love Ava Ramone and Ashley Blue. Those are my girlfriends. I have a lot of guy friends. I like sex with guys better."

Did Hannah Harper divorce Derek aka Ben English?

"They were never really marry. They just used to say they were. They're not together anymore. She broke up with Derek when I broke up with Eric. We had a party we called the 'No Eric, No Derek' party. We were in Texas with Stevo from Jackass at a tattoo convention."

I loved that article about you and that elite high school Pinecrest.

"The producer of the Playboy TV show Totally Busted, Bob Taylor, graduated from Pinecrest 20 years before me."

Mary yells at a guy to keep quiet. She locks him outside on her fifth floor balcony.

"One of the guys who graduated before me, a football player, does amateur wrestling events. I was the surprise guest. I walked into the ring and everyone went insane. If you go to Friendster.com and put in "Pinecrest," and look for the favorite movies, they will list Mary Carey Rules, New Wave Hookers, etc..."

What kind of job do you Arnold Schwarzenager is doing as governor?

"A great job. He's doing better than I would've done. He's more devoted to the job. I would've been abusing my power and doing hot girls."

What's the drug of choice in the industry now?

"I don't know. I only hang out with Hannah and Ashley and Ava. I just like to drink a lot. That's my thing. Drinking. It sucks. I drink because I don't remember the stuff I do. I'm horrible. I don't do drugs anymore, eversince a year before when I did coke a little bit.

"I want to avoid drugs because it is a waste of money and you can't succeed if you do too much drugs. You can't have a good career. If I had come in the industry on drugs, I wouldn't be where I am at now.

"On the road, in a different city each week, meeting hot strippers who want to have sex with me, it's hard. I don't want to drink and do drugs. When you are in a strip club every weekend, you are around everyone else who wants to party. I'm in clubs every night. I don't want to party. That's hard to deal with."

Do guys try to give you drugs to have sex with you?

"No. I always have good people around me to watch out for me. If I'm going to have sex with someone, I don't need to be f----- up to have sex."

Tony writes AVN: "You have Mary Carey on AVN news reports. She has implants. Attacking the military is just publicity. Her doctor is Dr. Graham. He has a website in Florida, bodyimage.com. She got implants before she moved to California to make porno movies for Kulkis. Don't be misled. Many people know her when she had small breasts. Is Mary sucking someone off at AVN to cover up this information?"


Mary Carey Calls

We were supposed to have lunch at 1pm Friday. She calls me back at 3:07pm Friday. She sounds hung over.

Mary: "I'm sorry. My throat is hurting really bad because I drunk a whole bunch yesterday. I was going to pick Jessica Jaymes up. She was going to come to lunch with us. I just woke up."

You sound horrible.

"I know I do. I danced on Wednesday night [at Spearmint Rhino in Southern California]. I was mad that I only brought 20 DVDs with me because I sold out on the first show.

"Yesterday I went to Bob Taylor's [Playboy producer] party with Jessica, Holly Hollywood, Kaylin. I drank until 6am. I woke up at 2:30pm. I slept through my alarm.

"But now I feel bad because I don't want you to think that I'm a flake.

"Did you see my article in The LA Times? Isn't that the funniest thing ever? I was so sad. There's a game tonight and I can't go because I have to dance. If I went to that game, it would be really good publicity. I'm going to the game on December 8th."

Are you friends with Jerry Buss?

"No. I got the tickets through a ticket broker. I told him that I need to sit in the same seats because I know the Lakers had noticed me on Sunday. My fantasy is to have sex with all of the Lakers, but not Kobe Bryant. His wife was sitting three rows behind me.

"I have to get my nails done, tanning, and get my AIDS test. How about lunch tomorrow?"

I can't.

"I'm going to cry. I'm shooting a movie on the seventh and eighth. I'm working with Julian again. He's cute, isn't he?"


"Is there any gossip on him I should know about?"

He's always been a gentleman as far as I know.

"Don't you think he's cute? I think he has a really pretty penis."

I've never thought about it.

"What does your penis look like?"

Very small. You can't even see it.

"I don't believe that. Hannah Harper wants to come to lunch with you. Jessica Jaymes wants to meet you.

"I started drinking wine last night around 5. I drank wine until midnight [about two bottles total]. Then I drank a whole bunch of vodka. Then I came to my place and I drank tequila. That's really bad. I need to quit drinking. I get really crazy when I drink. But at least I'm not doing drugs.

"I want you to come see me dance. I'm such a good dancer. You can hang out in my dressing room and have sex with me. You don't have to be afraid of the porn fans.

"You should come to my movie set so I can look at you while I'm having sex with Julian.

"I got an email yesterday from a guy who said he was friends with you. He was telling me how he likes your web site. That he likes what you write about me better than other web sites.

"I've been so overwhelmed by emails in the last six months, that I have over 3000 in my in-box. I am only able to do ten a day. I get overwhelmed and I erase them. What we could do one day is that we could have an email party and you could help me write my emails."

I laugh.

"I like to email everybody back myself but after I do about ten, I can't do anymore.

"I need to leave for Rialto soon. I'm going to pee on the phone with you. But I can't find my toilet paper. My place is such a mess. You should see how messy my place is. I throw my clothes everywhere. My maid comes once a month.

"I had to fart."

She giggles. "Are you single?"

I am.


I laugh.

"Why don't you and I have sex and get married? Are you a legal citizen?"


"Hannah Harper is the nicest girl in the world. There's not a single person who will say anything bad about her. Are you nice?"


"You're nice to me. I've been told to be careful what I say to you.

"I've only been doing porn for a couple of years. I feel like I've been doing porn longer than that.

"Will you come to my house and have sex with me? I'm really horny."

I've got to go.

"I make guys I date go to AIM also. This one guy I'm kinda seeing. I made him take the HIV-gonorrhea-chlamydia test. I hate condoms. So I like everyone to get tested. If you and I were to date, couldn't we just get tested a lot so we could have sex with no condoms? I don't even do that many movies."

That's always scared me.

"Have you ever dated a porn girl?"

Not really.

"Yes you have. Don't lie to me.

"You're a Gemini. So am I. That would be bad. Geminis are the greatest sign there is. They are the most fun.

"I need to get my hair done tomorrow."

How long is it?

"It's really long. I have extensions. I need to get my roots colored.

"Please come to my place. I will tell you where I live if you will come have sex with me."

I can't. My religious beliefs prevent me. I have to go to synagogue in 20 minutes.

"That's perfect. You can come have sex with me and then go to synagogue and get your sins forgiven.

"I've got to go get my nails done. I've got to go on a chick run. I'm going to stay sober tonight.

"Why don't you like me?"

I do.

"To have sex."

I barely know you.

"You know all about me. Well, true, you don't. I always act different until someone gets to know me. I'm really horny. I need someone to f--- me."

I'm sure you won't have any trouble.

"But now that you keep saying no, I like you more. Now you are going to be my goal. My goal is to have sex with you."

I'm afraid it would compromise my journalistic integrity.

"You don't have to tell anybody. Right?"


"I didn't know British people were Jewish."

I'm Australian.

"I didn't know Australian people were Jewish.

"I could convert to Judaism for you. I went to an all-Jewish high school -- Pinecrest. In Florida, the rich people are usually Jewish people."

The rich people everywhere are usually Jewish people.

"Why is that? I definitely need to convert to Judaism. Maybe I'll have more money then."

The values that Judaism imparts make...

"How do I convert? Start going to temple a lot?"

That would be a beginning. You could go to the University of Judaism.

"Would you go to temple with me?"


"You want to go tomorrow?"


"I'll need you to pick me up. I've got two nice cars but I'm a bad driver."

I can't drive on the Sabbath.

"So we could walk to temple together. Maybe I could drive to your house and we could walk together?"

Umm, sure, but...

"You're so far away. I'll need a helicopter to get there. I could take a taxi but I have a fear of taxi drivers because I had a taxi driver about a year ago recognize me. He pulled over to the side of the road and said, let's have sex. He was really ugly. It was scary.

"Well, I want to go to temple. How are we going to do this? Maybe we could go when I get back?"


"I'll convert to Judaism so we can get married and have Jewish babies. That would be fun, wouldn't it? I would be a good mommy."

Do you have younger brothers and sisters?

"No. I'm an only child. That's why I think I'm in porn. I had so much attention growing up. I need attention or I go crazy. I wasn't abused. I was just overly attentioned."


Mary Carey Stands Me Up Again

On my second attempt to have lunch with Mary Carey, I don't hear back from her about our scheduled lunch.

A few days ago, I spoke with another industry writer who'd been invited to lunch by Mary Carey. He had heard she was a flake and refused.

Mary Carey Party A Bust

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Only a dozen people had shown up to celebrate the birthday of Vivid girl Tawny Roberts by the time I left at 11:15pm Wednesday. Attendess included Mary, Tawny, Tee Reel, a couple of photographers and a handful of people I didn't know.

"It stinks to be the only person at your own birthday party," Tawny said to her big brother, who, along with his wife and four kids, is not in the industry.

"I want to go drive around for half an hour," Tawny said. "This sucks."

The Vivid girl seemed peeved with her friend Mary's inability to generate a turnout.

I arrived at 10pm, the scheduled time for the beginning of the party. I saw nobody from the industry. After walking around the Red Rock at 8782 Sunset Blvd, I stepped into the men's room. Inside, I overheard some people talking in the upstairs corridor. They opened up the second floor lounge.

I lay back in a seat and listened to 1950s music until 10:25 when a drunk Mary Carey and Tawny Roberts and Tawny's brother and sister-in-law arrived.

Mary said she saw a player who she had slept with. She said he recognized her. Mary said she had slept with eleven NBA players.

Mary changed the music to loud rap.

She jumped up and down.

Mary told me that Jesse Jane and Hannah Harper are going to show up. That by 11:30pm, the place will be rocking.

I talk to Tawny about her fight with fellow Vivid girl Savannah Samson at the AEE in January. Tawny says it was the shock of finding out that her boyfriend Chris was now with Savannah.

Tawny's calmed down since then. She has a new boyfriend. She says she's been moving around a lot. She's not sure where she wants to live.

Black male Red Light District contract performer Tee Reel says he's never had sex with Mary or Tawny. Vivid does very little interracial, but if they did, Tee Reel says he would be one of the first guys hired.

Tee has been in porn 18-months. He grew up in Cleveland. He went to Columbia College in Chicago, and got a degree in film. He directed music videos prior to entering porn.

He says Sean Michaels is his hero.

Tee will begin directing porn in the new few months.

He's hosting a birthday party for Violet Blue in two weeks.

Duke: "How did you get into porn?"

Tee: "A lot of the girls in the music videos were porn stars. I dated a couple of them and they brought me into the business. I just broke up with Amber Peach. I'm back on the singles market."

Duke: "What do you love and what do you hate about working in the porn industry?"

Tee: "I love the money and the women. I hate the politics. I hate unprofessional guys and girls who are only in this for money."

Duke: "That's most of them."

Tee: "I'm fortunate. Most of the girls who won't do interracial will f--- me."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Tee: "They were quite popular. Let's put it that way. Life has been very good to me."

Duke: "Were you a good student?"

Tee: "I was the nice guy. All the bad boys got the hottest chicks... The rest, we were just friends."

Tee says he lost his virginity at age 15 and then slept with another 40 women before he graduated highschool. In his life, he estimates he's been with just shy of 400.

"I'm trying to be more professional, to separate my working life from my personal life."

Tee says he doesn't have a preference between women inside or outside of the industry, but it just usually ends up with him dating within the industry. "No [civilian] woman is going to feel comfortable with you f---ing other women for a living."

Duke: "Do you encounter much racial discrimination in the industry?"

Tee: "Not a lot. There are women who won't do interracial because they think they're going to get hurt. I'm one of the nicest guys in the industry."

Mary tells the photographers that they can't get too wild because Tawny's brother is a Mormon. I ask him if that's true. He won't say. His wife says she is not Mormon.

This is their first industry event.

Mary Carey says everyone is downstairs. At 11:15pm, I walk downstairs. I see nobody from the industry. I leave.


Mary Carey To Marry

Writercindi: i just talked to mary carey and her new boyfriend, Harold, who says he is a real estate agent and broker who can get me a much better deal on my mortgage
Writercindi: Mary said to feel free and say that she is going to marry Harold.
Writercindi: They are probably getting married tonight.
Writercindi: Mary said she loved me several times while i was talking to Harold
Writercindi: They said they wanted to come over to my house when they come down to Florida
Writercindi: Harold said that his friend is dating Pamela Anderson, and I said well then i have to get some vegitarian food for her, and he said, well can you get some coke?
Writercindi: And i said no, no one can do coke in my home, either before or after, and he said, well i think we have a hook up down there
Writercindi: Harold is 6'4 and used to play basketball, but he loves Mary and they are gtetting married.
Writercindi: Harold also sells insureance and Mary has three bookings in July and he is coming with her.
Writercindi: They both hate Erik, mary's ex, but i would say only that i liked him and he was alwasy nice to me
Writercindi: although i don't know if he always was nice to mary, because she says he wasn't.


Mary Carey Update - New Legend Contract Girl?

She calls me at 2:55pm Friday between sex scenes.

Mary: "You, me and Kendra [Jade] are good friends. You gave her my number and I got to hang out with her.

"You and I were supposed to go to lunch."

Luke: "You kept flaking."

Mary: "I cut down my drinking in half. I don't flake as much."

Luke: "Why don't you just cut it out all together?"

Mary: "I've been working on that. I used to drink every day of the week. I've been sober for two days.

"I still love Tawny Roberts. She's doing well. She's not a drug addict. She just has a really good metabolism."

Make-up artist Red Velvet agrees.

Mary: "I became good friends with Red Velvet through Tawny. For a while, Velvet had a psychopathic assistant who [screwed] up my hair.

"Tawny has been sober now for two weeks. She hasn't drugs for a year or two or three or forever.

"Next Tuesday the announcement will be made."

Luke: "You have a new contract."

Mary: "Yes. I can't talk about it."

Luke: "Why did you get your breasts done?"

Mary: "Because I lost a lot of weight and my boobs shrunk. Even now they aren't as big as they were but they look bigger because I've lost so much weight (about 30 pounds). I gained a lot of weight from drinking, eating Taco Bell, not working out, and partying."

Luke: "When did you get the implants?"

Mary: "It was probably around October... I'd have to look at my calendar. I was still drinking a lot when I did it. I got my teeth done.

"When I met my miracle worker Red Velvet, she switched my hair extensions over. I used to have bad extensions. She recommended to me a good teeth person. Then she recommended a little bit in the upper lip doctor. I credit the new Mary Carey to Red Velvet.

"My website is redesigned. She gave me cool things for my new look.

"I'm over at her house a lot seeing Captain Bob (a former pastor, and Red Velvet's father) for spiritual advice. Velvet referred me to a nutritionist. She told me about colonics."

Mary: "I'm doing Brooke Haven today. I haven't done a girl-girl scene since May 2004 and boy-girl since December of 2004. This is my first movie in a year.

"I spent last Christmas with Hannah [Harper]. I like blondes with big boobs. I was in love with Hannah."

Mary's hosting a birthday party for Red Velvet (who turned 24 on Dec 22) Friday afternoon.

Mary: "Back in October, I was really Christian. I had a nervous breakdown and totally went Christian. Then Red Velvet, my little miracle worker, showed me some of the stuff wasn't right. I was convinced that the world was ending and the Chinese were bombing us. If you read the end of the Bible, Revelation, it talks about the seven trumpets. You can relate some of the seven trumpets to the modern day.

"Being a devout Christian wasn't as fun because none of my friends were devout Christians. When I hung out with the devout Christians, I felt like I didn't fit in. I felt like I had a potty mouth.

"I was with the Oneness Church and Episcopalian.

"I do have my own spirituality. I'm a good person. Just because I do porn doesn't make me a bad person. I help the homeless. I give money. I donate my clothes to the maid's service. Just because you have sex a lot doesn't mean you're a bad person.

"I argued with them that God invented sex (before marriage) and alcohol and they argued that Satan did. Then why did God let Satan put so much bad on the earth?

"I'm 25. I'm sure that when I'm old, like 30, I'm going to want to change my mind. Right now I just want to have fun. According to the Bible, the world's not going to end for seven years anyway."


Do Porn Companies Like The Crystal Meth Death Look?

A friend asked me this. I said no. I said the porn girls get hooked on speed on their own. I don't believe that nefarious pornographers are to blame.

Friend: "Have you ever discussed it with Holly or her mother?"

Luke: "No, I've never spoken to Suze since I met Holly. I've talked about it with Holly. She [and Suze] hate[s] girls on drugs. If they come to a shoot high, she sends them home. She doesn't feed them speed."

Friend: "You've written about Mary Carey. Have you seen her lately?"

Luke: "I've heard she's lost a lot of weight."

Friend: "That's putting it mildly."

I call Mary afterwards and IM Kendra. Mary and Kendra say Mary does not do drugs.

Friend: "Is Kick Ass Pictures still in business?"

Luke: "Yes."

Friend: "I saw Mary at Spearmint Rhino and she looked like a skeleton.

"Mary's with this guy Harold. He seems like a Skeeter Kerkove-type, a Svengali-pimp type. He's obviously not good for her health. I see her inventing the cover story you printed -- 'I lost a lot of weight because I started going to the gym and stopped eating at Taco Bell.'

"Tod Hunter reported two years ago that Mary had had a boob job. She got away with it because they looked real. Now that's all that's left of her body -- the implants.

"There are rumors that Mary might marry Harold.

"She says that the Bible says the world won't end for seven years, so she'll just go out and party. Well, at this rate, she won't last seven months.

"I was just wondering what somebody like Holly... In the mainstream press, there's been a lot written about Lindsay Lohan and Lara Flynn Boyle and Nicole Richie [their sudden weight loss]. I was wondering if this is taking over."

Luke: "I don't think companies are pushing for the crystal meth look."

Friend: "That's something good about porn.

"Have you got a place to stay at the convention?"

Luke: "Yeah."

Friend: "Maybe you'll find someone else to make Holly jealous."

Mary Carey calls me back Monday afternoon.

Luke: "Do you have a boyfriend named Harold?"

Mary: "Yes. He's not my webmaster. I finally got divorced from my steroid-freak husband."

Luke: "Someone told me today that you were doing crystal meth."

Mary: "One hundred percent false. I've never even tried that stuff [nor acid]. I'm a big drinker for the most part. Even when I did drugs a couple of years ago, I didn't lose weight from the drugs. Now I work out and drink less. My boyfriend's a witness that I don't do drugs, and Kendra Jade.

"She's gone out with me a couple of times. Every celebrity knows her. They all really like her and respect her. She brought me to Jack Osborne's party for Halloween. This guy from Room 5. I'm trying to convince her to do movies again.

"I remember when Nicole Richie lost weight, I said, 'It must've been from drugs.' I hate it when people do that. But I didn't. I used to eat a lot. I used to hang out with Tawny [Roberts] all the time. All we did was drink and go out at night. Then I met my boyfriend in June and I didn't hang out with her as much. She's nice. Everyone's nice."

Luke: "How do you think her new company is going to do?"

Mary: "I stay away from that whole business thing. To me it seems silly, but she doesn't get into the business end with me because sometimes I laugh at her and she doesn't like it when I laugh at her."

MyAdultGroups writes on ADT: "There is nothing dumb about Mary Carey. She's 'acting' and doing a great job of it. She's adding to her longevity in a tough business. Congrats to her on getting the 'Bimbo of the Year' award, that extra boost of publicity just means more sales for her."

Devinn Lane writes: "Mary is not stupid. Extremely charismatic and misunderstood, but not stupid. Everyone has the option to change their mind about anything. Even fake breasts."

Christian writes: "I find it hard to talk about people in our industry as "charismatic." That's a pretty strong sentiment, maybe opportunistic."

Devinn responds: "I spent weeks on set with Mary for 7 Lives season two. This was before anyone knew who she was and got to know her a little bit. When I refer to someone as being charismatic it's a compliment. Other people are naturally drawn to charismatic people and I personally think that has been a huge part of her success. Opportunistic? Yes. That's the name of the game in any business if you want to be successful. Anyway, Mary has always been more than kind to me and fake tits or not, I hope she continues to do well."

My friend writes:

Synthesizing from Mary's comments, your reporting, & observable facts:

* Mary had a nervous breakdown in October from eating healthy, exercising, not doing drugs & reading the Bible;

* Mary found a gym that did not put any muscle mass on her ribs or on the rest of her body;

* A guy at the Rouge Rhino who mentioned meth to me (I'd have guessed coke or horse) who edits TV news tape all day every day (& wanted to check out Mary's polictial schtick) does not know it when he sees it;

Luke, since Mary said she thinks you're cute, maybe you can seduce her, or catch her new look @ AVN or @ a dance gig, & see what you think.


Courtesy of Xcitement Mag

By Cindi Loftus

The first time I ever talked to Mary Carey she was deciding if she wanted to be a porn star. Although I didnít know it, Mary had been reading and stashing (under her bed) every Xcitement Magazine since she was nineteen. She saved every issue. She read every word more then once, and could quote ME about what I said in various stories. She knew all about me. It was kind of weird. To decide if she wanted to do porn she went out to LA to meet my friend Nelson X from Legend who I always talked about in my stories. I guess you could say that Xcitement Magazine is the reason that Mary got into porn. And she certainly has come a long way. Iíve been along with her for the whole journey so far and am very happy to be her friend. Yeah, sheís a little loud and bouncy and over the top, but she is also loyal, loveable, brilliant (she has an IQ that got her into the top private high School in South Florida) funny, and a great friend. And she just did a makeover on herself, so if you can believe it, she looks even better then she did six months ago. Time for a chat with the new and improved Mary Carey!

Cindi: Hi Honey. What did you do all day?
Mary: I went to Playboy to do a voice over for a Christmas thing. I went to the mall and ran into Kendra Jade, and we hung out for a while. She knows a lot of people. At Halloween I went with her to a party at Jack Osborneís, and then to a guy in Maroon 5ís party
C: I love Maroon 5; I went to see them in concert.
M: Yeah, one of those guys is calling me. Heís really nice.
C: You should at least make friends with all these famous people you are meeting!
M: I did enough partying when I hung out with Tawny (Roberts) to last a long time.
C: Was Tawny a bad influence? Or were you?
M: Tawny was fun! I think back on some of the things we did and I canít believe that me and Tawny are alive. There was one time when we were drunk in front of a nightclub and the paparazzi were shooting us and we both completely lost our balance and fell backwards on the concrete and hit our heads on a wall. I remember looking up and all theses flashes were going off and turning my head to the right and Tawny was laying next to me.
C: Where did those pictures end up?
M: I donít know. I know that Celebrities Uncensored has footage of it. If you look on the web youíll find lots of drunk stuff of me. We start out at a basketball games and then sometimes the players would fly us out and we would hang out in their cities. Her and I together were a bad influence because I was the responsible one.
C: YOU were the responsible one? Thatís a scary thought. During the Hannah (Harper) time Iím sure she was the responsible one.
M: Hannah was responsible, but weíve had some crazy times too. Last year I went to Disneyworld in Orlando with my Mom and Hannah for Christmas. And me and Hannah were drunk in Epcot center. We did a drink from every country. Hannah didnít know what Epcot was, so I told her I was going to take her to England, and so I brought her to England inside of Epcot.
C: I was friendly will Hannah when she was with Ben (English), but I donít have contact with her anymore because I only had his contact info, which of course she was using too at the time. So what were you doing up so early? Are you in a sexy mood when you wake up? Do you have wild sex?
M: I have sex, but not wild. Iím too tired for that.
C: The AVN Awards are coming up right after this issue comes out and you are up for a quite a few! Best Crossover Star.
M: Itís an honor to be in that category with those people. I only did one movie last year and I am nominated for it, so thatís cool.
C: The Mary Carey Experience is the one you are talking about itís up for Best Interactive DVD. So you obviously are going to the AVN Awards and convention.
M: I donít know where I am signing yet. But I know I will be presenting an award.
C: I know you have been working out to tone up, and you have lost weight and you got your teeth done. You look amazing. Before you were the gorgeous girl next door, now you are the all grown up porn star. What are you calling yourself? Mary new and improved? Mary reinvented? This yearís newest model? Mary Carey 2.0?
M: I guess everyone changes up their look once in a while.
C: You do look so different.
M: I was down in Florida and I saw Eric (her ex husband), heís like you look sick, you are doing drugs. Then he told me I looked like Mr. Burns.
C: Who is Mr. Burns?
M: From the Simpsons! (Laughs)
C: Your legs look fabulous.
M: Thatís with help of Ballet at Pine crest High School. I went over there but they were closed but a janitor let me in and there was still a plaque hanging on the wall with my name on it for winning awards for dance. I thought for sure they would take my name down.
C: How long ago did you start this mission of change? What made you want to do it?
M: Back in June after the Presidents dinner, Eric said something about my teeth. And Iím thinking they do look kinda weird sometimes. Plus I was always planning on getting my hair extensions done like Tawnyís. So I did those. And Tawny had her teeth done along time ago, so I decided to get my teeth done too.
C: Did it hurt?
M: It doesnít really hurt that much.
C: Donít they have to sand down all your real teeth?
M: Yeah, your real teeth look like little sticks. It looks scary.
C: So they stick a new tooth on the little stick?
M: Exactly. And they glue it. I have to get three of them redone still but Iíve been putting it off, because it would not be fun to go through again. Then I quit my birth control, which helped me lose weight. Then I stopped eating Taco Bell. I mean me and Tawny used to get really drunk and then go to Taco Bell at 2:00AM every night.
C: Thatís really bad.
M: Tawny didnít eat a lot during the day. I would eat like a normal person during the day and then her and I would eat three bean and cheese burritos. I didnít realize she was just eating burritos, and thatís about it. I was eating normal meals during the day and then the burritos. We were drinking a lot. That was about the time the Timberwolves flew us to Minnesota to party, they gave us a nice room.
C: Thatís basketball?
M: Yeah. I am into basketball. I just love watching it. I love all the attention I get at the games. C: So what else did you do to tone up?
M: Me and Tawny started doing colonics together.
C: Ewwww. You went somewhere and had them done? You let some stranger stick a plastic tube up your ass? Wasnít that embarrassing?
M: Uhm, no. Tawny had been going there for a year or two. And I went with her. I donít usually put things up my buttÖ
C: Yeah I know that about you.
M: It wasnít that bad.
C: So describe what they do. They stick a tube up your butt with hot soapy water in it?
M: I think itís some sort of water. And they fill you up. Everyoneís body holds on to 10-30 pounds of waste. This cleans out the waste that is sticking on the sides of your colon.
C: You mean they clean the poo out.
M: I donít really know that much about it. Some people say itís good for you some say itís bad.
C: Your skin looks really good, and that most have something to do with it.
M: My skin actually isnít as good as it was since I quit the birth control. When you quit your hormones become unbalanced.
C: I think youíre unbalanced anyway! (Cracks up) Are you running for Lieutenant Governor of California?
M: I think I am going to run for Governor. Iím going try. Itís a lot harder to get on the ballot because you need so many thousands of votes. I am going to take this more serious though. Last time I was a lot younger and my Publicist came up with a lot of the ideas. This time I want to run it on my own and come up with my own issues. I want to deal with it on serious terms, not on silly things.
C: I think you should do both, thatís how you got all the press.
M: Well Iíll still be silly me.
C: What is the wackiest thing you did lately?
M: Iím friends with Dr Dreís crowd. I went and hung out at the studio with them and I got up on the music equipment, the soundboard. I was drunk and I was loving the music. I was doing splits and stuff. I fell backwards down to the floor and got all bruised up.

Thoughts On Mary Carey

My friend writes 12/27/05:

Instead of going to CES/AVN next week I had made plans to go to Florida with a local GalPal & in the process of assembling the MC stuff to show her I googled Tod Hunter's stuff on her, I found some really telling stuff by your old bud Jimmy D. I had missed it & I never met or spoke with Jim but I guess, despite the flakiness of many photo guys I know, we should trust Jim & the TV news guy & others in their craft, 99% of the time seeing = believing. Apparently Mary has gotten herself implanted & explanted numerous times, not that it makes her atypical, just sadly typical. While Devinn Lane hardly makes much of a source, I do agree that Mary Carey seems to have much more personality than the bilge the porn biz tries to pass off for porn "stars" these days, & I noted a similar comment from a reader after your Tampa show coverage. I just hope Mary some day catches a clue, recovers & restores her body to some state of health instead of winding up on your denouement "Dead Porn Stars" page.

James DiGiorgio writes during the recall election:

I understand that the pic on the left was professionally shot with pro lighting and with a makeup artist applying some magic to Mary's face; I figure the shot was then touched-up in Photoshop. I also understand the shot on the right was snapped by a news photographer grabbing a quick, candid photo under lousy lighting conditions (Mary is facing the sun), without professional makeup, and with no touch-up performed after the fact. But I still am having a hard time seeing these two images as being the same girl!

James DiGiorgio writes Dec 22:

I'm about ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent sure there's more to Mary Carey parting ways with Kick Ass, if indeed she's truly parting ways with them, than her bra size.

I'm gonna vaguely refer to a few of the players in, what might be, the newest Mary Carey publicity campaign. One that might also be coming to a TV set in your very own home fairly soon. This next sentence, btw, is the non-specific information I've been refering to for about six paragraphs now. Okay, the characters include: Jesus H. Christ, the lord and savior of millions and millions of Christians world-wide, a handful of Jesus H. Christ's modern-day proponents, Mary Carey and some other porn people, and a major, well-known, television cablecaster.

AVN August 2002-Tod Hunter
Fresh Off The Bus from: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Age: 21
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 138
Measurements: 36DD-26-36
Boob Job: "Do I have to answer honestly? Yes."

Dan Gross writes:

"DON'T GIVE up. Get really drunk, and try, try, again," are Mary Carey's words of advice for losers of yesterday's elections. The porn actress would know. Carey, 25, was the ninth runner-up in California's 2003 gubernatorial race. She's now long off the campaign trail and will be back locally on the strip-club stage Nov. 17-19 at the Oasis Gentlemen's Club (6800 Essington Ave.) She's thinking about running again for governor and will announce her plans in February. She's now registered independent but was briefly a Republican over the summer so she could go to a dinner attended by President Bush. The Secret Service made sure she didn't get photographed with the president. Carey hasn't made a hardcore film in more than a year. She says she sometimes wishes she'd never gotten into porn, and while she's still doing lots of nude modeling, she now wants to be a stand-up comic.

From Rotten.com:

But with media attention comes scrutiny, and no one is immune from charges of hypocrisy. Not even joke candidates with big hooters. After all, the woman's name is genuinely on the ballot in California.

For any other candidate for the office of governor of California, 116 minutes of graphic video depicting them in acts of sexual congress would pose a serious problem. Not so for Mary Carey, since she is, after all, a porn actress. Nevertheless, one of her films has gotten her into trouble. When Mary Carey Rules! was released in July 2003, it was a milestone of sorts for the libertine. Up until then, her adult film scenes were of strictly lesbian sex. Now fans could watch documentary footage of her making contact with actual penises. In a tone not unlike that of a carnival barker, the sunburst on the front of the box breathlessly announces: "You've seen her on Howard Stern. Now see her take cock for the 1st time on camera!"

And just in case that pitch sounds too good to be true, the back of the package features a slew of vidcaps depicting Carey con carne, as well as this testimonial from the novice schlong-wrangler herself:

Hey guys, welcome to my world! In case you forgot, I'm the 5-foot-9 blonde with natural double-D tits that everybody LOVES! Speaking of, I bet you'll love to see me get fucked by some big hard cocks, wouldn't you? Well, your wish has been granted! This video you hold in your hot little hands is a collector's item. For the first time in history, you can watch my tight little pussy getting drilled by macho man-meat! So pop this tape in your VCR and start stroking your own fat cock, sweetie. And remember -- I love you!

All well and good. Except that the film's packaging revived a credibility issue for the adult film actress, which has become especially problematic now that she is a California gubernatorial candidate. The problem is contained in the second sentence, where Mary claims to possess "natural double-D tits." You see, Mary had already admitted to Tod Hunter from AVN Insider in 2001 that her breasts were fake...

She had also said the same thing on the Howard Stern show, and reportedly to several of her costars. This caused a minor scandal in the adult video world, where Mary now sells herself as implant-free. In fact, the Mary Carey Rules! packaging contains a "Guarantee" promising "All-Natural Girls."

It was enough of a problem that Carey's manager arranged for a panel of adult industry folk to touch and squeeze Mary's breasts to determine firsthand (as it were) whether they contain any foreign objects.

Kick Ass Pictures owner Mark Kulkis, has issued an open letter, via email, to the media in which he insists that Carey's breast are real. Along with the email, he included photos that Kulkis suggests prove that her breasts are natural, because they "show a little natural sag."

Noting that the photos will not end the controversy alone, Kulkis has offered to let a group of ten members of the adult media fondle Carey's breast on the set of her first scene under her contract, so that the press "can make their own determination as to whether or not they're real or not."

Which is exactly what they did. Mary had her melons squozen by a panel of jurists from the adult video industry. Their consensus: the boobs were all meat, no filler. But you could hardly call the process authoritative.

Let's face it: breast implants can be difficult to detect, especially underneath skin and tissue, as long as they are underinflated. The most obvious tit jobs are always the ones where the implants and/or surrounding tissues have been stretched tight. And the scars can be hidden inside the navel nowadays -- no more smiley-face crescents under each nipple.

Mary Carey, VH1 And The XXXChurch

James DiGiorgio writes 1/15/06:

It was VH1 who approached Mary to do that show with the XXX Church guys. And, for a chance to be on a VH1 reality show, it seems she was willing to be "saved" and be a Christian... well, at least for a couple of weeks. If VH1 had asked her to be a Jew-hating Nazi for a starring role on a TV show, it wouldn't surprise me if that's what she'd suddenly become: "I was depressed and I just woke up one day and realized all my problems were because of those Jews. But that was only for like two weeks. Tee hee."

VH1 has been struggling to figure out a way to make some kind of show out of the XXX Church story since last June. I know this cuz I was a co-star in their original, un-aired, pilot which was based on Bill Day's documentary film, "Missionary Positions" which I'm a fair part of. But it seems VH1 s----canned the original production company who shot that pilot (in and around EroticaLA) and decided to go in a different direction with the format. A direction more, uhhh... spiritual. Sometime later, VH1 was going to use that Trinity chick in the show but, somewhere along the way, they decided Trinity wasn't what they were looking for so they dumped her.

BTW, that's why the XXX Church guys decided to help Trinity and raise money for her to go back home and get a life-- cuz VH1 dumped her and the XXX guys felt bad about it and also felt partially responsible for her hopes getting s----on so they wanted to help her out. And they did.


Publicity Whores Mary Carey, Kendra Jade

Mary calls me back Friday afternoon. "We're coming up with a duo act," she says. "We're thinking of calling ourselves Publicity Whores.

"I had a dramatic night last night. The person I was driving in the car with got pulled over and got a DUI. It was a nice innocent girl who I'd just met that night. She wasn't in porn. I got in a car with her and her friend to get away from Harold. She got pulled over within five minutes on Hollywood Blvd. I don't remember her name.

"She told me that she was so shaken up because she'd just seen me in a fight with [Mary's boyfriend] Harold earlier. She told the police about my fight with Harold. The police wanted to file a police report. I didn't want to press charges. Now there's a preliminary investigation into the event depending on the cameras [in the parking lot] at the Hyatt. They have videotape of the fight.

"I always fight with this Harold guy. We got kicked out of the Venetian in Vegas.

"The police were so mean. We were on Hollywood Blvd. All the clubs and bars were getting out. I was getting harassed by drunk men. The police left us stranded on Hollywood Blvd. Thank goodness I had the money to take a taxi."

Luke: "What were you fighting with Harold about?"

Mary: "We'd been drinking at the Saddleranch. He was calling me names. He said, 'You're nothing but a stupid porn star.' You know how guys get. They love being with a porn star but then they hate being with a porn star at the same time.

"I'm sick of it. I've realized that there are a lot of guys out there who would treat me really good. He met me before I got my teeth fixed and lost weight. He thought I was beautiful then and I think I look better now. Don't you think I look better now, Luke?"

"I think you've always looked good."

"Aww, thank you. That was sweet. A lot of people are always saying mean things about me. Do you think I look better now?"

"I liked you before."

"I've realized that some people do like girls who are fatter."

"It's just personal taste."

"That's so cute of you. If you were my boyfriend, I could eat all the bean-and-cheese burritos I want, right? I miss them. It was a lot more fun eating a lot and not working out."

"Were you drinking heavily last night?"

"What do you think?"

We laugh.

"Dumb question," says Mary. "I used to drink vodka. Now I only drink Chardonnay.

"I'm trying to get a reality show about me running for governor. This time, because I'm not with Kick Ass Pictures, I'm going to use a different approach. I'm going to be more serious. I'm going to have my own ideas, not the ideas I was told to say. Last time I was 23. Now I'm 25. I'm a lot more responsible."

"Are you still with Harold?"

"Yeah. He's in the car with me. But I don't know if I'm still going to be with him. It's going to take a lot on his part. I've let myself be put down verbally, to be abused, for so long and I don't deserve it. The tendency of girls in the industry is to get these guys who will put them down. I'm sure there are plenty of guys I can be with who wouldn't be like, 'You're a stupid whore.'

"There are people out there who think I'm great, like you, Luke."


Mary puts me on the phone with Harold.

"It's pretty dramatic all the time," he says.

"How do you handle it?"

"It's tough. Last night was pretty bad. I guess it was the worst. I'm not sure what's going to happen from here on out. I guess she'll go back to doing the single thing. It's hard because she drinks. The drinking gets in the way. I don't drink that much. When I do drink, I can get a little mean verbally. You get tired of seeing someone so drunk all the time, you don't know what to say but mean things. I don't mean 'em. I just say them when I'm frustrated.

"I hung in there longer than most people do.

"You hear people say different things. They want to see her naked. You've got to sit there and take it. It comes with the territory. I've dealt with it well."

Harold and Mary have been dating almost eight months.

Luke: "How has your family reacted?"

Harold: "They just like her. They don't care. They don't know for sure, but my mom kinda knows that she's a porn star. She asked me after the first time meeting her. But she likes Mary so much and thinks she's so pretty that I don't think she cares.

"I talked to my mom this morning. She was asking all about Mary."

"Are you a heavy drinker too?"

"No. I'll drink maybe two or three times in a month."


Mary Carey, Tawny Roberts Party In Florida

Mary calls me Saturday at 8:41 pm. She screams into the phone.

"It's the real Luke," she tells Tawny. "Not Scott Fayner.

"I'm sure you want to know about the peeing on the boyfriend's clothes."


"It did happen. But he stole my cell phone. I started saying, 'I love Tawny Roberts. I love Tawny Roberts.' He said, 'F--- you then.' He took my cell phone and left me alone in my hotel room. I wanted to get back at him. So I lined up his clothes on the couch and peed on them. Then I put his shoes in the toilet and pooped on them. Then I gathered the rest of his clothes and told the people that they could take his clothes.

"But then we made up. I love my Harold. Harold and I are going to get married on the airplane.

"Harold's in a bad mood.

"I'm shooting my second movie for Legend on Tuesday, the 28th.

"I proposed to Tawny Roberts on the Mancow show. I was broken up with Harold for an hour or two. I thought he tried to hook up with Tawny in the car, but he didn't."

Tawny: "It was a joke."

Mary: "Do you want to talk to the rich guy whose house we're staying at? His name is Darren. He's really funny."


Mary: "I've known him for years. He flies me and my friends in to hang out.

"Darren, this is Luke. He's the biggest gossip writer in porn."

Tawny: "Love you, Luke."

Luke: "Thank you, Tawny."

Darren: "I have my hands full. It's good and bad. I'm surrounded by drama. They get really belligerent come 5 a.m., and I have to sleep and run a business."

Luke: "Why do you put up with it?"

Darren: "I don't know. I think they leave Sunday."

Mary laughs. "He wants us to leave. No, you love us."

Darren: "I've been reading your website for years. Your girlfriend is [Taylor Rain]."

Tawny: "I'm doing great. I'm doing saki bombs. You're not Scott Fayner.

"I fired Devon because she sucks."

Mary: "Be careful. He prints everything."

Tawny: "She doesn't suck really. She's a really good friend of mine. There was a lot of drama. Why am I paying her eight grand a month to do girl-girl scenes when we haven't shot anything?"

Mary: "She just gave me the phone. I have creamed cheese, avocado, cucumber rolls. Oh, you tell him how I lost weight, Tawny."

Tawny: "She looks great."

Luke: "Did she lose the weight through drugs?"

Tawny: "No. How dare you even say that? Everybody parties in this industry."

Mary: "We party the least of anyone. All we do is drink."

Tawny: "If anything, she's gained weight because of alcohol."

Mary: "I'm just an alcoholic. Tell him I'm just an alcoholic."

Tawny: "She's an alcoholic."

Harold: "I'm sitting here enjoying my dinner. Eating sushi."

Luke: "How's all the craziness?"

Harold: "It's a little too crazy right now. Tawny mixed with Mary is too much. They don't sleep. Their bodies don't shut down and I don't know why."

Tawny: "Lukeisback? I swear to God that if you print anything bad about me, I will come over there and kill you."

Mary: "He's really nice. He never called me fat. He always liked me.

"People get mad at you. I tell everyone, 'All he does is report the truth, what's said by other people.' You never give any input.

"Me and Tawny kept Harold up until 8 a.m. We were on the boat all day yesterday. We drank and partied. Then we went to these nightclubs with my friend from highschool.

"We left around 5 a.m. We've got to get up early [Sunday]. We've got to relax tonight. I have to have a big bite. Hold on.

"Tawny's my best girlfriend and Harold's my best boyfriend.

"I became really psychotic around 8 a.m., and I started demanding the password to Harold's phone. At 9 a.m., I took a xanax and dropped out.

"Tawny just tried to pick up a sushi roll and she knocked everything over. Tawny is the skinniest girl on earth and she eats so much food."

Tawny: "Luke, if you write anything bad about me, I'm going to f--- you up."

I talk to Darren.

Luke: "Do you think porn is changing Mary?"

Darren: "Oh yeah. She looks like the stereotypical porn star now. She lost the weight. She got the boobs done. I thought she was better before.

"They're dancing in a restaurant.

"She's running for governor again. She's doing it without Mark Kulkis, a marketing genius."

Mary to Tawny: "We're trying to get you signed with Legend."

Tawny: "I'm not signing with anybody."

Harold: "It's so embarrassing right now. Everybody in the restaurant is watching Mary and Tawny hump each other."

Luke: "Are you the only sober person there?"

Harold: "Darren's pretty sober. He's had a few shots of saki. He just doesn't sound sober because he's a pretty slow guy."

Luke: "How's your relationship with Mary these days?"

Harold: "It's good except for when she gets belligerent. Two, three a.m. is when I want to shut down and she wants to keep going and that's when the fights start. The last time, I couldn't take her. I left the hotel. I took her cell phone. She messed my clothes up. I have no clothes left. She destroyed the hotel room. The only thing she didn't destroy was my $2,500 suit. She didn't destroy that because she didn't know it was in the closet. Then, the other night, she took the suit and launched it into the ocean from Darren's house."

Mary: "The reason I did that was because Tawny and him were gone for four hours. They went to pick her up at the airport and they weren't answering their phones. He was joking about Tawny. I thought they hooked up. I was jealous. I threw his stuff in the ocean."

Harold: "We were only gone two hours. We've been having a good time in Florida. Clubs have been telling us that she broke Tera Patricks' numbers.

"I don't get these girls, why their bodies don't shut down. They just keep drinking. Especially Tawny. They don't throw up. Tawny slept for about three hours on the boat. When she woke up, she had this surge of energy and started taking shots.

"Do you hear them screaming? We're at an ordinary restaurant. A family environment. And they're sitting here screaming. No children around. Older couples."

Mary: "Can we have another large saki?

"They're going to kick us out of here. They kicked us out of PF Changs a couple of days ago. Darren, are we in trouble? I want a cigarette.

"I was wandering through this restaurant in Miami and people were saying, 'I voted for you, Mary Carey.'

"I went to a Jewish private school. My best friend Liz is this rich Jewish girl in Boca Raton. I brought her out with Tawny yesterday. At first they didn't get along, but at the end of the night, they were best friends.

"We like Jewish people. I'm going to marry you and convert."

Mary and Tawny sing me a song as practice for their appearance at Porn Star Karaoke.

Mary: "What do you think, Luke?"

Luke: "Amazing."

Harold: "It's so embarrassing Luke."

Mary: "I'm going on the Wankus show but don't tell anyone.

"Me and Wankus and Tyler Faith hung out on Sunday night. I was going to pay them to stay and not leave but I couldn't access my money in time.

"I didn't use to like Wankus for a long time because he was always mean."

Mary says Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5, is calling.

Mary: "Luke, are you enjoying this? Is this going to be funny?"

Luke: "Yes."

Mary: "Tawny, don't swing sushi at me."

Harold: "We went to a Clippers game [last November]. They were being belligerent. They were walking around Staples Center. Lots of attention. Tawny got mad at Mary and completely drenched her in water. Mary wanted to get her back, so she ripped her shirt open. Tawny's walking around Staples Center in a bra. She slips and falls and lies on the ground."

Mary: "Here's some gossip about Jesse Jane [who married Tawny's ex-boyfriend]."

The following gossip is unsubstantiated and I present it purely for entertainment purposes. I make no warranty for its accuracy. Normally drugs and porn go together like meat and milk.

Tawny: "So I heard from a lot of friends that they were rolling on their wedding. Doing drugs, Ecstasy on their wedding."

Luke: "That's no good."

Tawny: "Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I love Jesse. Jesse's a great girl."

Mary: "Harold said no more drinking.

"We can't call the police. Me and Harold have domestic disputes. We could both press charges against each other. So we never end up getting charges pressed."

Tawny tells Mary about me: "He's asking too many questions."

Luke: "What's the name of Tawny's company?"

Tawny: "African-American. I want to do interracial."

Mary: "Don't talk about interracial, Tawny. We don't do interracial."

Tawny: "In my personal life, maybe, but not on film."

Mary: "I was doing the NBA players and she would never do an NBA player. Then I said, 'Just try it.' She tried it and now she's hooked."

Tawny: "You never go back."

Mary: "I went back to Harold, but Harold looks half-black.

"Do you like talking to us? Are we fun?"

Luke: "Yes."

Tawny: "If you make me out to be bad, I swear to God that I am going to hunt you down..."

Mary: "Don't say that."

Tawny: "Please don't talk bad about me. Promise?"

Luke: "I'll be fair. I'll treat you like I treat Mary."

Mary: "He tells the truth."

Tawny: "I don't want any negging."

Darren: "I'm exhausted. They don't let me sleep. I'm a doctor. I have a tough work week. Friday I had to bring Mary and Tawny to the office because I was too worried about what was going to happen to my house. She was fighting with her boy. I had a room full of patients. They were drinking wine in my office. Mary's fighting on the phone with her boyfriend. I don't think I lost any patients."

Mary says that both she and Tawny have xanax prescriptions "because we're both crazy. I can't sleep unless I take medication.

"Let me answer this call. It's my ex-husband."

Mary calls back at 1:49 p.m. Sunday. "I read the nice things Devinn Lane said about me and I wanted to say some nice things about her and have her get in contact with me. You can give her my number. I think she's nothing but smart and charismatic also."

Mary's having dinner with her mom. She puts her on the phone.

"Hello?" she says and I immediately pick up that something is not quite right with her.

"What do you think of Mary Carey?" I ask.

"She's fantastic. She's wonderful."

"How did you adjust to her becoming a porn star?"

"It's all right. I never cared that much. I wasn't mad about it."

Mary: "Tell him about Dolly Parton."

Mom: "I like Dolly Parton and I like women who are good looking, sexy, and take care of themselves."

Luke: "Have you seen any changes in her since she got into the porn industry?"

Mom: "Yes. And they're all for the best. They're all for the good.

"We're celebrating my birthday two weeks late at the Red Lobster. I'm 53."

Mary: "You look pretty."

Mom: "She's a good daughter. She buys me stuff. She helps me out financially. She does everything. No way could I want a better daughter."

Mary: "Hey Luke, isn't she cute?"

Luke: "Yeah."

Harold: "It was a good night last night. Everyone got to sleep early, after we got off the phone with you."

Mary: "You threw my shoes in the ocean."

Harold: "In the morning I looked for my toiletries. It was gone. She threw that away. I thought about how much stuff she threw away. I got so mad, I had to throw something of her's away. I just grabbed her shoes and threw them real quick from the balcony to the ocean. Nothing compared to what she destroyed of mine."

Mary orders garlic cheeserolls and mozerella sticks and a glass of chardonet. Her mom leaves for the bathroom.

Luke: "Is your mom in good health?"

Mary: "She's in great health. She's just mentally handicapped. We're not quite sure what's wrong.

"I took her to the most expensive restaurant in Boca Raton for Thanksgiving but she likes Red Lobster."


Mary Carey Breaks Up With Tawny Roberts

Their marriage is off.

Mary calls me from LAX at 2:49 pm. She says Tawny threated to kill her. She says Tawny claimed to have hooked up with her boyfriend Harold.

I left Tawny a message to get her side of things.

Mary: "Tawny Roberts is psychotic and bipolar. I will never talk to her again."

Luke: "What happened?"

Mary: "I want to go to sleep. She stays up for three days at a time. She lies. She says that Harold tried to have sex with her. She just wants me back to being with her only.

"I knew I shouldn't have brought her out to see me. I missed her. I've realized that when I was hanging out with her, I went downhill. When I stopped hanging out with her, I've gone uphill.

"She's on a downward spiral. The dance agents won't book her. She's not with Vivid anymore. The only thing she has left to do is be a hooker."

Luke: "When did you guys break up?"

Mary: "Yesterday. A couple hours after we talked to you, my dance agent called me. She went ballistic on him. Then she said to me, 'It turns out I lied to you. Harold and I went to a strip club. We didn't want to tell you. Harold did this and that.' I believe Harold did do some of the stuff she said.

"I'm contemplating pressing charges against her because she threatened to kill me. Over the phone, she said, 'I'm going to kill you, bitch. I'm going to kill you.'

"I talked to Kendra Jade. Kendra said, 'I told you to stay away from her.'"

Luke: "Did she have sex with your boyfriend?"

Mary: "You can ask him."

She gives the phone to Harold.

Harold: "Tawny's just crazy, lying, telling Mary I was trying to hook up with her."

Mary: "Hopefully Tawny's boyfriend Marvin Jones Jr can help her out."

Mary and Tawny called me four times between 3 am - 6 am PST Monday. "We have a right to be f----- up," said Tawny. "I am going to Africa."

They made some minor corrections to my Saturday night transcript.

Mary Carey, Tawny Roberts - Remembering The Days Of Wine And Roses

From their recent trip to Florida. Mary, Tawny. Mary Carey. Mary, Tawny. Mary, Tawny. Mary Carey. Mary, Tawny. Mary, Tawny. Mary, Tawny. Mary, Tawny. Mary, Tawny. (Photos courtesy of Dr. Daren.)

Mary Carey Breaks Up With Harold

I call her at 4:50 p.m, February 23, 2006.

Mary: "I feel bad now for what I said about Tawny, even though it was the truth. So can you say I'm sorry? I love her to death.

"I think I'm leaving Harold for good. I'm finding out about all these lies. Who knows?"

After talking to Mary, I got Harold's side of things. That comes later in this story.

Mary: "I took him to a psychic yesterday to see if he was a liar. The psychic says he seems like a good guy, but I don't know.

"I asked the psychic all these questions and made Harold sit there for two hours.

"I've never gone before to a psychic.

"I wanted to take him to a place and give him a lie detector test, but I didn't know how to go about that. I called my friend and she said, 'Why don't you take him to a psychic?' So I took him to the psychic my friend uses."

Luke: "What sort of questions did you ask him?"

Mary: "What did he do with Tawny? Did he ever cheat on me? Why did he lie to me about going to the stripclub? She said it was because he didn't want to hurt me.

"Last night was supposed to be the last night. Then I forgave him. Then today I made him pack his stuff up.

"I'm driving myself around. Usually he drives me everywhere. But I drove myself to Legend today. I drove myself to the dermatologist. I'm driving myself to AIM now. I'm driving to get my nails done.

"I can do things on my own. My thing is that I don't like to be alone at night. I can't be dependent on having Harold there all the time.

"I like having sex with Harold. I like that I thought he was really hot. I have weird taste in men. It's a silly reason to keep someone around."

Luke: "Did he pack his stuff and leave?"

Mary: "Last night he was going to leave. Then he started crying. I started crying. We had sex. He decided to stay. This morning I got mad at him. I looked at his phone and saw that he had phone numbers of strippers from the club we were at in Florida. I told him to pack his stuff. He started packing. Then he said, 'I'll do anything. I'll change. I'll do whatever it takes.'

"He started crying because he wanted money for his car payment."

Luke: "What does he do for a living?"

Mary: "He used to do real estate. When he met me, he started driving me everywhere. When I didn't have Tawny, I like having someone around me 24-hours a day. I have a fear of being alone. It's a psychological problem because my grandparents died. I don't really have family.

"I've had a tendency to do this to any guy who doesn't have a really good job, such as my ex-husband and Harold. I convince them to leave everything they're doing to be around me all the time. Harold would come with me everywhere. That became his fulltime job.

"Then I get mad that the guy has no money. I don't like paying for everything, but how can I expect the guy to pay for anything if he's with me 24-hours a day.

"I'm on the road every weekend. How can a guy have a normal job [and accompany Mary]?

"Half of his stuff is packed up. I told him, 'Fine, Harold, I'm going to go about things on my own.' He couldn't believe that I was going to get in the car and go about things myself.

"It's been a long time since I drove myself. It's more fun to have someone drive you anywhere. But I feel good to be independent.

"Driving is stressful. I'm trying to find AIM.

"Maybe I'll just stay with him through my movie shoot (Feb 28) and I'll break up with him on my movie shoot. I'm flying Wednesday (Feb 29) to another state.

"Harold's a good guy but Jessica Jaymes says he was hitting on her. She has no reason to lie.

"Tawny's not talking to me anymore. It was wrong of me. I get really mad and I express myself. I didn't know who to believe. They both lied to me about the stripclub.

"If Harold and I break up, I'm going to be very sad.

"Oh, that girl's hot. Sorry.

"I always park in the Gelsons next to AIM. I've only been to AIM twice since they moved. I didn't shoot a movie for a year with Kick Ass Pictures. But now with Legend, this is my second movie. I hope that this time I'm not so nervous. The only people I've had sex with since my last movie are Harold and Tawny. The last [HIV-test] I was nervous because I'd had sex with an NBA player.

"I used to get nervous all the time when I was single and having sex with NBA players.

"I've done a lot today. I got a facial peal. I went to get my lips touched up. I had to add a little more to my upper lip."

Luke: "Is that plastic surgery?"

Mary: "I guess it kinda is. They inject mescalin in it.

"When I didn't have Harold, I used to have Tawny. Now I have nobody."

Luke: "Maybe you should join AA and meet a guy in there."

Mary: "I've been sober the past couple of days. I like to party. I don't wake up and drink. I drink when I go out at night. I'm a binge drinker.

"How funny are some of those pictures of me and Tawny? Did you see how drunk we were?

"I went to see Suze Randall a couple of years ago and did some Polaroids. I'd like to go see her now that I've lost weight and look different.

"I can't believe I'm here at AIM. I can't believe I'm doing porno. Some days I don't want to do porn. Other days I love porn and think it's the greatest.

"Once you enter into it, you're stuck. If you're well known, it's harder. If you're not well known, it only takes one person to catch a movie and there goes your school teacher career."

Luke: "It forever changes your life."

Mary: "That's something I didn't quite realize when I got into it. I just thought it would be a lot more glamorous."

Luke: "There are two days of glamor."

Mary: "I like doing photo shoots.

"I need a fax number [for the AIM form]. What's your fax, Luke?

"I'll put Legend's fax number.

"I remember I used to get tested and I'd be so scared to find out my results.

"Where's Kendra? I called her and IM'd her and she hasn't called me back. I need to hang out with her. She needs to be my new girlfriend. Tell her I'll be a good girlfriend.

"Tawny gets very jealous when I hang out with anybody. She got very jealous when I went on Howard Stern with Kendra. I miss Tawny. But I love Kendra. I love everybody. When are we going to hang out, Luke?"

Luke: "I don't drink."

Mary: "We'll go out sober places."

Luke: "Do the people at Legend give you advice?"

Mary: "They want me to lay off on the drinking. Jack [co-owner] told me, 'No more drinking so much.' Then I was bad at AVN. That was partially Harold's fault.

"Harold emailed Pamela Peaks and all these people mean things [about Mary]. He erases people's numbers from my phone.

"Jack saw me at a basketball game last year holding two drinks in my hand and walking around with Tawny."

Luke: "Why don't you go to therapy?"

Mary: "I know what my problems are. I studied a lot of psychology when I was in college. I know that my major issues are: I was overly-attentioned as a child by my grandparents which causes me to constantly need attention. It causes me to go out with a lot of guys and to constantly need people around me. The drinking comes from my feeling that I need to be the drunk fun center of attention."

Luke: "With a therapist, you have to confront someone every week [about one's issues]."

Mary: "I'm so confused. Is there where I put my pee? Just drop it in the thing? I have to get my blood drawn? Oh Luke, I hate getting my blood drawn."

I call Harold. He sounds despondent (as I would be if I were in his situation).

Harold: "I'm running around dealing with the porn star drama."

Luke: "I just spoke to Mary Carey and it sounds like you guys are on the edge."

Harold: "We're right there."

Luke: "She's been driving herself around today."

Harold: "I can't see why she can't run her own errands while I do what I do during the day."

Luke: "Do you think you might go back and take a regular job?"

Harold: "That's what we're debating right now. I'm a fairly successful person on my own. I don't see the need to babysit 24-hours a day. That's what it is hanging out with her."

Luke: "You've spent [nine] months babysitting Mary Carey. Now where are you at?"

Harold: "Exactly. How much time are you going to waste? What are you really working towards?

"She's a good person. She understands what is right and wrong. For every step forward, she takes two steps back with all her partying. It's obviously not worth it if that's the case."

Luke: "Is it good for you to be in this porn world and partying world?"

Harold: "You can't do that all the time. She can make money off partying."

Luke: "What do you put on your resume for the past eight months? 'Mary Carey's babysitter?'"

Harold: "Exactly. That's what it is."

Luke: "How did you like the time with the psychic yesterday?"

Harold: "I don't believe in any of that.

"Anyone who Mary and I sit in front of can tell that there's obviously only one problem -- her alcoholism. That's it. That's the only problem. When she's sober and when she does what she's supposed to do, the sky's the limit."

Luke: "Have you gotten caught up in the porno lifestyle with strippers?"

Harold: "No. Not at all. It's an easy thing to leave. It's nothing that I'm interested in whatsoever. People have told her a few times, 'Maybe he is only with you because he's trying to get into the business.' That's not the case. I could care less about getting into this business."

Luke: "She's obsessed, she alleges you've been cheating on her."

Harold: "She's all over that. Her friends, especially Miss Tawny Roberts, she wants them all for herself. They party. When they're with each other, they have no inhibitions. They have nothing to live for when they're together. They're spiralling downward together so it makes them feel good.

"If she's going to believe it, I don't need to be with her for that reason. I'm level-headed. I stay grounded.

"That porn star stuff, from my background, that's all embarrassing to me. To even hang out and be with the people I hang around is embarrassing to me."

Luke: "Have you fallen in love with Mary Carey?"

Harold: "Definitely. I love her to death. That's the problem."

Luke: "What do your friends advise you? Do they say, 'Stay with Mary and ride that porno road'?"

Harold: "No. My friends say f--- that."

Luke: "Go back to your real life."

Harold: "Yeah. If you're going to ride that porn route, start a business and capitalize off of it. But I could be way more successful in other areas. I have great people around me. I come from a great background. The problem is I love Mary."

Luke: "It's going to be a tough few weeks for you if you guys go your separate ways."

Harold: "Yes. I'm not the type of person who makes phone calls and says, 'Maybe we can work it out.' No. When I'm done, I'm done. I don't make any phone calls. I don't cry. I move on. You'll probably never hear from me again.

"If she chooses to do the right thing and let go of what people are saying and the past, I could deal with that. I feel like we can work through these things. Porno or not, every couple goes through a lot of bulls---. Other couples cheat and are disrespectful to each other.

"If Mary and I can work through, I'd love to. She's a smart girl. She knows the difference between right and wrong. A lot of these other girls I've been around, some of them her friends, they don't even see the options. They choose wrong because that's the only option. Mary sees the difference even though she chooses wrong more than half the time.

"A lot of the time she's just playing that porn star role. Making these decisions on purpose because it is a good story."

Luke: "Would you like her to quit the industry?"

Harold: "We've talked about that. Right now it doesn't bother me. I knew she was a porn star when I met her.

"It should bother me, I guess. To a certain extent, it bothers me. Ultimately, I feel like I could deal with it if we were to stay together and she had to do another guy."

Luke: "Would you like her to quit the industry?"

Harold: "I would. I would be happier if she quit the industry if it made her happier to quit the industry but the problem is she's so attracted to the industry, I don't thinks she would be happy. She's got those few years left of partying in her."

Luke: "What would it take for her to quit drinking?"

Harold: "It'd probably take something that would change her life, a death, something completely dramatic."

Luke: "Does she use drugs?"

Harold: "No. Every once in a while, I've seen her do a basic drug that everyone does. In the nine months I've been with her, I've seen her do a line of coke a couple of times."

Luke: "How often does she turn off the porn star persona and be real? Or are they the same?"

Harold: "She turns on the porn star thing in social events. In private, she's fairly tame. Alcohol makes her turn on the Mary Carey porn star role. Or being around other porn stars."

Luke: "I can't believe her porn star friends are good for her."

Harold: "All her friends that I've met have substance problems. Are there porn stars who deal with the industry in other ways? You know more than I do."

Luke: "Not all of them have substance problems, but I wouldn't want my girl to have porn friends. I wouldn't want her in porn. I wouldn't want anyone to be in porn. I don't think it is a good place to be, particularly not for someone you care about."

Harold: "I don't know what these other girls do in their private time. Her friends abuse all kinds of drugs, even prescription pills is a problem, mixed with alcohol, mixed with street drugs, it's a huge problem."

Luke: "I'm sure most of them are hookers."

Harold: "They're all hookers. Mary's the only one I know who's never done it.

"Hold on. That's her calling on the other line."

Luke: "Take care."

Part Two