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Emily Evermoore: 'I Don't Care If I Commit Career Suicide'

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According to All Media Play:

Facing financial difficulties at home due to slow business at his architectural firm, Mike Brady reluctantly tells his wife and kids that the entire household will be on a budget for the next few months until business picks back up and the cash crisis ends. The kids get together and decide to help out by taking on odd jobs, holding car washes and pitching in wherever they can to help save the family house from bank foreclosure. Wild fun and mayhem ensue especially when Marcia unwittingly applies for a job as a ‘figure model’ and finds out she’s starring in a porn movie. With the extra cash, the Brady house is saved and the family lives happily ever after.

Marcia: Hillary Scott
Jan: Aurora Snow
Cindi: Leah Luv
Greg: Ben Bratt
Peter: James Deen
Bobby: Mikey Butders
Carol: Alana Evans
Mike: Mike Horner
Alice: Lynn LeMay
Sam the Butcher: Ron Jeremy
Rock ‘n Roller: Kurt Lockwood
Veronique Vega, Paulina James

On Monday, Dec. 4, I emailed Emily: "According to this post, AVN's Mike Ramone left a message on your machine asking for some sexual favor?"

She did not reply.

When I met Emily Tuesday at the LFP Studios in Chatsworth (for All Media Play's pornographic spoof of The Brady Bunch), I did not bring up my email, but she quickly said to me: "I am not going to confirm or deny."

She smiled and continued: "Let me just say that AVN has suddenly decided to do a feature article on me next month and they're putting me in their awards show and they've hooked me up with Wicked, Vivid and Digital Playground.

"I don't care if I commit career suicide."

On March 26, 2006, Rob Black emailed his former contract girl Kami Andrews:

Your welcome you did a realey good job in the scene. So far its coming out reley good. The movie is going to be real good i'm prity excited about it. Side note you have to see Mike Ramone this time around. It would be good for us. I realey would like to get a editors choice for this. He keeps breaking my balls about you. He has a hard on for you so we got to do it it would benifit us. There is definitley some award nom shit in this movie and taking care of him would put it over the top like I said its all politics but what do we care we do what we got to do to win. next year were noy going away with out any glass. I feel the turn coming for us it feels likebefore I ruined everything with wrestling. When we ruled this bizz talk later Rob

N-Word writes: "We've been through this Rob, it's not glass it is Lucite, which is a plastic polymer."

I asked Mike Ramone (circa May 29) about this. He said he had never solicited sex from any porn girl, not Kami, not anyone. He said that he would never offer an AVN award in exchange for sex even if he had the power to give AVN awards, which he does not. Mike gets but one vote (out of 40) in the awards process. He does not have the power to bestow AVN awards.

Kami and Mike never hooked up.

I told Mike in late May that I wouldn't print this email unless more developed on the story. I finally decided to run it Dec. 5 after reading related threads on ADT and XPT and talking to Emily Evermoore and people who knew her.

In early 2006, Kami made several comments online that then AVN editor Heidi Pike-Johnson used her influence at AVN to hook up with Kami's then lover/boyfriend Ivan.

I emailed Rob Black about his email to Kami and Black responded to me Aug. 1: "Yo I thought this issue came up before a couple weeks ago, and you talked to Mike and you said you wrer not going to run it. So I take it that you are going to run this email. What ever I know Mikey asked you not to but if you want to I cant stop you I think its uncool but what ever. That was a private email between me and Kamie she know wants to share that with you for no reson what so ever. To embaress Mikey and AVN. Thats kind of fucked and for you to play into it is kind of fucked but like I said what ever it dont do nothing to me. So if you want to do it I cant stop you and I got no coment on it either. Talk to you later RB"

Sir Greenly posts on XPT: "Kami ceased being Extreme's contract girl in early 2005, I believe. Also, Extreme hasn't won any AVN awards since 2000, (I looked it up) so Kami must realey, reley suck at sucking cock."

Tod Hunter emails:

A feature article plus hookups with Vivid, Wicked and Digital Playground? This has Ramone's fingerprints all over it, much like his categorical refusal a few years ago to nominate Aurora Snow as Best New Starlet so his fave, the too-long-in-the-business Justine Romée, could stay in -- and then the next year Snow "won" Female Performer of the Year after being followed around for three days by Dan Miller for a post-awards cover story. Makes you wonder what Romée did to make such an impression on Ramone.

Tod Hunter wrote Nov. 30, 2005:

Okay, there was a big party at the Burbank Airport and I was there and I took pictures and I'll probably write that up this week, and Vicky Vette was at the Spearmint Rhino in the City of Industry over the weekend and I took copious notes, but what I really want to talk about today is the AVN awards.

I notice that Paul has gotten really greedy and is now demanding 45 copies of every nominated video for his video stores, and director Mason sent me a gracious e-mail saying that I was wrong about which video of hers would get a bunch of nominations, and there weren't that many so I feel kinda dumb on that score, but I did notice a couple of things I thought I'd share with you.

First, what are the three things the AVN brain trust looks for when considering their awards? 1. Brutality. 2. Misogyny. 3. Ad purchases.

So I think that explains the Reuben Sturman Award to Rob Black. Brutality, check; Misogyny, check; and I guess Rob's paying his ad bills again.

A few years ago, in the nominations meetings, Mike Ramone declared that he thought Justine Romeé was "hot," and she was in as a Best New Starlet nominee. (That's the way Mikey used to run the meetings. His favorites were in, and everything else had to be discussed.)

A few days after the nominations were announced, an Internet columnist pointed out to me that Justine Romeé had been in the business for a couple of years, well past the 18-month limit. And oh by the way, we had managed to miss Aurora Snow, at the time within the 18-month limit and a promising talent on her way up.

I pointed this out to Mike, that we had a golden opportunity to declare Romeé ineligible and get Aurora Snow in there. Mike said "[That Internet guy] is an asshole, fuck him. Justine Romeé is in." Of course AVN looked like fools, and by the strangest of coincidences the very next year Aurora Snow not only won Female Performer Of The Year, she spent the entire Adult Expo being followed around by crack reporter Dan Miller for an extensive story, and she even got her picture on the cover. (http://www.adultvideonews.com/archives/200303/index.html)

Serious overcomp for Mikey's devotion to Justine Romeé, don'cha think? This year's egregious fuck-ups come in the category they are now calling "Best Mainstream Adult Release."

But before I start, let me give my bona fides on the mainstream front: I worked in mainstream television for 10 years. (Game shows. I went from one part of show business that gets no respect ­ to another part of show business that gets no respect.) I have two Emmy nominations, and I joined the TV Academy and judged the Emmy Awards, daytime and prime time, for seven years. I was a regular attendee at the Los Angeles International Film Exposition, and worked there as a volunteer in the Public Information Booth and joined paid staff for the last few years of its existence as an editorial assistant for the Catalog. Let us continue.

Inside Deep Throat was nominated. The company affiliation is listed as "Universal Home Video." Okay, that's a slip, the company is actually called "Universal Studios Home Entertainment," it's kinda like saying "Home Ticket Office," everybody knows what you mean. The credits on the film read: Imagine Entertainment in association with HBO Documentary Films presents a Brian Grazer production in association with World Of Wonder a film by Fenton Bailey/Randy Barbato "Inside Deep Throat." See "Universal" there? Me neither. It does say "A Universal Release" though, over in the corner. Did I mention that all this was on the DVD box? Even Paul Fishbein, when he gave his condescending "kudos" to Brian Grazer, knew the difference, and gave his props to Brian Grazer, Imagine Entertainment, and World of Wonder.

That's nothin'. There's an Aurora-Snow-type oversight that's really egregious: Chloë Sevigny in The Brown Bunny. Sevigny was nominated for an Oscar® for Boys Don't Cry (she didn't win, but Hillary Swank did), and she actually sucked dick in The Brown Bunny. Why did she get overlooked? Maybe they couldn't make that two-dot doohickey over the "e"? Maybe they decided they put one Chloë in the Hall of Fame, and that was enough? Maybe Mike Ramone didn't think she was "hot," so she wasn't in? Maybe it didn't count because she didn't gag. Or do anal.

I'll tell you one thing: Don't bet against Chloë Sevigny for Female Performer of the Year next year.

As Ron Jeremy gets out of his car, he holds up a big cardboard cutout of his face. "This is probably the most conceited thing ever," he says. "I got it from Virgin Records."

ABC's Primetime was there when Sunny Lane learned about her six AVN nominations. She started crying.

Sunny had her lawyer (Tera Patrick's, Mike B.) and publicist (April Storm) present when she was interviewed by Primetime.

There's a black man picking up trash in the parking lot. I fear this is not sending out the right message to America. As pornographers, we have a responsibility to be role models.

There's tension on set. Alana Evans warns: "This is the wrong day to snap at me."

Hillary Scott notes that I've been particularly spiteful towards the industry of late. "Why do you do that?" she asks. "Why don't you do something else with your life?"

Jeff Mullen tells the cast: "Your the Bradys. OK, we don't know that yet for legal reasons, but you're having fun."

In the dressing room around noon, Emily is interviewed by a BTS camera guy. "Your honesty is refreshing," he says.

Emily says she worked as a prostitute for two years before entering porn.

Emily (who entered porn March 9): "I worked at the Bunny Ranch for four days and then I had a fight with Dennis and they kicked me out. He's a fat pig. He doesn't know what he's talking about."

Ron Jeremy: "Don't sugarcoat it. Tell us how you really feel."

Camera Guy: "How would you compare escorting to porn?"

Emily: "Escorting is safer. They're tested in porn but I got gonorrhea."

Jasmine Byrne's getting upset. "Can you guys do it in the kitchen?" she asks.

There are about 16 people in the dressing room, including eight media people.

"It's so hot in here our make-up is melting," says Jasmine.

A minute later, she asks Scott if she can say something.

Emily: "Scott [David] thinks I'm saying things that are bad for my career."

"The Bunny Ranch is trashy and it's trailers. You feel like a ho when you're there."

Frustrated, Jasmine speaks up: "You're giving every other porn star a bad name by talking about escorting."

Emily: "I'm talking about my life, not porn."

Jasmine: "You are a porn star and you're giving us a bad name."

Emily: "I'm just talking about myself."

Jasmine: "That's all I want to say to you."

Emily: "Obviously you don't agree with my views and that's fine. Most porn stars don't agree with my views."

Ron Jeremy gives his views on porn and escorting until the tension in the room convinces him to shut up.

Emily: "Most porn girls don't want to hang out with me because I'm not a porn star. I'm a prostitute who does porn. They don't like that. They think they're better than us because they get paid by the producer and not by the guy who's f---ing them."

A girl: "I think you better stop."

I ask Emily: "So what do you love and hate about working in porn?"

Emily: "He [Scott David] just asked me to stop. Why are you trying to egg me on?"

Later, I sit down with Emily and try to get her to open up.

Emily: "I'd tell you about my drama but you'd twist it."

Luke: "Why do you think that?"

Emily (born Nov. 23, 1984): "Because I've read your website. I've talked to KB. You tell the dirt side. You hear what you want to hear and you only write what will bring out gossip. If you hear something bad, you'll tell ten people. If you hear something good, you'll tell five. You want the publicity. I don't want the negative side because I have a lot of negatives in my life.

"That look is just so conniving. Your aura reads: 'Stay the f--- away!' KB's aura reads nicely."

Luke: "I'll ask you some innocuous questions."

Emily: "I don't know what 'innocuous' means."

Luke: "Innocent. Harmless."

"What crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Emily: "I wasn't allowed to go to highschool, baby. I grew up a ward of the state. I was in orphanages, group homes, residential treatment centers. I didn't get to be in the public. I was the forgotten children."

Luke: "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Emily: "Stable. In the public."

"That's why I'm very careful about what I tell you because I have a lot of darkness."

Luke: "Don't tell me anything you don't want published."

"What do you do in your spare time?"

Emily: "I don't have any spare time. I self-represent. I'm an agent. I'm a porn star. I'm also trying to be a mainstream actress. I go to mainstream instructions twice a week, scene study. I've got to network for porn. I also have to look for a place to stay."

Luke: "What do you do best at?"

Emily: "Sex."

"I went from being the forgotten children to being a porn star. There are no limitations."

Luke: "What are your dreams?"

Emily: "I'm fulfilling my dreams."

"My big fear growing up was that I would live and die and nobody would ever notice. That my life would make no difference to no one or anything. If you Google my name, 400,000 things come up. I'm not just another forgotten child."

When I Googled her name, I got 22,000 results.

Emily: "I've gotten myself sober [for about 45 days]. I have bad risk management. I have horrible impulsiveness, but I don't always see that as a bad thing."

Luke: "How would your closest friends describe you?"

Emily: "I don't have any close friends."

Luke: "Why?"

Emily: "When I came to California, I came alone. I had no family. I shortly fell into the drug scene. I recently quit drugs, so I had to quit talking to the people I was associating with. I've only been sober for a couple of months, so I'm not ready to make new friends yet. I'm not ready to judge who would be good for me. I find it very hard to find sober people in porn."

Dr. X asks Emily: "What would you like Luke to write nice about you?"

Emily: "Luke doesn't write nice. I would like to see him write anything nice because I think it would help his aura and his karma."

"Luke is probably very conceited. I've read your site and you're probably quite thinking you're the s---.

"He needs to write both sides to the stories."

"More and more, I'm trusting people less and less."

Luke: "What's it like having fans?"

Emily: "I don't have fans. I've got 28 movies out. I got in to porn and then my kidney failed and I got out of porn and then I got into porn and then I got into drugs. Then I got out of porn to quit drugs."

I sit in the dressing room and overhear one porn girl say, "I'm attracted to men who are like my son."

Another tells a story about a girl who was blowing a guy who'd injected his penis to get hard.

She found her mouth filling with blood.

A DVD of The Brady Bunch plays on a big TV.

Aurora Snow seeks a computer and a quiet corner so she can do her homework.

She's accompanied by Jay Ashley who's put on about 30 pounds since I saw him last and now has a pot belly.

1 p.m. There's a mad search for a shirt. It's the fourth crucial article of clothing that's gotten lost on this two-day shoot. Scott David calls on everybody to join the search.

When it's finally located, Leah Luv cleans up, folds the clothes, and puts them in bags which she labels.

Ron Jeremy asks Leah if they've worked together.

"I f---ed you in BTS (Behind The Scenes) for The Anal Princess Diaries 2," she replies.

Paulina James, 20, puts on a 1970s-type skirt and exclaims, "I look like I'm 12!"

Later, when she's asked her age by Ron Jeremy, Paulina says: "I'm 15. I'm using fake I.D."

Ron: "We're all going to jail."

Paulina has been in porn for three months. She says her parents support her decision.

"I grew up with a family that was very comfortable sexually. I could be open with my father when I lost my virginity at 15. We have a close relationship. I live on my own. I'm very independent. They're proud of me for that. I went to college and took business and law."

Paulina brought her mom to the Corruption party last month.

Paulina's mom calls. Paulina tells her: "Let me call you back. I'm on the set of The Brady Bunch with Ron Jeremy."

Paulina tells Ron: "My mother's heard of you and she's seen you on TV and she thinks you're fun."

Emily tells an actor in today's movie: "Don't judge your character. Be your character."

She fears I will portray her unfairly.

"No, I won't," I protest. "I'm a friend of KB's."

Emily says she became promiscuous at age 12.

Lynn LeMay says Jim Lane has bounced checks on her and others. "The last person who bounced a check on me was Mark Carriere and that was 15 years ago. I sat in his office and every person who walked in, I told them that Leisure Time had bounced a check on me. After three people, I got paid."

Lynn LeMay is dating Bud Lee.

Emily says Lifetime wants to make a movie about her life.

Luke: "Why did you tell them more than you did me?"

Emily: "Because they're not out to destroy my life."

Luke: "I'll treat you like a delicate flower."

Emily: "Do you even like flowers?"

Luke: "Baby, you can drive my car."

Emily: "Really? I just wrecked mine."

The sound guy complains he hasn't eaten yet.

"I don't give a s---," says Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder, the director.

Scott David walks over to Dr. X and Gordon taking innumerable photos of Paulina posing dirty with a teddy bear.

"How many pictures can you take of the same girl?" Scott asks.

"It's for my website," says Paulina.

"How much are you going to pay me for the use of my set?" asks Scott.

Her cute face falls.

Paula used to date a 50yo guy. She's not sure if he was married.

Ron Jeremy reminisces going backstage with Slash and Guns & Roses. It used to be that you'd find drugs everywhere. Now you go back and find a nursing mother and granola bars.

Another bloke says Slash told him that Ron set Slash up with a girl. Slash and the girl went into a room and she started blowing the rocker. Then Ron came in and pumped her from behind.

Jeff Wozniak, former AVNer and Sin City publicist, now writes for Mayfair and another British magazine.

He asks Hillary Scott if she can squirt. "I can piss," she replies, "and make sounds like I am coming. So yeah, I can squirt."

I ask James Deen what he does when not working. "I watch TV," he replies. "I'm probably the most uninteresting person ever."

A Disgusted Performer emails me:

Are you all taking crazy pills over at AVN. First off you gave her [Emily Evermoore] a soap box in your July issue in which she proudly tells the tale of how she was picked up walking the track in Vegas at last year's show. Nice to see you guy's encourage illegally prostitution with dirty street walker's.

She goes on to boldly state that she is not a porn star she is a "HO" and basically says that porn stars are Pre Madonnas.She thumb's her nose at they entire industry and the assholes over at AVN are to lazy to read there on craptackular interview's.

So it should not surprise any one that the AVN plan's on harboring a convicted drug felon hooker to be part of the circus show, I guess you carny folk stick together.

I have an idea why don't you morons at AVN have a real porn star be part of your show, not a hooker who has only done 13 movies up on that stage. I don't know how she (Emily) will find the time to be interviewed or even be part of the award show between responding to her seedy prostitute craigslist ads which she post using her stage name. The potential jail time she is facing for her drug conviction and the pimp that she claims that she is hiding from who is in Vegas. All of this making her a bit unreliable.

But then again it's no big secret that the girl is a total joke. Just ask any agency in the valley about her track record, she has been kicked out of everyone of them. Ask any producer, she has flaked on half her shoots and the other half that she does grace with her presence she is high as a kite, to the point were she is sent home. Ask the DJ's over at K-SEX how many times she has left them without a guest, standing there with their dick's in the wind.

She (Emily) needs to return to the streets or should I quote her "All you need is 50.00 bucks and a hotel room"

She (Emily) does not deserve to be up on that stage.

On a final note if she is up on that stage the AVN will not only embarrass themselves even more than they already have but insult every actor or actress that does deserve to be up there.

Good Luck AVN you will need it!

Luke, I love you but please...

Tony Malice posts on XPT:

Luke, I don't know man. I've kinda held my tongue as a professional courtesy, but man please work on the photography. You are in a position of access to get good photos of people, but you are just not doing the right thing. I'm not sure if you deliberately post bad pictures so that you can make the porn folks look bad, or if you just really have no eye for this... But here's some tips!

1) COMPOSITION! Dude. Your composition is god awful. Think about what you are framing in the shot and why.

2) Stop with the extreme closeups. They are just terrible. I don't think there is ever a reason to post a closeup of two peoples' heads.

3) What is with the cropping? When you take a picture, compose it so that it needs as little cropping as possible. It's my opinion if thought and care goes into the actual shot you don't need to crop it at all. Maybe you are cropping some of the pics and that makes your closeups appear so extreme...

4) Why post the blurry, out of focus pictures? I am sure that plenty of 'real world' photographers get pictures that are messed up, out of focus, and poorly composed. Their secret to success, however, is they don't post them. They toss them!

5) When you go to an event Luke, sit down afterwords with your pictures and pull out the best 20 or so and post them! We don't need 13 pictures of the exact same pairings, it's not like we're disecting the Zapruder film looking for the 4th bullet. One or two pics will do.

Bornyo posts: "I disagree, Malice. I love the innocence, good humor and vigor conveyed in this photo of a cute girl with a healthy tongue."

N-Word posts: "I think Luke posts the worst possible pictures of people on purpose. On his home hard-drive he has gorgeous, perfect pictures of everyone in Porno."

Eddie posts: "Every time I'm around a camera, I aim to take photos in the Luke style, however i'm unable to accurately ape the "extreme close ups of girls looking hideous whilst picking their nose" method. I'm not being sarcastic when i say i want to -- you just can't learn it in school kids. The best thing about luke's photography however is that whenever he's around jasmine byrne, who appears to be even more omnipresent than Sunny Lane, luke takes about 25 photos of her."

Chris emails me: "Malice does not have the visual sophistication to understand your work, it is photography that's going towards being original. Luke is doing stuff that may make him a "name" photographer. I know one hell of a lot more about photography than Malice."

Emily Evermoore Finds Niche in Adult

Eddie Adams writes in AVN:

The sexy, whip smart Kansas native sat down with AVN.com recently after coming back from her short hiatus. Now the 21-year-old Evermoore, who has only shot a handful of titles for companies such as Hustler, Shane’s World and Evolution Erotica, is back and eager to show what she’s got.