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What Is Donkey Punch?

According to Wikipedia:

Donkey punch is a slang term for a sex move performed during doggy style or anal sex. The move involves the penetrating partner punching the penetrated partner in the back of the head or neck. The term may refer to the surprised party "bucking" like a donkey.

The practice of hitting one's partner for sexual enjoyment is familiar (see Sadism and Masochism), but in the various joke-descriptions of the donkey punch more exotic rationales are often given for it. For example, sometimes it is said to cause the muscles around the vagina or anus to contract around the penis, giving enhanced pleasure to the active partner. In some exaggerated tellings this phenomenon is of such great force as to result in the inversion of the rectum (which may then be described as a "pink sock"). Sometimes the active partner is said to punctuate the technique with a vicious cry of "Donkey punch!"

Alex Devine spills all about her experience on the set of Donkey Punch

She (she's the girlfriend of Smokey from Shane's World) posts March 6, 2006 on Extremegirlforum.com:

Ok, I am finally going to reply to this.... DONKEY PUNCH was the most brutal, depressing, scarey scene that I have ever done. I have tried to block it out from my memory due to the severe abuse I recieved during the filming. I had been made to believe that the scene was going to be more sex, penetration, and rough as opposed to being 'beat up' with a few penetrations. The guy, Steve French has a natural hatred towards women in the sense that he has always been known to be more brutal than EVER needed. I agreed to do the scene thinking it was less beating, except the 'punch' in the head. If you noticed, steve had worn his solid gold ring the entire time, and continued to punch me with it. I actually stopped the scene while it was being filmed because I was in too much pain. I begged for him to remove the ring but he refused. That almost made me walk off the set and say 'fuck it'. I sucked it up and wanted to finish so i would be paid. Witht he ring on his hand still, we continued the scene.

**Now i am not sure how much you all know about me, but I have had some major surgeries on my head. One was on the lower back right of my skull.... The doctor never replaced the bone there because it grows back on its own. It had been several years since that surgery, and i now have grown a strong cartilage in place of my missing bone.

I had specifically explained that Steve could not hit that spot, and that anywhere else on my head was fine. I explained this to him as well, showing him on my head the places. He acknowledged the request of mine. As the pop happened he punched me several times in the head. Exactly where he was told not to. He did it with the ring on too.

*You can hear me scream in pain 'wrong side! ow, ow, wrong side!' in the movie and trailer. I had to re-do the pop shot/donkey punch for 'better footage' while in pain, and he wore the damn ring again. At the end of my scene they had me sit on the couch with the directors and explain that I was ok and was willing to do the scene.

I was in tears I sincerely hope that no one enjoys that scene. I want to cry when I think about it.

SickandTired describes on ADT the Alex Devine scene in DonkeyPunch:

-Alex talks to the cameraman several times about French hitting her with "that hand" or "that ring." At least 5 times that I counted.

-Alex talks to French more than 8 times about hitting her with "that hand" or "that ring" for the scene. She does laugh about it once early on, but is definitely angry about it towards the end of the shoot.

-Alex threatens to "not finish the shoot" to the cameraman about 2/3 of the way thru the scene if French "uses that hand again."

-French tries to choke her a couple of times and she clearly says "don't choke me," to him...and he complies. He even says (staying "in character" it would seem) "I won't choke you" or "I won't hurt you," and complies with her request to not choke her. So clearly, he could understand her and, when he wished, not do things she asked. During one of the early anal entries she cries out in pain and asks for a break, and he complies again, clearly understanding her and withdraws from her anus.

-The part where she is hit on the "wrong" side of her head (seen in the trailer) occurs WHILE French comes in her ass. She says quite plainly "PLEASE STOP" and pulls away, but he's already come. The cameraman/director THEN starts talking and says "WAIT, RIGHT THERE" and then the scene cuts as Alex pulls away from French and accuses him of hitting her on "the wrong side." It should be noted that, contrary to some of the opinions presented here, French did NOT hit her in the "wrong side" of her head with his ring hand. He clearly hits her with his LEFT hand and his right is gripping her ass, with the ring clearly visible. It was still clearly a non-welcomed assault by Alex, but he didn't use his ring at all for that particular attack. From what I could see, at no time does his ring ever come into contact with her head for the entire shoot.

-After the above incident, the scene (with camera still rolling) continues with mayhem ensuing. Alex is upset (the camera is all over the place so hard to see facial expressions for this segment) and complaining about the incident, the director is upset that the money shot was screwed up (cum has already leaked out of her ass onto the black couch), so French is asked to re-insert his cock in her ass so they can shoot the "donkey punch" again (words spoken by the cameraman) and fake the orgasm. Alex clearly says "I don't give a s--- about the donkey punch, just DONT HIT THIS SIDE." The director requests that she show French where not to hit her, she does, and they re-engage and fake the orgasm...again with a "donkey punch" but obviously not in the "wrong spot" this time.

-The ring is featured prominently in several of the shots. There are even a few closeups of JUST French's right hand with the ring on it.

-This is, obviously, a very rough scene. Alex does encourage and invite a lot of abuse verbally, even asking him to hit her stomach during a reverse cowgirl shot. And he "foot slaps" her head violently several times, some of which occurs while she lying on her back and laughing about it. The scene has escalating dialogue the entire time with her getting more and more upset about the ring, but it is interspersed with her also encouraging and/or laughing about some of the other abusive treatment. She even "disses" French about the taste of his ass several times.

-After the shot ends, Grip, Cram and Alex do a short scene where she is roughed up "playfully" by them (and appears to rough them up also) and they claim that "this cunt f---ed up the scene right at the end." Again Alex makes some complaints (it sounds good-natured here to be honest) about getting hit in the "wrong spot," to which Cram replies with a slap to her head that "There's no wrong spot to hit a woman." They then have her lick up the cum that dripped out onto the couch and apologize to the viewers. The Johnson's then said that she f---ed up the production although admit that "Alex did get a pretty good beating."

Steven French should be in jail - not in porn?

Picman writes on ADT: "How about throwing the director in there with him for allowing the brutality to continue. And the producer too, for thinking of such a concept. This is not rough sex delivered in the heat of passion. Just a calculated assault. Some people have no shame."

David Aaron Clark responds to a "that's debatable" post:

That's debatable. " No, it's not. Unless you think whether people should freely sit around & watch snuff movies is somehow a debatable issue. Or think that aggravated assault is somehow a "debatable issue."

It just amazes me how many of you turn off your brains -- & any sense of decency -- once the blood starts flowing to your dicks (or clits, not to leave out the self-hating, mysogynist women out there who have learned to love & emulate their torturers). Glad it's all academic to you from your armchair, bub.

I suspect that when most pornographers get angry about the abuse of women in porn, it's not the abuse of women in porn that's primarily at issue. It's the opportunity to vent on others the hatred they have for their own jobs. Porn sex is a full contact sport and people get hurt, physically and emotionally. What Vivid Video, David Clark, Rob Black, and Khan Tusion have in common is far more than what any of them have in common with non-porn producers of entertainment.

Melissa Lauren writes:

I know Steven, have worked several times with him, and never had a problem. Very sweet guy. I don't know Alex on the other hand, although I've heard crazy stories about her being locked in a bathroom for half hour on set, doing drugs and being out of her mind. I'm not saying it's true - just what I heard, and we know how gossip goes sometimes. I've been, on a director's side, in a situation where the girl I was shooting went through a really strong scene, never complained during it, smiled and asked for more, and after the shoot it was a whole different story. She basically blamed me for not respecting her limits (hello, you know you can say stop when you dont like something?) blamed me for letting her drink on set (when she showed up on my set at 9 am with an almost empty bottle of wine) etc... So I'm kind of weirded out by that story. It'd be interesting to ask the director what exactly happened. Sometimes girls tend to make up or exaggerate stories. Seen it more than a couple of times. Fortunately, there's always the unedited original tape, and/or witnesses.

Holly writes: "Is that legal? I guess technically it would be the same as a girl getting her ass spanked in a video, but brutal scenes like these are what attract unwanted attention from anti-porn advocates, dont'cha think? Hearing about a video like that makes me understand why some people hate porn so much, and I hate being associated with something like that via industry name."

The legality of any kind of porn is up to community standards, including this kind.

Luke: you'd probably like donkey punch in your own life
HollyRandall: hell no
HollyRandall: that's not cool
Luke: why not? You love to be slapped etc
HollyRandall: i find that really disturbing
HollyRandall: poor girl
HollyRandall: yeah but not incredibly hard and i don't want to be punched in the back of the head
HollyRandall: that hurts
HollyRandall: i like play slapping
HollyRandall: not "i'm going to kick your ass bitch"
Luke: you like more pain than any woman I have ever known
HollyRandall: then you don't know many women
HollyRandall: i'm probably a lot more vocal about what i like
Luke: I can't even begin to approach delivering the level of pain you like inflicted. That would scare me.

David Clark writes on ADT:

I don't know Alex Devine. Just like Melissa, who also WASN'T THERE & only has gossip blaming the victim to offer. I only care about her in the abstract as a fellow human being.

Reread her description of the scene. Continually punching her in the soft spot on her head with a metal ring while she's begging him to stop? & the "directors" become criminal accesories by not stopping this scene but standing there videotaping it like Chuck Haidl's idea of some really cool dudes?

That situation could have quite easily become literal snuff porn, just like when Khan used to choke out the girls before he got scared off. In this situation, "what's right for me isn't necessarily right for you" is not on any level a logical or even sane response. If I think it's okay to rape & dismember three-year-old children, or cheat people out of their life savings a la Charles Keating, & you don't, do our "opinions" carry equal moral value? Do we "agree to disagree," & do you let me continue my destructive actions?

BASED ON HER OWN DESCRIPTION -- not to mention the proof of the trailer & the words of those who seen this clever little gem of a video -- this is NOT "overly rough sex." It's hatred, plain & simple. & the so-called "directors" sat there, no doubt giggling, & let it happen. & now are trying to profit from it. What a cesspool porn has become in some quarters of the valley!

"She got paid to do the scene, now it's over"?

Where the hell do people like you come from, exactly?

Yankey Doodel writes: "There's a reason punching in back of the head/neck isn't allowed in boxing, that's where the brain stem is."

Kami Andrews writes:

It's very easy to say what you would do in some one else's shoes but the bottom line is your not. I know I have reacted differently in emergency situations than I thought I would, my brother was in an accident and when I called 911 I couldn't talk. If you had asked me prior how I would have dealt with it that would not have been my answer. I think the natural reaction to attack her for complaining is really sad, especially if you are familiar with her body of work and realize she has never spoken out before. Earlier in the thread some one said walk and speak out [and] people will support you but the reality is this thread.

David Clark Emails Me: 'Yes, Sometimes You Are An Irredeemable Dork'

Gee, this is the first time I've ever felt the need to call you sanctimonious & perhaps a bit clueless, fellow navel-gazing scribe. It certainly IS the abuse of women in porn that's at issue here -- & I'm angry on two fronts. First, I'm angry that a portion of the community in which I live & work are being treated in such a brutal, criminal manner without check or any real censure. I may not personally know Alex Divine but in a very real way she's my neighbor, & for me to not speak out in the strongest possible terms would constitute turning a blind eye to suffering & abuse right outside my door.

Then, on a more egocentric level, I'm angry that a form of art & entertainment I've always been fascinated by & drawn to is becoming step by step nothing more than -- at least in an alarmingly greater & greater portion of the commercial arena -- exactly what Andrea Dworkin & her simple-minded, one-sided ilk claimed it by definition must be. I always did & still do sneer at the half-baked idea that sexually explicit depictions for the sheer visual & sexual pleasure of it are somehow inescapably, intrinsically "hate speech" against women. However, that's exactly what the bile expelled by the likes of Khan & the Donkey Punch grinning bullies constitutes. Not unlike some of your public anger directed towards Holly when her actions inadvertantly make you confront a weakness or need in yourself you'd rather not have to face, porn made by & for people like this represents not a thing their own self-hate & insecurity, externalized & aimed towards the most convenient target -- in this case not Jews, Blacks, Arabs, homosexuals, what have you, but women.

I'm angry that the decent, responsible members of this community who go about their business &/or art every day in the most humane way they know how are suffering, if not possible brain hemorrhages & the kind of treatment that when committed upon animals earn the perpetrators jail time -- an insult & a libel against who we are & what we it is we say we do. I'm angry that it becomes that much more difficult not only to present ourselves as responsible members of a humane, enlightened society to others but to ourselves if we condone or, even worse, profit from this kind of behavior. Porn, like professional sports, politics, the entertainment industry. organized religion, law enforcement, etc, can be a rough & tumble business, & as with any endeavor, not always very pretty or perfect in its process. But though it might meet the definition of the genre on the surface, this is no more "porn" than images of Christ in bean dip on the local news is journalism, or blowing up a Palestinian ice cream truck & the innocent young patrons surrounding it is an act of "self-defense."

Using absolutely no viable criteria whatsoever, you're throwing out a blanket statement as to what I and other porn "producers" have in common, and do or don't have in common with "producers" of non-explicit entertainment -- & I might note that certainly network reality shows, for one, have more in common with Khan & the Donkey boys than certainly either the Vivid style or what I do. Your thesis is negated thanks to one simple fact -- by your own admission, you have not watched any of our movies. To put it more simply, on this occasion you're doing nothing but talking out of your smug, self-satisfied hypocritical ass. Your narcissism is getting the best of you, I fear.

By the way, Luke, if you're going to insist on reducing what I do to being a "producer," than may I from now on refer to you as a producer of internet content as opposed to an essayist or journalist? At least I have the qualification of having actually read much of your body of work.

Dillan Lauren Update


We discuss rough sex.

Dillan: "Do you hit girls when you have sex with them?"

Luke: "God no. Some girls like rough sex."

Dillan: "I can like rough sex. I like to be dominated but I like to be dominated sensually and mentally. I might like to be choked but you're not supposed to kill somebody. You can be rough without injuring. Spanking is not supposed to leave bruises."

A Public Apology To Steve French

GripJohnson (from Legend Productions and Chatsworth Pictures) writes on ADT:

Cram [Tony Malice] & I would like to issue a public apology to Steven French. We regret the numerous death threats he has had to deal with since his participation in Donkey Punch. The man can't even buy a croissant in the mornings without being pelted with produce on the street by angry adt & reallukeford posters.

We only thank God, Alex is missing bone from her head and her soft brain provided cushion for Steven's punches. We couldn't live with ourselves if he had suffered any nerve damage on his hand. So, on behalf of Cram & myself, sorry, Steven. Oh, and don't worry, Cram says he knows a guy who can restore the luster to your gold ring.

Mike South Vs. Donkey Punch

Mike writes Mar 28, 2006:

I have been hearing about this video for a couple of months now but didn't give it much thought until I read the gut wrenching story of one of the participants. I mean not even I would have thought that they were doing this for real, that it wasn't staged. And even if it was...how f stupid do you have to be to foist this on the adult industry at this time? Apparently you have to be as stupid as Jeff Mike, honcho at JM Productions. Who released this abortion. When confronted about it JM tried to pass it off as an "old release". One need only look it up on the net to see it was released in Dec of 2005, Hardly an old release...

AVN reviews the DVD in the March issue and gives it 3.5 stars and an overall good review saying " rougher than most, but consenting cast is entertaining."

When I brought up the issue with Paul Fishbein, Head Honcho at AVN he had this to say: "We won't review Donkey Punch movies anymore."

Indeed I sensed that this was something that "Fish", as he is affectionately known, wasn't aware of, and understandably so, Im sure he doesn't read every review and I believe the video may have presented itself as staged. Even at that it shouldn't be something that we in this industry have to deal with. I, for one, do not want my name associated with an industry that would support this.

This is not free speech, this is aggravated assault and aggravated assault is NOT protected free speech. So a BIG f--- YOU to JM Productions for having no concern for fellow pornographers. If they want to be an outcast I say fine, lets treat them as one. Distributors can refuse to carry their product, retailers can refuse to buy it and industry publications can refuse to sell them ad space. [Adultdvdempire.com refused to stock it...good for them] And at the same time maybe all of the above can avoid the criminal charges that may come from having it on your shelves. Can we as an industry finally say "We may not know where the line is but this has certainly crossed it"?

Donkey Punch Was Here

Grip Johnson writes on ADT Nov 30, 2005:

Chatsworth Pictures releases Donkey Punch Chatsworth, CA - Like tales of UFO's and Big Foot, everyone has heard stories about the sex act known as the ‘donkey punch.’ But, up until now, no one has ever seen one.

On December 5th, Chatsworth Pictures will make believers out of everyone with the highly anticipated release of Grip & Cram Johnson's Donkey Punch.

"When you're a kid, the world is full of mystery and wonder," states Cram Johnson. "But, as you get older, you realize all those mysteries were crap. Santa Claus isn't real. Man didn't land on the moon. And, no matter how many rubber masks they used to cover Belladonna's ugly gap-toothed face, The Fashionistas was still just another shitty movie. The world needs something to believe in."

Chatsworth Pictures answers that need with its second release, Donkey Punch - a misogynistic masterpiece of terror and titillation.

"At first, I thought the ‘donkey punch’ was just another bedtime story my father had told me as a child," reflects Grip Johnson, "But, just as I was about to give up hope, I discovered that if you give women lots of money and a chance to avoid any real work or responsibility, they will let you beat the shit out of them. Cram and I began to document this phenomenon immediately."

Chatsworth Pictures' well paid brigade of lawyers describe a ‘donkey punch’ as, "A powerful blow delivered to the back of a ‘consenting’ woman's head during doggy style anal sex at the moment of male climax for the sole ‘purpose of entertainment and fantasy,’ and is not meant to encourage violence towards women nor be imitated by the viewer at home. All performers are trained professionals with years of deep personal domestic abuse under their belts."

With Donkey Punch, the Johnson Brothers look to court, not only fans of graphically intense hardcore sex, but the much coveted 18 to death age bracket of men wronged by evil women.

"Every time a woman f---s a man over, a copy of Donkey Punch will be sold somewhere," asserts Grip. "We're the Dr. Phil of pornography. We help frustrated men express their anger and hatred of women in a semi-healthy manner."

"Really the sex is a framework for the violence," points out Cram. "We could just have easily beaten them while they were knitting, but it probably wouldn't sell as many copies."

Donkey Punch stars human punching bags Rachel Luv, Deja Daire, Alex Divine, and Haley Scott. All scenes feature anal internal pop shots, but no hole is off limit.

"If Steven French wants to f--- Alex Divine in a particular orifice while punching her head with his ring-finger, who are we to ask him to compromise his vision," adds Grip.

"It'd be like asking Da Vinci to use tempera on the Mona Lisa. Sure, it would have worked, but it wouldn't have the lasting effect that makes it priceless. Donkey Punch is going to leave a powerful impression on our social psyche, as well as on Deja Daire's head. Nuff said."

http://www.chatsworthpictures.com/donkeypunch.jpg http://www.chatsworthpictures.com/donkeypunchtrailer.wmv

Distributors can order now by contacting chatsworthpictures.com.

American Hardcore posts: "We here at American Hardcore do not condone violence in anyway nor do we support the negative treatment of women, as we feel it promotes the wrong views in a present vitriolic administration. However, this truly is the most important film to be made in recent years and is one of the funniest things i have ever seen we here at AH say "Smack those bitches up!" and thank god for CRAM AND GRIP."

Grip Johnson posts Dec 2, 2005: "For a bunch of masturbators, some of you cats are wound up pretty tight! Donkey Punch is friendly violent fun. And, no whore was dragged out of Sunday school to be in this movie so you can jerk off to your heart's content When you all die, you all will still get to that big ADT board in the sky. I promise. So relax. Have a drink. Rent a movie tonight. If not Donkey Punch, then something more romantic and sweet like Cum Shitters or Face Fuckers. Whatever tickles your pickle, y'all. Oh, and, come January, keep an eye out for Grip & Cram Johnson's Arch Enemies!!! Time to stock up on Kleenix and lotion, Ramsey!"

ProKayaker writes Dec 12: "I watched it earlier today. It's not my cup of tea, and I found Alex Devine's scene to be particularly disquieting. I don't enjoy seeing women struck in the stomach (or elsewhere for that matter) with a closed fist to be erotic."

p_ramezap writes: "But, if they take away the guys from this film and made it a g/g film with similar roughness, then it would be a good one."

Belladonna's husband Aidan writes: "But then you lose the whole meaning of "donkey punch". What would be the point of donkey punching a girl that has a strap-on inside her cunt? The giver would never feel the affects uf it, rendering it just a punch to the back of the head and nothing more."

American Hardcore posts Dec 27:

Donkey Punch is the greatest movie of our time. This feel good kind of cinema is what best serves as a reminder that pornographers are people too and also have feelings..... or feeling... or in this case help girls feel a sharp thump to the medula oblongata. It's an endearing coming of age film that will make you laugh and cry, but mostly cry.. only not you.... the girls getting cheap shots to the snot box. I would recommend this porn to anyone who wants to take an emotional rollercoaster ride with cram and grip. The Cohen Brothers, the Watchowski brothers, the Farelly Brothers and now..... Cram and Grip (who aren't even brothers) but still those guys... who should be brothers because it makes it even funnier...but i digress... When are we gonna see Beniffer in glazed jelly doughnut?

Veronica Jett posts:

it does look quite entertaining. by watching the trailer, the girls dont seem to be getting their skulls bashed in or anything. im not sure what audience this movie will appeal to, but im sure there are some sick bastards that have been waiting for a movie that is "bumfights" meets porn.

Devinn Lane posts Dec 28, 2005:

My first thought was if this was a video that was in the running for the "Worst Movie of the Year" title at XRCO. Hey, it's an award. Past winners: Vomitorium, Fossil Fuckers, Watch Me Camp Bitch, You're Never Too Old To Gangbang (can't even say this w/o laughing).

Too bad it's no longer a catagory at the awards because I'd love to see these guys go up and get the award. The comedic/entertainment value of it is priceless. My second thought: I wonder what's next. I'm neither impressed or offended but intrigued by the content none the less.

David Crawford posts Dec 1, 2005: "Guys remember have fun with it. The word "HYPE" freaks me out a bit. It is just a fun fuck flick. It ain't curing cancer. But I hear donkey punch from CP is."

Anyone ever heard of Chatsworth Pictures?

Ryan Knox posts on ADT Feb 7, 2006:

I think this is a real company but they don't release titles very often. Tony Malice, the guy that runs XXXPorntalk supposedly heads the company in question. That guy really talks a lot of shit about people in porn. What's to stop someone from walking into his office right up to his face and giving him a good bitch slap?

Why Did Extreme Alex Do Donkey Punch?

MyAdultGroups2 writes on ADT: "Alex couldn't walk away. I've been reading her blog on MySpace.com and she has roommate problems and legal problems (no driver's license, so she has transportation problems). She needed the money."

Den writes:

My immediate action after reviewing Donkey Punch:

1> Had JM remove me from their screeners list.

2> Phone call to a major distributor and they pulled it immediately.

It is going to take some drastic action like a Porn Star getting hurt on a set and/or one of the idiot guys being arrested and spending time in jail before the industry wakes up!

Good news from AVN. It is about time they take a stand on this insanity!

Alex Sanders Says He Invented Donkey Punch

"There's a way to do the donkey punch where it doesn't hurt the girl," said Sanders. "There's a way to do it. Every time I've done it with the exception of once- twice- and the only reason why I ever punched a girl in the head is because she wanted it."

Batman didn't think he could do that. "After 15 years, maybe, your mind changes," Batman conceded.