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Monday, May 1, 2006

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Holly Randall Gallery

HollyRandall: I put up my gallery of too many pics of myself
HollyRandall: and i'm not even halfway through them
HollyRandall: I'm done looking at myself, i'm going to go get the last of the light by the pool and read Watching the English.

Christian Mann At LA Times Book Festival

He replies:

I attend the Festival of Books every year because so many of my friends are authors. You and I may have some differences of opinion, but I admire the fact that you're a writer. Of course, so was Hitler.

I was at "Pushing The Envelope" panel because Susie Bright was a panelist and had invited me to come and support her. The panel itself wasn't great. Other than Susie, few of the panelists stayed on topic.

Toward the end of the panel, during the Q.& A., the discussion turned to authors facing financial consequences with an implication that they may be martyrs. Ergo, my question about how far they'd go and whether or not they'd be willing to face significant jail time for the sake of their desire to "push the envelope".

Dennis Cooper had trouble with the hypothetical nature of the question. He said his past writings would doom him based on the standard so he wouldn't change now. I told him to presume the risk were only possible on future works. I asked if it would chill his speech if he thought he could face jail. He still didn't get the question, which may be more my fault than his. I need to learn restraint in settings like this.

Had I known that Rodger Jacobs was there, I would have stayed silent. Susie finally told the assemblage that she and I were friends and my question was somewhat disingenuous, given my own experience as an indicted near felon. When Rodger approached me, I was stunned. I didn't recognize him. In a sad attempt at self-effacement, I told him he only recognized me when I had been referred to as disingenuous.

The fact is that I'm a frustrated writer, despite my lack of training or experience... it's my little Walter Mitty fantasy. I see myself as the Sean Connery character in "Finding Forrester."

On Saturday night I attended a party at the home of Susie's publisher. I was like one of the porn fans attending the AVNexpo... out of my element, star-struck and dreaming of being on the inside of their world.

Dillan Lauren Interview

Dillan's MySpace page pic pic pic pic pic pic pic pic Video of the Dillan vs Ava fight

I call her Monday after watching her fight video with Ava Vincent from last August.

She says she brought Gene Ross a videotape of the fight to a restaurant one night so he would clarify his earlier report. "I like him. He was nice in person. But he had something on his site about me having Skeeter's baby."

Luke: "You kicked Ava's ass."

Dillan: "I was pissed because she threw stuff on my little sister's shirt, which I wouldn't have worn except that they gave me the wrong wardrobe requirements for that day.

"My little sister and I were having a talk about how if you trade clothes, you respect the other person's clothes. I took something of hers because she wanted my favorite skirt.

"Venus, who I'm friends with, was talking s---."

Luke: "She said in the video that every set you go on..."

Dillan: "She's a friend of mine. She was just in a bitchy mood.

"Ava stole my clothes on a DVSX set. I looked in her suitcase and under her mess of clothes were my clothes neatly folded.

"Seymore Butts and Cousin Stevie loved the fight."

Luke: "Did Ava ever file a police report against you?"

Dillan: "She never did. She's a [disparaging term for someone who likes certain substances too much].

"I remember when I was going to that set, I said, 'Derek, I don't get along with Ava.' He said, 'Dillan, don't get in a fight.' So Ava said, 'I'm calling Derek and then I'm going to kick your ass.'

"There were eight girls. Five were replacements who were notified that morning. You were supposed to come with hair and make-up done. They all made it up before her. She was three hours late. We were sitting around waiting for her. And she wants to paint her nails clear before a three minute interview where you are not even going to see her hands.

"She throws a fit because she can't sit there and paint her fingernails clear. You pick them to begin with. They're all scabbed up. What do you care what they look like?

"I'm venting."

Luke: "It was funny."

Dillan: "It was gay. I should've beat her up more."

Luke: "Have you had fights before on set?"

Dillan: "I don't think so. But I was a little rowdy in highschool. My dad taught me how to box.

"That wrestling move I pulled on her with the elbow was pretty gay. I was going to break her nail.

"I got in a fight at the Billy Joel concert two months ago. A belligerent drunk girl pulled my hair. She was in my seat. I'm a hot head. I just punched her. I hurt my hand. I fractured a little bone.

"I'm a good girl. It's just gossip. It's hearsay."

Luke: "How's fashion school?"

Dillan: "I haven't beaten anyone up yet. And the most important part is that I've paid for it already.

"I always make jokes about the porn-stars-going-to-school thing. They always say, 'I'm going to school,' but they never go. I'm breaking the rules.

"I went out to a couple of bars the other night because my friend was in town.

"I'm doing a music video with two girls I know. It's something gay, little thing. It's a Spanish-Latin mix.

"I did a video called "Make-Up Sex" for the band Clear Static. They kicked it off MTV and edited out most of my part. It's on my MySpace page. I'm stripping for one of the band members. I think the whole purpose was to get kicked off MTV. There's a dirty version floating around somewhere.

"I got the job from LA Direct Models.

"It's a funky song. They're like Duran Duran. Glam rock."

Luke: "How are your new breasts?"

Dillan: "They're good. They're really soft now. Agent Provocateur is my favorite store now because Victoria Secret doesn't carry my size (32F). I'm such a big girl, they don't look that huge when you look at me proportionately (she stands 5'8")."

Luke: "Are you coming back to LA?"

Dillan: "In the near future, because I want to shoot some pictures. I don't want to shoot porn anymore. If offer a girl-girl thing, I'd do it. I just don't want to shoot gonzo boy-girl.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm a submissive girl. If I really feel like getting beat up, choked and spat on, I'll do it at home. I'm serious. I don't know why. I just don't feel like doing it on video anymore."

Luke: "Would you shoot for Holly Randall?"

Dillan: "I would love to shoot for Holly Randall. I love Holly. Would she shoot me?"

Luke: "Yeah."

Dillan: "Whenever she's available, I'll fly out there.

"I know she likes me tanned and so I'll get some tanning done. I'm on my way there now, as soon as I leave my room."

Luke: "How's your love life?"

Dillan: "I had a guy friend come out from LA. I wouldn't call it my love life because he's got a lot of girls. He's a regular actor. He's famous. He's sweet. We had a good time. We used to date casually.

"I was seeing someone here. He's an investment banker."

Luke: "Do they like you for who you are or do they like you because you're a porn star and you're crazy in bed?"

Dillan: "I'm trying to figure that out. I'm not sure I like them for who they are or because they're crazy in bed.

"'Oh baby, don't talk. Just sit there and look pretty.'

"You know who taught me that? Austin Kincaid.

"If a guy's pretty, he's stupid.

"I like guys with dark hair and eyeliner. I don't like meatheads. I like nerds or the rock star look. An underground band is cooler to me than a popular band."

Luke: "Don't you think it's swishy for guys to wear make-up?"

Dillan: "It depends on when and how often they wear make-up and where."

Luke: "You don't like guys who dress in women's clothing?"

Dillan: "Not last time I checked. I have enough girls stealing my s---. I don't need guys stealing it too."

Luke: "But you want the guy to be more aggressive in bed."

Dillan: "I'm very submissive in bed, even though my personality is dominant."

Luke: "Do you like to be slapped and have your hair pulled and be called a whore?"

Dillan: "Well, depends on who says it, but yeah. Why? Are you going to do it with me and Holly? I'm down.

"It's not that you want to be called a whore but what you are going to say? It's not that being called a whore is going to get me off, it's the spontaneity of it. I like sensual domination. I don't dig degradation."

Luke: "This woman once told me to ---- her like a whore."

Dillan: "You walked out of there and said, 'I'm in love.'

"It's good stuff. It's good to know that she's comfortable enough with you to say that. If she thought you thought it, she'd slap you upside the head.

"I don't always use the word 'whore.' 'F--- me like a whore.' Go figure. Give me something new. Come on. There are more words in the dictionary. Pull out your thesaurus. 'F--- me like I'm a prude. F--- me like I'm frigid.'

"I always enjoy talking to you on the phone. You always make me laugh.

"I remember the first time I met you. It was the first time you'd taken pictures of me.

"I was told, 'Watch your mouth. Luke is over there.' You were the worst guy in the world. You were going to wreck my whole career. I turned around and I didn't see Satan standing there.

"I don't get it. Is there that much to hide?"

Luke: "People are scared that I'm going to uncover their deep dark secrets."

Dillan: "Go ahead and dig."

Holly's Turning Into Her Mother Suze Randall

HollyRandall: someone just sent me my mom's Hustler layout, and there's a big shot of her vagina in there
HollyRandall: eeewww!
HollyRandall: i don't want to see that!
Luke: Send it to me.
HollyRandall: OK
Luke: your mom's vagina looks a lot like yours
HollyRandall: omg stop before i vomit

England's Isabel Ice

Derek replies to my inquiry: "She told them that she was here visiting Hannah Harper who worked for Direct, which might not be the most prudent answer to give, but nevertheless she had no problems and was admitted into the US."

Ava Vincent and Dillan Lauren Fight Last August on a Cousin Stevie set

Video of the Dillan vs Ava fight

This fight took place in August 2005. Gene Ross reported on it here August 24, 2005.

Dillan yells at Ava: "Bad bitch. So pathetic bitch."

Ava: "So pathetic."

Dillan: "I've washed up. You still have to look like that."

Ava grabs a burrito and throws it at Dillan.

Dillan: "I will f--- you up."

Dillan grabs Ava by the hair and shakes her like a rag doll.

Ava: "Oh yeah?"

Dillan knocks Ava down and repeatedly smashes her with an elbow.

Dillan: "I will f---ing kick your ass. Don't ---- with me."

Ava gets up and shakes her finger at Dillan. "You did that on camera. You are getting a lawsuit. You are getting a lawsuit."

Ava turns to the camera: "What's her name?"

Dillan: "F--- you, bitch."

Venus intervenes. She says to Dillan, "What the f---? Every set you're on."

Dillan: "She threw food at me twice. I will f--- her up."

Mike says Ava is fighting with Melissa Lauren but it's the tall American girl Dillan Lauren that she's getting it on with.

Bishop writes on XPT: "Ava apparently had inadvertantly left with some items of [Dillan's] clothing on a prior shoot. This was the first time those two had run into each other since that incident. Real classy how the cameraman just kept rolling as she was snatched up by her head. Let's say she catches her head on the counter on the way down."

Christian writes on XPT: "How stupid is Ava Vincent? She throws the burrito at Dillan and then turns her back to her."

TheKing writes: "The best part is, as Dillan is slamming Ava's head against the wall Ava is exclaiming "oh yeah," like she has any control, in response to Dillan's threat of "I will f--- you up bitch." I must say I'm surprised by Ava's fortitude being that she looks quite frail and fragile compared to Dillan Lauren. Unexpectedly Ava pops up no worse for the wear threatening a lawsuit. In conclusion, this might be one of the best posts ever."

Kelly Steele: My 10 reasons why I think that Internet Porn will eventually die

A .XXX will pretty much destroy online porn sales. I have long believed that the Internet as a vehicle for porn is eventually going to die. And my reasons for this opinion are numerous:

1) It is too easy for children to get porn. I don't care what disclaimers you put up or security measures you take. Children will find away around it. Thusly, the government, law enforcement and various other groups will continue to try to shut down Internet pornography.

[Paul: Answer - Gambling is illegal online in alot of countries and the biggest market being America doesnt allow it. Hasnt stopped people making billions through gambling.]

2) There is too much free porn available! (Regardless if it is give-aways, piracy or stolen passwords). This has driven profit margins through the basement floor.

[Paul: Answer - Why do you think you shave webmasters? You give them the freehosted galleries etc then take 30% of their income to make up for this.]

3) The porn industry is too easy for people to become involved in. Nowadays, anyone with a handful of computer skills can become a webmaster and if they own a 3 chip camera can be a pornographer via the Internet. (Whereas making a video, distibuting, budgeting and various other facets needed to put a product on store shelf require a lot of busines skills.) This many people involved in our industry has flooded the market with crap product which further drives down profits.

[Paul: Answer - 99% of the people that think that porn is easy will never make any money from porn. The people with a crap product are usually to stupid to put password protection on their sites and end up out of business thanks to Leo at Ultrapasswords when their first bandwidth bil comes through.]

4) Most people still only use the Internet for Email and to surf a few sites for things like movie listings or commentary. They have little use or need for broadband connections and the associated expense of it. Highspeed access is only required by those that download large files.

5) Plus people are aware that all online activities are not necessisarily private. Between ISPs watching download activities to monitoring for child-porn and terrorist activities, and hackers searching for personal data; the internet's longtime advantage of absolute anonymity is becoming a thing of the past.

6) Highspeed isn't fast enough and quality is ----. Anyone that has had to wait for a video to finish buffering or a 700 meg movie to download will tell you it's a pain in the ass. As for quality, well it doesn't compare to a 36-inch screen TV.

7) Furthermore most sexual porn is for the purpose of masturbation or arousal. It's easier to lay down in your bed to jerk-off or screw your girlfriend on the sofa/couch than sitting in an office chair.

8) Credit cards are required and because of problems with fraud and identity theft, people will always be suspicious before giving out their information. In the end, most individuals prefer to talk to a real person.

[Paul: Answer - Please talk to the owners of Epoch and CCBill and inform them that their is no money in taking credit cards online.]

9) The consumer will always want to hold something in their hands. It doesn't matter if it is a DVD or a micro-chip, they want a tangeble object. Otherwise they don't feel like they own something. And if they find out they could have downloaded it from a bittorrent site for free, the person that made the purchase feels ripped off and is less likely to purchase again in the future. And I've saved the best for last

10) The main reason Internet porn will die is because the nature of the pornographer and the webguru are diametrically opposed. (There will always be exceptions but these are extremely rare).

The true pornographer is someone who is in your face, affronting, and doesn't give a ---- about public opinion. Let's face it, we are and always be regarded negatively, there is no prestige in our job and we make our living through exploitation and offending the values and traditions of one portion of society or another. The true pornographer is both vigilante and a mercenary. (Want a classic example? Watch the People vs Larry Flint!) We have a firm belief that we can create whatever we want, watch whatever we like and say whatever we damn well please. And anyone who does not share in our views can literally go ---- himself because no-one is forcing him to listen, read or watch what we produce. And as pornographers, we are willing to fight for that right and to ultimately profit from it. And anyone that argues that there is prestige in being a pornographer is dead wrong; because it is it's very essence of being un-prestigious that makes it profitable. Web-gurus by contrast tend to hide behind their computers. They are less extroverted. Their fights are all waged in a passive medium, usually behind faceless online personas, and websites are easily shut down. Credit card processors can stop accepting adult sites, and the .XXX extension is more easily blocked. In the end, there will always be true pornographers. Because they exploit every opportunity and say "---- U!" to the establishment.

Rob Spallone In The Media Spotlight

I call him Monday at 11:45 a.m.

Rob: "I did my [radio] interview with South Africa. Tomorrow is one from Washington."

Luke: "When are you shooting?"

Rob: "In a few weeks. I've got to put it together now. I have people coming over to go through the thousands of emails."

Shay Laren June '06 Penthouse Pet

New York, NY, April 17, 2006-When it comes to busty, beautiful June '06 Pet Shay Laren, one must expect the unexpected.

"I'm a very spontaneous person," says Maui, HI resident Shay. "A group of people once at a nightclub once dared me to make out with a girlfriend for $200.00. It was exciting and very sexy."

Shay was born in Georgia and grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, but didn't stay there for too long. Shay moved around a lot with her family and says being raised an army brat has made the 20-year-old a very well-rounded young lady.

"I went to high school in Germany and I've lived in about eight different countries. I'm happy about that; it made me a very culturally rich person. It was also nice to drink in bars legally way before you do in the states!"

Shay was a Penthouse discovery through a good friend, neighbor and fellow Penthouse Pet Crystal Klein (March '05), "She's a wonderful woman and told me what a positive experience it's been representing Penthouse and how thrilling being a Pet has been. I couldn't wait to be a part of it all."

When Shay isn't modeling and traveling she likes to relax in the great beauty of the Hawaii outdoors - spending lazy days at the beach, hiking and spear fishing.

She also has great love music, particularly classic rock. "I'm obsessed with The Rolling Stones and I love all 80s music. My big dream is to meet Billy Idol one day, he's so hot!"

American Cannibal

David Carr writes for The New York Times:

Questions of truth, verisimilitude and reality are very much part of a running cultural narrative, so it is no surprise that they would show up on the Tribeca schedule, most notably in "American Cannibal: The Road to Reality," ostensibly a documentary about two writers who pitch a reality television show built on a concept of cannibalism.

The pilot was cast and the production set up on Vieques Island, off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. There, things quickly went awry, with a shoot that was troubled by insects, artistic differences, labor strife and, eventually, a serious injury to a cast member that ended production.

The promotional copy for the film, which had its premiere last Wednesday night, calls it a "potent, poignant real-life drama with penetrating insight," raising questions about how far people will go in pursuit of fame and fortune. But is it true?

I call Kevin Blatt Monday afternoon.

Luke: "How much of that American Cannibal movie is fact and how much is BS?"

KB: "I dunno. All the parts that are real, everybody thinks are bull. It's really not a documentary. It's more of a feature movie with this some documentary aspects. It's not a Fahrenheit 911. But it is weird.

"I'm the king of psuedo events. I just never realized it."

Jenna Jameson Update

She blogs:

I drove home yesterday from LA so I could spend a day here in my house before I fly back to LaLa Land. These next couple months are gonna be jam packed with a lot of work. Tuesday I am attending the Saturn awards which is for Horror and Science fiction movies...my favorite kind! I am presenting so hopefully I will meet some cool people there.

Thursday I am going to the mansion for the Playmate of The Year luncheon, and let me just tell you, there isn't anything that is more fun than running around in a sundress surrounded by a large percentage of Playmates!

I may be flying out to Kentucky this weekend for the Derby, I know I have quite a few photoshoots the week after (including a 2 day commercial shoot for the new season of Jenna's American Sex Star) but, who cares, I am young... I can handle it. It sure sounds like I am trying to convince myself, doesn't it?

Christian Mann Asks A Question At The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books

Saturday, Rodger Jacobs went with his friend Diana Wagman, novelist (who I met a year ago at a Mediabistro party and sat next to Sunday at "The Outsiders: Independent Film Today" with panelist-authors Peter Biskind, Marshall Fine, David Kipen, Kenneth Turan and moderator Rocky Lang).

On Saturday, Wagman moderated "Fiction: Pushing the Envelope" with Susie Bright, Dennis Cooper, Craig Ferguson and Karen Finley. Karen takes herself and her work enormously seriously and non-confrontational Wagman had her limits tested keeping Ferguson and Finley from breaking out into a fist fight or rough sex or some intensely physical interaction forbidden by our holy Torah.

Rodger tells me Sunday night: "They finally opened the floor to questions from the audience after thirty minutes of the panel. There was one guy last in line to ask a question: 'With the political tide shifting, would they be willing to go to jail for their work?'

"Dennis Cooper responded like it was the dumbest question he'd heard. Susie Bright commented, then said, 'But this gentleman is being disengenuous because he's faced this battle before.'

"When he turned around, I saw who it was -- Christian Mann. He's known Susie for years. I stuck my hand out there. I haven't seen Christian in years. He said, 'When did you realize it was me? When she said I was being disengenuous?'

"He looks great, fit."

Jolar strip club article - Harry Mohney, etc.

Jay Allen writes on Carnal Comics Yahoo group:

Jamie [Ralph Gardner] kindly sent me an updated draft of this article, which I'd lost in a computer crash - here's another excerpt from a lengthy piece I wrote about the period when I ran the San Diego strip club Jolar in the mid-80s. The Harry Mohney referred to is the head of the Deja Vu club chain, as well as running the Hustler Clubs, etc:

One of my worst days was when about a half dozen FBI guys showed up in my office. It seemed Harry Mohney was in some kind of tax situation, as well being in legal hot water that affected Jolar once the feds discovered Harry’s company, not Jackie Hagerman, was the true owner. When feds saw the monitoring switch and speaker on my desk that eavesdropped on the private talk show booth phones (something Lee Bickel had set up to keep women from entering into illegal transactions with customers), I was handcuffed and arrested for “installing or maintaining an illegal surveillance system.” When they found a UPS box of porn vids addressed from the Michigan office, they threatened to file federal charges, against me personally, for “interstate transportation of pornography,” which they claimed could earn me twenty years in prison.

I sat there with my mouth shut (a Company edict I followed religiously) while they tore my office apart and took away all the files, bankbooks and records, even my own school notebook from a night class I was taking in graphic arts. The charges against me were later dropped but the FBI visited me a few other times. Most of their questions were about Harry, particularly about his and the Company’s various home properties maintained in and around La Costa. I didn’t know at the time that his ex, Gail Palmer had filed suit against Harry in February ‘85, claiming the house at 2520 La Costa Avenue as an asset she thought she co-owned (“I later discovered it was placed in the name of Caribbean Films, Inc.” she wrote in her court declaration). I was surprised to find out the FBI knew I’d house-sat a few weekends in a couple of those La Costa homes (one periodically occupied by Jackie, not Harry).

That’s about when I first started noticing black cars with no license plates following me as I drove to our various bank deposit drops (we maintained several, I knew better than to ask why). When they didn’t turn out to be robbers, I assumed them to be feds. I wondered if someone had been following me up to La Costa, perhaps on occasions when I was asked to prepare Company houses for Company guests to visit. I’d be sent off by Jackie or Harry with a shopping list of snacks, fridge drinks, wine, condom boxes and other stuff that I was to sprinkle around for impending guests.

I was occasionally instructed to introduce a “fun loving” dancer or three to male Company associates, with the girls making their own deals with Harry, Jackie and/or the visitor if there was to be monetary compensation for their time and efforts. I know, I know…weird ----en gig. The house Jackie frequented had all white carpets and furniture downstairs, furthering that “Yoko-esque” association for me. She liked my girlfriend and invited us to spend evenings and weekends there by ourselves, though usually slotting in some shopping, dry cleaning or car-delivery errands for me to do while up there (she had a new Mercedes with a gold hood ornament that always needed to be moved from some airport or another, she didn’t want her expensive oft-replaced ornament stolen from any more airport lots).

One of my oddest experiences at Company homes took place at the Yoko house. After spending the night, my girl and I awoke to the sound of multiple voices coming from the backyard. Imagine our surprise to find about a dozen guys setting up cameras and lights around the pool and deck, for a morning video shoot, and I don’t mean the wedding type.

I found this was common and in fact I soon began recognizing Company houses as backdrops in porn vids screened at Jolar.

Just as we were relaxing to the notion of what would soon be happening around us before we even ate breakfast, the director informed that Harry Mohney had commissioned this to be a “golden shower” video. (“Orange juice? Um, no thanks.”)

Harry attended one of my early attempts to market Jolar to a growing, more affluent customer base when I began bringing porn stars to the club to do weekend personal appearances. The women signed autographs and posed for Poloroids with fans ($10 a pop, $20 nude) and even performed one-on-one shows in the Private Talk Show booths for $20 per three-minute “show” (split between star and club).

Patti Petite was the first, a small bottled blonde with a Joan Rivers voice but sexy features and a reputation for doing anything, anywhere, anytime. We ran one of her movies on a screen in the background while she met fans and I recall being uncomfortable the first time one of her sex scenes came on while I was sitting right there next to her. “My mouth hurt for days after that,” she said after one particularly frenetic scene and I laughed, tension somewhat relieved.

I’d never met a porn star and I had no idea what kind of freak show to expect. She was a perfectly nice young lady with a rather dirty mouth. Harry was impressed with the line of men waiting to meet her and leading out the front doors all night long - we grossed an additional $10,000 for the weekend, above and beyond the increased take in the booths with local ladies and video decks.

I got a fat bonus and the Company began paying other porn stars to fly in and stay at Harry’s homes to do these lucrative personal appearances, which were advertised in local zines, military papers and via old fashioned flyering of rock show parking lots and even at other dance clubs. Most women were doing videos for Harry too, though I’m not sure if Traci Lords was working for Caribbean when we booked her. She was due to appear on the following month when news hit about her underage status. I was among the merchants scurrying to empty her dozens of videos off the shelves and return to the main office (which presumably destroyed them all). A lot of people still showed up to see Lords, even after we put up signs announcing her appearance had been cancelled.

Harry (or rather the Company) bought an adult bookstore on 827 National City Boulevard and Jackie and I began converting it to be setup like Jolar, with live dancer booths. However, there was some doubt about whether the city would allow us to even open the doors, given new zoning laws, cloudy property purchase records and the questionable adult-boutique license transfer. Harry wasn’t a legal county resident, I was told, or perhaps he was merely unwilling to apply his name to the license. Lord knows in-house paper trails regarding his many business interests were treated like top-secret documents – “need to know” prioritized, arcanely coded and promptly shredded (we were only allowed to refer to him as “Our Friend” in company correspondences and reports).

I was once nearly fired for accidentally opening a Fed-Ex envelope addressed to Jackie containing fictitious name applications signed by company employees, whose address-specific histories needed to be confirmed (or created?) to obtain new operational permits in various southwest cities.

In a meeting with Jackie and Harry, I was approached to front as owner of the Nat’l City shop, at least temporarily, until the permits cleared and the business could re-open. I considered the nearly six-figure offer to put my name on the business license as “owner” and on incorporation paperwork as “president and controlling officer” of the “new” corporation while we remodeled the building’s cavernous interior.

We opened the front section as a bookstore only, with a Jolar part-timer named Tom Gray “managing” who’d later go to federal prison in Boron for dealing meth. The only reason the doors were opened was to stave off a threat of condemnation by the city.

In what is in hindsight a rare wise decision, I declined to become a part-owner of the National City store.

Sure enough, it was shut down a few weeks later without the remodeling ever being finished and neither Jackie nor Harry ever referred to it again. Harry was eyeing other San Diego locales for what would eventually become his Déjà Vu clubs.

Downtown was seeing the death of its peep show population. At the same time, the city was becoming a hot spot for both porn producers and resident stars, with more and more videos being produced (and sold) within city limits. We briefly carried, on consignment, a few vids literally hand made by locals who’d bring them in shopping bags, with photocopied covers and an occasional pasted-on photo print of a lady who may or may not appear on the tape.

Some of the Jolar girls appeared in Harry’s porn mags, given away on site, and others made their own X-rated tapes which they sold in the shop (minus a commission for the house, of course). The Company saw the future was clearly in “Live Nude Girls,” especially those industrious enough to market themselves with trinkets like handmade vids, Poloroids, and even worn undergarments (which we briefly offered to customers free as a “happy hour” promotion, part of a paid booth “Talk Booth” show and given right off the ladies’ backs, as it were).

The Company opened new stores patterned after Jolar, like Pandora’s Box on 6th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona. Similar shops were started in Phoenix, Galveston, Las Vegas and elsewhere, and Jackie and I trained some of the new managers in Tucson or at Jolar. Porn star events continued to be more popular, with occasional media coverage. Not always positive coverage (“You’ll be shocked to hear what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood!”), but anything that mentioned us was considered good press and inevitably resulted in a rush of new and often devotional patrons (note to guys trying to impress strippers – you ALL bring f----- flowers to the club, it’s not charming, it’s not original, the ladies AND their boyfriends/girlfriends are laughing at you and it’s not gonna get you laid – “once a john, always a john,” just bring cash).

The dancers were making far too much money for Jackie’s liking. She came to visit for a week (her gold Mercedes hood ornament stolen twice while parked out front, I suspect by angry dancers) and revamped the whole system. She rebooked each girl as an “independent contractor” and rented them booth space at the club to perform! We charged $75 off the top of anything they made, and then took 50% of their tips, all of which went into lockboxes between them and the customers. The women never got to handle their own money until the end of the week, when we’d deduct our booth rental fees and our half of her week’s tips.

This pissed off a lot of dancers but none that I recall quit. In fact competition became fierce to rent booths on the best weekend nights, with women paying days in advance to keep their preferred booth and shift. Rent soon went up to $100 per booth shift.

After only a few weeks of this system, the state department of equalization came down on us over the girls’ benefit-less non-employee status. I was visited June 26, 1985, by Deputy Labor Commissioner Victor Rojas, who brought with him several vice cops and a fire inspector, Captain Marion Stillwell. Stillwell kept me busy with eight cited violations while Rojas and vice grilled the dancers. The labor board then informed us that dancers had to be treated as employees from that point forward, threatening us with years’ worth of dancers’ back taxes if we challenged the decree. Jackie chose not to fight and put all the dancers on the payroll, requiring them to clock in (I had to buy a time-clock) and paying them a minimum hourly wage. All their tips went into lockboxes which the Company kept for each woman until the end of the week. Then Jolar would cut them a check for 50% of their total tip earnings, which still netted the average girl a couple thousand dollars a week for only a few nights’ work.

It wasn’t just vice and the city campaigning to erase the pornographic blight on College Grove’s landscape. There were also occasional protestors to deal with. The twenty or so matronly ladies carrying “Jolar Exploits Women” signs around the building for four consecutive weekends (10am to 2am, same shifts as the dancers), during summer 1986, were my favorite. They actually listened to the dancers when they went outside to inform that they weren’t being sold into slavery and that the lowest wage earner among them took home more cash per night than the club manager. “Who’s exploiting who?” they posited. The protest signs didn’t come down but it was entirely enjoyable and amusing to see such very disparate women, leading such unrelated lives, having a lively discussion in the front parking lot about a woman’s right to buy a condo off wages legally earned while nude.

The club was raided again, this time by vice cops holding warrants for the arrest of several dancers and myself. One of the dancers, “Angie,” had solicited an undercover cop and others had been caught performing “forbidden acts” in private booth shows for secret Sheriff shoppers (many of whom, the dancers insisted to me, exposed themselves and masturbated).

POLICE REPORT against Ellwest, excerpt: “The window in booth permitted each side to view the other, and customers were asked to expose their penises and masturbate to show that they were not police. Each officer made excuses, however, and the performers did not insist. Officers saw defendant perform twice, each time with another woman. Each time, the performers fondled and licked each others' breasts and masturbated. One performer also squeezed milk from her breasts. Officers who watched other performances testified that women other than defendant fondled and licked each other vaginally as well…manager arrested for operating or maintaining a house of prostitution and pandering, class 5 felonies.”

I’d never spent more than a couple of hours in jail for the Company, someone always bailed me out while the handcuffs were still warm and took care of virtually all my court appearances. I can’t recall ever being in an actual courtroom for them despite being arrested (by local authorities) four times, over dancer infractions (in addition to the unnerving if never-pressed FBI bust). Charges, against ME anyways, were always eventually dropped, if ever filed at all. For some reason, this time I had to spend the entire night in a downtown holding cell, and I was rather unhappy about this, as you can imagine. Besides, there were still those unmarked black cars I kept seeing…

'You Are Wrong, Luke'

Vilnii writes:

Luke, I agree with Holly here. You consistently post negative feedback regarding her site (her livelihood) It's newsworthiness/interest is not the question here, but an absence of balance. As a journalist you should know. I also wondered why you have a penchant for posting that one-sidedness. For everyone that complains there are hundreds that like the site [Suze Randall Suze Video]. So if you must post the nasty stuff, post the good also so that people don't get a misleading view You need to correct this man.

Bill Margold Responds To Mark Kernes

Bill emails me:

I knew that much like dangling a carrot in front of a jackass, Mark Kernes wouldn't be able to resist the bait of responding to my 4-20-06 LAXPRESS/Cinema Seen column.

And I also knew that he would only wind up trapping himself deeper in the manure-like quicksand that comprises what passes for his mind. And now he is going to drag a few other people down with him. Not that they don't deserve it, mind you.

Lining up Jeffrey Douglas to defend him is like Bush coming to the defense of Cheney. The complete statement to The Meese Commission was "leave us alone and we will destroy ourselves...BUT come after us, and we will band together to fight back in ways that might make you regret that you ever decided to take on such a foe." And I've always been in favor of creating "competition" for AIM---if for no other reason than to keep the organization, as Mitchell herself puts it "on its toes."

As to the Pure Pleasure bust in Las Vegas (Jan. 1993), I challenge Kernes to produce even one "source" to verify that I had been warned by the authorities not to put on the FREE SPEECH COALITION fundraiser.

I seriously doubt that I would have been so warmly welcomed back by The Free Speech Speech Coalition board members within days after the tragic affair if any one really, truly believed that I knew that we were going to be busted.

And the rusty shoe-horn incident (2000) was prompted by Mark's mutterings that the magnificent Gloria Leonard wasn't among the best choices to represent the Adult Industry in debates.

My confronting him about botching up the facts surrounding the Hal Freeman case took place in the very long hallway of Mandalay Bay as we were approaching the Erotic Dancer Convention registration area in August 2002. But...as is always the state when Kernes is confronted with one of his blunderosities, he brings denial---or his inability to remember (truly the stuff that makes for "accurate" reporting) up.

BTW: I feel guilty about denigrating the position of "toads" -- and from now on I will use "Turd-essecent" when I resume "Kicking Kernes" on the 5-11-06 LAXPRESS Cinema Seen page, which will be appropriately dedicated to discussing "V For Vendetta."

Jamie Ralph Gardner writes on the Carnal Comics Yahoo group:

I have met Bill Margold and Mark Kernes more then once and I like them both. I know Margold much more then I know Kernes. It's too bad that many people within the x-rated industry feud with each other. The adult industry could accomplish so much more if it was more united. I think that Margold is blunt and doesn't sugar coat things. Margold is probably not good as a diplomat because he doesn't use tact when he describes things. As Jay has admitted himself, Jay is not good at being tactful. Margold has been nice and quite helpful to me.

I think people have to be very careful of every word they say because the media can take what you out of context. At Blockbuster Video, I'm good with customers because I try to understand things from their point of view. I'm good at not showing anger when people are rude to me. I tend to view many things as being subjective. You can make an argument for anything if you manipulate facts. Whether a re-stocking fee is a late fee is subjective. I will tell a customer why Blockbuster Video does not view a re-stocking fee as a late fee but I don't say the customer is wrong. Some Managers will keep debating with the customers even though the customers will not change their minds.

Whether a porn actress or actor is a prostitute is subjective. Jay and Steve Crompton view porn actors and actresses as being prostitutes. Ron Jeremy, Ginger Lynn, Fred Lincoln, Tricia Devereaux, Melissa Lauren, etc. have given opinions why they believe this is not true. Some people view oral sex as sex but there are people who think otherwise.

Jay Allen writes:

I know both Margold and Kernes - neither are ideal hood ornaments for the porn industry, but they're both very knowledgable and eloquent individuals.

Margold was very helpful in creating the "Triple-X Cinema: Cartoon History" comics but his assertions about being an integral mover and shaker porn history are somewhat overstated. He witnessed and participated in a lot of things, but he wasn't one of the guys "making history" as he seems to claim in his dissection of Kernes.

Kernes is only a "journalist" by a loose interpretation of that word, but his writing is nonetheless entertaining and usually very well informed (if often too biased to be deemed dependably accurate),

Dirty Bob writes: "You are wrong about Kernes - he is an incredibly talented journalist."

California Valley Girls

Fennis writes me:

What's up bro? Amazing that a brutha from Compton wants to be like you. How come 6912 Hollywood Blvd. is boarded up like a crack house now? Tell Laurie we miss her down at 6912. Did Laurie ever meet Eddie Nash since she lived in his building at 1 time? Eddie's son Derek should reopen the Seven Seas instead of investing in a joke like Casino Productions. Spallone should move from Sunset to 6912. 6912 just oozes good luck. The next time you talk to Bill Margold ask him what happened to Cindy Shepard of California Valley Girls fame. You might be shocked to find out what she is doing now.

Joe writes: "Supposedly Cindy's X career (California Valley Girls plus one other flick IIRC) was a project for a UCLA psychology classs...and now she's a psychologist or a professor or something like that. While I'm sure her looks have changed over the years, I hope her ability to suck cock hasn't changed."

Paris Hilton and the American Cannibal

In our continuing series, a profile of the pornographer who put Paris Hilton in your living room, and a fascinating look at “pseudo-events” in our culture and the media that can’t get enough of them.

Porn Shoots Get Under Their Skin

From The LA Times:

...Johnson's wife called the number on the flier to find out more about the company in their midst.

She was told it was Califa Productions, which shoots films for Vivid Entertainment Group, one of the world's largest purveyors of hard-core porn.

Encino neighbors may object to the filming, but there's little recourse if city permits are in place.

...Residents circulated a petition that alleged the filming has "introduced unsavory and undesirable elements" into their "otherwise peaceful neighborhood." Twenty-two residents signed.

'Does this break your heart?

Kami Andrews emails me: "Whenever my dad would say anything horrible, he would laugh, like that made us think it didn't hurt? By posting this, is Holly laughing so we think it doesn't hurt?"

Yes, it is sad. Holly's like that, she has a good sense of humor, which she often uses as a defence.

"I figured as much. She is definitely the smartest chick I've come across."

Mark Kernes Replies To Bill Margold

Here's an excerpt from Mark's posting on the AVN blog:

For instance, anyone who knows anything about AIM knows that that organization could never have survived, much less become the dominant agency for HIV and other STD testing in the industry, if Margold had actually had anything to do with running it. No, it was probably sheer luck that Margold selected Sharon Mitchell on whom to palm off the drudge work of contacting the performers, bringing them in and getting them tested after Tricia Devereaux, Brooke Ashley and a handful of others contracted HIV from an unknown source in early '98. But it was Mitchell's persistence (and a certain amount of luck) that finally turned up Marc Wallice as the source of the outbreak; her diligence in following up that brought about the first comprehensive and effective testing program in the industry, and her tireless energy that's made AIM into the formidable protector of the industry that it is today. Margold's made several attempts, in concert with others, to destroy AIM, or at least diminish its utility to the industry, mostly out of sheer jealousy — but fortunately, those failed.

And while Margold's free to boast about having given the Meese Commission his "no one ever died from an overdose of porn" soundbite, he's conveniently left out the fact that he also told them that if they'd just leave the industry alone, it would self-destruct of its own accord. It, of course, didn't — and the religio-conservatives' anger at that fact has caused them to radically increase the energy they've devoted to its destruction — and Margold is completely unequipped to deal with their anti-adult propaganda and legal maneuvers. For that, the industry needs committed and knowledgeable attorneys, a strong trade organization with effective lobbyists, and it could use the communications skills of some of the more intelligent talent. And yes, it needs somebody who understands the legal issues that are in play, who has researched the propaganda being spread by the religio-conservative organizations, and who can write about all that in a (more-or-less) clear and concise manner.

In the coming war, "perpetually-popular 'Anti-Censorship Critters'" just ain't gonna cut it.

Mike Ramone adds: "And on a related note, in editing Warren's coverage of the XRCOs, I saw where Margold is again quoted as saying that AVNers essentially should be kicked out of the XRCO; some silliness about how the AVN Awards are all about honoring the bottom line, not the sex, which is certainly news to me. Hey Bill, you're a boomer, so you should get this reference: Hell no, we won't go!"

Dirty Bob writes: "The AVN voters have absolutely no undue influence on the XRCO noms or winners (there is no collusion of any kind - frequently (quite often, actually) XRCO members at AVN do not vote for the AVN winners or the current flavor of the month!). Any suggestion about kicking AVN members out of the XRCO solely due to working at AVN is utter madness. 'Nuff said!"

Tom Zupko Back With Rob Black

Zupko started out as a clerk in Ray Pistol's Las Vegas porn store. Then he started Armagheddon with friends. Then he joined Extreme. Then went to Elegant Angel and Sin City and Hustler.

New York Times Article On Former Hustler Editor Allan MacDonell

Charles McGrath writes 4/30/06:

...But in the three years since leaving, Mr. MacDonell said, he has experienced no "withdrawal symptoms" and has seen only one pornographic video. He and his second wife, Theresa McAllen, a clothing designer, have a "very conventional marriage," he noted.

They met roughly 12 years ago on a blind date, and when she heard where he worked, she was a little hesitant, he said, but quickly got over it because "she's incredibly secure with herself."

...Now that "Prisoner of X" is done, he is working on some screenplays and has an idea for a book-length expansion of an article he once wrote for Hustler: "Creeps: Why Women Love Us."

Love Really Hurts Without You

I call Holly back Saturday night. She's about to start her period. She apologizes for her abrupt emails Friday. "Work is always insane. I tell people to just stay away from me for the three days before my period or I might bite their head off."

Luke: "It's just another side to you. I'm sure there are people who know how to relate to you with love during that time period."

Holly: "No. Before my period, I become a huge bitch. Stay far away from me. If I'm dating a guy, I will tell him. 'I'm sorry, this is the way I am. Just ignore me the next three days. Don't pay attention to anything I say.

"I was in the supermarket today and I bought a big heavy pack of firelogs. There was this sweet young 16 year old black boy putting my groceries away. He asked if I needed help out to my car.

"I said no, I'm fine.

"He said, 'No. Really mam, I would like to help you. This is a heavy box.'

"I said, 'I am not weak. I can carry it myself. I'm not a pathetic weakling. Forget about it.'

"He said, 'Mam, that's not what I meant. I'm a man. You're a woman. It's my duty to help you put these heavy things in your car.'

"I said, 'Wow, your momma was on your ass. But I do everything by myself. I live alone. I don't need your help.'

"He said, 'But you're a woman. You need a good man to take care of you.'

"I looked him in the eye and said, 'Sweetheart, nobody has ever taken care of me and you are the last person to start.'

"I've always been incredibly independent and never had anyone take care of me."

Luke: "I'm sure that's not true but I understand that's the way you want to view your life."

We come to the end of our conversation. Holly's been cooking all day for a friend's birthday party.

I know that we can part one of two ways. One, I can feel aggrieved (I love to feel angry and isolated, it is from that state I do my best writing -- observation on writers by Peter Bart) because I've had no sense that Holly was interested in what was happening in my life. Or two, I could just interject and tell her what was happening.

I choose option two.

'Super Supreme Moral Leader Of Learning'

Cindi Loftus writes me April 29:

Am I worthy? I think my description of you lately would be a obsessive conumdrum. Could you please tell me what color socks Holly wears on Sunday? And how is the mafia doing? And which "used to be" a porn girl is living a terrible life now? There must be a TV documentary you will be on this week, can you give me a date and time and channel? Sorry to sound negative and be a brat Luke, you know how i am, and how i hate to be ignored by you when i send you several e-mails, and/or IM's and you don't answer. I guess there will come a time when i just give up on you. and don't write you anymore. But giving up is not one of my personality traits, I guess i am used to people just liking me, and you are one of those trying cases. I would really hate not to write to you or for you anymore, but i just can't accept the rejection, and unimportance, and no replies that I am treated with, and also the confllicting statements of whether you love or hate those in porn and whether or not you wish them to acknowledge you for your birthday. If I get a one word answer or a smiley face in answer to this, you will not receive an answer from me.

PS- Dr Phil says you are treated the way you allow people to treat you, and in our case, I was not making you treat me right.

Cindi writes me April 23:

Luke, CNN.com readers decide worst song ever made, and Air Supply is nominated, not for one song, but for their whole body of work! Luke that doesn't mean CNN is right of course. Just means as usual you have a contradictory opinion to many. But then that is what makes you special! Air Supply's hits (1980-1986): "Our retired neighbor once blasted the 'Best of Air Supply' CD for an entire day, at top volume, while he was doing his yardwork. Why would an otherwise decent 65-year-old man do such a thing? ... After an hour of this insipid crap, I was actually on the phone to my husband at work, begging him to let me put our house up for sale." -- S.G.P.

Another thing, I am confused. Chaim says you really want people to wish you happy birthday and celebrate and buy you gifts etc.... Well I have bought you gifts or at least sent cards for your birthday and Dec Holidays, and haven't really ever got a positive response. Then you say today that you don't really care at all about your birthday it means nothing. God you are confusing, lol. It's like you have two personalities, well maybe that is where Chaim fits in. Oye Vay. Please let me know whether you care or you don't. Or maybe I will just send you a card to cover my bases. I wish you good luck, it sounds like you are writing a couple books, the interview one, and one non- porn one. The only person on your list of photos needed that I know well is Mary, and I am sure you can just ask Mary for a pic and a model release. But let me know if I can help in any way with the book(s).

I don't seek gifts. It was only a joke blog.

American Cannibal

Logan Hill writes in New York magazine:

Parental advisory: What follows is the most outrageous line of dialogue I’ve found at Tribeca: “I could make ten tapes of Paris Hilton and she could suck off the Queen of Jordan. It’s still going to be Paris Hilton sucking dick. You’ve never seen anybody eat people on television, have you?” That’s Paris Hilton porn-video promoter Kevin Blatt, speaking from the back of a strip-club in the Tribeca documentary American Cannibal by Perry Grebin and Michael Nigro. In this oddball film, two frustrated writers end up selling a show to Blatt based on the idea of stranding contestants on an island, starving them, and then convincing them to become cannibals. The premise itself is a bit shaky and unclear—and, not so surprisingly, the show crumbles before they’ve filmed the pilot, as a mysterious cast member falls ill (and, crew members claim, into a coma). The quotes from industry experts, including the founder of Sex.com and Debbie Demontreaux of IFC, are fairly fascinating, as they suggest how low reality TV may soon go. But the gaps and elisions are too sloppy to be convincing—including the bizarre inability to determine the name and fate of the cast member who supposedly fell ill. There are so many odd incongruities that the end result—whether a put-on or not—feels like one (think: more Incident at Loch Ness than Control Room). But then again, reality TV has rarely cared much about truth—and maybe this is the doc it deserves. Besides, the crass truthiness here is far more apt than any of the glossy satire in American Dreamz.

Holly Asks Why I'm Negative

Holly writes: "Just out of curiosity, why do you never include the positive feedback [Suze Randall] along with the negative? Every time you post any criticisms, you deliberately leave out any postive or supportive response and only post the negative. I guess that's what sells."

I reply:

I post by instinct. It's rarely thought through. I post what I think is interesting. "God, you really got some great spread shots on Stormy" isn't interesting.

Frankly, positive feedback in your own forum is not newsworthy nor interesting unless it is unusual. But maybe I am missing somethnig. I am often wrong. Please give me an example of some positive feedback that would be interesting for my readers on your forum? You know I give you personally tons of positive feedback.

At Least I Had Holly AKA The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Blogger

Luke: "How's your love life? Blogging get you laid?"

Nate writes:

Far, far from it. That would explain the porn blogging and the fascination with porn stars.

No, I'm alone in the cold, dark vastness of cyberspace.

At least you have PSK. In Texas, it's all drinking at country music playing bars. Hank Williams and beer can be a bad combination. And you had Holly, for a little while. I have my unrequited love for AJ Khan and my poliblogging to keep me happy.

Monstar Captures The XRCO Awards As Only He Can

"The 2006 X-rated Critics Organization Awards rawked Century City the evening of April 20th!"

Brandy Alexandre Vs Wikipedia

I held off on publishing this story for a couple of months because Brandy promised me a good exclusive.

Friday afternoon, April 28.

BrandyAlx1: I forgot I told you a while ago I'd fill you in on the Wikipedia flap.
BrandyAlx1: Well, something came up with Wiki on CNN.com today that totally pissed me off there's a better spin on the story.
BrandyAlx1: As you probably know, Wikipedia can be edited by anybody, which makes it wholly unreliable.
BrandyAlx1: The big thing that happened today was that a campaign manager for one person edited the bio of the opposing candidate. They showed the original text and then the edit, and they weren't very different. Besides, it was true.
BrandyAlx1: In my case, I went to look at my Wiki article when someone told it indicated I had died! Darn it, just before my 40th birthday, too.
BrandyAlx1: They also had something close to my real name, plus a bunch of other references to flamewar b.s. having no foundation in truth whatsoever. It was just whatever people found third, fourth, 60th, 70th party, it was there. Since none of it was accurateI took the information out.
BrandyAlx1: You know how some fans are... They are obsessed about their work and their knowledge (even if it's wrong) about their subjects, and this guy started a hissy fit about not taking out anything that is true, and that the subject of a bio cannot edit it.
BrandyAlx1: When it comes to Brandy Alexandre, the people who know what is true can be counted on one hand.
BrandyAlx1: Anyway, this wanker (or merry band of wankers), found my real name posted by someone else, but that information was illegally obtained and we went around so many times that I finally had to contact Jimmy Wales, the owner.
BrandyAlx1: He pretty much said he sympathized with me, but if it's true there's no reason to take it out. Then he told the wankers that until they could personally finad information from a reputable source, it stays out.
BrandyAlx1: You can read some of the go-round in the discussion section of my article. Anyway...
BrandyAlx1: What pissed me off today was that this politician has apparently gotten the FACTUAL information removed from the bio
BrandyAlx1: I had to fight for WEEKS about unsibstantiated information, but an "upstanding citizen" got fawned over, IMHO. Frankly, politicians are bigger less repetant whores than I could ever be.
BrandyAlx1: I wrote to Jimbo and said, "I can't tell you how extraordinarily disappointed I am that you so easily have bowed to pressures of high-profile politicians and allowed things to be reverted, removed, and changed regardless of the fact that they are true, but just so many months ago you were arguing to the death that if it's true, it stays in my case. Seems DUI and killing someone is clear and widespread knowledge from many confirmed sources when it comes to Mark Taylor's bio, which by all rights include his adult son, and was removed or reversed. But rumor and innuendo was highly defended and negative material still exists in my bio and I had to fight like hell to just get a glimmer of privacy over something that simply doesn't apply to my having been a porn star. Nice to know you'll bend over and say "harder" for the true whores."
BrandyAlx1: His only reply, "I am deeply disappointed in your attitude here. We have not bowed to any pressures of any politicians. The editing process continues as normal in this case as in all others."
BrandyAlx1: Yeah, the process continues, and that's good, I guess, but it's going on without the inclusion of previously known facts. I got lectured about policy and he doesn't want to start any precedents he'll later regret. Fighting with me was his precedent I hope he'll regret. I intend to bring this to the attention of the writer of the CNN article.
BrandyAlx1: See? More interesting when you wait.

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales responds:

Hmm, I really worked hard to find a compromise version that would suit Brandy, and I thought we had forged something of a friendship in the process. I did not fight with Brandy, I fought for Brandy. I am saddened that she interprets it otherwise now.

The article she is currently complaining about does contain, and has consistently contained, the information she accuses us of censoring to favor a politician. I am just not sure what else can be said about that. The article is open for editing, and if she wishes to rephrase it somehow, she is welcome to do so.

The ability of politicians to pressure Wikipedia is about as close to zero as one can imagine.

Joe writes me:

Will Brandy A's boook ever see the light of day? She's a really interesting chick and it would be a fun read.

I should get one of her videos. The only one I have with her is Blowing In Style. Funny that she gives a blowjob to the artist who would become Max Hardcore. Wonder if he even knew what a speculum was when that was shot.

She seems to have lost interest in writing her memoir.

Fridays With Luke

Four Seasons, Beverly Hills.

My friend tells me I've matured since he met me eight years ago.

I ask him if Reform Judaism was responsible for the Holocaust.

He gets all offended and claims it was Hitler's fault.

In the mens room, I shoot him a glance and ask him if he's considered doing movies.

It takes him 15 seconds to get it.

As we walk out, my friend says, "Did you see that Asian girl? Did you see how she looked at me?"

I get anxious when I arrive home and see that I'm overdue with the following library book -- How to Control Your Anxiety.

Read On

What's It Like To Sleep With Luke?

Many of my readers know because I've granted them that favor. Now I need a favor back from you. Please reply with an essay of general interest describing what it is like to sleep with me.

I've been seeing a new shrink and we've concluded I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. That's why I have such a high startle response and grind my teeth at night and am sensitive to loss, attachment and commitment.

I don't want to talk about the painful experiences of my childhood on my blog. Suffice to say, when I was three years, I walked into the garden and there was Randy West masturbating.

My shrink wants to know: "Do you toss the covers a lot at night too or get creepy/crawly feelings in your legs. Has anyone every told you that you snore?"

I cry out a lot at night, frequently uttering obscenities that would never pass my lips during my waking hours. According to Holly, a favorite topic of mine during sleep is the Dallas Cowboys.

Morning Sex

A divorced friend was asked if he missed morning sex.

"I mourn sex every day," he responded.

Little Blue Footballs

If I ever start a political blog, I'll use columnists named Dennis Praeger, Mark Stein, and Viktor David Hanson. Subscribers will get a free copy of the beloved classic - A Tale of Two Titties.

Cathy writes: "And you can't get even ONE of their names right?"

Suicide Girls

Jay writes:

Granted, Suicide Girls is softcore, but it's still a major player in alt-porn.

Missy told me that "I don’t think that we’re part of the porn industry. Their opinion of my business has no bearing. Suicide Girls is about beautiful photos of women that don’t fit into the mainstream."

You're probably aware of the exodus that happened over there in September. It taught me a lot about the sorts of people that run the site over there and how they are in deep, deep denial about their identity as a porn site, and how it often forces them to have a different story for everybody, from the press to their members and models. And it also means that I get word whenever the latest outrage happens over there.

The latest issue surrounds a discovery that a Tarzana-based company called Content Pin-up (www.contentpinup.com) is currently selling photos of the models for $500. Now basically, one of the main selling points of SG to its prospective models - many who would never otherwise think of getting into porn and some who have somehow convinced themselves that SG is not porn - is that their images, while wholly owned by SG, will not be handed over to the "adult portals of hell," to quote programmer/partner Olivia Ball, a self-described "feminist" who has for some reason disappeared from the site as of late after years of being very active on it. An unwelcome revelation such as this tends to undermime such claims.

Anyway, my source sent me two great examples of how SG continues to talk out of both sides of their neck.

First is co-founder Selena Mooney's (Missy Suicide) declaration to the girls on the matter.

And here's a letter, purportedly written by SG's lawyer, Paul E. Loving, a person I have had the dubious privilege of meeting one night, to Content Pinup.

Not sure who this "third party" is that Content Pinup paid to get these photos, but I have to admit, I am interested to know.

I sent this over to XBiz, who found it interesting, but not really as "newsy" as they'd like. That's fine - this is much more informational. At this point, I'd just be happy to get this out there. Unfortunately, I doubt the sorts of people who need to see this the most - mainly the young women seduced by the positive reports from mainstream media outlets on SG - even know to read your blog. But it's better than nothing.

Trust Fund Sluts - Shooting Porn In New York

Chris London reports:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at BLT Steak, 106 East 57th Street, New York City-- Interview over cocktails with controversial Madison Avenue Designer/Storeowner/Filmmaker/Socialite Andrew Parker (AS Parker) and starlettes Trina Michaels, Heather Pink & Brooke Haven to discuss his upcoming film series made in New York, in collaboration with musician turned porntrepreneur Joe Gallant (see also:Joe Gallant’s artsy porn posse, From Soaps to Skin, The adult art of Joe Gallant), entitled "Trust Fund Sluts" which as stated by Heather Pink, the featured performer,"is based on real socialites whose names I can't mention, but if you watch the movies you'll figure out who they are," We discussed among other things, the implication of not just making pornography in New York City but in the heart of Carnegie Hill, on the Upper East Side, one of the toniest neighborhoods in America, based upon the real lives of a rather exclusive list of socialites from the most prominent families in New York.

Chris emails Friday: "I watched part of the movie being made last night at an exclusive Penthouse Apt in the heart of Carnegie Hill, Upper East Side of Manhattan. It looks like the Valley has come to the Upper East Side."

Marrying Holly

Chaim Amalek writes me:

Pick up the phone, call Holly and tell her that you love her and have something to say in person. Get in your van and drive over there and ask her to marry you next week in Las Vegas. Tell her that you are over the Jew thing, that you have concluded that if the kids are meant to be jewish, they will convert when they are adult same as their old man. Borrow money from porners for the ring to make life more interesting.

Did she say yes? She wants you to ask her like a man. So that she can respond like a woman.

The Chosen Ones

AVN Editor Mike Ramone writes on AVN's blog:

On a somewhat related note, check out this jaw-droppingly dense exchange between Luke and Jimmy D. over on lukeisback.com in discussing yet another tiresome Christian anti-porn tome (you ever notice that the religious right never seems concerned with real problems, like ending poverty, obsessed as they are with straw man issues such as "porn addiction," "obscenity" and the "homosexual agenda"?):

Jimmy D.: "Why do people have a hard-on for the Christian thing?

"I don't see anybody getting a hard-on for Jews?"

Luke: "Because the industry is controlled by Jews [and not Christians]."

Jimmy: "Thank you very much.

"'Christians suck but Jews are OK because I make my living off of Jews.'"

Now you may be asking, how can two reasonably intelligent guys so miss the point (you may also be asking why a self-proclaimed pagan like Jim is coming to the defense of Christianity), and in the process sound like a pair of Neo-Nazi propagandists discussing their talking points? I dunno. Their intellects blinded by their emotional negativity (in Luke's case, hatred) toward this industry? Whatever.

Here's the point guys, so listen up: porners such as myself are so anti-Christian Right because the Christian Right (as opposed to more moderate and liberal strains of the faith) in this country tries to impose its puritanical, myth-based values on the rest of society, including most especially for the sake of this discussion, this industry, in clear violation of the secular roots of this nation and the doctrine of church/state separation. Secular Jews do not. And conservative religious Jews are too small in number to have any real political clout. Capish? It's really not too terribly difficult a concept to grasp.

BTW, last time I looked, arguably the most powerful man in this industry, one Mr. Larry Flynt, was not one of The Chosen People, though maybe he recently converted, I dunno...

James DiGiorgio responds:

I ain't defending christians or anyone else and I'm not anti-semitic if that's what you're implying. I simply respect the rights of people to believe what they want to believe even if that belief is that you and I and our entire industry should go up in flames. (I recommend re-reading the 1st amendment or consulting with Mark Kernes for a legal explanation of this concept.) If and when Christians cease trying to push their fundamentalist agendas or aren't permitted to do so, I guess we, as an industry, would also have to quit pushing ours or, rightfully, shouldn't be permitted to do so. I don't think it's a simple matter of Christians giving up their anti-porn quests and, suddenly, this industry is totally in the clear (politically and legally, that is.)

There are many, many people--perople who aren't active, practicing christians--who object to some, if not all, of this industry's products and practices and who find what we do to be morally and/or socially reprehensible. And they don't necessarily feel that way because they're Bible-thumping Christians or Torah-thumping jews or whatever. I don't agree with them, make that I vehemently disagree with them, but that's just me affirming my rights just like they're affirming theirs.

A couple of points:

1) If conservative jews don't have any political clout, how come this country has gone so far out of its way to ally itself with and to help israel? Because America is run by a bunch of heroic nice guys riding white horses with big ten gallon hats always on the lookout to help the little guys? I don't think so. I recognize that there are other reasons for america's wealthy ruling class (which also includes more than a few jews) to want to help israel, but the political clout of conservative jews also plays into this equation. BTW, here's an obvious observation: Israel is more important to conservative jews than any possible jewish, anti-porn, crusade might be. If that suddenly weren't so, who knows? You might see conservative jews banding together to oppose porn.

2) Just because Larry Flynt ain't a Jew doesn't mean this industry isn't predominantly run by jews, secular or not. That's reality. I don't personally give a ---- who runs it, I'm just calling a spade a spade.

3) I do believe in certain (so-called) pagan ideologies. but I suppose if one were to classify me in some sort of quasi-religious way, I'd probably be identified as a secular humanist...with a bit of very old world deity worship tossed in.

Suze Randall Suze Video

From the suze.net (the Suze online empire has more members today than it has had in eight years, and I've been getting at least two conversions a week) discussion board on the videos:

Jessi Summers, Angie Savage & Layla Video

YGX complains April 20: "The video is larger than usual and doesn't play smoothly on my older computer."

Holly writes:

Yeah, we tried using a HD camera with that one, and it doesn't seem to be working for us. We've ditched the idea-- for now. How does it look to everyone else? We've noticed the colors look fine on an LCD monitor, but not the older ones.

We bought two new cameras, not hi-def but good quality mini-DV. Monday's shoot with Jenna Presley will be the tryout stage-- I hope it works out-- I really want to create high quality video. It's another level to conquer so I plan to enjoy it.

Razor posts:

Nope. It's still pretty bad. Quality problems aside I have other issues with that video. For starters I think it's kind of boring, it seems the girls are just going through the motions and aren't really into what they're doing. There just doesn’t seem to be any really heat in that scene. Honestly after seeing this scene and the Paris Dahl & Julian scene I'm starting to think you guys are slipping a little.

Holly writes:

Uh-oh that's not good... though we do have some video scenes that I HOPE will make you think otherwise... Melissa Lauren and Alektra Blue is a hot one, as well as Hillary Scott and Deep Threat... I agree the Paris scene wasn't great-- in fact I think she as a performer/model sucked in general, and I'm glad we won't be shooting her again, she was a bit of a bitch as well. NOT one of my favorite girls.

Razor responds:

Holly; It's worse than you think, I've canceled memberships at Danni’s, ddgirls, Earl Miller's & Ron Harris's sites recently... I've been a member of both Suze.net and SuzeVideo for years but I haven't seen a girl that has really wowed me in months so I'm giving serious consideration to canceling my membership here as well. I’m sticking with you guys for the time being just because you’ve so consistently good for so long. Umm... This isn't good... I just downloaded the Jenna Haze & Julian scene. At first glance it looks like a hot scene unfortunately the video quality sucks.

Holly responds:

The Jenna and Julian scene was another HD disaster-- that's the last one shot in that format. I'm trying to figure out a way to make them look better, I'm sure it's just compressed wrongly. So basically any new video scenes will be shot in the previous format that was working for us.

As far as not enjoying any of the new girls, I don't know what to tell you about that-- we are shooting the newest and hottest girls and if you don't like any of them, well, I can't make your dream girl appear out of thin air. But like I said there are plenty of new girls coming your way so hopefully you'll find one that suits your taste!

We did another really hot video scene with Jenna Presley and Nick Manning today-- I think you guys will like it... she even squirts!

And YGX, the new cameras are the Canon XL2-- but they might be too big and heavy so we might be changing them out for something lighter and more compact.

Also I wanted to say that I'm really pushing for full video-only days on location, I've got 3 places I'm scouting tomorrow. I think this will make our scenes look much better and it will give us the opportunity to concentrate on the video. So basically, if you're unhappy with the video I want you all to know that we're really stepping it up in that department-- so don't go away so fast!

I'm outsourcing those two video scenes to someone with the equipment to fix it for your viewing pleasure. Until then, we'll pull the videos from the site, but I will let you know as soon as they've been fixed and reposted!

BTW we are posting a BONUS XXX scene tomorrow to make up for it!

Please don't come between Holly and an exclamation point! You might get hurt!

I find it endearing (in that she's a cute little girl way)!

If she were over 30, I'd probably find it annoying.

Holly's technical problems reveal flawed thinking that suprises me. Why use HD cameras then compress them for a website viewed on $150 monitors?

Most porn fails because the producers don't understand the relation of lighting to the exposure latitude of the cameras. Until there are better sensors and high resolution PC monitors, producers should concentrate on soft, defused lighting, and stay out of that direct sun light.

Holly tenderly emails me Friday afternoon in the manner of secular people: "Tell him to f--- off. We ditched the HD idea."

Thank you, Holly.

"I was and I'm so damn sick of the subject. The reason I wanted to go HD wasn't for the internet -- I'm not that stupid. It was the fact that we needed new cameras and I thought that we should try out the newest technology -- and I was thinking towards the future and the possibility of cable distribution. In that realm I wanted to be able to compete with other adult companies that are going HD for DVDs... and I thought it would be possible to compress it adequately for the internet. I was thinking of the future -- I didn't want to buy old technology that would be obsolete in a couple of years. And I'm sorry I replied so brusquely but I've gotten almost no sleep this week -- I'm exhausted and in a bad mood and not interested in this conversation right now."

While You Were Drunk

Kendra Jade answers:

While you were drunk have you ever?

1. Peed on yourself? Yep.But I was aiming for the floor.

2. Peed somewhere that's not the toilet or outside? the sink once or twice.

3. Been kicked out of a bar for being too rowdy? More times than I can count ( Especially if I'm drinking Jagermeister)

4. Woken up and didn't know where you were? Just the other day..

5. Woken up and didn't know who was laying beside you? I wish. It would be nice to wake up and just have SOMEONE beside me !! LOL

6. Passed out in a field? yes, in the snow at that!

7. Fell asleep on the toilet? Passed out is more like it , but ..yes

8. Had someone take care of you? Yes. Sorry Lisa!!!

9. Taken care of somebody else? yep. actually I'm not that sorry , lisa.. you puked down my car and then hit me in the face while puking in your driveway. I owed you one.

10. Gotten alcohol poisoning? Yep. Toronto. Whiskey-a-go-go... sorry stu !( my car and stuart both paid the price that night!)

11. Thrown up on yourself or somebody else? Yepppppppp

12. Gotten naked and danced on a table? I do that when Im sober!

13. Gotten a DUI/DWI? Hell no. Thank God!

14. Been caught cheating on a bf/gf? Yeppppp

15. Won at beer pong? not even sober

16. Broken anything over your head? haha.yes. as well as broken my head.

17. Gotten arrested? on more than one occasion...

18. Threw up more then 10 times in a single night? That's how I know I'm drunk

19. Told yourself you would never drink again, but then did anyway? pretty much on a regular basis

20. Had sex with somebody, and then didn't remember the next day? Jager is definately a "delete" button

21. Gone swimming? I dont swim. but lisa's hottub sure is fun when i'm drinkin'

22. Had to go into work? yes!

23. Done a keg stand? nope

24. Passed out in a room full of people? Yep...

25. Passed out in a bar? Yep..

26. Done something you didn't remember, and then had embarrassing photos revealed later? again..yes..thanks, lisa... there's video too.

27. Broken any bones? not while drunk, just when sober!

28. Yelled random profanities at somebody? I do that sober as well

29. Trashed somebody's house? my own !