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Gram Ponante writes: "That is the best picture of me I have ever seen on your site or any other. Holly Randall is a genius. It is erotic but also female-positive and empowering. May I steal it?"

I arrive at Hustler Hollywood at 7pm. The first person I see is Variety reporter and contributor to Naked Ambition, Dana Harris.

"Hi Dana," I say.

She doesn't respond.

"Here's trouble," says Carly Milne.

I look for friendly faces. Carly is busy. I see Joanna Angel, who flew in for the event and is flying out Friday.

Eon McKai called me late Thursday on Joanna's behalf, asking me to come to tonight's show. I immediately called Joanna. She asked me to just write about her tonight.

Joanna introduces me to her roommate in LA, fellow model and porn girl Dana DeArmond. Dana was one of the first girls to appear naked on Joanna's site BurningAngel.com. Dana is doing a female domination video Friday, strapping it on and taking it to a guy.

Dana is Joanna's new best female friend in LA. Joanna crashes at Dana's place.

Dana grew up in Orlando. Her parents wanted her to have the option of going to college. She went for a semester and hated it. She became a stripper at 18.

Luke: "Did your parents want you to become a stripper?"

Dana: "They wanted me to be happy."

Her friends started taking photos of her naked. The rest is porn history.

Joanna says she stopped taking speed "a little while ago." She won't be exact.

Joanna Angel says she fasted on Yom Kippur. "I got a call from my mother saying, 'You better fast. You have a lot to repent for.'"

Joanna's parents have been hanging out at a local Chabad house.

She's wearing four-inch pink heels, which cost her $400. "I only have to write five more chapters and I'll pay for them," she jokes. "Publishers bring it on."

Angel makes six times as much for giving a blowjob ($300) on camera than for writing a chapter for this book Naked Ambition.

She repeatedly signs the book, "Enjoy my ass and my writing."

A couple of Asian girls walk in. Dana DeArmond checks them out. Joanna hassles her. Dana (a bisexual with a boyfriend at LFP) returns fire. "Girl, don't you f--- with me when I'm checking out Asian girls."

Gram Ponante blogs:

Lurk Ford laments that women have done no good for the adult industry in last night's entry on his site. He did, however, take several pictures of them. I asked if he and Joanna Angel, who is looking more and more like Tom Wolfe every day, have learned to love each other now that she, too, is a literary lion and understands the delicious ache of words the way he does.

"I don't think so," he said (the suffixed "mate" was implied).

Kill Girl Kill 3 Party 11/3/05

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Dana DeArmond, Joanna Angel Update

I call Joanna Tuesday afternoon. She's staying with fellow model Dana DeArmond.

Dana gets mad at Joanna for not letting her know that she's been talking to me for the past 20-minutes.

Dana: "Joanna is an amazing guest. She and [fellow porn star guest] Sabrina Sparks [little redhead in Joanna's Angels] both clean my house at night when they're cuddling."

Luke: "Is it when she's speeding that she does all this cleaning?"

Dana: "No. I don't allow drugs in my house. I've been a really good influence on Joanna. Cleaning is a residual thing from when she used to take drugs a lot."

Joanna laughs.

Luke: "It brings back good memories."

Dana: "It's just clean enough where I can find everything. Things are in piles.

"I've been taking Sabrina to work, to shoots. We've been sharing Sabrina responsibilities.

"Sabrina's adorable. One night we were sleeping on my bed and when I woke up, we were holding hands.

"The three of us did a photo shoot. It's really cute because Sabrina and Joanna are really small and I'm really big. I read on XXXporntalk that I'm actually a man. Myspace whores.

"I saw a picture of you on the internet in your underwear. You were so adorable. I've been researching you. You're like my Jules Jordan.

"Joanna used to stalk Jules Jordan. He invited us to go to a barbecue at his house. I couldn't take Joanna. She's a stalker."

Dana doesn't sing karaoke. "That's how I found out I really care about my boyfriend because I don't sing in the car around him. I don't sing around people I care about. I can have sex with a room full of people there. I know where my talents lie."


Pain and Unicorns: A Journey to the Center of Dana DeArmond

From Sleazegrinder.com:

So here is the scoop on the bangbros.com shoots: I was hired to do two scenes for assparade.com. I said I didn’t want to work with just any male talent, and if I couldn’t work with Tommy Pistol, I’d just do girl/girl scenes. They were like, “No, no, no, give us Tommy Pistol’s info,” and they flew us to Miami. Which was really nice of them. The BangBros company seems to be extremely unorganized, and no one called me to make sure I was on the plane or coming. And no one gave me any information about where I was staying or who was picking me up from the airport. So I was calling Tommy, and he was calling a girl that worked in the office, and I was upset because he being talent should not have to do P.A. work. I was pissed and ready to turn around and go home right then and there in the airport.

Dana DeArmond Homeless

She posts Jan. 15, 2007 on MySpace:

i left LA tuesday for las vegas. friday my house caught fire. the neighbor across the hall had left a candle burning in a plastic cup. i have lost literally everything. the walls, roof and all contents of my house are completely destroyed. the only things i own were in my suitcase i took to vegas. (a few short skirts and stripper shoes mostly) i lost some very expensive things i need for my work 24" iMac, 2 external harddrives. and i also lost things i needed for everyday. sneakers, tshirts, underwear, towels, sheets, my bed. etc. literally everything is gone. i went to the house and filmed today. hopefully we will have something edited and up on the net soon so you can see exactly how tragic this situation is. i am very lucky to be alive and to have the support of my peers, friends, family and fans. i am asking if there is anything you can donate there are over 300,000 of you and one of me. my boyfriend daniel (kakihara on my top8) has also lost everything. is there anything you can send to help us get our lives back together?