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Black and interracial porn returned in 1983, produced chiefly for the white porn consumer. "That more blacks have been viewing this material is purely accidental," says Bill Margold who made 1983's Hot Chocolate. "When I put blacks in my videos, I project my fantasies, not theirs."

"The porn industry...grinds in the most pejorative views of blacks it can find (all those ghetto movies)," writes Pat Riley on RAME. "Pornographers perpetuate the stereotypical view of a shiftless, just-out-of-prison, socially maladapted group. [Racism in porn]...is not some [white] actress who doesn't want to screw a black guy (for whatever reason) but a concerted attempt by the producers to appeal to the basest elements of the viewing population.

"The porn industry regards the use of blacks as a tax on their operations rather than as the people they want to employ. Only an endemic attitude by the industry, its customers or the intermediaries is a reasonable explanation [for this racism]. I'm happy to believe it's the customers, and not necessarily in the South, who are being pandered to by a generally spineless industry." (RAME)

David Aaron Clark writes satirically about porn archetypes in the 1/96 Adam Film World: "La Exotica refers to Multiethnic morsels Alicia Rio, Isis Nile, Umma, Tricia Ven, Annabel Chong.

"Whaddya mean, we got no variety in dese tapes," bullfrogs a personally offended smut producer. "We gotcha Latinas, your Asians, you Negroes."

Clark: "Women of color appealed to their own racial constituencies and are a reliable cult flavor for the overwhelmingly white porn audience... As California, the home state of porn becomes more diverse, the industry is flooded with Asian and Hispanic women. This is a blessing for brunette lovers, since most women from these races aren't even going to try to dye their hair blonde. We repeat: Most. As far as cliches go, conventional wisdom has it that Latinas are more fiery, rapacious f---s and Asians most likely to gargle, slurp and blow bubbles with come without complaining." (AFW 1/96)

Angel Kelly grew up poor in Michigan, the only black in the crowd of rich kids she hung with. After a disagreement with her mother, Angel quit school and left home. She worked as a runway model for six months and even taught a dance class to such students as Porsche Lynn.

Kelly did every type of sex but anal in racking up 150 sexvids. She earned about $1000 a day and worked continuously from 1986 till the end of 1987, making several hundred thousand dollars. Angel's porn stardom helped her stripping career, which brought in up to $4000 a week. (Essence 11/88)

The black girl entered the sex industry at age 19 by masturbating behind a glass partition in a private booth while men put money in a slot and jacked off. Kelly kept all the money, but the six months of men ejaculating against the glass partition changed her. "I began to look cheaper and sleazier... I began to see men in their truest form and they are unbelievably sick." (Essence 11/88)

Jerry Butler worked with Angel Kelly many times in front of the camera. He was unimpressed with her bad attitude, bad odor and "Sammy Davis Jr. in drag" appearance.

Once, while Angel danced on stage, a man jumped up to her and stuck his tongue in her vagina. Angel says no one came to her aid and that this public rape traumatized her.

Kelly never loses an opportunity to claim victim status. "It's hard to be an adult actress in the business, especially if you're black. The industry looks upon us performers with such disgust. I've never been recognized with awards and magazine covers. Black women are hired to play hookers and maids, and I've never earned residuals [virtually no performer does]. Sometimes companies put sex scenes I've done in one video into a completely different video, and I've never earned a dime on them [neither have any other performers in such circumstances]." (Essence 11/88)

Angel says her past haunts her. Some men won't date her because she used to work in the sex business. "Even after I'm dead, my videos will be out there. I've been swallowed up by the adult video industry. I feel used and cheated." (Essence 11/88)

Kelly's experience with porn was so horrible that she returned to the business in 1996's My Baby Got Back 9. Largely because of her attitude, Angel's return was greeted with little enthusiasm from fans and pornographers.

One of the first porn girls to get a contract, with the late Perry Ross's Fantasy Home Video, she came to LA from Memphis looking for another one but Video Team opted to proceed one video at a time.

In 1997, porn boasts a handful of black contract girls - Heather Hunter with Vivid, Brooke Harlow with Metro and Midori with Video Team. They usually earn half the wages of their white counterparts for their productions are about half as popular.

Porn's leading black male is Sean Michaels. He moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1989. "A trained actor who also has the face and figure of a male model - plus the X-rated bonus of being well-hung - Sean is a welcome addition to the too thin ranks of talented male performers." (AFW 1996 Directory)

Michaels appears in about 600 sexvids. He also directs many of the best black and interracial features on the market.

Sean's main drawback as a performer is his meager spew - the result of a vasectomy. "Part of the fun of watching pornography is the chance of an interracial pregnancy," Ira writes on RAME. "The idea of a sterile male star is almost as disgusting as a female star with a boob job."

Many white girls won't work with Sean because of his skin color and producers tend to avoid him and other black performers in their big budget productions. Sean's done great scenes, such as one with Ashlyn Gere that had to be redone with a white, because of distributors' refusal to move top sexvids with interracial sex.

For years, Sean avoided sex on camera with black girls.

His fight against discrimination frequently produces addled product such as 1993's Erotica. "With an opening title that reads, "From the imagination of Sean Michaels", on down to the quotes pleading for racial unity credited to him... Sean has lost his mind - or owns a synthetic version of a Spike Lee/Madonna meld." (AFW 97)

Pat Riley loathed Butts Afire. "Sean Michaels, who is responsible for the concept and dialogue, has just replaced Paul Thomas at the top of my list of most hated directors and wimp, Terry Thomas, who seems to be a co-conspirator, should move over to the gay movies and get a boyfriend... Michaels equates racial and gender equality... As a white male I have far more in common, particularly regards sex, with Michaels than I do with any woman: black, white or green. With women, this is a zero sum game. Every time they go up, the cost of sex goes up and the enjoyment to be derived goes down. I don't need a feminist morality play in the form of a porn tape. (X-Rated Videotape Guide 4, p. 172)

"I used to think that Sean was a competent porn actor who just happened to have a black skin but now he...preaches to the audience. Unlike Butts Afire, this [The Blues] doesn't have any repulsive pro-female propaganda but does harp about equality... Michaels confuses anti-black discrimination with anti-ugly discrimination... To raise the quality of this movie, get rid of Toy and Domonique with their horrible bodies..." (X-Rated Videotape Guide 4, p.125)

Is porn racist? Certainly elements of it are. Mainly whites and part-Asians such as Asia Carrera show up in the big budget productions that end up in modified forms on cable. Cable companies generally won't show interracial sex because it upsets many of their conservative customers, such as hotels in the South.

When blacks show up in porn, the title of the video usually announces it, as in Black Beauty and Black Velvet. Sexvids with interracial sex are usually low budget affairs that don't appear on cable.

Porn's leading white beauties receive warnings from powerful pornographers to avoid blacks, whether on screen, stripping or in personal life. If white missy doesn't toe this racial line, she's supposedly regarded as white trash.

The following porn stars categorically refused, at one time or another, to work with anyone black: Jasmine Aloha, Julia Ann, Blondi, Bunny Blue, Crystal Breeze, Cameo, Celeste, Barbara Dare, Raquel Darrien, Sabrina Dawn, John Holmes, Kylie Ireland, Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Kia, Desiree Lane, Shayla LaVeaux, Hyapatia Lee, Jordan Lee, Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Paula Price, Kelly Richards, Savannah, Shane, Samantha Strong, Angela Summers, Jamie Summers, Nikki Tyler, Tori Welles, KC Williams.

Performer Jordan Lee, and her husband-manager Jerry, hail from the South and they sport swastika tattoos. Jordan's long-time resistance to blacks caused many awkward situations on porn sets.

"Blacks don't go over in the South," says a porn producer. "That's a big piece of the market. Black girls, yes, as long as they aren't dominant, just women who are f---ed." (AFW 6/83)

Black men usually appear as "studs." Notable example is the role ex-dancer Johnny Keyes played in Behind the Green Door. He was named "Stud" and used as a tool. In Swedish Erotica 4 he is seduced by an aggressive Juliet Anderson (Aunt Peg) when she auditions him for a "stud" part in a movie. In another section of the same five-part film Aunt Peg's sexy niece makes it with Johnny because she knew that Peg would only cast a "real stud" in this part.

"Black males are used as animated phalluses and rarely given any acting to do. Female blacks are used trivially. At best they are just another one in the harem, the orgy, a trio of holes to use. At worst, they are an "easy lay."

"There were no all-black sex movies made in the 1970s and hardly any in the 1980s. Many interracial loops were made, such as the Blacks and Blondes series and feature length tapes such as Black Lava, Ubangis on Uranus and Black Magic Sex Clinic, but all-black features are few. The best are Black Baby Dolls and Brown Sugar. The worst is Black Jailbait. Others are Black Dynasty, Black Taboo, Black Magic, Hot Chocolate, Lialah and Chocolate Candy." (AFW 6/83)

The 1990s produced numerous all-black low budget videos. Compilation tape Black f---ers sells well. "Mean Mo Nasty Ass" directs Bootylicious - another series long on action and short on plot - including Trailer Trash.

"Hey Ma, guess what I did today? I peeked in the trailer next to ours and saw two guys f---ing some pale skinny girl up her butt and cunt at the same time. She was popping her gum and babbling while they were porkin' her. Then I walked over to the next trailer and watched some spaced-out chick get cornholed up her poop-chute. That trailer tramp just kept mumbling while stupid music was playing. The guy shot his goo in her mouth just to shut her up. Then I looked at a punk-rockin' slut get nailed by two dudes who couldn't get her to take off her dress, but it didn't slow them down any. And that trailer at the end of the park, the one that's a real dump? Well, this pretty little girl made the man she was screwing wear a rubber. But he sure did take it off when he had to shoot a big load of jism on her!" (AFW 97 Dir)

In Bootylicious 7: China Town, "Cumisha bounces on a beach ball dildo to get her rectum warmed up for a big black dick….He must f--- Saki until she cries the secret password "f--- my ass until you cum on my face"." (AFW 97 Dir)

Many black male performers, such as Devlin Weed, Tony Everready, Byron Long and Jimmy Z. - whose 18-year old daughter does porn - appear unpleasant, thus providing little incentive for leading white girls to do them. Ron Hightower's White Chick series features black guys talking about their latest prison stints and how they plan to f--- white bitches.

No black has ever competed with the star power of an Ashlyn Gere or Christy Canyon. No black ranks among the industry's 100 all-time leading performers. Porn stars are all white. Producers don't hire black women for box covers - except for so-called specialty tapes with black in the title. "Producers hire black men for their large cocks and the freak appeal of a Negro banging a white woman," says Scott Mallory. "Blacks are white porn's court jesters, the X-rated version of the movie Dancing Darkie Boy that was made in the '20s."

The subject of racism came up when a good friend of Scott's walked into his office, and noticed Double Ebony Plunge:

It was white women taking on the Black Butt Brothers, a couple of heavily hung Negro cocksmen filling white asshole and pussy to the brim with black dick. An Oreo sex sandwich. Dark meat in both holes of a creamy white woman.

"How can you watch this shit?" Bubba wanted to know. "This disturbs me."

"It turns me on," I said.

"Why? It's sick. Mix drinks, not races."

I looked at this guy, who is a man of letters, who is well read and articulate, who is my friend, and I wondered how someone so smart could be so shockingly ignorant, and frightened by interracial sex. Obviously for Bubba, a black man f---ing a white woman stirs visions of a black-power rampage overtaking the society. For me, it just makes my dick more firm and I realized I didn't know why.

"It has to be a blonde," I said. "A redhead or a brunette doesn't offer the same thrill. I like them trampy too, like Sally Layd."

"Yeah," Bubba sneered. "The excitement isn't the same for you if the black guy isn't violating the Aryan sisterhood, f---ing that pure, lily-white blond pussy. You're as racist as I am." (HEVG 1996)

"Why this prejudice against black girls?" asks Pat Riley on RAME in February, 1997. "A few years ago, other than Sahara and Heather Hunter, the only black females were Oprah-like [in appearance] - remember Lady Paree and Toy? You still get such performers in the ghetto movies put out by people like Randy Detroit. Except to the "like them ugly with flesh on their bones" crowd, this lot had no sex appeal. It is understandable that the majority of porn buyers and renters would generalize and reject black females out of hand...

"But now we have a good crop of gorgeous, tight bodies such as Ice, Midori, Mahogany, Dahvianna, Naomi, Chastity, Onyx Nicole Jefferson and Mia, but they seem to get nowhere. I wouldn't mind poking a few of them and prefer them to the robo-sluts that inhabit Wicked, Vivid, VCA, Ultimate, etc... So why is most of the work they get in crud like Bootylicious?

"Even on this group I don't see any questions as to the whereabouts of a web page for any of them or a panting-breath request for other movies for this or that black actress."

Pornographer Mike South: "I had never been attracted by black girls until I shot a half black girl OnyX. We dated and eventually she became my fiancée, then ex-fiancée. I've also gone out with Midori and Heather Hunter, who I find sexy.

"I don't like racism but I'd never expect a girl to do something on video that she wouldn't do in real life...

"I paid Midori well for her work for me - a good deal more than she asked for, and I suggested that she not work so cheap. The companies doing quality work do not want to hire someone who has been in Bootylicious Booty Hos, Black Street Hookers and other such work. If a girl wants to succeed in this business, she must be pretty, dependable and keep her prices high so that low end of the market can't afford her."

Candy works as a prostitute in West London and appears in a few European sex films. The black submissive says her clientele view her as the "lowest of the low. "Porn is sexist and racist, but I don't know if it can be made any better.

"I don't look at the films I have made.... They are what people...mostly white men, want. I'm servicing a market.

"If someone wants me to dress up in a certain way or say certain things, I don't sit back and think, 'What's this doing for the image of black women?' I've got a living to make."

A 1981 Hustler cartoon shows three black men returning home and one addressing his partner, "I came home after a hard night of robbery, rape and murder, and she gives me a light beer! Have you tasted light beer!"

Porn excellence, like all forms of excellence, depends on discrimination. Pornographers discriminate against the old, tired and ugly, against directors who lose money and those who rock the boat. Just as professional sports discriminate against those not athletically gifted, pornographers discriminate against those not aesthetically gifted. Until the 1970s, pro sports allowed its prejudice against blacks to overwhelm its desire for excellence. Some '90s pornographers' desire for excellence may be similarly overwhelmed by their prejudice against darker skin color.

Because porn is a free market with ease of entry and exit, the dearth of quality black productions indicates either discrimination at the highest levels of distribution (i.e., General Video) or that there is little demand for such product.

"We keep hearing a lot about "the powers that be" that tell white women that it's not in their "interest" to work with blacks," writes Sheldon Ranz on RAME. "Is there any proof that Ginger's scene with Tony El-Lay in "Undressed Rehearsal" hurt her career? Nina Hartley still gets lots of bookings in Southern strip clubs, especially Texas, even though she is an avowed inter-racialist.

"When Barbara Dare and Hypatia Lee confessed their refusal to work with black performers(or performers who they think are black), they at least did not insult our intelligence by claiming that they were "told" by mysterious, unnamed parties not to interracially indulge, nor did they offer particular complaints about black performers or claim that they found black men unattractive. Stacy Mitnick(Dare) is an open racist, while Vickie Bennett(Lee) claims she was raped by black men prior to doing porn.

"Ever wonder if she would have sworn off white men if some of them had raped her? When Nina's husband, Dave, posed this question to the Lees years ago, the result was a shouting match. I don't mean to spoil your fantasy, Rog, but there are racist white women in the jizz biz as well as racist white men. Most are not, at least judging by their on-screen sexploits, but there is a small but hardened core of bigoted holdouts who adopt the same cover story of "Cable is the Grand Dragon of the KKK in the South". It's very interesting that, in all these years, no one has come forward to name the bad guys here, whereas names just flow like lava on every other scandal, alleged or real, to have plagued the business.

"If someone can provide some actual quotes from Vivid/Playboy/cable executives that they actually make race-based decisions based on fear of losing business in the South, I'll be happy to reconsider my views here. Let's remember that Hugh Hefner integrated his Playboy clubs in the South in the early 1960s."

Kelly O'Dell, Hyapatia Lee, had bad experiences with blacks before porn, so they did not want to do blacks in porn. Ginger Lynn, Traci Lords, and John Holmes did scenes with blacks but according to some observers they did not like to have inter-racial sex on screen.

Ranz: "Alicia Rio and Tyff Million said they would not do blacks but changed their minds… Barbara Dare, Hypatia Lee, Stacy Donovan, Asia Carerra and Lisa de Leeuw have all said so in print. Stacy and Lisa "broke" their word, however, and Barbara did not consider Billy Dee to be black. Jordan Lee said at least off-the-record that she would not work with them, but then turned around and did a scene with the very black Dave Nelson, the so-called ex-gridiron player."

RAME's Tim Evanson adds: "Ditto in gay porn. Unfortunately. Exactly SIX black gay actors made it into the 1997 Adam Film World directory. Out of god knows how many black actors in the business... And big names like Andre Bolla, Ty Thomas (he of the 12" cock), Mitch Rabida, Rick Pantera, Jamoo, Rod Majors (demi-god alert!), Gene Lamar (what can ANYONE say? HEAVEN), Mac Daniels, Ryan Block, Joe Simmons, Darryl Harris, and Mitch Green - ALL of whom are still active - NONE of them are listed.

"…Except that in gay porn, even if these guys have fantastic bodies and huge cocks, they don't break out. Only the most (and I hate to say it, but I can't think of any other quick phrase) "non-black" of the actors ever make it to het porn. I don't think anyone wants to argue that Jamoo and Ryan Block are indicative of where most gay black men are coming from these days. I walk the streets of Washington, DC, and see these amazing hot, buffed, big-dicked black men and I take some of them home...and then I watch gay black porn, and think "These guys don't look ANYTHING like what I see on the street." At least in white gay porn, the guys look at least a little realistic. But if I were black and seeking images like me in porn, I'd have to look elsewhere than porn."


Many porn girls won't do interracial sex because they believe that most of the black male talent act like animals. An anonymous porn star told me 5/28/99: "I met Jim Malibu at Jim South's. Malibu shoots black and interracial for Vivid. I was doing interracial at the time. That was hell on wheels. After that, I no longer did interracial. It was such an unpleasant experience working with these guys. I worked with Devlin Weed and Darren James."

Luke remembers one day in the summer of 1998 that he learned that three black male porn performers had just been arrested by police for offences ranging from theft to battery. Just as porners in general have a well deserved reputation for destructive behavior, young black single males, in and out of porn, have also earned a particularly dangerous reputation.

Real2reel writes on RAME: "There is a big difference between "most" and "all". I still question why black girls will usually take facials from white guys, but not from black guys. No one can seem to answer that yet. Some people will bitch to no end about white girls who won't do black guys, but no one ever seems to bitch about black girls who won't do white guys. In case your curious, I am white and where I live, whites are the very small minority."

Alex: "Am I the only one who's getting sick and tired of this instigative, reverse psychology crap from L-ke Ford? Last time, Samantha Strong was caught using the "n" word and it was corroborated by her _black_ boyfriend."

Pirate: "I will not dignify flaming Luke but since he is allowed to post such trash I would like to answer. Luke is very much biased against people of color, just read his website section that describes blacks. He is deliberately attempting to use his status as a journalist to perpetuate his feelings about blacks onto the porn industry. RAME is not fooled by his attempts, please keep your political agenda to yourself and stop trying to make it look as though you are not alone in your prejudice. No one person should be allowed to call an entire group of people 'animals'. It is a shame that RAME should have to endure his consistent deceptions and opinions."

Mark Mays: "One bad experience was all it took for this rocket scientist to change her views? My my. What ever happened to "Once you go black . . . ?" I guess white talent dumping girls heads in toilets and so on is okay."

JeffAD: "It's one thing to quote/report a piece of racist gibberish, but it's quite another to endorse the quoted hatespeech. An endorsement of the characterization "animals" is precisely and unequivocally what you've offered in your post and, evidently, your website as well.

"You may see yourself as merely playing devil's advocate here or trying to get a rise out of people with deliberately offensive comments and if that's the case...I still don't care. It's reprehensible, Luke, it's unforgivable and it earns you (along with a couple dozen other things I could mention) a zero star rating in your own ethics guide. To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut; be careful what you pretend to be because what we pretend to be we eventually become…

"Finally Luke I've looked at your site and once I got past all the retractions, I found some photos there. Photos of you at conventions, and at porn shoots too, all appearing well, not so much like Fox Files' anti-porn crusader as a guy who's pretty chummy with some porn folks and who has an occasion to see them semi-frequently at least. So, next time you see Devlin, Sean Michaels, or Mr. Marcus will you be informing them that they're mere animals?"

Luke: The porn industry tends to attract the scum of the earth. And porn product is largely consumed by the lowest types. Thus, porn seems to contaminate most of those who touch it, making them more vulgar. And much of the most vulgar porn is the all-black ghetto porn.


Pat Riley writes on rec.arts.movies.erotica newsgroup:

I watch lots of black porn and as a general statement the scenes comes far closer to the ideal (my ideal anyway) of a loving caring coupling than most of white porn. Just where are the black Max Hardcore's and black Rocco Siffredi's? Where's the black Al Borda calling the girl a dumb slut? Where's the black Jack Hammer shoving the black Christgen Wolf's head down the toilet while he buttf---s her? Where's the black guys spitting in the girl's face? In
fact where are the copious facials in black porn?

In contrast most of the scenes in Black Cheerleader Search, to take the example quoted on your website, appear to be fun experiences with the couples laughing and joking--the girl giggling when Bookbag unleashes his torrent of cum, or Mr Marcus taking a tour of Nate's backyard hand in hand with a nude Caramel. Even garbage series like Black Knockers might be collections of perfunctory scenes but the guys never seem to be "taking it out" on the girls.

I've asked several times on this NG about why this apparent disparity with white porn and based on the replies and further contemplation, I believe that:

- black women are stronger on average than their white sisters both in regular society and in the porn subset. They won't put up "with that shit" (the degrading aspects).

- black males are more respectful of black females than of white females and more respectful of black females than white males are of white females. All of this is "on average"; I'm sure you can find instances where this is not the case.

- black males and females have a more earthy or pragmatic view of sex. As David Christopher said, "It's the pussy, man". There's no desire to punish the female because both parties accept that the male needs sex and it's the female's role to provide it. I suspect, although have no way of proving it, that black males get more sex in real life than an equivalent subset of white males.

However, all that I've been talking about above is black on black porn. When the subject changes to black on white porn there seems to be a different dynamic at work. Although there aren't any equivalents to Max Hardcore molesting the little white girl we're moving in that direction, mirroring the obsessions of some of the (presumably) black posters here [rec.arts.movies.erotica newsgroup] who are constantly worried about whether a particular white porn girl has done a black guy. Despite denials and ignoring Mike Paul's affirmative action crusade, much of this seems to stem from a desire to punish rather than any inability to fantasize about screwing the girl when the dick isn't black.

A case in point is the recent "Little White Chicks...Big Black Monster Dicks" from the oft-quoted in Luke's article Jake Steed. To save me typing in a whole lot of commentary, I'll just post the review:

******begin review

Little White Chicks...Big Black Monster Dicks
1999--Jake Steed Product.
Producer/Director: A. Trublackman
Featuring: Chantay, Kayla, Blair Segall, Molina, Melody Love, Jake Steed, Byron Long, Lexington Steele, Mark Anthony

This is obviously catering to the black audience who feel slighted that they have to make do with black women. There's even a disclaimer up front to tell you that everything is fiction and the author (Jake Steed) doesn't mean to attack any racial group.

Bullshit! There's a scene here where three big--oh, yes, truth in advertising there--black guys gather round little white Kayla and play the race card, saying that the reason she won't do black guys is discrimination. Later when she's doing a four way with them she actually says that she can't take Lexington because he's too big. She does though, with lots of straining. I suppose if you're black and you get off on the idea of "ripping the white bitches open" the movie will provide some satisfaction but I found the whole idea offensive.

Ignoring those overtones which is pretty hard because there's a background rap that starts up from time to time talking about how these girls should be frightened of "big black monster dicks", there are five scenes with a couple of cute girls.

Chantay is bouncing a basketball along the street when it goes over the fence into Jake's place. He's lounging in the hot tub and invites her to join him which she does. They screw including an anal (he only gets the tip in) ending in a copious facial. Chantay has a gorgeous face but her best asset is her smile and she doesn't smile too much here. She also looks like she's putting on weight.

Byron and Jake are out cruising in a car and pick up Kayla (see {18 And Nasty #8}) under the pretext of taking her home. They stop off at Lexington's first and do a four way ending in facials.

Byron checks out a sleeping Blair and awakens her with his dick in close proximity to her mouth. She doesn't scream, just sucks, and then they screw ending in a facial. Blair looks unkempt and has her hair dyed a nasty shade of red and formed into two pigtails--very unbecoming.

Molina (see {Perverted Stories #19}) with black hair here calls on an unknown older black male who pretends to be a casting agent. She says she'll do anything for the part so he, Byron, and Jake share her including an anal by Jake ending in facials. She sounds in pain.

Melody is dressed in a cheerleading outfit and dances in the back yard while Jake and Mark Anthony (I think) observe from behind a stone wall. They join her for a three way ending in facials.

No condoms were seen. Date of production: 4/9/99.

****end review

The movie is not erotic despite the cute girls, and garnered one of my few BAD's which are usually reserved for compilations being passed off as feature films although "Kid Vegas: Whoremaster" got a BAD the other day. Maybe movies are just getting worse (is that possible?).

You'll also notice that the credited director is not Jake Steed but "A. Trublackman". Does that mean true black men get off on punishing little white girls?

Oh, yes, it's only fantasy and all the girls consented I'm sure but unless the porno industry has started making unsaleable vanity productions, there's an audience for this tape. It's the audience that worries me.

>Sean Michaels is a man who strikes many of us as classy.

Shows how few deep thinkers there are in "many of us". Also shows the wonders of wearing a jacket and tie and talking standard English.

Adult Video News devoted its June, 1999 issue to blacks in porn.

"The success of Devil's Films/IVC, says www.avn.com, "is due…to the lust of their directors… These are guys who love black pussy."

Midori gave AVN a high minded reason for why she entered porn:

"I thought there was a lack of African-American people, women especially, being promoted in the same way as my blond counterparts. It baffled my mind and it pissed me off, so I did everything I could do to make it where a black woman was able to be on the same level, so to speak, within this business. I've been in the business four years, and I've seen a lot of changes."

Mr. Marcus gave a different reason: "Just f---ing. I didn't get into it for political reasons or anything like that; I'm just really geared towards women."

Like Midori, colored porn girl India stays away from the low end black porn. "Stuff like, Dirty Black Bitch, or Yo Bitch Get On the Bus. For me, as a black woman, it's hard enough to get respect, and I wanted that respect, so I wanted to come to the business to show that every girl is not a ho, and every girl is not stupid." You won't find much introspection in the www.avn.com interview for the role that bad behavior by some blacks has played a significant role in the negative way that blacks as a group are viewed, both inside and outside the porn industry (just as bad behavior by Jews, and other members of minority groups has negatively affected the way their group is viewed by the majority).

Jake Steed points out that many leading white pornographers have long proclaimed that black porn won't sell. Jake credits white guys Ed Powers and Chris Mann (Video Team) for turning around the situation. "What you see is a bunch of white guys trying to commercialize the new untapped market of blacks," says Steed, "and the blacks don't have any power to capitalize on it, 'cause they've been so broke, trying to survive, trying to get work. Now that the black market's open, all the companies (no offense to Chris, he's one of the first ones to do it) that are doing black movies are all white. They're just commercializing it. All these places cannot duplicate a black experience.

"…[B]lacks in America know what it's like to deal with racism. They've grown up with it. They want something that's from someone who's suffered like they've suffered, who's in their corner. They're willing to support that. They don't like to buy a movie that they know was constructed by some people who are just exploiting them.

"We can't get to the point where we say, "I made it, therefore everybody else can." That's like, Bill Cosby attitude. You have to be pro-black." (AVN)

Luke fails to see how being pro-black is any morally different from the pro-white attitude of the KKK. Chris Mann, who's probably done more than anybody to make black porn popular, gets little credit from most of the blacks in this interview.

Midori notes that there are still clubs that won't book her to dance because she is black.

Steed, Marcus and India say that the audience for black porn is 90% black. Midori says most of her fans are white.

Steed complains: "When a new girl comes into the industry, they say, "Oh, don't work with black guys, it'll ruin your image.""

Mr. Marcus points out that many white girls do not judge Steed as black because of his light skin.

Midori tells www.avn.com: "Sometimes I get confused, because I'm black and I have a cause I'm trying to support, which is me being pro-black and trying to do great things and show that we are capable of doing it and we can make a lot of money and get a lot of prestige from it. At the same time, I don't want to alienate all the other people that support me, who are of different races. I guess I'm a lot like Sean, I don't want to have any color lines."

Jake responds: "I disagree. I have color lines. I don't like what the whites have done to the blacks in this industry. I'm on the black side, I'm pro-black, and as far as blacks are concerned, if you're not pro-black, you need to stand back."

Chris Mann asked Jake how he felt about white companies hiring blacks to direct. Jake: "The stipulations that were put on the movie were so strict that it wasn't really a true black product. As long as a black man is working for a white man, making him money off his own race, that's bad. It's going to have to come to the point where distributors are going to have to support their own people, that's how it's going to go."

Mann points out how the porn industry degrades blacks and whites. There is the series, for instance, White Trash Whore. Mann wonders why Vivid leaves out blacks when it puts up billboards.

Midori says that without Mann's Video Team, there'd be no product lifting up black women.

Mann: "In cable markets, they wanted to see the white guy f---ing the black girl, but they wouldn't accept a black guy f---ing a white girl."

This is changing as cable gets raunchier. Black guys doing white girls, connotes to many people, increased raunch.

Chris Mann told AVN that cable execs believed that viewers in the deep South would be offended by black men doing white women. And that "Video Team came along and broke that barrier with the help of the Adam & Eve Channel, who did it first, then Playboy TV, then the Spice Channel. Now they actually request all-black product. And what they found is that the complaints that they were expecting, David Duke KKK guys calling to cancel their cable, it just didn't happen. It was a perceived taboo. It's not that the market didn't want it, it was that the cable companies were afraid to show it."

Jake Steed says that "black men like thicker women, more voluptuous women. White guys get scared when they see a thick woman. Take a girl like Janet Jacme, who's probably one of the favorite girls within the black community. The white guys didn't even like her, they thought her ass was too big! She didn't get that much work. She got low-budget, low-end work and she got kicked out of the business. And people worshipped this girl!"

Midori and Cinnabunz say black women are more comfortable with their bodies than white women.

Midori: "In the late '80s, there were a lot of girls with the same body type, like Persia, Toy, Champagne.

The new image is like girls like me and India and Dee."

Mann says there's little demand in white product for "girls shaped like Cinnabunz, the full-figured, voluptuous girl."

Various blacks say how difficult it is for them to get booked on a VCA movie. And when they do, they get a rate cut.

A VCA favorite, Sean Michaels aims to be color blind. "I would be a sellout to myself if I just put out something that was all-Asian or all-black or any nationality other than white. I didn't feel like there should be a separation there - that's what's wrong with the world."

Midori told www.avn.com: "I'm bothered by the fact that stereotypical images of black people are still being perpetuated within the industry. It really bothers me. Why is there such a difference between the black magazines and the white magazines? Why are the production values so low? You can lay a black magazine and a white magazine down next to each other and you can see the difference. Only a handful of companies actually care about how the women look. A lot of them just put them on the boxes any old kind of way and it's bullshit."

Luke suspects the primary reason for the discrepancy that Midori points out is economic. Generally speaking, consumers are willing to spend more money to see blonde caucasian girls naked than other types. Luke opposes all anti-discrimination laws. If Sean Michaels or Mr. Marcus or Jake Steed only want to hire blacks in their companies, that is fine with Luke. If Vivid only wanted to hire left-handed Lithuanian lesbians, that is fine with Luke. If a magazine did not want to hire homosexuals or blacks or Jews or women, that is fine with Luke.


Vivid, VCA and KBeech are leading major manufacturers (with the exception of Wicked Pictures) to stop shooting scenes of black men with white women. Scenes of white men doing black women are ok. The reason for the stop? Pressure from cable companies who are hearing from irate and loud customers that they don't want to see sex scenes between black men and white women. Producers and directors for Vivid, VCA and company have heard the instructions.

Tony reacts: These numb nut bastards can't really be serious. If they are they're feeding into the racial disparity and separatism. I hope they grow some balls, soon!

William writes: Luke-- I am f---ing tired of reading about the White girls in the industry that won't work with Black men. I just read on your site that the manufacturers are descriminating against Black men because of the cable companies--BULLSHIT!!!

First of all, Vivid, VCA & KBeech never, ever had reputations for being "multicultural". I'm referring particularly to Vivid and VCA. Second of all, if it is true that the cable companies have put pressure on these companies to discriminate against Black men...well isn't that grounds for a "class action" discrimination lawsuit against both the manufacturers & the cable companies????

What I would personally like to see happen is that more African American performers- like Sean Michaels has done- start their own production companies, and take advantage of the new digital distribution technologies, bypassing all the ra- cist manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors, cable companies & retail outlets that exist in this country.

Regarding the White girls who will not work with Black men--f--- EM!! Who needs them?!! There are many, many beautiful White girls all over the world that would LOVE to f--- Black men! I am an African American man who travels all over the world...and I will tell you that I NEVER have any problem finding beautiful White women!

Steve writes: First of all, f--- Vivid, V.C.A., and K Beech and the spineless Jews who run them. Second double f--- the spineless cable companies and finally triple f--- the stupid, inadequate, and just plain jealous redneck losers who don't want to see black men with white women they know they could never have. There is only one race- The Human Race. The sooner everyone realizes that the better off we'll all be. This is a bad move for the industry Luke and won't help the Jews' reputations who are involved, this of course means it's bad for all Jews. Thanks for exposing this bullshit Luke. You're excellent and really doing the industry and fans a service when you write about these normally hidden subjects.

The Mandingo Illusion

The illusion is that all black men have giant penises and lust after white women. Here's the listing from Maltin's 1995 Movie & Video guide: MANDINGO (1975) Rated BOMB Director Richard Fleischer, stars James Mason, Susan George and a bunch of black people. Trashy potboiler will appeal only to the S & M Crowd. Mason is a bigoted plantation patriarch, George his oversexed daughter, (Ken) Norton -- what else? -- a fighter. Stinko! Based on the Kyle Onstott novel, the first of a long series, although only one more -- DRUM -- was filmed. Anyway, it's a steamy tale of interracial passion which can no longer be shown on TV and which is always mentioned as one of Hollywood's Golden Turkeys.

Luke's heard that major manufacturers like VCA and Vivid will phase out scenes of black men doing white women in their features because of cable TV concerns.

Mike South writes on RAME: Yes this one is true. I have heard it from too many people for it not to be true, including some of the people who have been told NOT to shoot those scenes. This apparently does not apply to "gonzo" releases, only to features intended for cable TV release. ( Which does include some gonzo) Personally I suspect that a vocal minority is dictating via complaints to cable providers and such. Is it really Vivid or VCA's fault if the cableco says we wont buy material that contains this subject matter? I think the real fault should be laid at the door of those who just accept whatever the vocal minority dishes out. If you want interacial call your cable provider make noise same as the bigots are.

BritPop: I don't know if it is true or not, but if it is figuring out a way to fight it would be tough. If it is cable companies dictating this, that means finding a way to attack Playboy Entertainment Group. The only weak link in Playboy's armour that I can think of is that they have an interest in most of the major adult cable companies. Didn't Playboy sell one of their networks to Vivid in an attempt to avoid the appearance of having a monopoly hold on the adult cable channels in some markets? If I remember correctly, Playboy financed the deal entirely, since Vivid did not have the cash. If you could prove that Vivid was not free to act independently of Playboy in cable programming, then you might have an FCC angle to work on.


Luke's heard that major manufacturers have told their shooters to diminish scenes or black men doing white women for features.

Mike Paul writes: Calling the Chicago office got me Playboy TV in California. I talked to Claire Z., who:

a) Confirmed that in the past (before her time) Playboy *did* have a policy of not buying movies that contained BM/WF scenes. (this is the first Playboy-originated confirmation I've ever heard of.)

b) Stated that Playboy has *not*, emphatically NOT returned to such a policy.

She was very, very, very adamant that she had no time to look into the issue because she knew Playboy wasn't involved, and did *not* want to get back to me about it. So, that's the story so far. My quest for the other outlets that have been telling porn producers to knock off BM/WF scenes continues. Claire suggested New Frontier, who seems to run the TEN satellite network. I'll try looking them up tomorrow. Again, if anyone has any other cable (or satellite) company's phone number so I can call, please feel free to write... Mike Paul... I'm not sure who else has the pull required to influence the whole industry, unless it's a lot of little places...

Cable TV And The Race Question

Phil Goldmarx, a former reviewer for Adult Video News, writes on the newsgroup RAME 3/26/00: On prior threads dealing with interracial porn, a claim had been made that Veronica Hart, ex-porn legend and now an in-house director at VCA, verified contentions that leading porn studios(VCA in particular) had a no "black male/white female" sex scene rule, and that this was done either at the behest of cable companies and/or disgruntled redneck home video renters/purchasers. After having written to her via e-mail, she got back to me a week or so later and spoke to me yesterday via car phone. This is what she told me:

1) There has never been a "No BM/WF" rule while she has been involved with VCA (since the early 90s). Nobody has told her - or any other VCA director - that you can't have an interracial sex scene. She pointed out, as her most recent example, scene(s) in "Still Insatiable" with Marilyn Chambers. There ARE other VCA policies which do indeed qualify as rules, such as mandatory condom usage.

2) Occasionally, there have been suggestions from the VCA office to lay low on BM/WF interracial that in turn arise not from the rules of any cable companies per se, but from beseiged local cable stations that carry Playboy, Spice, Adam & Eve, etc. These stations then voice their complaints to the adult provider. VCA employees are free to ignore suggestions, and she does not know of any punitve action taken against those who avail themselves (including herself) of the opportunity to forge ahead with interracial scenes.

3) The operative word here is "besieged." Local cable stations depend on a friendly political atmosphere because it is the city legislatures that decide whether or not to renew their licence to operate, without which they are out of business. The local stations, who do not have sufficient clout to defend themselves, i.e. ability to afford capable First Amendment lawyers or lobbyists, are very sensitive to complaints coming from the local pols. Complaints about the aforementioned interracial sex scenes have been directed at cable stations in the South from sizeable numbers of these legislators' constituents.

4) In addition to a license to operate, cable stations also need substabtial advertising revenue to make it worthwhile to stay in business. Sponsors that fear boycotts will withdraw commercials, or make enough threatening noises to do so, prompting the cable station to either snip the offending scene from the movie or ask the adult cable provider to do that for them.

5) The number of complaints lodged against interracial sex scenes varies from time to time. Right now, things are quiet. But in the past, complaints rose to reach a critical mass, prompting the adult cable providers, especially Playboy, to wonder whether it made financial sense to feature BM/WF sex. Playboy adopted a policy suggesting (not mandating) that its porn suppliers not put in those scenes. Hugh Hefner was almost certainly unaware of this, since he had already retired from day-to-day involvement with Playboy. Although Playboy had been very pro-integrationist in the past, risking losses, now it was becoming all about $$$.

6) Playboy's policy was scrapped due to the intervention of Andrew Trentacosta, who rose to the ranks in each of the "Big Three" adult cable providers. Trentacosta convinced all of them that even a suggeston to nix interracial stuff was bullshit, and that they could weather any storm or fallout from the presence of BM/WF sex. As a result, the burden now rests solely on the local cable station to edit out anything it deems risky.

7) In the past, Veronica had talked about these issues, but was not as well-informed about them as she is now. She continues her producer partnership with Michael Ninn (going on eight years) and is starting up a new adult business called Hope Ranch, LLD.


Hjuio writes:

Now IR [interracial] is marketed as a niche and is rarely seen in gonzo outside of speciality IR videos. The producers are even mocking the performers in the pictures, such as Rob Spallone’s forthcoming African-Asian theme video called “Spooks with Gooks.”

Several Latin themed videos are also out, one of which is entitled “Sack the Wetbacks or something” and such. I doubt the performers know the titles of the videos when they go into a shoot, but the racial stereotyping in porn is pretty pathetic.


The New Porn Apartheid

Arena magazine has a feature on racism in porn. Clip clip clip.

Arena journalist Justin Quirk writes: "But incredibly, in the US, none of the biggest studio-contracted-stars, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Devon, Jesse Jane, etc -- do interracial. This anachronistic trend is inextricably linked with the rise of authoritarian Christian republicanism in America."

This is bollocks. The biggest porn stars have rarely done interracial (for the past 35 years, as long as there have been porn stars). This is not a trend. And it has nothing to do with "authoritarian Christian republicanism," whatever that is. What precisely is authoritarian about the Christian Right? They want to diminish your freedom to have an abortion and to consume porn. Aside from that, what established freedoms are they threatening?

The freedom-loving Justin Quirk writes:

Overt racism in US porn is nothing new. Black/white bigotry was evident in a much more base aspect into the early 1990s, with even [Lexington] Steele having his head superimposed on a monkey's body on the covers of some of his earliest films. Thankfully, this kind of rubbish is largely a thing of the past: it's difficult to imagine anyone today getting away with a production like Gregory Dark's Let Me Tell Ya About Black Chicks (1985) which culminated in a black woman getting double-penetrated by two white men in KKK robes.

So Quirk, who earlier argued against Christian authoritarianism, is now rejoicing that filmmakers have less freedom to create today than 20-years ago. Quirk and his leftist ilk do not care about freedom. They care about legislating their morality. That's fine. I and those on the Right want to legislate our morality as well. What matters is the specifics of what we want to legislate. Freedom is a great value. It is not the ultimate one (unless you are a libertarian).

In my 2004 book The Producers: Profiles in Frustration, I learned that filmmakers have far less freedom to create today than in the 1950s. Is the Right behind Political Correctness? Is it the Right that pushes Hollywood to only put cigarettes in the hands of bad guys?

Quirk writes:

Sadly, echoes of this racial stereotyping still exist today, albeit in a more insidious form -- even among the directors who do shoot interracial. Films like Gangland play on the staple right-wing stereotype of white women straying into bad neighborhoods and falling foul of marauding packs of African-Americans...

What if the stereotype is factually correct? Do you hear about gangs of white men raping black women? The instances of black men raping white women are far higher in the United States than white men raping black women.

Even Jesse Jackson said that if he was walking in a bad part of town and he saw a gang of youths following him, he'd worry if they were black.

Is it the fault of whites that blacks in the US commit a disproportionate rate of violent crime?

What do you think would happen if a young attractive women walked alone through a bad black neighborhood? The brothers would want to discuss poetry with her?

I'd love to see Justin Quirk (and those who think like him) send their young white attractive female loved-ones alone into tough black neighborhoods and let these girls walk around for a few hours and see what happens to them.

The biggest problem with that scenario is that the innocent women would pay the price for Quirk's willful stupidity.

Remember the Chris Rock joke -- what do you say to someone who calls you and says, "I'm on Martin Luther King Blvd. I'm lost. What should I do?" Run!

Is it the fault of whites or Christians that most Martin Luther King Blvds (wherever they are in the United States) are not somewhere most people would like to live? The real estate is cheap. I wonder why?

There are many interesting related issues here. Would you like to live on Hooker Alley? Would you like to live on a street where there are lots of sex shops? Would you like to live in a community where the average person spends two hours a day masturbating to pornography? If you are a pornographer, would you like to live among your most ardent fans?

Note how in the Arena article Lexington Steele is portrayed in only the glowing terms. This is typical white leftist patronizing of blacks.

Lex is not a saint.

I've only had positive interactions with the guy. I like him. He's number one at what he does, but he's a complete human being. How many porn girls have started bleeding from having sex with Lex (because he's so big)? A lot. I've seen it a couple of times on set. They bleed, not because Lex is vicious, but because he's abnormally big and many women can't comfortably accommodate his penis.

Why is busting open chicks (white or black) till they bleed a good thing?

Quirk writes: "Meanwhile, in an equally blatant act of discrimination, black female performers are routinely paid 25 per cent less than their white counterparts."

That's because consumers prefer to buy porn starring non-black women. Performers are free to sell their services on the open market. If there's an extraordinary profit to be made from shooting black chicks, plenty of pornographers will shoot them.

Life discriminates. For instance, white women are far more likely to date black men than white men are to date black women. White men are more interested in dating Asian women than black women.

The biggest porn stars have always been white. The most popular beauties and movie stars in the world have always been white. This is not an American phenomenon. Aside from a handful of exceptions, black leads don't create box office either in the US or overseas. Few non-blacks watch TV starring blacks (the Cosby Show as an exception).

Here's something Quirk's article ignores -- the number of blacks in porn who don't believe that whites (or non-blacks) should make black porn. When whites discriminate against blacks, that catches Arena's attention, but when blacks discriminate against whites, that is boring.

Black male performer and director Jake Steed (whatever happened to him? One too many violent assaults so he had to flee the country) told the June 1999 AVN: "What you see is a bunch of white guys trying to commercialize the new untapped market of blacks, and the blacks don't have any power to capitalize on it, 'cause they've been so broke, trying to survive, trying to get work. Now that the black market's open, all the companies (no offense to Chris [Mann], he's one of the first ones to do it) that are doing black movies are all white. They're just commercializing it. All these places cannot duplicate a black experience. They can try to commercialize as much as they can, but I see that in the future: What's going to happen is that the consumers who watch my movies are going to say, "Hey, this is real, we want something from our perspective, not something commercialized and we don't want to support a company that's pretending to be black that's not really black." I think performers like Sean are going to have to support that too. They've been taking cuts on their rates just to survive, 'cause there's no work. 10 percent of the work is black, and that's now. Go back three-four years ago, and maybe three percent, four percent were black."

BoyAlley writes on GFY: "I don't know about discrimination, I know about business. In the gay marketplace, black asian latino etc. etc. simply does not sell as well as white. Races other than white, for that reason, are considered "niche" and are mainly promoted with "niche traffic" dedicated to those races. For me, it's about the bottom line, which is something that the consumer dictates."

Have2Cit writes on XPT: "Black women don't seem to want to do the more degrading videos that white women do. The less degrading stuff just happens to pay less."

Phlogiston writes on XPT:

Uh-oh! People are actually choosing the people that they have sex with! Oh, the humanity! I keep forgetting about the "civil right" to make others have sex against their will for your personal amusement. This sounds like a job for Jesse Jackson: (In Southern Reverend baritone)

I be hating
The discriminating
The White women
Be making
While I'm masturbating

Dan G writes on XPT:

The superimposition of Lex's head onto a monkey's body...wouldn't that be off of the cover of one of the volumes of 'Little White Chicks, Big Black Monster Dicks' put out by noted white supremacist Jake Steed? That series also had a KKK themed cover as well, if I remember correctly...

Oh, and there's an absolute humdinger of an anecdote about buying drugs on MLK in one of pro wrestler Mick Foley's books.

Crime Statistics from the Dept. of Justice

From a posting to Craig's List (pers-110508803@craigslist.org, the posting is unchanged even though it uses language that I do not use, the statistics, according to the best I can see, do check out, that I post this does not mean I approve and support everything in it):

Blacks "were 7 times more likely than whites to commit homicide in 1998" http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/homicide/race.htm

Blacks are four times more likely than Whites to kill their children http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/homicide/kidsrates.txt

28% of black males go to jail, vs. 4.4% of White males http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/crimoff.htm

68.7% of blacks are born out of wedlock http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/pdf/nvsr50_05tb19.pdf

62% of ALL black births are paid for by the US government http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/datawh/statab/pubd/2319_69.htm

Blacks are responsible for 40.8% of all domestic violence cases, despite being only 13% of the population. See page 28: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/vi.pdf

Though only 12% of the population, blacks take 38.3% of the total of all welfare payments. Whites are 72% of the population, and take 30.5% of the total. http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/vi.pdf

Though only 12% of the population, blacks take 38% of taxpayer-subsidized housing http://www.huduser.org/datasets/ass...96/descript.htm

JOURNAL OF BLACKS IN HIGHER EDUCATION http://www.jbhe.com/ But income alone does not explain the racial scoring gap. Consider these facts: Whites from families with incomes of less than $10,000 had a mean SAT score of 980. This is 123 points higher than the national mean for all blacks. Whites from families with incomes below $10,000 had a mean SAT test score that was 46 points higher than blacks whose families had incomes of between $80,000 and $100,000. Blacks from families with incomes of more than $100,000 had a mean SAT score that was 142 points below the mean score for whites from families at the same income level.

The disparity in interracial murder rates is astounding. For every 100,000 White people, how many do you think kill blacks? And for every 100,000 negroes, how many do think kill Whites? Let's find out... Kill ratios Averaged for Five Years

Year Black on White White on Black
1994 1306 469
1995 1110 454
1996 1077 417
1997 974 343
1998 839 362

Total 5306 2045
Average 1061.2 409

White Population in *thousands*
1998 - 223,001
1997 - 221,317
1996 - 219,623
1995 - 218,010
1994 - 216,365

Total 1,098,316,000
Average 219,663,200

Black Population in *thousands*
1998 - 34,431
1997 - 33,973
1996 - 33,518
1995 - 33,098
1994 - 32,654

Total 167,674,000
Average 33,534,800

Black average of White murders / Black average population per 100,000
1061 / 33,534,800 x 100,000 = 3.16

White average of Black murders / White average population per 100,000
409 / 219,663,200 x 100,000 = 0.186 3.16/0.186 = 16.99


So, do you think the ratios are insignificant? What if White people killed blacks at the same rate that blacks killed whites?? Let x = dead negroes killed between 1994-2003 x / 219,663,000 x 100,000 = 3.16 x = (3.16)(219,663,000) / 100,000 x = 6941 per year 6941 x 10 years = 69,410 dead negroes


Sources: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/homicide/ovrace.txt http://www.census.gov/population/es.../intfile3-1.txt

Liberals often try to blame Black violence on poverty. The Census data, however, disproves that hypothesis. How? In 1995, among the American poor, there were 16.3 million Whites (real ones), 10.0 million Blacks, 8.6 million "Hispanics," and 1.4 million Asians. Blacks comprised about 27.6% of the American poor. Those poverty numbers can be verified at http://www.census.gov/population/es.../intfile3-1.txt http://www.census.gov/hhes/poverty/pov95/povest1.html

During that year, Blacks committed about 54% of all US murders. Remember that the FBI, from whom the murder information comes, counts "Hispanics" as "Whites," making the total number of poor persons eligible to be committing murders as "Whites" about 24.8 million. These "Whites" comprised 68.5% of the American poor, but committed - at most - only 46% of 1995 US murders, if we make the doubtful assumption that Asians and Amerindians committed none. The evidence argues against the liberal hypothesis that poverty causes crime.

Rape is an economic crime if liberals are willing to admit that women are merchandise or "goods," and that men are compelled to take them because they're impoverished, and not criminal scum.

See page 10 - http://www.census.gov/hhes/poverty/pov95/povest1.html

The racial distribution of arrestees for rape is similar to the racial distribution for all violent UCR arrests ? 56% of arrestees for rape in 1995 were white, 42% were black, and 2% were of other races.

The population of all races - approx. 275,617,000 White 226,563,000 Black 35,392,000 226,563,000/275,617,000 = 82.2% of Whites in America 35,392,000/275,617,000 = 12.8% of Blacks in America

Chico Wang, a rare Asian director in porn, writes on ADT:

Don't people have a choice anymore? Does everything have to be construed as racist?

I personally don't like girls with fake tits. Nor do I like super black girls (too hard to shoot with the camera). However, that doesn't mean I haven't shot black girls or girls with fake tits. It means, in general, 90% of them turn me off and I ain't gonna shoot any girl that I wouldn't stick my dick in (with the aid of Cialis of course).

However, shooting a black guy with a big dick sliding up a little white girl's pussy or asshole is pretty cool. Unfortunately, my male talent pool I trust is very slim and loyal and the black guys I've used in the past are either unreliable egomaniacs or have visa problems and have been nixed from my list.

You have to remember that alot of girls enter the marketplace looking for a piece of the pie. Although it isn't as commonplace as it used to be, some girls start with GG, go to BG, switch to Anal, then open themselves to IR. Each succeeding jump opens up themselves to a new piece of the market where they wait for a director that'll give them a huge payout for their first of a kind and continue to do those type of scenes among previous acts they've been known for.

I remember when Ariana Jollee lived with me and there was some bulls--- talk about her being a racist. I knew it wasn't true. But when work dried up for her, she did IR and increased her commodity overnight. I'm also aware that alot of girls escort or do the stripping circuit.

Not everyone does it solely in Los Angeles where we tend to be a bit liberal than some other parts of the United States. There are alot of John's out there that may not f--- an escort who did a five guy, black guy anal cream pie scene. It's business. Are there racist porn girls out there? Sure. Will I ever force a white girl to do interracial against her wishes? Nope, never. It's alot more complex often times than throwing out stupid names.

JamesB23 (and don't you just love it when the British lecture Americans on racism and other matters, their insecure need to constantly ooze superiority to Yanks is so attractive):

What I find disturbing is how completely f---ed up the USA is about race full stop....I'm black and I feel like dropping to my knees and crying tears for being from the UK. I'm married to a gorgeous white woman and you know what.....nobody gives a f---.

We recently went to Atlanta and boy, oh boy did I get some stares. It got so bad that I actually approached someone in the street and told them to chill. Interracial porn is a battle ground for the simple reason that in the US black people and white people don't live together, they know absolutely nothing about each other so live in a bizarre world of myth and stereotype which is only reflected in porno.

Its all rather pointless and in truth makes the US the laughing stock of the world. Nobody outside of the US can understand the fuss. A dick is a dick, a pussy is a pussy. Its all getting f---ed on camera.

If a chick is happy to be drink a cup of cum from 5 guys but won't ever entertain f---ing a black guy....I'd say that's a chick best avoided anyway.

To use James's language, the British don't appear to give a ---- about most things. They place a higher premium on privacy. It does not mean they are any more accepting of differences in race, etc.

Realtip writes on ADT:

As the Arena article also indicates, this is mainly an American problem. This refusal to perform IR is rarely, if ever, seen in the European chicks who tend to be ten times hotter than their American starlet counterparts who refuse to do it. Angel Dark, Stacy Silver, Sylvia Saint, Jane Darling, Liliane Tiger, Monica Sweetheart, Sharka Blue, Ellen Saint, etc., have all done IR, and not because they had to do it to salvage their careers either. And these are all hot European starlets who can pick and choose any guy with whom to do a scene, but don't go around talking nonsense about "attraction" and "preference." But in America, which is supposed to be so much more enlightened than anyone else, people just can't let go of their racist tendencies. This probably explains why alot of the black directors like Justin and Lex, for example, are starting to recruit European girls now. For one thing, the girls are alot hotter and the guys don't have to deal with as much nonsense on the race issue as they have to go through here in America. It also explains why many famous black Americans throughout history, from Richard Wright to Josephine Baker, were known to leave America and go to Europe where they didn't have to worry about racism and segregation on such a massive scale as they did here. I even know a Polish girl who had never before in her entire life seen a black person before she came to the States. Yet, when she came here, she dated guys of every race, including black, and even ended up marrying a Hispanic guy. And for someone who came from a country where there were absolutely no black people, she had a much better understanding attitude of racial issues than alot of white Americans I know who have been seeing black people their whole lives. Imagine that! Furthermore, I was also amazed when Angel Long said in the article that, in Europe, girls are not even asked if IR is a problem for them. They are just expected to do it as they would with any other male performer. Maybe the American pornographers need to take a lesson from their European counterparts.