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Thursday, August 12, 2004

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I Catch Rob Spallone In The Tattoo Parlor

"What are you doing?"

"I'm covering Helena's [Rob's ex-wife] name."

"With what?"

"A giant cunt."

"Does it hurt?"

"Yeah, it hurts."

"When are you shooting next?"

"Next week."

"What else are you doing?"

"I just spent the last three days moving into my new office at Legend."

Legend Video Signs 18yo Director?

Legend Video has signed eighteen year old international skateboard champion Scorpio to an exclusive one year shooting deal. At eightteen, Scorpio is not only the youngest director in the adult industry, but the best suited to take over Legend Video's popular series, Teens Goin' Wild.

Pyro writes: "How come I can't find any evidence that this guy even exists? If you're going to hype some lie, why lie about something that can be checked?"

When X Ruled The World

VH1 info

To quote Ron Jeremy: "Back then it was 80% fun, 20% business. Nows 10%, 90%."

JD writes on RAME: Gemini, I was criticizing your slavish devotion to the freak shows the other day but I have to thank you for posting this notice. I really enjoyed that show - even though I'd heard most of what everyone said before, it was great to see so many stars from the Golden Age and see how they look these days. Man, has Sharon Mitchell had a lot of work done - she was a downright plain girl back in the day but I thought she was quite attractive on this show.

My favorite guy from those days is Eric Edwards - he looked kind of rough but if you read the story of his life, he's had some rough times. Jeez, when I started watching porn back in 1978, him, Jamie Gillis and John Leslie were in every movie being made and these guys could really act (at least enough). Unfortunately for him, he kept picking porn chicks for girlfriends, which everyone knows is a bad idea, and they kept running off and leaving him. But hey, at least he can say he had Arcadia Lake in her prime (and lord was she prime!) What a shame that girl turned out to be a stone junkie who OD'ed later. Hey, I'd have supported her habit. If you haven't read the article about Eric Edwards that is posted on, I'd definitely suggest you do - it has some great info in it. He is about the only porn guy who worked in 4 decades, starting in the late 60's.

Anyway, I was surprised but pleased that someone made a porn documentary that wasn't full of bullsh-t for once. Usually, these porn "expose's" are just opportunities for losers like Jenna Jameson or Jessie Jane to get their silicone, tatooed, god-awful mugs on TV and promote their latest crap. For once, a show highlighted the true pioneers of the industry.

Marc Mac writes:

Just finished watching it and it was one of the best introspective views of the porn industry I've ever seen. No bullsh-t narrator, no questioning of the "rightness or wrongness" of porn, it's done by the actors and people who were/are in the business. It's coming back on in about 2 hours for an encore. I got my VCR set up.

What was interesting is that two of my all time "uggos" actually looked better today than when they made movies: Vanessa Del Rio and Sharon Mitchell! Both looked real good. Porsche Lynn, OTOH, is showing her age! And Annie Sprinkle has really porked up! And what the hell is up with Eric Edwards??? My God, he is ooollllldddd!!!! I guess we all are!!

Homegrown Awarded Injunction Against Cybererotica

AVN story GFY thread JBM thread

Judge Richard C. Neal rules in Ref. # 12220031509:

In this arbitration claimant New Destiny Internet Group [Homegrown] presents claims for copyright infringement and related relief against respondents Voice Media Incorporated, its trustee Ron Levi, Trade News NV, and Internet Business Services, LLC. New Destiny originally asserted its claims in an action in federal district court, but that court held that New Destiny was bound to arbitrate its claims.

Claimants move for a preliminary injunction, and for leave to amend their demand in arbitration to add alter ego claims against respondent Ron Levi. They originally sought relief in their federal action, but the federal court ruled that they should pursue injunctive relief in the arbitration, and struck the motion to add alter ego claims against Mr. Levi.

The arbitrator has carefully considered the briefs and materials filed, and the oral arguments. The following is the abitrator's statement of reasons and ruling.

INJUNCTION. New Destiny owns an adult entertainment internet website and a copyright web page called the "Homegrown Video Web Site Tour," used to market the web site. In January 2000 New Destiny entered a written agreement engaging VMI to market and provide credit card servicing for the website, and granting VMI a non-exclusive license to use the tour. The Agreement specified that "neither party may, without consent of the other party, assign any of its rights or delegate any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement." New Destiny offers evidence that: VMI violated the non-assignment clause by purporting to assign the website tour to Trade News; Trade News has been displaying the website by copying it on its own computers and making it available over the Internet without New Destiny's authorization; the web tour still resides on the Trade News server; Internet Business is handling all of the financial administration of Trade News's use of the website tour.

Under the federal standard, an injunction is available if serious questions are raised as to liability, and the balance of hardships tips in favor of the party seeking the injunction. Trade News argues forcefully that its discontinuance of use eliminates the need for any injunctive relief, but New Destiny's recent evidence of continued use undermines confidence that Trade News has completely ceased the alleged infringement. Further, little hardship to Trade News can flow from an injunction against conduct it claims already has ceased. And, the arbitrator finds, while acknowleding that final decision must await a full hearing on the merits, that serious questions have been raised concerning liability.

TO respondents Voice Media Incorporated, Trade News N.V., Internet Business Services, LLC, and Ron Levi:

You and each of you, and your officers, directors, trustees, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and those persons in active participation with you or them, are restrained and enjoined pending arbitration or resolution of this proceeding from: the "Homegrown Video Web Site Tour..."

Frank Meyer Leaves AVN This Week

He wrote a regular column on porn and the mainstream for for a few months. He will become a producer at Comcast's G4 network.

Frank also has a couple of book deals. He's co-writing Dave Mustaine from Megadeth/Metallica's debut book and a rock n roll philosophy book with David Lee Roth.

Here are links to Frank's rock bands:

The Street Walkin Cheetahs

Sweet Justice

Or look up the bands on and for extensive bio info.

Raquel Devine Interview

We chat by phone Monday afternoon, August 9, 2004.

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 118 lbs. (54 kg)
Measurements: 34D-25-33

"When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Raquel laughs. "I had a passion for airports. My dad was a pilot. I thought I was going to be a pilot. When I was a teenager, it was still glamorous to be a flight attendant. When I got older, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

"I was a pom-pom girl in highschool in college."

"Is that different from cheerleader?"

"Yeah. They have the dance routines. Picture Paula Abdul when she was a Laker girl. My background is ballet and dancing. I was always the lead dancer in highschool plays. Then I got into pom-pom dancing and I loved it. I loved learning choreographed routines. To this day, I still love watching the Laker girls when they do their dance routines. I love performing. I've always loved to be on stage and dancing.

"I never thought about getting into the entertainment industry. I had normal jobs for nine years before I made my first adult movie."

"Did you have big breasts as a teenager?"

"No. I got teased a lot by my brothers. I was a ballet dancer. You have no meat. I knew as a young girl, as young as ten years old, that I was going to buy my boobs. All my girlfriends had natural D cups.

"I was barely a B cup. Instead of a bra, I called it a breast bun cover. A baggy B. I was a slender build. I didn't have a black booty.

"I was a legal secretary for four years, doing family law with a little bit of probate and personal injury. I was more sexually harassed by attorneys than by anybody in the adult industry. I can say that for all the jobs I had. I worked at Northrop as an administrative assistant for the 747 program. The abuse that goes on is horrific.

"I can't write the book now but I'm going to. I don't want to hurt anyone. I want to make women understand the adult industry more. Women are far more abused in the real world.

"I never had a drug problem. Every industry has a drug problem. It cracks me up when people say, 'Your industry is on drugs.' Look at all the doctors, nurses, lawyers, who are pill poppers. Especially when we started going to New York and toured you start seeing all the Wall Street types and the filthy rich types who have huge drug problems. They'd go on these 24-36 hour binges. I didn't do party calls because I didn't do drugs.

"A party call is where a client wants somebody to binge with them for 24-36 hours. I've heard of clients spending $30,000 a week on escorts, not to mention on drugs. These aren't guys in the adult industry. These are the guys who are trading your stocks and bonds.

"We get to know people. Whenever I mention to somebody I'm a porn star, I don't care what they do for a living, their guard goes down. They tell me everything.

"I incorporated last week (Leuqar). I want to start my own line of videos. Raquel Divine Productions. I want to do my own reality series. I am bored with the way porn is shot.

"Extreme went the other way. They were just crazy. Now they're in a lot of trouble.

"You're obviously not from here. Other countries are more relaxed about sex. We're so uptight here. I want to do male-bonding porn where guys 18-35 can pop in and watch together. Something fun where they won't feel embarrassed. Especially college-age. They love beer, porn, and pizza. They want Jackass meets porn."

I asked my good friend Kyle: "Do you like to watch porn with other guys or is it more of a solitary pleasure?"

He replied: "Only a dyed-in-the wool, 100% USDA-certified fag would ask another guy a question like that. I start thinking, "Maybe Duke's okay. Maybe I was wrong about him." And then you slip back into your fancy-boy mode, and I think, "Nah. I was right about that flamer all along.""

"When you were in the straight world, did you sleep with anyone to get ahead?"

"When I was in sales, I got the better territory, without knowing it, because I was banging the boss. I was towards the end of my marriage. I was 25 and I knew it wasn't working out. This guy was married. We became really good friends and that led into a sexual affair. I look back now and think, ohmigod, I could've been a millionaire. I could've been a bitch. I had Beverly Hills as my territory. Everybody knew I was banging the boss or how else would I get Beverly Hills?

"I was selling janitorial supplies. Tampons, chemicals, anything you can think of to maintain a building. The Mormo church, one of their orders from me was for $25,000. Mormons like to stock up. The Mormon church requested a different sales rep. I made the guy uncomfortable. I used to wear short skirts, ala the Aly McBeal look."

"Did you ever sleep with any of the people you made sales calls on?"

:No. I wish I knew now what I knew then. What's that saying?"

"I wish I knew then what I know now."

"I would've done a lot better. I probably would've owned that city. Sometimes, when you play by the book, you lose. I'm not saying that you should lie, cheat and steal. I learned a lot about the power of sexuality through this industry. It's opened up my mind in a positive way even in my personal life. I don't think in my personal life I would've ever done a threeway. I was raised very right-wing, Republican, religious, boring. You get married and only have sex with your husband."

"Did you have sex before marriage?"

"Hell yeah. I was so horny. I remember at five years old being horny. I lost my virginity at 14. I had about 20 lovers before I got married (almost 23 yo). I was married two-and-a-half years.

"I was married for a week to a professional con artist who used to run Peter North's Web site. James Weaver. He changed his name to James Canon. He ripped me off. I bought him a $30,000 Harley and he pawned it. I gave him $50,000 to put in his bank account and he went through it in four weeks. Gambling."

"How come you weren't able to pick up the clues he was a con man?"

"Because on the second date, he told me he loved me. I thought he was successful. He was doing Peter North's Web site. I knew Peter North was a big name. He talked up all this stuff he was doing. A month after we started dating, I married him.

"This was when I was 31. I thought I was smart.

"He blackmailed me within one week [of marriage]. He said that if I didn't give him X amount of money, he'd tell my parents. He did. That's how they found out. He drove to my parents house with a CD Rom. He blackmailed me."

"Did he watch it with them?"

"Yes. My parents freaked. My mom sent me literature on being a sex addict."

"Did that help?"

"No. I said, mom, I'm not a sex addict. I made my first movie in December 1997. He told them in February 1999. I made over 300 movies in a year. Including magazines and softcore stuff for Cinemax.

"They wouldn't talk to me for a year. If I tried to send them any gifts for birthdays or Christmas, they'd say, we don't want your dirty money. We know how you make your money. We don't want anything to do with it. But now they've accepted it.

"The recent fight we got in was political. My parents are staunch Bush supporters. I said, I don't want Bush. I want Kerry. I want a liberal in the office for obvious reasons. They seemed to be more upset that I'm a liberal than that I do porn.

"My mom was a 19-year old virgin and has been with one man for 44 years. She does not believe in premarital sex, period.

"I remember when I was nine, she was talking to me about sex. She said, you just lie there and it's over with in a few minutes. She should write a book about doing your wifely duty."

"Where did they go wrong?"

"They always knew I was different. When I was a little girl, I used to [dress provocatively]. My mom says I hated to wear clothes. I wanted to be in my slip and in my black shoes. I always loved make-up. I always loved dressing up. I always loved dressing sexy.

"In the straight world, I got chewed out all the time for dressing too provocative. I was like Erin Brokovich.

"I didn't get my boob job until I was 24 (from 1991-1997). I had to get four boob jobs because I didn't have any meat. I had to go big slowly. I also had two that leaked. It was a defective valve. I've had six boob jobs. I'm now a 34D, which is perfect for my size.

"I did my last movies in 1999."

"Did you get injured?"

"Jake Steed hurt me bad. I told him, let me do it. He shoved it in me. I had to go to the doctor. I don't like anal sex anyway. I wish I liked it. I wish I was like Montana Gunn. I've never done anal since. It was a good reason to stop.

"I started realizing that movies are a good way to get your name out there, but who's making all the money? I get paid one time. They're going to make compilations of my videos until the cows come home. Your lifespan in this business is short. They're going to shoot you out.

"Now everybody and their grandmother does porn. Now all these girls want to do it. They have a plethora of pretty girls. Movie companies love dealing with young girls because they don't question stuff.

"I did a little thing for with Kyle Stone. I appeared on Pamela Peaks public access Cooking Show 19.

"Remember the unknown comic in the late '70s who had a paper bag under his head? I want to do the unknown porn star because I have so many guys that want to be in a porn but they can't because they're married or have careers... I've had so many guys tell me that they are so bored of seeing the new girls with the same ten guys.

"There's a reason for that. Producers don't want to lay all that money on the line and then the guy can't perform. It's hard to coordinate people for one day. Trying to get these girls to show up on time. That's why I got such a good reputation. I was one of the few girls who would show up on time.

"I had a real job for nine years. I appreciated the money. A lot of these girls who get in at age 18 don't appreciate it because they've never had a real job. Burger King doesn't pay $2000 a day.

"Escorting was a huge phenomenon four years ago. The money was unbelievable. It's not as good now because everybody is doing it. Porn stars were probably paid better 15 years ago because there weren't as many hot girls in the business. Now there are tons of hot girls in the business. You turn on any of these Web sites with escorting and there are a lot of girls doing it, whether they are porn stars or not. Everybody caught on that it is a fun easy way to make money.

"I meet great people. I meet famous people. I've met professional people."

"How do you screen out the jerks?"

"I don't see people who don't have a good referral. I wouldn't see a newbie. I always email the girl. Check it out. I require all their employment information. I had a guy fax me his business license and his articles of incorporation. I've never had a bad experience.

"I had more bad experiences years ago when I would do bachelor parties. The companies don't care about you. They'd send you to El Monte to do a bachelor party. That was before I knew El Monte was a bad area.

"If they were mostly Hispanic parties... Not that I'm racist. I've met a lot of nice Hispanic guys. But there's a difference between a beer party and a tequila party. I had a guy try to corner me in my room. I had an undercover cop who was driving me. I said, we've got to get out of here. I've never in my life hit anybody or been in a fight. My instincts kicked in. I spun that little bastard around and I heat-butted him into the door. I heard his nose crack. He grabbed his nose and screamed. I just ran out of there.

"Nothing is perfect. How many girls have been raped on campuses? How many girls getting to their car at night have been assaulted? These guys don't come near me until I have their life story. I check in with somebody and I check out with somebody. I don't see people in their homes. An asshole would have to be pretty stupid to give me all their information and then assault me. I would go to the police. Their life would be over.

"I was assaulted years ago, nominally. I was doing legal private strip shows. When you strip and the guy does his business but nobody touches each other. I would clearly tell people when I walked in the door that I do not do anything illegal. And if you are looking for that, you should call another agency.

"This guy, towards the end of the hour, flipped out on me. He said, I want to f--- you. I said, oh, I don't do that. Inside, I was thinking, I've got to get out of here. I said, let's go on a date. Let's make it a better experience. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. He was going to climb on top of me. I kicked him off of me. I grabbed my stuff. He ran out into the hall naked after me. I called the police and they arrested him. He was from Connecticutt. The cops asked me if he was married. I said yep. They said, not for long.

"He was convicted. That little incident cost him over $25,000. I had scratch marks on my back. They kept my dress as evidence because there was a little bit of blood on it from the scratch marks.

"When you are on a porn set, you are safe. You are treated respectfully. I probably got in an argument with a director one time. He wanted me to put paint on my pussy and I said, I don't think it's safe. And I don't like piledriver, with all that weight on your neck."

"How did you get into the adult industry?"

"I was dating a guy who lived in Malibu (1993-96) who was wealthy but not my sugardaddy. I got a taste of the good life. I got a taste of what it is like to live in Malibu. Every once in a while he let me drive his Mercedes.

"When I realized that wasn't going anywhere, and I wasn't happy, I wanted to leave. But I thought, how can I maintain my lifestyle but not deal with this asshole? I was flipping through the newspaper in February 1996 and I saw an ad -- stripper meet Internet. That wasn't up to speed yet. It was Captain Cream strip club in Orange County trying to recruit new girls. 'Make $2,000-5,000" a week. I don't like dancing. I don't like to smoke. I don't like to be in a smoky stinky club all the time. I don't like the stripper mentality. Cat fights. They have one kid by some guy they don't talk to anymore. A few tattoos. They're always trying to make rent. They whine. You're hustling guys. I don't like to hustle.

"That's why I love escorting. This is what I charge. I don't force anybody to see me. It is what it is. They know what they're getting and I know what I'm getting. It's a great business arrangement.

"I was at Captain Cream for two weeks. I hated it. I was flipping through the Yellow Pages and saw, hot n'wild. I didn't even know private shows existed. This girl took me on a training call. I did that for a while. That led to bachelor party. I saw that guys will pay a lot of money for a two-girl show with toys.

"In the fall of 1997, I decided I wanted to do movies. I saw an ad in the newspaper. There was some cheeseball wanting to get girls to sleep with him for free. I figured everything out and went to see Jim South.

"I had directors hit on me but I charged them. If you want to play, you have to pay. I didn't date any directors. I had offers. People often say, were you a contract girl? I could've been. If I had fu--ed the right people. It's no different from anything else in life. It's not who you know. It's who you blow."

Kathy Willets Is A 'Rear Bread'

Doc writes on

Members, friends, fans and admirers, I want to take this time to say what many of you can attest in saying that Ms. Kathy Willets is one of the few rear breads when it comes to taking properly care of us, her clients. She not only dresses for the occasion like a few hobbyists have said of her and other Porn Legends, but she makes sure she wears you out so you never forget of the special moment.

Some people have been disrespecting Kathy recently (some have been banned on several boards), which shows their immaturity, envy and ZERO class. Fortunately, those are the few who can't even buy a pack of peanuts in the local drug store but who envy and hate her being so popular amongst us TRUE hobbyists. These people could be females, males or whatever, but in the end they are all sore losers.

Kathy will always be known as one of the best performers in the big screen and in this hobby we all love so much. I hope to meet her again if she ever makes it back to Ft. Lauderdale, her hometown as every time it just gets better. Thank you Kathy for being an icon in the Adult Industry and in this hobby. Hopefully, some of the wannabes can learn from you if they have the brains and desire instead of envying you.

Kathy's Tour Schedule ( Boston: August 17, 18 Chicago: August 20, 21 Toledo, Oh: August 23 thru 28 NYC: Sept. 12 thru 18

Brad writes: "Just read your post about Kathy Willets being a "rear bread." Amazed that you haven't made any comments about these guys deluding themselves through the use of the term "hobbyists." A person who builds model trains is a hobbyist. A stamp collector is a hobbyist. A guy who spends money on used-up porn star hookers is a john...or maybe a trick."

Tyler writes: "I investigated some of the posts on And I thought porn fans were a collection of trolls, mutants and goofballs. They've got nothing on these gimps. And please spread the word that it's "porn star," not "pornstar" and especially not "Pornstar." Didn't anybody finish high school?"

The 100 Worst Porn Movie Titles

Brad Yung writes:

5) THE PORN STORE CLERK LAUGHED AT ME - titles that are so stupidly funny, you can't stop laughing and enjoy the movie :

84. CLIMAX SHOTS #70 - MY BROWN EYE, NOT THE WINKER, THE STINKER - Rhyming is fun. Hey, what rhymes with "loser" ?
85. BUMPIN DONUTS - Uh, which body part is the donut again ?
86. H.R. MUFF N' STUFF - Confusing childhood, was it ?
87. AMBER THE LESBIAN QUEEFER - "Queefer" is just a funny word.
88. MAY THE FORESKIN BE WITH YOU - Geek ! *cough cough*
89. RED HOT CHO CHOS - I don't know what it means, but I heard some other kid on the playground use it ...
91. PRETTY LIL' SISTAS #1 - BEAUTIFUL BLACK POPOZUDAS ! - Nobody talks like this. Nobody. I hope.
92. BEEPING MISS BUFFY - Coyote's after you ...
93. BACKDOOR LAMBADA - A taste for bad porn and horrifically out of date. Why hasn't some woman snapped you up yet ?
94. WALL TO WALL #24 - HELLO TITTY - "Good evening, sir. Ah, I see you have the erotic tastes of a young Japanese girl !"
95. ACAPULCO #1 - MALIBOOBIES - Hooters ! Headlights ! Ta-ta's ! Grow the f-ck up !
96. BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE ULTRA MILKMAIDS - Oh, let me guess -- this is an art film?
97. AFRO-CENTRIX #36 - PUMPIN' THE PO-PO - Don't even try to tell me that's ebonics ...
98. WHAT'S THE LESBIAN DOING IN MY PIRATE MOVIE ? - She's trying to earn enough to feed her crack habit.
99. LUSTY LIFE #89 - SLIDE YOUR LONG LOAF IN MY HOT OVEN - What ... what is wrong with you ?

The most important company in this biz is..

MFM writes on JBM: "Epoch I think they must handle about 70% of the processing now.. I love CCbill and all but I dont think they would dispute that Epoch is processing much more than them."

Soul/Rebel writes: "No doubt. Three years ago they were processing for very few sites, now they process for nearly all; specially those with volume sales."

Matt writes: "Epoch are excellant and by far the most important part of the adult online biz, the features they have are kickass and i'm amazed other processors haven't spent $10,000 and included all those kickass features for their clients."

Pop up blockers, are they hurting your bottom line?

Brad Shaw writes on JBM: "Pop up blockers, are they hurting your bottom line? They are mine. Anyone work around them, to beat them? I hear new MS Service pack will kill pop ups by default."

CrudeCa$h writes: "I think that pop-up blockers are a great thing... now I can surf, see these sites I may want to join or promote and not get hassled with all the other crap that may, or may not, interest me."

DannyC writes:

I agree with him that popups can be annoying, but that's the price you pay to surf these sites. Bandwidth isn't free. Some people will never understand that. What I don't get is how it benefits Microsoft to damage the profits of their many Internet business clients who use their software. And so everyone knows, the popup blocker built into Service Pack 2 not only beats standard popups, but also the popups that beat the Google bar. The release of SP2 will be the beginning of the end for exit revenue.

Wizzo writes: "Popups were a very near and dear friend that will be missed."

Summer Slowdown

Boogie writes on JBM: "Just wondering, we are doing great now, is anyone feeling the summer slow down. If so, what are you doing about it."

Short Irish Guy writes: "August has been my worst month every year since 2000 for some reason. Things always pick up in September when the kids are back in college and the weather gets colder."

Hey Lensman what happened to your sense of humor?

Mike Hawk writes on GFY: Damn, all the threads of bad taste that get put on this board, I post a funny tongue and cheek post, and you shut it down, now that is not very cool, is it? I have seen such bad s--- on your board..... You did not like the phrase "SHE'S GOT THE CASH AND HE'S GOT THE ASS"? I am still laughing my ass off, funny thing this was a funny post, and you shutting down was not cool!

Jim Goad Is Back

After two months selling off puppies, Jim Goad is returning to the writing life, swearing off romantic entanglements and ready for assignments.

"You and I think that the Internet was invented solely so we could search for our own names," he said Sunday.

Burned Out On Blogging

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Porn have asked me to discontinue blogging as I am giving away too many communal secrets.

I've done nothing for free speech all summer. I've been too burned out after building Habitat For Humanity houses with the Alternative Spring Break program.

I did join as many as 40,000 deadbeat dads in Las Vegas Friday for a massive, weekend-long show of non-support for our children.

It's Not Easy Bein' Rodney

Comedian Dangerfield's autobiography is outrageous, entertaining--and surprisingly frank.

"I'm not a sexy guy. I went to a hooker. I dropped my pants. She dropped her price."

"My uncle's dying wish, he wanted me on his lap. He was in the electric chair."

"I tell ya, my wife likes to talk during sex. Last night, she called me from a motel."

Digital Playground Hosts Press Conference Tuesday Night

Followed by a special edition of DP Tonight featuring their new contract girl(s).

All Ladies Who Would Still Like To Work For Adult Star Fantasies Please Contact Montana Gunn

Montana Gunn writes: Hi Beautiful Ladies, Of course with all the confidential privacy needed for yourselves and without being put all over the internet you can still be working with ASF. Please contact me at anytime- contact Lisa or Montana at 818-312-1836 and you can still be making the same income without the BS. I will do my best to really get you lots of work. Mikes clients are calling me all I need is you.

James DiGiorgio Goes To The Movies

One thing I'm always reminded of when I go to the movie theater is this: What we do here in the jizz biz ain't a pimple on the ass of what those people do. leastwise, from a filmmaking perspective. I've yet to see any porn-make that anyone's porn, I don't care who you are-that holds a candle to even the most mediocre and downright lackluster mainstream movies. That's not to say what we do here can't be valid or entertaining, but it ain't valid or entertaining as cinema and it certainly ain't "movie magic."

Another Porn Chick In Rehab

Kami writes: I had to take a little break as message boards are like crack to me. I checked into a board rehab and they have been giving my skin therapy to toughen it up. I took a few months off once before, I do it periodically.

Do you even care that 80% of females in this biz have been physically abused?

JayJay writes on GFY: Do you even give a s--- that like 80% of the female models I have spoke to from this industry have been physically / sexually abused in some way at a young age?

Fris writes: As long as its not me or my friends. time to move on and play ball.

UChase writes: 100% of man seeing hookers are getting monetarily abused.

Welcome John Ashcroft

According to my stats, one of my most frequent visitors is John Ashcroft's Department of Justice.

Hilly: I am not normally racist but I have a load of pakis just moved on top

Evil1 writes: Yeah, go upstairs and ask for some hand grenades.. they are awesome for the 4th.

Robfantasy writes: once you go paki you never go backi.

Links Between Prison and AIDS Affecting Blacks Inside and Out

RALEIGH, N.C. - Fiddling with a cigarette, Louise, a straight-talking 23-year-old who has been living with H.I.V. for four years, grimaced as she discussed life in the black neighborhood of her small town, a sleepy outpost east of the state capital.

The only jobs, she said, were generally at fast-food places, farms or factories. Entertainment consisted of hanging out on the street corner or at the strip mall. And as for men, she said, with an air of resignation, "They've either been in prison, they're married or they're gay."

It never seemed unusual, said Louise, who asked that her last name be withheld because some people close to her are unaware of her H.I.V. status, that nearly all the men she had been involved with - including the one who passed the virus on to her - had been in prison.

"In a grocery store you have a big selection of meat laid out in front of you, and you can chose which grade you want," she said. But in her town, she added, "you don't have that choice. There is no way to really decide the good from the bad. It's all what you decide you can deal with."

Patients With H.I.V. Seen as Separated by a Racial Divide

Last January in Manhattan, at the memorial service of a colleague who died of an AIDS-related illness, Joseph Bostic lost feeling in his legs and had trouble standing. A friend, Keith Cylar, hailed a cab, crumpled some bills into the driver's palm and sent Mr. Bostic home to Brooklyn.

Two months later, Mr. Bostic died of heart and kidney failure related to H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. Within three weeks, Mr. Cylar, too, was dead of heart disease related to the virus.

The loss of these two men - both of them AIDS activists who had lived with H.I.V. for years - shocked many who had nearly forgotten the days when attending funerals and memorial services was a constant, unsettling ritual.

In the United States, death rates from H.I.V./AIDS have sharply dropped in the past eight years as new medications have made the disease manageable for many patients. But among African-Americans like Mr. Bostic and Mr. Cylar, AIDS is still a killer.

In 2002, almost twice as many blacks with AIDS died compared with whites, a gap that has been increasing since 1998. Researchers say the reasons include late diagnoses and inferior care, along with complications because blacks are more likely than whites to suffer from other illnesses.

Slam Bam KB Man

I call KB. He says: "I banged three chicks this week that were 20 and younger. That's a good week. Actually, one was 22, one was 20, and one was 19. I'm having a banner week. I meet them all in temple. I turn in the middle of my prayers and there's always a 20-year old whore sitting there salivating.

"One I met a strip club. One was a chick I dated years ago. Another girl was a waitress at a club.

"It's like my golf game. I never have all facets of my life firing at once. You always have your putting game going but you can't hit the ball."

Is the PPS Model in Serious Danger?

Shap writes on GFY:

The Pay Per Signup business model has been able to adapt and move forward despite industry changes for the past few years. I don't think they've ever had to deal with something that targets their revenue as much as this topic. The topic of Pop Up Blockers.

Every PPS sponsor will tell you a big factor in them being able to payout what they payout has to do with revenue made from exit traffic. Popup blockers are becoming more and more popular. The new XP SP2 has a BUILT IN popup blocker. How are the PPS sites going to be able to payout the big bucks if they start losing major chunks of revenue from exit traffic?

With Revshare you are sending your traffic to a site that you are hoping will treat your surfer the right way and keep them a member for a long time.

With PPS you are sending your traffic to the site that is going to juice every dime out of that surfer.

How do you deal with your employees on lazy Fridays?

KRL writes on GFY: "Drives me nutty the way everyone in the office thinks just cause its Friday they can be so relaxed, not work as hard, take longer lunches and on top of it sneak out early. How do you deal with your staff on Fridays?"

Freeadultcontent writes: "Sacrifice one to make your point."

Wired Guy writes: "Hang a sign that says, beatings will continue until employee morale improves."

Dirty South writes: "Hand out paychecks at 4:59 every Friday."

EvilGuy writes: "Who cares? Unless you want to hire a bunch of Mexicans.. you are going to have too deal with this kind of thing from the North American workforce. If they make you more money then you pay em, it's all good."

Ronaldo writes: "I've noticed that before any big shows, the work atmosphere and business that gets done is virtually non-existent. Email and icq responses about business drop to next to nothing. Icq responses about what parties you'll be attending at the show however could keep you busy all day."

AVN President Paul Fishbein Has Changed His Email Address

It used to be One the one hand, it would be funny for me to print the new one. He'd get 10,000 spams from surfers: 'Hey dude, you suck.' On the other hand, leave the man alone.

Corina Taylor: They Don't Want to F--- With Me

Corina Taylor writes: "They do not wanna f-ck with me out there in porn valley.....this was all said after the initial 5 different times of me saying no to anal....I am totally redneck and we take care of business a bit differently in my neck of the woods....I do not appreciate the irony going on now...That is f-cking sick in the head for you all to make light of the situation...I thought Vince was nice and different before ever working for him...but now I know what a scumbag he is ...along with many, many others out there....I will take a lie detector test...and I will get those results posted a.s.a.p. ..I did do more anal after that happened b/c I knew I was already f-cked ..LITERALLY."

WEHT To Raoul Wallenberg?

I talk to journalist Charles Fenyvesi about Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved the lives of thousands of Jews during World War II and then either died or languished for decades in Soviet prisons.

"People accused me of besmirching Wallenberg's name because I called him an American spy. The word 'spy' for a CIA asset was irresistable and my idiotic editor insisted on it. It was WW II. The guy was helping the Allies achieve victory over the Nazis. That would never occur to me that that was besmirching someone's name.

"I didn't go into the [American government] archives with the notion that I was going to prove he was an American spy. I found the material.

"Did I write my story about the fall of the Romanian regime with the idea that I would save Ceausescu or kill Ceausescu? No. It was a story that came to me."

"What do you think happened to Raoul Wallenberg?"

"That's a terrible story. I think Wallenberg survived until the 1990s."

"In Soviet prisons?"


"Even after the fall of the Soviet empire?"


"He died of old age?"

"We don't know. He would be 92. Yesterday was his birthday.

"In 1995, he no longer knew who he was because of all the drugs and all the treatments given to him by the KGB.

"The man who was convinced that Wallenberg was alive [in 1995] was his best friend from Budapest Per Anger (a modest, self-effacing man who never claimed anything for himself). Per started out giving passes to Jews, a piece of paper that said this person was connected with the kingdom of Sweden. He gave about 100 or so to people who had something to do with Sweden, business connections.

"Then, when Wallenberg came in, he said, that's terrific. Let's make something that looks like a passport. It was in color with the Swedish crown colors.

"Per Anger became Swedish ambassador to all sorts of places including Canada and Berlin. I interviewed him in 1995. He was the same age as Wallenberg. He was still in good shape. He told me that he was convinced that Wallenberg was still alive but that he no longer knew who he was."

"Why would the Soviet Union hold on to him?"

"Because it would enormously embarrassing for them to release him. It would be much easier for them to say, we can't find him. Or, we killed him, which is what they eventually said, then to release a broken man whose mind was no longer there."

"Did the US try hard to get him out?"

"No, because the damn Swedes said they would do it. President Truman offered. He was told no, we will handle it."

"Why didn't we, the US, apply more pressure to get him out?"

"According to my best source in the State Department, we never made it clear to the Russians that it would be in their best interest to release him. There was no US intelligence on where he was. The Swedes knew where he was."

"The Swedes found him an embarrassment?"

"Yes. It was their fault that the Swedish government did not press rigorously enough for Raoul's return. If he returned a broken man, can you imagine what would the reaction have been? Why didn't you do this sooner? Why didn't you get him out? It's a very nasty ugly story. The Swedish government behaved abominably."

Full Fenyvesi interview here.

Corina Taylor Critiqued

Jamie Ralph Gardner writes: In the article, Corina Taylor claims that she was anally raped and from reading the interview, you can figure out which movie that she is referring to. Corina says that Teagan is on the boxcover of the video. The only video that Corina and Teagan are both in is Cum Drippers 6. Corina says that her video scene was shot in February. The production date for Cum Drippers 6 is February 5th of 2004. During the Cum Drippers 6 scene, Corina says: I have a virgin ass." Eric Everhard responds by saying "do you want me to f-ck your virgin ass?" Corina then says "I kinda would like to see what a cock feels like in my ass." Corina is smiling as she is talking with Eric. Vince Vouyer says "You've never done this before?" Corina's response is "never had anal sex, ever." Eric gently places in penis in her ass. As he is going in and out, Eric asks "how does it feel?" Corina responds by saying that "your cock feels good in my tight ass." As the sex scene continues, Corina says "God, f-cking cock up my ass. I'm a dirty f-cking girl." The anal sex goes on for 3 minutes. Corina gives Eric oral sex and then the video cuts to Eric doing anal to Corina in a doggystyle position. As this scene goes on, Corina has an unhappy look on her face most of the time. Corina looked much happier when she was doing anal earlier. Eric asks "are you a virgin?" Corina responds by saying "not any more, not with your cock up my ass, it's not a virgin ass any more." They change their position after 2 minutes have gone by. As Eric is going in and out of her ass, Corina says "I want you to cum in my f-cking ass. I want you to cum in my ass. f-ck yeah, I want you to cum in that ass. Cum in there, yeah." She is much more enthusiastic and seems in to the sex." It takes a minute for Eric to do what Corina asks him to do.

Teagan has had sex with Eric Everhard in several video sex scenes. She has never complained about him. Have any other Actresses had a problem with him other then Corina? Corina claims that she was blackballed and "didn't work for a good while." Movies that Corina did after this movie include Deep in Cream #05 Cum On In (DVSX, DOP: 04/01/2004), Lewd Conduct #20 (Diabolic, DOP: 04/03/2004) and Service Animals #17 (Evil Angel Video, DOP: 06/01/2004). The HIV crisis started during April so that obviously had an effect on her getting work. Lewd Conduct #20 and Service Animals #17 are the 2 videos that Corina refers to when she says that she did anal 2 more times.

Raquel Devine and Jessica Jewel available for travel

Raquel Devine writes on "Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Jessica & I can fly in for 24 hr. dates. Or if you are visiting the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego areas we are available as well. Please note that Jessica does not see new clients. You must know Raquel. Treat yourself to an incredible double trouble experience!"

I thought Jessica had a law degree?

Hardcore Curriculum Film-theory

From the Village Voice:

Film-theory students focus on porn and other fringe fare. But can they get a job?

Within the discipline of film studies, canonical figures like Orson Welles, Christian Metz, and John Ford have long since made room for the ruder names of Marilyn Chambers, Radley Metzger, and Seymour Butts. As the field's borders have expanded in the past decade, redefined by a shift from relatively abstract philosophizing to more concrete cultural history, formerly fringe genres such as pornography, horror, exploitation, and various other psychotronic delicacies have become increasingly frequent subjects of investigation, bolstered by a new generation of graduate students and professors raised on late-night television and mondo video.

The recent publication of Linda Williams's Porn Studies (Duke) testifies to this trend. Its cover illustrated with a tackily elegant, subtly risqué photo from Larry Sultan's porn-set series The Valley, this collection of over a dozen essays analyzes Internet smut, the classic stag film, gay Asian American porn star Brandon Lee, WW II pinups, and Pam and Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncensored.

But the most shocking aspect of Porn Studies may be how uncontroversial it is. Most of the authors came of age after the publication of Williams's groundbreaking Hard Core: Power, Pleasure and the 'Frenzy of the Visible' (1989), the Berkeley professor's keen critical history which found a readership beyond academia within the burgeoning sex-positive feminist and queer cultures of the 1990s. Thus in her introduction to Porn Studies, Williams writes that these new essays "diverge markedly from the kind of agonizing over sexual politics that characterized an earlier era."

Digital Playground Signs Teagan Presley?

Tricia Devereaux writes: "Good for Teagan I guess. IMO, bad for her fans. I felt that she was just hitting her stride with better scenes, and now I don't forsee her doing mind-blowing scenes with DP. Jelena? She's OK. I don't really need boobs that big - in fact, it kind of goes against my natural affinity for toned and athletic girls."

Gene Ross writes on

Granted, summer's a slow time for porn industry news and gossip and you pick your jollies where you may. To that extent, AVN has been an untold source of amusement and merriment this afternoon with their constant shifting of focus about a story involving Teagan Presley. This morning AVN reported that Presley announced her signing of a contract with Digital Playground on KSEX last night which she did not. After took them to the woodshed on that issue, AVN then changed their lead story to the fact that Presley had been "rumored" to have signed but it was not confirmed either by Presley or Digital. Now, apparently after some editorial contemplation wherein some of the bigwigs can justify their lavish salaries, AVN changed the story back again to where they have Presley signing with it being announced on KSEX but not attributed to Teagan with no confirmation from Digital. By the way, AVN's current lead story about Laura Carney is something reported on YESTERDAY.

In an ongoing attempt to bluff its way through life, AVN again tripped over the integrity of its reporting. Today their website reports that Teagan Presley announced that she signed with Digital Playground on KSEX last night.

In other words, am I saying that AVN lifted the original story then put their own spin on it? Well, yes. Because AVN made a rash assumption and that's how their hands got caught in the cookie jar. For the record, Presley made no such announcement. But Selena Silver did, and Presley was not even on the show.

Jamie Ralph Gardner writes:

The AVN article says that Teagan was born in San Diego. She actually was born in Texas and moved to San Diego. The media sure can get things wrong. There are journalists that say Traci Lords did 20 movies. Traci makes that claim but it isn't true. Journalists could easily check her filmography. On one of the TV networks, a TV announcer said that John Kerry was one of the founders of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. The organization officially started in 1967 but Kerry joined it in 1970. Kerry and VVAW have both said that he was not one of the founders. I think this is an example of lazy reporting rather then political bias.

Another time when I was watching TV, a news story said that Lt. William Calley got a life sentence for My Lai. What the story didn't mention was that Richard Nixon commuted his sentence to house arrest. Calley was under house arrest for only 3 years. In Body Count: Lieutenant Calley's Story, Calley said that "And babies. On babies, everyone's really hung up. 'But babies! The little innocent babies!' Of course, we've been in Vietnam for ten years now. If we're in Vietnam another ten, if your son is killed by those babies you'll cry at me, 'Why didn't you kill those babies that day?'" According to Four at My Lai, Calley saw a baby crawling away and shot it.

Evan Gahr: 'What's good for my penis is not necessarily good for society'

"Have you ever encouraged a woman to abort your child?"

Evan laughs. "No. I don't think this sort of stuff should be used to evaluate someone's ideas."

"Have you ever lived with a woman?"

"No, that's bad. Conservative ideals are still good. Studies have shown that people who do that have a higher divorce rate."

"Do you believe in waiting until marriage before having sex?"

"What's good for my penis is not necessarily good for society. Things worked much better when there was that kind of social pressure. That's why people got married quickly. Now people can just f-ck indefinitely. That's why 'relationships' go on and then implode. Feminism, for the most part, has been a disaster for women.

"This has made me a better journalist by helping me to look at the Right more critically. For instance, Bork wasn't borked. It's true that the People for the American Way commercial with Gregory Peck was sleazy, but the reason he went down to defeat was what was depicted accurately. Namely, his record opposed to basic civil rights. They went after him, not for abortion, but for being against birth control."

"How do you feel about rubbers?"

"Do you know who Jay Lefkowitz (White House Political Director)? He worked for Bill Kristol at the first Bush White House. He worked for Tim Goeglein when Tim was making phone calls about me and Marshal Whitman. Jay lied to me. He knew nothing about my dismissal. He says he hardly ever talks to Michael Horowitz (his cousin) at Hudson, the guy who harassed my father. I used to see Michael on the phone with Jay all the time.

"Jay's wife Elena Neuman (Neuman is a pen name, her real last name is Lefkowitz) worked at Insight Magazine (getting the job through a connection of his), she got pregnant. She told us the whole story about how Jay came back from the convention in 1992 and took her au natural. These are the people who believe in modesty telling us about Jay's preferences. She also told us how she did David Segal, who's now at the Washington Post, before she was married. How she lost her virginity the first week of college when she smoked pot at the same time. I'm going to out her. I'm going to out all the heterosexuals. Show that the lifestyle they live is depraved and perverted because they try to pass it off as normal.

"When Elena and Jay were dating, her mother and father got her her own apt on the East Side to spend time with Jay. I bet they did more there than light Shabbos candles."

Mike From Adult Star Fantasy On The Run From Mob, Hiding Out In Mexico

Rob Johnson writes on TER about Montana Gunn's ex-boyfriend who's apparently gone into hiding in Mexico because mobsters, not to mention law enforcement, are after him:

I wasn't fond of him as the owner, but I always thought he was essentially a good man in over his head. And while I didn't particularly agree with his flash and pomposity, he dedicated himself to ASF and was loved by most johns. I'm the primary care-giver for my cousin, who is currently suffering with the ravages of bi-polar disorder, so I can commiserate with what Mrs. Gunn went through these last several years... All in all, his disappearance is probably a relief for his family and ultimately for the best. It's heartbreaking to see a shell of the former person you've known and loved all of your life. May he evade in peace.

Easy Money writes: "Good riddance to a no-good loser who abused women. Now it's time for Montana to use her charm and impeccable business skills to carry the torch of ASF. Montana, we're all counting on you to come thru for us."

I wonder if Nici from Nicisgirls is hiding out with Mike in Mexico.

Stick writes: "It seems this guy abused alot of girls and stole money from alot of guys and he buggered off not to find peace but to avoid finding himself in pieces."

What happened to Digital Sin's DVD's?

M.B. writes on

Just saw Digital Sin's Super Naturals and have to say I'm extremely disappointed. Tons of pixelation and artifact. Erotica XXX and the Anal Trainer series had great quality discs, all of DS's stuff looked great up until now. Did they switch authorers? I also noticed that their past few releases have had some questionable editing as well, but that can be overlooked. However, the pixelation on Super Naturals is brutal.

What happened to this once great company?

I'm forced to get out of this biz

Ultrasonic writes on GFY:

About a week ago i was working at my office and the police came in with a warrant to take my 3 computers because they where investigating somekind of tax scam. They also took all my info and books at my accountants office. My lawyer made some calls and it seems that they don't have a case and will drop all charges, logical because i don't and never will have any tax scam in any way. But by now the harm is done. When i came home that same day my wife and kids (daughter and son) where gone. No note, no call, nothing. It took my 4 hours to find out she is involved with another guy and i got to speak to her on the phone late in the evening that same day. She claims i was never there for her and was working to much, wich i do, about 12 to 16 hours a day. Come to think of it, maybe i was away to much but i never heard her complain when she went shopping with her friends with a big smile on her face about 3 days a week.

Because all of the comotion i didn't think about the practical stuff untill the day after. I went to the bank in fear and it seemed she gladly withdraw our whole account (wich i worked for 12 to 16 hours a day). Well, my bet, i should have put something on the side and play it safe. We where not married, went ot my lawyer again and he informed me she won't get away with it but it might take some time to get back what's mine. 2 Days after that BS the firm i rent the office from throw me out because i was a bad "face" for the building, with the police comming and all. f-ck them, again my lawyer, again same BS...... all problems can be solved but it takes some time but that is what i don't have - TIME.

So to make a long story short, i'm getting out of the biz, not because i want to but because i have to, i don't see any other way. I have to start from scratch again, so back to regular life, regular work and put everything on hold for a long time. I loved doing this biz.

To all the people i have worked with thank for using my services and i hope you all do some great adult bizzing in the future.

For those who ask themselves "what about the kids?" - I'm gonna fight for them, if it's the last thing i do - THAT she WON'T take away from me, she might try to take my biz, my money but not the kids. By the way, i think it's her who put up this fake "tax scam" bullsh-t.

Jasmin St. Claire at the San Diego Comic-Con

By Jamie Ralph Gardner

Carnal Comics was at Comic-Con International: San Diego. Jasmin St. Claire was at the Carnal Comics booth on Friday and the Plastic Fantasy booth on Saturday. At the Carnal Comics booth, Jasmin was signing her Carnal Comics biography and photos of herself. Carnal Comic's Publisher (Steve Crompton) had a hard time finding Jasmin when she showed up at the convention because of the huge number of people at the Comic-Con. The Comic-Con was predicting 80,000 people this year. The parking was so bad that I was getting to the convention before 8 am on most days. Steve and Jasmin are talking about updating Jasmin's comic book. On Saturday, Jasmin was promoting her action figure at the Plastic Fantasy booth. Deja Sinn (dressed in cow girl clothes) was at the Carnal Comics booth on Saturday and Sunday. Deja was promoting Djustine of the Weird West. Deja Sinn is on the photo cover of the comic book that stars the comic book character known as Djustine, who "travels the west, fighting zombies, sexual perverts and her arch-nemesis Diabla (the daughter of Satan)."

There were a lot of big name movie and TV celebrities at the Comic-Con. Keanu Reeves was promoting Constantine (a movie based on the John Constantine character that stars in the Hellblazer comic book). An African American woman, from the audience, knew how many days it had been since she had scene Matrix: Reloaded (her first movie exposure to Keanu). The woman said that she has seen 37 of Keanu's movies. She mentioned that critics have put Keanu down but she thinks he's "The Bomb." Keanu let her come up to the stage and give him a gift. Some guy asked Keanu if there was going to be a Speed 3 and his answer was "no." Keanu was asked about his favorites of the movies he has done. Among the movies that Keanu mentioned was Point Break. He quoted dialogue from the movie in a humorous way. People also asked questions about the Constantine movie (the subject of the panel). A lot of movie scenes from Constantine were shown during the panel.

Jessica Biel was on the Blade: Trinity panel. A boy asked Biel how her character disappears during a scene from the movie. Biel's response was "I'm really fast." The audience was amused by what she said. The panel was asked about what comic books they read. Jessica said that she doesn't read comic books. Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King) said that he has read the Tomb of Dracula comic books. The Director (David Goyer) gave a list of comic books that he likes. The cast members of Blade: Trinity said that they did most of their own stunts.

Smallville cast members (Alison Mack and John Glover) appeared at the Smallville panel and their was a Smallville siging later on. In addition to the Smallville questions, John Glover's other work was mentioned by audience members. Brimstone and Gremlins were mentioned. A woman audience member was flirting with John Glover. Someone asked why Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) have not appeared at any San Diego Comi-Cons. The audience was told that filming of the show was going on until 6 am that Morning. People were lined up hours before the autograph signing. A false rumor went through the crowd that Kristin Kreuk was going to be at the convention. I didn't stand in the line myself.

Sin City cast members (Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson and Jamie King) were at the Sin City panel. The Dark Horse booth had a signing scheduled after the panel. Only 100 people were being picked to attend the signing. I took part in the raffle but I was not one of the lucky 100. Sarah Michelle Gellar promoted The Grudge movie. Her attempts at humor didn't come across well. She was friendly but came across as phony. Her acting on TV and movies is much superior to her acting in person. I enjoyed the Seed of Chucky panel. Scenes from the movie and a video of Chucky greeting the audience were shown. Jennifer Tilly and Tony Gardner (Make-up and Special Effects for Seed of Chucky) were the panel guests. After the panel, I went to the autograph line and there were 15 to 20 people in line. I got in line and there were about a hundred people by the time that Jennifer Tilly and Tony Gardner got there. Seed of Chucky posters, T-shirts and condoms were passed out. A guy in line said that he was going to ask Jennifer to sign one of the condoms. Both Jennifer and Tony were friendly and signed 2 things for each person.

Carnal Comics was at Erotica LA for all 3 days. On Friday, it was slow during the first few hours but a lot more people came at night. Steve Crompton and I talked with Gauge at the booth. Gauge still expressed interest in a comic book being done about her. Steve told Gauge that she would be a good Demi the Demoness. At his booth, Steve had a sign that said that he was accepting offers for a Demi the Demoness movie. On Friday, the celebrity who had the biggest line up was Mary Carey. She had a bigger line then each of the Wicked Girls individually. I was never around when Tera Patrick was signing so I don't know how big her lines were. Throughout the convention, Teagan (who was at the Redlight District Video booth) had consistantly long lines. Steve talked to women that Carnal Comics had done books on.

Steve talked with Kylie Ireland about updating her comic book. Kylie said that her boyfriend is heavily in to comic books and that they go to the Comic-Con each year. Nicole London's company, Outback Productions, had a booth. Nicole London came by the Carnal Comics booth and talked with Steve and myself. She was very friendly. At her own booth, she signed comic booths for Steve. On Sunday, Steve went by the Wicked Pictures booth and Julia Ann signed comic books for him. Jill Kelly and Taylor Wane were also at the convention.

Tricia Devereaux came by the Carnal Comics booth a couple of times. John Stagliano was with her during the second visit. I talked to Tricia when Steve was helping customers. I have met her before and she seems like a very nice person. On Sunday, Ann Marie and Violet Blue visited the booth. Violet expressed interest in playing Demi for a Demi the Demoness movie. Carnal Comics is still accepting offers from any companies that want to make a movie about Demi. You can find more information about Demi at

Steve and I visited the Classic Exotic Stars booth. Rhonda Jo Petty, Mai Lin and Johnny Keyes were at the booth. Rhonda Jo Petty talked to me about working with John Holmes. Mai Lin talked with me about Traci Lords but we weren't doing an interview. Mai Lin said that Traci came across like she was 25 or 30 because of her maturity and intelligence. Both Rhonda Jo Petty and Mai Lin signed Carnal Comics contracts. I talked with Johnny Keyes a few times during the convention. Johnny said that in addition to Behind The Green Door, Resurrection of Eve, Heavenly Desire and Sodom and Gommorah, he has acted on Star Trek and As The World Turns. I have read that Johnny was in the Hair play but Johnnie told me that he was also in the Jesus Christ Superstar play. Johnny says he was a boxer and a Vietnam Veteran. Johnny feels that he should have played himself in the Rated X movie. In addition to buying a Sodom and Gommorah videotape, I bought a Hustler Magazine (featuring an interview with Johnnie Keyes). The magazine cost $15 but Johhnie predicted that his autograph would make it sell for $100 on Ebay. Since Erotica LA, Teagan Presley and Allanah Starr (a shemale) have sent in Carnal Comics contracts. Other women have been talking with Carnal Comics about books being done about them. Venus (Angelica Costello) and Ann Marie have talked to Steve since Erotica LA., Sued For Taking Gambling Ads

Read the complaint in this pdf file.

Gary Kremen writes on GFY: "Good that they did not really name the company. If this complaint is right, no one can take casino ads."

KC writes: "To Summarize... Some guy from Scotts Valley, CA lost $100K by gambling online and he doesn't want to pay. He accepts no responsibility for his actions and instead is blaming the search engines."

Frank Fortuna writes: "Discovery Communications recently had 3.2M seized by the government for accepting advertising money from a Costa Rican outfit."

Giorgio writes: "If you read the lawsuit, it is specifically geared towards websites headquartered in California. Gary, have your attorney check into the recent WTO decision which ruled that the U.S. (and States) had no right to ban internet gambling because it is considered an internationally accept form of business."

Lensman writes: "I clicked on a casino banner on and lost $77,000. Gary, where's my money?"

Tabetha Yang Selling TY Management

Tabetha writes: " I have decided to sell TY MANAGEMENT and spoke to [Paul St. Claire] about it briefly, but he did NOT show up to our person to person meeting and am NOT selling or giving him the business or anything in regards to it. TYM will be changing hands, but it will be going to someone in Vegas."

Do I Have the Courage to Try Something New?

Chaim Amalek writes: "Do you have the courage to change? Because I really believe your prospects in life would be enhanced by a quickie marriage with some nice girl from the porn industry. Not necessarily a ho, but maybe the daughter of one of the key guys, or perhaps a newcomer. Then you could get a divorce in a few months at almost no cost to you, given your finances, and possibly come out ahead money-wise. You need a nice woman to beat you into shape so that you can get yourself a better woman. The question though, is this: do you have the courage to change?"

Sports Swami: 'I Do Not Hate Kurt Lockwood'

Sports Swami writes:

Let me start off by stating that I do not HATE Kurt Lockwood. I just don't like him and view his antics towards certain people.

For all his talk about world issues, and how people like me are into JLO-Ben Affleck or other celebrity couples... He could hardly have been further from the truth. I don't give a rats ass about any of the gossip as anybody who listens to my show, or has been a guest on my show, or even met me knows. Now since me and Kurt have actually met (though in Mr. Smallwoods defense, he was drunk and staring at some gals ass) and I don't have any problem with him as a performer. I give anyone who is a male performer in the adult industry their due, they do what I and many other men cannot do and that is show their manhood on screen and get hard with dozens of other men watching on in the wee hours of the morning.

But I know both Tyler Faith and Ava Vincent and have heard from other sources that Kurt seems to be playing both sides of the fence. THAT I have a problem with along with the fact that he seems to be a bit of a phony on how he portrays himself. Most real men don't cheat on their girlfriends, especially the gfs' who claim to love them with all their heart. But Mr. Lumpwood seems to have no problem doing that, and in doing so hurting these women or making them look like idiots.

I may be a lot of things, and I have been called lots of things, but I don't cheat on the woman I love. And I don't portray myself to be this gentleman in the business. So as far as Kurt goes, this is not me "hating on you" because of what you do or what I think of you. This is you being a dirtbag to two women who gave two women who each loved you either lots of heartache, or treating them like complete idiots. And that is where I got a big ass problem about.

Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy

A chat with the author of the book Kosher Sex, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach:

"Would you still do the Howard Stern Show?"

"It depends on which subject. He's a mixed bag. If it were on a substantive subject, probably. I try not to do non-substantive stuff anyway. If he wanted to talk about facing your fear, yeah, if they invited me on, I probably would do it. He has been very respectful to me in the few times that I was on, respecting me as a rabbi. I didn't feel compromised.

"Howard Stern is Jewish. He's a proud Jew. But he does things that can't be condoned. Particularly the degradation of women, something that I speak out against and write about all the time.

"It's a tough call with Howard Stern. As a person, there's an essential decency to him, which is why he has great popularity. In my interactions with him, I've seen that essential decency. I saw him recently at a birthday party. He came over to me and said hello. He's not one of these arrogant celebrities. There are substantive things that he can represent. He speaks up proudly for Israel."

"Would you still do a Dr. Susan Block Show?"

"Umm. Susan is a Jewish woman. I naturally have an affinity with not only Jewish people, but Jewish people who are proud that they are Jewish. If you remember that show I did with Susan, she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. She put on all her clothes. She and I have had very warm interactions since. I don't know enough about what she is doing now to comment one way or another. To the extent that I understand she has become far more explicit, the answer would be no. I like Susan, but even the Sex Week at Yale made me a bit uncomfortable. Susan was one of the speakers. There were a lot of highly respected speakers. It was Yale University after all.

"I was a speaker at Hillel [a Jewish institution at many colleges]. I got to choose a respectable subject."

"How do you reconcile Jewish demands of tzniut (modesty) with publicly speaking about sex and have you changed in this regard?"

"No. I speak about it in a modest way. That's how I reconcile it. I'm not explicit at all. It's an important subject."

"Have you feared the encroachment of the hedonistic secular entertainment world into your life as you have so frequently interacted with it?"

"With the exception of having befriended Michael Jackson, I barely encounter it at all. I'm not part of that world. I lead a simple homely existence. My life revolves around writing, teaching, broadcasting. I'm home almost every night with my kids. While I'm speaking to you, the reason this has not been the easiest conversation is that I am riding bikes with my kids, but I didn't want your call to go unreturned. The idea that it encroaches upon my life is a misconception.

"I was around Michael Jackson, but it's not like I met all his friends. We did have that friendship but that was the extent of it. No, I am not concerned about that at all. I don't go to parties. I don't even get invited to them."

Expanded Edition Of XXX-Communicated: A Rebel Without a Shul.

By popular demand iUniverse announces the release of an expanded edition of Luke's smash autobiography, XXX-Communicated: A Rebel Without a Shul. This new version completes Ford's epic saga with many of his delicious low-carb diet recipes that are guaranteed to melt away unsightly belly fat, unpublished photographs of Paris Hilton's "lost weekend" at the hovel, a detailed analysis of how Luke cracked the da Vinci code and solved that grisly murder in the Louvre, a CD-ROM of L-ke F-ord's various restraining orders, plus one randomly selected copy includes a golden ticket which grants a lucky reader a guided tour of Luke Inc.'s Beverly Hills facility and dinner with the author at the Baja Fresh across from the Beverly Center.

This expanded edition is available for a limited time only. Order today!

Greg Lasrado in trouble with the tax man

Profile of Greg's Aussie mates. A profile of Greg.

FIRST there was a bouncing cheque used to pay the local tree lopper. Then there was the theft of $300,000 cash from his bedroom and an unrelated court battle that laid bare his credit-card shopping sprees at Armani, Louis Vuitton and the Crown casino. Now Queensland-based internet porn baron Greg Lasrado is facing more dotcom blues courtesy of the Australian Taxation Office. Court documents reveal Lasrado - a prominent figure among Brisbane's wealthy since making his fortune in the 1990s from internet pornography and more recently from other internet ventures - is being sued by the ATO for hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid income tax. Mr Lasrado, who drives a black Lamborghini Diablo, lives in a sprawling pink mansion in Brisbane's west and owns an estimated $12 million in property, yesterday confirmed he had received a bill for more than $800,000 in unpaid group tax and income tax.

The tax bill is the latest in a long line of bad luck for the flamboyant 34-year-old. In June thieves scaled the walls of his mansion and made off with $300,000 cash from his bedroom. In April police received a complaint that Lasrado had paid a tree lopper with a cheque for $7000 that bounced. The amount was later paid in full. Early in the year he separated from Sonia, his wife of three years. At the same time, Lasrado has been battling to develop what he calls the most expensive barbecue spot in Australia - a $3.45 million clifftop block overlooking the Brisbane River and the CBD. On top of this came a legal dispute between Lasrado and a former partner over various internet billing operations which saw Mr Lasrado's lavish credit card spending being detailed in court documents.

Mike AI writes on Oprano: "My stance on Greg is well known. I doubt he is concerned about a 600k tax bill if he owns 12 million in real estate alone!"

Curious Toy Boy writes: "Man, if people only knew half the real deal... I'd be living in the mansion next to Serge if he had done the right thing at the time. I don't dislike the man, he is a walking Greek tragedy. And thats enough, before I get carried away, I am now taking the 5th. On him, the Lambo, the pink palace and the wife and kid."