It Seems Nick Manning Has a Unique Fan

A story about a teenage facing two years in jail has been blowing up in the media lately (source).

A Pennsylvania teen faces two years in juvenile jail after posting photos of himself simulating sex acts with a statue of Jesus on Facebook. According to WTAJ-TV, the year-old statue, which depicts Jesus kneeling to pray, sits just outside the Love in the Name of Christ Ministry Center in Everett, a rural town in southern Pennsylvania.

Today there is a new twist in the tale and it involves one of our own. It seems the “moral” man going after the poor kid is Bedford County DA Bill Higgins, Jr. (@BillHigg)

But what’s that on his YouTube page you ask? It looks like this man is a fan of none other than Nick Manning, who ironically is well known for his religious views and often talks about them in depth.


bill higgins youtube.png-large

Less than a month before pursuing charges against the teen, Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins Jr. posted a link to this interview between radio host Howard Stern and porn actor Nick Manning in which Manning discusses his frequent use of the phrase “droppin’ loads” during his scenes. The video was also highlighted on Higgins’ personal YouTube account:

I liked a @YouTube video Howard Stern – Dropping Loads with Nick Manning — Bill Higgins, Jr. (@BillHigg) August 16, 2014

After this tweet ran in the Washington Times ( it was removed. LOL


You can follow Nick Manning on twitter @RealNickManning or check out his official site

The video in question from the Howard Stern show can be seen here.


  1. moxie2

    So are you saying that people who watch Howard Stern are not able to prosecute for vandalizing property? Or are you saying that watching porn is the equivalent of masturbating on a Jesus statue?

  2. The kid didn’t vandalize anything. He pretended to hump the statue in question. And beyond that, fuck he’s 14 years old. He didn’t harm anyone. Why send him to jail for 2 years? That’s crazy. It was a stupid prank. Punish him with 1000 hours of community service but geez let the punishment fit the crime already.

    And as for my point of this story … it was that a man who acts so high and mighty obviously has some vices himself.

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