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Get your freak on at your local Walgreens

Well this is something I must say I was surprised to see. Now you can get your freak on at your local Walgreens. The normally family friendly nationwide chain of drug stores now is offering their customers flu shots for the winter and the Fleshlight Freaks Zombie Dildo.

zombie dildo

Oh yes my friends, as seen in the screenshot below, you too can get your very own zombie dildo at your local drug store. I’m not sure how long Walgreen’s has been selling sex toys but I must say it really took me by surprise when I found out they were. I guess I just find it funny how people think it’s so wrong to watch a movie about two people making love but it’s perfectly fine to offer a dildo you can cram up your husband’s ass since as you will notice, this specific toy is sold specifically as a sex toy for men. Anyway, I just thought it was funny how hypocritical society is about these things.

zombie dildo walgreens


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Kelli Roberts is a webmaster, author and AVN nominated producer who has worked in the adult industry since 1996. She runs a large collection of websites, and has worked with several well-known companies as an adult entertainment strategy consultant. She also runs FAME REGISTRY dedicated to tracking the popularity of hundreds of porn stars.

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One Response to “Get your freak on at your local Walgreens”

  1. larryhorse1 Says:

    They’ve been selling sexual wellness items for years, including a sex chair. Well everyone, today and everyday, Give Thanks for Porno.

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