Stagliano Sued For Not Disclosing His HIV+ Status

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NL- Deep Breath… okay, if you didn’t know Stagliano had a positive HIV status, you must live in a cave. AND even if you didn’t know, aren’t we checking each other’s tests before we shoot a scene? I believe Mr Stagliano’s test would say he’s positive, right? AT the time you saw the positive, that might be a good time to back out of the scene. Or if Stagliano didn’t have a test, you wouldn’t shoot with him, right? Or you knew he was positive and shot with him anyway, right? Am I missing a possibility here?

From TMZ
A popular porn star who appeared in the movie “Buttman’s Stretch Class #4” is suing the male lead (Buttman) … claiming he failed to disclose that he was HIV positive before they shot sex scenes.

The woman behind the lawsuit is Katie Summers — real name ******** — who claims she was paid to appear in the film back in 2009 … and the role involved sexual interaction with John Stagliano (aka Buttman).

In Katie’s lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, the porn star claims Stagliano had known he was HIV positive since 1997 … but failed to disclose that information before they shot their sex scenes for the movie.

FYI — Stagliano has been open about his condition for years.

Still, Katie claims she didn’t find out about Stagliano’s condition until 2012 … 3 years after they shot the movie.

In her suit, Summers does not say if she is HIV positive.

Summers is suing for negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and sexual battery. She’s also suing John’s production company — Evil Angel Productions — which produced the flick.

Summers is suing for unspecified damages — and wants a judge to hit Evil Angel with an injunction forbidding the company from continuing to produce movies with Stagliano unless it discloses his condition to others.



  1. ceth86

    Is that link posted on #41 actually for real? Do those photos show what Black claims they show? Is that actually Stagliano in them, and if so, were they shot recently? And if the answer to both of those is “yes,” what on Earth was he thinking?!

  2. Holdek

    Paperchase, are you talking about the third photo? If you look closely he’s not penetrating, he just has his dick pushed up vertically in her butt crack.

  3. Jerkuliscious

    ceth: All of this is from 2009 or 2010, which is why I don’t understand how she can begin a civil suit now.

  4. Jerkuliscious

    Isn’t HIV anaerobic? So if it comes in contact w/ oxygen/air, the virus dies? If so then a cut on his finger, would make a dude susceptible, creating a point of entry, but unless it was actively bleeding, not a threat to transmit. I could very well be wrong with this line of thought, but I figured that was the reason receptacles, whether man or woman, were more likely to be infected. Having fluids lingering around in an anaerobic state and all.

    Holy crap! I just looked up the anaerobic question, and found this: “By alkalizing your diet, you will be killing off HIV” I guess fake cancer water does combat the HIV too.

  5. Jerkuliscious

    AVN saying they watched the scene and Buttman only groped the whore’s ass, tits, stomach and legs. Nothing inserted, no genitals touched.

    Also says she named 1-100 John Does. Is she represented by the legal whizzes who concocted the copyright trolling extortion scam?

  6. Paperchase

    Hi Holdek:

    I do see something in the area you are referring to. It just doesn’t look like a dick head to me.

  7. Paperchase

    Houstondon writes:

    “It’d be interesting to explore venue issues (the scene took place in Florida after a meeting in Florida and the contract was presumably executed in Florida”

    If the suit was filed in Florida, John would obviously move to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction. I suspect they are going with the theory, that because both the plaintiff and defendant live in California, this state is the correct venue rather than the location of the tort.

  8. ceth86

    XCritic review of the scene in question:

    “Scene Four: Katie Summers, a frisky blond with pretty eyes and a shapely ass, was up next in “rainy Florida” wearing a pink shirt and normal white shorts. She wore some pink panties with the “Hustler” logo on them and John laughed it off (though I thought it was in bad taste considering who was paying the bills), her all natural body still growing at 20 years old. Under her panties was an even skimpier thong, some play using it leading to more designer clothespins applied to her ass, labia, and tits until it was time to masturbate with some of the various vibrators. While clearly no anal virgin, she did seem to get off with a small green dildo (it even matched her fingernails), her relative newness also adding some pleasure as she playfully followed John’s directions.”


    “I love the opening shot with Katie Sumemrs poking through the curtain tits-first. She’s a cute girl with some nice curves and cheeks that are barely contained by her short skirt. John has her pull her panties up into the crack of her ass and then give her self a pussy wedgie. As her clothes come off she starts crawling around and shows off her firm thighs and sexy ass. She flips into pildriver and rams a pretty good sized toy into her hot pussy. I love the look of determination in her eyes and he pushes that thing in as far as it will go. Nice close up shots of her shaved pussy and her still waiting butthole. There isn’t a whole lot of anal for Katie, but she does what little there is quite nicely. I just love how this girl looks and found the whole thing to be hot.”


    “Katie Summers sports the fuck out of some pink Hustler panties, only to pull them down, having her g-string pulled halfway down her butt cheeks, walking around and switching her cheeks just like that. Angela did this in “Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks” (a video I own and would never part with), which drove me crazy from when I first saw it ten years ago, up to thid say. But Angela switched her ass much better than Katie Summers did.”

    I know it proves nothing, but I find it interesting that none of them even mention Stagliano physically participating in the scene.

  9. jeremysteele11

    Please provide one source of hiv being spread by a cut finger. The burden is on proving, not disproving theories. And the fact that mosquitos dont spread hiv doesnt speak volumes… It SCREAMS volumes! In the name of Jesus or whatever other tardy savior, i beg u people to do some research on this decades old scam and apply some critical thinking. Stop judging alternative conclusions and those who make or share them simply based on how “strange” or crazy they seem. Jerkaholic gets a pat on the head for that link which ought to flush all deadly aids drugs as well as the whole aid$ industry down the toilet.

  10. Houstondon

    Ceth86, the lack of actual participation by Stagliano in the scene is where some of us are coming from while some that apparently have not watched the scene ever appear to be trying to create the impression he was fucking her ass with no condoms and ejaculating inside of her. An extreme analogy perhaps but considering most people are not going to take the time to watch the scene itself, it comes across as an attempt to spread propaganda against one party to the detriment of the other.

    Paperchase, my apologies. I am not a frequent flyer on LIB these days and any mistake in identity was purely coincidental. My comments were reserved for this single scene of the long running series given that Ms. Summers is the one suing Stagliano. I do not condone or otherwise support malicious behavior so when such is proven up in this case, I will speak ill of it accordingly. Regrading my comment on the truth, it goes back much further than the SCOTUS and history proves its accuracy repeatedly. By jumping on one side of a discussion without hearing the other, you open yourself up to being more easily manipulated. As I said, I’ll reserve judgement regarding the lawsuit until many more of the elements are proven up.

    Performers engage in risky behaviors all the time and are compensated for those risks (to a degree). A look at John’s hands will show no cuts during his scenes at the time, including the one in question (go watch it), and I still contend that he did not insert any part of his body into any part of hers. If you are one of those types that would not shake hands with the man, just in case you might get “cooties”, so be it but the general medical belief is that the sexual contact of a scene like this where he grabs her ass does not equate into a risky sexual conduct that exposed her to HIV.

  11. I have not watched the Monica Santhiago scene in Buttman’s Stretch Class #01 but I have looked at screenshots. I believe that Robert Black is taking a screenshot of John Stagliano’s penus touching Monica Santhiago’s bottom and making it look like Stagliano is penetrating her. The screenshot is at an angle in which it can look like Stagliano is penetrating her.
    I found these screenshots on a website.

  12. jeremysteele11

    So this is a case of stagliano pretending the fantasy of fucking santiago and santiago fucking stagliano for real? Wonderif theyll seek2settle outta court. Insurance companies say 1/2 of cases are fraudulent and settling outta court is usually cheaper than fighting it

    And vamos, my bad, i forgot who made the comment

  13. jeremysteele11

    I know this sounds insane & dangerous but stagliano should b allowed to fuck talent anyway since his test keeps coming up negative.. If he’s supposedly positive but his test keeps coming up negative then that can also mean people might b negative but turn up positive on tests.. In fact this a documented fact… there r some.80 or so known causes of false positives on hiv tests along with test kit manufacturers.discaimer that their product needs additional guestimate tests with the same disclaimers.

  14. Jerkuliscious

    Who cares if Stagliano boned some other whore? This is discussion about a lawsuit brought by this Summers dolt. If Stagliano is raping babies in his free time, it has no relevance here, except to distract from how weak Sumwhore’s case is.

  15. AIPChristina

    Don, you and I get along OK, though we have had our disagreements on things but you are absolutely right. Unless John actually had sex with her, I certainly don’t remember seeing that in the scene, then she wasn’t in any danger.

    Also, anyone who says “how would she know he had HIV without him telling her” is just blowing hot air. I am only a few years older than Katie and I knew that he was HIV+ not too long after I started reviewing porn. I mean why wouldn’t you do some research on the company you are about to work for.

  16. Holdek

    Jeremy, take your AIDS denialism conspiracy theories elsewhere. Of all places, this is probably the worst blog to post them on.

  17. Paperchase

    “Performers engage in risky behaviors all the time and are compensated for those risks (to a degree).”

    Bullshit as to “compensation” for risks. While talent works for less then $500 to perhaps more then $1,000 per scene, get injured on a porn set and see if anyone will pay worker’s comp. Heck, Johnny Thrust third degree burned one of his talent by virtue of having an unprotected exhaust pipe hit her leg. Because he had no insurance of any kind she could not collect a dime unlike if she had been working on a conventional movie set. Plus the talent has to pay for their own medical testing. Its just another way the porn business is different then most other industries in America. By the way can you write a post without using wiggle words? Probably not.

    “A look at John’s hands will show no cuts during his scenes at the time, including the one in question (go watch it),”

    Ah, you examined between each finger, his nail beds, and all other portions of his hands? No you didn’t, you could say show “no visible cuts” but that’s not your claim, your level of certainty is both annoying and false.

    “and I still contend that he did not insert any part of his body into any part of hers.”

    Didn’t you also just claim that you are reserving judgement on the lawsuit? Please try to be consistant in your claims. Unless of course you know where each finger went when they entered her cheeks. (Gene has a picture on his website)

    “Regrading my comment on the truth, it goes back much further than the SCOTUS and history proves its accuracy repeatedly.”
    (note, H don gives up his legal claim, moves to an non-specific history claim, once again proves nothing.)

    “By jumping on one side of a discussion without hearing the other, you open yourself up to being more easily manipulated.”

    That is why you are here, to jump to John’s side, 🙂 However if anyone here remembers my posts on XPT, I never flacked for Rob Black. He was only one of many porn business deadbeats who didn’t pay their bills.

  18. jeremysteele11

    This suit is dumb n low, like a company that repeatedly bounces checks. Stagliano was not required to inform anyone that he’s HIV+ because: a. He’s not. Those tests we depend on to tell us we allegedly have AIDS repeatedly state he’s HIV-! And: b. He didn’t have sex. Not by Bill Clinton standards, not by anyone’s standards…except perhaps Paperchase, who apparently doesn’t know the difference between sexual (grabbing someone’s ass) and sex (penetrating someone’s ass). And we can deal with hypotheticals and theories all we like but we should be a little bit more astute about reality. One can theoretically jump off a building and fall upwards, or
    transmit HIV by a finger, but in both cases there are no known cases of either ever happening. Will someone please prove me wrong? Unlike many others I have no problem about being or admitting that I’m wrong, if and/or when that ever be the case.

  19. When you take your dick out of your pants on the set it’s time to start disclosing what you may or may not have. When you ram your tongue or fingers up a girls ass or in her vagina, it’s time to start closing whta you may or may not have.

  20. jeremysteele11

    Your “AIDS denialist conspiracy theory” quip, Holdek, is the least intelligent thing you’ve said on LIB. I made specific points, regarding Stag’s HIV negative tests, etc, and that’s all you can say? Your response is denialist by avoiding all my points and just attacking the overall conclusion which disturbs you so, emotionally. I ask you to not be guided by emotion but research and reason. My intentions are much better than the likes of AHF overbilling millions.

  21. Houstondon

    While it’s interesting the way “Paperchase” continually dances around various points made by folks, even to the point of completely mischaracterizing what was said, it should be noted that given his comments (and the comments of most here on the thread), it does not appear that he has watched the scene(s) in question. In volume 4 of the series, the one Stagliano is currently being sued over, he does NOT penetrate her. I just watched the scene again to refresh my memory and regardless of whatever shitty screen capture you may have seen, it did NOT happen.

    Next, Stagliano’s hands were perfectly visible, including his very well manicured fingers and there were no visible cuts, nor were there any visible cuts on Ms. Summers ass, Given the close up nature of the scene, there really wasn’t a lot of room for doubt. I’ll let Jeremy argue the merits of disease transmission from someone who reportedly tests negative, something else the plaintiff will need to prove (his HIV+ status), and all his usual material about antibodies and the like.

    In terms of the compensation for risks, I was referring to the additional money a performer demands when doing things like anal creampies from trannies, DP’s, even merely working with men versus a solo scene with no penetration from the cameraman. Does that mean such compensation is perfect in every case? No, but performer rates are largely based on it.

    My reserved judgement remark reflected the totality of the circumstances. While anyone can go buy a copy of the movie to see that she was not penetrated on screen, perhaps she is going to claim penetration occurred before or after the scene (or ended up on the cutting room floor in editing). As reported, the suit includes all sorts of damages that would need to be proven first, none of which are readily apparent having freshly watched the scene.

    As far as any legal claims you imagine have been made, that is on you because I stand firm that hearing one side of any discussion is a poor way to make an informed decision.

  22. Houstondon

    As far as the original volume of the series is concerned, the one a few of you are beating to death without the benefit of watching (surprise, surprise), I just popped that in the Blu-ray player to re-watch it as well. Stagliano does pull out his penis and he does rub it against Monica Santhiago, a Brazilian babe with a great ass after she encouraged him to do so. Unlike Summers in volume 4, she was no newcomer and she worked the company, including several times for Stagliano, repeatedly.

    That some of you are convinced by yet another still shot that he is fucking her in the ass, let it be known that he is poking her with his penis but does NOT penetrate her. He does so in the main movie when she is wearing a red skirt type of thing on top of her thick black thong and he does so in the deleted footage portion when she is just wearing the thong that completely covers her asshole and pussy. I’m not saying it was a great idea but it has nothing to do with the current lawsuit since we do not know whether Santhiago knew about his status (a legally unproven status according to Mike) or whether she agreed to it with the clothing she wore.

    There are other scenes out there that you can focus on but in none of the Stretch Class titles does he fuck any of the women, get blown, or exchange bodily fluids. I don’t condone him fingering anyone (again, he did not finger Katie Summers in volume 4) or whipping out his dick but embellishing the facts when you haven’t even watched the fucking scenes is pretty weak (and that goes for everyone that has not watched them yet feels compelled to act as an authority on the specifics of the matter).

  23. Jerkuliscious

    I’ll attest to the fact that Paperchase is a shill for no one in porn. He is big on stemming the spread of diseases, as his now deleted XPT posts calling out Porno Dan for donating mope blood clearly displayed.

    I see that as a much greater threat than HIV+ grab ass, but Pape is entitled to his opinion, just like the rest of you loons are.

  24. ricky

    Houston Don, you know better than most that what you see in the final edited tape is far from everything that happened on that set. The preperation for these scenes can be just as, or more invasive than the final edited product.

    Karen Stagliano has already publicly admitted that this particular performer was not notified.

  25. Holdek

    Jeremy, you have no credibility when you claim that Stagliano is not HIV positive. There’s not much reason to go any further regarding your blathering about mosquitoes and stuff. I’m just relieved you’re no longer working in the sex industry.

  26. Houstondon

    Ricky, thanks for the nod on that. Otherwise, I have repeatedly left open the possibility that more happened than the scene(s) showed but given how much credibility some have vested in a single screen shot from each, it would be more appropriate to take them to task for speculating on scenes they clearly have not watched at all.

    Regarding what Karen Stagliano said in the interview, you must have heard something completely different than what was reported. She stated that her husband did not NEED to inform the performer, not that he did not in fact inform her. That was based on the need to engage in “sexual intercourse” for the statute to apply (even Gene posted as much on his blog the other day when quoting Florida law, where the scene was agreed to and shot), at least according to the scene as included on DVD. He did not penetrate her in any way so even though he may well have informed her, three year old revelations are not always the most reliable, regardless of any statute of limitations.

  27. Paperchase

    Its good to be back on the thread.

    So the plaintiff has now gone on record stating that Stag did not penetrate her, but he did handle her vagina with at least one hand. For those keeping in touch with the ever shifting standards of debate this is hand to genital contact and more then a simple ass grab. Of course the Plaintiff is also saying that Staggs didn’t inform her that he was HIV positive before the shoot, so if I understand HDon’s position, Plaintiff is telling the truth about no penetration but lying about Stag informing her that he was HIV positive. I would alternatively suggest that both were true.

    HDon also informs us referring K Stag, that because there was no “intercourse” per Florida law Stag didn’t have to tell the Plaintiff he was HIV positive. This probably get’s Stag off the hook for any criminal charges.

    If I were the Plaintiff’s lawyer I would be arguing that it is standard in the American porn industry to share testing information prior to the shoot. The plaintiff says Stag did not do so, and Stag’s wife, his mouthpeace, is not claiming that he did do so. If John wants to clear this up though his answer to the complaint great, but until then it looks like he didn’t tell the Plaintiff that he was positive.

    HDon keeps insisting that by viewing the video, he can attest that Stag had no small cuts on his hands. I should tell HDonn that no medical professional would want to make that claim in liu of an inperson examination.

    Short of looking specifically at the skin in between each set of fingers with an examination of John’s nail beds, and the webbing of each hand, one can only say that he had no visible cuts on his hands.

    Finally I’m glad that Jerky brought up Porno Dan. Back in 2010 I got into an argument with Houston Don on Darah Ford’s blog, where he also insisted on calling me Michael. (Fattosi)

    The gist of the issue was Porno Dan’s insistance on donating his blood to a children’s hospital and HDon’s claims that Porno Dan was a safer donor because he had been “tested”, though this obviously did not include Herpes and what kid in a hospital doesn’t need their first outbreak? (sarcasm intended)

    I err on the side of safety, Porno Dan, Stag, and HDon do not.

  28. Houstondon

    P-chase, if she makes a claim favorably to her opponent, it is less likely to be disputed. As such, she deserves the benefit of the doubt when she admits that fact. Granted, her champions have done everything they could to color the discussion as though he penetrated her, “it happens all the time”, and the usual rhetoric unsupported by anything she or her lawyer claim. We can lay those claims to rest based on her own accounts and move forward to the parts where she makes claims that are either in dispute or simply not proven.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean she is lying since she could have forgotten, was mistaken about something, or someone might have “guided” her memory enough to come to a different conclusion. Just as SOME of you will run with comments that were NOT said during Karen Stagliano’s interview, others will blow smoke when it comes to “he should be charged with a crime” comments based on same.

    Regarding industry standards, something many have already referred to as a joke, flip it around for the moment. Did SHE ask him for a copy of his test? Did he in fact tell her, his version of events is still untold as is that of her agent of the time? As far as the imaginary cuts you keep fantasizing about, you take what you get since we can’t send a medical official back in time. Nowhere does Ms. Summers claim he had any such cuts nor are any visible in the extreme close up shots of the scene, nor are any such cuts visible on her widely spread ass cheeks that were touched. Absent any PROOF of cuts, it is a non-issue used to distract from the core elements of the case.

    Regarding Dan’s blood donor status, I made the point that the donation people should have questioned him better given his short, did not condone his behavior, and ultimately came to the conclusion that if you are bleeding to death during a blood shortage, you take what you can get. That Dan was tested for at least some STD’s beyond what a testing center checks for, he is safer than someone who refuses to get a test because they know they are infected with something. If this is the latest duck and dodge maneuver by the pro-lawsuit crowd, at least not as lame as attacking Karen Stagliano as Ross does in such a shitty manner, it just shows you must have nothing better to run with. (and that interaction might be why I defaulted to calling you Michael since you never corrected me…)

  29. Holdek


    WAS there a blood shortage?


    Thank you for contacting the hospital. That was a very responsible and proactive thing to do.

    One thing I don’t get, per risky activity, is: “There is a special watch for potential donors who have visited or lived in England/United Kingdom from 1980 to 1999, and those who have lived and/or worked in Western Europe since 1980”

    What’s that about? Western Europe is pretty advanced. I would think it should be Eastern Europe.

  30. Paperchase

    HDon: “if you are bleeding to death during a blood shortage, you take what you can get. That Dan was tested for at least some STD’s beyond what a testing center checks for, he is safer than someone who refuses to get a test because they know they are infected with something.”

    Hi Holdek: Danno never made the blood shortage argument online, at the time I reported his donation to the Children’s hospital. It was later brought up by Houston Don, who never offered any proof concerning the nature of any blood shortage which was occuring at the time. For example, how many days of reserves did the children’s hospital have at the time? and how easily could the purchase blood from blood suppliers in other geographic areas?

    Normally what would happen is additional blood supplies would have to be obtained from outside the area, which would cost more money. I have never heard, however, of a blood collector saying in sum and substance “we’re low right now, lets relax our donation safeguards for this particular drive.”

    Similarly, unless Porno Dan faxed HDon his testing paperwork, HDon has no first hand knowledge concerning how recently Dan had been tested for HIV, at the time of his donation. I’m also leary about HDon’s reference to Dan being tested for “at least some STD’s” besides HIV at the time of donation. Without actually seeing Dan’s testing results first hand, HDON cannot make such statements in good faith.

    Now Houston Don is blaming the plaintiff for not asking for John’s test, but because she was on her fourth scene, I think he’s defending Stag’s sleight of hand. A more experienced performer would have demanded to see the test, but since the plaintiff was still new to the business she did not defend her interests adequately. Stag should not have taken advantage of the situation.

    HDon’s argument inadvertantly demonstrates that the procedure developed in California by the porn industry to prevent further HIV exposure, (sharing of test results) can be easily disobeyed by any producer/actor slick enough to hire new talent. Such conduct risks the health of performers and will hurt the industry to the benefit of particular actor. Pardon the pun but such conduct is going to bite the industry in the ass.

    By this point in the thread, I’m used to HDon pretending that he’s a doctor who can pass unconditional judgment on Stag’s phyical condition based on a video. Hopefully HDon you are not a medical provider in real life.

    The last time you called me Michael I did not correct you because I was frankly stunned by your stupidity. I have a totally different writing style then Fattosi which strangely you didn’t pick up, given your “superior” powers of observation. Similarly I never claimed to be Fattosi on the old thread, or used any of his handles such as “Porn Law”.

    Is this some sort of vendetta you have against Fattosi? Did you have some sort of bad experience with him? I’m curious. Unless of course Fattosi also had a issue with Porno Dan’s hygenic practices,at the same time I did, and then your assumption might make some sort of sense.

  31. Houstondon

    Holdek, there is ALWAYS a blood shortage. I’ve been donating for years and they always mention this crisis or another, so few people donating that they are always willing to look the other way when someone of questionable stature donates. They do some testing and freezing blood takes care of most other problems but there is always an element of risk. The issue with England relates to Mad Cow disease, those of us in the service that were stationed there (I wasn’t) on the “no fly” donate list due to the possible chance of being contaminated.

  32. Houstondon

    Oh yeah, having herpes is not a problem according to the Red Cross so go right ahead and donate P-Chase.
    (look it up)

  33. Paperchase

    Don, you realize that some of those children at a childen’s hospital have problems with their immune system, correct?

    And if one of them ends up with herpes, at that point it may hurt them more then a full grown adult. I assume you are disputing that “Dr.” HDON.

    And you haven’t shared proof of what panel of tests Porno Dan was operating under when he gave, so you don’t know whether Danno had been tested for say gonorrhea in the last month before his donation.

    “so few people donating that they are always willing to look the other way when someone of questionable stature donates. They do some testing and freezing blood takes care of most other problems but there is always an element of risk.”

    Yet another assumption about what risks “they” being the children’s hospital were willing to tolerate, along with the assumption they would “look the other away” to collect blood for the truely vunerable.

    Considering your serial rationizations, I’m glad you are not running a blood bank Don, the CDC would close you down within three months.

  34. Houstondon

    P-Chase, again, as I have been an active blood donor for years, I apparently have better knowledge of what blood banks require which is why I indicated you check out what the Red Cross displays on their website. Dan has been an active performer and as such it is reasonable to assume he is tested regularly, it doesn’t take a large leap in faith given his status in the industry.

    Regarding blood banks looking the other way, it has been established protocol to deny gays and bisexuals the ability to donate blood yet that standard is still routinely tossed out the window these days, by all means go donate and tell them of your sexual exploits and see if they care. That is an observation you can readily prove on your own in a few seconds, having nothing to do with the case you seem to have given up on arguing about.

    He did not perform with her, did not penetrate her, and did not exchange bodily fluids with her. Under those circumstances, most would come to the conclusion that he did not NEED to inform her but that does not mean he did not inform her, anything to the contrary is simply her side of the story.

  35. Holdek


    Thanks for the info on England/Western Europe.

    However, there is not “ALWAYS” a blood shortage. I remember after 9-11 the Red Cross was throwing away blood because of oversupply.

    And according to their website, the only blood in regularly short supply is 0-, AB+, African American blood (due to sickle cell anemia) and rare blood types.

  36. Houstondon

    Holdek, glad I could help clarify. I was in the service, have great blood, and have donated for years so I suppose I take it for granted that everyone knows the rules. There is always a need for blood and blood components, Leal donating because I recall he had some mishap where he almost died and used a lot of blood. I wasn’t defending his exploits, just pointing out that the rules by the Red Cross and other blood suppliers seem to trump what self appointed expert P-Chase seems to know about it, much like how much he comments on a scene he apparently still has not watched (given his comments to date).

    When the lawsuit story broke out of the gossip blogs and into the media, it was clear that virtually no one commenting had seen the scene in question. This is what Ross and Black appear to rely on, apathy, to sell their points of view. I commented because I had seen the scene and reviewed it, as well as the subsequent scene. Now that the company has released the scene for free, the proof cuts to the heart of the matter for those who watch it. Some still stick their head in the sand in denial while others educate themselves but like you, most seem to be of the opinion that it was a lot of smoke from the beginning, seeing what they get from the sources pushing the story so hard at first.

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