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How to be a porn star

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Lucky Does ANAL!



Lucky Starr’s Biggest Challenge Yet!

     Since the win of my XBiz award, I thought the offers to do more romantic features would come flooding in…… hasn’t.  Romance porn is my niche, it’s where I feel I belong.  I like to think I’m really good at falling in love, in my personal life, on stage, and I guess now on camera.  But in the adult industry you do not turn down work.  With all these passing of condom laws, Measure B, AB 332, etc., you take whatever work you can. The month of March, I’ve been shooting tons of solo stuff, handjob scenes, and even a website where I flash unsuspecting guys on the streets of Hollywood.  In other words, I could’ve saved the $120 I spent on a test.                                                                                           
            So now it’s April, and I get a call out of nowhere to see if I’ll do an anal scene. Here’s the catch, it was for Evil Angel with Mike Adriano who has a big HUGE dick!!!  They give you a dilator kit which is supposed to help stretch your asshole.  The last time with Jon Jon, I just barely got through it.  He barely got the head in, then just kinda jiggled a bit. It was after that the I be very VERY selective with my anal scenes.  I mean, how was I going to squeeze a football through the eye of a needle??  I’ve actually messaged Mike back and forth who told me to watch his previews to see if I can take him anally.  After watching the previews, I thought, "No fucking way!!"                              
     Eventually, I said yes.  The scene was going to be with Mia Rider.  Mia is a trooper. She’s done gangbangs, taken Lex Steele in her pooter, worked for kink….she’ll be fine.  Almost every single night for an entire week, I’d lock myself in my hallway and practice.  I’d start small, then work my way up to the largest one.  One night after practicing, I went to the bathroom, looked into the toilet, and it was almost filled with blood!!!  How the fuck was I going to do this???  There were 5 different sizes in the dilator kit.  Number 4 just barely fit inside, then when I tried 5, it hurt so badly I started crying.  So I did what I normally do, I prayed (believe me, it works!!!!).  By the shoot, I got up to 4 almost 5.
     So here it was, the big day.  The whole week, I’ve never had more things shoved up my ass!! I practiced every night, and had 2 colonics done which left me weak, nauseas, and in pain.  I even know I had an out to just do the oral part if the anal part didn’t pan out, or if I started to tear and bleed. But if I just did the oral part, my rate would’ve dropped down to less than half the original rate.  After getting our hair and makeup done, having pretty girl stills taken, Mia started the party off with a big wet sloppy deep throated bj.  Every kind of fluid that could have spewed out of her face has spewed.  She’s a trooper. When we tried to shove it down my thoat, I tried resisting, but then I wound up puking water all over myself.  I was kinda embarrassed. Then Mike threw his legs up in the air and said, "Who’s gonna lick my ass?"  I pushed Mia aside and said, "I will!!  This is MY department!!!!"   So then she took him up her butt, and we even incorporated a stick of butter which they shoved up her ass.  When he stuck his dick up there, melted butter came oozing out. When I had to do the ATM (ass to mouth), it actually made his dick taste good!!!                                                                                            
    So now it was my turn.  The part I’ve been putting off as long as I could.  I tried starting out on my side, and upon entry it hurt so badly that I made him take it out.  He then asked, "Do you just want to do the oral part?"  I was faced with quite a decision.  Do I play it safe?  Or do I go for it?  Fuck it, I went for it.  I did NOT come this far to crap out now!!  I changed positions to missionary, and after completely dousing his penis with lube, Mike went for it!!!  Still a bit rough and painful in the beginning, but at least we made entry.  We switched to doggie position on the bed, and by now motion was in full swing.  And yes, there were moments when I actually started feeling pleasure. This was going through my head, "Pleasure, pain, pleasure, pleasure, pain, pleasure, pleasure, pain, pain, PAIN, PAIN!!!"  That’s when he was starting to go hard!!  By then the scene was pretty much over, thank GOD!!!  I did it!!  I got through it, didn’t tear or bleed!!!!  By that moment, I felt like I had just won a marathon!!  I gleefully showered all the water puke, butter, spit, and lube off myself, inhaled the sandwich they got for me, got paid, then triumphantly drove home.    I took my boyfriend, Kevin, out for a nice dinner and movie after that to celebrate.  It truly was worth celebrating!!!                                    
Lucky Starr  :-*
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  1. Jerkuliscious Says:

    If you let it happen naturally, it would be more entertaining than baiting the guy.

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