Kink Evacuated?

Rumor has it that police evacuated the Kink compound on Saturday, after a civilian complained of a gun being shot in the building. I’m told there was an arrest. Anyone know how to get arrest report for that area? I’d like to verify it before I announce the name off the person. Or perhaps he could just drop me an email and confirm or deny it?


  1. Jerkuliscious

    Come on, give us some hints before the big reveal. Animal, Vegetable or mineral? Wait, if it is porn industry, I guess it is animal or vegetable. You gave us “he”, so I guess that rules out whores. We talking mope or suitcase pimp?

  2. Paperchase

    Let’s see,

    Chico Wang, not available.

    Steve Driver, too busy cliff diving.

    War Machine, prefers to use his fists.

    Okay, who did it?

  3. Fartz

    Whaddya’ mean “who did it”? It never happened. The CIA had a patsy in place and set this whole thing up to garner more porn control. You saw the reactions on the Kink crew’s faces. Their tears were not convincing enough. It’s all a setup.

    Fuck you, Jeremy.

  4. jeremysteele11

    hardy har har har

    bah bah sheeple people… don’t worry i’m not a martyr for sheep, i just refuse to amuse those who pull the ruse by going along like i buy this clockwork fuckin’ b.s.

    i sigh at every psy-op

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