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Taylor Stevens Loves The Patriots

December7, 2012-New England: Bodacious, buxom adult web-cam performer Taylor Stevens, now infamous for successfully distracting the New Jersey Devils during the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals against the victorious Los Angeles Kings, is headed to Gillette Stadium in New England, hoping to cause a commotion in the NFL, as the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots go head-to-head on December 16th, 2012 for a battle on Sunday night.
Taylor looks forward to seeing her favorite team, The New England Patriots, live and in-person. “I’ll be bundled up for a cold night in Boston!  I will have a few words for Coach Harbaugh, as I lost my bet because he did not want to take the safety against the Seahawks! That said, this will be an amazing game. Both teams are playing very well, no need for my 2 distractions."
Stevens caught a rush of media attention when she stirred up excitement at the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs as the ‘Hockey Hottie’ with her ‘weapons of mass distraction’ working their magic to otherwise engage the opposing New Jersey Devils and their coach Peter DeBoer. Sports fans noticed her as well, and Stevens instantly became tabloid fodder and a popular trending topic on Twitter.
“The Stanley Cup Finals were an amazing time. I just wanted to see great hockey. I was so shocked of what came out of it I had no idea it would be a media frenzy! Anyone who knows me knows that I grew up with three older brothers, so I know my sports. I can’t wait to have fun with all of the amazing people from Boston, one of my favorite cities in the world!”
Look for Taylor Stevens, 50 yard-line, behind the 49ers’ bench. “My Patriots don’t really need my help since they are a stellar team! I wouldn’t mind giving my favorite coach Bill Belichick a hug though.”
The Canadian starlet, who was surprised but tickled by the surge of public attention, is a lifelong sports fan who can’t wait to cheer on her beloved AFC East Champs.
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About Taylor Stevens
Taylor Stevens, the busty, playful blonde is currently an extremely popular adult Internet sensation; just ask R&B star – and fellow Canadian – Drake, who stopped a concert to throw a personal shout-out her way. With growing mainstream attention and continuous guest radio hosting appearances, Taylor is focused on raising awareness of The Sexy Woman in the face of cancer, treatment, and 180 pound weight gain – and loss – while finding happiness everywhere in between. Taylor’s popularity with her growing legion of fans isn’t simply thanks to her obvious assets, but also their emotional attachment to her as she has undergone change – inside and out – to redefine what a sexy, confident woman is.
Taylor Stevens has spent the last year fighting Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer, and regardless of what one may think of her profession, she is like so many women who work hard and excel at their jobs and maintain a balanced life despite of – or perhaps because of – the C word looming overhead. With her cancer diagnosis on Christmas Eve 2010, TAYLOR was already on track and ready to fight, but her job, which focused on desirability and appeal, was a mental hurdle. When she shaved off her hair for National Lymphoma Awareness Month last September, she pushed aside doubts, simply found glamorous wigs, radiated her best attitude and confidence, and today, TAYLOR is more in-demand for modeling jobs than ever before.
In 2012, Taylor made national and international headlines as the "Boobs Behind DeBoer" that were caught by the cameras of NBC Sports during the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals. Enough hockey fans noticed to make Taylor Stevens and "Boobs Behind DeBoer" trending topics on Twitter during the Devils’ 3-1 victory over the Kings. Paul Bissonnette congratulated her for giving CBC "It’s biggest viewing audience in network history and half the people didn’t even notice the game." Deadspin, Busted Coverage and Guyism all noted her attendance.

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5 Responses to “Taylor Stevens Loves The Patriots”

  1. Karmafan Says:

    She has good taste in choosing the Patriots (my team as well). First team to clinch their division this year and while the defense has been spotty at times (especially the secondary) their offensive firepower is second to none. Not to mention the best coach and quarterback in the NFL.

    Taylor the parking traffic is slow and horrible at the stadium so make sure you go pretty early if you want to be seated by game time.

  2. Larry Horse Says:

    Does Gronk have her number yet?

  3. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Go Giants!

  4. Karmafan Says:

    Patriots crushed the Titans in a 42-14 rout on Monday Night Football. Was a great game if you are a Patriots fan.

  5. Karmafan Says:

    I mean’t Texans not Titans.

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