Now This is a Scary Face…

NL- I didn’t post this because there is a porn connection. I posted this because of his face. How could this guy EVER do anything but live a life of crime after he did this to his face? Obviously he is not a bright light in the intelligence department, but he had many of these tattoos for years, before he was a murderer. I can’t imagine that he could he make a legal living. Would you want him to make your Big Mac? Stupid. What turns a person from a child growing up, into a racist skin head? This has always been really interesting to me. If it is to you also, let me know in comments. I might want to do a couple stories on it.

Mug shot from Wikipedia

Here’s an explanation of the meaning behind some the arcane symbols inked on the alleged cop-killer’s visage:

Crucified Skinhead (right cheek) –– The image of a skinhead on a cross symbolizes the persecution of working-class skinheads by the upper class.

Three Intersecting Triangles (right jaw) –– This symbol is known as a valknut or volknut. Among non-racist pagans, it’s a sign of the afterlife and a binding of the soul to Odin, chief among the Norse gods. Among racist pagans, it signifies “that one is ready to be taken into the ranks of Odin’s chosen warriors.”

5150 (under the right eye) –– A likely reference to the California statute that allows people to be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital if they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, according to Mark Pitcavage of the Anti-Defamation League.

Hatebreed (upper lip) –– Hatebreed is a hardcore punk band popular among racist skinheads.

Iron Crosses (forehead temples) –– A German military decoration dating to the early 19th century that was made famous by the Nazis.

SS Lightning Bolts (jawbones) –– A symbol of the Schutzstaffel (“Protective Squadron”), or SS, the Nazi police force that administered the death camps and staffed the mobile killing units known as Einsatzgruppen. After the war, the entire SS was declared a criminal organization by the Nuremburg judges.

Blood, Honor, and Loyalty (collarbone) –– A phrase used heavily by racist skinheads and other neo-Nazis in rock lyrics, clothing and tattoos.



SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah inmate covered in neo-Nazi tattoos was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole Wednesday for killing a prison guard during a doctor’s appointment five years ago, then leading police on a high-speed chase that ended at a fast-food restaurant, where a customer wrestled a gun from him.
Curtis Allgier offered a rambling statement that mixed apology and a tribute to his victim with a rebuttal of the evidence against him, while cursing and ranting against the court system and his lawyers.

"I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t want to hurt anybody. It was an accident," the 33-year-old inmate said at the hearing.
He added, "Just because I’ve got tattoos on my face and I’m proud of my race, I’m not some violent monster."
Prosecutors said the June 25, 2007, shooting was no accident. Allgier wrestled a gun from Stephen Anderson of Bluffdale after being unshackled for an MRI scan at a University of Utah medical clinic, they said. He then fled on foot and stole a vehicle before leading police on a highway chase at speeds exceeding 100 mph.
His freedom lasted 45 minutes.

Allgier pleaded no contest in October to aggravated murder. He pleaded guilty to additional charges of disarming a peace officer, aggravated escape, aggravated robbery and possession of a firearm by a restricted person.
The plea deal spared Allgier a trial and the death penalty if convicted.
Third District Judge Paul Maughan opened the sentencing hearing to family members of Anderson, a 22-year employee of the Utah Department of Corrections. Anderson, 60, was survived by a wife, five adult children and 18 grandchildren.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that a daughter of Anderson’s said it was "impossible to replace a man like my father."
The chase ended after Allgier got a flat tire and ran into an Arby’s restaurant, where Eric Fullerton, 59, had just ordered a ham-and-cheese croissant and orange juice for breakfast.
Fullerton "went into action," grabbing the much larger Allgier by an arm and forcing him to drop the gun. Allgier punched Fullerton and then slashed his throat with a knife before finally surrendering to police.
"I didn’t feel pain," Fullerton said at a 2010 court hearing. "I did feel the coldness of the blade, and I heard the sound."
In court Wednesday, prosecutors called Fullerton a hero.


  1. Karmafan

    A wild human animal. When a dog turns rabid ya put em down. Should do the same for this mope. Too bad he avoided the death penalty.

  2. 5150 is mostly wrong…yes its a CA statute but its the Criminally insane statute…means you are willing to criminally insane behavior seems like this moron did…..

  3. rsx

    This has been talked about several times on TheSmokingGun. I was a skinhead for several years and can fill in the blanks on a few things: “Jolene” was his girlfriend, dont know if she still is; Wouldn’t surprise me either way. On the left side of his neck is an Odal Rune (You can google it..) because boneheads worship norse mythology about as much as they kiss hitler’s ass. However, very few of them actually read about it, its just another neo-nazi symbol to them.

    F.U.N. means ‘F*ck You N*gger’, the symbol for the crucified skinhead does not have racist origins and is not used by boneheads.

    Mike is incorrect. I live in California and 5150 just means an involuntary 72 hour hold for any number of reasons, it has nothing to do with being criminally insane..Typically it’s because an employee in the mental health field or a police officer believes they may be a danger to themselves or others because of something they said. I think Mike is looking for the term “Sociopath” or “Psychopath”, but I dunno. Anybody can be given a 5150, but most of the time they’re released within 24 hours. I’ve worked in the mental health field on and off for about 4 years now, they’re more common then you might imagine. 5150 is a mild tattoo to describe himself compared to what this character displays and how bad his rap sheet is, it really doesn’t mean much.

  4. heathen

    One correction:

    Hatebreed is a metal band, and they are not racist at all nor are they really popular with skinheads. I have been to a few Hatebreed shows and don’t recall seeing any skinheads or nazi’s at all…it was just regular metal heads in attendance.

    Hatebreed has even made a public statement, saying they have “NEVER been down with racism.”

    Just wanted to include that so no one wrongly thinks someone is a skinhead if they are wearing a Hatebreed shirt lol
    Obviously this guy likes Hatebreed but their music has nothing to do with skinheads or racism.

  5. As far as how could he get a job or have a life other than being a criminal, I honestly don’t see a huge difference than the idiots who walk around with their pants below their asses and have stupid facial hair and the name of some idiot tattooed on the side of their necks and gold teeth and can’t put a sentence together to save their lives.

    I was at my attorney’s office last week and rode the elevator with someone with that exact description dropping applications off at offices. if you ever visit a walmart a lot of their employees have sagging pants and wear jersey’s and have no dress code as long as they wear this walmart apron over their clothing which of course is 4 sizes too big. Walmart was sued by the ACLU lead by the honorable Rev Sharpton for racial prejudice in requiring employees to wear clothing that fits as racisim.

    If my name is on the sign out front I should be able to at the very least require my employees to look presentable and represent my business with respect.

  6. christianx

    This winner was on the TV Show Locked Up and the producers really liked him….until he escaped and killed a cop then stopped at a fast food place. He was interviewed many times for that show.

  7. origen

    “If my name is on the sign out front I should be able to at the very least require my employees to look presentable and represent my business with respect.”

    I think that’s the way things currently are. I am unfamiliar with Al Sharpton and the ACLU raising any issues with Walmart’s dress code.

    I also want to put a positive spin on your first statement. This guy could still get a job, or go into business for himself if he were disciplined enough. Criminal behavior has no excuse.

  8. ajs

    I would hire a sagging pants guy over this guy any day. sagging pants can be fixed with a dress code. this guy obviously wasn’t worried about a job or future when he did this to his face.

    and for some reason I could picture some girls in the industry finding this guy “hot”

  9. jeremysteele11

    Ironic, because this guy has so much ink on him, that a little bit more and he’ll be completely black. I suggest he fill in whatever little’s left.

  10. jeremysteele11

    maybe vivid can offer casey anthony money to do a con-jugal visit with him on video… or even film… hey it’s money, all that matters, right? i mean she was offered before and she might actually want to do it, this time… maybe find a soul mate or something…

  11. Third Axis

    Just another “white supremecist” — which means neither. These idiots have no cultural significance whatsoever. Arayan Brotherhood retards, with roots in southern pig-fucker Amerikkka. Die in prison, idiot Aryan inkblot.

  12. origen

    smh. Mariah, you need to go back to school. Seriously. You do know that affirmative action generally does not apply to private employment nor is there ANY type of statute ANYWHERE forcing the practice?

    You DO know that right?

    You do know the difference between disparate-impact discrimination and affirmative action, right?

    And this guy could totally get a job. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Isn’t that what you Republicans believe?

  13. Origen, I didn’t proclaim that Affirmitive action is a law, I cited it as an example to my point. And you dismiss it yet say it “generally does not apply”.

    Why should I as a business owner be required to hire someone based purely on skin color or sex instead of qualifications? Isn’t that racism at it’s core? Making a decision based solely on the race of a human being? Being a business owner is hard enough so what is wrong with hiring the best qualified applicant based PURELY on their qualifications regardless of race or sex? As well shouldn’t I be entitled to hire someone who’s appearance represents success and professionalism? Am I crazy here? lol

    There is a heating and a/c company here in Tampa that requires all of their employees to have short hair, all facial hair to be neatly groomed and wear uniforms that fit and have their shirts tucked in. They are not permitted to have visible tattoos in their uniform. They are currently being sued by two men who say that their personal liberties are being violated by being told how they must wear their hair and not being permitted to get visible tattoos.

    So if someone wants their clothes to be 10 sizes too large and their pants to sag down below their asses then they need to shut the fuck up and make $7 an hour, because that’s the trade off for looking like an idiot and expressing their desire to imitate a style that came from the one-size-fits-all prison attire. Or they can become a famous rapper or athelete.

  14. KV814

    Somehow this conversation has ventured off into Al Sharpton, someone’s disdain of affirmative action, and black people wearing sagging pants. I thought this thread was about the tattooed faced guy pictured above?

  15. first up, this steered in this direction when the discussion went to how would he get a job.

    I never said “black people wearing sagging pants” as it has become fashionable for some stupid reason and even Justin Beiber is never seen without the stupid look of the crotch of his pants being between his knees.

    I have no race requirement when I speak of sagging pants or stupid facial hair and giving your kids stupid names. White trash is every bit as bad and actually annoys me more.

  16. jeremysteele11

    I heard al sharpton is on a “why dont you hire more black people?” tour… I also heard he got kicked out of a buffet for eating one too many plates and he cried it was racism.

  17. origen


    My point in the first post was that affirmative action is not a common practice in hiring. A corporation might CHOOSE to adopt an affirmative action policy (because it is in line with their company vision) but they are NEVER forced to by public opinion or the government. There are federal incentives given to minority and female small business owners–but that’s another story…

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