Mariah Milano on the Radio!

Mariah Milano Joins Hot Talk LA Radio as Newest On-Air Personality

Recently retired Adult Film Star Mariah Milano has just signed on to host her own show at the growing online radio station HotTalkLA [] along with former Penthouse Pet and LA radio legend Sam Phillips, the host of "The Single Life".  This is not a porn radio station so it’s a huge step for both the station and for Mariah Milano.
We caught up with the always on-the-go Mariah while in Vancouver on a Skype interview to discuss the new project.

The shows’ title says it all: "Mariah Milano: Unfiltered. Can YOU handle the truth?" 

"We approached Mariah because she’s an entrepreneur and an excellent communicator," said Jack Sullivan, HotTalkLA’s Founder and CEO.  "She has a very unique take on the world that should translate into fresh, riveting shows with an original point-of-view."
The basis of the show will be the always outspoken and opinionated Mariah doing a weekly show with subjects ranging from her 14 years of experience in the adult film world and many controversial in your face topics such as plastic surgery,  self shot photos on social networks, porn stars escorting, the public view of people working in porn and whatever else comes to mind. "I have always had my own way of thinking and people seem to respect  me for it. They don’t always like what I say but at least I have the balls to say it and stand behind it," Mariah says, "and that seems to resonate with most people." She goes on to say, "I am not going to do a show that is just me talking shit because I don’t want it to be negative. I want to use this opportunity to say things that I feel need to be said. I am not out to hurt people’s feelings or to insult anyone. Well, unless they deserve it!" she says laughing.
Mariah’s show will also have a segment on food and travel that ties in to her enormously successful new project that features travel blogs and cooking videos as well as hotel and restaurant reviews from her travels around the world.

When we asked Mariah about her lack of radio experience she said, "I have tremendous respect for radio personalities like Sam Phillips who I listened to on 97.1 in LA for years. This is perfect for me because I have always wanted to have a format where I can say what is on my mind and bring attention to things that seem to be ignored or just accepted. More than once I have been called "The Mouthpiece of Twitter" because I don’t hesitate to call someone out on bullshit or tell someone off," Mariah says. "I think that when someone is acting like a dickhead they are in serious need of someone pointing it out. I have plenty to say and may not have the experience but I am very dedicated to my projects and learning and certainly have a big mouth and the perfect ego to be on the radio!"  She laughs out loud and it is clear Mariah is not kidding around but seems shy in a little girl kind of way.
"I plan to have some interesting guests as well as offer a different voice and point of view to the listeners. I have only been a guest on radio shows so hosting my own is a great challenge and I am really looking forward to it," Mariah says. 
Mariah’s show will premier on Saturdays and be available on demand once it’s archived at


  1. alex96

    Mariah good luck with your radio show! I hope you don’t become the Fox news of porn (LOL), but seriously I will be listening. Who knows maybe she will even, take calls from us on this site???

  2. I used to like Fox news years ago. I was sick of the one sidededness of MSNBC and CNN and at one time Fox did give a more balanced point of view always with both sides of the issues.

    Now it’s just lunacy. Hannity is a maniac and Fox has become extremely dangerous simply because American people are extremely uninformed and take sound bites as fact.

    I watch CNN now because they learned that they had to steer back to the middle because Fox blows them away in the ratings across the board.

    I won’t discuss politics because I am no expert and I don’t think anything will make a difference with the way our system has become. SO I’ll talk about how ridiculous the way these porn girls look with the face injections and their inflated lips and their fake asses. I’m going to take calls and email questions and twitter questions.

    I promise it’s going to be authentic and fun.

  3. monkeesrule1

    Hey,Mariah Good luck to you on your show and around what time on Saturdays will you be on the air @hottalkLa with @TheSingleLif

    Hope to get the opportunity to listen in to your show,always love to hear your opinion on many topics,not just about porn.your amazing!

    Thank you

  4. alex96

    Mariah I am glad it’s mostly porn and the Fox news part was a joke, just like two face Mitt lying again tonight. Just like there so call news! So maybe you can get Mr. Marcus on your show and settle some issues you my have with him. Either way I am looking forward to it.

  5. I won’t be on the single life. Sam has become a friend and a sort of mentor to me. I will be on her show as a guest and she’ll be on mine, but I have my own show 🙂

    Thank you for the well wishes the schedule goes up on the site today.

  6. monkeesrule1

    Thank you,Mariah for clarifying that and will always love and support your work,whatever you do.
    I am sure you will have a blast and I think that would be a highly capital idea if you did have Mr Marcus on your show.What are your thoughts about that?

    Thank you for your time:)

  7. jeremysteele11

    The Mariah & Marcus Show. Mariah interviewing Marcus would be a lot more interesting than what I heard of that ass-licking interview. Jeeez!

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