“We Do Not Sexually Exploit Anyone” Steven Hirsch


LOS ANGELES – (September 10, 2012) – Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of leading adult movie studio Vivid Entertainment, today blasted Morality in Media president Patrick A. Trueman for making “inflammatory and ridiculous assertions” about the impact of pornography on society.  Mr. Trueman says there is an “untreated pandemic of harm from pornography” and “according to many studies, children and adults are developing life-long addictions to pornography.”  “Contrary to Mr. Trueman’s claims, there are no reputable facts or studies to back up his assertions,” said Mr. Hirsch in response to the allegations.

“Mr. Trueman makes his living trying to control the legal choices adults have in the kind of entertainment they can enjoy,” said Mr. Hirsch in response to the allegations. “It is obviously in his economic interest to make inflammatory and ridiculous assertions about the so-called detrimental effects of adult entertainment, since that is what he is paid to do. He preys upon weak politicians, eager for votes from people who drink his anti-free speech Kool-Aid.

“Instead of advising people who don’t like adult films to simply not watch them, Mr. Trueman chooses to try and control what everyone can and cannot watch, a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment.  But I think people like Mr. Trueman don’t intimidate anyone, any more.  They reject the nonsensical diatribes of a man who wants to rob them of their right to make their own decisions about what they view and read.”         

Mr. Hirsch demands Mr. Trueman immediately cease making defamatory and untrue personal attacks on him or face legal consequences. He referred to a statement issued by Mr. Trueman recently saying Hirsch was a “man whose business is sexually exploiting young girls for profit.”

“We do not sexually exploit or coerce anyone,” Hirsch said. “All of the people with whom we work are consenting adults and they perform in our productions according to strict standards regarding age, health tests and other legal criteria.”


  1. origen

    “according to strict standards regarding age, health tests and other legal criteria.”

    Give me a break. What strict standards?

  2. Sandy Bunz

    The real people being exploited are the men and women in the armed forces dying and getting severely
    injured in the un-constitutional wars. Meanwhile the
    neo-cons and chicken-hawks line their pockets with blood money and pay off politicians to continue the
    genocide of hundreds of thousands of people. Drones are being used abroad to kill and being launched here by our the sick government.

  3. jeremysteele11

    All capitalistic ventures are based on exploitation. Numerous vouchers ive signed in porn n mainstream state that i agree to be “exploited”. Hirsch once bragged in the media how he sells the same image some 26 or so times. This is silly.

  4. Larry Horse

    Morality in Media is just like the Family Research Council, bullshit groups that raise money to produce bullshit outrage and buy politicians. Even Weinstein is part of group that at least does something tangible. There is no pandemic of porn, violence yes, porn no, unless its Max in the old days or that shit that Rob Black made.

  5. Third Axis

    Model release forms are generally very specific about the unlimited nature of the rights assigned to the holder. It should come as no surprise to anyone who actually reads the release prior to signing it that he/she will be compensated only once, while the holder will be able to sell the images for an indefinite amount of time. That is not “exploitation” in any way.

  6. jeremysteele11

    Just because the person signs whatever the fuck is written (few actually read it), which is the condition of them working, doesnt mean its not exploitation?How does the dictionary define the word. And again i remember a playboy channel release i was required to sign saying “exploited throughout the universe” in case there are ever hotels on mars. Exploitation is as american as apple pie… it just bothers some to admit it or see it for the everyday common thing it is

  7. Third Axis

    The term “exploitation,” when used in a negative connotation, means that the individual is being used unknowingly. You were not forced to sign the release, nor were its conditions concealed from you, where they?

    We’re back to that tired old discussion of personal responsibility. If you don’t want something to happen to you, then don’t let it happen. I just laugh when some performer starts whining about not getting paid perpetual royalties, or some such ridiculous notion, for the usage of their images, when they knowingly signed a blanket release that spells it all out for them. You should understand the difference between “one-time rights,” all rights,” “unlimited rights,” or any other permutation of the rights you’re assigning to someone, and the various types of media covered as well. Never sign a release, or any contract, without fully reading and understanding all of its conditions. The choice to agree to the stated terms is yours entirely.

  8. jeremysteele11

    Exploitation only happens if u don’t know about it? Not so. And i am free to turn down work/pussy and not work and allow someone else to happily take my place, which is another way of saying u have no choice if u choose to work in porn.

    And for the third time, third axis, ive signed many a piece of paper which in its own words has my sign my agreement to be “exploited”.

  9. jeremysteele11

    Exploitation means selfishness. Typically CEOs salaries rise expodentially every year while jobs r cut and workers rates r cut or make none or minimal gain. This proves were not all in it together. This proves greed, selfishness n exploitation.

  10. Third Axis

    Maybe you consider yourself a victim; I don’t.
    We “exploit” trees to produce lumber. We “exploit” plants to produce food and medicine. We “exploit” crackheads, meth addicts, and the employment-challenged to produce porn. Gee, the world is a fucking cruel place. Who knew?

  11. origen

    “The term “exploitation,” when used in a negative connotation, means that the individual is being used unknowingly.”

    How do you figure that? Exploitation generally refers to a dynamic when a dominant person uses and profits inordinately from another person to their detriment.

  12. jeremysteele11

    I’m not talking about me. I’m talking about exploitation. I’m talking everyone playing their own little pyramid game, but once you fuck over the foundation for so long there ain’t no foundation no more. Thus we have third worlds, third axis, as this cuntry is becoming. Marx was right about a few things, at least. Ideally if a company does well, everyone should be rewarded who helped make it so, ya know? Its ok to be selfish but we should all give more than get at least 51-49% of the time. If we all did that the world would be quite a different place.

  13. dicpusini

    Jeremy you always write about yourself. No matter the topic you turn the comments around so that they are about you and your paranoid thoughts.

  14. PeterRomeroxxx

    Hire Tony Davis for your next high price porn shoots! He’ll work for Nothing just to get a piece of ass. And he can barely speak English.

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