Dave Cummings Says VOTE!

NL- One of the kindest, and wisest men I’ve met in this biz, gives some advice below. He is worth listening too.



                    BY:  Dave Cummings, Hall of Fame Porn Star
SEP, 2012

Listen up, as this is important. Elections are coming up, and we all need to register to vote – NOW, not next week; and, then we ALL need to actually
vote no matter what! No, you can’t put off your voter registration. And, yes, you MUST vote on or by Nov 6th. If you think there might be any chance
that bookings, work, family, or anything else might keep you from getting to your voting location, apply for an Absentee Ballot NOW so you can mail it in
BEFORE Nov 6th. Do NOT fail in this, period! Don’t put off registering NOW, or actually voting on or before Election Day, November 6th.  Contact your
local Voter Registration Office right NOW! Our America needs all eligible citizens to vote. You HAVE the right to vote, and you’ve got to do this, without fail.

No, I’m not going to pitch any particular candidates or issues to you, but I urge, beg, and pray that you use your computer or that smart phone of yours,
along with your eyes, ears and sense of patriotism, to become an informed voter. Watch TV, read Internet news and postings, chat with others, seek
opinions from trusted others, and ask questions. Don’t leave voting to others; YOU have the freedom to vote and you MUST be an All American and vote from a basis of knowledge, your beliefs, and your values and preferences. We’re big girls and boys now, and we owe it to America to learn about the issues, incumbents, and challengers. BECOME AN INFORMER VOTER!!

Dr. Marty Klein is a Certified Sex Therapist and sociologist with a special interest in public policy and sexuality. He has written 6 books, over 100
print articles, and has published 7 sets of training CDs. Each year he trains thousands of professionals in North America and abroad in clinical
skills, human sexuality, and policy issues. Here’s something from his most recent newsletter which seems timely and related to Sex AND the upcoming elections:

"Republicans, Democrats: Here’s A Sexual Health Platform The platforms of both major parties are out. When it comes to sex, one is bad, the other worse. So listen up, Dems and GOPers, here’s the sexual health plank you desperately need. Presidential aspirants, steal this material at will, and promise the following:

* Sex education: All sex education must be scientifically and medically accurate. Children shall be instructed with the proper names for genitalia
on the first day of their first class. Non-public schools and those subjected to the 18th-century practice of home-schooling shall be subject to the same requirements as public schools.

* Municipalities wishing to regulate or limit sexual expression (swing clubs, adult bookstores, etc.) shall be required to demonstrate
peer-reviewed scientific proof that they pose a danger to the average person.

* Abortion: You don’t want one, don’t have one. No one who wants an abortion will be faced with waiting periods, unwanted medical procedures, lectures
from doctors, or any other insulting, dangerous, and cynical activities not-so-covertly designed to discourage abortion.

* Other reproductive choices: Contraception has increased the health and well-being of tens of millions of American individuals, families, and
children. There shall be no barriers to advertising, selling, or purchasing these supplies. Licensed pharmacists will be required to sell and provide
accurate information about these products, the same as they are required to handle all other products.

* Adult pornography: You don’t like it, don’t watch it. All erotic material made by adults and featuring adults shall be decriminalized. Film
productions will have the option, not the obligation, to include condoms and other protective gear. The onerous, unconstitutional 2257 regulations that
are driving porn production overseas (free of any American regulation) will be eliminated.

* States will stop taxing strip clubs and nude dance clubs differently than opera, ballet, and showings of Adam Sandler films. Government is not
supposed to favor some entertainment content over others; the marketplace does that.

* No one convicted solely of a non-contact sexual offense (exhibitionism, "sexting," etc.) shall be designated a sex offender. No minor shall be
designated a sex offender if he or she has not been convicted of coercive sexual violence.

* Government shall stop trolling adult chatrooms for entrapment opportunities. Talking online about sex with another adult will be legal,
even if one or both are pretending to be someone (age, gender, etc.) they aren’t.

* Same-sex marriage: You don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person. As long as government gives legal privileges to married people that
it denies to single people, all couples wishing to marry can marry.

Of course, there are many other sexual health issues that need to be addressed-regarding STDs, prostitution, sex research, etc.. Let’s start with
the above, and then we can talk about the rest. Oh, the name of this program? Sexual Intelligence.

You may quote anything herein,  with the following attribution:

 "Reprinted from Sexual IntelligenceT
Marty Klein, Ph.D. (www.SexualIntelligence.org)."

I’ve quoted Dr Marty Klein in the past, and always welcome his breath-of-fresh-air comments.

And now, Sex! There, I said it, but porn bookings are way down and I miss being able to count on getting paid for having sex on porn sets. Swinging
helps, though attendance and the number of swinger parties seem to be ebbing a bit, too; maybe some swinger folks are lying a little low and trying to
conserve their money for basic needs in these days of economic challenges. Thankfully, a lot of swinger couples still want to hook-up for sex, and those female swingers like having my penis there so they can enjoy multiple orifice sex. Whew!

I’ve been continuing to participate in meeting a lot of Welcome Home flights from Afghanistan at a nearby military airfield loaded with smiling military
personnel seemingly chomping at the bit to turn in their weapons and run into the arms of their families—what a wonderful site to behold. And, yes,
that word "sex" seems to be VERY high on their agendas; even the single military guys joke about heading to "a real bar" that evening to try and get
lucky with some California girls there. One full Boeing 747 last week had hundreds of smiling returnees and would have made a good place to film
smiles for a tooth paste commercial.

Remember, register to vote, get informed, and actually vote Nov 6th. Do it!!!!!!!!



  1. jeremysteele11

    Vote, vote, vote! Yeah. Well, both candidates are controlled by Goldman Sachs. If you found out a foreign country rigged its election between two puppet candidates would you emphasize the need for its people to vote? The government we have today is the result of constantly choosing between two evils.

    Let’s compare the two candidates:

    Voting Romney is a vote for NDAA, NAFTA, war, patriot act, deficit spending, bailouts, foreign aid, anti-arab, pro zionist, right-to-life and Romney-care.

    Voting OBama is a vote for NDAA, NAFTA, war, patriot act, deficit spending, bailouts, foreign aid, anti-arab, pro zionist, abortion rights, gay rights and Obama-care.

    George Dubya Bush once supposedly won all black counties and places with more votes than registered voters but this never was headline news. The voting has been proven rigged again and again and all you want to say is go out and vote between two puppet candidates?

    Its a waste of time and mind.

    Who ever wins, we lose.

  2. Karmafan

    No offense to Dave but I am with Jeremy. “Whoever wins we lose”… truer words were never spoken. Thats like asking if I want to eat a shit sandwich or a shit burrito. I don’t want either one.

    BOTH parties are deep in the pockets of big business and special interest groups lining their pockets with cheddar while they suck at the tit of the american people.

  3. AIPChristina

    Simple solution, you vote for who you want. The important thing is to vote. No one said you have to vote for a candidate from one of the major parties. Granted, if you decide to vote for a third party candidate, the chance of you voting on the eventual winner is less, but the point is that you exercised your right as an American and voted.

  4. Karmafan

    AIPChristina thats like asking a death row inmate if he wants the electric chair, noose, or lethal injection. Bottom line is you are still dead.

  5. jeremysteele11

    You cant fall back on “You must vote” and other mindless maxims as a patriotic excuse to not exercise any critical thinking. The shits rigged. Its proven. Look into and verify this. Stop playing this stupid game of voting for he who appears to be less evil because theyre both evil, or if u prefer me to put it this way, servants/employees of evil.

  6. Sandy Bunz

    Jeremy is right, there is very little different and the votes have been rigged by the old boys of American politics to favor the status quo. The people get the shaft by both results. The two candidates talk eloquently and speak boldly of grand ideas, but after the elections those ideas fade to sound bites. Ron Paul had real action in mind but he propaganda media and the RNC butchered his chances.
    If anyone wants to see what a charming guy Romney is
    go to you tube and search ”Attorney Richard Gilbert”. He has made and posted some very informative videos on the real history of Mr. Mitt.

  7. jeremysteele11

    And Sandy is right about me being right. Also, about Ron Paul. There was a fuck load of grass roots campaigning for the guy, yet somehow the media had it’s finger on the corporate pulse. What a surprise. But maybe not if you realize the committee of 300/illuminati/Bilderberg group/Bohemian Grove society/Council on Foreign Relations picks it’s puppet and controls the big media which “informs” the United Sheeple of America. Baaah humbug!

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