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Mariah Milano on Mr Marcus-“What he did was Criminal”

NL-There is a thread on FreeOnes forum entitled Mr Marcus Patient Zero in Syphilis Outbreak, it is more than eleven pages long. Anything I take from there to show you will be slightly out of context, because there is no way I can post the whole thing. BUT here are a few interesting things that Mariah Milano said. Please go read the whole thread for yourself here

by Mariah Milano from

first up, I know Marcus better than ANY of you fucking people. What he did is criminal and even though I have always liked him as a person and we have been friends since 1998 and worked together almost 40 times, he fucked up.

And if you say "well at least he admitted it" HOw could he not admit it? lol He didn’t come forward, he got caught. He willfully and purposely produced fraudulent tests and forged medical records which is a crime. He exposed other people to a very dangerous disease that has a cure, but please, it affects so much of your body it is VERY bad to catch even if you treat it.

Do not pretend to know what the fuck you are talking about if you are a fan or don’t do scenes where testing is involved. Read and post your comments, but please, do NOT fucking speak out like you have ANY concept of the industry because you don’t.

Marcus has always been extremely promiscuous off camera and it’s the reason I refused to work with him in 2000 and any time he asked me since right up to March of this year. I value my health and with nearly 600 scenes shot in my career I never once got any std of any kind. I was exposed to them many times, including 2 HIV issues with Marc Wallace back in 1999 and then Tony Montana a year later. I didn’t work with either but I worked with people who had worked with them. Marc Wallace forged his HIV results and infected people including a girl whom I had worked with the month prior for Adam n Eve.

So please, enough with the pretending to have insight and knowledge because you do not. Marcus should be prosecuted and I would imagine he could be sued as well. Without porn the guy is going to be lost. His only shot at anything now is maybe to write a book. His entire life was porn.

As fucked up as it is, the porn industry has nearly zero morals or business ethics so I see him working again soon. It might only be for his own projects and with new unknowing talent, but they won’t run him out. You can already see how the FSC is protecting him and trying to make him out to be this honorable remorseful guy, which he is surely sorry but had he not been caught, bet you he’d still be working.


if you have sex with people when you are HIV positive and do not inform them you can be prosecuted. That’s a fact. Just the same if you have infectious diseases and spit in someone’s face you can be prosecuted. So why is this different? So because I like Marcus and have known him excuses what he did to other people who had nothing to do with this? People who couldn’t work,,,forget the other porn girls because they all escort anyway, but the photographers and video guys and directors. did they deserve to not get paid for a month? I hardly think so. He doesn’t get a pass for anything when he alters test results. That is blatant disregard for the very people who trust him and that alone is fucked up.

And yes, Lex is a very nice guy and very professional. I shot with him in one of his very first scene for Booty Talk #6 back in 98 for West Coast video. He plays the roll with the Black n Milds and all that but he’s a very nice guy and respectful. Marcus was always a hound. I was in a limo with him and a few others in Hollywood coming from a party when he picked up a street walker in Hollywood and went down on her in the car!!!!!!!! I nearly threw up. I had them let me out and took a $130 cab ride home. He isn’t known for his discretion


I’m going to say something to you that will for sure offend you, because clearly if I were to say that "most black people have darker skin than white people" you would scream racism.

Sometimes you just have to stop being a fucking victim and accept that scientific reality is just that, and move the fuck on. You avoid high risk situations and putting yourself in harm’s way. Do you dispute that Sickle Cell is something that only blacks can have? Is THAT a racist thing to say? I think that what Bearded Menace said was factually based and I provided CDC findings to back up what I said, so why the hostility?

Ok so here’s my insult lol My son’s father is a black man who I met when I was 15 and he was 27, I was pregnant at 16 and had my son a month after I turned 17. He lives up to every single negative stereo type that people of color face. He has no job, he has 4 kids with 4 different women that he doesn’t pay a penny to support or have any interest in knowing and at 44 he still thinks he’s going to be a rapper. He sags and he wears jerseys every day. He also blames all of his failures and issues on racism, even though he has good parents and has had a million opportunities that he has blown. Everything is racist, and he thinks that anything that any white person says about a black person is an attack. I chalk that entire thing up to the foolishness of youth and at least I got my son out of it as well as a very serious lesson learned.

Do I blame his skin color for this? Of course not. Do I blame his ancestors and his ethnicity? Of course not. Racism is based on opinions, not facts. It’s based on ignorance and fear.

Now do I blame the culture of black America? Abso – fucking – lutely. it has become part of the culture of black america to have kids and not give a shit about them. to not become educated and clown the people who do well in school. Jay Z and Nas and Puff Daddy all spoke out against that athelete who chose to go to college over turning pro saying he was being "railroaded by white people" and "he needs to make that money for his people while he can" The kid was 18 and wanted to be the first person in his family to ever go to college. He wanted something to fall back on and those famous people he had never met and admired, railed against him and spoke out publicly against him. Its part of black culture in America to not speak proper english. Good luck having people worthwhile take you seriously if you sound like an idiot and good luck getting a decent job. Its also part of the culture to cheat on your woman. Its part of the culture to glorify the car you drive and the chains you wear yet live in a shit hole, and without a job and education how do you suppose those things are paid for?

Now do I think all black americans are this way? of course not. But if you are honest with yourself you cannot deny that this is a tremendous struggle for your people and Mr Obama has said "pull up your pants" in 2 different speeches to the NAACP. But he has big mouth opportunists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to contend with who need blacks to be oppressed so they can continue to shake people down and remain relevent. It was Jesse Jackson who said that the "American youth in gangs are the warriors of the future for civil liberties" in a speech at the million man march. Listen to the popular songs right now…which I like as entertainment but when a 14 year old living in the projects hears Rick Ross rapping about selling dope and Akon and everyone else and sees what and where it got them, that is a very bad message being sent to someone in a very hopeless situation. It’s the culture and it’s getting worse not better.

You can be pissed and call me a racist and say all that shit you want, but nothing I said is wrong. And by denying it or blaming other people you extend the problem and throw gas on the fire.

I also thank you for your service in the military. That isn’t said often enough. You and I clearly disagree on several issues but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you and appreciate your sacrifices and your opinions

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267 Responses to “Mariah Milano on Mr Marcus-“What he did was Criminal””

  1. Anthony Kennerson Says:

    Nice try, Mariah, but you show more of your ass than ever here. And, not in the sexy way.

    What the hell does Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson have anything to do with Mr. Marcus?? Why are you so intent on bringing every prominent Black figure in this…and then deny that your motives are simply racial??

    I’m in no way saying that Marcus shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions, and if he did in fact infect performers through his non-actions, his ass should be sued. But….let’s dispel all this “criminal” nonsense right off the bat here.

    He actually did NOT alter his first test; he simply hid the syphilis portion of the test from the producers. And, it’s still not known whether or not he personally altered his second test or he had someone do it for him; that is still unknown.

    It is also unknown whether or not he actually infected anyone, since he has said that once he had taken sick and had been diagnosed with syphilis, he immediately, upon advice of his personal doctor, took the same treatment that is now being recommended by everyone. If that is correct, then he was essentially safe to shoot by the time he did attempt to hide the test results. Now, whether he may have inadvertently infected others earlier when he had Stage 1 syphilis is a different issue, but since there was no testing until June when the outbreak hit Europe, how are we to know?

    And….if it is true that Marcus showed the classic symptoms of syphilis back then as you say, then why the hell didn’t you or any other performer simply report him to his agency or to the producers back then, so that they could have taken the proper action??

    But that’s not even the important thing here,’s your now exposed racism that is the issue here. You say that “the culture of Black America” is to blame for Marcus freaking out over a positive STI test when he thought that he was adequately treated?? Funny, but I don’t see every single Black male performer testing positive for an STI every week….and as far as I know, even those who performed regularly with Marcus have been found to be clean. But, it’s only those Blacks who are spreading STI’s in porn and in real life….right, Mariah????

    Black rappers singing about “dope” is like White rockers singing about heroin or crystal meth or White country singers singing about honky tonk bars and getting drunk. No race is above having individual stupidity. But, people who exploit the acts of an individual to slam an entire race of people, on the other hand?? That is lowdown.

    Mr. Marcus will get his accounting soon. But, let (s)he who doesn’t live near their own sewer plant not start throwing their own shit around.

  2. PlayBoyMan Says:

    I agree with Mariah 100%

    Mr. Marcus knowingly altered his test results. I won’t pretend to know the law, but I think there is a criminal factor in play there.

    If he was so certain that he was clear to work, why alter his documents?
    If he thought he was fine, why cover it up?

    Mr. Marcus was in the wrong big time. This man has been in the business 18-19 years; Someone, ANYONE in any business for that long would have a strong work ethic in place, and the fact that he’s flouted common sense and honesty for a paycheck is beyond my comprehension.

    I don’t doubt that Marcus is a nice guy off the clock, but he should’ve had a ton more restraint.

    That type of recklessness does NOT belong in the porn industry anymore, or any industry for that matter, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got sued for damages.

    And Shame on the FSC for protecting this man. The Man-Slut fucked up. Plain and Simple.

  3. Karmafan Says:

    Sorry Anthony but Mariah is right on the money with what she said here… “Truer words have never been spoken”.

  4. crazyman2012 Says:

    Whatever point she’s trying to make has nothing to do with this situation. She mentions a couple of cases of white guys spreading HIV knowingly. What does that say about their c white heritage? You bring up some basketball player wanting to skip college. Do you know lots of pro baseball players go straight into the pros after high school, no big deal just a big double standard. Those celebrities wisely pointed out that it was unwise to risk injury and not get paid when you can get paid and still go to college while playing, as many black basketball players have. (Shaq, Kevin Garnett, etc..)

    Mariah always brings up the black father of her child. I’m sorry he’s not a better dad but it seems to me like you had poor decision making skills as a teen. How many women do you know who got pregnant at 16 get pregnant by fine upstanding gentlemen, white or black? I know zero. (Go watch Teen Mom for additional evidence) I bet you walked past 4 nerdy black guys in the library to go fuck this thug you now hate so much. Those nerds are probably engineers now. You liked the thug guy because he was cool and edgy. Well I’d guess he’s the same guy now that he was then just sadder. You picked this loser guy and you decided to have a child with him. Non e of it has anything to do with what Mr. Marcus did. Zero.

  5. jeremysteele11 Says:

    From fast glance, Mariah, I see you expressing a bit of your nignorance! This Markus sitution has nothing to do with race, nor does AIDS, except in how they’re used as associated markers for blacks as well as gays. It’s not being black or gay that indicate risk factor, but certain behaviors of certain subgroups within those categories, whose behavior is not based on race but other factors.
    Simply racist is one who makes judgments based race when there are other factors which determine a minority’s individual condition. Anyway I got no time to get into this further, right now.

  6. who me Says:

    This is the shit that gets under my skin. Miss Milano went from talking about what some dumbass did, to disrespecting a whole race……..its funny how people who arent black can always tell you what the problem with black race seems to be , but they dont want what they said to be misconstrued, so they come up with bullshit to try and justify what they’ve said. Miss Milano is entitled to her opinion of black culture no matter how fucking stupid she sounds.

  7. TravisW Says:

    oh for fucks sake get off your high horses and stop trying to prove to everyone how “enlightened” you are by screaming racism EVERYTIME someone speaks their mind. read what she wrote again without all the knee jerk reactions

  8. who me Says:

    how the fuck am I on a high horse, because she started talking about criminal behavior in one guy, and it turns into a fucking generalization on black culture? Where did I scream racism? … a matter of fact what the fuck are you talking about? What fuckin post did you read? who said anything about being “enlightened”? I guess you might get some cool points with her for saying something to me……but whatever…….you obviously didnt read what I said. She’s entitled to her opinion no matter how stupid it sounds and the same goes for you!!!

  9. beth23 Says:

    i agree with mariah 110%. i also expressed this same view on another site. other people did not get away with the same thing, the only difference is “they were dealing with THE AIDS” as people see it. i registered here just to say this but have been a LONG time reader/”lurker”.

  10. beth23 Says:

    “if you have sex with people when you are HIV positive and do not inform them you can be prosecuted. That’s a fact. Just the same if you have infectious diseases and spit in someone’s face you can be prosecuted. So why is this different?”


  11. beth23 Says:

    why are almost all the comments focusing on the race issue? does everyone want to see this *issue at hand*/headline topic statement swept under the rug, to disappear? focus on what needs to be focused on, please.

  12. jed Says:

    It’s a compilation of posts from a forum, pasted together. That’s the reason it jumps subjects.

  13. beth23 Says:

    exactly, jed. thanks for pointing that out, i started to. but my comments are pending.

  14. brutalscrooge Says:

    All this shit is right on. Anthony, you make no valid points. Sorry your skin is black. I mean that.

  15. ST94 Says:

    Crazyman, you’re wrong, plain and simple. Go back and read the ages. Mariah was 15. She was a kid. Conversely, the father of her child was 27. Dude was pushing 30, a full grown ass man nearly twice her age. That’s statutory rape in a lot of places. She was taken advantage of simply by the virtue of their respective ages.

  16. TravisW Says:

    hey who , i didnt single you out, its an open forum, but please carry on thinking its all about you

  17. jeremysteele11 Says:

    How about saying hey dee hoo instead of just hey hoo? Sounds cheery.

  18. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Why did we touch off on this touchy subject? Because w can’t nignore this nignorance.

  19. origen Says:

    I’m black but if I were really to get this thread riled up I would name-drop Charles Murray and Arthur Jensen. The nature of the black/white IQ gap is a very controversial and an unsettled issue. It’s also at the heart of the debate defining intelligence.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong Mariah, but why do Italians always gotta be so racist?

  20. origen Says:

    “As fucked up as it is, the porn industry has nearly zero morals or business ethics…”

    Ya listening, Third Axis?

    “I value my health and with nearly 600 scenes shot in my career I never once got any std of any kind.”


    Are you sure you never contracted anything? Not even HPV?

    If so, how did you manage to be so careful and safe?

  21. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And furthermore, u cant agree with anyone 110%, only 100%. That’s a +/- innaccuracy rate of at least 10% i never trust anyone who says they’re gving 110%

  22. origen Says:

    Sonic Youth – 100%

  23. Randal X Says:

    @Origen re; last line of comment #19: I believe Dennis Hopper soliloquizes on the possibilties of this subject in ‘True Romance’.
    And, uh, joking aside, your contention appears to be the pot calling the kettle ‘niggo’, somewhat.
    Tho it made me smile all the same..
    Can’t we all just get along?

  24. origen Says:

    I’m sorry but Italians are racist. Blacks really respect Italians but they really are.

    Luke Ford used to provoke Rob Spallone into making racist remarks all the time. He thought it was funny…(??)

    I never forget when I going to HS in Coral Springs, FL and I met this Italian girl I knew from school at the deli. She was with her mom and, naturally, since my cock was saved for Jesus, I looked and sounded like the ultimate nerd. Still, her mom thought I was trying to get in her pants…

    Ironically, her current fiance is black. She’s a great chick.

  25. Randal X Says:

    Has Jesus actually expressed intent toward your cock, Origen?
    Cos if you’re just getting your hopes up based on your own assumption, well..

  26. origen Says:

    HS was a dungeon, Randal.

  27. Randal X Says:

    This has all turned rather dark, no pun intended..

  28. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I think u got It@li@ns n Spallone wrong, O-man. Trust me n u won’t get your legs broken.

  29. jeremysteele11 Says:

    If Marcus wants to write a book he can call it, “I fucked alotta hoes… and then I fucked myself!”

  30. origen Says:

    I love Italians, Jeremy…

  31. Randal X Says:

    Soon to be a major motion picture as “The Anthropophagous Yeast”??
    I know. I know.
    I’ll be in the corner facing the wall.

  32. beth23 Says:

    jeremy, you don’t have to trust me. one thing you do have to do, i’ve seen, always run your mouth and try to dissect/overanalyze every post then run your mouth about it. did i ask you to trust me? you seriously have too much to prove, so you think. do you not agree that if the word syphilis was replaced with AIDS(inc) things would have already taken place at a faster pace? go ahead and further the stigma of something you know was made up for billions of dollars. your analysis of my “110%” remark was not asked for. typical. people should not try to derail all of these threads here. i’ve been what you what refer to as a “lurker,” refraining from commenting for a long time now. i think mariah is right on in not wanting this issue swept under the rug, thus becoming yesterday’s news and forgotten about. if this was “AIDS” people would have such a different, typical approach though! whatever.

  33. beth23 Says:

    jeremy, you don’t have to trust me. one thing you do have to do, i’ve seen, always run your mouth and try to dissect/overanalyze every post then run your mouth about it. did i ask you to trust me? you seriously have too much to prove, so you think. do you not agree that if the word syphilis was replaced with AIDS(inc) things would have already taken place at a faster pace? go ahead and further the stigma of something you know was made up for billions of dollars. your analysis of my “110%” remark was not asked for. typical. people should not try to derail all of these threads here. i’ve been what you what refer to as a “lurker” for quite some time, refraining from commenting for a long time now. i think mariah is right on in not wanting this issue swept under the rug, thus becoming yesterday’s news and forgotten about. if this was “AIDS” people would have such a different, typical approach though! whatever.

  34. origen Says:

    Beth, are you really a lurker because it seems you have no idea what the you’ve just done bringing up AIDS to Jeremy…

  35. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Thas alright Origen because i’m110% sure that i have idea what she just said

  36. Randal X Says:

    @Origen Seconded.
    Get ready for an epic thread!

  37. Randal X Says:

    Well hush my mouth!!
    @Jeremy Well played, sir!

  38. beth23 Says:

    Origen, yes, for quite some time now. My point exactly. I’m not going to engage him, however. Too bad it seems like things are going to slide regarding the issue at hand here. I’m done here. If proper action is not taken, it is only going to further reflect badly on the industry.

  39. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You can’t engage me. You don’t even know me. Plus, I’m already engaged.

  40. RickMadrid Says:

    WOW..Mariah, You kinda of hit something there I was trying to talk to a good 40 year old friend of mine and he does not have a JOB, No eduation, collects welfare, lives in L.A., and wants to be a Rapper..@ 40 years old?? come on!. And he is a porn fan, and jacks off to VHS tapes (LOL) in the bathroom, while smoking weed. But you son’s father sounds just like him too! Ok, have a great LABOR day weekend, be safe and don’t BBQ to much and drink and drive. Over and out!

  41. Mariah Milano Says:

    First of all Cindi took this from a series of posts I made on the Freeones board in response to this black guy who was saying that everyone is being too hard on Marcus and that he should be respected because he came forward and owned up to it. He also said that if Marcus was white no one would care and that it’s all because he was black.

    I wrote this because all of these people on the board were posting like they knew Marcus and the industry but not a single one ever worked a day in the industry and I had to speak up.

    I totally agree that Italians are racist, no question. I was forbidden to have black friends or date black guys and that’s probably why I did it.

    And yes I chose the loser I was with, but I was 15 and he was 27. I had never had a dad in my life because mine was a heroine addict and didn’t give 2 shits. I was a fucked up confused kid who thought I was black and tried my hardest to be black. I made horrible decisions but again, I was 15 with no dad, a mom who was busy being young and single and running around on my own as a child pretending to be someone I was not. I fucked up but got a beautiful child out of it. And I do not hate my son’s father, I pity him. He is pathetic and a huge disappointment to good parents who have tried everything to help him. He is all caught up in being a thug and hanging out instead of being a man. You know what he says when I asked him a few years ago when he contacted me on twitter/ I said “why don’t you care about your son who has your name?” and his answer was, “I care about my son but baby you know I be a thud nigga and we dont get down wit all a dat” nice huh? when I think of that I cannot believe that at any point in my life that I was with that loser. No hate, just regret and pity.

    SO that’s why the conversation steered away from the Marcus ordeal. Someone cried racism.

    I’m sorry Anthony but you are dead wrong. He admitted to folding his test to hide the Syphilis result when he made the copies. That is a FELONY!

    And furthermore, knowingly having sexual encounters with someone when infected without informing them prior is a FELONY! That is a fact and you can look it up. Why shouldn’t he be held accountable to the people who’s health he jeopardized? If it were me, my uncle Rocco and his “employee” Vinny in Brooklyn would be paying him a visit with a baseball bat. No joke. I would be fucking pissed. he said he did 9 or 10 shoots after he knew he was positive.

    Now this is something that hasn’t been brought up that i have seen.

    Had he not been caught, he intended to stay quiet and
    that means that the person who infected him could continue working, infecting other people. That alone should get him banned from the industry but it won’t.

    Do I feel bad for Marcus? Fuck no. I’m just glad I’m out.

    Oh and Anthony you are the EXACT person I’m talking about. You turned what I said upside down. I never said I saw symptoms of anything. I said I knew he was dirty so I refused to work with him. I think you need to read it again and then shut the fuck up. seriously. you are the exact person I’m referring to here.

  42. Mariah Milano Says:

    I forgot to mention Anthony….Rev Jackson is a fucking fraud. He thrives and profits on the plight of the very people he claims to represent.

    The Celtics were in LA and I took my son to lunch at the Beverly Wilshire where the team was staying to meet Kevin Garnett. After lunch we were at the valet stand waiting for our car and there was Rev Jesse Jackson. He was on his phone and nearly every other word was fuck and he said nigga three times that I could hear. When his car pulled around it was a Bentley, and it was taking him to the Van Nuys airport, which is only for private planes.

    He and Sharpton are a huge part of the problem with the black culture. They come running to the defense of blacks but only when they think there is a white person at fault. Look at the Trayvon Martin case. Turns out everyone was wrong on that one. They fucked up because they thought Zimmerman was white, not Peruvian. So then they had to stick with it. They don’t give 2 minutes of their time to address the #1 cause of death of black males which is black on black crime because that would be too much to voice up against a black person. They are keeping the problem alive and they NEED racism to remain relevant so they provoke it, just like Anthony is doing and the people on the thread I originally posted this on.

  43. Third Axis Says:

    ““As fucked up as it is, the porn industry has nearly zero morals or business ethics…””

    “Ya listening, Third Axis?”

    Oh yeah, origy. If Mariah said it, it has to be true. She’s on The Internet. Who cares if it’s an idiotic generalization just like the ones she made about African Americans here. I’m glad she’s retired.

  44. Mariah Milano Says:

    Third Axis, please, tell me one thing, just one, that I said that is not true. Harsh reality? Certainly. Wrong? no.

  45. beth23 Says:

    tera patrick speaks about the syphilis/mr. marcus issue:

  46. wicker Says:

    @Mariah Milano,

    Because your personal incident is about one person, not whole group of people! Just because you had sex with a HOODRAT, doesn’t make everyone a HOODRAT!

  47. brutalscrooge Says:

    There needs to be a eng 122 prerequisite to comment on this site. Jesus I feel stupider by the moment reading this shit. Stop crying racism and READ. Re read it if you have to. Don’t get high first. Seriously don’t smoke weed and try to understand some junior college level cultural shit.

  48. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’m still confused on what Rhymin’ Reverend Jesse Jackson has to do with Mr. Marcus. Let’s throw some 80s break dancing in there while we’re at it. What rhymes with syphilis besides snifflis?

  49. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Is there a reason you shared that T.P. link, Beth? That probably was pretty intellectual for your standards.

  50. Randal X Says:

    @#48 Not XXX Syph Two: Electric Interracial Boogaloo.
    Over to Will Ryder..

  51. TravisW Says:

    I agree with Mariah , and scrooge that is dead on, these tards are all knee jerk

  52. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Seriously, one of you geniuses needs to explain what the fuck Marcus has to do with sickle cell anemia or black culture, Jay Z and Puff Diddley? Diddley squat that’s what. You can’t pull any repulbicon on me!

  53. origen Says:

    Mariah is kinda racist but she 100% right about African-American culture. She said nothing wrong.

    I don’t see the connection between this and Mr Marcus, though. Is Mr. Marcus really a hood?

  54. Karmafan Says:

    She is not even racist, she is just speaking the truth. Its no secret that a majority of african american households are single mothers with no steady father figure in the children’s lives (72% of african american households are raised by single mothers with the US average at 25% and climbing).

    You can read more here:

    and here:

  55. Walter Says:

    What is difficult for so many of you people to comprehend? Cindi took several paragraphs of Mariah’s from a thread NOT a single post, and she mentions it at the top. Mariah’s first post where she mentioned knowing Marcus better than anyone was post #54 in that thread and days later the last part Cindi posted here was #187.

    Jeremy and everyone else, stop looking for things that aren’t there. There’s 133 messages bookended between the two and it currently stand at over 375 message in all. Go read all of them before you toss insults at Mariah.

  56. beth23 Says:

    I dunno, Jeremy, perhaps I thought it was slightly related to the subject at hand? Just trying to be respectful to the people who run this site and what they choose to print. It must be intriguing to you to know I have been reading this site 2+ years and have had the ability to refrain from posting until now, since you have chosen to try to provoke me into doing so… :)

  57. drpepper Says:

    I just see a person that not happy with her life and blames everyone except herself. You say your mother was trying to be a single party girl but what is your kid going thru seeing that all of his/her friends can see the mother doing an ass to mouth? How many white porn stars have died from std compared to any other race. To sum it up you are a idiot that decided to do porn and now you gotta spend the rest of your life getting laughed at bc people will never take a dumb racist porn hoe serious!

  58. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Uh… nevermind.

  59. origen Says:

    I do not say no, Karmafan.

    Nobody is saying that she is wrong.

    But what’s racist is how did a discussion on Mr. Marcus bring a discussion on black social pathologies? A white performer would have (and has) done the same thing.

    It’s all good though. We love Mariah.

  60. wicker Says:

    I agree with Jeremy, how the fuck is the Mr.Marcus situation related to sickle cell anemia or black culture, Jay Z and Puff Daddy?

  61. origen Says:

    I didn’t see comment #41 until just now. yep, ur right Mariah…

  62. brutalscrooge Says:

    Origen made 13 comments on the topic before realizing this was a compilation of posts from a separate thread. I consider my point proven.

  63. brutalscrooge Says:

    Jed also pointed out that fact on comment 13. Lol, wow… This site is a joke

  64. Mariah Milano Says:

    Jesus. I brought Rev Jackson and Sharpton into the conversation because this black guy was constantly saying that the entire thing was a racist conspiracy because Marcus is black. he was saying what Marcus did was no big deal and he admitted it and came clean with it and should not be held accountable.

    I pointed out examples of this being a common thread in black culture. Things that Rev jackson has said and done and then the point of the the rappers telling that kid not to go to school and take the money when he wanted to make his mother proud and be the first in his family to ever go to college. Ok he gets hurt and then cna’t play pro? Ok but now he has a degree. If he went the other route there is no guarantee he would have a career. Look at all the high picks who never amounted to shit. One recently was arrested 2 or 3 times in 2 weeks breaking into houses.

    I pointed out that black culture excuses their people for inexcusable behavior purely because they are black. Would the world know about trayvon Martin if it was known that george Zimmerman was really Peruvian from the beginning? NO! Where is the voice from these leeches on all the black on black crime? Why do they not scream and protest when black men kill each other? after all it’s the #1 cause of death in black males!!!!!

    So I said it because a black guy was ranting that it isn’t Marcu’s fault and he should be forgiven, no big deal and that it’s all a racist conspiracy.

  65. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, if someone cries racism for having issue w a test forgerer that’s beyond dumb. Its not even worthy of in depth analysis.

  66. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Even Al not so Sharpton wouldn’t say having issue w Marcus’s behavior is racism. I wouln’t have ranted about black culture regardless of whether or not any points are valid because only a complete idiot can’t see that the race card in this case is a Joker.

  67. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And sadly thus this proves racism as the assumption that some dolt represented the whole black race is implicit in this whole rant… or so it seems…

  68. Karmafan Says:

    Dude you posting like mad this weekend. Time to put your tin foil hat back on and calm down. Try and go back on your meds.

  69. Walter Says:

    He always posts like this. One would think with him getting some regular now he’d mellow.

  70. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Im keepin myself entertained… lib is my birds nest n im tweeting

  71. Anthony Kennerson Says:

    I had to delay a rebuttal due to a particularly nasty hurricane pestering my region…but now I can respond.

    I never said that Mariah had no right to express her views, and if she wants to blame all this on “Black culture”, and Cindi wants to give her the space to do so…well, it’s not my blog.

    But….I *am* entitled to strongly disagree with her view, and the way she expressed it.

    First off….Marcus did not “alter” his test initially; he simply flashed a picture of it with the syphilis portion blurred. That was wrong, but it is NOT illegal. If he had deliberately altered the actual test results or rewrote his diagnosis out of the system, THEN we are talking a felony under HIPPA.

    Secondly…funny, but I see nowhere where Marcus explicitly claimed that he was anyone’s “victim” due to his race. All he said was that he felt pressured by his agents and producers to shoot scenes after he was told that he was treated.

    As for the second case where he was able to get into the system and blur out the syphilis diagnosis from his TTS test….well, that’s still up in the air, since we’ve heard absolutely nothing from either TTS or Blazing Bucks about exactly who was able to go in and break into their database. I find it hard to believe that a performer can so easily get into his files that easily without some help….so if Marcus is guilty of a felony, then some others should be targeted as accomplices, too.

    But, again, that wasn’t really my main point of criticism of you, Mariah…I still fail to see how your dislike of Black leaders like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton is in any way relevant to this case, other than to brand all Black male performers with the same collective guilt as Marcus. Not to mention, your roundhouse slam of “Black culture”….as if every Black person who watches porn should be punished for the behavior of one person. That, madam, is pretty close to racist at its core. Condemning Marcus is one thing; using it as a bludgeon to smack down Black people as a whole is something else entirely.

    You want to talk about how “Black culture” excuses “bad behavior”, Mariah?? You mean, like Trayvon Martin really did deserve to be shot to death by a vigilante (and really, Mariah, I don’t give a rat’s ass if George Zimmerman was “Hispanic” or Asian; he was motivated to do his deed because he saw Martin as a threat because he was BLACK) even though he was armed only with Skittles and a hoodie?? Would Tony Montana faking a HIV test and thusly infecting perfomers count in that rant, too?? Oh, wait….Tony Montana was WHITE, right?? OOPS!!

    And no, Mariah, we Black folk are more than aware of Black-on-Black crime and how it has decimated our community. The difference is that we are able to see economic inequality and the imposition of attitudes like yours as one of the primary causes of and supports for such crimes.

    But, hey….it’s so easy to just bash Black folk when one of their own has a moral failing, right?

    And really, Mariah….because a couple of NFL draft picks fail to pan out to expectations, that condemns the entire Black race, right?? And what does that say for Ryan Leaf or Todd Marinovich or Brian Bosworth, then??

    Care to break out the old “Where’s my White News Network” smack next, Mariah?? It would be the next logical path of your “education” on race.

  72. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And I’m not on meds, Karmafan. I just add additions to my thoughts when they come, that’s all. Why the fuck do you equate that with being on drugs? Considering all the journals I’ve accumulated over the years, I must’ve been on drugs my whole life.

    An idea came to my head about something once and I whipped out my little note pad. Two girls in front of me seemed to freak out and quickly cross the street they were previously waiting at assuming I was writing a note/phone number(?) to hand to them. I decided to add that experience to my notes, as well.

  73. TravisW Says:

    Tony Montana was white ?!

  74. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Al Pacino is white, Tony Montana in porn and mainstream are not.

  75. Mariah Milano Says:

    hey Anthony, altering his test IS illegal and knowing exposing someone to an infectious disease without telling them is ILLEGAL. By folding it to hide the results when making copies IS ALTERING IT!!!!! what the fuck do YOU know about the procedures of testing in the adult industry? How many tests have YOU had done at TTS or AIM? I’ve had about 1000 of them.

    And you may be aware of it, but where is the outrage? Why aren’t Rev Jackson and Sharpton marching daily on that?

    The Trayvon Martin case has 2 sides. The guy shouldn’t have followed the kid but he did. But if you’re getting your head cracked on the concrete and you have a gun what would YOU do? Same shit I guarantee. That was unfortunate and fucked up, without question. But the outrage was because it was a thought to be white man killing a black man.

    You are living up to the conspiracy bullshit and taking what I said out of context. The entire Marcus thing has NOTHING to do with what I said about black culture. It was the idiot who was crying racism!!!!!!!!!!!

    And if you don’t think that black culture is in big trouble then you have more issues than denial.

  76. jeremysteele11 Says:

    So the Rhymin’ Reverend and Race Card Sharpton should be marching against Marcus?

  77. JonathanB Says:

    Your opinion about Mr.Marcus very valid!
    Your opinion about black america has a few statements I don’t agree with. Yes there are some people that do the things that you have written about But, that is not the Black culture. Stereotypes about a race never never win an argument. They just make you look like a racist. The guy you where arguing with on freeones was a jackass, but that DOES NOT make your statements valid or needed. Black culture does not equal black problems. Really it’s not just black problems but societies problems as a whole. It’s bigger than just a black or brown or white problem. It’s our problem period. We have to work together to solve it. No child should grow up without a father. That goes for you, me and any other child.

  78. wicker Says:

    @Mariah Milano,

    Why the hell would you engage in a chat with someone on a Freeones board forum? Haven’t you figured out yet that guys post on boards like Freeones and xxxporntalk to get a raise out of performers. Porn boards are full of internet trolls?

  79. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, the guy who said they’re after Marcus because of racism is either an idiot of MoFo proportions, or is playing you, Mariah. As I said, it wasn’t worthy of deep analysis or lenghty reponse or applying it to a group of people in general.

  80. DarfVader Says:

    I don’t know what to say, but some of you people are just plain ignorant. To Mariah Milano, for you to damned the whole race because what Mr. Marcus has done, which is stupid BTW; and then you’ve had the audacity by dropping names of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of black politicians to justify Marcus’ fuck up; Let me tell you that you’re no fucking worse off than he is. Now you’ve wondered why you’re being called a racist. Since your retired, my suggestion to you is fuck-off. Have a long conversation with your interracial child of why your Mother hates black people and fucks with them for a living. Pitiful

  81. Walter Says:

    Did you read anything besides Cindi’s first blog entry? I thought not. Fuck off DarfVader.

  82. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Well, Mariah Mulatto, at least you need not tell all them conservative minded whities that they ought to stick together with you on this… Reminds me of my olive skinned Sicilian psycho ex Eden Rae(tard) hating them n______s and wearing a torn up old shirt which said “Hey N____, Get A Job!”. Funny shit… but sad, too… and ironic. I was always trying to get as dark as that racist woman.

  83. DarfVader Says:

    Hey Walter

    Truth hurts eh, mother fucker!

  84. drpepper Says:

    I guess all of the wars and mass murders that whites has done for thousand of years is bc of blacks? You are a idiot that realized after looking in the mirror that instead of going to school and getting a job you chose to swallow for a living and now the reality of your life has slapped the fuck out of you. Instead of taking the blame you chose to point your fingers at your baby daddy and all of the black guys that think they will be rappers. It’s fucked up people in every race but blacks are put under a microscope. While you are judging blacks why did you choose prostitution as a career? Do all the women of your race sell ass for cash? you and G Zimmerman can both go burn in hell together

  85. Mariah Milano Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS? Where did I say “all black people?” I challenge you to show me. I challenge you to show that I DIDN’T say “Not all black people!”

    And if you don’t think that black culture is heading in a bad direction you are fucking ignorant. over 70% are born without a father. more than 60% don’t graduate from high school. more than 50% are obese. 1 in 4 are in prison or have felony convictions. the leading cause of death in black males is to be murdered by another black male. blacks are 12% of our population yet more than 60% of the prison population and commit more than 60% of violent crimes. Those are FACTS not opinions!!!

    You aren’t used to people saying it out loud because they are afraid to be called racist. I’m not afraid, because I KNOW I AM NOT A RACIST!!!

    I throw out REV JJ and Sharpton because they are the cancer in black society. They feed on the oppression and reinforce racism because without it they have no relevance in this world.

    I have never been a racist and never will be. But you guys taking everything and twisting it into “Mariah hates Black people” because I point out that there is a big problem with the culture is not racism. It’s concern for the future and it breeds more problems which ultimately affects my child.

    You guys are showing exactly what the fucking problem is here. You are purely in denial of acknowledging the problem.

    Mr Vader, please show me in anything I said that condemns the black race. Please.

    The rhymin reverand and Hairdo Sharpton should be marching and screaming at the young men who are fathering babies without any intention to ever be a father to them. They should use their voice in the neighborhoods where young black men are shooting each other day after day.

    I was always in denial of this. I used to believe OJ was innocent because that’s what all my friends thought. On ehte anniversary of that crime they were showing video from the famous Bronco chase. The people were holding signs “Guilty or not we love you OJ” Anyone with half a brain knows OJ wasn’t framed and he indeed did cut his wife’s head off. Yet to say he wasn’t guilty simply out of some sort of loyalty to his skin color is fucking crazy. I was one of the crazy back in the day.

    And Dr Pepper. Your grammar sucks ass. I used the father of my son as an example of someone who embodies this mentality. And all the “wars and murders white folks HAS done…” so we’re excusing bad behaviour with bad behaviour now? I never excused that. I am no fan of any of that either. How exactly has life slapped the hell out of me Dr Pepper? My life is actually better than I ever dreamed it would be. I didn’t choose prostitution as a career. I have never been a whore. Did I do movies for money? yes but that is not considered prostitution under the law. I have never fucked some stranger for money or gifts or anything else. So once again, another angry black man who can’t take an honest look at a very realistic problem. It’s easier to point out other things that are worse than to be honest and introspective.

    But if someone with a voice doesn’t speak up soon it’s going to continue to get worse and worse. You don’t hear it often enough because everyone is too scared to say it. But I know what’s in my heart and there is no racism at all. I would bet you are far more racist than I am. I also think that I did take the blame for making a bad choice, but in all fairness I was 15 years old and he was 27. I think I have more than acknowledged that mistake, but you want to blame me lol I never got a penny from him, either did the other 3 mothers of his kids. But do I think all black men are this way? Of course not. But when more than 70% of black kids are born without a father, that is a frightening number.

    It sounds like I hit a nerve with this. Usually that means that people are defensive which generally comes from insecurity and guilt.

    Do you wear your pants sagging and have a bunch of kids you don’t pay for? Are you on welfare and speak like you are illiterate? Do you fit into these stereo types? If the answer is no then what the fuck is your problem? Why not say “Fuck yes there is a big problem and I want to try and make it better” instead of pretending the problem isn’t there or is someone else’s fault.

    The only people under a microscope put themselves there.

  86. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Can’t we all get along?

  87. KV814 Says:


    As a black man, I can’t disagree with any of your statistics. Things definitely need to improve. I would never accuse you of being racist because I don’t know you. I’m just wondering if when you witness bad behavior within other races and ethnicities do you attribute it to “their (insert race) culture” or as isolated incidents? By repeatedly focusing only on “black” culture as you call it, people may get the wrong idea about your motives. I would hope you’d understand that, unless of course you believe the bad behavior of some black people is the worst in the world and needs to be called out more than any other. Also, why do you talk about these issues on PORN messageboards and websites? Do you feel that you’re helping to fix these problems by using this kind of platform?

  88. KV814 Says:


    Furthermore, I’m just wondering what your goal is. Is it to remind white people and other races that the majority of blacks are bad? Are you giving folks a warning not to associate or interact with us on any level because of those un-flattering statistics? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? #justasking#

  89. Third Axis Says:

    Judging from the content and tone contained in all of her posts, Mariah is a moderately intelligent woman with strong social views. It’s just her smart-assed, self-righteous denial of any countering opinion that makes her appear like a run-of-the-mill mouthy broad with an unjustified high opinion of herself.

    To address the general theme of this thread, ignorance has no color; it is transparent.

  90. TravisW Says:

    Wasting your time with these ignorant a-holes Mariah, ” ya caint fix stupid” or ” holier than thou ” for that matter

  91. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, coming from a guy who thought Bush was an alright President, Travis. You ever wonder why there were no wing marks on the Pentagon, Travis? Are you sure that thing of yours called a brain works? If you had a heart to know, then maybe the heart would stir up enough energy towards that head of yours so to know what the fuck is going on in this world around ewe.

  92. TravisW Says:

    Come on jeremy, beat a dead horse why dontcha ?

  93. jeremysteele11 Says:

    The only thing thats dead is the dull, dimwitted official stories that are devoid of any intelligent thought, wisdom n truth. The truth is never dead or old or dull and as soon as u can show me a foto of a plane hitting the pentagon or any plane wing marks on the wall ill convert to all of yor ways of thinking n being, travis.. of course once that thread unravels, so will the entire fabrication…and yor mind willexplode

  94. drpepper Says:

    You keep throwing up stats but what the hell are your people doing? I don’t give a dam about OJ but show me a link that says he was found guilty of murder. You said before you think Trayvon basically deserved what he got but I think that you have been gangbanged by so many white boys that you are starting to think like them. I work and make a nice living just like all of my friends and family around me so don’t blame all blacks because you found a deadbeat that threw you a few dollars and you opened those legs.

  95. Mariah Milano Says:

    wow drpepper, funny that YOU are calling people a racist. No OJ wasn’t found guilty of murder but anyone with a brain knows he did it. Look at the jury that convicted him and that will tell you everything. He committed murder in Brentwood which should have been tried in Santa Monica court, but they moved it to downtown with a much different jury pool which would have resulted in a very different outcome.

    And once again, out of context and incorrect. Please, show me where I said Trayvon got what he deserved. Please, I’ll give you $10000 if you do. I’ll give you another $1000 if you show me where I said “all blacks”.

    “My people” do plenty wrong, never said they didn’t. But are you referring to Sicilian people, or white people? I think that it’s great that you have a nice career and make a nice living. Good for you and for your friends. But denying there is a problem IS the fucking problem. There are a lot of wonderful Muslim people but they aren’t doing anything about those that make them look bad. They sit by quietly and allow it to continue.

    KV814 I appreciate your reply. I am not a racist I assure you. I don’t think that a porn bulletin board is the perfect platform but again, I didn’t post this here, Cindi took it from a site where I was replying to someone claiming the entire Marcus thing was racist. But also remember, as we see here that people from all backgrounds and walks of life are here reading and inter-acting and honestly this thread has brought out more new people than any on this site than I’ve seen in a long time.

    I might sound like an egotistical bitch sometimes but I’m just strong with my feelings and yes, my opinions. I don’t hide behind some fictional name and persona with what I say. I am reachable by multiple ways like email and twitter and through my site. I am not anonymous like most of you are yet I am willing to speak my mind.

    By the way I love me some Dr Pepper :) I have a diet Dr Pepper sitting on my desk as I write this. You can hate me for speaking up but you might consider what it would do if more people of color had this same conversation. It’s our children that we have to be concerned about. If we don’t asknowldge the problem then nothing is done and as you can see it’s getting worse not better. I know you don’t like it that I am the one saying but it’s very clear that people like Rev Jackson and those idiots won’t say anything because it isn’t in their interests to do so.

  96. 128 Says:

    “There are a lot of wonderful Muslim people but they aren’t doing anything about those that make them look bad. They sit by quietly and allow it to continue. ”

    Ok, I wanted to stay away from this thread but come on… what exactly do you want “good” Muslim people to do about “bad” Muslims? and since when are “good” Muslims responsible for what “bad” Muslims do? would you also say “There are a lot of wonderful Christian people but they aren’t doing anything about those that make them look bad. They sit by quietly and allow it to continue. ” Oh well…

  97. Third Axis Says:

    Yeah, Mariah apparently doesn’t understand the concept of devolution. She believes that human society “must” improve. Consider that of all the species that have ever lived on this planet, 99 percent are now extinct. Sagging pants are just an indicator of the direction we’re ALL heading: Down.

    Thanks for playing.

  98. jeremysteele11 Says:

    The whole race is fucked up, the human race that is.
    And this is by design.

    There are cures to our ills. Endless money to start and perpetuate wars, but not enough to feed 1/2 the world which is starving? This should explain everything if you think about it. An illuminati insider once said there’s cures for cancer but the problem is there are too many people on the planet… too many at the bottom of the pyramid. The don’t want well, healthy, smart people. They want to dumb down and eliminate as much as the population as possible. Focusing on the problems of blacks in America is looking at society with blinders.

    Said His Royal Highness Prince Philip in 1984 – “human population is reaching plague proportions”.

    “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation,” Philip told Deutsche Press in August 1988.

  99. TravisW Says:

    devolution ? yea some of yall are proving that therory

  100. jeremysteele11 Says:

    We use only a small percentage of our brains. That’s de-evolution, proven by people who believe buildings that exploded up and outward “collapsed” and that another without anything having hit just came down in standard demolition-like fashion, yet this hasn’t brought us to not buy official stories in spite of it. Magic bullet, anyone?

    De-evolution was fake bin Ladens running around, fatter, with shorter, fatter noses writing right handed in spite of being left handed, and no one noticing because the media, acting as the message boy for the jackoffs who pull this shit, doesn’t question it, either. Huxley and Orwell are rolling.

  101. TravisW Says:

    still whipping that poor horse

  102. jeremysteele11 Says:

    De-evolution = Jersey Shore, etc. Yeah we need so much “entertainment” like air, gotta have it every second or we’ll die! Alternative news sources? Naw, we don’t need that. Put it on channel 9015 on dish network.

  103. MrWoland Says:

    “We use only a small percentage of our brains.” That’s a myth. Just like your so called “facts” about HIV.

  104. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No Mr. Woland, you just made a statement so general there’s no veracity to it whatsoever. If you have a specific issue, and there are many to choose, then name it and I’ll be more than happy to take you to the root source of all you believe in and call “fact”.

    Have you ever even examined any alternative information, videos, etc? If not, why the hell do you have your verdicts without any open fair trial? Is that what you call “knowledge” and intellectual “freedom”?

  105. KV814 Says:


    Whether or not you’re racist, people who don’t know you could easily misinterpret your message board posts as being somewhat racist for a few different reasons:

    First, you describe individual black people who behave badly as part of a larger, negative “black” culture. What exactly does that mean? Is the word “black” synonymous with all things bad in your eyes? I’m black and I’m not perfect by any stretch, but I’ve always been a working, taxpaying individual just like millions of other White, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern people in this country. Included in this group are millions of black people who make honest livings at jobs like, firefighters, policemen, teachers, and military servicemen and women. These folks are just trying to make ends meet and take care of their families. They’re also black, so are they part of “black” culture?

    Second, we all know bad people come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. But by focusing on bad “black” people, it appears that you’re only concerned about bad people who possess darker skin. Do you believe bad BLACK people are the biggest problems in the world today? Yes, the statistics you pulled support the fact there are serious concerns that need to be addressed, but unless you’re a social worker or community activist trying to correct these issues at the ground level, then why even quote these type of stats on a porn messageboard? I know you were probably arguing with an ignorant poster, but why stoop to his level? Were you using statistics to prove that most black people are bad to support your position against Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Mr. Marcus? These are some of the same tactics that knuckleheads use on websites like Stormfront and Chimpout to justify their hatred of blacks.

    I don’t know what the biggest problems (if any) that you’re experiencing in your personal life, but if it’s ghetto black people, then I would imagine you could easily solve that problem by distancing yourself from those kind of individuals (or you could distance yourself from ALL black people in general if it’s more convenient for you). Due to the fact that you’re of Sicilian heritage, you could simply choose to associate with people of Sicilian blood, Caucasians, or any other non African-American ethnic group with no issues. I’m black, and I don’t hang around or associate myself with ghetto black people or bad, trashy people of any color.

  106. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Im getting paid to chill in a fake city outdoors n listen to dodger game a few blocks from home. I was thinking…i still dont know y any idiot claiming racism on this issue lead to a critique of black cultur n their color of skin vs content of character advocates… both the individual mariah was responding to and sharpton have obvious flaws, but i still dont see the connection… even sharpton wouldnt cry racism on this issue

  107. commonsense Says:

    you are great. You stck to your guns. You articulate your points in an intellectual way. But don’t let these others drive you nuts by misquoting or spinning your verbiage.
    Anyway give me an e-mail if you are interested in doing the Joey Reynolds show Google him, and see him on youtube. best

  108. Karmafan Says:

    Yes he would Jeremy. He and Jesse would jump right in with both feet if it were not a porn star problem. Its what they do, make little or nothing into racism to drum up support and keep themselves in the press. Its what they thrive on.

  109. Mariah Milano Says:

    128 you asked what good muslim people are supposed to do? How about they stop hiding the bad ones from facing the consequences of what they have done? How about they stop funding their activities? How about they denounce them and refuse to allow them to live in their countries or attend their mosques? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? They assist them and hide them out of fear.

    And KV you are denying that there is a black culture? Hmmm. did you know that 5 major league baseball teams were sued by the players association in regards to their ban on jewelry during games because it was racist against the black players not being permitted to wear earrings? They claimed it was part of “their culture” And Walmart was sued for not permitting over-sized clothing to be worn by their employees because they said it was “culturally targeted towards blacks”
    So now you cannot even tell someone that if they work in YOUR business that they must have an appearance that is professional or you will be sued. That is fucked up and a disgrace.

    I don’t have personal associations with any ghetto people, but I have to deal with them regularly. Ghetto people of all races who are followers of mine on Twitter and fans and members of my websites. I know that a big part of it is economics and they inherit the mindset. But that isn’t always the case.

    I don’t know you and didn’t say once that you were a “typical black person” did I? I never accused you of being anything. I simply said that there is a terrifying embracing of ignorance that is going to be a tremendous obstacle if they try and make something of themselves.

    If you can’t speak properly or your pants are below your ass and you believe you are going to be the next Lil Wayne or Allen Iverson or nothing at all, then life is going to be tough.

    Yes, many blacks go to college and have careers and stay married and don’t have a dozen kids with a dozen women, but not enough. That shouldn’t be the minority but it is and THAT is my issue. The minority should be the majority.

    Jeremy, we get it, you are now a mainstream extra. Congrats! And if this were ANY thing other than porn they would be on every news channel crying racism at the top of their lungs.

  110. jeremysteele11 Says:

    bullshit. i altered my test, exposing people to syph but they’re just mad coz i’m black, yeah race card sharpton will be all over that uh huh

    wait, why were we mad at marc wallis? i’m totally confused!!

  111. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And thanx 4 the sarcastic movie extra comment ms. M, well at least im not black, right?

  112. Mariah Milano Says:

    wasn’t a sarcastic comment. you keep asking what the connection is to all this so I was pointing out that there isn’t much of a connection to you being on a set to this topic. wasn’t a dig. good for you. happy you are working and seem to be enjoying it.

    and yeah, they only come to the defense of innocent people lol

  113. jeremysteele11 Says:

    My gf’s pregnant, mariah, she says, but we’ve decided to have it coz abortion is murder, plus i just found out some interesting family tree info…my great granddad side on my moms side were very affluent, intellectual jews and musicians who had to flee the nazis n changed their name once they came to america… also the family name didnt exist until after napolean emancipated them n requiring them to adopt a surname

  114. wicker Says:

    “And KV you are denying that there is a black culture? Hmmm. did you know that 5 major league baseball teams were sued by the players association in regards to their ban on jewelry during games because it was racist against the black players not being permitted to wear earrings?” That’s your example? You need a dictionary. Culture – The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Or this definition, “culture is defined as the shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs, and affective understanding that are learned through a process of socialization. These shared patterns identify the members of a culture group while also distinguishing those of another group.”.

    Custom – A practice followed by people of a particular group or region. In my opinion, your examples are barely customs.

  115. KV814 Says:


    Well it looks like you’ve already made up your mind about most black people and their culture. So I’ll just leave you with this. There are over 40 million African-American people living in the United States today (2nd largest minority behind Hispanic people). Believe it or not, there is a large diversity of attitudes, opinions, cultures, social classes, etc. among those 40+ million people. If any one person or group does something and they claim it to be a part of “black” culture, they’re 100% wrong more often than not. It wouldn’t matter if 1,000 black baseball players sue Major League Baseball in order to wear jewelry, it still doesn’t make their wanting the right to wear jewelry “black” culture. With that said, wanting to wear jewelry doesn’t necessarily make them bad people. Materialistic and showy might be a more accurate description, but I digress.

    In reality the concept of “race” does not even exist on a biological/scientific level, but that’s a whole different subject that I won’t get into here. I know it’s difficult for most humans because of our nature, but we should judge people as individuals rather than their “racial” classification—regardless if their actions are good or bad. Being discriminated against or having people pre-judge you because of your race or skin color is not a good feeling.

  116. RickMadrid Says:

    3 Hours to moderate a comment? and they gave you an award for this blog? Right!

  117. JonathanB Says:

    So true! That’s what Martin Luther King fought for and we are still fighting for. I think it’s starting to change but we have to keep pushing for people to see that we are not just what the stereotypes are.

  118. Mariah Milano Says:

    And once again, you revert back to me saying “Most black people”

    I never said that wanting to wear earrings while playing made them bad people…please, show me where I said that? I cited the example of them suing on the basis of this denying them and descriminating against their culture. Their words, Not my words, and the words of the law suit presented by the players union on behalf of the black players suing for the right to wear earrings during a professional baseball game and doing so on the grounds of it being their culture.

    You clearly refuse to be objective and that altogether is my entire point. Continue to pretend and ignore the very serious problem that is growing within your people and see where you are in 20 years from now.

  119. KV814 Says:


    I acknowledge and agree with some of what you’re saying, but not the part about culture. There is no one black culture and any person(s)—black or any other race–who says otherwise is misguided.

    Regardless, this will be my final question and I promise not to bother you again with this discussion:

    How would you rank all racial groups in the United States from best to worst? Since you’ve already proven that blacks are the most fucked up for a variety of reasons, I know we would deservedly take the worst (bottom) spot. And white people would obviously be at the top because they built this country and accomplished so many other great things–plus they’re still the establishment (regardless if there’s currently a mulatto president in the White House). In what order would the other minorities rank on the totem pole? (Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Middle Eastern, etc.)

  120. Karmafan Says:

    White people aren’t perfect either. Lots of white trash people are just as bad as the worst of black people. The vast majority of serial killers are white people % wise. White people hate too (Hitler, KKK, etc…). Every race has good and bad people.

    All Mariah is saying is that “black gangsta culture” is ruining the opportunities for their race to get ahead and succeed legally and honorably in this world.

  121. Mariah Milano Says:

    Once again you make claims that I am saying things I clearly am NOT. Where did I say that black people are the worst? lol It’s almost laughable how you continue to do this with every single reply you make. I challenge you each time to quote me saying these things and you ignore than because you cannot quote me. You generalize your statement and take mine out of context.
    I would just simply like to ask you this question: Is being a “thug” a good thing? It is the dominant urban (PC pussies way of saying black culture) style among young “urban” people. Eric Dyson was discussing the issues among the black youth and as one track as he usually is when it comes to race he is was very much saying the same things I have been saying. He also said something very poignant which was, “When you act like a thug and dress like a thug and proclaim yourself to be a thug, eventually someone is going to take you seriously.”
    If you are in denial that there is a black culture then I don’t know what to say. Michael Wilbon was discussing the reports that came out showing that Michael Vick is the most popular NFL player among blacks. His exact statement was and I quote, “It’s a sad day for me as a black man when the culture of my people have sunk to this level. To think he is the hero of so many young black men is sickening to me. This man tortured animals to death all of his life and now hides behind the excuse that it was how he was raised and he didn’t know how wrong it was. I am sick to read these statistics and there is no excuse in the world any of these athletes who are heroes to so many kids can be involved in something as disgusting and vile as dog fighting. It’s embarrassing.”
    You are clearly an intelligent man, but you are either in tremendous denial or very naive. So go ahead and claim I think this and said that but if you are going to make statements about what I say, at least back it up with a quote.

  122. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I cant stand some white people. But they can’t help themselvs. Its the way theyre raised

  123. KV814 Says:


    I wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth and I apologize if I came off that way. I was making assumptions about you based on some of the things you stated. Since you were only highlighting negative stats for black people, it appeared that you believed blacks were the worst. And I thought you were the type to judge people based on negative (racial) statistics rather than judging them as individuals.

    I actually agree with you (and Bill Cosby) more than you probably realize. But I still respect your opinions even if I don’t agree with all of them.

    Take care.

  124. Mariah Milano Says:

    ok I am NOT a racist person. I only was pointing out some things that scare the shit out of me for the future of my son based on the way his way of talking has changed and the music he now listens to and what he now thinks is cool. It scares me because none of it is good. He goes to one of the best schools in the US and I only want the best for him. I don’t want him to gravitate to the negatives and to cry racism as a copout rather than working hard.

    I respect your opinions, I simply do not want YOU of all people on here to see me as a racist. You have been respectful other than your assumptions of my feelings, and I want you to understand where I’m coming from.

    Jeremy, congrats on having a baby. I hope you enjoy fatherhood. Being a parent is amazing and scary all at once.

  125. origen Says:

    Black masculinity is tough as so many heed false dreams and values only to fuck up their lives. It’s best to instill in your son the notion that he will always be a black man and there is no such thing as acting white or being an Uncle Tom.

    Everyone with black skin suffers prejudice so he should never have to prove his identity to anyone.

  126. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Thx M.

  127. elblazer7 Says:

    @mariah milano I suggest that before you put yourself out there and expose yourself to negative (and deserving )criticism that you read ‘Racism without racists’ and also several more of the books referenced within, because I don’t think you are necessarily racist (interpersonally you definitely aren’t), but fall into that twilight zone category of those who’ve fallen for lies, and thus makes them become part of the systematic machine. It is eerie to hear such words coming from one such as yourself,
    having committed a portion of yourself to something society judges in a negative light,
    and casting similar judgment on others as in a daisy chain of placing easy blame.

    First up, you’ve proven yourself to be a hypocrite. You defend Zimmerman, saying the story has two sides,
    yet you conveniently forget the other side to the story about the black struggle. Ever heard of the Federal murder rule? A death, even completely accidental, that occurs during the act of another crime, can be tried as murder in some states like California. And guess what? It’s ironic there is an extreme statistical bias in the utilization of that law when the perp is black and the victim is white. Yet Zimmerman gets a free pass from scrutiny in this regard, and the federal rule itself also escapes scrutiny. Blacks don’t protest against black crime. That’d be as ridiculous as you protesting viruses entering your body. No, Blacks, repped by your maligned Al Sharpton and Jesse, protest against the SYSTEM. It’s like you trying to stop your body from swimming in a lake filled with 100 HIV infected men with open wounds. Makes much more sense effort wise does it not?

    Next up, you think that people are absolutely and resolutely responsible for their own actions, and yet you couldn’t controlyour own lasciviousness and engage your frontal cortex to use common sense and logic, to rebuff the advances of a low-life thuggish Lothario, yet you expect others in similar situations to be magically different.
    Do yourself a favour and look up ‘feral children’and learn what you can about developmental psychology. A human doesn’t become a person within a vacuum. Culture develops through massive amounts of trial and error, and takes thousands of years to develop. Even common cultural institutions like marriage
    had to go through that route. Yet somehow you expect, that after 500 years of one race systematically destroying another’s culture, it could be healed in 40? Especially when that race has never shown any type of remorse,much less afforded true justice. And instead find in people like you a vehicle to have it effects shoved in the face and to perpetuate lies.

    The US and other colonizing countries got a massive head start from the African slave,
    still enjoy it gleefully today. They stole a calculated (at minimum wage)$100,000,000,000,000 of labour, and from it, there stands the fruits of that effort, some like the Capitol and the White House, solid and real for you to still gaze upon. Yetthere was never any thanks, much less even the inkling thought of token repayment. Do you blame black for the unresolved anger and resentment?

    Just within your grandfather’s lifetime France stole
    $100,000,000,000 in clear traceable funds from Haiti, yet there is no outrage among white American elites, when US blacks have been trying to sue them in international courts on Haitians’ behalf for many years. Instead you get Pat Robertson saying they deserved that earthquake

    IF you read a little you’d find forces so strong that even the most educated and genteel of American blacks still have only a small fraction of the net worth of their exact white counterparts. You’d know about things like white flight and forced gentrification.
    About tricks like rezoning school districts to cut off schools with more minorities financially. About forcing wealthy blacks into ghettos by the surreptitious practices of the real estate industry, Blacks having to pay more for cars,insurance, and mortgages.
    You’d know that people with names like Tyrone and Shaniqua will have their resume tossed no matter the qualifications. (If you can’t read just watch Freakonomics for easy digestion of these facts)
    You’d know that US govt subsidies that make your food cheap as well as food dumping and food gene patents, makes agrarian work untenable in Columbia, Mexico and as far away as Afghanistan…thus fueling the drug trade as the only alternative , fueling the involvement of hard luck blacks, fueling incarceration rates, fueling whites two fisted yet covert hatred of blacks all while they use up most of the cocaine, meth and heroin, a vicious cycle. No wonder some blacks just rebel entirely, creating counter-cultures against the system of a people who would engage in such acts so unabashedly and still think of themselves as civilized and non-racist. Blacks are just more truthful about their misdeeds.

    Blacks have problems yes,(problems which are also affecting whites, at a decelerated pace, the same rebellious mindset against hypocrisy taking hold I bet) but only in the knowledge and acceptance of the causes, not just the symptoms,can the remedy in social justice ever be sought and applied. The only time someone should look down on another is when they are about to help him up.

  128. Third Axis Says:

    And Africans are doing such a bang-up job with their own countries?
    Greed, ignorance, violence, and forced or coerced exploitation cross all cultural, ethnic, and economic boundaries. Societies suppress and abuse other societies—it’s genetic, elblazer7. Historically, Africans captured and enslaved their own, as did almost every other major culture. Crying about it after the fact is pointless, and reparations are absurd. How can you repay THOUSANDS of years of war, slavery, and genocide across the entire planet?

    This discussion is just played out.

  129. Mariah Milano Says:

    Well you make a well-written argument but a lot of it is bullshit. I went to LA unified schools my entire life where kids from Compton and Watts were bused to the valley every day.

    i also think it’s a little harsh to accuse me of being at fault when I was 15 in my decision making. When idiots like that approach me now I laugh. I get contacted my hundreds of them a week through twitter with the “yo Mami when you gonna let a real thug beat dat pussy up” i literally get hundreds a week. I laugh and delete. A child doesn’t know as much and that is the fault of my parents, not mine entirely.

    You can spew out your articulate denials and that my friend will keep you and those like you from standing up against the thug mentality that is so prevelant and popular and you will justify it as economic and prejudice and society. But I would bet my life you don’t give white skinheads who grow up with their father and grandfather breeding their hatred of gays and blacks and jews, right?

    And I do read. I read constantly. And I am permitted to judge people who are embracing ignorance and what the fuck is wrong with a kid wanting to get a college education instead of taking a contract? And why is it a rapper’s business to interfere in that decision??? The young man wanted to be the first in his family and he wanted to someday own his own business. I salute someone who plays the long term game rather than the quick money, which if you watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumble you would know that more than 80% of black athletes are broke within 5 years of the end of their careers. That isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. He wanted more for himself and those assholes shit on him publicly for it.

    I’m done with this because “you guys” are just refusing to be accountable or acknowldge there is a problem. Good luck when it’s your son who wants to play thug and act like a fucking idiot. We’ll see then if you’re telling him to pull up his fucking pants.

  130. wicker Says:


    You think LA is the norm? That’s laughable…LA is a cesspool and has been for a long time. Your experience in the LA school system is unique only to you and others who went through that system.

    Also why are you so focused on pro athletes? Pro athletes makeup a infinitesimal percentage of the population. Even a smaller percentage make the “quick money”, as you call it. Also do some research about pro contracts…only a few rookies get a large amount of money upfront. Thier careers, for the most part, are very short (2-3 years for NFL pros). In the grand scheme of things they have very little impact on one’s life.

  131. Mariah Milano Says:

    Do you not understand that I was speaking about a black kid who wanted to go to college rather than take the risk of injury or not having as great a career as he had hoped? I was on his side and yes, I clearly understand the risks involved.

    I mentioned the athletes and the rappers because according the Real Sports report a large majority of inner-city black youth believe that sports or rapping is going to make them rich when you have a better shot at winning the lottery.

    And sorry I countered a claim that blacks are being pushed out of school systems WITH MY OWN EXPERIENCE WITH AN ACTUAL EXISTING FACT!

  132. elblazer7 Says:

    @Mariah Milano College is something you can do anytime. Maybe the rappers shouldn’t have judged a man’s private decisions about himself and his future, but this should not matter to anyone outside of their immediate experience. It’s not a an excuse to say ‘looky looky, dumb blacks at it again’.
    Craig Venter, the man I most admire in my field,went around the world surfing till he became serious about school at age 30, becoming the most revolutionary scientist in 40 years. Not to mention people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates that didn’t bother . Like someone else said he could even go to college and be pro at the same time.
    The men you talk about going broke are likely the very first in their families to have had the slightest taste of success. They have no concept of how to handle it, and the outside forces conspire
    to further magnify their problems manifold. Whether from bad management people, or friends, family ,freeloaders and easy women looking for handouts. Black athlete have usually been able to successfully navigate college and careers for many decades.
    It’s just that something is different about football and basketball, especially relatively recently, that fosters a kind of commercial exploitation of blacks, that rappers and their ilk are completely aware of (believe it or not they are also aware of their own exploitation by white media moguls). Universities take in token blacks and use them coldly to advance the pedigree of the entire system, making enormous profits on the athletes’ backs . The kid in question clearly wasn’t like those who would go so easily wayward, and had a good head on his shoulders. I, a professed true nerd,
    would have probably told him to do the same thing, depending on his true academic interest level.Either way that is clearly not a point to belabor.

    Thug mentality (whether escapist or real) comes into being when the person is pushed into a corner, it makes sense to him from his own limited perception, it becomes a matter of individual survival (criminal)or only source of recreation (sex and baby mamas), but it doesn’t make sense to me and the rest of sensible society when we could do something about it. So I try to do something about it. and that doesn’t include going about pointing fingers at people held hostage by their stolen fates, I mentor one on one and talk logically (probably
    lacking in the emotional and inspirational side tho :/) with kids that don’t have any other source for knowing the options. I also support progressive policies that possibly have a snowball’s chance of engendering change.

    You gave credibility to my argument from your own point. You blame your parents instead of your own indiscretion. Why are you so special as to want to give yourself a pass? Thats exactly the same process that is replicated innumerable times throughout the society.
    You are concerned about your son. Much props to you. Its you who are the corrective force in your son’s life. He probably couldn’t do it without you, but it seems you yourself only came to that point through trial and error, as well as copious amounts of outside influence beyond the limited sphere of your mind, whether from inspiration or merely emulation. They come from a world that is not threatening to you and seems closed off,
    and so you are able to embrace it completely. That and the fact that your decisions didn’t haunt and dog you. you were able to make money and become independent, an unlikely situation for most in your shoes. But that came with doing something(probably the work with the highest return on investment), that most would also find less appealing than just sticking it out, crawling back to their baby donating machine,or finding a few more.
    Or going on inadequate, grudging, welfare that lowers esteem, both self and societal. Those Or
    having to work 3 menial jobs not being able to keep negative forces from their child.
    So no, that by no means give you the permission (yeah I sound like a dictator) to sit in judgment.
    But for the grace of God there goes you.

  133. elblazer7 Says:

    Oh , and you’d lose your life on that bet, I have nothing against skinheads, except in their wayward beliefs and failings in logic. Much of it is actually perpetrated by the elite who pit disenfranchised groups against each other to maintain their power base. Just like with Prussian Blue, and one of my favorite movies being American History X, I believe there’s hope for them yet

  134. origen Says:

    Fuck all of you trying to shit on Mariah. She doesn’t go as far as she should.

    You thought she was racist? I’m gonna say it:

    The truth is black people generally do not have as high IQs as whites and Asians. This is a genetic trait.

    Let the flaming begin.

  135. Karmafan Says:

    Better yet lets get back to talking about porn. This isn’t the place for a long extended discussion on racism and its gone on long enough.

    If scholars can’t figure out racism then for sure porn stars and fans on a message board aren’t gonna either.

  136. alex96 Says:

    I was going to put this to rest too, but when I saw the stupid comment from origen, it just proves why people have to defend themselves from fools like him.

    It’s not a true statement what you said asshole and people like you are the problem in this country. So many people try to act better then everybody else. Then they sit behind a computer and talk shit about other races. When their own life is fuck up.

    Mariah is a pornstar, it showed when she wrote this article. She said white people built this country, so that all you need to know about her education and mind set. I enjoy her movies, when she gives a blowjob and fucks, then the stupid comments from this broad. I am not a racist, but my view are in line with that thinking! It sounds all to familiar to a person of color, who has heard this shit before.

  137. Mariah Milano Says:

    Alex you are a fucking LIAR. Where oh where did I say “White people built this country” please, for once step the fuck up you victimized bitch and show me where I said it.

    Where you and I differ the MOST? I DO have a fucking problem with skin heads and to me there is NO tolerance for racism no matter how you grew up. I don’t blame my parents for my decisions, I blame the fact that I was 15 and I didn’t have life experiences enough to make a wise decision. I would NEVER do the things or make the decisions I did when I was 15.

    And to say that thug mentality is from being backed into a corner??? you are truly the nerd you claim to be because you clearly don’t get out much.

    I don’t agree with Origen’s statement.

    So please oh wise one, I have challenged your pathetic attempts to twist my words and now you are flat out lying and again I challenge you. If you show me where I said white people built this country, I will donate $5,000 to ANY charity of your choice in YOUR name. So now, please, show me where I fucking said it.

  138. TravisW Says:

    people looking for racism will find it everywhere they look

  139. alex96 Says:

    Mariah I was not trying to lie on you to make a point. When I was reading the earlier post to your article reponses, I was also doing something else at the time and just saw @Mariah for the response at 5:20pm on Sept. 10th. Then I went back and saw that it was someone elses name above that quote and not you. I do not play a victim, nor was I trying to twist your words. Also we do not look for racism, like Travis W says. The article you wrote started this whole shit. It not just black gangsta culture that’s the problem, it’s people in general. All you have to do is turn on the news and see how fuck up people are today. It not hard to find black role models for your son either. Just show him another side, to the gangsta lifestyle. If you need help, just ask people you trust or google black history.

    Also since you call me a nerd, it has help me have a comfortable lifestyle away from my desk but nice try. I do not have all the answers, but I will tell you one thing. We can either continue fighting about this or move on to something else. This is about porn and having fun after all.

  140. elblazer7 Says:

    Lol, This is ironic. You’ve lost the argument and so you have been backed into the corner, and now you are exhibiting thug-like behavior because you refuse to see the light, resorting to disparaging stereotypes and turning a badge of honor into something denigrating, something you should be hoping your son would be (not an Urkel type nerd, I’m a biochemist). You are the very microcosmic expression of what you claim to hate.

  141. Karmafan Says:

    Earlier in this thread (or the other thread about this subject) I posted a couple of articles full of statistics. One of which was that 72% of black households are single black moms. Thats just under 3 out of every 4 black households.

    Mariah brought up the discussion that the black “gangsta” culture has created a mentality that bitches (women) are there for “booty calls” and then ya move on to the next one. Bill Cosby as well as many other learned people have also spoken about this subject.

  142. Mariah Milano Says:

    Please, there is no winner in this argument. The facts support themselves and there are only losers sad to say. As long as people of any color continue to excuse deplorable behavior by ANYONE then nothing will change and it will continue to get worse. But the finger pointing in every direction other than the appropriate one will continue and that will be that. I do not excuse any behavior no matter what the circumstances. When no kid gets out of the ghetto and they all are gangsta’s and crack dealers, then I will blame it all on economics and environment. Same goes for skinheads and any other hate based and ignorant ways of life.

    My final word on this: there are problems in the entire human race. No one person or ethnicity of people are perfect. But this topic is being discussed because Marcus and others are blaming racism for this disgraceful situation rather than placing blame where it is due. if I were a black person that would insult me far more than anything that I have said.

  143. Mariah Milano Says:

    Alex I called you a nerd because you yourself said you are a nerd did you not??

  144. origen Says:

    Alex, go read a book. I am black and the racial IQ gap is a very real aspect of society (see Jensen, Murray & Hernstein, & Rushton). The majority of evidence shows that IQ is mostly inherited genetically with East Asians and Askenazi Jews (ON AVERAGE) being near the top and those of African descent and Native Americans being near the bottom.

    Again, we are talking about averages and not individuals.

    Scientists have controlled for education levels and income so those are not the reasons for us lagging behind.

  145. alex96 Says:

    Mariah I am a nerd and proud of it! I am disgusted with the porn industry as a whole for how they treat most of the minority performers. This is why, I look for woman who do interracial porn and stick with them. Why spend some of my time and money on a woman who are not open minded, that you talk about in your article two years ago. I see it at the adult conventions too, it just so stupid. Those performers who call this racists, I can see some of their side too. It not blaming other people for Mr. Marcus, I think they are tried of dealing with the bullshit in the industry as far as race is concerned.

    So as for Mr Marcus, what he did was bad and dangerous period! I do not understand his mind set, but again I am not him.

    Also good luck on your retirement and I wish your son the best.

  146. jeremysteele11 Says:

    minorities, or as archie bunker called them, minor-orities.

  147. origen Says:

    Jeremy, is it true that your girlfriend says she’s pregnant?

  148. alex96 Says:

    Origen unlike you, I want to know where is the money coming from who supported this BS study. Also who is really behind that study and what is their reason for it. So having a name of something does not mean anything. Just look at the so called news networks, like Fox News etc. They can quote all the studies they want, but everybody knows what is really behind their views and so call news. So nice try, but you look like a ass and why would you support a study that would put your race down anyway? It’s the same thing with hip hop and the artist who people get upset with, but who is really making the big money off of them? So people need to stop and think sometimes, instead of buying into all of the bullshit.
    I don’t live like that man. Just move on and don’t play that game with me!

  149. origen Says:

    James R. Flynn said it’s important to talk about these issues so that we can find solutions and us black people can succeed. He has a point.

    Hey if you want to come back at me with something real, just let me know. Until then, go fuck yourself.


  150. origen Says:

    Aren’t nerds supposed to be smart? With comment #148 I’ve never heard anything so dumb in my life. Aren’t you just a dork?

  151. alex96 Says:

    Origen both of you are two white man trying to pass your racists views on to the rest of us. So go fuck yourself and move on, I know who he is and will not buy into his or your bullshit. I do not have to prove anything to your dumb ass. This is a porn site asshole!!!!

  152. Mariah Milano Says:

    Well when it comes to your statement about “look and see who it is that’s making all the money from the rappers” I think you need to look and see who it is that owns the record labels these days Alex. Jay Z, Puff Daddy and those guys are making hundreds of millions of dollars so that is who is making the money, other black men. It’s no longer white’s cashing in on the music industry like it once was. Your analogy is wrong on that.

  153. origen Says:

    So everything is a conspiracy? I’m really two white men? lol Give me a break…

  154. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yes, it’s true Origen. She said she wanted a niglet and now one’s in the oven. If it’s a daughter what should we name it? Accidentia? Whoopsie? We better consult with Unplanned Parenthood soon. If it’s a son maybe we’ll name it Malcolm XXX. NL- YOu should name her Conspiracy, Connie for short. Congrads!

  155. alex96 Says:

    Mariah they do not run the whole record industry, do they? So yes Jay Z and Puff are successful. It took them a long time to build their businesses. So you also know that most of the artist in the music game will never reach their level. Just like in porn, most people will not last like you did or Jada Fire etc. When you look back in the day, most of the record labels had white people running them. The artist today, know how to control their careers better now. So I was not wrong baby. I am trying to understand why, you can’t accept all sides?

  156. alex96 Says:


    What the fuck are you talking about? The comment was quoted on this site three days ago. Your comment show how stupid you are dumb ass!

  157. Mariah Milano Says:

    they run a very large portion. There are many more than Puff Daddy and Jay Z.

    I absolutely accept all sides. I HATE the racism in the industry. I was offered an extra $1000 to shoot an IR scene and I turned down the extra money and did the scene for my regular rate. I would NEVER take more money based on the color of skin. Certain girls say they are holding out for a big pay day to shoot their first IR scene. They are the same onces when asked if they don’t shoot IR because they don’t like black people they reply “I’m not racist I love rap music!”

    I have never recanted my statements or my feelings on race and I don’t think that me saying that I don’t approve of the direction of those trying to live “black culture” makes me racist. It makes me reaistic and honest about the facts that are frightening especially for someone with a teenage son who loves Lil Wayne and Tyga and Rick Ross and they rap about pussy and weed and selling dope and pimping. its fucked up and I won’t be sorry for saying so.

  158. alex96 Says:

    Mariah I am a old school hip hop person mself (KRS 1, PUBLIC EMEMY ETC). The artist of today, would be laughed off the stage back in the days.

    So like I said before, show your son another part of the culture. He is seeing a bad part of it and not the whole story. All I was saying trying to say earlier, it is not only a black problem.

  159. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You shouldve taken the extra money, who cares what reason they have to pay you extra, plus u couldve given the money to African Americana in need.

  160. jeremysteele11 Says:

    African Americans, I meant, it sucks typing on fones

  161. KV814 Says:


    I believe your main goal was to get black people to acknowledge the problems within our own race. I understand that, and I have no problem recognizing what’s going on in the hood everyday (even though I grew up in a working class 2-parent household). But to be frank, we as black people are often times extra sensitive to criticism of “black” anything especially when it comes from a non-black person’s mouth and that’s due to our history in the United States. You’re 100% right, the vast majority of black people are NOT victims of the legalized institution of racism that lasted in this country for over 400 years. And many problems they face are actually self-generated. But sadly, many older black people who actually experienced racism (pre 1960s civil rights movement) have passed down a type of “victimhood” mentality onto their offspring (whether consciously or unconsciously) and the cycle of blaming others (the man) continued onto the younger genenerations. This has negatively affected black people by creating a culture of irresponsibility that many kids are born into and have trouble breaking out of.


    I’m sure most of you know that white (and non-blacks) purchase the majority of hip-hop in this country and around the world. And that includes gangsta rap. Without white people and other races purchasing rap music, it would NOT be as massively successful as it is today.

    I view gangsta rap music no different than I do a violent movie such as Goodfellas, Scarface, or Casino. It’s just entertainment and most “normal” people know that you can’t live your life like a gangster rap song or mafia movie. With that said, I don’t think you can deny the negative effects that some of the more explicit and vulgar hip-hop music has had on black youth over the last 20+ years. Sure, white kids from the suburbs can listen to gangsta rap music all day, everyday and it doesn’t necessarily influence them in a negative way (with the exception of some wiggas). But many black kids in the ghetto with no positive role models in their lives often emulate what they hear described in the explicit lyrics. Couple that with the fact that many adult males these kids see in the hood are livin the street life and you have a recipe for another potential kid to end up incarcerated or dead.

  162. Mariah Milano Says:

    You said that as perfectly as it could possibly be said.

  163. elblazer7 Says:

    @alex96 wtf are YOU talking about bro? You coming at me and we were on the same(similar) side lmao

    @KV814 You’re a sheltered Bill Cosby jr mofo

  164. elblazer7 Says:

    @Mariah the thing about pointing a finger (other than the 4 pointing back) is that it accomplishes nothing. No-one learns anything, except to dig in their position, like you do. Energies are better spent elsewhere.

  165. KV814 Says:

    And concerning Mr. Marcus:

    I didn’t hear anything about him claiming racism but if he did, I’m sure he was probably referring to some of the female talent on twitter and other social media outlets who said that this latest syphilis outbreak which he allegedly caused is the reason why they do NOT do scenes with black guys. And some are using this incident as an excuse to discontinue doing scenes with brothas.

    But despite what the girls said about doing interracial (a lot of them were most likely prejudiced towards black performers before this situation began anyway), Marcus still has nobody to blame but himself for his name being dragged through the porn valley mud. The ironic thing about this entire ordeal is that Marcus may not even be LA and Europe’s patient zero and it’s very possible that he did not spread syph to anyone. If there were 5 other performers who were diagnosed as syph positive, then couldn’t one of them be the real patient zero? In addition, we all know the European performers have gotten hit harder than anyone in the syph outbreak (Rocco Siffreddi claimed close to 100 performers had syph), then it’s entirely possible that one of them could’ve infected an American performer who in turn brought the STD to California. Marcus’ big mistake was the fact that he concealed his test results and performed multiple times while knowing he had some form of the disease. Whether he was contagious or not, only his doctor would know—but it was still reckless and foolish on his part to work when his health status was up in the air. Now he’ll forever be the face of the 2012 syph outbreak whether he actually infected other performers or not.

    As far as what Marcus did being criminal, I agree–it should definitely be a crime for anyone to falsify or conceal any part of an STD test especially when your job entails having sex with multiple partners. Maybe a severe penalty like jail time would deter any other performers from trying to do something like this in the future. But if there was actually a CA or Los Angeles county law in the books, I would think he would’ve been arrested and charged by now. Then again, maybe nothing has changed in the local law books since 1998 when Marc Wallice actually infected 4 or 5 different performers with HIV while performing with fake tests. As far as we know, Wallice was only banned from performing in porn but he never did any prison time. And he actually found work behind the camera after the fact. That’s a major head scratcher.

  166. KV814 Says:

    “@KV814 You’re a sheltered Bill Cosby jr mofo”

    If you think what I said was harsh and makes me a sheltered Bill Cosby Jr., lol, then you should check out a Youtube channel called the Tommynewsnetwork. The brotha who runs the channel’s name is Tommy Sotomayor. And this dude goes hard on hoodrat-type black folks like you wouldn’t believe on a daily basis. But I guarantee you won’t consider him a sellout after viewing some of his videos

  167. origen Says:

    Names are important, Jeremy. Give her a Hebrew name like yours. Hebrew names are pretty powerful…

  168. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hey Origen, did u know Alliyah is a variant of the hebrew Aliyah, which means to ascend? And thats what that girl did, ascending to fame and then into the realm of angels.

  169. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Aaliyah/Aliya, I meant

  170. alex96 Says:

    This article was started by a woman who had a nice porn career and yes I am a fan. So sometimes when a fan gets to see a person beyond their work, it is not always easy. The thing everybody has to remember is that this was her choice, just like Mr. Marcus. It funny most people look down on anybody doing porn, but then most of the country watches or knows some porn actor. The same thing can be said with hip hop. Mariah express her honest feelings and even though I disagree with some of it. The real question I have is, why focus in on one group of people. It just seems like her views came from a place of resentment not just with Mr. Marcus or hip hop, but it seem deeper. Sometimes when kids are expose to more, they expect more from themselves. I know that was the case for me and we are not a minority. It like saying most of the Italian families are mafia and that is not true either.

    So was I upset with somethings in her article, you damn right I was and not because they applied to me. It was because some of it, was one sided. Mariah would respond and yes some of her facts were correct, but not all of them. She knew even in her article people would call her racist, for some of her comments. I just think she has seen too much of the worst in black America up close, just like much of this country. My response to that is, black culture is diverse and beautiful not all is bad. Just like any other racial group in this country.

  171. Karmafan Says:

    Which of her facts were incorrect?

  172. Mariah Milano Says:

    again, NOT an article. This was a post on the freeones board in response to people claiming that the entire thing with Marcus was blown up because he’s black. Never intended for it to go this far, only a reply to an ignorant idiot who was defending someone who purposely and knowingly was doing something dangerous and illegal. That’s 100% of the reason for what I wrote.

    Also, there is NO resentment towards blacks. I have said it more than once that I identified myself as black and have great love for them and to me there is no man finer than a fine black man. I just am calling foul when so many people are afraid to. I don’t fucking care if I’m called a racist BECAUSE I KNOW I AM NOT. It’s that simple.

  173. alex96 Says:

    Mariah I was not defending Mr. Marcus. So in my earlier post, I made that very clear. I was talking about choice with doing porn and Hip hop, how people claim not to like it. Even though they really do watch or listen to it, behind close doors. So I don’t know what you are talking about, it was sick what he did and many others like him in your former business. Also you keep saying you are not racist, okay fine. Well all I can say is look at your article, with some of the comparisons and it sounds like Mitt Romney doing a interview. He starts off sounding great and then your like, WTF was that about in the interview? Again I do not think you are racist, after reading some of your pervious articles! You might have some issues with certain people like all of us do, but don’t make it sound so one sided.

    So you can all me a ignorant idiot all you want, that does not affect my life at all. This guy is a fan of yours and will still watch your work.

  174. jeremysteele11 Says:

    We might not agree with everything Mariah says but at least I wouldn’t nominate her for the “People only like you for what goes in your mouth, not for what comes out of it” Award.

  175. alex96 Says:

    WTF? Okay moving on!!!

  176. Mariah Milano Says:

    I NEVER wrote anything on this as an “article”

    I am NOT referring to YOU as the person to whom I was referencing who was in defense of Marcus. That was someone entirely different on an entirely different forum that Cindi took my post from, and turned into an “article”

  177. alex96 Says:

    Mariah I understand and will move on, from this point. We disagree strongly with some points, but I am still a very big fan of yours and love your movies. Plus who can resist a woman, who is a fighter, cook and has a great body!!

  178. Mariah Milano Says:

    well I am glad we can agree to disagree. thank you for saying so :)

  179. jeremysteele11 Says:

    There’s nothing like jerking off to someone while being pissed off at them, too.

  180. alex96 Says:

    I started to read Mariah twitter page, with her interviews. Mariah was honest and you can see she wants to be viewed more than a pornstar. Even though she loves her porn fans too. Also you can see she was really upset by Mr. Marcus and people she trusted in the industry etc.

    So I respect her moves, but lets be honest about something. When you watch her movies or her cooking now on YouTube etc, she knows how to handle a man!! Plus she also has a mind of her own. This makes her so damn sexy. I think anybody on this broad, would jump at a chance to meet her in person. Even if it meant a disagreement or two. Then you would go home and jerking off thinking about her.

  181. alex96 Says:

    This is the movie, where I became a big fan of Mariah!!

  182. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Speaking of big fans, all these stores I went to are out of them and air conditioners because everyone’s buying at once. These merchants are idiots. They should’ve overstocked, like selling umbrellas during the brief rain season, here. They’re losing lotsa money.

  183. alex96 Says:

    Well here is Marcus side to his story. The interview starts 37 minutes into the show.

  184. alex96 Says:

    WTF??? I just don’t get some people!!!

  185. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Has anyone listened to Marcus’s interview? I haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

  186. alex96 Says:

    Jeremy I listened to the interview and Mr. Marcus talked about his side of the story. So I don’t know, what to make of this story. He made some really good points, but again I don’t like some other things either. Also I don’t know him, so who the hell knows???

  187. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What good and other points did he make?

  188. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I started listening to this and they’re talking about vitamins…? This interview is a whole lot of nothing so far… No hard questions. I don’t get this… How long do I have to listen until they get somewhere? This girl interviewing Marcus is basically saying this is all the doctors’ fault?

  189. alex96 Says:

    Jermey they get to his side, just fast forward a little bit and you will get it. He talks about his doctor and why he went back to work.

  190. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Thats’s Jeremy. Anyway, one needs more patience/patients than a doctor to listen through that. I’m working now n probably going late again, so what did he say?

  191. Walter Says:

    A whole lot of nothing?

  192. jeremysteele11 Says:

    That’s right, Walter. A whole lotta nothing. Sometimes that’s all some people say, ntranced by their own perpetual spewing of words, believing the long journey is taking u somewhere, but taking u nowhere. U dig? Strain your brain if I must still explain.

  193. KV814 Says:

    India, the former pornstar who interviewed Marcus, is supposedly one of his closest friends. And she made that fact known multiple times. That’s why she never asked Marcus any tough questions so this was hardly a real interview. All she did was defend Marcus and claim that he’s a nice guy that would never intentionally try to spread STDs to other people because she knows him. They both put more responsibiity on Marcus’s doctor who allegedly told him he’d be able to have sex 10 days after his shot. They also pointed out that there was no protocol in place for performers that contracted syphillis. That’s great but there are many other performers who aren’t close friends with Marcus and don’t know him from a can of paint. How could those folks ever trust him knowing that he faked an STD test? That’s the one question that should’ve been asked but nobody bothered to. What they did do was make it seem as though catching syphillis isn’t a huge deal because it can be cured with penicilin.

    Rocco Sifreddi once revealed that damn near everyone in the industry has herpes including himself. Rocco never tried to hide it (as far as we know), but it appears he doesn’t believe certain STDs are that big of a deal either. Is this the widespread attitude of most adult performers?

  194. alex96 Says:

    KV814 you are right about Mr. Marcus lying about his test. If you lie to a friend of yours, then their is a problem with that person. I do not know Mr. Marcus and do not like him lying about his test, at the same time it was good to hear his side of the story too. It does seem to raise more questions not just about him, but the whole porn industry.

    We have to remember some people lie, to gain a advantage. Just look at last night debate and some people do fall for the person’s bullshit. I don’t like a lair either, but again you have to hear both sides.

  195. jeremysteele11 Says:

    So he took a full panel test he wasn’t required to take (protocol is pcr hiv n g n c) n doctored results coz they still react as positive in the absence of the syph? Why didn’t he just take the standard test or otherwise qualify his clean credentials through a doctor phone or written verification?

  196. jeremysteele11 Says:

    KV, I think most hoes know that shit goes around, they might not admit publically all they’ve had,or say they’ve never caught anything, but this whole thing about saying u have shit for life is bullshit. You can have symptoms for life if its something u don’t take care of, but most shit goes and stays away. There is an agenda to demonize open n non-monogamous sex in an over-populated, Orwellian world, which is why they call STIs “STDs” and say you “have” something when symptoms are gone. If you’ve had diarrhea it doesn’t mean u have the shits now, and the same with ghonorhea, hpv, etc. 90% of the population has the oral herpes virus, but we don’t go around saying 90% of the population has lip sores because they don’t!

  197. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    Ok, It’s time to play a little game… the name of this game is “Everybody chill the fuck out and let’s cut the BULLSHIT!”

    It’s easy for us to get on our soapboxes here and preach about who’s wrong and who’s right and on all sides I’ve seen more of you, and this goes for ALL of you, give so many goddamn excuses that they’re starting to spill out of your asses!

    “Whatever do you mean, Mr. Assassin?”

    Glad you fucking asked!

    Let’s start off with what an excuse is to begin with…

    An EXCUSE is an explanation given which has no valid fact to back it up!

    There’s a lot of that shit being thrown around in here, so let’s just take what we have and dissect it once and for all so we can all enjoy our nice hot cups of SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    First off, Mr. Marcus… which is what this whole shit was about to begin with, n’es pas? (And for those of you not familiar with that term, it’s French for AIN’T IT? …sorta!)

    Bottom line, no matter who is ass kissin, or dick ridin'(no pun intended), whatever or what have you, That jackass is a guilty as a cat in a goldfish bowl! I met Mr. Marcus on 4 different occasions through a mutual reporter friend(which I’m almost positive he was fucking, but I’ve been wrong before…once…back in 92!), and from meeting him he was the coolest, most laid back cat I had met in a long time. Not to take anything away from his cool demeanor, but I don’t give a fuck if you’re THE POPE, you lie about an STD, in or out of the porn biz, IT’S FUCKED UP! Period. Especially when you KNOW you’re not only gonna be fucking other people, BUT YOU DO THE SHIT FOR A LIVING! That’s like me taking a crossing guard job and failing to let my superiors in on the fact that I tend to get a bad case of the shits and might land me on some toilet with explosive diarrhea when I should be directing traffic insuring the safety of others!( diarrhea! ten points for spelling that shit right… once again… no pun intended!) But you get the fucking point. There’s no excuse for a SEASONED porn star to put anyone else in the porn industry who is LUCKY enough not to be infected at risk. Do I think it’s attempted murder, prolly wouldn’t go that far, but I will chalk it up as bullshit carelessness on his part and no matter how many passes you wanna give the brotha, what he did was WRONG! Bottom line, end of fucking story! The old folks call that… COMMON SENSE!

    OK, next on the menu, AHHH yes a nice hot rack of RACISIM! Let’s cut through all the whining and the bullshit and get down to the nitty gritty. Facts are facts. Some of us are victims of society whether anyone, and I mean ANYONE chooses to acknowledge that fact or not! The proof is there, it’s just that there are some of those victims that choose not to be victims and do something about their situations! You never hear about this demographic. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THEM. Only ones you hear about are the ones who never break that cycle and it’s always out of one or two things… 1) Someone complaining about them and their existence, 2) Someone who has had a direct involvement in that field. First off, if you involve yourself in a portion of the world that has kids for the sake of having them, then it might be time to start hanging with a whole new class of people. Because contrary to popular belief, this is NOT an accurate depiction of BLACK CULTURE, this is a depiction of a CERTAIN DEMOGRAPHIC!

    People tend to not know the difference between the two and that’s how bullshit arguments like the ones I just wasted about an hour or so reading get started in the first place. You can go by statistics and numbers and all that shit you see on the news, the internet, Bryant fucking Gumbel, Captain Kangaroo(who i think is more credible)and run with that and take it as fact and not QUESTION IT! THAT my friends… is what breeds IGNORANCE. There’s that famous word again!

    If I took into account the amount of statistics and numbers that I’ve gathered up from online polls, magazine polls, media polls, and passed them off as fact… there would be aliens living among us, the Loch Ness Monster would be real, and Santa Claus would have a penthouse in fucking MANHATTAN(Which if you read a poll taken by the number of 8 year olds that believed that back in 2002, a whopping 68% of children actually BELIEVED THAT TO BE TRUE…according to those taking that poll!)

    The phrase NUMBERS DON’T LIE is null and void people! Numbers DO lie because they are put together by PEOPLE who lie on a daily basis. I am a black male who grew up in THE ROUGHEST NEIGHBORHOOD hands down in my city, took part in some shit that prolly would be frowned down upon, had a kid when I was 18, and guess what… graduated high school, went to college, worked FULL TIME and went to school FULL TIME(yes that’s possible, I’m living proof.), and graduated on time with honors and went on to own my own business! I never blamed my hood, I never blamed rap music for the dumb shit I did, I never blamed the fact that I grew up in a one parent household which I did do, I blamed ME!

    You see there’s a little thing called COMMON SENSE, some of us is even born with it, some of us develop it in time. Don’t be offended… some of us are just late bloomers, just like having or not having tits! Even at the age I was doing foul shit and listening to gangsta rap, at 14, I knew what I was doing, and I knew what I was doing was wrong. And even though my parents were divorced and I lived in a home with just my mother, my mom, even though she constantly worked, still gave me the proper insight on what was reality and what was fiction…when she was around, that is. I was shown right from wrong, but when I chose to stray from that path, that was all on me. Now when I say foul shit, I’m not referring to living out the life of a gangsta rap track… that’s just fucking STUPID! I was able to listen to gangsta rap with the mentality that it was nothing more than ENTERTAINMENT even at that tender age and didn’t let it run my life. The foul shit I was doing was drinking underage and taking part in the discovery of weed, everyone’s favorite gateway drug!

    I did those things to experiment because that’s what kids do when it comes to their friends, peer pressure, etc. Had nothing to do with my mom or dad. My mom constantly worked and my dad was states away. But I knew for seeing things with my own eyes that certain shit only works certain ways. You don’t work, you don’t eat. You don’t go to school and learn… you don’t know shit! That’s that pesky common sense kicking in again! And the funny thing is, there were the hardest thugs and gangstas out of that same neighborhood that were smart. That were raised with values. But when you come from an environment that is build on a hopeless foundation… you’re not gonna see too many positive images or have many positive goals set for you. Without that positive guidance, it’s gonna be hard to produce a line of respectable young men who respect women, their elders, etc.

    Now you can chalk it up to an EXCUSE if you want. You can go as far as to say I’m making excuses for THESE PEOPLE… but I am one of these people. This is where I come from. A neighborhood of gangs, drugs, violence, and gangsta rap that spawn these thugs that everyone wants to desperately bash or defend. These are MY people. And instead of giving them a hand out, I give them a hand UP! I help them break the cycles of these stereotypes because let’s face it, EVERY MINORITY has some type of stereotype attached to them… the only ones that see it, or complain about it, are the ones LOOKING FOR IT! And with that, instead of being part of the SOLUTION… you’re part of the problem.

    The same stereotypes I’ve heard from everyone today about the black race have been said about the Hispanic race as well. But no one is discussing that in this particular discussion. A person’s culture doesn’t make them ignorant… it’s the environment they are exposed to. These same scumbags you describe come in several different shades world wide with the same problem! If they are surrounded by a hopeless environment… what the fuck YOU EXPECT. We can blame gangsta rap, rappers, and atheletes, but this problem has been around for DECADES in the parts of the black community that these complaints apply to, but before rap and before blacks were even allowed to pick up a football, or a basketball, or a baseball… who did we blame for these same complaints back then?

    The BEST way to create a group of lost individuals is to strip their environment of HOPE! Restore it and the possibilities are endless.

    Now I can hear the gears turning with the whole, scapegoat, cop out bullshit you’re about to throw at me. But what’s YOUR defense gonna be? More bullshit numbers that you pulled out of your ass or some site that is run by some corrupted corporation to make some bullshit point? Let’s look at from another angle shall we?

    Let’s take a look at the Jesse Jackson’s and the Al Sharpton’s! No doubt, these dudes are money hungry bastards, but these guys are just MOUTH PIECES for those hopeless communities that feel they have no voice. The communities that feel that because of where they are from, their voices don’t matter. The black community call on people like this because for those who don’t know how to speak for themselves in a proper manner or whatever one wants to refer to it as, to get their point across. They don’t make money off of this, they make their money the same as any other so called religious figure makes their money… pimping GOD! Does it make them any less of a scumbag for doing so? NOPE! But take away their religious stature, the fact that they may have a tendency to talk to much, or even how many “N” bombs they can drop in one sentence, racist white america will just see them as another nigger with a big mouth keeping the races at odds. The SMART ones would not take a look at their income or their verbal ignorance and really take a look to see if their efforts are not only making a difference, but how much of what they are saying is true and based on ACTUAL facts and not numbers.

    Regardless of what Jackson or Sharpton says, I look at what’s real. That we live in a society where thugs are frowned down upon by the same people that claim to love Tupac, who redefined the thug mentality. An obvious contradiction, but something to be accepted without question or reason. I’m not doubting the fact that there could be a hustle in what they do, but to knock them is to knock the hustle of most porn stars who wanna make some extra cash, any rapper who is out there rapping for the sake of making money, or a young man who comes from the hood who thinks that his jumpshot is worth millions, so he automatically feels that this is his ticket out of the ghetto. No matter how unrealistic he is, with a little hope… he just might make that happen. But, it does not in fact, excuse the obvious fact that a temporary paycheck is NOT a proper substitute for an education. Even though the harsh reality is that even with that degree, there are college graduates out there right now with no job and no means of income. Not because they are dumb or lazy or thugs… they just lack the proper insight on how to make their way in a world that is fucked financially!

    So what have we learned, kids? That the ignorance of man is not just secluded to the black “thug” community. It’s any ghetto or hood, white, black, hispanic, that is a hopeless environment. Racial stereotypes are only present when you LOOK for them just to make a point about the shortcomings of ANY race. Gangsta rap effects kids only if you allow your radio, TV, etc. to RAISE YOUR KIDS, Jackson and Sharpton are indeed scumbags on one end of the spectrum but there is a method to their madness at times(especially when most of the media that puts them front and center are WHITE MALES! YESSSS YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!), JAY-Z, NAS, VANILLA ICE, or any other odd named rapper talking about how they feel about one kid’s decision is no different than passing judgement on a man who decides to alter medical documents to keep fucking on film(in other words, it’s THEIR opinion and we can either agree or disagree with those opinions.), and… my opinion… Mr. Marcus is an idiot.

    Those who chose to read this long, drawn out, badly typed rant all the way to the end, may have found at least ONE thing to take away from this whole mess. For those of you who didn’t, well, I got your attention for at least a good half hour. And for those who have already dismissed this whole thing as bullshit… that’s your opinion. And opinions are like assholes… EVERYBODY has one… so why should I be too overly concerned about every ASSHOLE with an OPINION?

    The assassin has struck again. Look both ways before you cross the street… eat your school… and stay in vegetables!

  198. Karmafan Says:

    I dunno about racism in this instance but if Manuel Ferreira or Mr. Pete did what Marcus did the result would be the same. No one is jumping in his shit because he is black. They jumping in his shit for what he did.

    He really should be prosecuted for what he did but he dodged that bullet. Anyone that ever works with him or hires him for porn work ever again needs their heads examined.

  199. jeremysteele11 Says:

    My mind was almost murdered attempting to read Mind Assassin’s long rant, but his point, “The phrase NUMBERS DON’T LIE is null and void people! Numbers DO lie because they are put together by PEOPLE who lie on a daily basis.” is true. I’ve made this point very recently on another thread. Stay in vegetables and eat your school? Strange wit. uh… ha ha ha?? 😐

    I saw on old porno scene with Marcus with hair. He definitely looks much better with the shaved noggin.

    Some say The Rhymin’ Reverend and Mr. Race Card are members of the Black Illuminati. The late, great Dr. King talked about being judged by the content of the character, not skin color, while these clowns are about “Why don’t you hire more black people?”

    Blacks were the pioneers of music with blues and jazz. Now we have a lot of rap crap. Makes me wonder who’s leading their evolution backwards.

  200. rupertholmes13 Says:

    Ms Milano, let me start by saying I respect that you are well intended with your comments and am inclined to believe that in your heart, you are not a racist. I am however deeply troubled by many of your assertions as they sound a lot like some of the noise I hear coming from the legitimately racist ultra right wing movement in this country. They seem to believe that “reverse racism” is more of a problem than real racism. I want to keep this somewhat brief so let me make just a couple of points. The crime statistics you keep referring to are raw numbers. Statistics without context are virtually meaningless. Perhaps you are familiar with the expression “lies, damn lies and statistics”? It has been proven over and over again that the ratio of crime is directly proportional to economic conditions. The black on black murder statistics you refer to are almost entirely comprised of gang killings. The problem with just quoting statistics as you do, without any attempt to get to the bottom of the why part of the equation, is that it appears as if you are saying there is something inherent in black people that makes them more predisposed to violence, or other criminal behavior, or to recklessly procreate with multiple partners. Again, these behaviors are all dictated by economic conditions, quality of schools, environmental factors, etc. If whites and blacks were to magically reverse living conditions tomorrow, you would see the same statistics amongst whites. To truly make progress in this country we need to attack these problems with completely open minds and hearts. Stereotypes will only continue to hold us back.

  201. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    rupert you hit the nail on the head. and to jeremy, sorry i blew your mind. it’s what i do. lol

    But as far as Sharpton and Jackson goes, it’s like I said, they are pretty much voices for the voiceless. So why people take them soooooo seriously based on the content of what their saying like they may bring forth the apocalypse is beyond me. They have a right to voice their opinion just like you do especially if they are speaking on behalf of someone who either feels like their voice doesn’t matter or just don’t know who to express their concerns to or HOW to for that matter. Whether we agree with them or not it’s not gonna stop them for doing what they do, so let em do it, disagree if you disagree, and move on.

    And yes as a people, we are very musically inclined, but hell, that’s not where it stops. The gas mask, the traffic light, hell even PEANUT BUTTER! The list goes on and on as far as the accomplishments of blacks. And some might say… who cares? Why are we talking about this in the first place? Well… it was brought up! Why not. People just might learn something. If not about said topics at hand, maybe even about themselves.

  202. Karmafan Says:

    For the longest time Sharpton and Jackson were doing good for the benefit of black people. They would show up and organize and rail against the problems and issues facing black america (like the million man march).

    At some point they crossed the line and now choose to show up and make a scene when its a good opportunity for a photo op and less about helping the black person(s) that were discriminated against. Why aren’t they speaking out for black men to step up and take care of their kids? Seventy-two percent of black families are single moms. Or speaking up telling black men to quit killing each other?

    According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) non-Hispanic blacks accounted for 39.4% of the total prison and jail population in 2009. According to the 2010 census of the US Census Bureau blacks (including Hispanic blacks) comprised 13.6% of the US population

    If a white cop pulls over a black kid they come running to make a stink about it and get in front of the cameras. Its not just white people discriminating on blacks that has to change, the change has to come at all levels.

  203. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    Karmafan, here’s the sad truth. Sharpton and Jackson actually do speak out for the black males not taking care of their kids as well as the black mothers that aren’t being mothers to their children. Here’s the sad part… you NEVER hear about it, or see it. Because the media doesn’t care about anything that uplifts or brings forth change. Murder and discrimination makes for better news than Sharpton speaking at a Black Fathers United gathering.

    Not saying their saints by any means…but if we are gonna put these guys on front street for what they aren’t doing, let’s at least be fair about it with facts.

    And as far as those stats, I don’t buy them. If anyone comes to me and tries to make a point based on stats or throw numbers out or any type of percentage, I have a hard time buying it because numbers can be adjusted to prove a point. I can take those same numbers, lower the rate, and pass it off as fact if I felt so inclined and the sad part is, no one would even take the time of day to even research those numbers on their own to see if they are accurate because they feel like someone already did that, so they just accept it.

    The only way to make a difference is not go by the numbers game that someone else drops in your lap, to make a difference is to get out there and make things happen to bring forth change and not knock the ones who are out there doing it. Change will never come on any level if we aren’t out there playing out part in MAKING the change.

  204. KV814 Says:

    @Cerebral Assassin. Great points about Sharpton and Jackson.

    Let me preface the following opinion by saying I’m in no way defending Marcus’ decision to work while knowingly infected with an STD, whether he was actually contagious after his penicillin shot or not. What he did was morally and ethically wrong. With that said, it appears that adult performers operate in a very different world than the average person if the stats are accurate (sorry assassin) and the rate of STDs among porn stars is significantly higher than the general public. If a majority of performers are carrying herpes, an incurable STD, then wouldn’t it be just as wrong for performers who knowingly have herpes NOT to inform other people prior to working with them? I realize that nobody in the industry tests for herpes but does that make it any less wrong to pass the disease along to a young newbie who enters the porn industry STD free?

  205. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hey Mariah, would u do a cumback scene with Marcus for 100 Gs?

  206. Mariah Milano Says:

    No Jeremy, I wouldn’t.

    And Sharpton and Jesse are shakedown artists. They might show up to those rally’s a few times a year for whatever reasons, but their main objective is to maintain opression on the race so that they remain relevant and portray their people as victims. it’s sickening.

  207. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Why the fuck did u not approve my comment, Cindi?

  208. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    “Sharpton and Jesse are shakedown artists. They might show up to those rally’s a few times a year for whatever reasons, but their main objective is to maintain opression on the race so that they remain relevant and portray their people as victims.”

    Bingo, Mariah. Same as leaders such as Arafat, who refused to allow western investment in Palestinian territories.

  209. origen Says:

    Actually, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are legendary activists. One would be a fool not to acknowledge the power of some of their rallying techniques.

    carry on…

  210. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to call them shakedown artists. If that’s the case then they’ve been pulling the shakedown act for quite some time now and most shakedown artists can only pull that scam for so long before they’re caught, outed, then off the radar altogether. I’ve seen enough of them in my time to know how that works.

    I would say that they are sincere in what they are doing, it’s just that they take a different approach to it than maybe you or i would. Now how they react outside of their media persona is a different story and it’s also their business. I personally don’t give a shit what they do in their own spare time, but when it comes to standing up for what’s right, the most important question is are they standing up because they believe or because they look good doing it.

  211. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    And if them keeping the black race as victims, then we would be seeing a hell of a lot more of them in the media. Keep in mind the point I made before, majority of the time we even see them in the media is if they are contacted by african americans who need them to speak on their behalf, or the WHITE media who pretty much puts them on display for viewers to say… “These guys are using the black race as victims to stay relevant!” If that was the case, then why would the white media ASK for them to take part in such things? This is where reading between the lines comes into play.

  212. Mariah Milano Says:

    it is widely known that Rev Jesse has gone to large companies and demanded donations to the Rainbow Coalition and if not he threatened to have 2500 blacks picketing on behalf of claims of racism by that company.

    anyone with half a brain knows that being labeled racist is a big problem for any business.

    Now, if the good Reverend would put that money into communities that wouldn’t be so bad. But as I said, I know from first hand experience that he lives a VERY lavish lifestyle with private planes and $10,000 suits and several homes all over the country.

    To deny that these 2 clowns are really speaking for blacks is to prove the point that you are seeing the facts based purely on their color, not on their actions.

  213. Karmafan Says:

    Thats like all the black folks that cheered and wished for OJ to be Not Guilty of murder just because he was a black man.

    It was pretty clear to anyone that did not have racial blinders on that he was the ripper of those 2 poor people.

  214. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Larry the White Horse thinks O.J.’s son might’ve done it.

  215. Mariah Milano Says:

    its not easy to find a black person who believes OJ was guilty.

    People carrying signs outside the courtroom during the trial declaring “Free O.J.,” “Save the Juice,” and even “Whether you did it or not, we still love you, O.J.”

  216. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    The emphasis on color has nothing to do with moral value. Put it like this, take away the lavish lifestyle these guys lead with jets and all that extra shit, the point isn’t about their income or what they do with their money or how they make it, the point was whether or not they were sincere about their message.

    Now let’s say for the sake of saying, Jackson goes in to a big company like Microsoft. Threatens to have blacks boycott their biz and in turn, Microsoft hires a thousand or so black workers. Then, of course, Jackson is praised by the black community for taking a stand, and anyone who’s NOT black will be the first to say, he’s using the race card to get results.

    Now let’s look at the realistic side of things…

    Jackson marches into Microsoft and accuses them of being racist. Microsoft says, “Prove it!” Jackson threatens them with a boycott or whatever or what have you, Microsoft says, ok fine, WE CAN SUE YOU FOR HARRASSMENT, and if you decide to boycott us based on information you can’t prove, WE’LL SUE YOUR ASS FOR ANY WAGES WE’VE LOST AS WELL AS AN ASSASSINATION OF OUR CHARACTER! And they are Microsoft so they have VERY powerful lawyers.

    Let’s say for the sake of saying that what is said about Jackson is true with him threatening to do these things to these companies. The way I see it, if he goes in and make such threats, and the company folds and gives him what he asks for, that says more about THEM than that does HIM! Mainly because, any huge corporation in their right mind would NOT FOLD TO ONE MAN SCREAMING RACISM NO MATTER WHAT HIS PUBLIC STANDING IS.

    Who’s to say that the companies that did bend to his will really were racist bastards. We don’t know that, WE WEREN’T THERE! Hell if that’s the case, I could walk right into Home Depot tomorrow, accuse them of being racist just for the hell of it, get Jesse on the phone, have him make a threat, and me and Jesse can sit back and count our money based on whatever sum they throw at us to keep us quiet. Not too many companies are gonna toss out doe like that based on an accusation! Some do just keep the peace and to avoid bad publicity, like you said, but not too many companies who stand by their brand and their reputation is going to sit back and let someone come in and assassinate their character without doing something about it.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Jackson isn’t money hungry and lighting his cigars with hundred dollar bills and shit like that, point is, I don’t know that. I’m not in his crib 24/7. But in order for him to live that “lavish” lifestyle of his, he can’t be doing that solely on calling racism on businesses. These are corporations with STRONG LAWYERS and if it’s all about color then it will be easy to call bullshit on what Jesse is saying IF he calls racism on these businesses.

    Take away the private jets, the cars, the lifestyle, and ask yourself, is the message he’s trying to get across one of unity within the black community, or a reason to bitch and moan on camera. If it’s just a matter of them being seen or remaining relevant, shit, then give em a goddamn tv show and be done with it. (Sharpton actually has a radio show).

    But the REAL point is not whether these guys are genuine. It’s not making excuses for them on behalf of all black people. The real fact of the matter is, it’s easy for people who are NOT BLACK to hang the label of reverse racism on black folks and then take whatever it is they are doing, saying, etc., and put them on front street as using the black race as a come up. It’s real easy for people who are NOT black to tell others what blacks are doing wrong in the sense of morality and where blacks SHOULD be when they are only basing their opinions/decisions on ONE DEMOGRAPHIC.

    Let’s say if Martin and Malcom were still around today. And they spoke at rallies. And they made speeches. And they did all the things that they did back in the 60’s to uplift the black race. Would they be crucified the same way Jesse and Al are today? And they did what they did back then with little or NO MONEY. Jesse and Al started the same way. Broke as a joke.

    It all narrows down to this, to say there’s a problem somewhere in the black race is to say there’s a problem with fuckin’ UNICORNS! There are issues within every race that need to be addressed but it’s the black race constantly put on front street by people who are NOT black and have no sense of black life in general. If you’re going to associate your knowledge of black life or culture to something Rick Ross said then turn around and buy his album, you might as well get your take on black life from the three fuckin’ stooges!

    If we take Al and Jesse out the picture, THEN discuss the problems with race, then how would that change the outlook? How many people will put up THEIR OWN money to help whatever cause that would benefit the black community? Not to mention the fact that whether they are getting paid or not, they are still speaking on behalf of blacks. Because SOMEBODY has to. The problem isn’t them at all, the problem is everyone wants to TALK about race, but no one wants to DISCUSS race! There’s a difference.

  217. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    …and as far as OJ goes. I just think that whole thing was a fuckin circus. I didn’t think OJ was innocent based on his race. I just had a hard time believing that the circumstances in what had taken place had gone down the way the police and whatever evidence was presented made it out to be. A six foot, 200 some odd pound black man can cut the throats of two people at once and able to get out of there untouched is one hell of a feat! The OJ case, at least to me, wasn’t about race, it was about common sense!

  218. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Replacing Martin Luther King Jr with Reverend Jesse? Please! Coretta Scott King is not too fond of the Rhymin’ Reverend for a reason. Shortly after Rev. King’s death, Rev. Jackson appeared on the popular NBC Today Show and claimed that Rev. King had died in his arms. His account of events was later discounted by other activists who had witnessed Rev. King’s murder. Reports have it that to this day, Rev. King’s widow, Coretta Scott King remains estranged with Rev. Jackson over this incident.

    As for O.J., blacks used to believe O.J. was not guilty. They don’t really any more. It was a crazy time and the monkey shenanigans of O.J.s defense team and the idiot jackass media with talking head analyists allowed doubt to enter in, because it was good theater… retarded theater but good theater, and on the shows like Geraldo Rivera, there never was an intelligent commentator like Vincent Bugliosi to keep people mentally sane, allowing some people to get fooled by gloves and the possible believability of every single witness as if it was a conspiracy against him on every level… and damning Furhman because he wrote a screenplay portraying a racist cop, and the ultra-stupid and outrageous question of “How you ever used the ‘n’ word in the last ten years” which is some how supposed to prove one planted evidence that was tainted everywhere in front of other cops?… O.J. was well loved by everyone before this event, and considering the race relations following the Rodney King verdict there was a lot of bad blood and suspicion about everything. O.J. became some kind of strange Jesus Christ amongst blacks then… one of the most fascinating and bizarre anomalies in history. But after photos of O.J. wearing those “ugly ass shoes” he claims he never wears showed up that seemed to be the final tidbit that made a lot of blacks come around then “Ok, maybe he did do it”.

    Oh shit, this comment went under moderation. I hope you don’t delete this for some idiotic, senseless reason, Cindi, as you did the last comment to go under moderation.

  219. Karmafan Says:

    CA you are living on a dream world if you think that Microsoft would stand up to Jackson like that. In today’s world you are guilty once the bad press hits the news and it is very hard to come back from it.

    Once Jackson says Microsoft is discriminating INSTANTLY there will be a large section of the populace that believes it to be true even if there is no evidence. Companies hate bad press and will try to avoid it and next thing you know Jackson’s Charity gets a hefty donation and he gets another vacation home or another new car.

  220. Mariah Milano Says:

    Jackson doesn’t demand that companies hire black workers lol he demands that they donate the Rainbow Coalition/Push

    Its also part of how he got himself a tv show.

    Did you know that the good Reverend is worth $10 million? well, that he doesn’t have hidden away somewhere.

    you sound like a smart man, other than saying there wasn’t enough evidence to convict OJ. I don’t think there is a problem ONLY with the black race and never said so.

  221. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    In the early 80’s through out the late 90’s, Jackson’s mission was to demand that black workers who he felt were discriminated against based on the color of their skin get the proper placement based on their skill not their ethnic background. Somewhere along the line, he kinda fell off on that mission, but that’s how it all started. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you have a problem with just the black race, but I’m not only addressing your comments, I’m addressing the comments as a whole from everyone.

    I wouldn’t disrepect you like that, Mariah. As far as putting words in your mouth. I’m a fan. HUGE fan. It’s just that when the matter of race is brought up when it comes to the black community it’s almost as if we either portray a negative aspect of blacks in general or we are looking for handouts which isn’t the case at all.

    As far as O.J., that case could’ve easily been put together by the Keystone Cops(yea i went back aways on that one.), but the way the case was HANDLED, Ronald McDonald could’ve been the guilty party on that case. Botched evidence, police statements, pretty much everything that could make a good comedy was put into that case. It was a mess. Paul Mooney said it best in regards to that case, that whole thing revolved around drugs and A LOT MORE PEOPLE got killed that night that never made it to the media or the trial itself. Not saying OJ was a scapegoat, but if the facts are gonna be presented on a case revolving around one person who was at fault for two of the several murders that took place that night in that area, at least present the case with enough competence to put this killer away. I’m not pro OJ at all, met the guy once, nice guy on the surface, but not enough for me to say he’s a murderer. Now he’s locked away for being STUPID and in my opinion he’s where he belongs. Not based on his skin, but because he’s a moron.

    We all have our opinions about the black community. We all want to say what we as black people can and should do to turn these negative portrayals of our race around. But you mostly hear about the negative aspect of our race, even with Al and Jesse involved. The thing about it is, at the end of the day, is what efforts are we willing to take to turn these stereotypes around. Mr. Marcus, is a prime example. You say he would pretty much stick his dick in a cactus, not in those words of course, but I get the point. Same with Lex. Two of the biggest names in porn as far as the brothas go. Which is disappointing because I happen to know brothas, that are VERY respectable in the industry who never really get the spotlight they deserve as individuals. Myself included from being a part of the porn community for a VERY short time.

    2 bad apples out of a bunch that give us a bad name. So I completely understand where you’re coming from with your concerns, Mariah. I’m not saying you’re wrong at all with your points or opinions. It’s just that some people will indeed read what was said, take it out of context, and run with it like I’ve seen done even on this thread. The main thing is to clear up what everyone has gotten uptight out, maybe even misunderstood. Especially in a society that often makes it feel that being proud to be black is dirty. There are some of us in the industry that can keep our dick in our pants…at least until the camera starts rolling… just like there are some of us here in the world that want to be fathers to our children, god knows I couldn’t think of not playing a role in my son’s life. There are those of us who look past the gangsta mentality and actually pull up our pants and throw on the suit and tie and get busy with the business(even though I do indeed love my urban attire, but there’s a time and place for everything.)

    I think you understand all these things, no doubt, but for others out there, it’s something they need to understand that there is a flipside to all this. Sadly, it’s just not seen mostly due to the fact that no one looks for the good anymore. In anything, for that matter. The victims always get the attention. There’s more to life than just that.

  222. jeremysteele11 Says:

    perhaps eventually cindi will approve my comment from last night (or maybe shell delete it like my last moderated comment for god knows what reason) but before it gets lost and buried under other long rants let it b noted for the record that coretta scott dont talk to jesse coz he made up the story that he held the dying king in his arms when the collective testimonial evidence indicates otherwise… he n tawana brawley sharpton both need to take a long walk on a short pier!

  223. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    Well I’ll keep this short and sweet, JEREMY! The only people that knew what went on with Dr. King and Jesse… is Dr. King and Jesse. If he lied, he’s a liar! And SHOULD be treated accordingly. But for everyone else… it’s nobody else’s BUSINESS what went on in that particular incident because in the HERE and NOW, we got other issues that need to be addressed that WE as a people can actually DO something about.

  224. jeremysteele11 Says:

    well, as I mentioned in my comment from yesterday still in suspended animation, jesse’s lie was exposed by witnesses who were there.. he n mel gibson need to move to jaime town

  225. jeremysteele11 Says:

    hymie town, whoops… I hate trying to edit on this phone

  226. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    Well rumor has it… they don’t let you down in hymie town…(yes…i know the reference.)

  227. xxxvalleyporndirector Says:

    Guys, do you think Mariah will come back to work, if she get really hungry? She makes some really good tri-tip tacos I heard.

  228. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    …so in other words… this is what JESSE and AL have become…?

  229. Mariah Milano Says:

    nope, not coming back to porn. I have no interest or need and this is not the industry that I used to know.
    I guess getting some self-respect in your life will make you rethink being fucked on camera and having some guy blow a load on your face for the world to see.

  230. Karmafan Says:

    Good for you Mariah. Glad to see you found a new focus for your future.

  231. origen Says:

    You don’t like facials, Mariah? I also don’t care much for them. They look great on video but in real life–what a mess…

  232. Karmafan Says:

    I don’t like facials either. I think they are degrading for the poor girl taking them.

  233. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “Love, baby, love, it’s written all over your face” – INXS.

    This dude who was fucking my ex roommate told me he loves coming on her face, that he learned it from porn and she’s cool with it (because she loves him?).

  234. Mariah Milano Says:

    I think facials are stupid. I am willing to guarantee that whoever the first guy to put it in a porn film had some serious issues with women. It’s not a far climb to get to pissing or otherwise on a girl’s face, the way I see it.

    But porn is all about attractive (questionable) girls doing things that the viewer’s woman or women won’t do for them. Most men who have had anal sex will tell you that it’s not as great as the hype leads to believe. It’s all in the hunt, as they say.

  235. origen Says:

    You’re gonna hate me, Mariah. I don’t like facials but cum is not piss and I don’t think facials are degrading. And before you jump straight to the misogyny argument, remember, a lot of what is in straight-porn started in gay-porn (think gangbangs, DPs and double-anal)

    My number-one guilty pleasure is swallowing. Not disgusting-“10-Man Cum Slam” blow-bangs but one on one swallowing is hot, IMO.

  236. jeremysteele11 Says:

    One should do a survey as to why people like facials. Some may say it’s erotic, others may say it’s revenge.

  237. CerebralAssassin 13 Says:

    The thing I used to hear about porn from the old days was that the reason that on screen when a man pulls out and cum, whether it’s the face, the ass, the mouth, wherever, was to prove that they were ejaculating. Over time it became more of a fetish thing.

  238. jeremysteele11 Says:

    From my experience, porn is usually staged and performed in certain factor-like ways, ending in the obligatory facial. It seemed the last thing people ever wanted to see, was the thing the late Ron Sullivan advocated, which was to just be yourself and let whatever happen happen and call it entertainment. Why can’t the guy come too soon, and maybe keep going? Or come wherever it happens to end up? Why always, always, always, always, always, always on the face? I’m not at all against facials, but it’s assumed that porn ends in facials just like blacks play basketball, just like chinese people have fortune cookies with dinner, just like white guys eat their left over chicken cold. I just wish there was more originality in this biz. Sex can be incorporated into anything in any way, and believe it or not, it’s o.k. I don’t know why certain videographers are so damn insistent about shooting every scene the same exact fucking way, over and over and over and over and over and over…

  239. Mariah Milano Says:

    Well if you watch porn then you know that many times a girl gets the load to her face she winces and flinches and rarely looks pleased. There’s a reason for that. There’s a reason that only in porn do women get cum shot in their face.

    Go ask a black woman if she lets her man shoot a load on her face. You better stand back because you might get slapped. Seriously, there is ZERO erotic about a girl getting a cum facial unless you have some vengeful issue towards women.

    I love to swallow, but that’s personal and I don’t feel that some porn stunt dick / prop deserves that from me. Just my 2 cents.

    On another note checkout my latest travel video from my trip to Curacao in October where I filmed the pilot for my new cable show! :) (you have to view on a computer it doesn’t work on mobile devices)

  240. Mariah Milano Says:

    damn 12 hours later and my comment is still pending moderation???????????

  241. jeremysteele11 Says:

    12 hours is nothing around here. Someone needs to complain to the FSC. I say fuck putting anything into moderation unless it’s Rick Madrid and one of his aliases.

  242. Mariah Milano Says:

    damn over 24 hours :( and still not posted

  243. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Same here regarding a comment I left w/link on the Weinstein thread around 1AM, Friday night. It’s the weekend, so Cindi’s liable to be MIA even longer. Again, I say fuck putting anything on moderation. We’re all adults here. If I wanted to put some vital personal information on someone I could’ve and the information obviously would’ve been up for days before and if Cindi would’ve ever caught it or responded to any complaints about it, so WTF is the point of having anything on moderation? Sometimes it’s stupid keywords, which supposedly would cause some terrible trauma to certain of us “adults”; other times there’s no sensible explanation whatsoever that comments go on mod. I also have heard from several friends, fans and others who’ve said they’ve left first and/or second time and/or third time comments (long ones, sometimes) that have never gone up and go “poof”/vanish, not even subject to moderation approval status, even. Lost forever. It sucks, big time, how many possible contributors to LIB we’ve might have lost over the years due to this fucked up wordpress and moderation approval process, not to mention all those that eventually get approved but get lost under the sheer volume of comments on top of them. I think that’s one reason we have a lot less commentors than readers.

  244. jeremysteele11 Says:

    commenters, whoops.. try resposting and seeing if there’s a word or two that might’ve put it in mod status, modify the word or put in a * for the vowel, or break the word into pieces… that’s what i do, as annoying as it is when it all finally gets approved automatically.

  245. jeremysteele11 Says:

    … For example, I could post Nick East’s cell number here 818/263/**** and tell everyone to make sure to call him late at night from a blocked number non stop, despite pleas to stop, just like he did to me because he had just discovered an ancient link by Darrah Ford calling him a douchebag for making threats of violence via voice mail against myself and Luke Ford… and who knows how long this post will remain up? My point is what’s the point of moderating anything unless you’re moderating everything?

  246. origen Says:

    damn. You STILL remember that, Jeremy? I don’t get it. Women like you and you have a big cock. You have a mainstream career. You have a child on the way. Why do you always have the focus on all the bad shit people have done to you? It would great to be you…

  247. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Well, that tardhole Nicky pushed my buttons way too many times, so the button’s now stuck. I tried to forgive a lot…. a helluva lot of shit… but I got these calls from a blocked number over and over and over, waking me up from a much needed sleep which I’d been lacking all week, needing to get up in just a few hours at 5AM. Then he tells me he’s gonna mess with me and not let me get back to sleep until I get Darrah to remove her post from years back calling him a douchebag. My pleas to please let me get back to sleep as I’m too tired to talk were not respected. You can’t teach the stupid but you can fuck with them back, at least.

    Thanks for the compliments but life, no matter what, is not always as groovy as it seems. Yesterday, for instance, my girlfriend was in the bathroom for so long that I had to take a dump in the kitty litter box. It was due to be emptied anyway, so I just got the scooper and covered it up like the cat would and took it down to the dumpster.

    And even today while relaxing near a lake I spoke telepathically with a duck, telling her how easy her life is with no worries about bills or politics, wage slavery or any other bullshit, and her respond was that life is not all it’s quacked up to be.

  248. jeremysteele11 Says:

    But I guess, besides being cursed in ways (for example, as being a mental magnet), I am also blessed. Someone just pointed out to me that, as the urban dictionary explains about the name Jeremy:

    A named based on the biblical name Jeremiah. Used as a name for children who are blessed with a large brain and/or penis. Also used as a replacement for “perfect”.

    “We had a child and it had a very large penis so we named it Jeremy.”

    I can’t imagine a baby being born with a large penis, though.

    And go figure, Bill Margold told me my name wasn’t masculine enough.

  249. origen Says:


    I agree that swallowing is something very special…

    I also agree that most black women would kill a man before they receive a facial…

    All I’m saying is that a facial is not completely about female degradation. Gay guys always take facials too. Guys just get caught up in the excitement of orgasm….

    But there’s a lot of misogyny in the adult industry so I get what you’re saying…the context is such that the woman is being humiliated.

  250. origen Says:

    Nice pics from Curacao, BTW. The Caribbean is great (my mother is from there) but you should also consider visiting Cape Verde sometime…

  251. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I see your comment finally came in, Mariah. My gf is black, and not only doesn’t she take it in the face, she jumps off the bed when I’m about to spew because she doesn’t want sperm on her anywhere at all. The sex acts are usually bizarre because when I’m about to come she’ll jump up and scamper away… sometimes I’ll come on the nearby bathroom door or in the toilet so I don’t mess up where I sleep.

  252. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, Mariah, I envy all your travels and hanging out with dolphins. I’m stuck here in dirty L.A. surrounded by Mexicans. That was a nice video, music by Van Morrison9289.

  253. Mariah Milano Says:

    thanks guys :) I have to say though Jeremy that you are hardly “stuck” in LA…why not be where you want to be? Go where you desire to go.

    There are some amazing places in the world. Traveling and being exposed to other cultures and people has honestly changed my life, my way of viewing other people and become tolerant and appreciate other views contrasting my own. I grew up in LA, right in the heart of Chatsworth. I got out of there in 2004 when I first started my site and moved to the Florida panhandle where I rented a motel room on this beautiful white sand beach. I had no money, was just getting over 18 months of using meth and knew no one. I worked my ass off to make my site a success and I have only visited LA since. Overcrowded, over taxed, filthy and expensive. I live in fucking paradise now. I own a house right on the gulf of Mexico with a dock where I can sit and watch dolphins feed on mullet. The house I own here would be over a million dollars in LA, and here it’s a quarter of that.

    Plus I have spring training and great sports teams and a ton of awesome strip clubs! :)

    If I were you I would consider getting outta there if you see it as you say, especially with a kid on the way.

  254. Mariah Milano Says:

    Origen, I have a trip planned to the Azores in April. Pretty similar to Cape Verde, both Portugese settled.

    But for me, the southern end of the Out Islands in the Bahamas is the greatest water in the world.

  255. bobt03 Says:

    Geez, Mariah: You’re violating Omerta. First you tell us that in real life, our gals really don’t want us to come on their faces and that anal isn’t all its cracked up to be. Next, are you going to tell us that squirting isn’t female ejaculate? Congratulations on your new endeavor. Let’s hope its a success for you.

  256. origen Says:

    oh man, the Azores look so awesome…

  257. Karmafan Says:

    If you are going to the azores visit Madera. Its very similar to Hawaii just not overpriced.

  258. commonsense Says:

    I know this is late commentary with questions, but pertinent.
    Mr. Marcus states the RPR test only, there are many false positives with this test. Did he have a confirmatory test performed, and what were the results. What stage of syphilis was he diagnosed with. primary, secondary, latent, or tertiary. did he have symptoms?? latent or tertiary are not contagious. does not make it right what he did, and could be considered assault and battery in some states.
    with RPR elevated high, and no symptoms sounds like latent

  259. Lambada Says:

    We’ve spoken only once in the past (4 years ago) & I thought you were a really cool chick then. One thing that I can say is that I always had more respect for you than any other non-Black starlet in the industry because of the truth in your opinions & your courage in expressing it.

    But, right now, even though I agree with some of what you said, I’m still truly disappointed in this instance because your own statements have gross inaccuracies about Black culture. Normally, I wouldn’t take the time to address such things—but, because of my previous conversation with you, I figured that you’d be MORE LIKELY to actually listen to an alternative POV that’s rooted in honesty and truth.

    1st things 1st, I’m NOT a “fan” per se—-and I’m only telling you this stuff just to give you some background info into what kinda person you’re talking to (as opposed to your fans). The last time we spoke, I told you that I’ve lived a very fun/unique life for a guy (even if I WEREN’T Black). One of my exes posed for Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, and was getting offers from XXX companies (like Vivid) all the time. I’ve NEVER really had a problem getting females.

    With regard to the original issue, it’s one of the main reasons why I decided NOT to go into the industry when I had MANY opportunities to do so myself. The truth is that there ARE alotta things that people DON’T know about what REALLY goes on in the industry (I often find myself telling people that very thing).

    For several years, my friends in the industry had told me bad things about certain male porn stars. So, I’m NOT surprised. Disease via sex is also a natural biological reaction.

    I think the deed was reprehensible, but let’s be real—(1) NOBODY tells the chicks entering the industry what they’re REALLY in for and (2) EVERYBODY lies to the public in order to sell the fantasy; it’s ruined if you tell them about “certain things”.

    What I find ironic is how certain people like Rocco (who may NOT have fucked everybody, but he might as well have), Felecia, and Belladonna say ONE thing about disease in the industry—-but, everybody else acts like it’s NOT a problem until they’ve gotten OUT of the biz. You’ll see Bang Bros. and those cats will have actors with huge lumps in the exact same area while the girls are tongue bathing the spot. They’re putting it in bungholes (and NOT everybody has the same hygiene). The dudes are working MORE than the girls bcuz they’re doing so many scenes. There’s spitting. Hell, EVERYBODY is swapping spit. And I’m NOT judging by any means, I’m just being honest/real even if we cut the tape and the sex ISN’T like what normal people do.

    These chicks AREN’T necessarily victims per se, but MOST of them have NO IDEA what they’re REALLY in for when they make that decision to do the film. MOST of them DON’T know that the dude behind the cam is burning. They’re just thinking about the cash, their bills, and/or how it’d be fun to get paid to have sex—-and the industry PROFITS off their ignorance about the johnsons being put into their mouths.

    I wrestled with this moral decision when I made my own choice to go another path even though I had people banging down my door from the time that I bought my camera. Exotic dancers, mainstream porn stars, actors, webcam girls, agents, pimps, strip club owners, they were all pretty much falling in my lap. And the amateur girls DIDN’T even demand an AIDS test—-I was the one who did it. They WEREN’T exactly desperate ugly chicks—-heck, the Asian stripper we got would’ve rivaled Tera Patrick.

    The fluid transfer and spider web of who’s been with who (however many times) is unreal. You might as well NOT even keep count. Just have a record/max for your scene. And that’s just the beginning. Heck, one of the reasons why I wanted to be in the biz is bcuz I DIDN’T like the current industry status quo. I know I’m saying alot, but we only live ONCE & again I figure you’re the ONE person who’ll listen.

    There’s ALOT that people DON’T know about the biz bcuz they’ve NEVER really been in it, but like I also always tell people—it’s different than what you think & the powers running it AREN’T really who you think is running everything (like my friends in porn have told me for years).

    In response to one of your remarks, Mariah…. it’s a myth that Black people DON’T check each other. It happens all the time—-It’s NOT even a rare thing. I’m NOT the person who has the problem with you. I’m just trying to drop a dime—-we check each other so damn much. We just don’t trust Caucasians enough to TRULY let them into loop because they have a tendency to exploit our problems/issues in order to make points of bickering.

    I’m a moderate (NOT a liberal) who DOESN’T really like Sharpton or Jesse. But, they don’t exploit any more than these porn agents who claim that a girl’s career will be hurt by IR (as I’ve seen you say) and they’re NOT being exploited any more than the pathetic losers who seem to REALLY think that a girl refusing to do IR is always about “preference” and NEVER has anything to do with a “racial” decision.

    If we’re going to say that racism exists, then we need to give porn MUCH of the credit for trying to create a culture on “your career will suffer if you do Black men”. They prey on the consumer base that has johnson envy & then they justify it while complaining about Sharpton/Jesse. If an actress DOESN’T wanna do Black men, then be my guest—-but, at least have the courage NOT to hide behind your “preference” in an industry where you’re being paid to film yourself doing acts with folks you often DON’T know.

    If we’re going to get into stereotypes, then again let’s be real—-the people who’d ENDORSE your comments without expressing reservation are PROBABLY the same folks who’d act like the industry it OK to be steering girls away from doing IR (for whatever reason). It’s all rooted in “skin color” regardless of how you personally feel about NOT wanting to see them on film.

    As far as education is concerned, where I live & grew up has (for years) consistently been ranked around #1 (if not #1) in the nation both in terms of per capita income and education. I’m a Black guy who was identified as GT back when I was a kid scoring in the 99th percentile of all my testing. My hometown (the DC metro region) is more diverse than the vast majority of America—-it was “Chocolate City” for years. I’ve been fortunate to grow up seeing wealth (from my mom’s side) as well as the educational dynamic of being in a neighborhood that wasn’t in the inner city, but benefited financially and educationally as a result of being in the nation’s richest county.

    Education has ALWAYS been stressed to me!!! I can’t begin to tell you how many of my fellow Blacks I’ve encountered have stressed education to me ever since I was a kid. They surely outnumber the few idiotic kids in HS who were clowning education. It was stressed to me ahelluvalot MORE than sports by ALL my Black teachers (& I’ve had many). We have numerous mentors in the community going around doing this thing EVERY day in EVERY city—-do I think they need to do more??? Yes, but I commend them.

    I’ve run the streets before (even though my background says that I shouldn’t have been). I learned that MANY MORE Blacks value education than (1) non-Blacks think and (2) the media wants the general public to know.

    I know what you’re talking about with Black kids teasing—-but, even though it used to happen to me constantly, I’ve gotta honestly tell you that I was tormented MORE by the 28 other White kids who’d be in class with me and the ONLY other Asian. We lived in a progressive area & these kids ridiculed me every day simply bcuz they were embarrassed bcuz I was scoring HIGHER and doing BETTER. So, I dumbed my grades down to C-D level by NOT doing homework just so I could fit in even though my standardized test scores said that I was smarter than 99% of the NATION’s kids. My teachers were perplexed.

    Black kids WEREN’T the problem. The FEW ones doing it were on FREE lunch and their parents were usually the kinda low class types who’d buy some Nikes instead of paying a light bill. But, note that I said FEW—-bcuz even in poor neighborhoods, the value of education is surprisingly told MORE often among Blacks than MOST people know. I know bcuz my dad’s side is poor and grew up in an urban area. My grandfather still figured outta way to make his way due to hard work & everybody after him went to college!!! These are Blacks—-and they were in a major city where ALL Blacks were linked like a small community. The stress on education was always there (especially when so much revolves around the churches that give scholarships). We’re being preached it in the pulpit on Sunday’s—-LOL and I say that even though I haven’t been to church in years.

    The idiots who talk down upon education will seem numerous if your impression of being Black is about” hanging out & being down” and ISN’T rooted outside of a certain type of experience that you can ONLY have if you’re part of the culture and seen BOTH sides of the money coin like me. It’s crazy, but I’ve NEVER seen all these Blacks who DON’T value education even though I was teased for being in the White classes. I was in college-level engineering programs where Black kids with certain aptitudes were selected for participation—-and we partied just like the White kids I went to college with. But, I’ve honestly had MORE White kids try to make me feel bad for being smart than Black kids in all these different places. Those dumb asses are just as much of a minority as the people (like me) that they’re mad at just because our aptitude tests in the upper 1% regardless of race.

    But, I saw more people stressing education (with all my time running the streets behind my family’s back) than I saw people making fun of me for it—-and, again, the White kids made my life a living hell with theirs. I don’t hate them bcuz of it. But, you seem to be making the argument that THEY would like to make by exploiting what YOU’VE said about Mr. Marcus!!! It’s the reason why we shut them out and are happy with them thinking stereotypical FALSE things like Blacks DON’T value education and Black women HATE facials.

    OMG I’ve been telling men the opposite FOR YEARS ever since I was in college!!! The accusation is just NOT true. Yes, alotta sistas DON’T like facials…. but, I know soooooo many that DO!!!! & this has been for several years now. I’m sure that you’ve also heard the saying, “Good d*ck can do things that bad d*ck can’t do”. I’m NOT gonna toot my own horn, but I’ve been telling people that line since high school. Black women AREN’T any different—-if you have “game” and a certain “style” (not necessarily even thuggish, but a no shit renaissance intellectual kinda dude), then you’ll get females!!!

    All that stereotypical stuff about Black women’s bad attitudes and their hangups in bed is completely FALSE!!! Sistas are freaks—-and IMO the prettier she is, the MORE likely she’ll be your porn star in bed WITHOUT your needing to ask (as long as you’re laying the pipe right AND treating her well). Black women honestly get a bum rap & I’ve dated 100s of women of all colors. I was a serial dater BEFORE I got married—LOL had to keep a notebook of names just NOT to lose track. If she was hot, then I was gonna ask for her number & no, my rep among my friends is that I ALWAYS choose the best (bcuz ever since I was a kid, I NEVER had a problem getting model-fine, video-looking type of girls of all colors). I was smart, but women were sorta rewarding me bcuz of it.

    Look, I’m married to a Black woman who loves facials. For years she said she WOULDN’T do xyz (back when she was a virgin), but now it might as well be a porn set in my bedroom—-no shame in my game. I’m friends with alotta dime piece sistas who LOVE facials & have said so in my presence during conversations on the issue in multiple places, times, & forums. I have Black exes who love facials—one in particular really liked getting busted dead in the eye by mistake (to the point where SHE was the one telling people about how much she loved it). I’ve dealt with plenty of sistas in my lifetime who are ALL ABOUT the facial—-and I’m talking about top-quality sistas who actually value education (NOT the stereotypical chickenheads who make the whole race look bad).

    I’ve said alot today. Sorry for “the rant” like the idiots who have NOTHING to offer will say. But, again, I only took the time to tell you this because you’re a cool chick.

  260. Lambada Says:

    Apologies for the typos. It’s NOT like I’m writing a paper on brain surgery.

  261. Lambada Says:

    Oh and one more thing, I know that you’ve spoken out against the IR issue. I commend you for that.

    But, my point is that the attitude of “your career will be hurt if you do films with Black guys” contributes just as much to racism as Al and Jesse (even if certain people in certain areas DON’T wanna see it).

    It’s an industry that’s pretty much saying, “You WON’T be a star unless you discriminate bcuz most of the fans DON’T wanna see Black men getting White girls”.

    And of course, the fans who get grossed out by it act exactly like the White guys whose girlfriends were always cheating WITH ME. In the end, the ones perpetuating this crap have just as much penis envy as the people buying the myth.

    It doesn’t matter who becomes the filet mignon despite banging Black guys on cam—-Alanah Rae, Shyla Stylez, Savannah Samson…. they keep selling folks on this ridiculous idea that IR hurts your career and the pathetic loser fans who aren’t packing anything in their pants (or have insecurity issues) get upset if the chick they’re even interested in has been w/ a Black guy. LMAO suddenly, they’re tainted.

    And I’m over here thinking, “Gee, if I knew that a sista has messed with White guys (and there are plenty of sistas that have), then at least I know that she takes it on the face”!!! LMAO that’s what I’ve been telling brothas ever since my HS days.

    LMAO but they wanna whine about Al and Jesse (even though the majority of Black people DON’T even care for those 2 clowns).

  262. Karmafan Says:

    Of course there is no mention of the fact that penis size varies from person to person and black men arent bigger then white men as a race.

    The only race that seems to statistically be small is the asian race and thats more because asian people tend to be smaller (height/weight) then other parts of the world.

  263. Lambada Says:

    @Karmafan – of course I didn’t; penis envy is rooted in one’s “perception” (NOT concrete metrics). But, I’ve seen enough credible scientific studies about penis size to know that I fall within the upper 1% regardless of the race in question. Being well-endowed has been both a blessing and a curse for me.

    However, I’m NOT gonna pretend like the penis envy (or “hatred”) that I’ve received from Black guys hasn’t been on a far lesser scale than what I’ve received from White guys.

    In my experience, Black guys typically DON’T display penis envy until I start calling them pathetic for spreading BS myths about Black women having sexual hangups and bad attitudes. The truth is that Black women are incredibly easy to deal with as long as you AREN’T boring, stimulate their mind, are chivalrous, treat them with respect, are upfront about your feelings instead of hiding them, and are laying the pipe. I’ve honestly NEVER had problems outta Black women. Contrary to popular opinion, they AREN’T looking for “thugs” per se—-they actually prefer men with brains, style, and class. That was pretty consistent across the board regardless of whether the sista was from the hood, the suburbs, rich, or poor. Black women AREN’T anything like the stereotype that people seem to have of them being hard to handle/please.

    Black guys are MORE worried about the kinda dude you are—-they’re more worried about losing their chick to someone they deem as being LESS of a man (and they usually DON’T even view you as a threat unless you’re thuggish, rich, an athlete, or a rapper).

    On the other hand, White guys were ALWAYS the ones cock blocking me, hating, trying to throw monkey wrenches into my love/sex life, and displaying the penis envy—-what’s even scarier is that those dudes would openly admit that they were doing this stuff because I was Black and they had penis envy. I actually was impressed by the honesty of these guys whenever I’d approach them to ask why they were behaving this way towards me. They had no problem admitting that they DIDN’T wanna see a Black guy with the hot White chick they had a crush on.

    Before I got with my Playboy/Penthouse model ex-girlfriend, she was with a White guy who actually wrote her letters begging her to NEVER sleep with a Black dude. She & I used to laugh about his insecurities around this issue. Dude absolutely lost his mind when he found out that she was banging me. I’ve NEVER had that problem with Black men even though I’ve listened to thuggish dudes breakdown in tears, crying on the phone when their girls told them that they were leaving them for me.

    Before I got married, almost every relationship that I had (since age 17) was an open relationship because I was commitment phobic. My main girl all those years was a bad ass Asian chick who had a ridiculous sexual appetite—-she wanted to be exclusive, but I WASN’T willing to give up all of my other girls. So, I let her fuck White guys on the side mainly because we had to keep up a front for her racist friends who DIDN’T approve of her dating a Black guy. I gotta rush from watching my girlfriend use these other men (walking all over them, humiliating them, playing them like puppets, and treating them like complete dirt); she was a total bitch to those guys, but was a sweetheart towards me. One night, she propositioned me for a 3some on the condition that I give her a B/B/G in return—-I was cool with the idea. When she approached one of the White guys that she was fucking, dude was initially receptive and told her to pick out whoever she wanted. LOL of course he no longer wanted to do the 3some as soon as she told him that I’d be the other dude—-he immediately started whining about how he DIDN’T want her to pick a Black guy. She actually had to take time reassuring that fool because he started worrying that she WOULDN’T want him anymore because my penis is bigger than his (which was ridiculous given the kinda relationship that she & I had).

    Those are the kinda guys that the porn industry feasts upon. They’re the primary consumers who keep crying about NOT wanting to see girls doing IR with Black guys. As reprehensible as I find Mr. Marcus’ actions to be, I still find it odd that the industry wants to take a holier than thou attitude (about what he’s done) when their own crap has been stinking for quite a while in numerous ways.

    For every idiot who claims that Mr. Marcus is being wronged because of his race—-there are probably 1000 people (fans, agents, execs) who’d exploit this situation as a reason to keep selling actresses on the idea that they SHOULDN’T do IR with Black men; all the while citing sales/demographics as a reason for perpetuating their own brand of racism.

    I don’t feel any more sorry for them than the racist idiots that I’ve wronged in my own love/sexlife. I’d honestly be MORE sympathetic (and would take an approach that’s more along the idea of humanity) if the porn industry itself DIDN’T go outta its way to vilify Black men in general. It might seem messed up that I’m not taking a more humanitarian POV, but hey—-my feelings were shaped by the BS perception that the industry has been promoting of Black men. You can’t expect me to be sympathetic to the plight of ANY industry that tries so damn hard to gift wrap “racial prejudice” as the ONLY pathway to prosperity for an actress (even if those doing IR are the ones who were affected by Mr. Marcus’ actions).

    What Mr. Marcus did was jacked—-but, the industry is cruddy in general. He’s NOT the only dude who’s knowingly passing stuff onto women in that biz. So, if we’re going to talk about race at all, then we need to speak honestly about it. The industry seems to know that alotta White guys have deep-rooted issues with NOT wanting to see women banging Black men—-the fans seem to be the only ones denying this while throwing darts at Black guys 24/7/365.

    If a chick NOT doing IR is gonna help make some pathetic, racist fan feel like he’s suddenly MORE desirable than a Black dude (simply because she says “Duhhhh, this is my preference, teeheehee”)—-then, hey, more power to them. But, in the end, the industry that markets to those losers ISN’T any better than Mr. Marcus when it’s all said n’ done.

    In closing, f*ck Sharpton and f*ck Jesse.

  264. origen Says:

    Lambda it’s cool that you have a big dick. I wish mine were huge but i like what i got. some girls even called me big but the bottom line is that it gets the job done

  265. Lambada Says:

    @origen – LOL that’s all you can really ask for. As long as you can do the job, then that’s what counts.

    I wasn’t exactly coming in here to brag. But, the stuff about “Black women NOT taking facials” was terribly inaccurate based on what I’ve learned/seen about Black women having lived each day as a Black man that’s had absolutely no problem pulling 5-star chicks.

    The porn industry in general seems to view/treat fans (or anyone who’s NOT in the biz) like they’re all just perverted lames who can’t keep it up, are awful in bed, depressed, desperate, and CAN’T get a girl that even looks like those in XXX without paying for it—-but, I don’t fit their stereotype for a fan by any means (not even by a long shot). I’ve had enough experiences with Black women to be able to say that they’re willing to take facials just as much as the chicks of other races that I’ve been with (but, they DON’T just do it for ANYBODY).

    And if a guy is saying that Black women DON’T, then I know 1sthand that it’s either bcuz (1) he has no game, (2) he’s disrespectful, (3) he’s NOT ambitious/smart enough to attract the RIGHT Black women, (4) he’s terrible in bed, or (5) he DOESN’T know how to use his big johnson if he’s even got one of those.

    That’s why I mentioned “size”. I didn’t even think mine was “big like dat” until chicks started whipping out rulers on me in bed to measure. But, hey, it definitely helps on days/nights when I don’t feel like moving much in bed. Nevertheless, alotta problems/bullshit come along with it (enough to make you wannabe celibate); psycho girls, rumors, cock blocking, stalkers, drama, missed stops on the subway when you see a hot girl while wearing khakis, toilet bowl replacements (LOL).

    Having a big johnson ain’t all that’s it’s cracked up to be regardless of the numerous benefits and all the things women will let you getaway with for having one.

  266. Larry Horse Says:

    I see Mr Marcus is doing some kind of outreach work, of course that is from Mean Gene where any press release is news, unlike mom (Cindi) who filters what comes in. One thing the laziest man in porn journalism mentioned was Patrick Collins, Malibu Media, and Third Degree suing for the names of John Doe bit torrenters from the big ISPs. I hope it gets thrown out for two reasons. One, when these guys went after people the first time there was a fair amount of defacto blackmail and we had those outlier cases of old women, blind people, and the dead being sued. The second is probably a strong inference but when you get the names of some of those torreters, you might find some folks who do not take kindly to being exposed. Remember a couple of years ago when the police in the Ukraine shut down a big operations, you think there were not some bad people involved, those who can do really bad things to you.

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