Mariah Milano on Mr Marcus-“What he did was Criminal”

NL-There is a thread on FreeOnes forum entitled Mr Marcus Patient Zero in Syphilis Outbreak, it is more than eleven pages long. Anything I take from there to show you will be slightly out of context, because there is no way I can post the whole thing. BUT here are a few interesting things that Mariah Milano said. Please go read the whole thread for yourself here

by Mariah Milano from

first up, I know Marcus better than ANY of you fucking people. What he did is criminal and even though I have always liked him as a person and we have been friends since 1998 and worked together almost 40 times, he fucked up.

And if you say "well at least he admitted it" HOw could he not admit it? lol He didn’t come forward, he got caught. He willfully and purposely produced fraudulent tests and forged medical records which is a crime. He exposed other people to a very dangerous disease that has a cure, but please, it affects so much of your body it is VERY bad to catch even if you treat it.

Do not pretend to know what the fuck you are talking about if you are a fan or don’t do scenes where testing is involved. Read and post your comments, but please, do NOT fucking speak out like you have ANY concept of the industry because you don’t.

Marcus has always been extremely promiscuous off camera and it’s the reason I refused to work with him in 2000 and any time he asked me since right up to March of this year. I value my health and with nearly 600 scenes shot in my career I never once got any std of any kind. I was exposed to them many times, including 2 HIV issues with Marc Wallace back in 1999 and then Tony Montana a year later. I didn’t work with either but I worked with people who had worked with them. Marc Wallace forged his HIV results and infected people including a girl whom I had worked with the month prior for Adam n Eve.

So please, enough with the pretending to have insight and knowledge because you do not. Marcus should be prosecuted and I would imagine he could be sued as well. Without porn the guy is going to be lost. His only shot at anything now is maybe to write a book. His entire life was porn.

As fucked up as it is, the porn industry has nearly zero morals or business ethics so I see him working again soon. It might only be for his own projects and with new unknowing talent, but they won’t run him out. You can already see how the FSC is protecting him and trying to make him out to be this honorable remorseful guy, which he is surely sorry but had he not been caught, bet you he’d still be working.


if you have sex with people when you are HIV positive and do not inform them you can be prosecuted. That’s a fact. Just the same if you have infectious diseases and spit in someone’s face you can be prosecuted. So why is this different? So because I like Marcus and have known him excuses what he did to other people who had nothing to do with this? People who couldn’t work,,,forget the other porn girls because they all escort anyway, but the photographers and video guys and directors. did they deserve to not get paid for a month? I hardly think so. He doesn’t get a pass for anything when he alters test results. That is blatant disregard for the very people who trust him and that alone is fucked up.

And yes, Lex is a very nice guy and very professional. I shot with him in one of his very first scene for Booty Talk #6 back in 98 for West Coast video. He plays the roll with the Black n Milds and all that but he’s a very nice guy and respectful. Marcus was always a hound. I was in a limo with him and a few others in Hollywood coming from a party when he picked up a street walker in Hollywood and went down on her in the car!!!!!!!! I nearly threw up. I had them let me out and took a $130 cab ride home. He isn’t known for his discretion


I’m going to say something to you that will for sure offend you, because clearly if I were to say that "most black people have darker skin than white people" you would scream racism.

Sometimes you just have to stop being a fucking victim and accept that scientific reality is just that, and move the fuck on. You avoid high risk situations and putting yourself in harm’s way. Do you dispute that Sickle Cell is something that only blacks can have? Is THAT a racist thing to say? I think that what Bearded Menace said was factually based and I provided CDC findings to back up what I said, so why the hostility?

Ok so here’s my insult lol My son’s father is a black man who I met when I was 15 and he was 27, I was pregnant at 16 and had my son a month after I turned 17. He lives up to every single negative stereo type that people of color face. He has no job, he has 4 kids with 4 different women that he doesn’t pay a penny to support or have any interest in knowing and at 44 he still thinks he’s going to be a rapper. He sags and he wears jerseys every day. He also blames all of his failures and issues on racism, even though he has good parents and has had a million opportunities that he has blown. Everything is racist, and he thinks that anything that any white person says about a black person is an attack. I chalk that entire thing up to the foolishness of youth and at least I got my son out of it as well as a very serious lesson learned.

Do I blame his skin color for this? Of course not. Do I blame his ancestors and his ethnicity? Of course not. Racism is based on opinions, not facts. It’s based on ignorance and fear.

Now do I blame the culture of black America? Abso – fucking – lutely. it has become part of the culture of black america to have kids and not give a shit about them. to not become educated and clown the people who do well in school. Jay Z and Nas and Puff Daddy all spoke out against that athelete who chose to go to college over turning pro saying he was being "railroaded by white people" and "he needs to make that money for his people while he can" The kid was 18 and wanted to be the first person in his family to ever go to college. He wanted something to fall back on and those famous people he had never met and admired, railed against him and spoke out publicly against him. Its part of black culture in America to not speak proper english. Good luck having people worthwhile take you seriously if you sound like an idiot and good luck getting a decent job. Its also part of the culture to cheat on your woman. Its part of the culture to glorify the car you drive and the chains you wear yet live in a shit hole, and without a job and education how do you suppose those things are paid for?

Now do I think all black americans are this way? of course not. But if you are honest with yourself you cannot deny that this is a tremendous struggle for your people and Mr Obama has said "pull up your pants" in 2 different speeches to the NAACP. But he has big mouth opportunists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to contend with who need blacks to be oppressed so they can continue to shake people down and remain relevent. It was Jesse Jackson who said that the "American youth in gangs are the warriors of the future for civil liberties" in a speech at the million man march. Listen to the popular songs right now…which I like as entertainment but when a 14 year old living in the projects hears Rick Ross rapping about selling dope and Akon and everyone else and sees what and where it got them, that is a very bad message being sent to someone in a very hopeless situation. It’s the culture and it’s getting worse not better.

You can be pissed and call me a racist and say all that shit you want, but nothing I said is wrong. And by denying it or blaming other people you extend the problem and throw gas on the fire.

I also thank you for your service in the military. That isn’t said often enough. You and I clearly disagree on several issues but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you and appreciate your sacrifices and your opinions


  1. origen

    Nice pics from Curacao, BTW. The Caribbean is great (my mother is from there) but you should also consider visiting Cape Verde sometime…

  2. jeremysteele11

    I see your comment finally came in, Mariah. My gf is black, and not only doesn’t she take it in the face, she jumps off the bed when I’m about to spew because she doesn’t want sperm on her anywhere at all. The sex acts are usually bizarre because when I’m about to come she’ll jump up and scamper away… sometimes I’ll come on the nearby bathroom door or in the toilet so I don’t mess up where I sleep.

  3. jeremysteele11

    Btw, Mariah, I envy all your travels and hanging out with dolphins. I’m stuck here in dirty L.A. surrounded by Mexicans. That was a nice video, music by Van Morrison9289.

  4. thanks guys 🙂 I have to say though Jeremy that you are hardly “stuck” in LA…why not be where you want to be? Go where you desire to go.

    There are some amazing places in the world. Traveling and being exposed to other cultures and people has honestly changed my life, my way of viewing other people and become tolerant and appreciate other views contrasting my own. I grew up in LA, right in the heart of Chatsworth. I got out of there in 2004 when I first started my site and moved to the Florida panhandle where I rented a motel room on this beautiful white sand beach. I had no money, was just getting over 18 months of using meth and knew no one. I worked my ass off to make my site a success and I have only visited LA since. Overcrowded, over taxed, filthy and expensive. I live in fucking paradise now. I own a house right on the gulf of Mexico with a dock where I can sit and watch dolphins feed on mullet. The house I own here would be over a million dollars in LA, and here it’s a quarter of that.

    Plus I have spring training and great sports teams and a ton of awesome strip clubs! 🙂

    If I were you I would consider getting outta there if you see it as you say, especially with a kid on the way.

  5. Origen, I have a trip planned to the Azores in April. Pretty similar to Cape Verde, both Portugese settled.

    But for me, the southern end of the Out Islands in the Bahamas is the greatest water in the world.

  6. bobt03

    Geez, Mariah: You’re violating Omerta. First you tell us that in real life, our gals really don’t want us to come on their faces and that anal isn’t all its cracked up to be. Next, are you going to tell us that squirting isn’t female ejaculate? Congratulations on your new endeavor. Let’s hope its a success for you.

  7. commonsense

    I know this is late commentary with questions, but pertinent.
    Mr. Marcus states the RPR test only, there are many false positives with this test. Did he have a confirmatory test performed, and what were the results. What stage of syphilis was he diagnosed with. primary, secondary, latent, or tertiary. did he have symptoms?? latent or tertiary are not contagious. does not make it right what he did, and could be considered assault and battery in some states.
    with RPR elevated high, and no symptoms sounds like latent

  8. Lambada

    We’ve spoken only once in the past (4 years ago) & I thought you were a really cool chick then. One thing that I can say is that I always had more respect for you than any other non-Black starlet in the industry because of the truth in your opinions & your courage in expressing it.

    But, right now, even though I agree with some of what you said, I’m still truly disappointed in this instance because your own statements have gross inaccuracies about Black culture. Normally, I wouldn’t take the time to address such things—but, because of my previous conversation with you, I figured that you’d be MORE LIKELY to actually listen to an alternative POV that’s rooted in honesty and truth.

    1st things 1st, I’m NOT a “fan” per se—-and I’m only telling you this stuff just to give you some background info into what kinda person you’re talking to (as opposed to your fans). The last time we spoke, I told you that I’ve lived a very fun/unique life for a guy (even if I WEREN’T Black). One of my exes posed for Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, and was getting offers from XXX companies (like Vivid) all the time. I’ve NEVER really had a problem getting females.

    With regard to the original issue, it’s one of the main reasons why I decided NOT to go into the industry when I had MANY opportunities to do so myself. The truth is that there ARE alotta things that people DON’T know about what REALLY goes on in the industry (I often find myself telling people that very thing).

    For several years, my friends in the industry had told me bad things about certain male porn stars. So, I’m NOT surprised. Disease via sex is also a natural biological reaction.

    I think the deed was reprehensible, but let’s be real—(1) NOBODY tells the chicks entering the industry what they’re REALLY in for and (2) EVERYBODY lies to the public in order to sell the fantasy; it’s ruined if you tell them about “certain things”.

    What I find ironic is how certain people like Rocco (who may NOT have fucked everybody, but he might as well have), Felecia, and Belladonna say ONE thing about disease in the industry—-but, everybody else acts like it’s NOT a problem until they’ve gotten OUT of the biz. You’ll see Bang Bros. and those cats will have actors with huge lumps in the exact same area while the girls are tongue bathing the spot. They’re putting it in bungholes (and NOT everybody has the same hygiene). The dudes are working MORE than the girls bcuz they’re doing so many scenes. There’s spitting. Hell, EVERYBODY is swapping spit. And I’m NOT judging by any means, I’m just being honest/real even if we cut the tape and the sex ISN’T like what normal people do.

    These chicks AREN’T necessarily victims per se, but MOST of them have NO IDEA what they’re REALLY in for when they make that decision to do the film. MOST of them DON’T know that the dude behind the cam is burning. They’re just thinking about the cash, their bills, and/or how it’d be fun to get paid to have sex—-and the industry PROFITS off their ignorance about the johnsons being put into their mouths.

    I wrestled with this moral decision when I made my own choice to go another path even though I had people banging down my door from the time that I bought my camera. Exotic dancers, mainstream porn stars, actors, webcam girls, agents, pimps, strip club owners, they were all pretty much falling in my lap. And the amateur girls DIDN’T even demand an AIDS test—-I was the one who did it. They WEREN’T exactly desperate ugly chicks—-heck, the Asian stripper we got would’ve rivaled Tera Patrick.

    The fluid transfer and spider web of who’s been with who (however many times) is unreal. You might as well NOT even keep count. Just have a record/max for your scene. And that’s just the beginning. Heck, one of the reasons why I wanted to be in the biz is bcuz I DIDN’T like the current industry status quo. I know I’m saying alot, but we only live ONCE & again I figure you’re the ONE person who’ll listen.

    There’s ALOT that people DON’T know about the biz bcuz they’ve NEVER really been in it, but like I also always tell people—it’s different than what you think & the powers running it AREN’T really who you think is running everything (like my friends in porn have told me for years).

    In response to one of your remarks, Mariah…. it’s a myth that Black people DON’T check each other. It happens all the time—-It’s NOT even a rare thing. I’m NOT the person who has the problem with you. I’m just trying to drop a dime—-we check each other so damn much. We just don’t trust Caucasians enough to TRULY let them into loop because they have a tendency to exploit our problems/issues in order to make points of bickering.

    I’m a moderate (NOT a liberal) who DOESN’T really like Sharpton or Jesse. But, they don’t exploit any more than these porn agents who claim that a girl’s career will be hurt by IR (as I’ve seen you say) and they’re NOT being exploited any more than the pathetic losers who seem to REALLY think that a girl refusing to do IR is always about “preference” and NEVER has anything to do with a “racial” decision.

    If we’re going to say that racism exists, then we need to give porn MUCH of the credit for trying to create a culture on “your career will suffer if you do Black men”. They prey on the consumer base that has johnson envy & then they justify it while complaining about Sharpton/Jesse. If an actress DOESN’T wanna do Black men, then be my guest—-but, at least have the courage NOT to hide behind your “preference” in an industry where you’re being paid to film yourself doing acts with folks you often DON’T know.

    If we’re going to get into stereotypes, then again let’s be real—-the people who’d ENDORSE your comments without expressing reservation are PROBABLY the same folks who’d act like the industry it OK to be steering girls away from doing IR (for whatever reason). It’s all rooted in “skin color” regardless of how you personally feel about NOT wanting to see them on film.

    As far as education is concerned, where I live & grew up has (for years) consistently been ranked around #1 (if not #1) in the nation both in terms of per capita income and education. I’m a Black guy who was identified as GT back when I was a kid scoring in the 99th percentile of all my testing. My hometown (the DC metro region) is more diverse than the vast majority of America—-it was “Chocolate City” for years. I’ve been fortunate to grow up seeing wealth (from my mom’s side) as well as the educational dynamic of being in a neighborhood that wasn’t in the inner city, but benefited financially and educationally as a result of being in the nation’s richest county.

    Education has ALWAYS been stressed to me!!! I can’t begin to tell you how many of my fellow Blacks I’ve encountered have stressed education to me ever since I was a kid. They surely outnumber the few idiotic kids in HS who were clowning education. It was stressed to me ahelluvalot MORE than sports by ALL my Black teachers (& I’ve had many). We have numerous mentors in the community going around doing this thing EVERY day in EVERY city—-do I think they need to do more??? Yes, but I commend them.

    I’ve run the streets before (even though my background says that I shouldn’t have been). I learned that MANY MORE Blacks value education than (1) non-Blacks think and (2) the media wants the general public to know.

    I know what you’re talking about with Black kids teasing—-but, even though it used to happen to me constantly, I’ve gotta honestly tell you that I was tormented MORE by the 28 other White kids who’d be in class with me and the ONLY other Asian. We lived in a progressive area & these kids ridiculed me every day simply bcuz they were embarrassed bcuz I was scoring HIGHER and doing BETTER. So, I dumbed my grades down to C-D level by NOT doing homework just so I could fit in even though my standardized test scores said that I was smarter than 99% of the NATION’s kids. My teachers were perplexed.

    Black kids WEREN’T the problem. The FEW ones doing it were on FREE lunch and their parents were usually the kinda low class types who’d buy some Nikes instead of paying a light bill. But, note that I said FEW—-bcuz even in poor neighborhoods, the value of education is surprisingly told MORE often among Blacks than MOST people know. I know bcuz my dad’s side is poor and grew up in an urban area. My grandfather still figured outta way to make his way due to hard work & everybody after him went to college!!! These are Blacks—-and they were in a major city where ALL Blacks were linked like a small community. The stress on education was always there (especially when so much revolves around the churches that give scholarships). We’re being preached it in the pulpit on Sunday’s—-LOL and I say that even though I haven’t been to church in years.

    The idiots who talk down upon education will seem numerous if your impression of being Black is about” hanging out & being down” and ISN’T rooted outside of a certain type of experience that you can ONLY have if you’re part of the culture and seen BOTH sides of the money coin like me. It’s crazy, but I’ve NEVER seen all these Blacks who DON’T value education even though I was teased for being in the White classes. I was in college-level engineering programs where Black kids with certain aptitudes were selected for participation—-and we partied just like the White kids I went to college with. But, I’ve honestly had MORE White kids try to make me feel bad for being smart than Black kids in all these different places. Those dumb asses are just as much of a minority as the people (like me) that they’re mad at just because our aptitude tests in the upper 1% regardless of race.

    But, I saw more people stressing education (with all my time running the streets behind my family’s back) than I saw people making fun of me for it—-and, again, the White kids made my life a living hell with theirs. I don’t hate them bcuz of it. But, you seem to be making the argument that THEY would like to make by exploiting what YOU’VE said about Mr. Marcus!!! It’s the reason why we shut them out and are happy with them thinking stereotypical FALSE things like Blacks DON’T value education and Black women HATE facials.

    OMG I’ve been telling men the opposite FOR YEARS ever since I was in college!!! The accusation is just NOT true. Yes, alotta sistas DON’T like facials…. but, I know soooooo many that DO!!!! & this has been for several years now. I’m sure that you’ve also heard the saying, “Good d*ck can do things that bad d*ck can’t do”. I’m NOT gonna toot my own horn, but I’ve been telling people that line since high school. Black women AREN’T any different—-if you have “game” and a certain “style” (not necessarily even thuggish, but a no shit renaissance intellectual kinda dude), then you’ll get females!!!

    All that stereotypical stuff about Black women’s bad attitudes and their hangups in bed is completely FALSE!!! Sistas are freaks—-and IMO the prettier she is, the MORE likely she’ll be your porn star in bed WITHOUT your needing to ask (as long as you’re laying the pipe right AND treating her well). Black women honestly get a bum rap & I’ve dated 100s of women of all colors. I was a serial dater BEFORE I got married—LOL had to keep a notebook of names just NOT to lose track. If she was hot, then I was gonna ask for her number & no, my rep among my friends is that I ALWAYS choose the best (bcuz ever since I was a kid, I NEVER had a problem getting model-fine, video-looking type of girls of all colors). I was smart, but women were sorta rewarding me bcuz of it.

    Look, I’m married to a Black woman who loves facials. For years she said she WOULDN’T do xyz (back when she was a virgin), but now it might as well be a porn set in my bedroom—-no shame in my game. I’m friends with alotta dime piece sistas who LOVE facials & have said so in my presence during conversations on the issue in multiple places, times, & forums. I have Black exes who love facials—one in particular really liked getting busted dead in the eye by mistake (to the point where SHE was the one telling people about how much she loved it). I’ve dealt with plenty of sistas in my lifetime who are ALL ABOUT the facial—-and I’m talking about top-quality sistas who actually value education (NOT the stereotypical chickenheads who make the whole race look bad).

    I’ve said alot today. Sorry for “the rant” like the idiots who have NOTHING to offer will say. But, again, I only took the time to tell you this because you’re a cool chick.

  9. Lambada

    Oh and one more thing, I know that you’ve spoken out against the IR issue. I commend you for that.

    But, my point is that the attitude of “your career will be hurt if you do films with Black guys” contributes just as much to racism as Al and Jesse (even if certain people in certain areas DON’T wanna see it).

    It’s an industry that’s pretty much saying, “You WON’T be a star unless you discriminate bcuz most of the fans DON’T wanna see Black men getting White girls”.

    And of course, the fans who get grossed out by it act exactly like the White guys whose girlfriends were always cheating WITH ME. In the end, the ones perpetuating this crap have just as much penis envy as the people buying the myth.

    It doesn’t matter who becomes the filet mignon despite banging Black guys on cam—-Alanah Rae, Shyla Stylez, Savannah Samson…. they keep selling folks on this ridiculous idea that IR hurts your career and the pathetic loser fans who aren’t packing anything in their pants (or have insecurity issues) get upset if the chick they’re even interested in has been w/ a Black guy. LMAO suddenly, they’re tainted.

    And I’m over here thinking, “Gee, if I knew that a sista has messed with White guys (and there are plenty of sistas that have), then at least I know that she takes it on the face”!!! LMAO that’s what I’ve been telling brothas ever since my HS days.

    LMAO but they wanna whine about Al and Jesse (even though the majority of Black people DON’T even care for those 2 clowns).

  10. Karmafan

    Of course there is no mention of the fact that penis size varies from person to person and black men arent bigger then white men as a race.

    The only race that seems to statistically be small is the asian race and thats more because asian people tend to be smaller (height/weight) then other parts of the world.

  11. Lambada

    @Karmafan – of course I didn’t; penis envy is rooted in one’s “perception” (NOT concrete metrics). But, I’ve seen enough credible scientific studies about penis size to know that I fall within the upper 1% regardless of the race in question. Being well-endowed has been both a blessing and a curse for me.

    However, I’m NOT gonna pretend like the penis envy (or “hatred”) that I’ve received from Black guys hasn’t been on a far lesser scale than what I’ve received from White guys.

    In my experience, Black guys typically DON’T display penis envy until I start calling them pathetic for spreading BS myths about Black women having sexual hangups and bad attitudes. The truth is that Black women are incredibly easy to deal with as long as you AREN’T boring, stimulate their mind, are chivalrous, treat them with respect, are upfront about your feelings instead of hiding them, and are laying the pipe. I’ve honestly NEVER had problems outta Black women. Contrary to popular opinion, they AREN’T looking for “thugs” per se—-they actually prefer men with brains, style, and class. That was pretty consistent across the board regardless of whether the sista was from the hood, the suburbs, rich, or poor. Black women AREN’T anything like the stereotype that people seem to have of them being hard to handle/please.

    Black guys are MORE worried about the kinda dude you are—-they’re more worried about losing their chick to someone they deem as being LESS of a man (and they usually DON’T even view you as a threat unless you’re thuggish, rich, an athlete, or a rapper).

    On the other hand, White guys were ALWAYS the ones cock blocking me, hating, trying to throw monkey wrenches into my love/sex life, and displaying the penis envy—-what’s even scarier is that those dudes would openly admit that they were doing this stuff because I was Black and they had penis envy. I actually was impressed by the honesty of these guys whenever I’d approach them to ask why they were behaving this way towards me. They had no problem admitting that they DIDN’T wanna see a Black guy with the hot White chick they had a crush on.

    Before I got with my Playboy/Penthouse model ex-girlfriend, she was with a White guy who actually wrote her letters begging her to NEVER sleep with a Black dude. She & I used to laugh about his insecurities around this issue. Dude absolutely lost his mind when he found out that she was banging me. I’ve NEVER had that problem with Black men even though I’ve listened to thuggish dudes breakdown in tears, crying on the phone when their girls told them that they were leaving them for me.

    Before I got married, almost every relationship that I had (since age 17) was an open relationship because I was commitment phobic. My main girl all those years was a bad ass Asian chick who had a ridiculous sexual appetite—-she wanted to be exclusive, but I WASN’T willing to give up all of my other girls. So, I let her fuck White guys on the side mainly because we had to keep up a front for her racist friends who DIDN’T approve of her dating a Black guy. I gotta rush from watching my girlfriend use these other men (walking all over them, humiliating them, playing them like puppets, and treating them like complete dirt); she was a total bitch to those guys, but was a sweetheart towards me. One night, she propositioned me for a 3some on the condition that I give her a B/B/G in return—-I was cool with the idea. When she approached one of the White guys that she was fucking, dude was initially receptive and told her to pick out whoever she wanted. LOL of course he no longer wanted to do the 3some as soon as she told him that I’d be the other dude—-he immediately started whining about how he DIDN’T want her to pick a Black guy. She actually had to take time reassuring that fool because he started worrying that she WOULDN’T want him anymore because my penis is bigger than his (which was ridiculous given the kinda relationship that she & I had).

    Those are the kinda guys that the porn industry feasts upon. They’re the primary consumers who keep crying about NOT wanting to see girls doing IR with Black guys. As reprehensible as I find Mr. Marcus’ actions to be, I still find it odd that the industry wants to take a holier than thou attitude (about what he’s done) when their own crap has been stinking for quite a while in numerous ways.

    For every idiot who claims that Mr. Marcus is being wronged because of his race—-there are probably 1000 people (fans, agents, execs) who’d exploit this situation as a reason to keep selling actresses on the idea that they SHOULDN’T do IR with Black men; all the while citing sales/demographics as a reason for perpetuating their own brand of racism.

    I don’t feel any more sorry for them than the racist idiots that I’ve wronged in my own love/sexlife. I’d honestly be MORE sympathetic (and would take an approach that’s more along the idea of humanity) if the porn industry itself DIDN’T go outta its way to vilify Black men in general. It might seem messed up that I’m not taking a more humanitarian POV, but hey—-my feelings were shaped by the BS perception that the industry has been promoting of Black men. You can’t expect me to be sympathetic to the plight of ANY industry that tries so damn hard to gift wrap “racial prejudice” as the ONLY pathway to prosperity for an actress (even if those doing IR are the ones who were affected by Mr. Marcus’ actions).

    What Mr. Marcus did was jacked—-but, the industry is cruddy in general. He’s NOT the only dude who’s knowingly passing stuff onto women in that biz. So, if we’re going to talk about race at all, then we need to speak honestly about it. The industry seems to know that alotta White guys have deep-rooted issues with NOT wanting to see women banging Black men—-the fans seem to be the only ones denying this while throwing darts at Black guys 24/7/365.

    If a chick NOT doing IR is gonna help make some pathetic, racist fan feel like he’s suddenly MORE desirable than a Black dude (simply because she says “Duhhhh, this is my preference, teeheehee”)—-then, hey, more power to them. But, in the end, the industry that markets to those losers ISN’T any better than Mr. Marcus when it’s all said n’ done.

    In closing, f*ck Sharpton and f*ck Jesse.

  12. origen

    Lambda it’s cool that you have a big dick. I wish mine were huge but i like what i got. some girls even called me big but the bottom line is that it gets the job done

  13. Lambada

    @origen – LOL that’s all you can really ask for. As long as you can do the job, then that’s what counts.

    I wasn’t exactly coming in here to brag. But, the stuff about “Black women NOT taking facials” was terribly inaccurate based on what I’ve learned/seen about Black women having lived each day as a Black man that’s had absolutely no problem pulling 5-star chicks.

    The porn industry in general seems to view/treat fans (or anyone who’s NOT in the biz) like they’re all just perverted lames who can’t keep it up, are awful in bed, depressed, desperate, and CAN’T get a girl that even looks like those in XXX without paying for it—-but, I don’t fit their stereotype for a fan by any means (not even by a long shot). I’ve had enough experiences with Black women to be able to say that they’re willing to take facials just as much as the chicks of other races that I’ve been with (but, they DON’T just do it for ANYBODY).

    And if a guy is saying that Black women DON’T, then I know 1sthand that it’s either bcuz (1) he has no game, (2) he’s disrespectful, (3) he’s NOT ambitious/smart enough to attract the RIGHT Black women, (4) he’s terrible in bed, or (5) he DOESN’T know how to use his big johnson if he’s even got one of those.

    That’s why I mentioned “size”. I didn’t even think mine was “big like dat” until chicks started whipping out rulers on me in bed to measure. But, hey, it definitely helps on days/nights when I don’t feel like moving much in bed. Nevertheless, alotta problems/bullshit come along with it (enough to make you wannabe celibate); psycho girls, rumors, cock blocking, stalkers, drama, missed stops on the subway when you see a hot girl while wearing khakis, toilet bowl replacements (LOL).

    Having a big johnson ain’t all that’s it’s cracked up to be regardless of the numerous benefits and all the things women will let you getaway with for having one.

  14. Larry Horse

    I see Mr Marcus is doing some kind of outreach work, of course that is from Mean Gene where any press release is news, unlike mom (Cindi) who filters what comes in. One thing the laziest man in porn journalism mentioned was Patrick Collins, Malibu Media, and Third Degree suing for the names of John Doe bit torrenters from the big ISPs. I hope it gets thrown out for two reasons. One, when these guys went after people the first time there was a fair amount of defacto blackmail and we had those outlier cases of old women, blind people, and the dead being sued. The second is probably a strong inference but when you get the names of some of those torreters, you might find some folks who do not take kindly to being exposed. Remember a couple of years ago when the police in the Ukraine shut down a big operations, you think there were not some bad people involved, those who can do really bad things to you.

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