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NL-Okay, Let’s see if I can get this straight… Manwin announced last Tuesday, August 7th, that they wouldn’t accept TTS results. (They had announced last month that they WOULD accept TTS results) TTS’s announcement that it was NOT going to be involved with Manwin/APHSS/FSC came on Thursday, August 9th. And the FSC notice went out after they read TTS’s statement. I’m confused… MIKE SOUTH???? MICHAEL WHITEACRE? WTF does all this mean bottom line, for the performers…


Manwin Decides Not to Accept TTS Performer Test Results

from By Rhett Pardon
Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012    Text size:    
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Manwin today said it won’t accept STI test results originating from Talent Testing Services.

In a statement, Manwin said it hoped to continue discussions with TTS "to come to an agreement that will allow them to work together."

The statement by Manwin follows:

Further to an announcement made on July 10, 2012, and after much consideration, Manwin has changed its stance with regards to Talent Testing Services. As previously announced, and as of July 1st, Manwin abides by new health standards and procedures.

The requirements oblige adult entertainers, performing in scenes commissioned for Manwin brands, to provide health tests that are no older than 15 days.

The health tests must be FDA approved for HIV testing, namely the HIV-1 Aptima RNA Qualitive Assay, and its results must appear in the APHSS database.

Manwin agrees with the APHSS standards and protocols, because they suit industry needs. In addition, Manwin is comfortable working with approved testing services, with procedures and protocols Manwin has reviewed and supported, as is the case with APHSS approved testing facilities.

Furthermore, Manwin requires the testing services to provide the assistance of a full-time doctor on staff, so that the patients who request it can get their tests analyzed and administered, while also getting the care they need in case of a positive test.

Due to the reasons stated above, at this time, Manwin will not accept STI test results originating from TTS. However, Manwin hopes to continue discussions with TTS, to come to an agreement that will allow  them to work together.

Though TTS is not part of the APHSS program, APHSS and TTS agreed on terms which allowed TTS to provide performer test results to the APHSS information bank, without joining the program. Manwin feels  that this is a great step forward.

For now, and until an agreement can be reached, performers will not be able to submit test results from  TTS in order to shoot for a Manwin owned brand.

With regards to the Performer Subsidy Fund, performers may still be reimbursed for partial costs of tests done at TTS, if TTS continues to submit test results to the APHSS program.

The PSF was conceived by Manwin, and administered by the Free Speech Coalition. Through the Fund, performers may receive a monthly subsidy to help with STI testing costs.


  1. AVN reports that TTS has now partnered with AHF’s buddies at UCLA for a “STI Study” of adult performers — just in time for the November ballot initiative vote. Participating performers will be paid 40 pieces of silver – I mean, $40.

    UCLA and its Reproductive Health Interest Group are fierce, long-term supporters of AHF’s campaign against the adult industry. Dr. Paula Tavrow from UCLA RHIG is the one who has suggested (among other inanities) that on-camera cumshots be replaced with Mylanta. This prompted my friend Julia Ann to respond, “Time for the pop shot — would you like mint or cherry flavored?”

    I encourage all performers, producers and agents to send their business to ANYWHERE but TTS.

  2. origen

    TTS must be planning to host the STI survey…

    Question: Why aren’t tests for Hepatitis, HPV in women, and Herpes the industry standard?

  3. Michael Whiteacre

    TTS is the “in” for UCLA. Get your samples taken at TTS, sign a waiver & release, and UCLA gets your results.

    Funny how a UCLA waiver is ok for these people, but a waiver for an industry database isn’t…

    Your question is a very complex one, in that there are several reasons (including arcane historical ones). I have long supported broadening industry testing — particularly for new performers seeking entrance to the performer community. I think they should be subjected to every test under the sun, at their own (or their agents’) expense in order to determine their suitability for work.

  4. Larry Horse

    Mr Whiteacre, you answered my question before I had time to ask it about UCLA and TTS and AHF. Weinstein gets his ammo cheap. If there was a proven connection between porn star names and testing and those names getting to AHF isnt there a hell of a law suit potential for misuse of information. Of course by that standard AIM would have been lawsuit city.

  5. Michael Whiteacre

    The surveys are normally anonymous BUT what yo have to remember is TTS has no doctor on staff. Where do they send the patients for follow-up medical care? The country OR (as in this case) UCLA. As patients seeking treatment for G/C, any performers who turn out to need care under this plan surely will not be anonymous.

    They will also be asked lots of questions as part of the intake procedure — and UCLA (AHF’s biggest booster) will be doing the asking.

    They’re not interested in the performers who test negative — just the ones who test positive for something/anything.

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