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James Deen In Brazzer’s Get Rubber! Campaign PSA

August 6 2012 – LUXEMBOURG – Manwin and Brazzers continue to encourage safe sex through the Get Rubber! Campaign, this time, with the help of adult film entertainer, and mainstream crossover sensation, James Deen.
Launched in October 2010, the Get Rubber! Campaign aims to promote safe sex to a global audience.
The latest public service announcement supporting the cause stars Deen, who is currently working alongside Lindsay Lohan, on the Bret Easton Ellis-penned film “The Canyons”. Deen, who was named AVN’s Male Performer of the Year in 2009, and most recently referred to as “The Well-Hung Boy Next Door” by GQ Magazine, is happy to lend his name to the cause.
“Porn sex is a lot different than real sex,” Deen says. “(…) In porn sex, everybody is tested regularly and everything is very organized and safe, and in the real world, it’s not that safe. You can’t model your sexual life after what you see in porn.”
Adult films, which are created in a regulated environment, are made for entertainment purposes only. They do not reflect the real world, nor do they echo the private lives of adult entertainers.
Through its latest PSA, Get Rubber! hopes to remind the public that a lack of caution, can result in serious health issues – and maybe even death in some cases.
“Audiences around the world must be made aware of the difference between fantasy and real life,” says Frank L., Brazzers’ Vice President of Production. “Our adult performers are tested regularly, and understand the importance of being responsible adult entertainers.”
The PSA will be made available as pre-roll on all Brazzers DVDs, and can also be viewed at
Manwin and Brazzers are proud supporters of the Get Rubber! Campaign, and its mission to educate on the importance of practicing safe sex. The on-going Campaign will continue to promote the cause in ways audiences can understand and remember.

About Get Rubber!
Supported by Brazzers and Manwin, a multi-national information technology company, Get Rubber! is an on-going charitable venture.
The project is meant for mainstream audiences, and is aimed at spreading the safe sex message to the general public.
Get Rubber! was officially unveiled in New York City, on a massive billboard, on 7th Avenue in October 2010. The launch was followed by a series of public service announcements spreading the safe sex message.
The continuing project is a permanent commitment that falls under the Brazzers and Manwin corporate social responsibility platform. It sees them recurrently donate to various international charities, supporting the safe sex message, as well as AIDS and STI related causes.
About Manwin
Manwin is a leading provider of high-quality branded, adult entertainment delivered across online, mobile and television media platforms. The company’s network of sites receives over 60 million unique visitors every day.
Manwin has experienced significant growth during the last several years, both through internal expansion and through several successful acquisitions, including its recent acquisition of Playboy’s digital and entertainment assets.
Headquartered in Luxembourg, Manwin has offices in Hamburg, London, Montreal, Nicosia and Los Angeles.

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2 Responses to “James Deen In Brazzer’s Get Rubber! Campaign PSA”

  1. origen Says:

    Condoms are not safe enough. They don’t adequately protect against Herpes and HPV.

    Safe sex is not as easy as to “just put a rubber on it”.
    I like what Manwin is trying to do–this is not really a criticism of them. Just STD prevention campaigns in general.

    The truth is, the only way to guarantee safe sex is to comprehensively test, review medical history, and to be vaccinated against HPV.

    As for James Deen who says things in porn are very safe–is that the case even when the Industry does not test for hepatitis and herpes?

  2. jeremysteele11 Says:

    HPV vaccinations cause cancer, O-man. Liam Scheff’s book “Official Stories” will tell you more about it. Mind Blowing News Story: Gov’t lies. The Rockefellers etc, who finance the agenda and the way things are, want to kill you because you’re useless eaters, there’s too many of you, Aspertame is made of bacteria feces, very bad for you, there’s chemtrails in the air, flouride is a nuclear waste and makes you stupid. Stop trusting authorities, Stop trusting authorities, Stop trusting authorities…

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