“Crazy” Info Comes Out On Jimbo, the Batman Shooter

Crazy as in his psychiatrist at the college he was attending feared that he would hurt others. This was in June. She called a meeting of the schools mental resources team to do an evaluation. Problem was that by the time the team could get together to talk about it, Jimbo was already dropping out of college. Team says since they had no control of him after that, they didn’t do anything about it. Seems like a call to the police would have been a good idea, but maybe they were bound by HIPPA to not discuss him. Anyway, psychiatrist was right to be concerned. I wonder how she feels now that twelve people are dead? She has to have remorse and guilt for not doing more.

Jimbo has been charged with 24 counts of first degree murder and is facing the death penalty. I’d really like to know what he was thinking, why he did it, and what he hoped to accomplish. After we find that out, if I was the judge, then they can kill him, while all the victim’s families watch, and/or participate.


  1. jeremysteele11

    “Fringe” media, as u call it, isn’t controlled, save for the disinformationist media…. I’ve yet to provide what I think r th better links, but to hopefully inspire some curiosity n independent investigation… One should do extensive research on mind controlled patsies fufilling social control agendas so to have some litmus tests to compare various cases to. There is a lot of info out there. As for the number of poll responses, I find it interesting n noteworthy whether 10, 100, 1000 or many more responding as they have. It makes a person wonder why th media is so quick to solidify its conclusions in light of the dad’s LIBOR comnections n scientific genius, the alleged shooter’s paid guinea pig research involvement w/ DARPA BaTMAN n RoBIN human cyborg programs, witnesses of mutiple shooters, an apartment that was rigged to explode in a way which would’ve kept him unable to exit it himself, the “coincidental” identical terror drills nearby at the same time, which as independent researchers know is always the mark of an inside job (FEMA was deployed to ground zero the night b4 9/11, and bomb squads were in the same time n place of the 7/7 London subway bombing)…yeah there of comments of various worth n insight… One thread goes into the subject of capitalizing an entire comment, and other trivial or silly nonsense…

  2. Third Axis

    “Fringe” media, as u call it, isn’t controlled, save for the disinformationist media.”

    Isn’t controlled…? There is absolutely no reason to believe that statement. How do you know unequivocally that it’s not controlled? The vast majority of news outlets, whether mainstream, fringe, or far fringe, exist on the internet today (apart from the very few that utilize print media, or broadcast). You can’t possibly know who is behind these sites, or what their particular social/political/personal agendas are. And yes, there is plenty of disinformation played out there as well. Therefore, one can never know the actual truth without direct, personal knowledge of any event, or at the very least getting details from someone you have absolutely no reason to distrust. Ask yourself; how many people is that?

    Take it all with a big grain of salt, is what I say.

  3. jeremysteele11

    Its not controlled, say I, because there’s a free flo of info, a detailed exploration of leads, witnesses, data, videos, etc., which the superficial and highly politicized n controlled corporate media (ex CIA Director Colby, before he was killed, said the gov’t controlls the media, just as the DOD through its mega-enormous purse strings funds n controls war flicks) does not provide, comparitvely speaking. Of course one can argue semantics that who ever runs the site controls it, through what it may present or censor through bias, not to mention intentional disinformation, including half n partial truths put out to confuse truth-seekers…

  4. jeremysteele11

    For example, take the 9/11 scam … If our corporate media was doing the job its supposed to it would’ve combed over the details proving its a scam n our economy wouldn’t be wrecked because as a unified nation we would deem overseas employers paying pennies per day as traitors, etc… Every citizen would be well versed inthe details of the banksters… We would see countless videos of the WTC blowing up, not “collapsing”, we’d know about Wirt Walker Bush being part of Securacom which had “construction” teams rigging the towers weeks b4 9/11, you’d see WTC7 coming down in classic demolition style (requiring explosives placed in advance) at 5:20pm on 9/11, and the leaseholder Larry Silverstein telling the BBC that he told firefighters to “pull it” (meaning detonate)…You’d know about Silverstein’s “coincidental” multi-billion dollar insurance policy in the case of terrorist attacks, created months before the attacks, which turned his multi-million dollar investment into billions… You,me and we’d all know about the the unusually high number of put options on United and American Airlines, showing inside knowledge their stocks would plummet… If the fucking controlled media did its fucking job it would.ve demanded leads were followed and those putting put options interrogated, but of course this was never done because it wouldve lead back to Washington… just as the Anthrax discovered to have been created in govt labs wouldve absolved blame of Osama… And the news reports of Bin Laden being visited in a hospital in Dubai by American agents, while he was undergoinh kidney dialysis, according to French and Arab newspapers 3 months b4 9/11….and the fact that in spite of the Pentagon having cameras everywhere there exists no photograph showing a plane hitting it, there are no wing marks on the Pentagon… I could go on n on n on non about this subject alone… But this is why I call alt media not controlled because it is the only way togather this all important info n wake people up!

  5. Third Axis

    All media is controlled. This 9/11 horse is fully flogged.

    Chew on this one: Recent DC shooter apprehended with 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack, also has ties to LGBT community.

    Hmmm… A covert, programmed plant to link gun violence with the “gay agenda”…?
    You decide.

  6. jeremysteele11

    my points been ignored, third… U seem intelligent, don’t u know 9/11 was an inside job? N if it is (which it is), what does that tell u about mainstream media?

  7. Third Axis

    I do absolutely believe that the 9/11 hijackings/bombings were perpetrated by our own U.S. government, in collusion with other, international conspirators. I came to that conclusion based on the incongruent conclusions of the “official” investigation—shit just didn’t stack up—not on any theory postulated by the underground media. I’m intelligent enough to see that the facts presented were extremely incomplete. Even a lame episode of “CSI” would have dug deeper, and certainly followed the money trail. To put “Case Closed” so quickly to this very complex event throws a big red flag to any thinking individual.

    All media—ALL MEDIA—is suspect. Don’t believe the “talking heads” of CNN. Don’t believe Alex Jones. Don’t believe Davesweb or Illuminati-news or any other “truth seeker” fucking dot com either.

    Jeremy, you seem to take as credible any source that tells you something you want to believe. Dude, that’s how they get you to believe…

  8. Karmafan

    I agree as well that 9/11 was a put up job. If there was 1 strange thing you could say… “well shit happens, its just a cooincidence”. Instead we saw dozens of strange cooincidences that day such as buildings falling down that were not even hit by the blast or debris, fire and police that heard explosions in the bottom of the towers, I could go on all day.

  9. jeremysteele11

    I don’t necessarily agree with every comment or point imbedded in the couple of links I provided. What made u think I did? Still, as u said there are points worth examining… You’re preaching to the wrong guy because I’ve made criticisms of ALL souces I follow, to the point that some of their disciples have treated me as hostile enemies in spite of agreeing with most of what is presented.

  10. Third Axis

    I’m not just talking about the couple of links you posted on this thread, but the numerous other links you’ve dropped over the last couple of years. Conspiracies are like assholes…

    I just don’t believe anybody anymore, and I’m comfortable with that. That’s all I’m saying.

  11. jeremysteele11

    I just dont get what you’re getting at. Alt media is not no fault media but its the only media which goes into detail regarding the most vitally important issues of our age… I don’t believe things, I verify.

  12. Third Axis

    Verify how? How do you know that the information given is based on real fact? How do you know who to trust for your “verification?”
    What I’m getting at is pretty simple, Jeremy—no information is untainted. There are fake documents—fakes of faked documents, for cryin’ out loud—faked videos, faked audio, people who say they work inside every gov’t agency known and unknown. The bullshit runs deep, my friend. All you can ever have, in the absence of direct personal knowledge, is a THEORY.

  13. jeremysteele11

    Yet u know or believe 9/11 was an inside job, or maybe a plane did hit the wall of the Pentagon yet made no wing marks, maybe the 3 WTC buildings did collapse while exploding body fragments 600 feet outward onto neighboring buildings….maybe Project for a New American Century didn’t actually state one year b4 9/11that a catalyzing event, like a new pearl harbour was needed to justify objectives of aggressive colonial expansion while America at home was being internally gutted out. Maybe you are not real or maybe I am not real…

  14. jeremysteele11

    Furthermore (and I know that for most of you, I’m only here to annoy you; I know you’d rather pull a chocolate egg out of your ass n eat it, then confront the overwhelming evidence that comes in from all ends which proves the official versions of events to be ridiculous, if not impossible) one can surmise that maybe this or that is fabricated, but there are way too many inconguities, videos, testimonies on the record, mainstream reports and official documents, etc, which, with a little application of thinking, prove that 9/11 was more than an inside job, it was, to quote Liam Scheff, an international intelligence operation. One can doubt a few trees but not the entire forest…

  15. Third Axis

    Dude, seriously, we get it. Your 9/11 conclusions have been made. A long time ago. Now you just sound like a loony. Stop.

    This only diminishes your point. Seriously. Stop.

  16. RobfromMarketing

    I don’t even bother reading anything Steele posts anymore if it’s longer than a paragraph. It’s like the Craigslist Rants&Rave section x10.

  17. jeremysteele11

    Yeah, Rob and how about those weirdos who write… books! Wow, talk about having too much free time! Thank God man has evolved to saying it all with tweets under 140 spaces long.

    And “loony”? RD Laing said “normalcy” is just a collectively agreed form of nuttiness.. and if a friend or loved of yours died on 9/11 and you knew it was a scam pulled by people within your own gov’t, yet things just keep going on and on like it never happened, as we all sit and wait for whatever happens next by the powers that be that got away with what they’ve done… if you are not a little nutty then, shit… I hope you enjoy whatever happens next. There’s a whole shit load of extremely interesting details I’ve yet to get into about that day… not boring, but hey, go back to whatever else you find more important and/or fulfilling. I just saw a video of Bill Gates speaking to an audience about population problems and that one of the solutions includes vaccination… But go ahead and bring your kids in to get their 25 vaccinations… call me nutty for watching the world be so fucking stupid and accepting of all this shit. All this proves or at least suggests is maybe the illuminati is right. Maybe there are too many useless eaters.

  18. jeremysteele11

    Btw, the drugged, dazed, alleged killer has the same look that Michael Tierney often has. I wonder where my old friend Crowley is crawling around, living off his dead uncle’s Reservoir Dogs residuals, using his sex magic but still paying for prostitutes.

  19. jeremysteele11

    Thanks, KF. You can see the full documentary by going to youtube dot com and cut/pasting “The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary)” without having to wait for a 400+ minute download.

    What have I been saying all along?

  20. jeremysteele11

    I hope people start understanding that you can’t instantaneously dismiss alternative views (no matter how crazy they sound at the surface) without ever examining the information those alt sources present. To not give alternative views an open hearing (due process) makes you an asshole, an idiot and a disservice to everything a free, informed and intelligent nation stands for and represents.

  21. jeremysteele11

    More Oddities:

    I also worked as background in the latest Batman Dark Knight Rises in the scene where the stock market is shot up.

    As the documentary points out there’s a connection between the alleged shooter Holmes’ dad about to tesify in the international banking LIBOR scandal which connects to the stock market and everything else. Also, there are other movie theme related Batman connections with the shooting as the doc points out.

    Holmes was a gov’t psych research guinea pig, connected to DARPA, which in 2010 came up with programs titled Batman & Robin. DARPA is what is currently working on what will be real life terminator robots so that the gov’t won’t have to worry about soldiers and swats in case they ever grow a conscience.

    The audience that was shot in Aurora (which means “New dawn”) Colorado got a glimpse of what was about to happen with the Gangster Squad trailer which played before Batman started, showing a bunch of mobsters with tommy guns shooting up the audience at the Chinese Theatre, circa 1949. That scene got scrapped by Warner Brothers and replaced with another which I also worked on recently. I was in the front row of the scrapped audience scene and seen in the trailer. At the time Gangster Squad was shot last December there was that guy who shot at people on Sunset and Vine and killed a Capitol Records record producer. And the one who killed the shooter was a cop who was hired by Gangster Squad as security. The shooting happened the last of four days before a solar eclipse which we witnessed at dawn around wrap time.

    While seeking to find more links off the internet to support the mind control case, I found a mind control link which showed a photo of me in the front row of the Gangster Squad audience. A little further research lead me to the original trailer which played to the Batman audience, which showed me, as well.

  22. jeremysteele11

    Another oddity I forgot. There were a lot of blank tommy gun shells to be picked up as potential souveniers inside and outside the Chinese Theatre, but outside around the hand and footprints area I found a real winchester 38 special bullet on the ground.

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