Wizard of Oz Parody Casting Time!- Update

My ideas for casting-

Lion-James Bartholet or Evan Stone

Scarecrow-Jeremy Steele

Tin Man-  Xander Corvin or Mr Pete

Dorothy- Andy SanDimas- she can sing! (are tatts a problem?) or Allie Haze, Sunny Lane (yes she is retired, but i think she would come back for this) , or Tessa Lane

I will have more, gotta think about it. I will update this again tomorrow… Who do YOU think should be cast?

Wicked Witch- I think Erika Icon should get a shot at this in a nonsex role. i think she could have a lot of fun being a meany for once in her life. I picked her for this as kinda opposite casting, cuz she is too nice in real life!

Munchkins- Where is bridgette the midget when you need her? there are lots of porn girls under 5 feet tall… Lucky should be the lead Munchkin cuz as Larry said, she can sing and dance..

Flying Monkees- Oh Porno Dan for sure! Evan Stone should be leader. I’m trying to think of funny people for these roles.

Toto-I think you should have a cat (pussy) dressed as a dog, because he has "issues"

Glinda the good witch– Julia Ann

Ho’s on the yellow brick road-

 The great and powerful OZ!-  Rick Garcia

Auntie Em & Uncle Henry- Perfect for Nina Hartley & Ron Jeremy! THey just did scenes together…

I think Axel Braun & Will Ryder should have cameos in this, and do a fight scene…

Wizard of Oz XXX Porn Parody Auditions Tuesday, August 7th at Hustler Studios
(Hollywood, CA ) Director Will Ryder will be holding an open audition for Wizard of Oz XXX Tuesday, August 7th at Hustler Studios from 2:00PM until 6PM and he encourages all adult movie actors to pop in for a few minutes to give it a try.  Interested adult actors, flying monkeys and little people are asked to try out for what promises to be the most exhilarating adult movie of all time when the yellow brick road becomes more than just a fond memory.
“Every single role is completely wide open so I encourage adult movie actors and actresses that want to be in a big parody movie to come down and audition.  You don’t have to be a big star because we are looking for brand new talent as well as some established performers for this adult sex musical,” stated Ryder.
The role of Dorothy promises to be the most challenging to cast as the perfect actress will look sweet, youthfully innocent and be able to sing and have sex at the same time however, the singing part is not mandatory.
Other key roles being cast are the Wizard, the Wicked Witch, Glinda the Good Witch, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.   Al so a few cute horny girls will be cast to play the hookers working the yellow brick road.
Co-producer Scott David of X-Play added that they will also be looking for a few ‘slight in stature’ actors or actresses to play some of the flying monkeys and of course the little people that will be cast to play the munchkins.
“We want actual little people for the munchkins but if we don’t find them we will go with some super short porn stars,” David remarked.    
The auditions will be recorded on video and consist of a few still photos, some script reading or actor’s own short monologue and the option to sing.  Singing is a plus but with tricks in the studio, the producers are confident they can get by the musical part in the event a desired candidate cannot sing well but can lip sync.
All actors will need to show ID and sign a model release as content of auditions might be included in the movie extras.  There will be some nudity.   
Even if you don’t think you can sing, Ryder recommends giving it a shot by singing acapella (without music) to something familiar like God Bless America or the Star Spangled Banner an old folk song or even something from the movie.
“We know most porn people are not professional singers, if they were they would be hanging with Britney Spears and Adam Levine but we are going to have some fun and give it a try,” Ryder concluded.
The producers recommend coming with a character or two in mind in which to audition for and do a little homework so you can impress.     
Disclaimer: This movie is not affiliated with MGM, Judy Garland or anybody that helped create that wonderful 1939 feel-good movie.
All porn performers are welcome to audition for Wizard of Oz XXX Tuesday, August 7th at Hustler Studios from 2:00PM until 6PM
Visit www.sitcums.com to witness high quality award-winning parodies.
Questions regarding Wizard of Oz XXX? Jeff Mullen jeff@allmediaplay.com

NL- I got more ideas to come… tell me yours and keep an eye here for my updates….


  1. AIPChristina

    A non-sex role for the Wicked Witch is a good idea but I think they probably already have a scene idea involving that character.

  2. Larry Horse

    I think the Dorothy has to get gangbanged by the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man, maybe they can all cum on the Ruby slippers. Go off plan and make Ava Devine the good witch and then Julia as the bad(naughty) witch. I think Lucky would be a great Dorothy as she can dance and sing. Jeff Will might as well do Wicked XXX at the same time, though maybe Brad Armstrong can put that together stat.

  3. Reader Email/Twitter

    Lion – Evan Stone.  Tin Man – Mr. Pete.  Dorothy – I read on LIB that Lucky Starr can sing.  Also, she is short and Dorothy is supposed to be a child.  Everyone realizes that the character of Dorothy is absolutely positively under 18, right ?  Julia Ann will be amazingly perfect as Glinda.  Chris

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