Ed Powers- Back & Better Than Ever!

Ed Powers Back from the Brink

HotMovies to Exclusively Debut First Dirty Debutantes Title in Six Years

Philadelphia, PA – After more than six years away from the business spent battling a life-threatening weight problem, Ed Powers, the most prolific producer of pro-am in the history of adult movies, is healthy again and making his long-awaited return. Known as the “original dirty old man” of porn, Powers has announced the continuation of his Dirty Debutantes line, volume 370, appearing exclusively on HotMovies websites including EdPowersVOD.com. The premiere is set for Wednesday, August 1st.

Powers began his career in adult as a hired gun more than 25 years ago, but said he ultimately decided it would be more exciting to do the filming himself. He would go on to produce more than 800 titles over the next two decades. He pioneered many now familiar pro-am techniques, including interviewing and then fucking the freshest female talent while making strong use of handheld POV shots.

But with the fame and the appeasement came tremendous weight gain. No amount of calorie-burning sex could solve what was quickly becoming a serious problem. By the time Powers shot Dirty Debutantes 369 in 2005, the 5’8” former dynamo was up to 300 pounds.

“My blood sugar was so high, 491, I should have been in a coma,” he said in an Interview with HotMovies. “I was lethargic. I could hardly bend my knees.”

Powers said he battled depression and anxiety and, because he didn’t feel comfortable on camera, he stopped producing his popular movies. “I knew I needed a change or I might not be around much longer. It was a real wakeup call. That’s when I got serious about my diet and working out.”

He hit the weights. He did cardio training. He swapped simple carbs for the more complex variety and drastically cut the bad fats from his diet, learning to love a new way to eat. “I even enjoy fish now,” he joked.

It wasn’t easy but eventually the work paid off. Since his last appearance, Powers said, he has undergone a complete physical transformation, losing more than 150 pounds. He now feels “better than ever.”

Even during the darkest times, Powers said, there was still a silver lining. As his body spiraled out of control and he stopped producing, Internet VOD was giving his movies a second life. Older fans returned to the titles they fondly remembered sliding into a VCR while younger fans sought out the earliest releases of featured blue chip performers such as Courtney Cummz, Inari Vachs, Audrey Hollander, Aurora Snow, Brianna Banks and countless others.

In 2011 a much healthier and happier Ed Powers approached HotMovies about releasing the comeback production he’d just finished shooting. Today, the editing complete, Ed Powers Presents All New Dirty Debutantes 370 is ready for its close-up and the original dirty old man feels young again in his excitement to share it with his fans.

“The Internet is the now," Powers said. "As technology expands, more people are going to the Internet as their first choice for watching movies. And HotMovies is the best of the best so I’m really excited to show the world the new Ed – and of course a whole bevy of incredible fresh young girls.”

The Dirty Debutantes selection on HotMovies will also expand to include the rarest and earliest movies in the series and the Cockless series of lesbian movies. HotMovies will now boast the most extensive collection of Dirty Debutantes movies available online.

“This is not only a great movie and a great collection but it’s such a tremendous story,” gushed James Cybert, director of business development for HotMovies. “Ed’s not only a well respected filmmaker but he’s just a great guy. We are really proud of him and happy for him and we can’t wait to see where he takes it from here.”
Hotmovies.com and EdPowersVOD.com feature over 175,000 titles currently available for streaming and download, and continues to add new titles daily. For more information about HotMovies.com, the Dirty Debutantes acquisitions, or Ed Powers Presents All New Dirty Debutantes 370, contact the HotMovies studio team at 1-800-611-MOVIE.


  1. max softcore

    He’s fucking disgusting. A wise man once told me that dudes don’t buy a porn because of the
    guy in it, but they’ll NOT buy a porn because of the guy in it. He fucking ruins
    every scene. Too bad. He shoots hot bitches.

  2. Karmafan

    For sure the best DD scenes were the ones where he wasn’t in front of the camera. Randy West, Jamie Gillis, and Jake Steed did a much better job. Even tho Ed got to nail some good looking women he was a boner killer. In his favor he had some Charisma but thats about it.

    Wonder if he knows what happened to Mia Sonata? She was gorgeous.

  3. pornster

    Here’s a typical quote from Ed “I, I, I..Me, Me, ME”. Not that anyone wants to hear from this selfish D-Bag, he says it anyway.

  4. origen

    Forget you guys. I like Ed Powers. I’ve struggled with some confidence issues but this guy really makes it seems like it’s possible to score with any girl. Amateur Allure and Torbe follow in his footsteps and they rock too!

  5. ST94

    You do realize the girls are getting paid right Origen? Guess how many “hot” chicks he gets if you take that out of the equation.

    I’m personally sick of seeing “grandpas” in porn. The guys keep getting older, but the girls stay the same and even worse are made to look younger.

  6. pornfan

    sorry, i always liked ed. did alot of meat beat’in the early to mid-90’s to ed’s videos. as you know, there is a niche for older-younger milfs and older men. if you don’t like older men with girls, don’t watch. i admit that some of that older younger porn coming from europe is gross, with those real old guys.

  7. Jerkuliscious

    I love the First Timers, Only Timer, and Hot Young Wetties that Ed got for his scenes, but too much Ed can wear on you. I have one or 2 of his DVDs, but I could never bring myself to join his site.

  8. Larry Horse

    I just hope Ed has state of the art equipment this time, I also hope he’s bagged the condom schtick where he blows his load in the rubber and then squeezes it out on the girl. It would be nice too, but not Ed, if he got some contacts, eating pussy with big glasses on..oh well.

  9. bluelight378

    I wore out dd 1 and 2, I had them on vhs. lol A couple of years ago I rented one of the newer ones. They looked shot in a basement, that was a mess and he looked like he just didnt care anymore.
    The porn fans that spend money are older guys. Ed is like them, that’s what first got me to like dd. He is just a regular guy like me.

  10. I did my first few scenes for Ed back in 1998. He was a great guy and genuinely cared about me. He paid me NOT to shoot because he didn’t want me to get started in a career of it. He knew I was 18 and had a kid and he told me over and over, “This business is full of people who are lining up to screw you and then screw you over” He took me shopping and got toys for my son’s first Christmas and would hand me an envelope with cash to keep me from going and shooting. I shot like 4 scenes for Ed and he treated me with respect and was a very nice man.

    I still have a soft spot for him and wish him well.

  11. Walter

    Ed is a true Mensch. Didn’t get into his movies much, but I liked listening to Bedtime Stories.

    They didn’t have anyone working the dump button on a show with porn stars sometimes, so it was surprising to hear some of the 7 Dirty Words make it over the air.

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