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Tay Stevens Hands Out a Grand For Charity!

Taylor Stevens Raises One Thousand Dollars for Charity by Auctioning the Two T-Shirts Worn at Los Angeles Kings vs. New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Finals Games

Cyberspace – Webcam goddess and performer Taylor Stevens has completed her auction of the 2 T-Shirts worn for the Stanley Cup Finals Games held in Los Angeles, California. Taylor made national and international headlines on sports websites and daily papers with her "Boobs Behind DeBoer" trending topic as she sat directly behind the New Jersey Devil’s bench for Game 4 and Game 6.
The winner, who goes by the name B. Coyle, said the following about Taylor, and her unique auction."I became a fan of Taylor and started following her shortly after her diagnosis. She is one of the most entertaining, inspiring, hardworking, genuine and down to earth people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with, beautiful inside out. The opportunity for her to donate to charitable causes close to her heart doesn’t surprise me she loves to give to people. She gives to her fans she gives back but she doesn’t give in. Taylor never takes a "poor me" attitude with the battles she’s faced and is facing. This was an easy decision for me. To put a smile on her face while doing good for others would be replicating everything she does every day. Now i get to own 2 pieces of history and her history. I’m honored to do this for her, for myself but most importantly for
Taylor, a former top BBW fetish model who lost 180 pounds with much support from her devoted fan base, has endured a difficult year battling cancer and fighting for her life.  Always grateful, Stevens has decided that the money raised via auction for the T-Shirt worn for Game 4 will  go to ‘Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’,, while the money raised via auction for the T-Shirt worn for Game 6 will go to The obesity society
Learn more about Taylor Stevens at  Check her out on Twitter: @TayStevens.

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4 Responses to “Tay Stevens Hands Out a Grand For Charity!”

  1. origen Says:

    fuckin sexy Arab princess…

  2. RickMadrid Says:

    She sure is!. Former BBW? what? couldn’t tell..

  3. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Each breast raised $500.00. That’s cool. That shirt won’t be the same again, however, without the huge boobs making each of the L.A. letters stand out in 3D!

    I’m happy L.A. finally won the cup. Sad The Devils didn’t win their 4th, but at least Brodeur and they got 3.

  4. jeremysteele11 Says:

    This site is still fucked up, btw. I have to click on several entries in comments section to get to the site proper.

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