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Tanner Mays Posts About Drugs


NL- I’m a little worried about Tanner Mays. I did an interview with her last year where she told me she had come back to the industry clean and sober and had found religion. Yesterday she tweeted hundreds of times, often stuff sounding crazy and drug induced, talking about wanting to be a rap star. Here is just a little bit of it. Tanner, you okay?


I almost started crying because I don’t have any drugs. Now, I have no reason for my erratic and inexplicable behavior.

Know I’m straight. :) Do yo thangz. Pro-Christian XXX.

Crystal was my best friend. "She" showed me a pussy and made me a dick.

Now my brain can flow. Finally. This, is pure bitch.

I owe my fucking heart an apology. He told me not to smoke meth anymore and I got mad at him and gave him the cold shoulder

I smoke so much trees, my friends are limbs.

And roaches. hahah.

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74 Responses to “Tanner Mays Posts About Drugs”

  1. RickMadrid Says:

    Very Sad! I hope she can get back to REHAB, and say NO! NO! NO!. and get cleaned up! I’ve been seeing alot of the girls that aren’t working much going this route lately. I “GAVE” 50 bucks to a girl that stopped by to see me (NOT lend). for groceries she said she needed. I never loan money, You’ll never see it again. Watch out for Shelly on this one. I see here FLYING over the grapevine and looking for Tanner. Ok…Time for a Bong hit. see ya later..

  2. jeremysteele11 Says:

    This is your brain on drugs. Would you like yours scrambled or over easy?

  3. Karmafan Says:

    If Shelley is handing out a little lettuce to snag some strung out porn girl I’m sure someone will show up. If not Tanner then another girl in the same boat as Tanner will.

  4. Gomer Says:

    OK, I get it. Most porners don’t like Shelley Lubben because she speaks out against the porn industry. Fine. You don’t have to like her or what she does. But if someone like Shelley helps a porn girl in a situation like this and helps her get her life back together isn’t that a good thing? That’s a serious question by the way. Wouldn’t we rather see people like Tanner off drugs, out of porn and living a healthy, productive life than on drugs and spiraling out of control? I know I would.

  5. RobfromMarketing Says:

    English may be your second language, Rick. But I feel dumber every time I *TRY* to read anything you type.

  6. jeremysteele11 Says:

    There is no way man evolved from monkeys. That’s an insult to our ape friends.

  7. Karmafan Says:

    Gomer you are mistaken, Shelley doesn’t really help the porn girls, she uses them to put forth her agenda and then casts them aside when she has no use for them any more.

  8. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    Gomer — Shelley Lubben has NO training, NO credentials and NO resources to counsel or treat addicts (or anyone else). She can do more harm than good — as Michelle Avanti can attest. AND, as today’s story in LA Weekly makes clear, Lubben is also off the wagon herself.

  9. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What a pile, Gomer.

  10. Honest Abe Says:

    Karmafan and Whiteacre are right. Lubben’s “cure” is far worse than the disease. Stay away from Lubben at all costs.

    Maybe Jeff can help. I don’t know how Kacey Jordan is doing today, but she sure looked great with him at the AVN.

    Come on Tanner, pull out of it!

  11. MonicaFoster Says:

    You have got to be kidding me Honest Abe – that asshole in my view is the CAUSE of both Kacey and Tanner having mental breakdowns. I think along with them both being on meds and possibly illegal substances, to cope with their illegal escorting and prostitution ring lifestyle, they’re probably utilizing that Crazy Clown Herb crap he’s selling as “herbal incense” and “bathsalts”:

    Read about All Media Play’s other side business here – selling and marketing synthetic substances to teens using Charlie Sheen:

    Watch Kacey Jordan Self destruct here:

    Have you seen that last video Kacey posted of herself Honest Abe? It’s on the link above. She told all her followers she was going to KILL HERSELF due to a RELATIONSHIP BREAKUP. Yes it was most likely for attention but it was SICK and I think the girl is out of her mind just like Tanner.

    Bottom line is both these girls are caught up in ILLEGAL ESCORT and PROSTITUTION rings of which Jeff Mullen has OPENLY STATED he thinks are OK. This is CRIME people and these girls are VICTIMS of this mess.

    The government is going to have to step in (and I’ve heard that’s on the cusp of happening) because I have a sinking feeling a MASS amount of deaths and suicides are just around the corner for many of these poor young souls.

    You all who have the means to help, should be ashamed of yourself for letting this issue go this far. GREED and VANITY is your undoing assholes.

  12. jeremysteele11 Says:

    More intellectualism from the one who cries racism if there are no comments on threads about black performers, and who has said LIB is run by the KKK. Stop kidding yourself, areyoukiddingme/dumb and dumber. You’re the epitome of scum. You call people stalkers without any explanation, whatsoever. I hope you mistake a line of heroin for coke and do yourself in.

  13. Honest Abe Says:

    Sorry to see Kacey is still so troubled.

    I’d like to hear Jeff’s response to your allegations.

    I strongly disagree with your thinking the government is the answer, and your belief that MASS deaths and suicides are just around the corner.

    Depression, Drug Abuse, and Suicide is NOT specific to the porn industry nor is porn the cause of it, as you assert. It’s in every walk of life, in every part of the World. Japan, for example, has one of the highest suicide rates in the World, and the suicide rate for returning U.S. War veterans is 1 per day.

    I also strongly disagree with your nonsense that Kacey and Tanner’s troubles with life are the cause and fault of the porn industry.

  14. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No, Honest Abe, mass insanity is just around the corner… at least according to the brain of a malicious, mentally challenged, anxiety suffering, forever single saboteur, as she projects the retarded garbage in her damaged head/soul, swirling outward.

    On the other hand, enablers can and do exist anywhere, within or without the industry… if you want to follow that thread where it ultimately leads, it would be hard for many to fathom where it may end up. Some would also argue that we, to some extent, or even in most cases, should take responsibility for our choices.

    As said, an average of one U.S. soldier today commits suicide. This is a much bigger concern than whores on dope. But, self-evidently, people have their agendas.

  15. jeremysteele11 Says:

    This reminds me of an actual photo showing one guy holding a sign reading “Gun sellers are accomplices in crimes” while staring at the guy next to him, holding a sign reading, “Spoons made me fat”.

    And if I trusted my government to solve the world’s ills, I would’ve expected them to have hauled off the MoFo by now and have her incarcerated in a “get well” facility.

  16. origen Says:

    MF, you have NO room to talk as you admitted you have a drug problem (cocaine) yourself!


  17. RickMadrid Says:

    Origen. Was it Cocaine and or Crack?

  18. MonicaFoster Says:

    When I was active in the Los Angeles porn industry Origen yes, I dabbled in coke – I was supplied it by an illegal escort client I was intoduced to via Dion from Combat Zone in fact – thank you Origen for reminding me.

    When I write an extensive blog about this Origen, I will be sure to give yourself and LukeIsBack credit for prompting me to write about the subject and thse involved (hopefully the John and Dion will not come after either of you).

    I’ve not messed with any drugs since I have departed from LA and my life is getting better day by day so for you to attempt to throw negativity towards me is not only wrong – it’s very hurtful. It’s almost like you WANT me to replapse Origen (and that tell me exactly who and what you really are – a piece of crap).

    Tell me, how many f you reading this are single, female, mainstain a porn news blog with over 1K visitors a days, maintain a personal website, do webcam shows daily AND are working on other non adult related projects?

    Keep antagonizing me, you’re just adding more and more fuel to the fire of PornStarHookerAlert – keep in mind I don’t fear a damn thing – not even death. But most of you reading this who are in the wrong do and I will be naming you ALL.

    I got help – my parents, my faith, and my REAL friends. The Los Angeles porn industry is CRAP – and even CNN agrees after I confronted the sell out Umika last night on twitter.

    It’s time for you all to stand down, and bow.

  19. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What about you RM. Was/is it coke or crack?

  20. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Porn definitely needs its own Hospital. Call it “Luke Ford Hospital”.

  21. origen Says:

    Mf, I DON’T want you to relapse. I’m glad you’re clean and I keep saying over and over you should leave the sex industry alone!

    Develop a web portfolio and put it up on Start a business. Get paid and leave this trifling shit that you do behind.

    I don’t think “Dion” gives two fucks about me. I’ve never heard about him before either. who is John?

  22. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Meanwhile, Shelley Lubben is on the cover of this week’s LA Weekly!

  23. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    Yep, in an article that raises questions about nearly every aspect of Lubben’s story, featuring appearances by her brother, April Garris, Sierra Sinn and Michelle Avanti — whose participation was engineered by me.

    On the subject of addiction: the writer notes that 1) Lubben DRANK ALCOHOL IN FRONT OF HIM, and 2) did not deny using pills with Avanti.

  24. MonicaFoster Says:

    As long as I live Origen, I will never leave the criminal and illegal element that is the current foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry alone. I’m not just out to put an end to that element for other women like me, I’m doing it to preserve a good future for the United States of America.

  25. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What is that retard talking about?

  26. Karmafan Says:

    Wow now Monica is a crusader for Justice just like Superman.

  27. Jerkuliscious Says:

    “It’s almost like you WANT me to replapse Origen (and that tell me exactly who and what you really are – a piece of crap).” CocoLoco

    Already getting it set up so if you fall off the wagon, you have someone to blame besides yourself. pathetically transparent, you are.

    Also, since you admitted to doing illegal escorting in the past, it isn’t a stretch for you to do it again. Let me have the contact info. I will only bring 1/2 a gram of blow, to help numb up your shit box for my initial entry, and 2 lines of meth for me. What color do you prefer in box wine? Red, pink or white?

  28. Third Axis Says:

    @Jeremy, she’s a hilarious flag-waving crusader, naively upholding the “laws” of god and country. Nothing more/less than a web-cam hooker with a forum for nonsense.

    Yes, Monica, I place the word “laws” in quotes because the word absolutely does NOT apply to your precious USA. The elected officials of this country—and the hidden ones—have complete disregard for your perceived “laws,” living and acting apart from them every second that you take breath on this soil. This is blatantly NOT a “nation of laws.” You’re a dupe. Porn should be the very least of your worries, all the while your “freedom” and “liberty” (again, in quotes) are a pathetic joke that you completely and foolishly play into. Do a little serious research, and spend less time chasing “Mafia” shadows in the sex biz.

    Keep following that carrot.

  29. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Monica, what makes you think anyone is interested in what an admitted COKE WHORE has to say? Write an article about why you’re so irrelevant today, instead.

  30. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I hope Stuporwoman dons her chocolate M cape and jumps off a building.

  31. MonicaFoster Says:

    I’m not ashamed for having admitted publicly that while I was trapped in the Los Angeles porn circuit that I fell into the pit of utilizing substances on a recreational basis. I’m also not afraid of stating on my blogs NOW (being that I’m in a healthy, productive and substance free state of mind) WHO supplied those substances to me and in exactly what surroundings.

    It’s a part of the LA porn lifestyle that the public needs to be educated about in regards to…however today I realized the following…

    Considering exactly WHO supplied me, how do I know it was actual cocaine? Maybe it wasn’t (I sure didn’t carry around a chemistry set to verify what the substance was).

    I could be wrong, but maybe the substance I thought was cocaine was in actuality a synthetic substance. Maybe it was the substance known as “BATH SALTS” that the company All Media Play appears to market on Herbal Incense Megastore!

    What a better way to cut costs and get women in porn high at the same time than to pass off synthetic BATH SALTS as cocaine! Regardless – the synthetic substances are highly addictive! Someone needs to do a test for the synthetic substances on the next poor pornstar who dies when the toxicology report is done – and then look direct at Herbal Incense Megastore!

    Yes – the Los Angeles porn indusry DOES kill (especially the XXX parody division).

    Attention pornstars – the cocaine you’re supplied with may in actuality be BATH SALTS!!!

  32. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Yeah, just like every traveling pimp tells his hookers that the coke in the new town has been known to have rat poison in it, so they don’t go getting shit from someone else and leave him.

    Coco, were you actually a coke whore, or were you playing the role of a coke whore?

  33. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Perhaps MoFo smoked way more bath salt than she realizes. That may explain why her imbecilic brain is so fucked up, attacking and insulting innocent people, making enemies of people who were nice to her, saying LIB = KKK, seeing imaginary weird looking cocks whipped out in front of her, calling scores of people stalkers, etc.

    I had heard MoFo was a dope fiend. She has no idea how seriously fucked up her brain is… no joke.

  34. Mariah Milano Says:

    “Tell me, how many f you reading this are single, female, mainstain a porn news blog with over 1K visitors a days, maintain a personal website, do webcam shows daily AND are working on other non adult related projects?”

    I am. I maintain a network of sites that gets over 60,000 visitors a day, I travel all over the world on my own dime, I also have many non-adult related projects that I’m working on. The big difference is that my projects will be a success and yours will not. You will spin your wheels and try and make as much noise as you can but in reality you will never be relevant or a success in anything other than finger pointing and drama. So please don’t brag about your 1,000 visitors a day! lol I bought the domain 37 days ago and have yet to complete it or drive traffic to it and my traffic already blows yours away and there is no porn on it!

    So keep saying jesus has you on a porn mission all the while you sell your stinky ass to strangers in hotel rooms because all of your so called “projects” amount to a big pile of wasted time and energy.

    You clearly do not realize how ridiculously FUCKING CRAZY you sound. No one is out to get you idiot because no one knows who the fuck you are!

  35. origen Says:

    With respect, MM, MF is very intelligent and has the potential to be a good web developer. She just needs to get her mind right and get over her obsession with porn.

    Of course, she will pounce on me for trying to “silence” her just as she pounces on anyone who gives her advice. classic whore syndrome

  36. Mariah Milano Says:

    I know this. I actually credited her websites with being well done and that she has ability. No question she isn’t dumb. She just focuses on stupid shit that only means nothing to anyone but her, which is fine if that’s the goal, which I know it is not.

  37. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “areyoukiddingme’? How is a person who has said LIB is run by the KKK, etc, etc, etc. smart?

  38. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No, no question she IS dumb:

    1. LIB is run by the KKK
    2. Star Wars promotes beastiality.
    3. A person in porn who introduces someone to dope means the porn industry as a whole is to blame.
    4. Numerous people are “stalkers”. No explanations as to how that is true in any of their cases is necessary.

    Need I name countless more examples of the MoFo’s EXTREME stupidity?

  39. MonicaFoster Says:

    I find you fascinating Mariah. You bitch and complain about current issues of which you find fault with in the porn industry realm, yet you do nothing to ry to make a difference, and you have gone as far as to align yourself with one of the primary contributors and enablers of the problem (which is illegal escorting and the potential to transmit STDs to tested non-escorting talent).

    Yes, you’re doing very well for a pornstar as of current – however I don’t think you comprehended what I wrote properly.

    You do not run a porn NEWS blog Mariah, you run porn websites. There is a difference. My projects do matter to many, but no one that would ever communicate with yourself and I don’t expect you to understand that.

    Again Mariah, I want to thank you for your years of blogs which validate how pornstars who don’t escort feel that pornstars who do should not work as active porn talent simultaneously.

    You should actually be supportive of my efforts Mariah, just think – if I could manage to quarantine illegal escorts and prostitutes from the active non-escorting talent pool…just maybe you could become a real “top bitch” due to lack of competition…only problem is Direct models would probably look at you kind of oddly considering how much your writing assisted my cause.

  40. christianx Says:

    there is nothing funnier than a grown women who purports to be intelligent then turning around and saying things like “the people who supplied me with available drugs are really at fault” – thats just hilarious.

    I agree with Mariah, that Monica has a modicum of talent and could utilize that talent to earn some money and move forward in life, rather than looking backward and worrying about things she can not control nor affect the outcome of.

    And you guys give Direct Models way too much credit for being an all controlling escort/talent agency. Mariah is free to do whatever she wants outside of Direct being her legal talent agency. They can not stop her nor coerce her(nor would they) from doing or not doing anything she doesn’t wish to. Does Mariah seem like the type of person who allows herself to be controlled and manipulated? Lets get serious.

  41. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, MoFo has talent alright. As a saboteur living in manure.. the shit heap of her own damaged junk-filled mind, and all its residue-doo.

  42. Jerkuliscious Says:

    She got talent. She can lay there like a corpse and emotionlessly take dick, then cash a pay check. Her best talents are seen in 2D, bent over, sans panties.

  43. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, Jerko. Her best bet is to STFU, bend over, show those holes and forget about Jesus if she’s stripping and doing solo on the net (because she is playing role of devil, inciting lust in mens’ hearts, which is causing man to sin against God and themselves). Because there’s nothing like looking at the asshole of an asshole. And if she must spout and shout, just hit the mute button.

  44. RickMadrid Says:

    Hey Jeremy; sorry to bust you’re bubble. I SMOKE MARIJAUNA!! Big buds!!. I never fucked with Coca…But I do drinka the pepsi! So sorry Jeremy! Why are you still smoking Crack with your roomates and or partaking in the industry coke parties?

  45. RickMadrid Says:

    Yeah, Mariah is a tough Cookie and No body fucks with Mariah Milano. Are would they try?

  46. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Rick it seems you’ve been smoking crack not me. $10,000 scenes? I never smoked crack with roommates and the last coke party I remember being at is when Taylor Rain stopped by after she moved out and we walked down my old street to a friend who had a giant bag of blow to help yourself to. That shit is soulless and bad for ya. I recommend mushrooms.

  47. RickMadrid Says:

    Yeah sure Jeremy! YOUR a COKE HEAD and it shows on here and everywhere you post! You’re a very depressed and lonely guy that on HERE 20 fucking times a day! I get work and will for the next 2 years while you bad mouth everybody because you’re a FORMER performer with a porn agent that can’t get you any booking because EVERY director and producer in LA reads this , Jeremy and know of you pass and about you now. Like I said I smoke POT! and that’s My business..So GO stick you nose up some other guys ass and enjoy what you love doing. Production meeting to get to…

  48. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Production meeting with who? Can you even spell the word “dumb”? I don’t sniff the coke. I’m not depressed or lonely. I know this sounds like I’m pretending to be you, nor do I care if you believe this but I had a 20 year old over last night… 5’0″, black girl from Alabama. Yeah being single sucks. I have a resume you can look up. All I can find attached to your name is bukkakes. We’re all annoyed with your repeated “Hey I’m working, banging broads, know some guys coming into town” b.s. already. You have the IQ of a doorknob.

  49. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Jurmee: Did she toss salad? I hear a lot of them black chicks toss salad. 5′ and dumpy, or petite and athletic. You sure she was a real life 20? I’d hate to see you get LT’d, bro.

  50. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Count Jerko, She was petite and sweet, athetic, a solid 114pds, a cup I’d say
    (she needs to tone up her belly ever so slightly), nice booty. She did not toss salad, said she don’t want to do anal and I don’t think she would like me messing with her asshole, either. She thinks I’m a jumbo shrimp if you know what I mean. I only messed with her titties and jerked off on her on the first date but the second date we went all the way, but with a trojans condom which seemed to strangulate my willy like a burglar without open holes to see, speak and breathe out of… so I had to jerk off on her… So, so far, so good… She’s legal tender, don’t worry, but thanks. Born in 1991, which almost seems like yesterday. Yeah, banging a broad born in the 90s and on my own terms. She’s not old enough yet to take to PSK unless we hang out in the parking lot. Being single sucks!

  51. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Mmmm. Hot chick that don’t like ass play/anal is like having a Ferrari that is governored at 60MPH. Gets you where you need to go, but the ride isn’t as fun as it should be.

  52. jeremysteele11 Says:

    She’s still warming up in various ways, so I’ll keep you updated.

  53. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Thank you. Petite Barely Legal Negress Anal is on my bucket list. I’d love to hear tales of it. The Lawrence Taylor fiasco has got me too scared to attempt a pay for play scenario, since I don’t want to have to register every time I move.

  54. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Don’t wanna be like L.T. in that way, for sure. NO pussy is worth prison, in my opinion. That statutory thing is another example of our fucked up Fascist-Victorian society. Whatever’s consensual should be fine. Man’s laws are totally in hostility against nature/God’s laws. For a really long time men were even marrying pre-teens. All of a sudden we’ve sexually evolved backwards? This is another attempt to (population) control us and fuck us up. I jerked off more than any time around age 15. That Negress said she first got vaginally plowed at age 14. She said she had her first period at age 9. She said her vag is sore from the other nite so maybe this is my excuse to try for anal. Then she’ll call me a pain in her ass. I was rooting for the Giants when Simms and his last minute replacement Hostetler were and L.T. was doing his thing. I was pissed when Giants replaced Simms with Hos without negotiating. It took me a while to forgive the organization for that.

  55. jeremysteele11 Says:

    … so of course within the ‘bucket list’ is a ‘fuck it list’. This makes sense. So, when’s “Not Bucket List XXX (viagra saves the day!)” (or, better yet, “Fuckit List”) gonna come out?

  56. Lucky Starr Says:

    Jeremy, you’re so fucking pathetic, it’s not even funny. Are you well aware of how pathetic you truly are?

  57. jeremysteele11 Says:

    When you brag about all the dick you get, its different, right? Oh, how do you word it all again…?

    If you hadn’t abused me after your ordeal this situation would not exist. That was your choice.

  58. Lucky Starr Says:

    I don’t brag on the fucking internet. You feel like you’re getting brownie points in heaven with how many girls you fuck. Let’s see if this girl is around for your birthday or Christmas. I’m never wrong with my predictions, and after a few fleeting one night stands, eventually you will die alone in your messy apartment where nobody will notice until the smell drifts into the hall.

  59. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You don’t brag about it on the internet, if you dont’ count facebook, your live journal and your bird’s nest you tweet from. Here we go with the ‘brownie points in heaven’ quip. Keep repeating it umpteen million times and maybe it’ll one day be true!

    And your prophecy sounds ominous…. I’m shivering and shaking… at least it contains the word “eventually”, so I guess I’ve got a few nights left.

    Btw, I hope you have a the kitty situation taking care of better than leaving him in a fucking cage somewhere (not that you had to yet before me)!

    And if the black chick decides to get into porn I recommended her stage name be Anona Ms.

  60. Lucky Starr Says:

    I’d rather have kitty in a cage than have to deal with your sorry ass. I cannot talk to you anymore ever after how you treated me. Best of luck with your random one night stands, I’m sure they’re more fulfilling to you than I ever was.

  61. jeremysteele11 Says:

    That’s sad that V/V is caged up. WTF! He don’t deserve this just because you can’t be reasonable. You know I would’ve taken care of him as he should. In fact I want pussy visitation rights. And what about that platonic friend? Why couldn’t you leave him your keys or have him live in your place?

    After how I treated you? You got that backwards.

    Again, you took your ordeal out on me. You refuse over and over like some of the worst tards in porn, to address my point.

    What makes you think you do and say no wrong? WTF? You like to say I’m such a loser now, I creep out women, right? Well, how the fuck did this happen?

    And I don’t just have one night stands. Sometimes they last many nights. And you’ve been getting fucked left and right, up and down, from town to town. Look in thy mirror and not me, sweetie.

  62. Larry Horse Says:

    Leave the cat out of this. Steele, even Rick turned on you. Let Lucky be for a few weeks please, its been a hard last month. And now my Will/Jeff moment, lets hope Tanner gets clean, probably means she gets out of the valley, but from what I saw last year, going back to her hometown is not such a good idea.

  63. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Rick turned on me after I asked him to please shut up with his retarded braggings over and over because he’s only fooling his low IQ self. That was sure to happen.

  64. RickMadrid Says:

    Good Morning Jeremy! well’ it sure looks like NOBODY on here likes you no more. Go find and set to clean up and maybe clean up YOUR messy Apartment and use that flea and cockroach spray too! And leave Lucky alone. You used her and that’s all it was. She can and will do alot better!. Hey you really want to get ANGRY? My agent got me a shoot in Ft Lauderdale for a BJ scene and then another website hardcore Boy girl shoot. Thats $ 1500 bucks out the door and I get that before I fly from Manhattan to Florida , on my credit card and also I got a talent agency supplied , brand new cell phone! You think Kevin Kline is going to take care of you Lover??

  65. RickMadrid Says:

    Have a Good Hollywood Morning Jeremy Steele and leave Lucky alone!

  66. RickMadrid Says:

    Jeremy Steele , Rotting in his Aparment at age 65! and LA city Fire Dept has to wear Oxgen tanks to take him out in a body bag. So Pathetic……

  67. Third Axis Says:

    Madribble, shut the fuck up already. Seriously, now even I’m fed up reading your illiterate shit. I’ve yet to hear you contribute a single useful comment on here, just verbal whacking off about your “big deals.” Your stats are obvious: JM Productions mope-fests almost throughout… So you can jack off on-camera. Good for you. But I guess you never got the memo: nobody gives a shit about male talent. Oh, and you have a credit card?! And the “studio” gave you a (pre-paid) cell phone?! Nice!
    Now call someone who gives a shit.

    *Btw, mope, that photo of you looks like a wide-eyed convict who just got paid—BIG!!! cash, I’m sure—to appear on “Cops.” After running from a crashed, stolen car, into the bamboo patch. Only thing missing is the dog-bite tattooed on your ass.

  68. RickMadrid Says:

    3rd Asses! Kiss my ass! have a good night! cocksucker!

  69. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    Nothing at all against Lucky, BUT, the irony of a woman who was just allegedly busted in a prostitution sting writing “I’m never wrong with my predictions” is a bit thick.

  70. Karmafan Says:

    I gotta agree with third, don’t think I have ever seen RM say anything on here positive or add anything except jumping in Steele’s shit with both feet.

  71. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Lucky, will you get points in heaven for all the trick jizz you consume?

    Are you KoKo Loko level delusional that you don’t see how sad it makes you look to whine here about him fucking someone else? Actually, you might be. You are the one that cut and pasted you blog here as a blind.

    You come here to verbally abuse the poor bastard, as you probably did often in your relationship, about how you were treated? I think your statements here and tales on KoKo Loko’s site, from way back when, demonstrate who treated who like shit.

    Jurmee is obviously past you, get over it. Find a new whipping boy.

  72. jeremysteele11 Says:

    She was very loving, we had good times, she gave me many things from the heart and I will cherish many memories, but she’s not all there, Jerku. She won’t come to terms with it, either. Something is seriously wrong with her with how she behaves at times and all the good things she did can’t make up for it… although for a while it did. Now, if I actually did something to merit the abuse she dished on me after she got out of the pen, then I’d like to hear what it is, but she pulls a MoFo or Nicky poo move, acting nuts and pretending my valid points which have been said again and again were never said. ‘Nuff said.

  73. Jerkuliscious Says:

    If you meet one that is all there, please call the Smithsonian so we can have it properly documented for posterity.

  74. Larry Horse Says:

    Question for C3X, you said you worked with Tanner Mayes for Seymore Butts recently (Seymore/Adam, couldnt he have stayed away, his schitck made Sean/Shawn “The Milfhuter” Rees seem like Shakespeare…that is when Sean/Shawn was still the milfhunter,though they are both dumbfucks, Adam comes by it naturally and Shawn…well that for later), back to Tanner and C3X, did she look like she was on the pipe then?

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