Note To Tanner Mayes

Tanner, You have a lot of people who love and care about you. I am hearing from them. They say you have been on this downward spiral for a while. Staying up for days and doing drugs. I know this is not how you want to end up. You are funny and pretty and sexy and all of that is getting destroyed by a very addictive drug. I know you don’t want to talk to anyone. I know you are angry. You used to be in AA, can you please call your sponsor? For me? Or call the hotline? Tanner, you are self-destructing and that is a huge waste of a wonderful person. Take one little action, call a helpline, please… Email me if you don’t want to talk to anyone on the phone. Reach out to someone, please…

This isn’t the face of the beautiful girl I know. This is the face of a drug addict…


  1. jeremysteele11

    If she ever has a kid she’ll name it Eddie Van Sheen, or Lindsey Lodown.

    Why isn’t all the money, sex and fame enough?

    Hope she gets well… soon… before it’s too late.

  2. jeremysteele11

    Reality porno series, anyone? Have a guy wearing a Donkey mask, called Donkey Long, who tells the audience angry racist and homo jokes and shoots a series called “Drug whores who fuck to score”. At the end of the flick Shelley Lubben comes, carrying a bible in wearing a cape to save the day and donkey punches the Donkey while the starlet is still smoking glass dick in the background.

  3. ajs

    Tanner Mays being a drug addict is nothing new. I saw her a year ago when she was allegedly doing so well and i was surprised her pics look so beautiful. She had some serious ground beef skin. There was a time in the industry when meth was so huge if you were not partaking in it you were not getting work. This was around the time Tanner was becoming a big name.

  4. jeremysteele11

    Sad ajs. It’s these aspects of the porn biz which gives itself a bad name. I don’t know how you can do that shit as male talent and stay hard.
    9 years ago my ex roommate porn slut fuck buddy was sharing that shit with me, and if I got booked for the next day, the shit would kick in about 1/2 way through the scene even though I hadn’t done it in 24 hours, and I’d go all limp biscuit. That shit is bad news.

  5. Third Axis

    You can thank the the Japanese for developing crystal meth at the beginning of the 20th century, then applying it during WWII, when the Nazis perfected it further. After the end of the war, a huge stockpile of the shit found its way to the US (wonder how? Operation Paperclip, anyone?), and the rest is history—or The Decline of Western Civilization.

    Waiting for casting of, “Not Breaking Bad XXX”. Only tweekers need apply.

  6. Jerkuliscious

    Tanner, if you are reading this, please go to the Kacey Jordan thread on XPT and read about the program I am trying to develop for damaged whores, you may be a candidate. Unless, that is, if you are just a drug addict, and not mental also. If you are just a meth addict and drunk, then contact me at XPT for a private. Meth broads fuck like animals. I will need to douse you in peroxide and tomato juice, to attempt to burn the Porno Dan stank off you, but I will let you keep the warm up butt plug I purchase for our “date”.

    You just knew she had to be high all the time, when she said good things about Sleaze Bag Dan.

  7. origen

    Everyone’s complaining about meth because white people are smoking it. Crack did WORSE to black people 30 years ago…

    I hope Tanner checks herself into rehab. Naltrexone can help her kick the habit. She’s such a beautiful girl and we are about the same age…

  8. Larry Horse

    I saw pics of her last time around with this, sad. I wonder how she has acted on sets since the last time around. Throw out that tape of her freaking out on the Jim Powers set well over a year ago, I bet Thrust was trying to pocket her phone as the bottom feeding trash he truly is. Also, it was a typical Powers shoot, beer to keep the girls “hydrated”.

  9. RickMadrid

    Yeah, Tanner! if you need any money for Rehab ask pornoDan and or Jim Lane, they’ll help you and if not…Ask RobFromMarketing Dildos . He’ll kick you down. But yousa need rehab!. Look at that face! shit! that’s a LA tweaker and or Bakersfield look there.

  10. Jerkuliscious

    Only drug worth smoking is weed/hash. I have tried to smoke shrooms, but was so fucked up already that I have no idea of the effect. Plus, the burn from meth is half the fun, why ruin that?

    @ Rob, thanks for noticing.

  11. Karmafan

    I totally agree with Jerk. Only drug thats fairly safe to smoke is weed. Anything harder then that is a double edged sword.

  12. RickMadrid

    Humboldt County is the Best! I will smoke a BOWL right now for all the peoples reading this Blog today..ggggggggggg. Have a good weekend! Time to Q it up!

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