Jynx Maze- Exclusive Interview- “I’ve got a Big Booty!”

Pictures Courtesy of LA Direct Models
Interview by Cindi Loftus

Jynx Maze- Her name, personality and wild on camera sex antics make her one of a kind! This five foot one, twenty-year old firecracker has made a big name for herself in a short period of time. When I saw a picture of Jynx with her entire hand shoved in a certain back door I knew I had to talk to her. And talking to her wasn’t easy. I want to thank Jynx and her agent for setting up and doing this interview, since Jynx was out of the country on vacation. She’s a bad girl, who likes bad boys and she tells me all about it. Enjoy a sexy chat with the unique and sexy Jynx Maze!
I so appreciate you calling me from half way across the world.  I wish I was with you on vacation!
Right now I’m in line to go see the tallest building. Pretty awesome.
Cool and we will talk about sex while you are waiting! So you’ve done seventeen scenes for Evil Angel, they seem to love you there.
I love them very much. They are a great company. I signed for them at AVN in 2011.
A lot of companies love your work.
I enjoy it. I think when you enjoy it people can see that.
When I mentioned on twitter that I was going to interview you I got a ton of responses and a few questions from the fans.
Really… What did they want you to ask me?
How do you prep for an anal scene?
Okay, since I am around a lot of people I have to be careful how I word this. But you will get the just of it. I starve for twelve hours and then right before I clean.
That’s not fun!
No it’s not, so right after I am very hungry.
What is your favorite thing to eat when your anal scene is done?
Anything that is in my view! (Laughs) I like a burger. It’s good to be healthy, but I am not a health freak at all. I probably should be right because it is my body…
You are tiny. Probably one of those people who gets to eat what you want.
I’m not tiny. I’ve got a big bootie!
Well you have a beautiful bootie, but you are a little girl.
I am short, five foot one.
One of your fans wants to know what would you do for a Klondike bar?

Oh my god. I would probably run a few miles, and then eat it. Oh, the place I am at, I can’t really talk. Can I call you back when I am done here?
Sure! Call me back when you are done with the tour. Talk to you in a little bit.
(One Hour Later)
Hi. It’s me!
Hi. Thanks for calling me back. How was your tour of the big building?
Not very interesting. Pretty boring.
It doesn’t sound all that interesting compared to your normal life.
I have way more adventures back in Los Angeles for sure.


When did you start in the adult industry?
I was dancing in Northern California. I was living in the beautiful city of Chico for a couple years when I was discovered. But I actively pursued it. I applied to kink.com and another website or two, but kink was the first to get back to me. I started in February of 2010. My first scene was  “Public Disgrace” for Kink.com. I was nervous and excited. I wasn’t terrified, just nervous that they would like, and they did, they love me. I have done several shoots for them.
You have a very unique stage name, how did you come up with that?
I danced for a little while before I got into porn. I had to come up with a name and I was searching and thinking of creative names. Well I stumbled across the name Jynx, in fact I didn’t go by Jynx  when I danced. But I told myself that if I ever got into porn or modeling I would go by Jynx. Maze came up from a very good friend of mine, he told me that my life was like a maze, that I could go down different paths and be successful.
And you are! What’s your favorite scene that you’ve done so far?
I really enjoy doing DP scenes, I just did one for Elegant Angel and Jules Jordan, those were really good.
Who are your favorite performers and directors to work with?
Directors, Mike Adriano and Jason at Evil Angel. Performers, James Deen and Voodoo, they really get into their scenes with me. There’s great chemistry with them, and they fuck really good.
You’ve done parodies , features, and gonzo work, what’s your favorite to work on?
I like gonzo. I like going all out “free styling it. My motto is “What happens happens”.
If you could choose, what would be your “dream scene” to do, and with who?
Wow, I think my dream scene is a scene with newer guys, gang bang, and to do a scene with a guy with lots of tattoos.
What’s the wildest or weirdest encounter you’ve had with a fan?
One would be I was at a club feature dancing this guy asked if he could put on a condom, and I thought “What?” He didn’t want to fuck me, he just wanted to watch me dance, but with a condom on, and I said “OK” go ahead” and he did. It was a little awkward to say the least.

Where’s your favorite place to have sex?
At very nice houses or in public either very ritzy or a very random and dirty, I don’t like anything in between.What do you like to do in her spare time?
I like to sleep, I like to bake, I like to listen to music, I love to play soccer, I don’t have time to do that now, but if I do I ‘d like to play some more soccer.
What is your ethnic background?
You blew up quick. You’re very popular. I remember seeing a scene you had on Bangbros and from then on everywhere I’d look you had a
scene. Did you plan to be as big as you are and why do you think you are as big as you are?

No did not plan it. I’m just fortunate for the work I get. I enjoy sex. I’m very open-minded. I push myself because I want to. I’m pretty laid back, so I got lucky that companies liked me and rebook me.
You do anal as well. Do you enjoy anal more than vaginal?
Yes, usually, if the guy knows what he’s doing!
Which position do you enjoy the most & why?
Doggy!! I feel it hit my g-spot more at that angle.
How did you figure out that you loved anal?
I got used to it with a toy because my ex-boyfriend wanted to try it out. Once I got used to it with the toy then I tried it with him and it started feeling really good with him. I was like WOW, this feels really bomb.
You are turning into the go-to girl for anal. You are going to be the biggest anal star on the planet!
I know. Everybody looks at me like I am crazy.
You might be slightly crazy. I saw a picture of you with your entire fist up your butt.
Oh yes, I have done those.
Wow, first of all you need to be quite the contortionist just to be able to get your hand there.
(Laughs) Yes, I am pretty flexible so it helps.

I know that you speak Spanish. I don’t know why but I was expecting you to have a bit of an accent. But you are an all-American girl.
I am an all-American girl definitely. I was born here and raised in Long Beach. My mom was from South America, Peru. I have family in Florida.
I am sure you know that Xcitement has a huge Cuban following in Florida, and they are going to love you and your nice big ass!
Oh, thank you so much!
I noticed you did a scene with Manuel Ferrarra. He is so popular as a sex partner, he seems like he is everyone’s favorite.
He is great!
And your favorites are James Deen and Voodoo.  I like Voodoo too!
I think he is flat out sexy. He’s super hot, super chill. He’s hung like a motherfucker.
That’s a nice big dick he has there.
Oh yeah!
What is the biggest dick you’ve ever had?
Nacho Vidal.
Is bigger better?
Yes definitely.

They talk about you on Brazzers and say you like doing PornStar Punishment scenes. Do you?
I do. But I hear they took that site off now.
Oh no! I love those scenes! I think that is one of the hottest sites on the net.
I thought so too. But there are people out there who can’t do what men like, Jordan Ash or JT do, so they don’t like it. If there is something they can’t do sexually they get intimidated.
Well people from the outside think that women are being pushed around. They don’t realize that the woman is in charge of the whole thing.
Right. We get the information ahead of time. We know what is going down. We don’t find out that day.
So you like it rough?
Yes.  Of course.
You do submissive well, do you do dominate well too?
I’ve done some dom work. Do I do it well? That is where people would have to judge me. I can’t judge myself. I think I do ok.
It seems to me like you do everything well. The word on you is that you are crazy and wild and will do just about everything.
(Laughs) I’ll try it. I don’t do girl/girl.
Which is surprising because that seems like it would be one of the easier things you could do.
Really? I just look at it like, when guys tell me that, I’m like, hey are you gay? And they are like NO! I’m like there you go. I’m not gay either.
I never looked at it that way. You are exactly right. When you say that to a straight guy it puts it in perspective. Hey guy, do you take it up the ass from a guy? Well I don’t do girls, same difference.
Yep. Don’t be looking at me all weird (because I don’t do girls) It is a stereotype. They’ll say it ‘s not the same thing. I’ll say you are right, I’m not ripping ass, but it is the same thing.


What is the best anal scene you have done lately?
I don’t know, (Laughs). There is one for Elegant Angel called DP Fanatics that was really good. I feel like I have done a lot of good scenes. Recently I did a scene, it’s not out yet and I don’t know what it will be called, but it was three guys. I did a DP in it for Jules Jordan, now that scene is going to be wild. I did it three weeks ago.
Who is in it with you?
It was Jules Jordan himself, James Deen and Mark Wood.
All three at the same time?
So it was mouth, ass and vag. Airtight.
Yes. It was very nice. I’m glad they took pictures you know? So I have them for my memories.
So what do you think about when you masturbate?
I think about hot tattooed white or latin guys. Since I am tan. I like guys that are lighter than me. I’m very attracted to that.
So your dream scene is to do a gang bang with tattoes. When I hear that I think of huge muscular biker gang type guys. Is that what you picture?
No. I think of guys with Sleeves or with tattoos on their backs. But not stupid tattoos. Something with meaning.
So no jail house tats?
Oh, wait those are the best, what are you talking about! That is what I like, what I love. I like bad boys! I mean don’t get me wrong you can’t judge somebody just off of that. But I don’t like to be bored and I can’t have a boring guy around. Usually they have gone to prison or jail once or twice, the ones that I talk to a lot. We are more on the same page on excitement. They say “you want to go do that?”, and I’m like “Let’s go!”

So you are a wild bad girl who likes wild bad boys.
I like the wild side of sex. I like bad boys as long as they are respectful towards me. I have no tolerance for jerks. I want a guy who does different things to show me that he loves me and appreciates me.
What more can I ask? Oh, and a big dick of course.
What is the best part about being a porn star?
You know what when I started out I didn’t know I was going to make a name of myself, and I think I did.
You certainly did.
So I guess, I am being honest here, shooting porn, getting paid for it and enjoying it, and people love me for it.
How many people can say that about their jobs?
Exactly. I’m not sitting on a desk. Well, maybe I am when I am dressed up as an executive…
About to get fucked! What is your favorite thing about feature dancing?
I love putting on a show. I am known to put on wild shows. I was a dancer before I got into porn and I love making the crowd go wild. I am more into the show than the costumes. I do have nice costumes, but I am totally more about the show any day.

So you are interactive.
I am very interactive. I pull people up on stage. I flip on them.
And the crowd goes wild.
They go ape shit, hell yeah!
What is your unfulfilled fantasy?
I don’t know. I feel like I have done so much that I wanted. I can’t think of one.
You were talking about surf & turf on Twitter. What is your definition of surf & turf?
The surf is the lobster, the seafood part and the turf is like the meat, right? That is my definition. Like lobster on a surfboard then you’ve got the meat.
That sounds very sexual when you say it.
You think so? I don’t think so. I think you are just dirty minded.
Maybe I am dirty minded. Maybe everything you says just sounds sexual to me. When you talk about meat and a surf board, I think of you laying on a surf board having sex. What can I say. I’m a perv. What do you think of?
I think of lobster, yummy. It’s delicious. I like crab all that stuff.
Me too. Lobster is my favorite food. In some of your scenes, I notice you start talking in Spanish as you start really getting into the sex.
I get into it and the guy I work with does too, so it’s great.
It’s hot when you start speaking in Spanish!
Thank you baby !
Is Spanish your native language or did you learn both English and Spanish simultaneously?
I learned both English and Spanish at the same time.

There was also some discussion on forums about whether you should increase the size of your boobs or keep them natural. For what it’s worth, I think you look perfect the way you are. Do you have thoughts on this?
I plan on keeping them natural. I do not want implants.
We are almost done, but I want to know, are you having fun on your vacation?
Yes. I am. A lot!
Good. No more boring touristy things.

You have to do a couple of those things, ya know? You have to say I was at the Grand Canyon, and I saw the Grand Canyon.
Yeah. You were at a tall building so you can say you saw a tall building.
Do you have a message for your fans?
I love you guys very much and thank you for your support because without you guys I wouldn’t have my career the way it is.
Well we love you too!
Twitter jynxmazecutie
Jynx can be booked through LADirectModels.com
I want to thank Kevin of LatinBabeIndex.com, Mr E. of pervinterview.blogspot.com and LA Direct Models for sharing their Jynx interviews with me.  Some of their Q & A have been added into this story.


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    A pervuian Girl that Loves it in the BUTT! we need more of them! Only if the fucking industry would shoot more! I dealt they will keep her around very long! All the “bullshit” your going to be RICH and all that bs I’ve heard over the years. Several girls emailed me this morning looking for shoots, and they’re all worn out an stretched out. Smoking too much dope and not appealing any more to the Veiwers. All well……Have a great LA porn day peoples and enjoy what u can.

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