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NL-According to Guidestar, here is the list of the board of directors of FSC from 2010 IRS docs. Since I can’t fit the chart headings, the 40 showing, is for number of hours worked per week and the $150,000 is Ms Dukes Salary. I didn’t yet find any other salaries listed individually


According to the tax info on file-  $570,876 is the total revenue for the 2010 year

This income came from $482,110 of membership dues & $74,034 other contributions…

Salaries, other compensation & employee benefits comes to $304,671. of which we know $150,000 was paid to Ms. Duke





  1. Jerkuliscious

    Is that 40 hours for the year or per week?

    It would probably be cheaper to pay politicians directly to advance your cause. When Sirius was trying to merge with XM, Stern read off a list of politicians and the donation amounts from the radio industry groups. Most of them were only 2-4K.

  2. areyoukiddingme

    How come you don’t list how much Joanne Cachapero, membership director of FSC makes a year. Be interesting to see how much money she takes in given that she is supporting a suitcase pimp/bum.

  3. Speaking as a board member, I can assure you that NO directors get any money from Free Speech. In fact, we pay dues just like all other members, which dues are determined on a sliding scale depending on the member’s company’s earnings. (You know: just like the federal government should levy taxes.) Moreover, the idea that Diane Duke only works 40 hours per week is ludicrous. Her “work day” often starts just about when she gets up in the morning, and often lasts until late into the evening, often on the weekends as well. Also, if you examine the salaries of executive directors of other non-profit political entities that are called upon to lobby local, state and federal governments, you’ll find that Diane’s is at the very, VERY low end. And finally, much of the difference between FSC’s income and the salaries and benefits it pays out has gone/is going to fighting to get rid of 2257, a scourge on our industry and one that, if left to fester, will eventually drive both primary and secondary producers out of business and put many of them in prison.

  4. Jerkuliscious

    I can understand why porners don’t want the headache and cost of keeping the 2257 info, but, as a perv that is a fan of the Barely Legal genre, seeing a 2257 link on the bottom of a website helps me feel safer.

  5. magwriter

    Guidestar is a great source for information about non-profit organizations. According to the tax documents of Guidestar the FSC has rasied 1.8 million dollars in the last three years through membership dues and fundraisers, Of that 1.8 illion, 467,000.00 has been paid directly to Dianne Duke. Mr. Kernes, a director of FSC said that she works much more than the 40 hours per week shown on the documents. Is Mr. Kernes suggesting that the information on these federal tax documents is incorrect, documents that were signed by Dianne duke under penalty of perjury.
    As writers for AVN shoudnt Mr, Kernes and Thomas Hynes, also an FSC director,follow sic journalism standards and identify themselves as directors of this organization when they write articles and editorials about the FSC? Anybody who calls themself a journalist shoud always note that they are a member of an organization they are writing about, this is journalism 101.
    I apologize for not providing the links to the Guidestar tax documents. Registration to Guidestar is free.

  6. Michael Whiteacre

    Performing extra work-hours for no extra pay is not a crime. Duke is not an hourly wage-earner, she’s a salaried employee. Most likely her employment contract describes a minimum 40-hour work week. Since her pay is based upon working that minimum number of hours (per her contract), that is what is reportable on the returns.

    There’s also the matter of people setting their professional “rate” — for example, let’s say a leading actor has a rate of $1,000,000 for a studio movie. Studio movies are general long-schedule films. That same actor will often accept a fraction of his/her “rate” for an independent film, because it’s generally a much shorter shooting schedule. Professionals link their salary to a particular set of hours/days/weeks, etc…, with the goal of not diluting or diminishing their “rate.” This principle holds true in any profession.

    Getting paid $50,000 for 40 hour weeks means your rate is higher than if you were paid the same amount for 50 or 60 hour weeks.

    FYI, Tom Hynes is not currently an FSC director. You can discover that by simply using Google.

  7. magwriter

    On a site called Mikesouth.com the author there says that a salary of 150,000 is not that much for a director of a non-profit organization. According to this article the average salary for a director of a non-profit that brings in 5-10 million dollars is between 82 and 96,000. Thas about 40% less for organizations that bring in ten times more money. I will try to find the other link I found that puts this $150,000 salary in the top 10% of salaries for a non-profit executive director. I could be wrong, but 25% of all funds going directly to the salary of one persone seems excessive.


  8. Michael Whiteacre

    It’s not strictly about percentages: Executive Directors of larger nonprofits (such as The Salvation Army) often take only a token salary, because these positions are usually held by wealthy people who also sit on the boards of other organizations. The problem in the case of FSC is that, because it’s PORN-related, the Executive Director is not going to be invited to sit on the board of other groups. Someone who signs on with a porn-related group is also foregoing other opportunities.

    There are other factors at play in the determination of appropriate salaries, including level of education and prior work experience in the world of non-profits. Also, there’s a distinction between closely-held/controlled non-profits (where the executive director can decide his/her own salary, etc…) and non-profits with an independent board. I’ve grown quite familiar with the world of non-profits through my dissection of the fraud known as Pink Cross Foundation, and under these circumstances I have to agree with Mike South that $150,000 is not a large salary for the Exec Director of a group like FSC, where no board members receive money from the group.

  9. Larry Horse

    I would compare what Duke does to that of a corporate lobbyist, not a non-profit director. The FSC seems to be more a lobbying group. For comparison sake what does Weinstein get paid by AHF? Though he has other sources of income, I assume Duke does not. Off topic again, but Gene Ross says his psychic services are available. Who has the bigger scam, Ross being a psychic, or Luke and his Alexander Method bullshit.

  10. Reader Email/Twitter

    The problem with the ratio of the Free Speech Coalition’s fundraising to the salary of the director is not the size of her salary but rather the ridiculously low amount of funds contributed by the studio owners. I thought that pornography was a multibillion dollar industry. Don’t they need a well funded professional lobbying organization?

  11. magwriter

    We will definately share our fndngs with the people on this site. We are currently doing an in depth look at executive compensation for non profit groups. A quick answer to Larryhorse, according to the 990 documents for 2010 on Guidestar.org. the Aids Healthcare Foundation had total revenues of $233,364,000.00. The executive director was paid $366,046.00 Aids Healthcare Foundation also has a number of other employees paid over $100,000.00. Several of these people are lawyers and physicians. Our study is focusing on non-profits with annual budgets under $1,000,000.

  12. commonsense

    Just found some interesting information about michael whiteacre. He really is not even an active person in porn.

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