AHF Says They Don’t Want the Job Of Condom Police

AHF will NOT bid on L.A.’s porn film ordinance inspection contract

By Alan Rappeport and Andrew Jack  from http://www.aidshealth.org/

In January, Los Angeles City Council adopted an historic ordinance that ties issuance of adult film permits to condom use in the films; since then adult industry sources have alleged that AHF, the main proponent of the measure, was seeking to secure the City contract for inspecting film sets for compliance

LOS ANGELES (May 23, 2012) – AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the primary backers of a new City of Los Angeles ordinance that conditions the issuance of adult film permits by the City to condom use in adult films shot under the auspices of the permits, is announcing that it will NOT pursue a contract or request for proposal from the City as a potential vendor or service provider to monitor adult film production sets throughout Los Angeles to check for compliance with the new City of Los Angeles ordinance.  The ordinance, known as the ‘City of Los Angeles Safer Sex In The Adult Film Industry Act,’ was first proposed by AHF and members of the group, ‘For Adult Industry Responsibility’ (FAIR) as a citywide voter ballot initiative that was to have be placed on the June election ballot; however, in an historic action, it was adopted directly into law in January of this year by the Los Angles City Council. Since then and throughout the entire signature gathering process last autumn, some opponents of the measure and members of the adult film industry have alleged that AHF would be seeking to secure a City contract for inspecting film sets for compliance.

“It’s becoming clearer that the City of Los Angeles does not want—and/or many not actually have the capacity to enforce this new adult film safety ordinance that requires inspection of adult film sets for compliance with condom use in the productions,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “There are many objective, neutral compliance groups out there such as nursing agencies that can likely do this monitoring under contract to the city. And since this inspection and compliance effort will not cost the city anything—money for the inspections comes directly from the industry itself in the form of film permit fees—city officials should forge ahead and arrange for a qualified outside contractor to handle these compliance inspections. Currently, AHF does not have the capability or expertise in this arena, and as such, we will not bid on any contracts or requests for proposals to monitor adult film sets for compliance with the film permit ordinance.”

In December 2011, adult film safety advocates submitted over 70,000 City of Los Angeles voter signatures—far more than the 41,000 needed to qualify the measure for election. In early January 2012, the Los Angeles City Clerk certified the signatures and recommended that City Council either, “…adopt the proposed ordinance, without alteration,” outright or “submit it” for the “regularly-scheduled State Primary Election” set for June 5, 2012, which will be conducted by the County of Los Angeles.


  1. Karmafan

    This whole story can best be summed up as HIPOCRISY. This whole mess is disguised to appear to be in the best interest of the porn performers and yet in reality it is designed to destroy the porn industry and put all those workers out of work (or back into the shadows) and back rooms like it was in the early days.

    Why was it even put up for voters that know squat about the porn industry to decide the fates of all the people that work in the industry in the 1st place?

  2. RickMadrid

    Hey; Lets get down to the real truth here. LA city doesn’t have the money to enforce it, so why even bother? Just keep the “CROSSOVERS” away and we won’t see anymore problems. Right and or wrong?

  3. You better wake up Rick Madrid – porn valley girls gotta work the “cross over” market to stay afloat – “crossovers” are the FUTURE of porn. There is no such thing as “straight” porn and there never has been…the dudes who I knew when working in the LA market who attempted to define themselves as “straight” were all FULL OF IT.

    Porn Valley = Fruity Pebbles Central

    You REALLY THINK studios are going to turn away Cassandra Cruz, Nikki DeLano and Britney Amber simply because they did a scene for NextDoorHookups?


    Get real, order condoms in mass quantity and shut up. If you can’t do that leave the USA.

  4. Larry Horse

    I am really tired of Weinstein and his bullshit. Who are the big money guys behind this, there has to be someone. Its like the abortion bullshit, millions of dollars wasted and working on destroying woman’s reproductive help. If Weinstein really wanted to help the adult biz, he should have AHF pay for full testing, and also get the gay side on the testing bandwagon. Of course the gay side is “special” to AHF, you ever see them parade out HIV gay talent instead of Shelley’s Army of Loons.

  5. Michael Whiteacre

    Here’s my favorite quote from Weinstein, which illustrates the depths of his disingenuousness: “this inspection and compliance effort will not cost the city anything —money for the inspections comes directly from the industry itself in the form of film permit fees.”

    In order for that to work, adult producers would have to maintain, or likely increase, their number of permitted shoots — and the economic reality is that’s never going to happen. Even if a small number of producers do pull permits, the small fee attached to each permit is simply not enough money to maintain a staff condom police.

  6. RickMadrid

    Monica; It ain’t going to happen! they can’t afford it a councilman told me and thats just the way it is baaaaby! They were talking about hiring a Nursing Contractor to go around and enforce the “NEW” regualtion. Yeah sure!! Have a women dressed like Kayden Kross go check out some cocks for condoms and comlicance. They’re is no money in enforcement and You can easily just shoot underground without telling anybody where the shoot is going to be. Fruitty pebbles central…like that one! Have a good Weekend MS. Foster.

  7. RickMadrid

    Hey What about that picture of Jenna and her Nurses outfit!! get ready to check some sets out huhhh???.

  8. Fartz

    This is EXACTLY how I thought this would play out. When this ordinance came down, and I’m watching shows about violent street gangs on TV, I’m thinking, “cops don’t have time for this bullshit”.

    It reminds me of when you’re on the job and the bosses make some bullshit new rule that no one cares about or adhere’s to. Instead of firing the entire staff, they usually either modify the rule, or drop it entirely.

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