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Rob Black Offers Job To Digital Playground’s Samantha Lewis

NL- Rumor has it that Samantha was let go by Digital Playground’s new management


Rob Black Productions Offers Samantha Lewis General Manager Position
Rob Black Productions publically offers recently released Digital Playground Executive Samantha Lewis the position of General Manager.
Glendale, CA: Rob Black Productions ( would like to formally extend an offer of employment to Samantha Lewis. Samantha helped revolutionize the business, much like our company owner Rob Black, and we feel the teaming of these two industry powerhouses could once again lead a revolution in the adult industry. Samantha was recent released from her employment with her former company after it was bought out, and we know that times are tough and we hate to see a talented woman down on her luck. So we offer Samantha Lewis the position of General Manager of Rob Black Productions, not only keeping her from unemployment… but also giving her the chance to take her career to the next level with a higher end company.
We look forward to Samantha’s response, and we are preparing her office already.
Samantha can contact Rob Black at 818-484-5816

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6 Responses to “Rob Black Offers Job To Digital Playground’s Samantha Lewis”

  1. Mike South Says:

    As if a class act like Samantha would associate herself with a low life piece of shit like Rob Black

    Please Rob hold your fucking breath until she calls you OK?

  2. Carnal Comics Says:

    Several years ago, I met Samantha Lewis to see if Digital Playground would give approval to a Teagan Presley comic book. The comic book never happened but Samantha was nice and polite to me. Mike South says that Samantha would not associate herself with Robert Black and yet Digital Playground sold themselves to Manwin.

    South has criticized Manwin’s involvement with piracy and has referred to Wicked Pictures owner Steve Orenstein as a traitor. I think it’s a double standard to cut Digital Playground more slack then other companies who have done business with Manwin. Black did direct rape scenes but Brazzers has also produced rape scenes. The Pornstar Punishment series is put out by Brazzers.

  3. MonicaFoster Says:

    I’ll always have a level of respect for you Mike South – I even read your perspective aloud on the launch of the ATR live webcast series last night – however I gotta say this…

    Good girls LOVE bad boys. Rob Black didn’t call out Samantha Lewis for no reason – in the far reaches of my erotic based mind I could see them together – she yearns to take a walk on the wild side due to society always boxing her into the “pure untouched and unreachable beauty” category – he yearns to pillage what he could never attain due to having a rep that’s from the “wrong side of the tracks”…

    Hell, I’ve seen Rob Black’s recent photos – jail time did him well, he’s slimmer and has a vampire kinda vibe going on with that translucent skin of his.

    Anyways, I’m just saying, you’d never have female “class acts” in porn, if it weren’t for them falling for bad boys that society looks down upon. If anything encourage such matchups if you truly are pro-porn.

  4. RickMadrid Says:

    Mike south Should get a humartaian award along with Kayden Kross, For looking out for other people in this Industry full of “SCAM” artist and “scumbags”! Manwin is sure showing us all how they are willing to do Business. I just heard this morning that whole credit card thing was a “SETUP”. And who is next? Joone?, Bobby D? and then they’ll go over and buy Vivid and do the same thing. ohhh No..You all have jobs here. And get rid of all the people over there and just continue to “DESTROY” and Conquer!. I just hope Samantha Lewis, makes a really sound and good decsion. And sombody help out peggy and others. Do you all think Kayden, and Stoya, and Selena feel some insercurities right now?. You all have a great LA Porn valley weekend and continue to look after each other and Save you Damn Money! I think the worst is coming!.

  5. Mike South Says:

    Just talked to Samantha Lewis.

    Rest assured it’ll be snowing flying pigs in L.A before she goes into any business with Rob Black….

  6. MonicaFoster Says:

    Do you think Donny Long should get a humanitarian award too Rick Madrid – I saw your Latino ass posting BS over on his forum…

    Unfortunately I don’t think good girl gringas like Kayden, Julia Ann and such will be working with you ever since the Chasey Lain fiasco which you are supporting by posting Donny Long’s forum.

    Samantha Lewis would smack the shit out of you Madrid – but then again you’d like that wouldn’t you…

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