NIck East Threatens LIB with Legal Actions

NL- You might want to read the story below for this to make more sense


Nick East’s pic from his public My Space page

From Nick

I know it’s not really jeremy and your site. I really do. but he really does like to participate and talk shit about people ALL the time and you let him.
If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t be able to do what he’s doing. So yes, I’m angry with you too.
As far as drugs? I was just trying to point out that you should remember me. We actually had quite a email exchange a long time ago concerning jeremy. For you to say you didn’t remember I don’t quite buy. Especially since you admit that you’d heard of me due to jeremy’s rants.
Rants about me and others.
Rants not protected by the first amendment.
And pretty sly thing to do, posting my letter to you.
I tried for years to keep my name off of your site, but that’s not going to happen.
I only started posting when jeremy started harrassing me.
And I don’t care how many pages it takes to find a link to your site on google. Your site has been hostile towards me for years even when luke ran it. there’s never been one good word said about me on this site so why would I expect any other treatment now?
I’m not delusional, I don’t have anger issues. I have a reputation to protect and you allow others to slander me.
If my emails to you seemed hostile, then that’s because I really want you to delete me entirely from this site. I don’t want you to interview me or anything else. I just want to be removed from here. Why is that so hard to understand?


From "Nick"  subject- Cease and Desist
You have no right to publish private emails I send you.
I will be forwarding ALL of the correspondence to my lawyer (yes, I have one) at his insistence.
I intend on suing you for publishing my private emails. I know I will be able to prove maliciousness on your part.
I still have all of our old emails proving you’ve known who I am for quite some time.
The law is on my side and I’m going to use it.
I have been asked, however, to ask you one last time to delete me from your website.

NL-There was no indication or expectation of privacy in our emails, nor did you ask for any. Tell your lawyer to send me what he deems appropriate and I will have my lawyer look into it. I would need an official "cease and desist" to ever consider such an action. And of course since it would then all be a legal action subject to public record,  I would post all that  also for my readers information .


  1. jeremysteele11

    You still got the harassment thing backwards, Clueless Nick. I HAD TO CHANGE MY PHONE NUMBER BECAUSE OF YOUR HARASSMENT, ASSHOLE!

    Remember that voice mail you left stating you’re gonna “mess” with me?

    THAT’S HARASSMENT. Earth to Orion, come in, over? Can one of Nick’s
    “guardian angels” out there whisper a word of sense into his ear?

    Your harassment brought this upon you, dumbass!

  2. moxie2

    A website operator is protected from liability when readers post forum or comment replies. I think iris covered it the communications decency act. If he has a problem with someone who wrote comments, that is who he should sue.

  3. Jerkuliscious

    When your opponent is mental, just keep feeding him rope, he’ll do the rest. If Numb Nuts wants to waste money on a lawyer let him. The lawyer probably knows he has a tard on the hook, that he can milk for vacation money.

  4. jeremysteele11

    I don’t think the tard has much money, Count Jerkula. Last time we were on friendly terms he spoke of this great canvassing job he had in case I was interested (You know, those jobs usually college kids have for minimum wage trying to get people to get signatures to save the environment? No thanks.). I’m sure he’s the oldest and dumbest kid on the block. I wonder if people look at him and go “Aren’t you a porn ‘star’? What happened?”.

  5. jeremysteele11

    I’m more creative n clever than the whole lot of ya. That’s why you all pretend you’re better than moi.

    Btw, what’s with Nick’s emaciated American History XXX look?

  6. jeremysteele11

    I also forwarded Cindi my email correspondance with the Sultan of Stupid:

    Subject: You will pay
    Date: Sunday, March 4, 2012, 9:52 PM

    with your life if you attack me. Just as you don’t know yourself, you don’t know me, bitch!

    You’re the dumbest piece of lowlife shit I’ve ever met in my life.

    Harassing me made no sense, Nick. You can’t answer this point. You can’t answer my points because they’re all true and prove your head don’t work.

    Calling me 3x at 1AM was harassment. I told you I needed sleep and you called me again after promising to let me sleep. Your brain makes no sense. Your voicemails state you ASKING me to get Darrah to take her shit down (she’s written shit about me, too, and it’s still up. You think I could do something about yours?). And then you lie in contradiction of your voicemails, saying you suddenly got angry again and wanted to kick my ass. You clearly proved to everyone you’re a liar and an idiot, based on this alone.

    And what in the fucking world did your damaged mind think your harassment would achieve? What makes you think you can “mess” with me to your retarded leisure, and that I wouldn’t respond/retaliate? Especially considering all you’ve done to me over the years (points you refuse to acknowledge even though I had the decency to address all your retarded points).

    Nothing you do or think makes any sense. If you’d only take a look at yourself instead of relying on your reflex mechanism of coming up with what only you think is a clever excuse for your words and actions.

    I never contacted Darrah. That’s another one of your retarded assumptions, along with your Santa Monica Blvd and heroin shooting theories. She was an avid fan of LIB and porn and she obviously read the shit on LIB and posted the shit on a site no one ever read or took seriously anyway.

    What did you think you’d achieve by harassing me? You got exactly what you asked for, but are too stupid to realize it.

    And Darrah, even though she’s a nitwit, was right this time. Just as Rick said, you’re a douchebag. I challenged you to a fight for several reasons, the shit talk you spread and accusations, the money you still owe, the girlfriend who you tried to fuck my relationship with. No I never was on matchmakers, asshole. No I had no “homeless” friends and none of my friends ever stole your shitty shampoo with a ziplock baggie, moron.

    You threatened to beat up Luke Ford because I challenged you to legal boxing fight that would’ve paid you and gotten you laid. And, in contradiction of your defective brain I never propositioned you with this prior to the LIB post. Your brain is defective, and your ethically deficient. That’s why you made up the idiotic story that you were hiding under the covers as if I couldn’t see you, when the fact is I knocked, gave a second, opened the door and you screamed at the top of your lungs. How could you not have even remembered that, Nick, you nitwit? And you just don’t listen to people. You “borrowed” my hammer, left it in your van when you were done when I was about to use it. I was pissed off at your taking shit without asking and not returning it. It makes no sense that I would knock and not wait for a response if I wanted to sneak or break in. Plus you always lock your door when you leave. Plus, like I said I had much, much, much more stuff than you, and I would never want my shit messed with, either. Plus, you weren’t quiet, I heard you in there and knew you were home!

    But you won’t listen. You never do. Apparently this has been your modus operandi you’re entire stupid life!

    You think you will kick my ass, just like you think your brain works ok? The worst thing that could happen is that you do kick my ass. But you won’t. I won’t let you. You know nothing of my anger, my heart, my skills and my self-righteousness on this matter. And if I did lose, hypothetically, I’d come after you. This situation would not end. I guarantee you. You have no clue, moron!

    From: Nick East
    Subject: Re: You will pay
    To: “Jeremy Steele”
    Date: Monday, March 5, 2012, 12:31 AM

    I know where you live.
    That is all.

    From: Jeremy Steele
    Subject: Re: You will pay
    To: “Nick East”
    Date: Monday, March 5, 2012, 1:15 AM

    No, that’s not all. You can’t even explain yourself. What did you expect to achieve by harassing me? What’s my address, bitch? Come and get me. I prove to you you’re fucked in the head AND YOU CAN’T EVEN DISPUTE IT!

    From: Nick East
    Subject: Re: You will pay
    To: “Jeremy Steele”
    Date: Monday, March 5, 2012, 1:25 AM

    Hey asshole!!!!
    I just ruined your “career”. And I’ll make sure to have Monica connect your real name with your stage name!!!
    Nobody likes you, loser!
    You know what? I didn’t ruin your job prospects, you did by proving that you are unstable. Lol.
    Your too stupid even to realize that my income is not affected by my reputation in porn, but yours is!!! And it’s not like you can get a real job with prospective employers once they google you (they all will) and see how unstable you are!!!
    You’re even too stupid to think that you’d be better off if those posts just disappeared!
    You do not even see how stupid you are, not the other way around. I didn’t ruin my work prospects at all. But you did!!! AND YOU DON’T EVEN SEE IT YOU STUPID FUCK!!!
    how old are you?
    I know your age is higher than your IQ!!!
    You stupid fuck,
    I cannot stand you at all,
    fuck off,

    P.s. You got me! I have no idea where you live!!! But you’d better keep a lookout for me. that way, you’ll know when to run away like a scared little girl.
    P.P.S. Checkmate. Just try to work EVER again, asshole!

    I did not deserve you hiding behind lib to throw your bs at me.
    you are a coward, so I bet you’re armed with a gun, right?
    So do the world a favor, and use it on yourself because nobody likes you and you’re a loser and you’re a liar and you’re guaranteed to be homeless on the streets and I can’t wait to take a picture of you when your fate is sealed.

    From: Jeremy Steele
    Subject: Re: You will pay
    To: “Nick East”
    Date: Monday, March 5, 2012, 1:41 AM

    p.s.- stupid, Moronica has divulged my real name countless times on LIB and elsewhere. I don’t care. I also have provided links to my real name on LIB and elsewhere. Get with the program. Stop assuming shit all the time. All you do is assume shit, the most ridiculous, stupid shit… should I go through the list? Why bother?, Denial is a river in Douchebag’s brain.

  7. jeremysteele11

    As we can clearly see above, Nick, like Moronica, doesn’t respond to any of my specific points (other than admitting he doesn’t know where I live, after lying and saying he does). He just says goes off on retarded diversions, etc.

  8. Michael Whiteacre

    South’s site is where all the losers, scumbags, nut jobs, and washouts end up. F*o*s*t*e*r, Derrick Burts, Nick East… and South himself, of course.

  9. jeremysteele11

    From Mike Souths site (comment section). NickEast writes: “KF? Cindi (with an i, how cute!) posted a link to the worst snuff flick in HISTORY! She bought her readers by buying Luke’s site! I won’t go there anymore. She is irrelevant! Mike South, on the other hand, is relevant, and he has something Cindi will never have… Common sense!”

    Yeah, that douchebag (I’ve lost count how many have called him that at this point) should talk about common sense. His level of stupidity is his unfathomable and lowlife, crazy asshole behavior is unbelievable. It’s no wonder Coco Loco thinks so highly of him.

    And his constant comment of “Cindi with ‘i'” is really stupid. WTF?

  10. Michael Whiteacre

    At this point, virtually all Nick’s former porn comrades have written him off — many have told me this in no uncertain terms. Yes, he’s one of the old crew who got pushed out when the new crop of viagra guys came in — but we all know that’s not the only reason he’s no longer among the ranks of porn swordsmen. Nicky doesn’t just have issues, he has a subscription! Now he’s just an angry stupid failure.

    During our one and only phone conversation months ago, he said he wanted to use the condoms in porn issue as a means to make a quick buck. He thought we could get paid to go on talk shows and debate the issue. I told him I wasn’t interested in profiting off the issue, and furthermore that no one was interested at any level beyond college radio. His true motivation was in getting attention (to promote his book, LOL) and making money, NOT with a devotion to the underlying issue. He concluded the conversation by asking if I was interested in getting any drugs from him — he specifically mentioned psychedelics.

  11. jeremysteele11

    Of course he wanted to use the condom issue to make a quick buck, lowlife scumbag that he is. One tragedy (in the form of a human being) using another tragedy as a platform to try and advance himself, just like Amber Lynn tried to pull off the late Ron Sullivan and Measure B. He needs to give up his hopes of becoming a millionaire selling his Orion Compass book, like he kept telling me he was gonna be, because crap can only produce crap. Besides the publisher stopped selling any due to lack of sales he said. And he should lay off the drugs, although I care how many psychelics and other drugs he’s used, including alcohol, weed and cigarettes. That still can’t explain how he’s so fucking unbelievably stupid… proven by many examples such as him freaking on Cindi (“with an’i'”- for shame, right??) for having me state his real name here, while he promotes his book by his real name… or harrassing the fuck out of me from a blocked number for something he just discovered Darrah wrote years ago about him being a douchebag, and then leaving a public comment for the real Luke Ford on his Judaic site stating his real name and his phone number. And selling psychedlics can lead to a long prison term. I hope he gets busted.

    And you’re referring to Rick Madrid, Karmafan, who said he made 100 Gs doing 10 scenes for 10Gs each. Porn sure attracts some amazing idiots.

  12. Karmafan

    There so many idiots in porn I can’t keep track of them all. Besides who gonna pay 100k for some porn mope unless the 10 scenes were snuff films?

  13. jeremysteele11

    Meanwhile, Nick East is pulling Rick Madrid levels of pathetic idiocy by posting as a fan of himself on Mike South’s site, as “BT”, talking against Cindi (claiming she posted stuff on LIB about him that was “provably false”) and praising himself.

    And no, Nicky, as both Whiteacre and I have pointed out, it is not a “debate” when the only thing you do when someone refutes your point, is to repeat the same original point you made over and over.

  14. Michael Whiteacre

    Yes, he also tells the same Shawn Ricks anecdote again and again, drawing the wrong conclusion from it every time. A true idiot.

  15. Michael Whiteacre

    I’m paraphrasing (b/c I don’t feel like looking it up), but it’s that he once found himself on one of the late Shawn Ricks’ sets (near Jim South’s office), and Shawn offered him a b/g scene, then and there.

    Nicky (according to his telling) said that he was reluctant to do it because he could feel that he had some STI coming on down there, and Ricks told him to go ahead and do the scene with this female performer anyway, because “that’s the risk she takes.” He claims that he did not do the scene.

    Because his underlying conclusion is that performers are too stupid to be permitted to either gauge the risk to themselves on set, or to understand what the limitations of STI tests are, and that they’re having condomless sex only under duress, N.E. suggests a means to empower performers: infantilize them.

    His solution is consistent with his belief in a progressive, “managed” utopian dream world, in which market forces and human nature can be tut-tutted away with heavy-handed “benevolent” laws. He posits that, because not every performer may be as noble and gallant as he (as evidenced in his anecdote), the adult industry needs to anticipate and address every potential bad or negligent act, even if it means decimating the industry commercially, over the possibility of someone getting a common STI that is transmitted in the general population every day. Never mind the fact that there will always be people who shoot without condoms, and never mind that it is axiomatic both that production driven underground is less safe, and that having less work is detrimental to workers. In the name of protecting them from themselves, he says, performers should have their options and liberties curtailed. Only by writing off discernment, and through taking away freedom and choice, can we reach “fairness” and happiness.

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