Manwin on DP Breach

Statement from Manwin-

"Due to an alleged security breach, Manwin elected to temporarily shut down Digital Playground, and related websites, on March 5, 2012," the statement read. "Manwin officially took over Digital Playground and related assets on March 1, 2012, and according to the allegations, the potential breach may have occurred prior to that date.

"The safeguard and non-disclosure of private and confidential information is always a priority at our company, and management is supervising all aspects of this situation. In addition, our customer service department has been in contact with Digital Playground members to inform them of the next steps.

"Customers will not be billed while the site is inactive, and have been offered free access to a Manwin-owned property of their choice during this time period."


  1. Jerkuliscious

    I wasn’t a member of DP, but I HATE when a place is compromised. I also hate the fact that the bank can’t tell me where my shit was compromised. I gotta memorize a new debit card # and I don’t even know who to hate for it. It leaves me very conflicted.

    I am considering going to Money Orders only, with the occasional Visa Gift Card for online purchases.

  2. RickMadrid

    Jerki; Do that, Don’t use those card’s. they’ll all scamed out and they keep billing over and over, even if you stop the memebership. Just Federal PO money order’s should be good enough.

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