A Quickie With Vicki Chase

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L.A. Direct News sits down with the sexy and talented Latina Star Vicki Chase. This woman has sexuality just oozing out of her, and you’ll find out how she got started, and what’s makes her a much sought after talent, and a favorite of fans and the industry alike.

L.A. Direct News: How did you start in the industry? We heard it’s a pretty interesting story?
Vicki: Yes, it is an interesting story. I was working in a bank as a teller, and one of my customers was Eric John. He was always telling me stories about his shoots and the adult industry, and one day he asked me out. I went with him to an Exxxotica event in Los Angeles, and then as we got closer, I went with him on a few porn sets. The first scene I ever saw shot live was a blow bang scene, that was pretty hot. I met a lot of really great people, and I thought to myself “Hey I want to try this”. In the beginning, I shot for a lot of companies that Eric was working with, and eventually I came into my own. I married Eric at the AVN’s in 2010 in the Hustler booth, and it was a huge media event, and we’ve been happily married ever since. We also shoot for our own production company; Erotique Entertainment.

L.A. Direct News: When did you join LA Direct Models?

Vicki: January of 2010

L.A. Direct News: What kind of scenes do you like performing in?
Vicki: I really love everything, I love gonzo, so I show my dirty side, but I also love features. I love acting as well, and doing dialogue scenes. As long as I get to do a real performance, then I’m good. I don’t like to be robotic, I give my all when I do a scene, and when I do it shows on camera.

L.A. Direct News: Who’s you favorite performer to work with?
Vicki: Eric John, obviously, but I have other favorites like Nacho Vidal, Marco Rivera, Anna Marie Rios, and yes of course Jessie Jane and Kayden Kross.

L.A. Direct News: What is the company you and your husband Eric John have? And what kind of production do you do there?
Vicki: Erotique Entertainment is our company. Our main focus now is the live webcam shows for Streammates and Cam Models, and we do this seven days a week. All kinds of scenarios from 10am to 12 noon. We are also planning on making original feature productions.

L.A. Direct News: What is it like with two well known and busy working performers in the family?
Vicki: Well, it’s very much a partnership and friendship, we’re always there for each other. It’s a lot of work, but we have each others back, and we encourage each other so much. We support each other very much.

L.A. Direct News: What is it about Latina women that make them so sexy?
Vicki: We’re just passionate, we have a lot of passion in us, wheter we’re angry, happy, or fucking, we let it all out.

L.A. Direct News: What are your new projects coming out, and what new productions are you going to start?
Vicki: The new “Zorro” movie for Pleasure Dynasty
Adam & Eve “Tango to Romance”
Digital Playgrounds “Home Wrecker”

L.A. Direct News: Do you prefer features or gonzo shoots?

Vicki: Like I said before, I love them both, but if I really had to choose, I’d prefer features.

L.A. Direct News: What do you do in your spare time?

Vicki: in my spare time, I’m clean the house, I go to the movies a lot , and listening to music, I listen to just about everything.

L.A. Direct News: Do you think roles for Latina and Latin performers are opening up more now?
Vicki: I’d like to think it’s getting better, if they give us the opportunity we can shine. I hope it gets even better. I don’t like to be cast just because of the color of my skin, but based on my work and performances. I very proud of being a Latina, because that’s who I am.

L.A. Direct News: Where can people follow you, and what is your website?
Vicki: twitter/vickichase 
vickichasexxx.com is going to be launched real soon, I’m building content for that now, and it will have everything on it.


  1. Vicki is one of my favorite people in the business. She is super nice and turns it on strong when the action starts and never complains which is a producer/director’s dream. I just shot her last night for Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia Goes to College and she was excellent.

  2. goatlord

    To me the most fascinating part of the interview is Eric John telling Vicki porn set stories at the bank while she was working. Most banks have several people and are tight quarters. You have to talk loud over the glass so the teller can hear you. I could imagine Eric John saying “Hi Vicki, I just shot a great scene… Jeremy Steele spread his ass cheeks and Lucky Starr liked his asshole and tongue fucked it too! please put that in my regular savings…oh and I shot a great scene the other day with courtney cumz..she sucked off…no cash back, thank you..she sucked off dave cummings and the old man could only squirt out a gummy sized cum load…so I had to jerk off my cock and provide some more baby batter..”

    Eric John…you got some balls for talking like that out in the open at the bank

    Vicki is one of the very few new girls I like. She’s super pretty and has a great natural body with no tattoos.

    Saw her in a cocksucking challenge movie. It was a 4 some BJ scene with Annie Cruz who is hot as well.
    The scene rocked. One of the hottest parts was when both girls 69’d with the guys on the couch. Vicki and Annie were into it.

    Oh, and I bought the DVD. Fuck downloading. Pay $20 measley dollars and support the scene! Pay for product, so Vicki and Annie can get paid to make more BJ movies.

  3. jeremysteele11

    Yeah Goatlord, I’d imagine the conversation might have gone like, “Hi, I’d like to make a deposit. Speaking of deposits, I did this awesome creampie scene today. Do you know what a creampie is?… Yeah, it pays better per hour than a regular teller job… Hey dude, what the hell you looking at? Mind your own business! Hey, you’re kind of cute… Have you ever thought of doing “modeling” before? “

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