Amber Chase Acquires Bellezza Video- Breaking News!

Amber Chase Acquires Bellezza Video

by Jon of

    In an exclusive 4 part You Tube Interview for Ladies Night and Luke is Back Amber Chase announced that she had acquired Bellezza Video and Cum Closer.
    Amber was first contacted by Omar,owner of Bellezza Video, to appear in Bellezza Video 7.She did a scene with Anna Stevens. Their scene together in Bellezza Video 8 won a 2009 AVN Award nomination.

    Omar and Amber became close friends. She says that she felt like his contract girl. She co-developed Cum Closer with him.
    Bellezza Video , much beloved by fans of lesbian erotica, had a story line but was best known for deep kissing and close up pussy shots. Cum Closer had no story line. Amber wants to keep showing wide ope pussies. She says in her interview that arseholes gape pussies don’t unless you want to insult a woman.
    Omar who’s involved in lots on non adult projects couldn’t keep keep up with working on Bellezza Video. Amber hopes that he will continue to shoot the majority her videos. She still feels she has a lot of technical things to learn. Amber will also be using other directors.
    Amber who’s based in the North West will go to LA to shoot. She’ll use other locations in the States. There’s also talk of working in Europe.
    Amber is a firm believer that DVD’s have had their day and that the future lies in VOD. One of the Cum Closer videos is already on her site. Eventually, all of them and the Bellezza Videos will be available on her site. She has no plans for the hard disc distribution of the original Bellezza Videos.
    She has no production schedule for the moment as she’s working hard on her academic studies. Amber still has 6 months until graduation after this things will pick up.
    Taking on Bellezza Video is a challenge for Amber; She wants to keep alive a style of erotic film making that’s missing from the market. It’s something she’s going to be doing long after she’s finished in front of  the camera. Let’s wish her a great success.
     You can check out Amber’s site here:

    The 4 part interview on You tube isn’t to be missed. Amber goes into more details but you’ll also see that she’s both sexy and very funny.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. BigDickDaddy

    What exactly did she acquire? An Imac and 3 or 4 mini-dv tapes?

    Its not as if Bellezza had commercial real estate, a lighting truck filled with equipment or anything of real value.

    This is just another typical porn PR stunt.

    Nothing to see here, just move on.

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  3. Sapphic Sage

    Acquiring Bellezza infers possession of all it’s intellectual property and the “Good Name Recognition” of the brand too! Not just equipment & property which any “Yay-Who” can own and be clueless about producing great Lesbian scenes and have no reputation whatsoever that makes their films saleable in the Marketplace. One can only hope that Amber will continue the traditions that Bellezza is well known for… especially the Pussy Close Ups during Trib! This, what used to be, “Staple Hardcore Vagina View” included in Lesbian Adult Films is now sorely lacking in many of the most prominent Producers of Girl-Girl Films Erotica. Congratulations Amber!

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