WOW- Shelley Lubben’s Brother Speaks out Against Her

NL- In thinking about this whole situation, I was trying to decide if a family fight belonged on LIB. But considering that one member of this fight is using her words to fight pornography in Jesus’s name. I think this IS the exact right place for it. The below video is from Shelley’s Brother Chris, who refutes the stories of her family, and her younger years.


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  2. Mark Spiegler

    Whatever happened to “Honor thy father and mother”?

    I guess Shelly can ignore the inconvienient parts of the bible?

  3. Michael Whiteacre

    Shelley couldn’t make it past step 7 in A.A., so why is it surprising that she only made to to the 4th Commandment before giving up?

    She seems to have forgotten the 3rd Commandment, though, and clearly Commandments 7, 8 and 9 are alien to her, and probably 10 as well…

    I believe in salvation and redemption, y’all — but you have to MEAN IT.

  4. Michael Whiteacre

    My spider sense tells me that Shelley Lubben’s brother is not yet finished with the subject of his sister’s lies and manipulations…

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