Shyla Styles Has A Melt Down…

I’ve had fans asking for months "Where is Shyla Styles? Did she retire?"  I did find a story online saying that she got married and retired. But then I heard from male porn talent that he had shot a scene with her not too long ago. Shyla was on and off twitter sporatically, but never really talking to anyone. Just announcing things.

Like in February she got her boobs  and redone and she was out of commission until March 24th when she did a scene for Brazzers. ( I heard on Twitter so it’s just a rumor that Brazzers asked her to leave that day) 

Shyla dissapeared from Twitter for all of April. In may she said she would be at Exxxotica in Miami. She also says that the rumors about her retiring and escorting are not true.

At the end of May she says she is taking a break from shooting because there was complications from her (boob?) surgery. In June she says she is working on a top secret mainstream project thanks to Shy Love (her agent). Shyla also asks every one to go sign up at her official website.

In August she says she will be featuring at the Rhode Island Cadillac Lounge. At the end of August she says she is at LA exotica with her friend Tia. No more tweets since then. 

Earlier this month, I wrote and tweeted Shyla. No answer. A couple days ago, I tweeted Tia. No answer. I emailed Shy Love just now, she’ll probably respond and I"ll let you know what she says.  A couple weeks ago i asked Shyla’s webmaster if she he had retired, he said he didn’t know and to let him know what I find out. Looks like her last new content on the site was from April. You can go to her join page here

But today if you try to go to her site directly I get a  "FORBIDDEN You don’t have permission to access / on this server."

I finally got lucky when the guy who runs  got in touch with me.  ("Bringing You the SeXXXiest News in da ‘Burgh…!")  He said he had some gossip and since he doesn’t do gossip he thought of me.(Thanks GoGo!) Shyla had appeared at one of this local clubs (BLUSH) last weekend as a feature dancer and was "visibly impaired". She did not finish out the weekend. GoGo put me in touch with a radio talk show host from WXDX, Mark Madden. Mark was to interview Shyla on Thursday before her first gig at the club.

According to Mark-
We have the porn girls on ALL THE TIME. Almost 20 in my career, dating back to Jameson and Weigel, and now with Haze, Teagan, Bree, Alexis Texas, Nikki Benz…and they’re all cooperative and lovely. Just great.

About 2 years ago, Shyla came on and was PARALYZED. Didn’t act up, didn’t swear, but was a useless interview. So we didn’t have her on next time thru town. I ran into her at Blush, the club she works, and she was totally straight and asked why I didn’t have her on. So I said, "OK, next time…"

Well, "next time" was last Thursday. She came to the studio looking heavy, ghastly and obviously impaired. She took offense to a question I asked about her affair with an Orange County sherriff and dropped an F-bomb. We dumped it, it DID NOT get on the air, we went to break, came back and did another 3 minutes or so with her, and she left.

That night, she could barely get on stage at Blush, then cancelled the next 2 nights.

She’s just a pig. No respect for herself, the people she works with, the people she works for, or the customers. I had her on my show to help her business. Albert Bortz, Blush’s owner, is a loyal sponsor and runs a great club. He didn’t deserve the trouble Shyla caused.

Like I said, I can’t say enough good about the girls I’ve had on. But Shyla Stylez is an ugly blight on their reputation. Bree Olson has a rep for being a train wreck, but not on my watch. She’s never been anything but sweet and professional. Can’t say enough good about her. Can’t say enough bad about Shyla.

One more thing: I was at Shyla’s first show Thursday, and it was a mess. She was stumbling around, etc. But I just talked to somebody who saw her second show, and she started CRYING in the middle of it. She’s clearly got issues.

Shyla has been screwing things up and missing things for the last six months, which would make it since March.  March is when she supposedly had a boob job. I’m wondering if she got on pain meds and still is….. We wish you the best Shyla. Your fans miss you. Let us know what is going on and if we can help…


  1. Michael Whiteacre

    I’m distressed to read this. Shyla is a wonderful girl. We dated for a time (in 2003-2004), I made several movies with her, and recommended her for several more. She never gave less than 100%, and she was my good luck charm.

    I’ve been trying get in touch with her for some time, and if anyone can help, I’d appreciate it deeply.

  2. JohnMarlbor

    i m really very sad about this whole situation. I love Shyla and always found a sweet girl , I always seemed too beautiful for porn.btw heroin man? I hope not, that shit is very complicated

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  4. She does seem to suffer from alcohol and drug problems and they has gotten worse since a close relative died about 3 years ago. She does seemed to feel trapped in the life with low selfesteem close to be selfloathing. She has a breakdown in Vegas, a couple of years ago during the AVNs. Im worried for her, for a while she seemed better but she seens to be getting deeper and deeper into her issues with no good end in sight. I have been away form all contacts with the scene but, this worrying news do no surprise me at all. She oddly, is a smart and nice woman that is well read (no stereotype) but she has shitty childhood issues that she cannot see how to solve. Now I worried.

  5. Karmafan

    She did a Brazzar’s live scene with Phoenix Marie and a few other girls recently that was pretty wild. Both her and Phoenix seemed like they were high and both did some seriously extreme stuff with DPs,Double Anal, and GBs going on.

    I would not be at all surprised if either girl ends up with an anal prolapse (especially Phoenix as every scene she does now is anal). That kind of thing has got to be seriously rough on their bodies. Guess thats why they need to get lit up for the scene.

    Maybe Shyla needs to get away from porno for a while and get her head on straight and at a good place where she is comfortable about who she is?

  6. RickMadrid

    just sooooo sad. Does this happen all the time these days? girls showing up to work ALl fucked up! and they’re those LA agency chicks. “like I needed adrink or two to get two work and fuck. Seen it all and its sad. all well.

  7. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    ive talked with people who talk with shayla daily…this is blown way out of proportion…its not my place to explain but there are 2 sides to every story

  8. Nunya

    none of us is tough enough to do Half the scenes Shyla’s done and i’m deeply relieved to hear all the genuine concern expressed here, for such a beautiful performer who’s given us so much! besides, who doesn’t like canadians!? 🙂

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