FSC Explains Testing & Results of Patient Alpha

NL- The FSC got permission of the performer to reveal their test sequence and results. Hopefully this will ease minds- ( I just updated this to reflect the current version on the FSC site, which removed the name of a testing center for legal reasons)

From http://fscblogger.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/update-on-testing-process-for-‘patient-alpha’/

In the interest of providing accurate information to industry and media, Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has issued this update to explain the process of testing that took place for the adult performer identified as ‘Patient Alpha.’

In cooperation with the performer, FSC has reconstructed the process of testing for Patient Alpha, which resulted in what is now believed to be at least one false positive result and touched off a week-long industry moratorium on content production.

According to reports from the performer, the dates and sequence of tests are as follows:

Initial tests, administered by an unnamed testing facility –

  • August 20- PCR/NAT; results come back “reactive” (indication of HIV exposure)
  • Followed up with Western Blot and ELISA tests; both results negative for these tests
Secondary tests, administered by Talent Testing Services (TTS) –
  • August 29 – PCR/DNA test is reported to patient as “reactive”
  • Followed up with Western Blot and ELISA tests that produced negative result
  • August 31 – Patient is contacted by TTS and told that results of an additional PCR/DNA test on original blood sample is negative

Test administered by Advanced Medical Testing Centers (AMTC – an APHSS.org recommeneded testing facility) –

  • Sept 3 – PCR/RNA, Western blot and ELISA tests all return negative results; patient is informed

FSC would like to add that none of the results for tests taken outside of APHSS.org program can be confirmed at this time, except as reported by he patient. Talent Testing Services are participants in APHSS.org.

Patient Alpha  has signed a medical information release waiver and APHSS.org medical advisers have requested copies of the raw data of the test results from Talent Testing Services. There has been no response at this time.

PCR/RNA is the only HIV test approved by the FDA for diagnostics in “primary or accute infection,” but also must be confirmed with supplementary tests. This is a more recently-developed test than the PCR/DNA, which is the industry standard for monthly testing of performers.

When test results were returned by AMTC and after consultation with APHSS.org medical advisers, FSC/APHSS.org was satisfied that the moratorium on content production could be lifted this past Saturday.


  1. Michael Whiteacre

    Patient Alpha signed a medical information release waiver, yet there has been no response from TTS at this time. In other words, they have failed to comply with their patient’s wishes — in the context of an industry-wide HIV scare, no less.

    I find that very interesting.

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  4. The problem is, can you really trust what the FSC now tells us? I mean considering your actual life is at risk here, isn’t worth just for a moment to “follow the money”?

    I’m sorry but you guys can all be blinded by Manwin’s big fat wad of cash, but I know better. I know how they got their start – by stealing our content and once a shady fuck who steals from you and lies to you – always a shady fuck who steals from you and lies to you.

    So ya if you want to believe this Manwin / Brazzers / Mofos director is all good and everything was just a big fat misunderstanding, you go ahead and do that. I mean hey, it’s only your life. I’m sure someone like these guys wouldn’t lie to you, right?

  5. Michael Whiteacre

    So, Kelli, who WOULD you trust? You say follow the money — who in this escapade isn’t making money? The labs? The agents? LOL In fact, FSC stands to make the smallest portion of the money here — APHSS tested the patient for free, while the other labs charged him.

    Whose version of events IS reliable, in your book?

    The patient’s? — well, his version matches FSC’s

    The non-APHSS labs’? — their version matches FSC’s

    The APHSS lab’s — its version matches FSC’s

    In fact, there is NOT ONE source on the ground that has reported any FACTS that dispute any of this. There’s only been scuttlebutt.

    You have every right (and reason) to be skeptical of Manwin — but you’ve got to think this through. No real evidence has been offered to support a theory other than what we’ve seen put forward as the official story. Only people’s suspicions.

    As Mr. Hitchens once said, “That which can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

  6. RickMadrid

    with the current talent pool out there today, Condom less is dangerous right now and the people on TOP like to cover things up too much…BE careful!!! another outbreak is cumming!!!

  7. jeremysteele11

    Sorry Rick, but I think you got it wrong. Condoms are a dumb con and there is no outbreak coming (despite that being in the prayers and jerk off fantasies of Whinestein).

  8. RickMadrid

    THATS RIGHT!! reading mike’s stuff too and you have too micheal!! I wouldn’t even think about condomless work right now…tooo many crossovers and hookers escorting!!! have a good weekend!!!

  9. Michael when I say follow the money I mean the link back to Manwin and their collection of sites as it was this company who has the most to lose if the patient would turn out to be positive and they have the most to gain if people report the guy was negative.

  10. 128

    Kelli, what did Brazzers exactly have to lose or gain here? is there any proof that the Patient Zero shot with a posiive test? it seems to me that the first positive test came AFTER he shot for Brazzers.com (Mofos.com to be more precise) so even if Patient Zero turned out to be actually HIV+, I don’t see how Brazzers would be responsible for anything.

  11. Michael Whiteacre

    @Kelli and 128 – Yes, all the evidence points to the fact that Manwin-affiliated producers only shot Patient Alpha with a negative test.

    I would agree with you, Kelli, if any actual evidence had come to light that contradicts the official story.

  12. Fartz

    You, know, regardless of who’s at fault, lets just go ahead and hate Brazzers and Manwin anyway. I’ve lost respect for just about everybody in the goddamn porn biz because they let Manwin get by with their deporable ethics. It’s like everyone forgot that Manwin got rich by stealing everyone else’s content and excusing it by shrugging and saying, “user-generated. Whaddya gonna do?” It’s almost like Manwin hosted some party, invited everyone in porn, then cast some dark wizard magic on them making them not only forget the sins of Manwin, but cherish and welcome them with open arms. Dumbshits.

    Nate Glass wasn’t a directer or producer, but seemed to be the ONLY person wearing the sandwich-board and ringing the bell when Manwin was commiting highway fucking robbery on just about every studio and web-content producer out there. Now it seems like everyone’s taken a “well, if you can’t beat em’, join em'” stance on this.

    I would say something about the FSC’s retarded fucking piracy protection racket, but I don’t need an ear-full from whitacre right now.

    I like you Mike, but something tells me if the FSC was found to have hosted a secret project to resurrect Hitler, you would somehow still stick up for them.

    Rant over.

  13. Michael Whiteacre

    @origen and Fartz – I know I take a lot of heat for sticking up for FSC’s efforts, and lately there’s been some scurrilous rumors. Allow me to set the record straight:

    1) There were dozens of people involved in the many shoots, and face-to-face conversations, with Patient Alpha. I was personally and directly contacted by people “on the ground” at ground zero in the Patient Alpha case. Although they had all heard differing rumors about what had happened outside their personal field of view, not ONE thing I heard from any of them that was from their direct personal knowledge is contradicted by the FSC/Manwin account. I stake my reputation on that statement.

    2) I like Nate Glass, and support his efforts. I’ve also offered my services to him to help promote TDP, but, unlike FSC (to whom I made the same offer) he has not taken me up on it. I’ve made offers to various entities in the adult world regarding various issues. Some availed themselves of my offer, some didn’t. I support legitimate adult production, and consenting adult sex workers of all kinds, because I am a Libertarian. I adamantly believe in the protections of RIGHTS accorded to all citizens by the US and State Constitutions, and relevant case law; to property holders under state and federal law; and to holders of intellectual property rights under relevant statutes.

    3) I’ve supported many (but far from all) of the efforts of FSC since I first started hanging around and later working at the periphery of the hardcore industry in the mid 1990s. Even when I agreed with their goals I often did not agree with their approach. Such is life. Whenever two people agree on everything, only one of them is doing the thinking.

    4) As for sticking up for them — it’s like Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment”: there is value, and strength, in presenting a unified front. It is my philosophy that if one supports an organization’s goals, but disagree with a particular strategy, you don’t go out and blast them publicly. You take your concerns directly to them. So I paid my membership dues and sent complaining emails, along with suggestions. That does not mean that I EVER publicly support a stance to which I don’t subscribe. Every word you read from me here, or elsewhere, is what I believe. I don’t take ANY money form the adult industry, and I sure as fuck don’t take marching orders. I wouldn’t even let FSC comp my membership the year I did shot their piracy PSAs. My efforts were a donation, and I always pay my own way. In short, no one owns me.

    5) I support and advocate for the efforts of all kinds of organizations — not just adult and not just free-speech related. I don’t bring them up here, because this is an adult industry site, and because I often advocate under my legal name for some causes. I don’t wish to muddy the waters. “Whiteacre” was invented in 2004 (at the suggestion of the buyer for a major Pay-TV network) as a way of branding my soft core movies.

    I don’t join groups so I can advocate for them; I join groups that I feel advocate for MY beliefs, and then I support their efforts. I thought that’s how it was supposed to work. LOL

    6) On FSC today: I see FSC as a FAR more professional and relevant organization today than it has been for many years. Yet I still voice my opinions to the powers that be whenever I think they could do better. I am proud to have helped elevate the organization’s profile through my efforts (such as the anti-piracy PSAs which now approach 1 million online views and have appeared on DVDs from many adult companies).

    7) Over the last few days, a couple of self-important figures with messianic complexes have been caught digging around in my private information, seeking “proof” that I somehow benefit financially from FSC, or the APHSS program in particular. I do not. I repeat, I do not accept ONE CENT from the porn industry, nor from any organization of any kind. Nor do I even accept money for my self-produced, self-financed documentaries and PSAs — I give them away because I refuse to be a profiteer of the causes in which I believe.

    These disgusting frauds now attacking me claim the class of adult performers as their constituency. Yet, this outlook of theirs — that there MUST be some financial rationale for my actions, because it couldn’t POSSIBLY be because of my principles — should tell you a lot about what actually motivates them. The tragedy of the situation is that they are talking about REAL, important issues, involving dear people. I’ve always followed the philosophy that people’s means tell you a lot about their ends. It hasn’t failed me yet.

  14. Fartz

    There’s nothing wrong with sticking up for what you believe in, Mike. Truthfully, since I brought up the FSC, I just took the opportunity to give you a little shit. I actually agree with about 95 percent of what you say.

  15. Fartz

    IRL, whitacre, I would totally sit down and have a beer with you and shoot the breeze. Well, I don’t drink, so I’d be busting out a tea or a soda, but same thing, you know?

    And NO, I’m not a recovering alcoholic, I just don’t like the high that alcohol provides. If you’re ever in the St. Louis area, hit me up.

  16. origen

    Again, I don’t know Michael. I did not bash your support for the FSC. But I will say it’s important to keep matters separate. What’s happening in Florida is primarily a safety issue that requires a sophisticated medical investigation. The argument for or against potential legal culpability and its possible impact on Industry regulations can come later…

  17. Michael Whiteacre

    @Fartz – LOL. I took no offense, and I get the joke. I simply felt I needed to clear the air about me, and about the rumors of a Patient Zeta “cover-up”, and all the other BS.

    And you’re on next time I’m in Mound City. I’ve never been to a Cardinals home game.

    @origen — You’re absolutely correct. That’s why 1) the county officials are involved, as required by law; and 2) FSC has consulted with and extremely renowned expert in the field of HIV.

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