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How to be a porn star

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Exclusive Aletta Ocean Interview by Pepe

by Pepe of


Hi Aletta, How old are you and where are you from?
Hi i’m 23 and i’m from Budapest.
What are your measures?

How tall are you?
I read you start modeling very young, did you feel you have a performer inside you in those early days?
It’s true.I start modelling when i was 19 and i didn’t feel myself comfortable at the first time.Everything was new for me.

What did you do before starting in adult modeling?
I was a student in an economic school.
When and why did you enter in the field of porn business?

I entered at 2007 april and because of my ex-boyfriend.It’s a long story…
You are one of the most important and very famous European performers in USA. Why do you think is Aletta is famous in porn valley?
I really don’t know. Maybe because i have good body and i can use it well.:-)))
You have work with a lot of important companies un USA, Digital Playground, New Sensations,  Zero Tolerance, Twistys, Naughty America, Jules Jordan? What are your favorites?
My favourite companies are Brazzers,Digital Playground and Jules Jordan.

Any scene or movie you specially like from those companies?
I love those movies in which i am named.

Would you like to come back to L.A. for working in porn again?
Of course!!!
What are your favorite porn stars in USA?
I like to work with Keiran Lee,Scott Nails,Danny Mountain,Shane Diesel,Tony de Sergio,Mr.Marcus…
Let’s talk about from Europe now, you won last year the Female foreigner performer of the year 2010, do you think that Europe is little for you for working porn?

 No i don’t think.

What you prefer working for American or European companies?

I like working for both of them.

Can you tell who the hottest porn stars in Europe are?

Aleska Diamond, Angelika Black, Tara White…
Which was the hottest scene you do?
I did many hot scenes so i neither could point out.
Not only you have tons of movies and scenes in USA, you have many works in Europe as well, and what do you prefer working in USA or in the old Europe?
To tell the truth i love to work in USA because everybody are so professional and quick but i love Europe too because i live here..
What is your favorite company in Europe for working?
Would you like to be a contract star for any company?
I never thought about this before but i think i would like to.
You worked in Spain with one of the more famous producers, we are talking about Torbe from How was the experience of working with him? Did you have fun the time you were with him in Spain?

I had lot of fun with him. Ok for first sight he was lil bit strange but after 2 days he was ok.

Do you know something about of our Spanish porn among Torbe?
 No.not really.

Would you like to come back Spain again?
 YEs of course!!

Let’s talk about sexy stuff…I saw you shoot a lot of anal scenes; do you like anal scenes specially? 
I’m always so scared before anal scenes but when i start i’m more relaxed. In my private life i LOVE!
What is the best way to make you cum?

Anal and double vag..
What do you prefer cocks or pussies?
Spit or Swallow?
Do you like doing gang bangs?
I adore!
How many guys did you fuck in a scene?
Max 5.
Did you do some bukkake, would you like doing it?
I did bukkake few times..
How many cocks did you eat at the same time?

Can you Squirt Aletta?
Yes. You watch my movies,don’t you?
Do you think the industry protect performers enough about STD I mean Chlamydia,  Gonorrhea, VIH etc? 
I don’t know.I don’t wanna speak about this cause i’m hipohonder. (NL- Pepe,can u translate what is a hipohonder?)
Do you have boyfriend or girlfriend?

Boyfriend. I like cocks as i told you.
Where Aletta Ocean does lives actually?

THis is my biggest secret.
How is a normal day in Aletta’s life?
Waking up,lunch,gym.
Which are your hobbies?

  Gym,thai box.

Do you have some advice for the new girls are starting her career in porn?
Always check the guy’s test!

You began your career with, they did an amazing promo with you shooting thousand of scenes. What can you say me about that company and the people who work there?

Everybody is very professional there. Everybody knows his job well.I like them.

You did some plastic surgeries in the last years with a wonderful success, what parts of your body did you do?

Nose, lips, breast(3 times).

Have you any special diet for having that super hot body?

No i just go to the gym 5 times a week.I have a special personal trainer..Normally i don’t eat anything after 7pm.That’s it.

Would you like keep on working in something connected whit the adult movies when you are retired?

Will see..

You are one the most imporants models from Ezster from  one of the best models agency in Budapest. Do you have some girl you like especially there?
My best friend is Aleska Diamond. She has a very nice personality. I also like Aliz.
What does mean  and her manager Ezster for you?

 They mean a lot to me since i started this whole thing with them. And of course i earned a lot of money and i am so grateful to them.
Did you feel comfortable with my interview Aletta?

 Yes i did.:-)

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9 Responses to “Exclusive Aletta Ocean Interview by Pepe”

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  2. Smelly Monkey Says:

    what an important interview. very powerful.

    here’s how my interview with her would have gone down.

    say “moose and squirrel”
    say it again.. “moose and squirrel”

  3. jeremysteele11 Says:

    thanks pepe le pew, por favor learna ta speaka proper englaise i would very much like, make me feels comfortable…

  4. Exclusive Aletta Ocean Interview by Pepe | The Adult News Wire Says:

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  5. RockPepe Says:

    My good Friend Jeremy. Sorry for my bad English. One of my main proposes for the New Year will be learning proper English for making your more comfortable the reading. Aletta apologizes too.
    Happy New Year :)

  6. RockPepe Says:

    Cindy I think that Aletta when says Hipohonder means hypochondriac. You know she is Romanian…

  7. desh Says:


    You interviewed her and you think she is Romanian. Check the first answer she gave you, dude!

  8. jeremysteele11 Says:

    One of the strange things about this exclusive “interview” is that most of the answers are shorter than the questions. I guess this should be expected when English is a 2nd or 3rd language for both interviewer and interviewee.

    This Q & A pretty much sums it up:

    Pepe: Let’s talk about from Europe now, you won last year the Female foreigner performer of the year 2010, do you think that Europe is little for you for working porn?”

    Aletta: No i don’t think.

  9. RockPepe Says:

    Romanian? OMG!! haha Hey Guys and what about you enjoy a lot with those interviews?

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