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How to be a porn star

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His First SEX Scene! James Bartholet- Exclusive Interview

All photos by Rick Garcia of

1. After doing so many successful and well received non-sex roles in adult movies, why did you decide to cross over to the dark side and take your pants off?
    I thought about this for a long time, it was a matter of waiting for the right script, right role, right director, right price, and right costar. Emy Reyes was great, and very sexy, and she and I had the right chemistry on camera to make it work. Dick Chibbles is an amazing writer and director, and he even let me choose my costar, which is something alot of companies wouldn’t do with a man doing his first scene on camera, so I am blessed in that respect. Some people thought I couldn’t pull this off, but I did, and I can say pretty well, and I expedited everyones expectations. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not some muscular hunk like some of the other great guys in this industry, I’m an average guy, but I still look pretty good, and I can perform. The average guys who watch our movies can relate to me more, right? So, I’ve actually carved myself another great nitch for myself in the industry, like I’ve carved myself a niche as a top character actor in the industry. I’m still doing non sex roles, in fact, I start filming  on "Not Charlie’s Angels XXX" for XPlay tomorrow for director Will Ryder, playing Bosley, and I have more roles coming up this Summer and Fall. I also have a great recurring character in "Co Ed Confidential" on Cinemax, and the new season premieres this Friday June 4th. I am also still doing mainstream roles as well.

2. Doing your first sex scene, you had to be nervous. Did you practice? What was in your "getting & keeping" a hard-on kit?
    I have alot of great friends in this industry, and everybody had advise. Especially about what to do the night before and the day of the shoot. Taking good care of yourself is really important for male talent to perform on camera. I won’t lie, I took a male enhancement pill before, just to make sure. LOL Eating good, drinking plenty of water, and concentrating on her and the scene. When you work with a good team, and we were all team players on "Drill", it also helps. Plus Emy is so sexy, it’s easy to do a good scene. I didn’t mind fuck myself before hand, so I didn’t let any negative thoughts of not being able to perform get in the way. Just have fun, and let it flow. I think that’s good advise for men who watch our movies as well.

3. How did you choose your on screen partner?
    Again, Dick Chibbles and the investors were very kind to let me pick my on screen partner, I had a pretty long list LOL We finally agreed on Emy Reyes, who also cohosts my Inside The Industry radio program with me every week. We made a good choice in Emy, she brought something great to the role, and to our scene together on camera.

This movie had two firsts on it. My first on camera sex scene in a feature, and Ron Jeremy and Ginger Lynn reunited together in an on camera sex scene in 25 years! The entire cast and crew were fantastic, we have an all star cast in this. Loved working with everyone, especially my other costar Syren DeMar who plays my detective partner.

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9 Responses to “His First SEX Scene! James Bartholet- Exclusive Interview”

  1. JAG Says:

    This looks interesting – gonna have to check it out. But how cme you never interviewed ME after my first sex scene? LOL!

    James is definitely right in that its great to see a normal average Joe appearing for once between all the hardbody hunks out there.

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  3. BigDickDaddy Says:

    This exactly what porn needs. Another gay looking, overweight, small dicked, unattractive guy with an ugly mug.

    Yeah and people wonder why rates all over LA are dropping.

  4. jeremiahsteele Says:

    Him and Ron Jeremy need to start doing some tag team videos… can’t wait to read what joe knows…

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  6. Larry Horse Says:

    James still looks better than Ron and Ginger. Though I think James needs a better rug, it would be funny if under the hot lights the glue would melt and the rug flew off mid scene. Two years ago C3X would be mad that James was in a movie cause it would be one less paycheck for him. Wouldnt the roles of James and Emy be better with Steele and Lucky. All of this could be worse, we could get the return of Herbie Dingle(Mark Kernes).

  7. goatlord Says:

    James Bartholet is in fantastic shape. What a great body he has. Ladies panties were bubbling the second they heard he was going to peform sex acts.

    Just by looking at James I can tell he eats:

    -lots of refined flour and sugary foods
    -lots of red meat
    -drinks soda pop
    -enjoys cakes and pastries
    -drinks coffee (probaly folgers)
    -smoke cigs
    -reads the sunday morning valley editon wearing a bathrobe and slippers

  8. RickMadrid Says:

    Well let’s chalk one up for Dick Chibbles!! He’s on the road to sucess soon as a writer and he is one of the best directors out there today!! Go Dick!!

  9. Larry Horse Says:

    More I think of this, the more this movie should come with a barf bag. Maybe we could have a pose down between James and Regan Senter. That cowboy shirt is one of the gayest things I’ve seen since that one shirt Steele wore a month or two ago.

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