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How to be a porn star

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New & Beautiful McKenzee Miles, I’m in Love!

I saw her picture and was SO impressed with this adorable long haired blonde that I asked my friends at Hustler who she was. She has a touch of the Olson twin’s look (all the good parts) and a hot body. After talking to McKenzee, I found out she’s also friendly & sweet. Here’s a littls Q & A with her, and a bit on her newest movie "Dirty Jobs." I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Kenzee!

You said you were in porn and took a break and came back.
When did you start the first time?
I started for the  first time when I was 19 and it was in Florida, I believe the summer of ’06

How long were you in?
I was in for the first time for a little over a year.

How many movies did you do?
Yikes, I did a lot of movies. Im told I now have a total different look and appeal than before so the type and quality of movies I am now doing are much different.

Why did you leave?
I left because I got engaged.

When did you come back?
I came back at the end of last year.

What was fun about making Dirty Jobs?
It was a great day. Got a little porn crush on one of the big dogs there 😉 most fun was probably being in the presence of Evan Stone. That man cracks me up!

Did you have any laughs on the set?
So many laughs. Evan is tooooo much hahah, his sense of humor and whit is one of a kind. Classic line from him that day while speaking with his female talent (Tanner Mayes) "You get one ‘safe word’ in case I am hurting you. I have taken that word and placed it in an envelope and hid it somewhere in this building. You have 5 minutes to find it, 1-2-3 GO!"

What was your favorite part of making that movie?
The cast and crew were awesome… Makes the long day a good easy time.

Can you describe your sex scene? Dirtay Dirtay Dirtay. Well that was our set lol but i thought the scene was hot. My first time working with Cyrus and he is a cool guy.

This Ain’t Dirty Jobs XXX Parody Coming Soon!!
(Canoga Park, CA)—Go ahead!  Grab a plunger, your favorite big bottle of lube, an axe, and let’s not forget, a giant pooper scooper, because on May 4th, Hustler Video’s This Ain’t Dirty Jobs XXX parody will be released to the public. Parodied after the Discovery Channel’s hit show, Dirty Jobs, Hustler Video has decided to clean up some “dirty jobs” the Hustler way!
Evan Stone stars in the Discovery spoof, This Ain’t Dirty Jobs XXX, as a caricature of Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, as he endeavors to complete one dirty job after another. Faced with a different dirty challenge in every scene, Hustler Video’s parody Mike learns what it’s like to clean up lube on a porn set (thanks to help of the very lovely Tanner Mayes!), filthy fecal-filled toilets (while McKenzee Miles watches), horse manure at a ranch (alongside Carmen McCarthy), and a few other unmentionable places.
“I feel like I really tapped in to Mike’s character,” said This Ain’t Dirty Jobs XXX parody star, Evan Stone. “I tried to channel how Mike would react in each of the scenes and bring that to the film by taking an enthusiastic and matter-of-face way of attacking each dirty job. I think I succeeded. In addition to my expert ability to uh—bring home the bacon? My adlibbing talents seemed to pay off too. I think the movie came out really well. I’m excited to see it.”
By combining everything that we love about the porn industry (lube, hot chicks, dildos, etc…), and then adding a reality parody twist by incorporating one of the Discovery Channel’s most watched shows in to a spoof, Hustler Video’s This Ain’t Dirty Jobs XXX parody should prove to be nothing less than…dirty! The This Ain’t Dirty Jobs XXX parody by Hustler Video will be released on May 4th, 2010!
To view the trailer, go to:
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