Katie Kox on Cuckolding & Black Men-part 1

Did you ever hear of a “Cuckold” husband? Well this phrase wasn’t in my vocabulary until I met the beautiful, baby-faced, big-boobed Katie Kox. She’s in a relationship where she cheats on her husband, and that’s exactly what he wants her to do. She may look young and innocent, but she taught me a thing or two or three. This is definitely an eye-opening interview. Enjoy!

Interview By Cindi Loftus     Photos courtesy of Katie Kox    
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Adult Fun: Hi Katie! What have you been up to?

Katie: Well I’ve been a really naughty girl. I just went and got my nails done and I met this guy, my husband gets off on me with black men. So I decided to make a pit stop and give a good afternoon BJ to a stranger.

AF: Well that is a lucky stranger. Where did you meet him?

K: I was getting gas and saw this really hot guy. We started talking and I am really upfront about things, so I said “Let’s not beat around the bush, I think you are really hot. Do you want a blowjob?”

AF: Oh my God.
K: Even if a guy is nervous, they aren’t going to say no.
AF: Where did you two go?

K: We drove to a parking lot and it was kind of scary to make sure we didn’t get caught, but it was fun.

AF: Do you know his name?

K: No. (laughs) Well, he told me, but I don’t remember.

AF: (Laughs) Well that’s a great way to start off this interview! Thank you. I heard you got hurt while rollerblading.

K: I am really clumsy. I broke both of my wrists.

AF: Ouch!
K: I was playing roller hockey and this kid went for the puck and he gave me a push and I went to brace myself with my wrists and they buckled and they broke.

AF: That sounds so awful.

K: Well it was no fun. But they had just come out with these waterproof casts so I got those. It’s like bubble wrap almost. It was cool. Because I was wondering if I couldn’t get my wrists wet, who was going to wash me?  It would be like I have no arms.

AF: (Laughs)

K: I broke my sternum too, and I don’t even know how I broke it.
AF: You poor child.

K: So my husband’s nickname for me is Bumper, because I am prone to accidents. On set, I’ll be in high heels and they’ll ask me to stand there to do pretty girl photos. I trip really bad.

AF: I can imagine you are posing and you turn and just fall over.

K: I do. The other day I was shooting and they said to do a really sexy walk. I was concentrating and trying to walk sexy, and then on my very last step I tumble to the ground in a bad fall. Of course they kept the camera on and said that is for our bloopers.

AF: When you get to a set you should say, wait before I start, do you have insurance?

K: (Laughs) One time they had me standing on a six-inch strip next to the pool and I tripped, but I was trying to not fall backward in the pool.

AF: Well it would not be fun to have to redo your hair and makeup, so I totally understand. How did you end up in porn?

K: Rick (Katie’s husband) used to own a bar in Vegas and I worked as a waitress and at a credit union. I was sick of working so much and not making any money. So Rick and I decided we wanted to do something together. We wanted it to be long lasting and something that we were into. In our private life, Rick gets off on me cheating on him and I have a huge thing for black guys, so we decided to do our website about that.

AF: Okay you have to back up a few steps. You guys meet in a bar and you start going out…

K: You want to know how we got into this. We were sitting talking, and to make a long story short Rick said I’m good at technology…

AF: We gotta back up further. How did he tell you he wanted you to cheat on him and go fuck black guys and come home and tell me about it.

K: Ok. So I meet him at his bar. On our first date we go to his house and we are drinking sangria out by the pool. And we were talking about what we were looking for. And he straight out told me-I can’t date vanilla girls. He explained to me that he’d been in relationships for six months and then he tells them that he likes his women to cheat on him and that it turns him on. After he tells them after six months it scares them away. So he decided he wasn’t going to beat around the bush anymore. He was just going to tell them upfront, which he did on our first date. I’m glad he did. I’m a really open minded person so after he explained it to me I said so basically I can have my cake and eat it too? Does this mean you want to be with different women too? And it’s not that Rick will never be with another women, but right now the more that I am unfaithful, the more he is faithful to me. So since we have been together, I’ve been with other guys, A LOT! I know it’s probably weird when people hear about it, but honestly it’s a great thing because everyone will find other people attractive and it’s really nice to have your best friend and your lover and your husband and to say, hey that guy is really hot. I don’t have to hide anything. We don’t have any secrets. And when we are doing our website it gives us pleasure to do the scenes.

AF: When did you guys get married?

K: The 21st of May.

AF: So you haven’t been married a year yet?
K: No.
AF: How long were you together before you got married?

K: Just a little bit of time but we became really close really quick. We were dating less than a year when we got married.
AF: Okay now you have your ‘splaining to do. Tell me what the word cuckold means.

K: Rick explained what it meant to me too, on our first date. I didn’t know what it meant either. The actual definition is a man who has an unfaithful wife, who is aware of it, and he is faithful to her. Some cuckold porn portrays men to be humiliated or crying and it’s so different than our cuckold relationship. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched any cuckold porn but the reason you’re not fucking your husband is because he has a small dick and he’s not good enough. And that’s not us. Rick is secure. He is good. He is fine, there is no size issue. Ours is more of a positive thing that we can share together, not that I am trying to make him feel badly. He’s cuckold because he wants to be, not because I am forcing him to be. I’ve never seen my husband suck a dick. I don’t want to see him suck a dick. You see that in some cuckold videos, but that’s not us. Rick just said for the record he doesn’t want to suck a dick.

AF: (Laughs) I’ll definitely put that on the record. A lot of the cuckold movies show the husband being really wimpy.

K: I know, and that’s not us. In the movies they do all the stereotypes. And yes some men like to be belittled, there is a desire for that, but there is a whole other group that it is about the wife exploring her sexuality. We’ve done scenes where the company said they wanted to make it like our relationship and then they wanted me to put underwear on his head…

AF: (Laughs) That’s exactly what you do at home.

K: Yes. Right. At night when we are alone I put my pantyhose on his head and it really turns me on. (Laughs) That’s why on my site we try to make it as real as possible. Obviously if I am playing a hooker I am not really a hooker. But for the most part with the cuckold stuff it’s my real life and I want it to be portrayed that way

AF: When I was researching you today, I learned what BBC meant.

K: It isn’t the British Broadcasting Channel. (Laughs)

AF: Nope, Big, Black, Cock. So why is it black men in particular that you like?

K: It’s not that I JUST like black men. But I do have a stronger desire to be with black men. It’s just my preference. I’ve noticed as a whole that, not a stereotype, but with the black men that I have been with, I like the chemistry. Obviously you can’t have chemistry with everybody, but I just like the dominance and they are in control and I like being submissive. And I like their lovely cocks, and how big they are for the most part. I’ve only come across two small black cocks.

AF: Maybe it is a generalization, but especially in porn, the black guys are going to have big cocks.

K: Yeah, you don’t have to worry about that. The first time I had sex with a black guy was not until my twenties and after that, I love it.

AF: You were hooked. I just did an interview with Justin Long and I noticed you had a scene with him on your site.
K: I love him. Before Shane Diesel came along Justin Long was my favorite guy to fuck.

AF: Justin is such a flirt and he is so sweet.

K: He is. He is really educated. He was going to law school. He is fantastic. I love working with him. We are going to do some more scenes for my site.

AF: So he has a big cock?

K: Yes, it’s beautiful.



You can read the whole interview and see the naked pics here http://www.xcitement.com/


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    Disgusting. Also, I hope she is full of shit and doesn’t really have oral sex with untested strangers at gas stations.

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