Pics From the Xbiz Red Carpet

NL-Note to future red carpet planners, just the carpet is red, not the wall. Most people do not look good against a red background. Feel free to fill in the names for me. Pics by Rick Garcia See them all here

Diamond Foxx & Tara Lynn Fox (who I would like to talk to!)

Glenn & Brooke Haven

Two very religious people?


Syren & Evan Stone

Mia Isabella and Danielle Foxxx


Audrey Lord & Jon Drenning

                           Ron Jeremy

Tricia Devereaux

Misty Stone & Jasmine

 & Monica Stone

Joanna Angel & James Deen

The beautiful Tori Black ( who I would like to get in touch with also btw)


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  2. newklear

    “Next to me is my sexy rockstar husband, Jon Drenning.”

    Tell him he needs to start a band with Monseigneur Mike. They’re both equally famous and I’m sure they’d be great together.

  3. goatlord

    Im a little shocked by Tricia Devereaux’s appearance.

    I thought people who are HIV positive need to take care of themselves extra good. She does not look like she exercises or eats well. Sugar is one of the worst things you can eat. Its really bad for the skin and immune system.

    Come on Tricia, you have a kid and a husband….step it up girl….stop being weak and giving in to the junk food..get healthy for yourself and your kid.

  4. Larry Horse

    HIV people often build themselves up weight wise, makes it harder for them to waste away, really, look at Magic Johnson, I bet he’s in great shape. Of course it may be the meds too, I’m not sure.

  5. jeremiahsteele

    Does anyone know anyone out there who is honestly taking AIDS drugs on a consistent basis AND healthy? I doubt these people exist.

    HIV stands for Heap of Impossible Virology. It’s been a scam from the beginning, and although that’s been proven, there’s too much money and emotion invested to admit it.

    It matters not when people come out with information which proves the official story to be a lie, since we’ve been for years so conditioned.

    FACT: The “discover” of what was later labeled “HIV”, Robert Gallo was found according to the Department of Health and Human Services “guilty of scientific misconduct” (Fraud/Malpractice), claiming he misrepresented his ability to grow the virus. His lie brought him lots of money and prestige. Many of Gallo’s laboratory documents were ‘fixed’ prior to being presented as evidence – and were thus fraudulent.

    His findings were never sumbitted to peer review, (which is the protocal) until after his 1984 announcement at having found “the likely cause of AIDS”. At that point, the gov’t started awarding grants of large sums of money to scientists to work on a cure along the HIV=Aids lines.

    Since then, the AIDS research facilities have grown into behemoths, raking in billions per year “looking” for a cure, based on Gallo’s fraud and prescribing toxic poisons and DNA terminators as therapy, such as AZT and cocktails.

    Before HIV, Retrovirologist Gallo for years was trying to win and command large sums of money by proffering the hypothesis that a retrovirus was cause of a disease.

    FACT: In 1975, Gallo stated that he had isolated a human leukemia virus, but this was shown later to have resulted from laboratory contamination.

    Robert Gallo is the Bernie Madoff of science!

    In the documentary houseofnumbers (. com), the co-discover of HIV, Luc Montagnier (the guy Gallo stole his lab work from) says you can be exposed to HIV numerous times and may never get AIDS if you have a good immune system. Having a good immune system probably means not taking toxic AIDS ‘therapy’ drugs, like AZT, and the like.

    Here’s testimony of a young girl who’s HIV postive but got healthy by eating healthy and not taking AIDS drugs:

    www . youtube . com/watch?v=OQlNXxRtudo

  6. sammyglick

    What on earth are you talking about? If HIV isn’t what leads to full blown AIDS, then you’ll have no problem with any male talent who has unprotected gay sex and/or tranny sex — as beyond their cock possibly smelling like shit, you won’t catch shit if you follow them in plumbing the depths of Random Female Talent X’s vagina.

    Likewise, in regards to you and others who believe in most every conspiracy that comes down the pike, please show me the vast sums of money being made by all of these dishonest scientists. Please — show me where all of these dishonest scientists live? Is it the French Rivera, Hamptons, Bel Aire, Park Avenue, Mayfair, et cetera? Are they driving Bentleys and Rolls to work? Are they hiding their ill-gotten gains in Swiss Bank Accounts?

    Furthermore, if it’s such a good scam, there must be teenagers just lining up to go to the right colleges so they can get medical/scientific degrees and then rake in millions! All of the medical colleges must be jammed pack right about now, with eager students just waiting to ‘learn’ all of the fantastic ways to make millions from endless hours in a lab doing bogus research….

    Fuck playing pro sports, being a Hollywood A-list actor, or becoming a savvy politician, as I guess the best game in town, the fastest way to untold MILLIONS in dirty money is PROFESSIONAL NERD.

  7. Larry Horse

    Steele is right, Gallo is a fraud. He’s what I call a Grant Whore, he finds the money and then others do his research. Schools are full of these sort of academics, they write but rarely teach hands on. Not sure if Gallo would be considered a Charlatan or a Quack.

  8. jeremiahsteele

    Thanks Larry. I’d call Gallo a charlatan, not a quack. He was trying to procure grant money for years with his retrovirus hypothesis, based on cooked books. Virus hunters had been out of work since the failed virus = cancer hypothesis was finally discarded.

    Sammy, as usual you prove you are a pompous and ignorant wind-bag.

    You start off with “what are you talking about” and then proceed to go bluh, bluh, bluh… I suggest you learn before you try to teach me something. I’ve been on this subject for over 15 years (yawn)….

    The whole foundation of HIV = AIDS is based on someone who’s been declared by the HHS a fraud. Another fact is that Gallo admits that HIV can not, in and of itself, cause AIDS. I’m not making this up. He says HIV needs cofactors, which is indirectly admitting that HIV does not cause AIDS. I’m not expecting the porn industry to challenge the corrupt government or stop mandetory testing. But I do pose the question of “treatment” for those who are HIV+. I’d like to know who is honestly taking toxic AIDS drugs on a regular basis and is NOT sick. There’s a whole long, interesting story, Sammy, too much to explain here. Do a youtube search on “HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud” or virusmyth dot com (a collection of scientists with advanced degrees, included nobel prize winners who challenge the established orthodoxy).

    Try to get in your head, Sammy; this is (or is supposed to be) America. That means in order to know what is truth, and what is not, matters needs to go through SCUTINY! Open debates, exploration of controversy and holes need to happen, not just political manipulation of information for our collective indoctrination. Stop deciding things are crazy tin foil hat theories just because it’s not what you’ve been hearing for years and years and years.

    Let me share this quote with you and think HARD about it’s implications:


  9. jeremiahsteele

    Thanks for the links, Sammy. Christine Maggiore was a friend of mine, who I had done volunteer work for years ago. The article says the cause of death is not known but it is probably AIDS related. This is an assumption.

    “AIDS denialists” is a phrase invented by denialists of the corruption of science, who deny that AZT was deemed “Too toxic for human consumption” when it was first created. These denialists also ignore that Gallo has admitted that HIV can not cause AIDS without co-factors. Well, then that’s like saying E does not equal MC squared, or that water is not H2O, that it requires another molecule to be water!

    These links you’ve provided are shallow attempts of influence considering the billions of dollars per year they receive. Remember there are political dollars invested into documentaries which supposedly “prove” that JFK was killed by Oswald, even though common sense says it is ludicrous!

    Politics controls minds and there has not ever been any open scientific debate on the issue, just anger and labels like “denialist”. People that throw the “denialist” label around are in denial that AIDS in Africa is diagnosed without any test. If a sick african has the shits from bad sanitation and lack of clean water and food they are automatically given an “AIDS” diagnosis by the health care facilities because they receive money for doing so!

    You’ve not examined what I’ve told you to check out, obviously. There are countless points which are ignored. Gallo was guilty of fraud. This was declared by the HHS! Why do you othodoxal toadies ignore this fact? Why are you in denial of this?
    If someone lies to you or steals your watch will you just automatically believe what he tells you next?

    You deny the testimony of so many people who were healthy before taking AIDS drugs, then got violently ill after taking them. You deny other sides of the story and then call them denialists!! WTF !

    You deny that retroviruses have historically never caused any kind of disease. Every body has harmless dormant retroviruses.

    Instead of watching the video I told you to, you look for what says it’s bullshit. That’s bullshit, Sammy. You’re in denial!

    Politics is sin. Stop sinning.

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