Stormy Daniels Answers Everything!

Stormy & a few of her favorite things, horses & her boyfriend Drummerboy

Stormy Daniels is taking questions from fans through a link on her twitter account here

She is very open with her answers. I picked the ones I found most interesting,( in no particular order), as there are 400+ so far. To give you a little background so you are up to date-Stormy is a contract star/director for Wicked Pictures. She was considering running for senate in Louisiana. She was arrested for domestic violence against her husband but charges were dropped. She & her husband have split and she is dating the drummer in a rock band. (She refers to him as drummerboy) I am hearing that HE is now doing porn also and that she will work with no other guys.

I thought you always perform with a guy wearing a condom? In your last scene in Forbidden, the guy wasn’t wearing a condom. What’s up with that?
It was a special scene since it was for my own company and we were both tested the day before

So you dont believe in God? why is that?
Just never have. Seems completely ridiculous to me.

Oh! I wanted to ask you this at AEE, but forgot. Why were you not in the all girl orgy at the end of House of Wicked? The scene was hot, but would have been scorching had you been in it!
There were people in that scene that I do not work with…and I had a 103 fever

creampie huh? not afraid of a lil stormy drummer boy?

So it’s true that you have "cocksucker" tattooed inside your mouth? If so, you are the most rugged motherfucker on Earth!!!
It is true…and thank you

Any regrets?

What advice would you give someone just starting in porn?
Do NOT do it

this will be you last year doing porn?


After seeing your response that this will be your last year of porn, my wife is devastated. She says…YOU BETTER BE KIDDING!!!! PLEASE:) She may stop watching porn altogether if you leave!!!

as she should…lol…I will still direct

Funniest thing that ever happened on a porn set?
The cops raiding Operation Desert Stormy, thinking I was really under attack. In reality, the permit office forgot to let the sheriff’s office know we were doing gunfire.

are you close with jessica drake?

would you ever do a g/g scene with a black women
I guess

What band does drummerboy drum for?
Hollywood Undead (before he played in Godhead, Loser, and The Feds)

What female stars do you consider to be icons of adult film?
Jenna Jameson, Janine, Jenteal, Felicia, Belladonna, Jesse Jane, Kobe Thai, I could go on and on…

Will you ever have sex with a black man in a scene?
No…cause I am only working with one person and he is not black

What happened during that cam appearance on imlive that made you storm off 5 mins into the cam show?

The show was not the way it was explained to me. I felt violated and didn’t not like the way I was being treated/talked to.

Are you going to run for Senate?


Do you Escort?

No…but I would be a millionaire by now if I did

Who is a famous person you met that was a jerk?

Paris Hilton

any actress that you wouldn’t work again?
Fuck yeah! Most of them!

What is the biggest on-set blooper you’ve seen?

Most of it involves poop…therefore I have blocked it out

Any chance of a reality show or a 24/7 "Stormy CAM" I wanna watch you do the most boring shit ever.
when I buy my new house (waiting for old one to sell) I am gonna put cams in for my, yes.

How come you very rarely do scenes with the other Wicked girls?

I don’t play well with others (wink)

Are you racist?
Even if I were, why would I answer that?

about kid, boy or girl? what do you want?
doesn’t matter

Worst female talent? thought i try again lol

Kelly Marie…she was wasted during our scene and busted my lip while drunkenly trying to hump my face

Worst male talent? (i know u wont answer but worth a try 😉 )

Dick Delaware was my worst experience by far…and it was just a magazine shoot

You have done some of my alltime favorite girl/girl scenes, thank you ! is there any new girl to the industry that you would really like to work with
She is not new, but I want me some Bree Olson


  1. sammyglick

    Oy vey!

    Let me start with The Colonel. Yes, I agree with your point — there are certainly the truly insane conspiracies (alien lizard people, 2012, Moon Landing Hoax to name a few). There are just as many that have real, legitimate roots within the world we all live in (JFK’s Assassination, FDR & Pearl Harbor, Watergate). Myself, I don’t see the latter as a giant and vast conspiracy per say, as they are more about certain facts needing to discovered to learn the truth being a situation. Just to be fair, 9/11 would fall in this category. As the absence of facts, has lead to far too much idle speculation.

    Same goes for aliens — as any half-wit can see for himself that humans are not the ONLY species in all of existence. Have they visited us, or helped in our development? Maybe, maybe not. If the UFOigst would offer up some concrete proof, then let’s talk. Otherwise, keep digging guys as blurry pictures and wild stories (although my favorite is the Betty & Barney Hill case) are not going to be enough for most.

    Obviously, we don’t live in a 100% always rational, all answers neatly explained, tied with a nice ribbon, world. It is quite the opposite — as it’s populated with people of varying degrees of relative competence at their jobs. Or as the old poet once said, shit happens.

    Or even more to the point courtesy of Woody Allen, “You know, we had a saying, uh, that those who can’t do teach, and those who can’t teach, teach gym. And, uh, those who couldn’t do anything, I think, were assigned to our school.”

    Which is where I myself find most all conspiracies are born; to explain that which doesn’t have an automatic and simple answer to comfort our natural fears from living in an unpredictable world. Yet where does it begin and end? Where’s the line between a nutcase’s ideas that fluoridated water is a Communist plot to make people go insane (so the targeted nation can be easily attacked and defeated) and another’s rational search for how an airplane was bombed out the sky (Pam Am 103)?

    Ask yourself Jeremy Steele, if tomorrow Dick Cheney himself were to go on live TV and admit that yes, he and five of his buddies planned and executed 9/11 and he then showed charts and graphs and receipts for the explosives to prove his confession. Then what. Does it really change anything?

    So he and his five buddies go to jail for the rest of their lives or are given the death penalty. Does it change anything? Does it bring back those 3000+ innocent lives? Instantly stop the wars in Iraq/Af-Pak? Will it make Bin Laden and his buddies go back to their farms and families? Does it satisfy your sense of justice and fair play? Will it make you richer, more generous to the poor, give you increased sexual stamina? Will it make people put off their plans to stand in line for days to buy the latest iGadget, skip seeing Avatar for the umpenth time, not cheat on their spouse, work overtime for their hateful boss — in order to read the newspaper a few more times a week and otherwise, be more informed about a chaotic world?

    Or does it just create even MORE questions about the world and some of the people who live in it?

    The famed 1960s British TV show The Prisoner has a great quote about this, “Questions are a burden to others; answers a prison for oneself.”

    So my issue with Conspiracy Theory, and why buying into one, basically means you’ve brought into them all (within reason of course, as you’d have to be a real nut to think that…). Well, that’s the $64,000 question isn’t it? Half of France brought a book that alleged the Twin Towers were attacked by remote controlled airplanes. Do I now have to assume, half of France is populated by either really really really smart and informed people who see through even the best bullshit…or that they’re a bunch of gullible idiots who apparently don’t have enough going on in their lives to avoid buying a book full of so many wild ideas behind a single event.

    As you even confess, there’s TONS of information about 9/11 — where does one start? Where does it all end? How do you even validate most of it (because for all that you said, there’s just as many experts, just as much evidence, that points to the contrary). Even the guys who put together Loose Change keep having to amend their documentary (is it so that those who have obsessively watched it, can comment that one edition is better than another edition to the amount of ‘filler’?). Are there no other conspiracies they’re interested in doing a documentary on? Maybe they’re part of the disinformation campaign, by making people chase their tail over 9/11 with each new ‘examination’? Do you really know their ‘agenda’? They seem legit, but how do you know they are…as we all thought that our military was legit and they seem to be caught up in the conspiracy!

    (Sure, that’s not fair against the Loose Change filmmakers — but then Conspiracy Theory is never fair or rational in the larger sense, because it presupposes we’re all guilty of hiding, lying, even murder to keep one’s true aims and goals secret. Events just don’t happen, they are meticulous planned and executed down to the smallest bribe or death).

    Heck, why not just do like Hollywood and slap a number on the new versions (that is, if there’s actually enough NEW info to put in it — otherwise, it’s the never ending Special Edition with Bonus Features).

    Again, if you buy fully into 9/11 Conspiracy (beyond simply wanting the government to amend their report and look into a few leads that are questionable) you are naturally, going to then jump to things that are getting close to the fringe such as The New World Order, Bohemian Grove or black helicopters. From that jumping off point, every attack event now is labeled as clearly being a False Flag Operation, or secret weapons tests being connected to natural disasters. Heck, some people even think that the slow switch from paper currency to electronic currency, is a secret plot by a secret group to seize power via enslaving the world after a massive blackout destroys global financial records.

    Sure, our and others governments do things in secret. That’s their nature. If they were doing all of this in the open, they wouldn’t be at all successful in achieving their objectives (be they for good or otherwise). Do I need to know each and every single thing being done in my nation’s name? Not really to tell you the honest truth. Because the more ghosts one chases, they’re sure to find, a lot of rabbit holes to wonderland.

  2. jeremiahsteele

    Einstein said to never stop questioning, and of course one answer always leads to another question, and it goes on and on. Where will it lead? Consciousness!
    And, yes that can and would stop these wars of agression under bullshit pretenses. If we all became conscious then there would be a global shift. People in all walks would no longer just mindless believe what they are told and obey orders. Cops, soldiers, politicians would recognize that there are laws just of the land but of the universe which they must be held to. We would no longer be under the grip of a satanic slave society.
    Bohemian Grove has been documented on video. The ruling elite literally engage in a satanic “ritual” worshipping an Owl at night, dressed in KKK looking gear, in order to be members of “The Club”.
    The truth is stranger than fiction. David Spangler,
    director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations
    said “No one will enter he New World Order unless
    he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer.
    No one will enter the New Age unless he take a Luciferian Initiation”. Whether I or you or they believe in an actual Satan, this is an actual quote and the actual things that go and rituals ARE satanic.
    They believe in a social-darwinistic, Machiavellian,
    Hegelian philosophy. Control and power through making
    man weak, sick stupid, enslaved, diverted and
    perpetually fighting against each other.
    Life is a test and most of us are failing! It’s time to do the homework so we can graduate to the next level.
    It seems the answer you suggest, as you are Sammy,
    is to just remain blind, asleep, obedient and
    play the role of a good citizen/consumer, perpetually
    preoccupied with trivial and self-aggrandizing bullshit.
    Regarding the remote controlled airplane book that
    French have bought, “Operation Northwoods” of the
    JFK administration had top secret plans to
    commit terrorist attacks against americans and stage
    it to look like it was done by Cuba, to justify
    military intervention and take-over of the country.
    (JFK, a man of consciousness shot it down and said “no way”) One of the ways in which to do this was to guide remote control airplanes! So the technology existed then. And I am much like the French in this regard. Those alleged pilots were patsies who failed their Cessna flight schools in Florida. Expert pilots say there’s no way they could’ve flown those planes. Now if you stop blubbering and instead start doing some research you’ll discover what they and I already know.
    Media reports amongst Europe and the Middle East
    show that many of the alleged highjackers are
    still alive, meaning they never were on the plane.
    And since you laugh at the phrase “Conspiracy
    Theory”, please beware that the official version
    of what happened on 9/11 was a conspiracy theory.
    Conspiracy theories are only laughable if they
    are not supported by facts. The official story
    is one such laughable theory. Where did they get
    that instantaneous list of names, anyway? There
    were no arab names listed on the flights.
    Enough of your maybes and speculations. Do the home
    work and THEN formulate an opinion. NOT BEFORE!

  3. jeremiahsteele

    sorry about the errors in last post, my posts have been vanishing and this rewrite wasn’t grammatically corrected after being rewritten because i was more concerned about it going up, by the time it showed up it was too late to correct it

  4. jeremiahsteele

    test. since i sent post 50 my comments have instead of going up right away, been disappearing, the last one is a mess with grammatical errors and such because it was a re write… also i commented on wankus finding god and that never went up either… hmm, call me crazy but i think i’m being monitored…

  5. pornfan

    jeremy, fuck all the grammar and correct punctuations. i rarely capitalize and i mispell. this is a porn board man! you know we had a treat in ready all of your girlfriend’s (lost butterfly) rants. remember she hardly mispelled or anything like that! ho,ho,he,he.

  6. jeremiahsteele

    girlfriend? i’ve never been so insulted n slandered!

    did anyone watch anything from 911docs . net yet?
    also google video search ‘bohemian grove’ n alex jones

    btw, i watched john carpenter’s ‘they live’ a couple of nights ago, right before colonel’s comment re: david icke. regardless of whether or not aliens rule the world, the overall message of that movie is accurate. i’d recommend icke’s book on 9/11, even though he also gets into aliens, as well

  7. The Colonel

    David Icke’s book on 9/11. Jeremy, I believe you’re referring to Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster. Icke makes some interesting points in that book, but the problem with that particular book is the overall problem with David Icke: Once he brings up his reptilian shape shifters theory, he discredits himself and his discussion entirely. Alex Jones said it best about him:

    ‘So what does David Icke do? He talks about The Federal Reserve, The Bank of England, these Global Elistists, these power structures; all real, all true, all demonstrated by bills and executive orders and prime minsters and premiers and presidents. All real, something you can bite into, something that is easily demonstrable. And then you’ve got David Icke and at the end of all this, he says: By the way, they’re blood drinking lizards. Al Gore needs blood to drink, so does Prince Philip. I mean it’s assinine, It’s being picked up by people, and it discredits all the reality we’re talking about, and that’s the problem with David Icke: He’s got a good line to a point, and then he discredits it all. It’s like a turd in the punchbowl.’

    One of the best books I can recommend on 9/11 is Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies by Jim Marrs. In this book, Marrs provides a well documented, realistic and unbiased analysis of the 9/11 events based on the facts, circumstantial evidence and eyewitness testemonies.

  8. jeremiahsteele

    Yes Colonel, I’m referring to Alice in Wonderland(2002). It’s actually one of the first books to address the 9/11 issue, the first one of 30 books I purchased on the subject, and it’s voyage into the reptilian issue is a very small number of it’s 500 or so pages.

    Beyond the reptilian question there is really a lot of good stuff in there.

    I have several books by Jim Marrs, about JFK’s assassination, aliens (not reptilians, though), “Rule by Secrecy”, and 9/11 (“Inside Job”, as you mentioned and “The Terror Conspiracy”). I completely agree that his are good references to read.

    The David Icke issue is indeed a problematic and embarrassing one. I do not agree with everything he’s said and I do not think he’s provided any substatial proof of reptilian shape-shifters. However, I must almost embarrassingly admit I own several Icke books, including “Children of the Matrix”, which addresses the alien agenda, Anunnakki, shape-shifters and reptilians.

    If nothing else, it’s an entertaining read. It’s strongest evidence comes from scores of archeological sculptures and writings up to modern times, tribal legend, biblical and other religious stories. I’ve also seen photographs of skeletons from the Iraq area of enormous giant humans unearthed.

    I know this all sounds rediculous and I am very hesitant to address it, because it IS like shitting in the punchbowl. It’s not as immediately important as down to earth, irrefutable issues, like the 9/11 scam. but there is some credibility to the alien issue, just as Jim Marrs has written in his book “Alien Agenda”.

    Also, Darwinism has been discredited, and man, as has been demonstrated, has at his core a reptilian brain, from which comes our cold-blooded, ritualistic, animalistic and heirachy characteristics. I don’t think that backbone above our ass is the remnant of a monkey’s tail but a reptile’s!

    There are many books like “Chariots of the Gods”, “Gods of Eden”, “Gods from Outer Space”, “The Secret History of Ancient Egypt” which I also own which get into how there was a sudden evolutionary leap and genetic mutation between cro-magnon man and modern homo sapiens which Darwin’s evolutionary theory admittedly fails to explain.

    I am convinced that alien technology created the pyramids, and Sphinx and an ancient civilization that was highly technically sophisticated. Conventional Egyptologists are more like idiotologists when they try to explain how man, as we know him to be then, created the architecturally and astronomically precise pyramids. The three Pyramids of Giza are exactly aligned with the position of the three stars in the belt of Orion, both in position and in size.

    Supposedly modern man is a hybrid of alien and cro-magnon man created for the purpose of being a slave rrace. To be honest, my research leads me to believe this.

    But, again, this is the last thing we should be concerned with. We have much more vital, pressing issues.

    But if the secret alien rule thing is true, it would explain a lot.

  9. The Colonel

    I’m open to alien theories such as genetic intervention theory, ancient astronauts, pre-historic technology, etc. However, for me it depends on who represents the theory, and how that theory is backed by eveidence, whether it’s biological evidence such as what Lloyd Pye does in his Starchild Skull theory, or historical monuments as often referred to by Erich von Däniken, Graham Hancock, David Childress, etc. or translations of ancient texts as provided by the likes of Zecharia Sitchin. All of these people have done years of research on this subject, and represented a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence, proof and testemonies to support their theories; and they never concluded what exactly aliens should look like or where their bloodline goes back to.

    David Icke, on the other hand, has done nothing but taking freely from other people’s researches and mixing them with his wild speculations without providing any actual evidence and proof to support his theory at least on its own merits. When faced heavy criticism, all he did was taking his game to the next level, and instead of proving any real eveidence, since he has no real evidence, he now questions the essence of reality itself, and claims what we know as reality is a 3D hologram. I believe Icke is a delusional con man, and his rants don’t matter. He doesn’t have anything authentic or original to say on any subject, whether the alien theories or ancient mysteries or 9/11, etc.

    P.S: I also have Jim Marrs’ Alien Agenda; and I highly recommend that book. One of the best, most comprehensive and unbiased books ever written on the subject of aliens.

  10. jeremiahsteele

    Believe me, Colonel, I hear ya. Onthe one hand,
    Icke may, to some degrees at least, be a con man, to others and himself, and the dupe of others. He supposedly used to believe he was some sort of messiah, but he doesn’t talk about that anymore. I’ve come to the point where I’ve lost interest in buying any more of his books because they have become redundant. He says “all you need is love”, but that was said by The Beatles long ago, and where has it lead us? He’s also made some gross errors and ocassional idiotic prophecies, such as George W. Bush might get killed in office via conspiracy. Icke totally forgets how deeply submerged W’s Daddy has been in the dark underworld of illegal government that this speculation makes no sense. For the ruling elite, W., having been the dumbest president in history, was for them the most ideal puppet.

    On the other hand, Icke is the first to have introduced me to Bilderberg, Operation Northwoods (as discussed in James Bamford’s book on the NSA,”Body of Secrets”), the quote by Kissinger as secretly caught on tape in the early 70s that “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”, and many other things of interest and importance. His books was the first I read which got into details as to why Princess Di was murdered. And again, as I said, his was the first book I found that claimed 9/11 was an inside job. Since then, countless books have come out on the subject.

    I agree Icke has wild speculations and simplistic solutions and forever seems to need to write and sell more and more books which are mostly redundant at this point, but he has served me in my endless search for facts and truth. Icke has borrowed from a lot of people from Jordan Maxwell to spirit channeler Barbara Marciniak, and probably Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe” as well.

  11. Stormy still hasn’t updated her Twitter. So I guess she was serious and stopped her social networks because of this interview. I think it might just be an excuse to just not interact with fans anymore and not update her pages. If you’re in the public eye and your livelihood depends on fans, then you have to have an online presence.

    Jenna Jameson hasn’t updated her Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and her new WordPress blog she said she was passionate about and would try updating everyday. This hasn’t happened in weeks. The “queen of porn”‘s fame plummeted after she told her fans to piss off after the AVN speech and now Jenna is mostly known as Tito Ortiz’s girlfriend. Yes she now has children but so do many other women in Hollywood.

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