The Sophia Mounds that we all know and Love is BAAck…

NL- For the last several months the comments Sophia posted were semi-rational, and oft times nice. Haven’t you wondered what happened to our crazy Sophia? Well looks like she is back. It started with her off the hook piece on Sophie Dee & her husband Lee Bang ( ). I"m afraid that story she wrote has now "disappeared" from her blog" (Did anyone save a copy of it?) Now Sophia is attacking us for reading the piece and commenting on it. I missed the crazy Sophia! Glad she is back!

Sophia writes me– Man I just punked your entire b.s readers or posters on your site. I must be a racist, hater or some other b.s because I wrote a partly true story. Its a GOSIP story about b.s people who nobody would care about really if I had not written that story. My site is a gossip site (deal with it!) Im sure Monicka who ever she is really hates racists. But those pictures without your prejudiced views are meaningless alone: but mention a black man and ad a couple of pictures and watch the fish take the bait. No Sophie Dee and Lee Bang are not my favorite people but all the harsh words were for entertainment purposses only and (ha, ha, you guys took everything to heart) just like I knew you would and thats why Im a great porn gossip writter because I was able to provoke real emotions wether good or bad. Emotions are emotions and gee thanks Will I had no idea I was even in the running for Charlys Angles… I know you were just pitching your film peace out drama queens and merry christma!s.


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  2. Sophia is a great “writer”?

    Being a gossip site doesn’t mean it’s lies. She’s only backtracking now because she got a negative response in the blog comments and probably got a few phone calls. Everything now even in the most conservative of mainstream publications is gossip. Gossip doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Does she mean satire?

    She’s now editing the comments people leave there with her own words stuck in instead of just replying back to them. You’re not suppose to do that!

    Everything she said is true meaning she meant what she wrote. She actually believes Sophie Dee is trying to be her. She also thinks Sophie cost her work all because she’s married to Lee. The only one who believes this is Sophia and she made herself look more insane than anything else she has ever said before about anyone. Tony Malice once posted her email on XPT that she had sent to him where she told him to link back to her blog and how she’s his competition. Her blog is in competition with a porn FORUM?

    She just now posted what Colonel wrote for LIB. But she says it was written by Colonel but rewritten by her. No where in the piece can we tell who wrote what. REAL WRITERS don’t do that and do not confuse the readers as to who wrote what. REAL WRITERS also make a clickable link back to the source (direct permalink). Since you’re taking the entire story word for word, the LEAST you can do is make a clickable link back to the source. That kind of sh*t can get your site taken down very quickly.

  3. Houstondon

    “Being a gossip site doesn’t mean it’s lies.”

    Yes, but given the track record of some, gossip is a great deal more likely to be lies, distortions, or half truths (especially when so few are willing to verify sources, get the opposite side of issues, and learn the basics first). Just sayin’. 😉

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