Rebeca Linares-Talks Honestly- leaving porn, the future, her agents, AVN Awards, & who she STILL wants to have sex with-EXCLUSIVE

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Pepe from was nice enough to change his interview with Rebeca Linares from Spanish into English exclusively for LIB. Pepe, you did a wonderful job with this interview, thank you! It might lose a little in our conversion. Pepe put it into English for me and then I did my best to correct some tenses and translations. Hope our Readers like all the hard work that went into this… xoxo, Pepe & Cindi

this pic courtesy of Den from CAVR

 Hi Rebeca, I am really glad to be interviewing you again, it’s a double pleasure for me because I admire you as a porn star and and because you are a great friend of mine.

For in Spain and also- my good friend Cindi’s website we are excited to know your future plans.

For starting let’s go with the typical question:
How are you Rebeca? How do you feel right now after that hot summer in L.A:?

I am fine! The weather is always wonderful here, I feel like a fresh rose in the garden. ¡This is one of the main reasons that made amazing L.A.!

Sometimes I was a little worried for you because I thought OMG! I hope that those big fires don’t devastate the house of the best Spanish Porn Star ever! Did you feel scared that one of those big fires could burn your house?
Hahaha! Well Sometimes I used to close the windows for the big smoke out there, even though the more I was scared about my awards were broken, The last spring with the earthquakes in L.A., two of my awards fell down and they smashed to smithereens! The worst part of all was that I was shut up in my apartment and I had to ask help from the neighbors. Earthquakes don’t happen in Spain!

Talking about L.A. I would like to ask you if L.A. made you forget about your city Barcelona that was the place you were living your whole life until you came to California. Do you miss Barcelona?
Oh yes, Of course I miss Barcelona and Spain. But anyway I love my life in USA, they are amazing people and really advanced, I have a lot of opportunities living here.
What are the best and the worst of living in L.A.?
Hahaha, The Worse?? The food!! You have a look at some food and you think…hmm..this can be delicious then you taste it and the taste is not so good as you thought, lol. The traffic too, OMG! Seeing car accidents everyday can be traumatic. The best of living in USA? Well I don’t want to compare with Spain but there are a lot of things that make this country a paradise, tons of things…

Is it a matter of fact that an economic crisis came to the USA too and this crisis is also evolving onto the adult industry? What do you think about the situation now in the business? Is it better than when you came three years ago? Do the companies make less porn movies now?

Did you mean that companies are making less movies now honey? They are hardly shooting any movies now. This is a big disaster-economic crisis out there. I think that when a crisis like this comes you notice that is time to change a lot of things and try to fix the problem. I think that when you feel scared about your future but you can control that fear that can sometimes paralyze you, you can emerge from the problem, reinvent yourself, make progress in your career, and improve yourself as a human being.

Your model agency announced in their website you are only available until the end of October, Does it mean are you coming back to Spain soon? If so tell me about it please.
Well, Yes..I’m coming back to Spain, I will be in Madrid in October, so Pepe get ready because I am going to visit you soon!! Afterwards I will be in Barcelona, I have some castings for TV series and a few interviews besides I come to Spain this time to spend Chritsmas with my family and friends. My sister is crazy and she wants to get married!! Hahaha I will come back to Vegas for the AVN awards in January, I can’t tell you anymore for the moment..
When you finalized those projects in Spain, are you thinking of coming to USA or will you be traveling between Spain and America more often?
Well I can not talk about those projects right now, but probably the new plans of future will make me travel a lot.

Did you think you will be getting out of porn soon?
Well…I guess that it’s time for lines of business that open new horizons. Porn in my life is something temporary, I think that now is time for going out, I really want to  improve myself and I am going to achieve my goals!!

I have to talk about your (Reality TV) Documentary for Channel Plus Spain TV “Vente a las Vegas Baby” by the way congrats for the big success that it happened in Europe. How was the experience of having all day and night a TV Station team behind you and going everywhere with you in Vegas and L.A., asking you all about the AVNs and the porn life?
OMG It was exciting! It was a big success, I loved the experience, I want to give thanks to all the wonderful people from Canal + that made this documentary possible. I hope you enjoyed it.

Rumor has it that maybe could be a second part of “Vente a las Vegas Baby” ¿Is that true?

¡Ohh Pepe! That’s true. That is a possibility but we are still talking about it, anyway as soon I have some news of it, I will call you.
Rebeca, you shot more than 700 porn movies, and you have been nominated for the AVN awards several times, in fact in this last ceremony you had 9 AVN awards nominations, ¿Do you think that now is time that the AVN gave you the reward you deserve for all those years of hard work in the business?
Well sweetheart, if they had put me in the list of Foreign performers of the year probably I would have won a lot of awards, but I have no idea about why they never put me in that list, they always put me in the list of American performers, in fact I am really honored for being in the USA performers’ list but hardly I am going to win any award being there. I am not American, I am not a contract girl for any company, and of course I am not going to do any “personal” favors to any director or producer in their private’s offices or apartments.

Do you think that behind that curtain of glamour and luxury some of the AVN’s awards are fixed?

Listen Pepe…Did you heard about Lupe Fuentes signed as a contract girl with Tera Patrick? I bet a dinner with that  girl that only does lesbians scenes the next AVN will win an award only for being a contract girl. I don’t like to talk about this is politically incorrect or not but if this was in that way It would be like receiving a kick in your balls!!

Your friend Marco Banderas appears in your documentary as well, he is one of your best friends there in L.A. ¿Do you see the Spanish performers like Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar working now in L.A. often?
Yes I saw Marco so often, He is a little “Huevon” he is a wonderful guy. I think he should be nastier and aggressive with girls in scene but he always tell me he doesn’t want to be disturbing to the talents because they are not so nasty like me. hahaha

You came to L.A, being a perfect stranger and now you are a great porn star,  well known and with a high profile name ¿Why do you think it is so difficult to make a name in the porn business?
Uggg!! What a difficult question Pepe!! Well Adapting to the American way of life is really a very complicated issue. Making tons of porn movies is not easy. There a lot of girl that work very hard everyday and they never were nominees for the awards. Think that there are hundreds of girls and only 15 are nominee for the best performers of the year being in that short list is an achievement.
What would you say now to those Spanish producers that didn’t believe in you in the past?

Sayonara Baby!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha Please don’t judge me, I am Vasca and Proud!!

Who was the girl you feel especially good shooting a scene with?
I feel really fine working with Tori Black and Kristina Rose, I love both, Kristina is a really nice girl and Tori Black is absolutely beautiful!!

Are there any porn stars you still didn’t shoot with and would like to in the future?

Hmmm..Lisa Ann, what a hot girl!! When I saw Lisa Ann, My masculine instinct come to me and I would like to dominate her and fuck her so hard! I like very much Shyla Stylez and Alektra Blue too.

You have been working with different model agency, including, the Mark Spiegler’s agency. Do you feel comfortable working now for ?
Well, I think Mark used to be to controlling with the girls!! But I have to recognized he is the best in his job. My agency I am ok with them for now.  I never had a big problem with them, but anyway they should care about me more. You know talents are always complaining hahaha

We mentioned Mark Spiegler, Do you have a especial message for him?
He is a fucking furious bitch!! But he is the best in his work!!

Well my dear Rebeca the interview is finishing anyway I would like to ask you about some little things from the daily life. Are you still interested in Ufology (the study of UFO’s), Aliens, and X flies?
Yes I was studying about it for the last two years ago. I don’t like very much to talk about it, because people think I am only a porn star.  I am not spokeswoman of anything and I’m not trying to change people’s minds. I only study Ufology because I love it.

Do you still watch the telescope all the time?
Hahaha, Not as much as I would like to.

Are you in love in this moment?
Mmmm…yes I am, I am crazy in love, I think about him 24 hrs at day but his fame and mine are not compatible.

There is famous award in the “País Vasco” (North of Spain) the place you were born called “El Tambor del Oro” ¿Are you nominee this year?
Ohh There has been a great controversy with it. This award is for the most universal international Vasco (natural of North of Spain) and my fans in Spain did campaign for me this year, winning this award for me would be better than winning an AVN in Vegas, but when I knew that in that event there would be a Children’s festival too I denied accepting that award, having a children party there it would not be correct that a porn star received an award. I am so sorry for that and also I want to give thanks for all that people that supported me in that event.

Do you have something special to say to your Fans in Spain and the USA too?

Yeah! For all that call themselves my fans but are downloading my movies illegally, with the piracy, they should be thinking that everytime they download a scene or movie illegally, that is one less day that my career is active, If you consider yourself a real fan of Rebeca Linares, please buy my movie!
I would like to say too that right now I have just directed and produced my first movie for the company 3rd Degree, the movie is called Obsessions, I hope you like it guys! See you soon!!

Did you feel comfortable with my interview Rebeca?
OMG Pepe! This one has been the worst! haha

Photos courtesy of Brazzers, you can see more here


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  2. For those that do not speak Spanish, Vasco=Basque. A region in Northern eastern Spain, Southeastern France. Rebeca Linares was born is San Sebastian, in the Spanish/French border.

    She still is a riot, Im glad that she got her humour back after the Chris Streams/Melissa Lauren debacle.

    She and Tori Black seem to be a match made in my sexual heaven. Too bad there are too few scenes of the two together.

  3. Pornodudestud

    Rebecca I wish you the best of luck on your departure and love to see you come back soon and better shape and tighter pussy and tighter asshole!!! taking on me again in a very hot and heavy anal pounding that you can endure love!!! bye and see you again soon…..

  4. AL of course, I am a Huge fan from Pedro Almodovar.

    Don’t miss:

    1999 All About My Mother
    2002 Talk to Her
    2006 Volver

    anyway ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto? one of his first works is and amazing movie, with that film we noticed in 1984 we had a genious in our Spanish Cinema 🙂

  5. The guy dogging Carmen Maura while she cleaned the floor on the Kendo club was epic. I wonder why none has copied that in porn! And the Pedophile dentist they rented their son too. And the prostitute that was faking her moans while the john believed himself to be such a stud. And the lizzard!

    Huevón means the same everywhere. I loved Matador too of his 1980s stuff. Assumpta Serna. Humm.

  6. Going back to Rebeca, she is one of the few PW that looks better without the whore makeup, she actually looks younger that her age, that is very rare in a PW who often are aged beyond her years.

    In my experience with Rebeca, a Max Hardcore question is a good way to get her to leave the forum, unlogging, to leave the room or to ruin her usually good humour.

  7. AL

    I was visiting my Mom a couple years ago and she rented that and we watched it. We’re from Mexico, that’s probably how she knew of the movie. I thought it was made more recently and just had that kind of look to it when I first watched it then found out thats the mid 80’s afterward. Definitely a trippy movie.

  8. smutspov

    She’s a great performer. I really liked what she had to say about piracy and moving on from porn, but I love the food in L.A. It’s a blend of cultures. The Mexican stuff rocks as compared to the style we generally get on the east coast. Living in Sopranos country, the only plus is the pizza.

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