AVN Convention in Jeopardy?

Questex, the parent company of Home Entertainment Events which runs the Adult Entertainment Expo has filed for Chapter 11.

I e-mailed Questex to find out where AEE stood-

HI Michelle,
Cindi Loftus from the adult industry here. Could you please give me a statement on how you feel your restructuring will effect the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas in January? It is the biggest event of the year for us, should we anticipate a cancelation?

It is business as usual here. All of our shows continue as planned including AEE in Vegas. There absolutely will NOT be a cancellation.

Michelle Mitchell

 AVN Convention in Jeopardy? According to Questex, the answer is NO!


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  2. The Colonel

    I believe the more important question is whether AVN convention is profitable and relevant anymore. 10 years ago I would have said yes. At that time, the convention was a net working opportunity for producers to communicate with each other and promote and sell more products. Today, it’s a fanfare for choronic masturbators to walk around with big packs and digital cameras to meet and greet with their fantasy porn whores and line up to take pictures with them and get their autographs. I don’t see why should I, or anybody for that matter, participate and invest in such event and spend thousands of dollars when there is little or no profit to expect. Apparently, more people have come to the same conclusion, and that’s why in recent years the convention hall has been half empty and more like a ghost town.

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