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Evan & Tera Tell Me What is REALLY Going On…

Cindi says-I talked to Evan & Tera & April Storm (their publicist). I asked them to let me know what was really going on. I’ve been keeping them up with what I was hearing rumor wise.

They said they would be releasing a statement soon, but they sent me the rough draft to post. I am very lucky to have this, and I thank them very much for it. My thoughts are with them in this tough time, and I know that they will continue to be successful with all their companies.

They are professionals, and true friends that care enough to think of others, when so much craziness is going on with them. April got up in the middle of the night to get this to me, and Evan & Tera wrote it because I wanted a statement from them. (I’m sure everyone else does too!)

This is my favorite all time picture of them together.

Here is what they said-

In an effort to prevent the rumor mill from running wild with speculation and gossip.. Teravsion is releasing the following statement…

After 7 years together the couple have officially separated.Tera and Evan remain the best of friends and business partners. They share a mutual respect and a commitment to continue to grow Teravision and Iron Cross together.

“Tera is a huge star and a benefit to both adult and mainstream entertainment.I feel fortunate to have shared so much of her life and career.” Says Seinfeld. “Teravision and Iron Cross are going strong and I look forward to continuing to represent the Tera Patrick brand and support all of her endeavors. She is forever in my heart.”

Tera echoes Evan’s sentiments. “Evan helped me build this company and has taken my career to new heights. For that I am eternally grateful. I look forward to remaining hands-on with Teravision and working closely with Evan on all of our joint endeavors. He is truly an amazing person.”

Cindi-I may have more to say about this after it all settles down. But for now, i just hope that being really good friends and business partners works for them, because they were really good at everything else they have ever done together….

T&E- Love you guys. TTYS  xoxo Cindi

13 Responses to “Evan & Tera Tell Me What is REALLY Going On…”

  1. pornster Says:

    They aren’t “friends” they’re just saying that to maximize any business they have left.

  2. chefdiablo2006 Says:


    I really like the way you handled this, with your usual class and respect for everyone involved. Why some industry peeps get pleasure out of such bad news I’ll never understand. But that’s the way of the world, misery loves company.

    Keep up the great work and I’ll keep reading.

    – az

  3. Sinners Delight Says:

    What ever happened to honesty? ”We’re friends.” No, you’re not. IF you were friends you more than likely wouldn’t be seperating. The thing that breaks my heart the most is Tera getting those horrible tats. Was that a ”declaration” of love for your man? How did that work out? Ooops, it didn’t. Why is it so hard for anyone to come out and say ”We’re seperating because I don’t like the other person and my legs can’t carry me away from him fast enough.”

  4. Ruby Says:

    I kind of thought he was pimping her a little to hard, now she’s gonna say goodbye to half of her company.

  5. elglorioso Says:

    friends..yeah right! be buying the popcorn a knife fight is close

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  7. freepornstarpix Says:

    Suitcase pimps are a bad thing.

  8. ih8u Says:

    maybe she got tired of evan having to hold a gun to her head to help make him cun.

  9. Harvey Dent Says:


    Tell us more, tell us more……….

  10. sammyglick Says:

    Nah, she probably just got tired of having to listen to him endlessly self-promote himself and his idiotic projects…

    Could anyone say they’d willingly listen to Evan talk about anything beyond what time of day it is and the daily weather report?

  11. ih8u Says:

    you’d be surprised what get lefts on the cutting room floor

  12. Harvey Dent Says:

    Humm, kinky!

    Is thas is true it means all the stereophypes regading porn couples are fullfilled!

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