Beautiful Bowling (pics)

Pictures by EMM Report

Brooke Belle


Sascha & Rene Perez


 Roy Karch   Layla Rivera   Max Hardcore


Kevin Blatt & girlfriend


Veronica Rayne bowling in High heels!


Tod Hunter  & Max Hardcore





Brooke Haven & Danny Ting (Wanted List) & Veronica Rayne


Beautiful young things!  ????


Marlie Moore



Lisa Daniels


Kayla Paige



  1. Larry Horse

    These pics make Max look like even more like the disgusting perv/unconvicted rapist he is. He looks like he doesnt get it. I’m seeing him crying in the corner of his cell ala the Colonel James in Boogie Night…he’ll really be crying when his rectums diameter increase by 2.

  2. jed

    Kayla Paige. tranny or just plain ugly?


    “i said shut up Max.”
    “shut up Max”
    smacks glasses off his face
    “i said shut up”

    hard to believe peter north and max hardcore are nearly the same age. the guy will surely die in prison, cause he couldn’t come out looking any worse.

  3. The Colonel

    I guess a couple of degenerate fan boy chronic masturbators might have sent Max Hardcore some pocket change, since he’s been begging like a scumbag for anything he could get thrown at him. I just don’t know what the fuck is he going to do with $5 and $10 donations collected from minimum wage earning losers.

  4. YoHo

    Max never looked good. But he now looks really bad. Used up, beat down and like he has aged 20 years in 2. I know I’ll get shit for saying this, but I feel bad for the guy.

  5. Ruby

    I pity Max as well, mostly because I wonder what happened to that little boy, it must have been something really bad to make him such a victimizer, because you have to be a victim first. I’m not excusing his behavior, however, they all start somewhere.

  6. Ruby,

    With jackasses like Paul Little it usually starts by some girl declining his advances and then morphs into something larger as his ego grows out of control. A jail sentence will be good for him. Without access to lipstick his cell mate will simply use red Kool-aide mix and a torn bed sheet as a skirt.

    I’m not sure what will be substituted for the yellow couch but I’m sure they will think of something.

    Paul Little should spend the next few days eating alot of beans and vegetables. I mean alot. He should take the time to really enjoy that sound and feeling of ripping really loud noisy farts.

    Once he gets into prison and he asshole gets cracked open a few times he will never fart loud again.


  7. eisforeric

    A violation of Max would be kinda cool, actually. It could be a To Catch A Predator thing and the police could all shove batons up his ass. They’ve probably already done that one though, but I think it’d still be cool. 🙂

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