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How to be a porn star

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Naughty America Poised To Buy Pure Play Media?

Jeff writes:

A buyout on the horizon? Supposedly adult distribution giant Pure Play Media has just downsized their warehouse and instead of plans for going public they are looking at buy out offers from Naughty America’s owner Andreas Hronopoulos who is swimming in loot.

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11 Responses to “Naughty America Poised To Buy Pure Play Media?”

  1. jed Says:

    Can they stop hiring Christian until he gives up his childish garbage, cracking the shits every time a girl doesn’t want to work with him. It’s their choice, doesn’t matter if you like the reasons. Every time he decides to sound off he sounds more like a scorned fan/frustrated rapist.

    “Oh no I didn’t get to fuck the girl I wanted to fuck… How dare that homophobic, uneducated bitch deny me!!”

  2. BigDickMomma Says:

    Christian Who? Is that the guy who runs the site My Dinner with Christian. The one who works out at various gyms and pigs out at such great eateries as Pinkberry, The International House of Pancakes, and El Pollo Loco?

  3. Larry Horse Says:

    Christian forgetting his gay escorting past, and the fact he perks up whenever someone offers to shove a dildo up his ass, or of course tranny dick. They should stop Christian period. Its not homophobia, its the fact that the guy will fill a hole, any hole, man, woman or shemale. Not sure if NA buying Pure Play is such a great deal, NA has great product but their DVD’s have no extras(trailers, b t s, Bloopers).

  4. PSB Says:

    I thought you can’t make money in porn anymore?

  5. BigDickMomma Says:

    Please come back BIgDickDaddy. There’s no point of reading this site
    without you. Love –Your Baby’s Momma.

  6. BigDickMomma Says:

    Please Come Back BigDickDaddy,
    there’s no point of reading this site without you.

  7. BigDickMomma Says:

    Please come back Daddy. Without you there is no sunshine in this gutter.

  8. BigDickMomma Says:

    Come home Daddy, we need you!!!

  9. producerman Says:

    The way I heard it was a out of state company that is moving up rapidly is making the move on them.

  10. RickMadrid Says:

    I make money no problemo!!! Lights , action, Camera!!!! good week producers for shooting!! Roll

  11. jodimarie3 Says:

    they didn’t “downsize” their warehouse… they just moved down the street to a bigger location that would house the employees better. their old location was pretty small and cramped. And, i highly doubt NA is interested in buying ppm… nor would Richard Arnold sell it. it pays his bills quite well up there in canada.

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